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Cable Lengths
x58, i7 920, 6/12gb tri ch ddr3 VERSUS P55, i7 860, 8 or 4gb dual ch ddr3
Lil vidz of my rig :D
Linux+ Cert
Revamped build based on prior suggestions
Can this be built for less than 1200?
13.5vdc to 28vdc conversion
Intel Core 2 Duo E6300, Gigabyte Motherboard, RAM COMB
Can't run system restore or check disk please help
new pc - buy the best, or mid-range?
poor 2D app performance - cpu or gpu?
1100 build.
Advice on a New Build
Heatshrink question...
5870 QUADFIRE user video!!
Hello all, i wondered if you would take a look at these....
General question about FSB overvolting
Car speaker/amp/receiver questions...
New Built In Progress
Expected performance gain from upgrade?
how am i doing
Best way for me to increase my FPS?
What happens if...
Can PS3 work to stream desktop/computer to HDTV?
First complement in binary
input on this upgrade?
Advice on a new build
I read some interesting stuff about MSI mosfets...
Now that Winter is on it's way..
Build review + case/HSF recommendation
new pc!!
Well got my new set up take a look
Pinnicale Studios Messed up my DvD drivers Help
Looking for a cheap gaming build
asus m4n72-e pencil mod
asus m4n72-e pencil mod
Self powered Lapel Mic for Aiptek HD Camcorder
files not showing up on Sansa fuze after rockbox install
slow computer (hijack log within)
Computer repair certificates
BIOS - AI Tweaking
Unstable Post Codes (1d/C1; 25; 5d)
Speed, price, power consumption: The trifecta of this new build
would you call it nostalgia?
wont post any ideas?
Advice wanted on SFF rig
my first Amd build. need some tips.
i7/5870 build
Its all broke now what?
Why does my computer not turn back on sometimes when I shut it down?
Building Pc, Need tips
My first potential setup
Is this possible and why?
New build - i7 920, P6T Deluxe V2, Raven RV02
How much can I sell my desktop for?
New builder needs some pointers
JAB - Just Another Build Looking for Your Approval
Whats the best Thermal Compound to use for this?
A core2 duo system and an ion system. ONE motherboard
3 fans on antec 1200 stopped working
Where can i buy this adapter? (picture inside)
My first build....constuctive critisism please.
USB doesn't work on New System
New Phenom Build
DVD drive question
Computer is turning off
Weird problem with my new set up
DMA mode not available, only PIO
Thermaltake Armor with PC P&C 750w Silencer
new build pls give advise
Does this setup look alright?
Trying To Find A Nice Dual Layer DVD Recorder?
I guess they really don't make Computers like they used to
Trying to figure out *What* I need to upgrade
help converting mkv to mp4
Tortoise or a Hare or just an old Donkey First build help
900 dollar build comments please
My First Build
gtx 280 (BFG OC)
Building you Rig/What Graphics to choose
PC pauses every second randomly..
Thoughts on New Computer?
GA-X48T-DQ6 video card compatibility
Worth Upgrading?
Would really appreciate your thoughts on my first build
SmartMedia card reader
i7 Build
guitar pc controler
Need help Overclocking with new build
What would this laptop be worth?
New build, comments / suggestions
gaming consumer pc
Likely Cause of system instability
Please help exmac user with i7 build ;)
Is this enough power?
$1000 Build
Computer won't turn on!
Dvi-d to hdmi cable or connector...
AMD Build Opinion
Honda Brings Carbon Nanotubes Closer To Production
New to overclocking, need advice
new computer build
Little Dissapointed with Gigabyte...
Still trying to figure out what to get for first build
how many RMAs have you had?
computer won't boot up
Passes OCCT/Memtest but hangs on games
Not enough memory?
Where to get Windows OEM disks?
400MHz FSB Fell over - Why?
Wireless Internet
i5 Build - Should I Wait?
Is it my ram or mobo?
Printer Service Manuals & Discussions
Hmmm... nice mouse...
Wireless USB charging
your first 'gaming rig'?
The first thing you should do when overclocking is....
Should I upgrade to i7?
Finishing a 550be build
Joe Bucket's new rig plans
What do I do?
can anyone help with some Z5500 inquiries?
one of the bad things about buying a kodak printer is
Front LCD screen for case
gaming with a supercomputer
Aynjell's i5 Build
Best upgrade option
launch and lock issues
Posting authorisation at xtremesystems
No letter assigned for additional hard drive
RealTek HD Audio
:: BUILDING :: All-Purpose/Gaming Rig :: Budget ~$2,000 :: Need Advice ::
Do i have bluetooth?
Help me select parts for a new build
My rig and diablo 3 (not sure where to post thread)
Radeon 4670 1gb Crossfire vs. GTS 250 1gb
Help me decide upgrade!
My new 3DMark 06 score
Another PC ~450$
Where is my bottleneck
An overclocking video I liked
Anything wrong with these upgrades?
Can't Overclock 4850 with ATI Tool
BSOD problems
I can't believe it, 4th router my wireless died on.
Help? how do i set ram timings and overclock i7 920 D0?
finding a bottleneck
Installed new processor...now video card problems
Holy crow, biggest card ever?
What do you think of these?
Comparing two systems. Which is the best value?
Review ~$600 budget build
Anyone in Laramie, Wyoming please read
Wireless died on 3 routers in a week!!!!
Upgrade - help me tear down my system
Shopping in Hong Kong - A real opportunity or a minefield?
System Will Not Boot!!!!
Fan help
Budget Build for Friend
any way to find a where a jpeg was inherited?
Budget build
Building a PC, with love
Motherboard Question
urgent help needed ! with install
Laptop upgrade worthwhile? Yes/No?
CPU Holding back GPU?
Need some advice on motherboard and RAM choices (AMD build)
Where Do I (re)Begin?
Think i have wrecked my rig please help
CPU usage spikes
PSU fan facing down safe?
How have YOU tested a PSU's over current protection?
firewire controler wont work..xp pro..HELP
GDDR3 8600gt
Build a New comp Help
FTC Toughens Endorsement Rules
First build!
FlexBay USB ==> Standard USB header
Upgrading An Alienware X58
Want to Write Articles for the OC Website? We need you!
Bios cannot detect hard drive.
Pls help putting together the BEST SOLUTION for PP and AE CS4 production
need a little help (new build issues)
Looking to make a new comp for Windows 7
Am I crazy for wanting to... downgrade?
Partly built i7! Need recs
Wierd Crash, Screen Scambled
Home-Made Support Hotline
Building a computer - photo/ video editing ... and games
GPU Problems, please help!
new gaming rig....
Attempting to build a new pc.
New rig, some advice needed. Pls help
I am looking for a specific keyboard
Advice needed for a new i7 build
Trying to make a very simple RF transmitter and receiver
mx 5500 combo with win 7=fail
New build socket help
Building new comp what you think?
Help with ASUS GTV
Is an Intel Turbo Memory worthy?
First computer build
Constant Blue Screens - Is it my hardware?
Tv Tuner quality
Is it really time for a new pc?
build a quick cheap pc
Vestigial computer fuction...
My first build
What should I do?
This can't be good...
computer freezing
new computer build ftl
2 keyboards for gaming?
Overclocking Noob
I do not understand
Has anyone ever attempted a pc within a pc using an atom?
Keyboard Advice
help! computer turns on; no monitor signal
Is this a decent upgrade?
building and selling computers
Logitech MX 5500 Revolution wireless set
High CFM fans?
So what's the story on oiling paper shredders?
Need help maxing out my system - OC N00B
PCI Ati X1300 missing crystal oscillator...Can I replace it with this one?
best gaming performance??
Are you going to buy some Newegg stock?
Mobo not POST'ing?
Wildly Inaccurate Results in New Build
Danger of mounting motherboard in case without I/O shield?
new system advice
Really weird issue with desktop
Rate My Next Rig
Computer went down:(
New Build Plan
Build a Gaming PC? Or Not?
Network BSOD
What do you charge for repairs?
Looking for cheap entry level system look at these?
DVR PC? Hate my motorola DVR
Micro-ATX Gaming Rig...Moderate Budget
what do you think
Show off Under Desk Wire Management
PC Build Help!
New PC - when to buy?
Dual display question
Freeze problem (i thought my hardwares are enough)
interesting thought on amd buying ati...
Give Me Some Guideance
Weird fan problem Please help
Input on office computer build
high frequency pitch
New pc build, now clicking.
Need input on gaming mice.
New color theme for Kandalf LCS?
Question Regarding Monitor Resolutions
lowest possible CPU speed?
Underclocking this system as much as possible
New budget build
Computer Troubleshooting
Old PC to sell
Old computer can barely turn on.
odd problem with sleep
Office Security Systems / Camera's.
PC build
Opening a Computer Repair Shop, any tips?
My mess! scared of 1st build.
OCForums needs content editors!
New PC Build
computer down
pos dell help
Review my cart please
New Build need help on details
fresh build, PC keeps restarting every 3-4 sec
Power LED 3-pin to 2-pin??
Just want to know if this is a good pc
New Hybrid Motherboard
Will a Zalman CNPS9700LED fit on this GIGABYTE GA-MA790XT-UD4P?
Build of hd 5870 2gb crossfire, gpus due out tomorrow
Upgrading my graphics card
What do you think of this server build?
I got a good laugh out of the slanderous nature of this email I just got.
My Brothers New SolidWorks Computer
Suggestions Needed For Upgrade
A step back in time...
Is this computer good? :)
Asus X83Vb Bluetooth not working
How do I set up blutooth mouse, broke adapter logitech mx5500
Opinions on new build
pci-e 1x to pci-e x16
Comparison of MAC & Regular Desktop PC
Will this work??
What does everyone think of DFI's hybrid MOBO?
ocz memory warranty
What to do with some Thin Clients?
Let play the what if I could change things game... new parts edition
AMD rig, what's best?
$700 max P2 x4 rig Can you guys help??
Looking for recommendations for a headset.
Working on a real old schooler!
Virtualization or actual computers?
MX518 or ?????
Post your Desktop Screen Shots
Mini pcie to pata.
Found another dinosaur..
my "budget" build
Budget build for C++, LabVIEW, Java, and VMWare
Recommend a good aio printer?
wow just read this
triple monitor rig
Need and Upgrade... any suggestions?
Speeding up Your Computer
New Rig..Need Help...:)
Computer for an accountant
New gaming rig build, need advice!
Problem with Overclock EVGA 680i Sli A1 + QX6700- HELP GUYS
Building $1200 (limit) gaming rig for buddy - please tweak, need advice!
Good, easy to use, DVD copy software?
Ordered my new HUB! any suggestions?
Sidewinder X8 mouse users please come in?
need a keyboard that can surive a serious beating
What is my computer worth...?
Computer will not power at all. PLEASE HELP
Is this cheap system enough to stream videos to my HDTV through HDMI?
Best way to add HDD to file server?
problem reading cds/dvds
Need Suggests On New Game Mach. For Wifey
New build picture thread!
Desktop After Laptop Broke
gaming trackball?
any word on nano ion combos?
New rig - random power-offs -- please help!
Need advice on Head Phones
Seem like a Fair Selling price.
Need part advice for new build
Building new rig, all parts bought already; need/got some opinions/questions.
Where is my bottleneck?
Tv Turner Stuff.
Recommend me a CPU cooler?
Boot/BIOS problems
New setup
Server Placed in Remote Location
building htpc, need advice
UPS not working properly!
Little bit of help for oldtimer.
need small htpc to stream videos from desktop.
looking for some feed back on the system im having built
Need item suggestions from newegg
How's this look for a high-performance overhaul?
Can someone review this Rig please!
Help: Setup for a friend!
Performance or Upgradeability?
External CD/DVD Drive Not Recognized
Amd or Intel, just a quick one guys :)
Is corsair HX750 enough for this core i7 system?
Corsair Explores Lynnfield and P55 Express
HP Pavilion a1737c - Non-Standard PSU/MoBo - How to Diagnose?
Auuuuuggggh~! I am fixing a Celleron 800 E-machine!
I'm torn...
Building new rig, need suggestions : )
Google search box text size increase?
TV Tuner Question
need help with cheap gpu/cpu suggestion
Building a new rig.
I think I am ready to order
Building my new PC, any comments? suggestions?
LogMeIn Security - Help
How much does it worth?
Help me build under desk cooling...
Need help building pc for 9 year old.
Kill-A-Watt results thread
What would you call HeatWare?
advice on cppu/mobo/ram
Which keyboard should i get?
New build underway, finally
Need Help Finding Desktop Package for Mom
Entangled Particles
Console sized system??
Ok please advise on this system for full overclock
Benchmarking and Gaming freezes
PSU Swap on a Dell
System wont boot
Need some help with Dual Screens!
Check my Build
PC is hotter than i want it to be.
damage to harddrive from damaged power supply
power outage and router not in apc
New to this Forum Have Question about Buying and Selling
PC will randomly nnot power on...
This is my 3rd proposed build thread
I'm about to be livid.....
another Dinosaur i use daily
Optical + PS3 + HDTV + 330D. Help?
how do you keep your extra computers?
Temperature monitoring question
I challenge you to solve this printer problem! Lexmark X6675
Desktop motherboards with mobile CPU sockets
Help me!!!
Confused about 'Gaming mouse'
Going i7, suggestions/opinions on parts.
WD external HDD Icon
Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard
Could someone check my core i7 920 build please?
Sony snubs Microsoft in Google Chrome browser deal
power outage twice. Need advise
need advice on upgrades....
So what is safe for our bare parts?
System restarts for no reason!
Help me spend some money :D
How do you afford it?
check my list (built from Dell)
No display, motherboard or cpu problem
Budget Build (First Time)
Asus disk driver <==== halp me plz
ps3 slim supercomputing?
fresh install, blue screen of death
computer shutting off / rebooting
UPS issue. Please help...
Computer simply powers off sometimes - How to diagnose?
Budget build system, tell me what you think
Gameing pc
Tissues and static
Looking for a new gaming mouse.
Alienware- Tell Me What You Think?
We're saying it's not our hardware, they (RoadRunner) says it is....
Optical Drivers - Blu-ray
First Computer Build.. Help! lol
Is my 3dmark score 06 ok?
[Halp!] How Much Would This PC Sell For?
Pocket PCs... Not sure if that's the right section.
Headset question
Gigabyte mobo no post confusing power hook ups grrrrrrrrrrrr
generally blew up motherboard :(
need usb to mini usb "L" shaped change Tube Delight direction.
Unsolved Mysteries: PC edition
Could use some advice on a I7 build (Please)
Is there a replacement for setpoint software?
CPU / GPU Overheating Problem
Problem with new Razer Mamba
New Computer - Need Advice.
Recovering data from a SATA HD?
RIIE/i7 stopped working
Best Value [Bang-for-buck]
New Rig
Home theater wiring question
just really screwed up.
Finally.. a new build.
First Proper Home Build
Headset not working properly, Please help
Pc died, looking for new gaming rig! Whos bored?
beginner setup
Resurrecting an old PC
New pc, did my homework, want some approval :D
Ideas for a fan mod
folder problem
Possible damage to my computer by pushing the power bar
New build error
Best method for dusting inside computer?
Headset recomendations
Question about the Core i9...
Did I make a good find???
Silverstone Commander (or any ESA part) and non-amd motherboard
HDD LED doesn't light up
Want to learn to code. Where to start?
New build advice for out of the game clocker
new build on a budget
Computer build
New Build compatibility issue
help me find out whats wrong
Media Dashboard
$700 well spent
Stupid Moore's Law
Core i5, is it worth the excitement?
Need some help on computer issue
The hard disk isn't really the slowest part of a computer
Rigged up some ducting for my HSF
ABIT Award BIOSes (4.51PG), CPU Soft Menu and eSupport???
Building a PC for my sister
The Screensaver U like thread
which is better
This should work better...
American AC Cables Question?
Hosting Game Servers from the House
Laptop Diafnostic tool?
flash drive cause crash?????
Linux Server - Build or refurb
Gaming Headset
Lighting Strike Rebuild
Internet Detox?