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Time To Upgrade - What's Your Suggestion?
Need $1k gamer w/links to sell the wife!
Rig Upgrade time please assist
Direct X 3D Could Not Be Correctly Initialized
Here's my <$800 gaming pc build...what should I change?
Speakers/Windows 7 Compatability
Having hardware issues.
new build wont boot
Build A Gaming Desktop PC For $700 or Less
Capture Card For A PC
Gaming rig build
1920x1080 question (HDMI)
display screen resolution and physical screen resolution
USB Stick Info
Where to find Audio header cable??
Is screen resolution, a hardware or software ?
gameport to usb hack/mod?
Thermal Compound Required?
New Gaming Computer, AMD or INTEL? Read.
HElP ASAP , Plextor driver issues
GTS 250 or 4770
hardware cleaning suggestions
Help with Overclocking please?
Logitech Keyboard Mouse combo's
Researching for new gaming build (looking for great price/performance punch!)
How to become a CPU Architect/Designer for Intel/AMD?
Dunno what to upgrade! Suggestions?
4850 x2 or 5770?
Does this AMD rig look good to you?
Dell's Zino HD
How Much Faster is a Q9550 Based System?
Setting up VoIP
check my build and make suggestions please!
My First Build?
something wrong with bios since new gpu
can somone explain the basics
Grapic card
got a new pc, a couple of quick q's
Computer keeps restarting???
New Build *AMD* need comfirm!
Which 24 inch monitor ?
What software do you use to watch Blu-Ray
System stops at screen before OS boot.
Mac vs. PC question...
Help! External HD not mounting.
In the market for a TV and gaming rig
Despise MX1100, like MX518, what's the upgrade?
Ugh this is embarassing
Behind the curve, need a new rig
New Rig - Could you help me please
Non-gamer $400-600 budget build
New Gaming Rig *plus new member*
good buy?
Annoying noise in headset, possibly audio port?
Gaming Rig
From hobby to business
Help Choosing a Cable...
getting my brothers old dell E521, what to do with it
problem with my pc
ITX gaming rig. Hows this?
New Gaming Rig Need Suggestions
Did I make the right choice?
brand name system upgradability
Question about a long loud sound.
My First AMD Build ( Photos .....as i go )
can you check this before i buy
Help picking parts
Screen going blank during games (4870)
weird mouse problem in Return To Castle Wolfenstein and Quake 2...
A Budding PC Enthusiast
Random crash
Help Booting into Windows XP
buying used system need help
Epson RX620 Network problem
Mobo/RAM compatibility question
Need help building a gaming pc - $900 budget
Is my harddrive dying?
noob wants to know what is possible with his hardware
Operation New Mouse
Troubleshooting my rig
Need help soft vold modding a Gigabyte GTX 260, having trouble with it
Printer woes...
What might cause this
New Rig
Computer Screen wont come on
500$ gaming build!!! (Noob needs help)
Dropping 3.5k for new rig... plz double check specs >.<
Afree IDE DVD-ROM 16X updated firmware and/or software
500$ gaming build help!!! (buying tonight!)
Memtest/IntelBurn/Small FFT fine but blend test fails?
odd squares on older computer today
CPU/Mobo/RAM combo to run stock (i.e. no overclocking)
First Boot up, No signal
Front headphone/mic ports not working
Holiday Upgrade
problem trying to boot from disk
2 iexplorer.exe running?
Would like opinions on new build
Is Windows 7 Killing Flash USB Sticks?
PSU Enough
Oh no! Another "first build" advice thread! /panic
I'm out of ideas
New build, need advice from you guys!
New i7 build unstable @ stock?
Can you solve the mystery?
Keyboard Recommendations
Best upgrade option?
Bought New Card, Pc freezes PLS HELP!
laser mouse too strong, any suggestions?
Right speaker no longer works
I'm stumped! (POST's but won't boot)
New Build , old one died
Noob First Post - ADVICE!!!!
Which Samsung 24" Monitor??
Getting a relatively high-end rig sent to me, questions regarding crossfire/RAM
My first build
Anyone from So. Florida
Need help editing video taken by a Cannon Powershot SD870IS camera
upgrade my 9800GT or my E5200 at 3.53Ghz
Stock cooling on an i7 920 question
1st PC Build: Overkill?
Newb here. built a computer..not to upgrade. help!
I need help solving a studio sound issue!
AC motor close to motherboard??
Question to anyone in the UK who's brought from NewEgg
Random lag
Could someone take a rough look at my build?
New Build Bought - Configuration Help
The future.
best way to watch Hulu and netflix on a TV?
Is there software that can transfer EMS messages from computer to phone?
Laptop motherboard problem / Replacing capacitors
Building PC - hardware advice
Upgrade Opinions
Liteon dvd compatible
Fault finding issue with new build i7 920 + P6T Deluxe V2
newzbin.com invites?
Need help with a new set up
Can anyone provide a link for putting a PC together?
Budget mini-ITX build, approx ~$350
Wolfking Trooper mouse
TV out recomendation
Network Printer
Budget fileserver build
Loud whining noise from new build..
How heavy is the Internet?
Replaced motherboard, still having problems
Upgrading System, Am I Making the Right Choice?
I (kind of) just killed my girlfriend's PC...what should i do?
System Upgrades?
WoW servers
Extremely small ITX build.
1080p mouse lag ingame and out w/ 8800gt
usb header splitter
*ATTENTION* XM / SIRIUS Radio owners (2 weeks only)
Keyboard help
confirm this failure for me
wrong section. delete me!
USB headset or Soundcard/3.5mm headset? HELP!
Drop the price a bit?
Hello All!
Printer Recommendations
Uber large gaming surface?
Problems accessing a hard drive
need help
Is this motherboard still good for overclocking?
iMac hardware Q
Mobo problem
PC Shuts itself Off
Does this build look like it would have any compatibility issues?
eletronics set?
my computer keeps crashing with games windows 7 stays afloat
My new build! please critique/help
Bad Power Supply or Motherboard?
Printed Circuit Boards
Best non-logitech gaming mouse for a finger aimer?
best program to burn dual layer iso
Why I browse craigslist...
Ordering parts for a new build. Extra eyes required to check for error
Help building a new PC
Help with a build please
Making CMOS clear switch
30 dollar or less headphones
New Gaming Computer Build Help
Upgrading PC After 3 year hiatus
Computer Turns Off During CoD:MW2.
Testing New CPU
Ordering New PC Tonight, please look over components
I can't get this Brother printer installed on D-Link router, help!
Got ATi video + NVidia video in one system? Nvidia stealth disables PhysX
Computer wont turn on?
G27 driving wheel opinion
Can't use BIOS with Apple keyboard
New computer help
Hardware problem
What was your first purchase from Newegg?
New computer, budget ~$900
Purchasing components overseas
What's a good scanner for a small home office?
Can u Cut Neon To be smaller.
games exiting
Intel pays AMD $1.25B
Help with work computer - Under performing
A super quick question
I want one
video hdtv
Suggest mobo/RAM for my new build
Stutter issues
So..is this good enough for a 66 year old?
Need to find some 120mm Blue Boihazard or Radiation fan grills.
Issue with DVD Burner
My computer suddenly decided to start dying on me it seems...
help whit bios
Can I get advice on a gaming PC, please
Logitech Headset Cord Repair (pic)
Gaming Mice
Upgrading to i5 (maybe). Your thoughts?
Computer Freezes at random moments
Mouse periodically freezing/unfreezing
Designjet z2100
Overall system question
Zalman or Yate loon fan
Help Please :(
What would be a reasonable price for my pc components?
Why does my computer shuts off when not in use???
Please help me with q6000
New Desktop Build Critique
First Build Need Advice
Kinda odd question..is this normal?
onboard graphics?
New HTPC Builder. Advice and tips needed.
Logitech G19 keyboard protector
Build check
Computer tables for new room
Is this viable?
Which AMD Build is the better one?
Unable to resume from sleep after OC
Brother laser printer help
Stereo Fix..
Rockin Upgrade 4400/7950 -> i7 860/ati5850
Options for someone who can be forgetfull (info storage)
Light Peak from Intel
2 quick questions, overclocking DDR3 Ram with E8400 and Power supply 12V Amps
Reccoment a CPU & PSU
New Router
Mice: Razer Diamondback 3G Vs Logitech G9
Not so secret internet copyright agreement
Google's simplistic homepage confused me.
Bluetooth question
Looking to make/purchase a compact PC, need advice
Suggest a build
i need to replace a few parts
Sub $750 Gaming Rig?
[O/C]Out of the loop?
I need some advice on a server template
My First Intel i5 Build. Need Some Tips.
wtf i got a camera now to show you? Help
What to do with all the computer junk
i7 start up times
Asus grammar mistake at tech show funny
Mac share grew after W7 debut...
Do you need a Anti-Static Wrist Strap and Special screwdrivers to build a comp?
Best HDTV for around 350
New Build No POST
3 choices, constrained budget. CPU, GPU.
Updated - project chronic
First Ever Build New to forums
Strange PC behavior compaq celeron please help!
comp beeps and stops working
Can't get Video Signal, Power supply problem?
Do the brand of SATA cables effect SATA Hardware?
Printer problem
upgrade soon
How the hell... Installed Windows 7 now PC won't even post.
some advice please!!
Sneak Peek at Winter Wars 2010 Classes
Computer problem
What is needed for an OEM DVD Burner?
build review for a friend
Hardware Problems
Cable Lengths
x58, i7 920, 6/12gb tri ch ddr3 VERSUS P55, i7 860, 8 or 4gb dual ch ddr3
Lil vidz of my rig :D
Linux+ Cert
Revamped build based on prior suggestions
Can this be built for less than 1200?
13.5vdc to 28vdc conversion
Intel Core 2 Duo E6300, Gigabyte Motherboard, RAM COMB
Can't run system restore or check disk please help
new pc - buy the best, or mid-range?
poor 2D app performance - cpu or gpu?
1100 build.
Advice on a New Build
Heatshrink question...
5870 QUADFIRE user video!!
Hello all, i wondered if you would take a look at these....
General question about FSB overvolting
Car speaker/amp/receiver questions...
New Built In Progress
Expected performance gain from upgrade?
how am i doing
Best way for me to increase my FPS?
What happens if...
Can PS3 work to stream desktop/computer to HDTV?
First complement in binary
input on this upgrade?
Advice on a new build
I read some interesting stuff about MSI mosfets...
Now that Winter is on it's way..
Build review + case/HSF recommendation
new pc!!
Well got my new set up take a look
Pinnicale Studios Messed up my DvD drivers Help
Looking for a cheap gaming build
asus m4n72-e pencil mod
asus m4n72-e pencil mod
Self powered Lapel Mic for Aiptek HD Camcorder
files not showing up on Sansa fuze after rockbox install
slow computer (hijack log within)
Computer repair certificates
BIOS - AI Tweaking
Unstable Post Codes (1d/C1; 25; 5d)
Speed, price, power consumption: The trifecta of this new build
would you call it nostalgia?
wont post any ideas?
Advice wanted on SFF rig
my first Amd build. need some tips.
i7/5870 build
Its all broke now what?
Why does my computer not turn back on sometimes when I shut it down?
Building Pc, Need tips
My first potential setup
Is this possible and why?
New build - i7 920, P6T Deluxe V2, Raven RV02
How much can I sell my desktop for?
New builder needs some pointers
JAB - Just Another Build Looking for Your Approval
Whats the best Thermal Compound to use for this?
A core2 duo system and an ion system. ONE motherboard
3 fans on antec 1200 stopped working
Where can i buy this adapter? (picture inside)
My first build....constuctive critisism please.
USB doesn't work on New System
New Phenom Build
DVD drive question
Computer is turning off
Weird problem with my new set up
DMA mode not available, only PIO
Thermaltake Armor with PC P&C 750w Silencer
new build pls give advise
Does this setup look alright?
Trying To Find A Nice Dual Layer DVD Recorder?
I guess they really don't make Computers like they used to
Trying to figure out *What* I need to upgrade
help converting mkv to mp4
Tortoise or a Hare or just an old Donkey First build help
900 dollar build comments please
My First Build
gtx 280 (BFG OC)
Building you Rig/What Graphics to choose
PC pauses every second randomly..
Thoughts on New Computer?
GA-X48T-DQ6 video card compatibility
Worth Upgrading?
Would really appreciate your thoughts on my first build
SmartMedia card reader
i7 Build
guitar pc controler
Need help Overclocking with new build
What would this laptop be worth?
New build, comments / suggestions
gaming consumer pc
Likely Cause of system instability
Please help exmac user with i7 build ;)
Is this enough power?
$1000 Build
Computer won't turn on!
Dvi-d to hdmi cable or connector...
AMD Build Opinion
Honda Brings Carbon Nanotubes Closer To Production
New to overclocking, need advice
new computer build
Little Dissapointed with Gigabyte...
Still trying to figure out what to get for first build
how many RMAs have you had?
computer won't boot up
Passes OCCT/Memtest but hangs on games
Not enough memory?
Where to get Windows OEM disks?
400MHz FSB Fell over - Why?
Wireless Internet
i5 Build - Should I Wait?
Is it my ram or mobo?
Printer Service Manuals & Discussions
Hmmm... nice mouse...
Wireless USB charging
your first 'gaming rig'?
The first thing you should do when overclocking is....
Should I upgrade to i7?
Finishing a 550be build
Joe Bucket's new rig plans
What do I do?
can anyone help with some Z5500 inquiries?
one of the bad things about buying a kodak printer is
Front LCD screen for case
gaming with a supercomputer
Aynjell's i5 Build
Best upgrade option
launch and lock issues
Posting authorisation at xtremesystems
No letter assigned for additional hard drive
RealTek HD Audio
:: BUILDING :: All-Purpose/Gaming Rig :: Budget ~$2,000 :: Need Advice ::
Do i have bluetooth?
Help me select parts for a new build
My rig and diablo 3 (not sure where to post thread)
Radeon 4670 1gb Crossfire vs. GTS 250 1gb
Help me decide upgrade!
My new 3DMark 06 score
Another PC ~450$
Where is my bottleneck
An overclocking video I liked
Anything wrong with these upgrades?
Can't Overclock 4850 with ATI Tool
BSOD problems
I can't believe it, 4th router my wireless died on.
Help? how do i set ram timings and overclock i7 920 D0?
finding a bottleneck
Installed new processor...now video card problems
Holy crow, biggest card ever?
What do you think of these?
Comparing two systems. Which is the best value?
Review ~$600 budget build
Anyone in Laramie, Wyoming please read
Wireless died on 3 routers in a week!!!!
Upgrade - help me tear down my system
Shopping in Hong Kong - A real opportunity or a minefield?
System Will Not Boot!!!!
Fan help
Budget Build for Friend
any way to find a where a jpeg was inherited?
Budget build
Building a PC, with love
Motherboard Question
urgent help needed ! with install
Laptop upgrade worthwhile? Yes/No?
CPU Holding back GPU?
Need some advice on motherboard and RAM choices (AMD build)
Where Do I (re)Begin?
Think i have wrecked my rig please help
CPU usage spikes
PSU fan facing down safe?
How have YOU tested a PSU's over current protection?
firewire controler wont work..xp pro..HELP
GDDR3 8600gt
Build a New comp Help
FTC Toughens Endorsement Rules
First build!
FlexBay USB ==> Standard USB header
Upgrading An Alienware X58
Want to Write Articles for the OC Website? We need you!
Bios cannot detect hard drive.
Pls help putting together the BEST SOLUTION for PP and AE CS4 production
need a little help (new build issues)
Looking to make a new comp for Windows 7
Am I crazy for wanting to... downgrade?
Partly built i7! Need recs
Wierd Crash, Screen Scambled
Home-Made Support Hotline
Building a computer - photo/ video editing ... and games
GPU Problems, please help!
new gaming rig....
Attempting to build a new pc.
New rig, some advice needed. Pls help
I am looking for a specific keyboard
Advice needed for a new i7 build
Trying to make a very simple RF transmitter and receiver
mx 5500 combo with win 7=fail
New build socket help
Building new comp what you think?
Help with ASUS GTV
Is an Intel Turbo Memory worthy?
First computer build
Constant Blue Screens - Is it my hardware?
Tv Tuner quality
Is it really time for a new pc?
build a quick cheap pc
Vestigial computer fuction...
My first build