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Building a new rig.
I think I am ready to order
Building my new PC, any comments? suggestions?
LogMeIn Security - Help
How much does it worth?
Help me build under desk cooling...
Need help building pc for 9 year old.
Kill-A-Watt results thread
What would you call HeatWare?
advice on cppu/mobo/ram
Which keyboard should i get?
New build underway, finally
Need Help Finding Desktop Package for Mom
Entangled Particles
Console sized system??
Ok please advise on this system for full overclock
Benchmarking and Gaming freezes
PSU Swap on a Dell
System wont boot
Need some help with Dual Screens!
Check my Build
PC is hotter than i want it to be.
damage to harddrive from damaged power supply
power outage and router not in apc
New to this Forum Have Question about Buying and Selling
PC will randomly nnot power on...
This is my 3rd proposed build thread
I'm about to be livid.....
another Dinosaur i use daily
Optical + PS3 + HDTV + 330D. Help?
how do you keep your extra computers?
Temperature monitoring question
I challenge you to solve this printer problem! Lexmark X6675
Desktop motherboards with mobile CPU sockets
Help me!!!
Confused about 'Gaming mouse'
Going i7, suggestions/opinions on parts.
WD external HDD Icon
Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard
Could someone check my core i7 920 build please?
Sony snubs Microsoft in Google Chrome browser deal
power outage twice. Need advise
need advice on upgrades....
So what is safe for our bare parts?
System restarts for no reason!
Help me spend some money :D
How do you afford it?
check my list (built from Dell)
No display, motherboard or cpu problem
Budget Build (First Time)
Asus disk driver <==== halp me plz
ps3 slim supercomputing?
fresh install, blue screen of death
computer shutting off / rebooting
UPS issue. Please help...
Computer simply powers off sometimes - How to diagnose?
Budget build system, tell me what you think
Gameing pc
Tissues and static
Looking for a new gaming mouse.
Alienware- Tell Me What You Think?
We're saying it's not our hardware, they (RoadRunner) says it is....
Optical Drivers - Blu-ray
First Computer Build.. Help! lol
Is my 3dmark score 06 ok?
[Halp!] How Much Would This PC Sell For?
Pocket PCs... Not sure if that's the right section.
Headset question
Gigabyte mobo no post confusing power hook ups grrrrrrrrrrrr
generally blew up motherboard :(
need usb to mini usb "L" shaped change Tube Delight direction.
Unsolved Mysteries: PC edition
Could use some advice on a I7 build (Please)
Is there a replacement for setpoint software?
CPU / GPU Overheating Problem
Problem with new Razer Mamba
New Computer - Need Advice.
Recovering data from a SATA HD?
RIIE/i7 stopped working
Best Value [Bang-for-buck]
New Rig
Home theater wiring question
just really screwed up.
Finally.. a new build.
First Proper Home Build
Headset not working properly, Please help
Pc died, looking for new gaming rig! Whos bored?
beginner setup
Resurrecting an old PC
New pc, did my homework, want some approval :D
Ideas for a fan mod
folder problem
Possible damage to my computer by pushing the power bar
New build error
Best method for dusting inside computer?
Headset recomendations
Question about the Core i9...
Did I make a good find???
Silverstone Commander (or any ESA part) and non-amd motherboard
HDD LED doesn't light up
Want to learn to code. Where to start?
New build advice for out of the game clocker
new build on a budget
Computer build
New Build compatibility issue
help me find out whats wrong
Media Dashboard
$700 well spent
Stupid Moore's Law
Core i5, is it worth the excitement?
Need some help on computer issue
The hard disk isn't really the slowest part of a computer
Rigged up some ducting for my HSF
ABIT Award BIOSes (4.51PG), CPU Soft Menu and eSupport???
Building a PC for my sister
The Screensaver U like thread
which is better
This should work better...
American AC Cables Question?
Hosting Game Servers from the House
Laptop Diafnostic tool?
flash drive cause crash?????
Linux Server - Build or refurb
Gaming Headset
Lighting Strike Rebuild
Internet Detox?
What wireless mouse should I get?
PC boots 1/30 times
Build me a dream :)
Looking for components Help!
New build parts list and H/W questions
Encryption - Hardware vs software
Thinking of New Build Specs listed
HELP - build wow gaming computer
GFX card for my i7-920 UD5
I need help, BSOD.
First time building a server, lots of questions.
Seeking a new mouse.
Time to upgrade?
Ebay problem? What should I do??
What is the best TIM out there to date?
anyway to use non-zune software for a zune?
32 or 64 bit?
Keeping a WDTV cool?
Loss Of Sound After Installing Sapphire Radeon 4890
Is the upgrade worth it?
First time build
Update the PC, Need Help, $500 Budget
My newegg shoppin cart thoughts?
Will my GPU or CPU be the bigger bottleneck?
Best cities from a tech standpoint
what would be the best option for $200 or less?
Random Ebay Question
My first build, need help deciding on some things-
My first build how is it before i order?
PC Crash just in time for college
new gaming rig
Need Serious help. this is my first build.
Dell laptop won't start up
will this work???????
Brother Laser 2140 versus HP OfficeJet Pro 8000?
OC'ing OEM PC !
Take a gamble and get a GTX260 to run with a 425W PSU
Machine randomly reboots.
Screen goes black when playing games
Building from scratch
Which of these would be the best computer upgrade?
Color laser printer
Computing not performing as what i expected
what should i put on a resume
Build pains
How to overclock a computer... with a hammer
constipated USB?
Logitech Warranty?
Ebay member lost my item! But look!!!
hi could some what tell me what they think of this vid card
Need some build advice please....
my i7 Build to be, your toughts?
OC Log....
New PC
A small question about display....
New build for college
Noobish DVD drive
Building Tower, GPU Issue, Onboard Over-Riding Extra GPU
Building a new PC
Can I use an older Nokia charger?
Device Priority Help
$500 Build
Logitech G19 vs G15.
USB Mouse trouble in WinXP SP3
Newegg Q9550 prices
Overclocking Occasionally then Reverting back...Is this okay?
Electric, magnetic Flux?
buying* replacing two items.
New Member, New Rig
New stuff in, cant get it to post yet.
IBM's 1.5 P E T A F L O P supercomputer
My First Build
Computer Desks (Bought or Built) Need Idea's
Random shutoffs
DL360 G4 XP media center install
running with no peripherals panel (on back of case)
Yes, I was this bored.
soon to be build, missing anything,suggestions?
Temperature jump
Help with Bios Settings
Raid drivers!
Keep it clean
woe is me, i think the computer gods hate me :(
Opinions On New Build
New headset :)
which video card to choose
mobo or graphic card dead?
Crashing, Freezing and Bluescreens in Windows 7
i heed some to to translat in to lamens terms for me
Opinions needed on new build!
Brand new system! Help please!
Razer DeathAdder - got scammed by the vendor, what to do?
DVI to HDM Question
motherboard mounting and earthing
Oh-oh: Microsoft Bing search engine rigged
Can't decide between Intel and AMD
built my first computer and need suggestions for overclocking
MX Revolution battery question.
Computer overall modding, not case
PC full system freeze help
Twitter DOS attack.
With all of the rackmount projects going on...
Newegg open box?
looking for opinions
Roccat Taito mousepad getting white from black?
New game rig
BSOD while websurfing
Your past bad PC OC'ing moments
i need some help with hardware
8pin 12volt mobo connect. & 4pin psu....
UPS broke my computer...
small screen recomendation?
Is this caused by Windows Media player?
First Build, Hey Overclockers.com :)
I want to build a HTPC...
First PC build Also
Ok, I've got a question
AC to DC adapters or a power supply
Dual Or single?
first pc build
Can excessive power draw blow up a PSU?
suggestions for Oct Upgrades
Ideas for Making 24 Pin Mobo Header Look Better
Wireless Mini CCTV Nightvision
Razer Mamba, firmware updater problem
Looking to upgrade my server sometime this Month.
Speakers Pop (Buzz/Crackle Noise)
Another build, ideas?
will my rig run 2x gtx 285?
need ideas for new build
What powersupply should I get?
$1000 Gaming Budget, help pick parts
Is the any point in building a new rig
New PC won't Boot.. help
microATX new build
My PC thinks O/C Forums is ebay!! WTF?
cpu temp sensor placement
What was your first computer upgrade and the first system you built from scratch
Unlocked iPhone to factory setting
Please suggest a build
What would you suggest?
search engine showdown
new build Q for mom
PC's are too cheap !
Programs for monitoring system
Dell 730x Crashes and BSOD's When Playing Games
Best Wireless Keyboard/Mouse that can go through walls?
New Mouse and keyboard
Building Currently: Having Some Problems
first "thought of" build
Out of the blue...PC crash help!
G15 shop for UK or Europian countries. Where is the cheapes? Have 50 minutes lef
Money on the internet... Question, not explanation
Removing Corrision Material from Small Parts
desktop not booting up
My new rig! (I7 920 D0)
general hardware Q on the Cell Broadband 90nm processor
How to obtain dead hardware?
Retiring current system. What should I do with it?
Power Failure
Power Flush needed to Boot - No POST
First build problem - help please!
VMWare ESX Server Build suggestions/recomendations
Need a 4 way SLI mobo for this i7 build
What case should I use? (specification listed)
Microsoft Sidewinder
Distorted audio with sound card = bad motherboard?
CPU Upgrade= Lock ups randomly?
building new computer, opinions
Complete Desktop for my Sister [on the cheap].
Power cut while PC was on, now won't POST
ssd vs cheaper x58 mobo?
Possible HHD problem?
Need Help. Pc doesnt show any signs of startup except fan.
Buying new keyboard, have 2 days left to choose. Have almost no idea actually.
Happy Sys Admin day
Power supply issue? New System build, BSoD
Cheap gaming build
funny find on wiki
New Build Problem... No Display
“Veiled” – the New Darknet from HP
Takes 2 minutes for Wireless Network to pop up and connect after boot
Just wondering...
Good (free) file hosting site?
Saintek Eclipse III or G15?
Really Apple, REALLY??
Help please!!
Convert MSAccess to PostgreSQL
Building a 3ds max / workstation
building a HTPC
Unstable System
help selecting a system
Quality $2000 canadian build
Monitor Problems
i7 for video editing
refillable ink cartridges
Where to find a good Barebones Kit?
New server -- connection test
Good Pc Or Bad Pc?
Laptop power issue
buying a new comp, help?
What do you think is dead on friends pc?
can you help me fix this error ?
Why does a computer boot? Why can't you just switch it on like a TV?
College Build with 7+year Lifespan
Help setting up new system?
2500$ Build need ur opinion
New computer - Need help!
suddenly unable to overclock
To upgrade to i7 or not
Help Overclocking
blue ray drive or blue ray player
places to buy computer parts
Reset dell inspiron 710m bios password?
System instability - please help!
Build for my dad
Advice and Suggestions for 2 builds
General Tweaks- CPU and Memory settings- Corsair XMS2 DHX
Desktops/Laptops for University?
has this ever happend to any of you?
new build
First time builder - suggestions welcome
Windows XP to Windows 7 could be trouble...
another "whats my computer worth" thread
Time to clean my drawer...
Multi-booting Pismo
Future proof rig for under $700
PC was on when i got home help
DNA LED Lights!
The build I've settled on, $800 Canadian, any reason I need to change something?
What's the best I can do today with $2000?
Helping my friend buy a new comp need help.
How much would you pay for this system?
well this cord work for my 360 to comp screen?
Post screenshots of your old overclocks!
New pc keeps crashing
Is there such thing as short Sata cables?
Game server processor
Computer freezes frequently... please help!
Building a computer sub 400$
new build need some advice....
How much to fix this?
Does anyone own a "Scan Great White" Rig?
China gets MS Office for $29
Build guide?
take omponents over US border?..pay duty ?
What do you do with your old hardware??
Getting Optical Audio From Laptop With HDMI?
Critique my build
Need some help...
microsoft vx-3000 webcam
What range would my pc be in?
Any good review on...?
Computer broke a while ago, finally got money to fix it. But what do I repair?
just wondering
Warrantied repairs, when to draw the line?
First build i7 will this work?
Overclocking with no voltage or timing adjustments....
Question about ordering from Newegg
Huge Disk IO Problems
Just Finished Build.. HELP!
Hd 4890 vs. GTX 275
Do i need a NIC to have a wireless internet connection
Need a good gaming laptop for ~$900.
New $500 gaming build (Opinions needed)
AM3 or AM2+
New Rig look for opinions
Build Critique
Linked From Giz: Reason 10 why I will NEVER buy a Kindle.
Got turned on to an Air conditioner..
Dual Xeon x5570 (halem) w/ 72GB Ram!
New computer, reviews please...
Ok could I build a real system with this?
Help with new Computer
Uses for a spare C2Q rig?
Need help with OverClock
Decent video capture device?
Budget build, been away for a while.
Random hard lockups
Proposed build, criticisms and suggestions please.
Two Options which one is best?
Need some advice on how much my machine is worth...
AM3 build, critique me por favor?
New Budget Build
Should I ditch my Sound Card?
Need help finishing core i7 build
partial new build, looking for sugestions
New computer, posible spec
HP LaserJet 4
warranties, what would you buy a warranty on?
Contemplating an upgade, would like some opinions on part selection
MBR repair
Security Camera PC: New Build
What is blown? (CPU/MB)
Can someone recommend a good fan controller?
Spark or not?
Upgrading computer, need some advice.
Help on the new build!!!
New build - advice/critique!
Anyone recommend a good computer sound system which isn't more than $150?
FPS drop after alt-tabing?
Patch Panels... one in the same?
Skype hardware?
Backup rig/ New Ram/ Unlocking Mobo.
Affordable computer help
Wireless Mouse not working in all USB Ports
Detailed Build; Please Critique
blue screen then crash
What to buy!
Thinking about a HTPC
Got Geocities web sites?
Deal, or no deal?
Internet = dead
Where can I buy speaker cables that hook into my subwoofer? one of them fried.
Whats the fastest rig you can build today?
PBX systems, need some help
Laptop crashing
pricing out new server for myself
Build and sell or keep ?
For all you new i7 920 Owners who got it from NewEgg...
Is it worth it?
Asus Republic of Gamers group OC Station
Need GIANT gaming mouse pad.
What do you think about my computer ?
first compy build - good for OC or no?
Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard
I'm an moron, can someone explain the diff. between Accurate and Very accurate
Christmas in July ! ! !
Buy a computer get win7 for free :)
Radioshack-like places
First custom build - Please Help!
New kind of adware to me
Help get new build to post!
At what point do you retire a rig?
Upgrading to i7 *comments appreciated*
Problems with my RAM and my MOBO (Asus P6T Vanilla)
quad core help
Regarding BenQ Monitors
New Complete build ready for purchase, some questions.
Overclocking Feels like ....... !!?
Computer does not sleep.
Wireless Woes
System Build - e8400 XP
Lil help please
Need help swapping components for surface mount equivalents
Question on New Build!
Computer for word processing / web browsing
Dumb customers in retail.
Phone for work - have these 3 choices
Need help: PC freezes, sound makes a static noise,..
first time builder
new builder need help
Operating System OCing VS BIOS OCing
Terrible Terrible POS.
SSD and Windows 7