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Advice and Suggestions for 2 builds
General Tweaks- CPU and Memory settings- Corsair XMS2 DHX
Desktops/Laptops for University?
has this ever happend to any of you?
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Windows XP to Windows 7 could be trouble...
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DNA LED Lights!
The build I've settled on, $800 Canadian, any reason I need to change something?
What's the best I can do today with $2000?
Helping my friend buy a new comp need help.
How much would you pay for this system?
well this cord work for my 360 to comp screen?
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New pc keeps crashing
Is there such thing as short Sata cables?
Game server processor
Computer freezes frequently... please help!
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How much to fix this?
Does anyone own a "Scan Great White" Rig?
China gets MS Office for $29
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take omponents over US border?..pay duty ?
What do you do with your old hardware??
Getting Optical Audio From Laptop With HDMI?
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microsoft vx-3000 webcam
What range would my pc be in?
Any good review on...?
Computer broke a while ago, finally got money to fix it. But what do I repair?
just wondering
Warrantied repairs, when to draw the line?
First build i7 will this work?
Overclocking with no voltage or timing adjustments....
Question about ordering from Newegg
Huge Disk IO Problems
Just Finished Build.. HELP!
Hd 4890 vs. GTX 275
Do i need a NIC to have a wireless internet connection
Need a good gaming laptop for ~$900.
New $500 gaming build (Opinions needed)
AM3 or AM2+
New Rig look for opinions
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Linked From Giz: Reason 10 why I will NEVER buy a Kindle.
Got turned on to an Air conditioner..
Dual Xeon x5570 (halem) w/ 72GB Ram!
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Ok could I build a real system with this?
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Uses for a spare C2Q rig?
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Decent video capture device?
Budget build, been away for a while.
Random hard lockups
Proposed build, criticisms and suggestions please.
Two Options which one is best?
Need some advice on how much my machine is worth...
AM3 build, critique me por favor?
New Budget Build
Should I ditch my Sound Card?
Need help finishing core i7 build
partial new build, looking for sugestions
New computer, posible spec
HP LaserJet 4
warranties, what would you buy a warranty on?
Contemplating an upgade, would like some opinions on part selection
MBR repair
Security Camera PC: New Build
What is blown? (CPU/MB)
Can someone recommend a good fan controller?
Spark or not?
Upgrading computer, need some advice.
Help on the new build!!!
New build - advice/critique!
Anyone recommend a good computer sound system which isn't more than $150?
FPS drop after alt-tabing?
Patch Panels... one in the same?
Skype hardware?
Backup rig/ New Ram/ Unlocking Mobo.
Affordable computer help
Wireless Mouse not working in all USB Ports
Detailed Build; Please Critique
blue screen then crash
What to buy!
Thinking about a HTPC
Got Geocities web sites?
Deal, or no deal?
Internet = dead
Where can I buy speaker cables that hook into my subwoofer? one of them fried.
Whats the fastest rig you can build today?
PBX systems, need some help
Laptop crashing
pricing out new server for myself
Build and sell or keep ?
For all you new i7 920 Owners who got it from NewEgg...
Is it worth it?
Asus Republic of Gamers group OC Station
Need GIANT gaming mouse pad.
What do you think about my computer ?
first compy build - good for OC or no?
Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard
I'm an moron, can someone explain the diff. between Accurate and Very accurate
Christmas in July ! ! !
Buy a computer get win7 for free :)
Radioshack-like places
First custom build - Please Help!
New kind of adware to me
Help get new build to post!
At what point do you retire a rig?
Upgrading to i7 *comments appreciated*
Problems with my RAM and my MOBO (Asus P6T Vanilla)
quad core help
Regarding BenQ Monitors
New Complete build ready for purchase, some questions.
Overclocking Feels like ....... !!?
Computer does not sleep.
Wireless Woes
System Build - e8400 XP
Lil help please
Need help swapping components for surface mount equivalents
Question on New Build!
Computer for word processing / web browsing
Dumb customers in retail.
Phone for work - have these 3 choices
Need help: PC freezes, sound makes a static noise,..
first time builder
new builder need help
Operating System OCing VS BIOS OCing
Terrible Terrible POS.
SSD and Windows 7
[Seriously need help] External hard disk causes hard drive failures & OS crashes
Keyboard problems
Recommend a Bluetooth USB Adapter
First build, what ya think?
Sata cable wouldn't fit under my vid card. Ok that I cut some off?
Worst possible time to have to buy a new cell phone...
i7 or Phenom II for gaming?
server question
my first sli build
To update...or upgrade?
CPU, RAM and Motherboard less than $200
Found a Duron computer! What to do with it
Firts Build/ Benchmarks/Stress Testing
Fan Controller/Multipurpose Controller
Compuer History Timeline
6gb to 12gb ram...is there a notcieable difference?
Reccomended Hardware
NCIX comp or newegg versus home built
My "Dream Machine" nearly done.
New comp questions
How to build a mail server
New Build
Power on/off switch for internal drives?
AMD Phenom to Phenom II Upgrade Article from Corsair
Black screen
Input needed
Wierd Artifacting Issue with my Powercolor 4870 HD.
Seagate Barracuda 1.5TB Problem
Go I7 or go SSD?
The Pirate Bay Sold To Software Company, Goes Legal
TV as secondary display, and speakers to both tv and soundcard
PC wont boot
Good tech news sites?
New build
How Many Parts Per Build Have You Received DOA?
[NEWS] Carbon Ring Storage Could Make Magnetic Memory 1000 Times More Dense
Having issues... any idea what's wrong?
Motherboard CPU Socket 775 to 478 CPU Adapter
home theater PC examples?
Nice computer haul over weekend...
Bad Mic Feedback. HELP!!
Is this just a glitch within GTA IV? Or is something wrong with my graphics card
New cheap build.
PS/2 and USB ports stopped working
Microsofts new search engine?
Temps OK?
Cable departs from Hulu model with 'TV Everywhere'
AMD x4 955 or i7 920 for strict gaming
Tom's Hardware article: i7 vs. PII
Make flash play smoother???
Need help upgrading computer please.
Potential Gaming Rig: Need Opinions
TV Tuner and Media player on Win 7
What should I upgrade?
New Gaming Rig
Bootup problem, can you help me find the problem?
Best Mobo for OCing i7 to 4GHz
Ketchup, please assist
Cheapest default clock options into i7...
System Build Critique
Best budget case/psu combo (under $50)
My new rig, Phenom II x2 and luvvin it
First new build in 4.5 years...Help an old pro out :)
New Rig
step-up to 275 and p.II 720 OR Phenom II 955
Help me understand Intel/AMD and ATi/nVidia differences.
Waiting for Computer parts, How to pass the time?
How to make winxp uninstall a video driver?
top heatsinks for sock 775
odds of saving my laptop
Problem with build...
Serious computer help needed.
iMac G5 random shutdown, power issue?
Recently Installed a 4870..
4096,mb ddr2 recognized in bios but not in windows?
noob question
E8400 + P5Q-Pro + 1066Mhz RAM OC'ing
please tell me it isnt fried
decent system for 1300
How much would you sell this system?
Make sure this is ok.
Wireless Router/Modem Question
Hoping this rig doesn't have any flaws...
strange results
New Gaming Rig - Advice appreciated
Can this Server be used as a SAS/NAS for a Domain controller setup?
first build i7 rig rate it please
Buy Now or Wait a Month
New PC
Can I game in 3d without the Nvidia 3d thing?
Need some input....
Hair Pulling RAM Problem?
Need Help for New Build.
Evga 260 gtx my reviews and temp
System Hang but DVD/fan/kb light still working??
Some info needed for gfx card..
Kindle has a secret download cap
G9 Mouse pointer sensitivity resets to default after rebooting...
New build.
NBC Direct, any one get it to work?
building a new pc
Intel retail big deal upgrade?
Internet cafe possibilty/problems
Failed Boots, Dunno What To Do?
Best Upgrade- HP m7640n
Father's day build for grandpa
p5q-em wont boot
Rig Compatibility
Northern California LN2 Gathering!
New member says hi - with an interesting stability project :)
I bought a Model M at a used computer store for $14
Suggestions for budget wow rig
Apple to use SATA 1 for new macs
Computer no longer POST's
Is it worth it?
Rate my budget build plz?
Whatever happened to Virtual Reality?
My new build
Can anyone using Avira Antivir confirm this for me:
Noobish Questions on TV Tuners
HELP! My laptop is barely useable...some kind of Vista problem maybe?
New Build questions!
Is there a USB device that can tell me infomation about my computer as I play?
Black Berry Storm Vs Iphone
Stalling during boot
New E8400 Rig
Computer wont boot.help!
New build won't boot help
Component life - overclocking
New I7 Build <<< Critique please. >>>
Software for auto-correcting scanned documents
New Build2-Let me know your opinion!
Will this computer last 4 years or more without needing an upgrade?
Hardware for a DC/DNS/AD server?
Wanted: Price Quotes
Which system for gaming?
NC6000 for $100 vs ANY netbook.
Anyone want to build a gaming rig for me? (choose parts)
pc hangs at boot
Posting, Pictures & Specs - How To Guide
Checkerboard video on bootup
Using what I have or Building new from the ground up
WD TV HD Media Player vs apple TV
PC will only boot to BIOS setup screen
Gaming computer for about 900 euros !
P5KPL-CM ASUS Won't boot
Atmel AT89S52 USB I/O controller
Random Rig Shutdowns/Instability
Guesstimation at Longevity?
Keyboard Reccomendation
I feel like such a crackhead, but you all will understand..
DVI Cables
mouse has stoped working and keyboard sometimes doesnt work
Laptop won't post, fried video chip?
Case or video
Help with upgrade advice please
What can I play on a Divx certified player?
240 to earth kills AGP
Motherboard lifespan
good movie
Razer Lachesis Problems
Building a Friend WoW Rig < $1000
I want to buy a computer <$800.
Gas Prices
Help With Cheap Build? 775 Socket and Decent Mobo :)
Turn PC off, Or leave it on?
Stability Problem with 920 i7 @ stock :(
Review i7 Gaming Rig Before Order
Saitek Cyborg Keyboard Problems.
Can't Find on Newegg, Help Locating Please
Rate the build :)
Bookmark websites?
Anyone own an HDD or DVD camcorder?
Need help with a training proposal...
GPU Toss Up: the Showdown
College Time
New build
General overall question
inkjet photo and laser
Should I upgrade my E4300 or my 8800GTS
How Much??
2 screens 2 people 1 computer....will it work?
Network card in PCI E x 16 slot
Help Computer will not post
booting issue
booting issue
Upgrading to Phenom 2 x2 550
i7 Gaming Rig, 5 Basic Questions
New Back-Up rig up and running
Don't know what the problem is VFD
Is this normal?
New rig concerns..
lose audio jack need replacement
Piano tutorial program?
CPU temps?
Need ideas for project
Looking for Colour Laser Printer
Looking for insight: Win7, SSD drives
Possibly the best USB device ever invented!
My video of my antec 1200
Stress program with controlable load
Upgrade to E8400 or 4870 1GB
-=[ Core i7 Build .:. $1000 Budget ]=-
Hp Pavillion S3010.uk
Average Overclocking Use
Crazy Idea...
Watch Hulu on HDTV
...What's the point?
Wireless is less optimal for gaming?
new build, any thoughts?
difficult upgrade maybe not worth it.
I/o switch for 2 computers going to 1 monitor/keyboard/5.1 speakers
GA-7DPXDW-P Memory Question
GA-7DPXDW-P Memory Question
Building a PC-complete newbie!-UK
New Setup Done!
My 3d Mark Vantage scores
New AMD Build - General Questions. Workstation Rig
Got New PC, Need Advice
TV series on DVD..
Old PC question
Upgrade for old rig
eSATA Cable Quality Problems.
$500 ish gaming build
first time build
Just a quick question!
I done a bad thing! :(
Help with upgrade on budget
Cluster of mismatched computers?
htpc will not wake from S3
New HTPC Build, having issues....
Computer Desk
Friend is building a computer, he needs help.
Building a gaming computer
Firefox language anomali?
This GPU is Hot!
X-Fi Xtrem Audio and Xtreme Gamer?
Input please: minimum build for hosting a game server?
Which certifiations should I look at getting?
Help buying a Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse.
PSU Explosion!
im building a new desk
Best all-in-1 printer for small business?
Starting to OC my system
Shuttle PC's (Yes I'm Thinking More)
Been a while... Need some upgrade advice
Slicing open a PCI card...
how do i software overclock my amd athlon 4200
Help me spec out a low budget CAD system!
Vista wont boot with OC =(
Help with new build
PC Shuts itself off during TF2
Which temp reading is correct
PC Cant boot!!
Best Build for $800?
Need help with new build
Goin' to college, need a laptop
What makes a computer fast?
Screwy USB Problems in Vista X64
GIF Resized.
Personal Projects Server
Cant Boot Dell Desktop PC
Problem getting computer to boot
Wondering if I did something wrong??
HMM, need to find countersunk HDD screws.
Best wireless Keyboard Mouse $30 ~ $50
Cant reboot or enter bios after flashing bios?
$200 System
True DPI?
Thermaltake 480w enough for Sapphire 4870 512mb Video Card
Need to power a laptop DVD drive
The 10 Worst PCs of All Time
Is it wrong to have censureship?
Upgrading my father's PC
Is it my motherboard or my drives?
need help with temperatures!
What do you do with...
My current system is wasting my time, so the only logical solution...
hyperglide mouse skates
VERY unusual POST issue Thinkpad T43
new guy...kinda lost
new guy...kinda lost
Low End Upgrade
I just picked up a Compaq Proliant 5500 server for $30 good deal or no?
Slow onboard Ethernet?
Help Required - Murder Mystery for OCers: Not Sure Where The Problem Lies?
Stickers for laptop?
Need a video card recomendation
New Build for $1,000
ebayer Asuspartstrade
New build, tips and suggestions welcome!
Where could I get dirt cheap server racks, rackmount servers, etc at?
Enthusiast Rig Help! Crunch Time!
is my graphics card pooched?!
First build in a while...Looking for some help
New Build... What do You think?
$800-$1000 computer
logitech click optical mouse problem
What's a good power inverter?
Mac Mouse port to PS2 Converter?
Well I finally bit the bullet.
Am I asking the right price for this setup?
Upgrading Hardware
Strange issue.. PSU?
Should I test outside case?
No power after power failure
How should I ship my pc
A few questions from a newb.
I wonder, why?
Computer won't post, need opinions.
How Much Is My PC Worth?
Help building low power media server
Gateway 610 Media Center Network
Which computer component does watching videos use most?
PSU Buzzing, PC Doesn't Start
(Another) Help Picking Parts for Gaming Machine Thread (1200 Budget)
Wolfram|Alpha search engine
turning my computer into a server
Is my graphics card slowly but surely dying?
What is your opinion of this spec?
what happened?
cpu speed not right
Trying to figure out my low FPS in World of Warcraft
Back in the market
cannot write dvds!!!
Is my CPU dead?
Advice/Suggestions First big Gaming Rig
Short SATA cables with angled connectors?
650$ Computer Budget Need Some Opinions!
Auto insert mp3 ID tags?
First Build -- Gaming(?) PC
Budget Computer Build - What to Buy?
Updating BIOS from flash drive?
Sunbeam Rheobus Extreme
DVD format\resloution?
Explaining computers to laymen
Multiple Monitors as USB Device on KVM
Extra parts... What to do ?