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lsass need help
Computer crashing randomly in a bizarre way
USB controllers (vista)
Upgrade Opinions
video card upgrade
Gaming Rig, Second Build, $1000+ Budget
Next Pc Build (I7)
Sub £200 Computer Build (UK)
Black Screen After Windows Loading Bar
Building a new rig, what do you think?
Process size for memory/storage technologies
TekNMotion Pulsewave headset problems
Upgrading PC. Please help me decide.
OC and new 3dmark high score (for me :D)
CD ROM not loading legitimate WINDOWS XP?
Computer beeping while running windows/folding
“We don’t know how to build a sub-$500 computer that is not a piece of junk.”
Am I in the right direction?
bsod's, installation problems, and general errors
Building pc
Need help with a gaming build
I'm pretty much done with replacing INKJET cartridges
pci slot blocked by vid card???
Advice needed to build gaming PC: $900-$1200
New Amiga got to the markets
my monitor is not showing anything when i boot up my system.
Why does my comptuer say I'm only 803mhz when it's really 2ghz cpu?
Scored some free hardware, what to do with em XD.
New build advice
Thinking of upgrading just a tad
Where to go, when to buy, what to do?
Gaming PC build, advice needed
what is folding
Gaming/HTPC Keyboard/Mouse With decent range
To Dell or not to Dell build or buy PC
help with overclocking
HD4870 @ VDDC Temps high?
Build for a friend, please doublecheck my list to make sure everything's ok
Sound or other problems?
[Help] Computer Keeps Freezing Up
Be honest !
Upgrading Kinda Old PC, Need advice!
Do you still have a floppy drive?
Help with pc damaged by power surge
Second owner RMA ?
Does thia have a USB port?
My Logitech G15 Rev. 2 Carbon Fibre mod.
(Pics) My stash of old CPU's, silcon wafers, and engineering samples
scroll wheel problem
Multimedia Keyboard Mapping?
arctic silver cleaning solution on processor
Need help with new setup 9800GTX with two VGA and a KVM.
Will this GPU fit?
need more help
Recommend a good cheap ($600) build
This look like a good build?
Old problem i'm trying to fix now
*URGENT* PC BSOD's for every boot option?!?!
Why do the blank pins on floppy cables...
is this a good budget build
URGENT! My baby (computer) died :(
What can i do with my commodore 64 ?
IDE to Sata II?
Convert finds dirty bit on FT32 hard drive but CHKDSK does not
Computer BSODes when running Prime or Real Temp test
first time laptop user.
Help! Computer won't Boot with HD Connected
How do I uninstall only Microsoft Outlook?
3-pin fan power adapter
Good LCD TV as Monitor?
SD media and an older Nikon
Laptop to match desktop?
Need help with first time overclocking
Sorting out some parts, could use some advice!
Hard Drive Failure to boot?
Best thing u bought for your (current) PC
$900 Game monster. please advise.! SUGGESTIONS!!!
what sort of PC did you have at age of 15, compared to now?
New Computer for Aynjell!
OCZ Alchemy Illuminati, decent?
Using Netbook as Torrent Sever
Really weird BIOS problem
Accessing folders in another computer issues
I7 Deal
Firewire Help Needed!!!
help with new build.....
Yet another new rig question!
A lil upgrade What You Guys/Ladies Think
What is going on with my ethernet ?!
Cant believe some people..
First Rig Build - Need Help
8Gb SSD from an Eee PC
Build problems on windows install:
usb not working
Build problems on windows install:
confused about start up problem
problem starting up
Possible improvements on my new rig?
Desktops Going Extinct?
USB TV Tuners? any one use?
wireless extender
Is It Worth It? Swapping UP to 64bit from 32bit?
Tough Decision. Better Video Card or Better CPU?
Anything besides newegg and tigerdirect?
Left handed keyboard
Making a new Rig.. want ur opinions
Moniter Help
Somethings messed up (i think?)....
New Gaming Laptop... Need Opinions
Need long-range wireless...
Question: Buying Hardware Outside of America (Live in Japan)
Sata drive help
Need some help, time is running out.
I want this 1.4Gpix camera...
A representative from New York to propose legal ban against bandwidth caps!
What should i do?
Eee Box?
Bios Question
My PS2 Ports and USB = Dead?
Laptop building issue
Im So Happy - My new Rig - Please Look/Advise
Help! Wrong clocks according to ATI Overdrive
Hard drive storage
Heat Probe Placement?
What ye make of my following upgrade choices?
Need headset for work computer,iphone,ps3,laptop
usb issues
IP based thermostat?
Semi budget build for a mate.... Tips, changes help!
HDTV Mind Control
Finished Intel PC - Need Help
Laptop and Projector for class giving.
Need everyone imput on this one
Is this a good gaming pc? well decent
Creating A Network At Home
Hall of fame hardware
PC upgrade for a 24" monitor?
Who wants a 9 year old Dell 8100? And for what?
Is there any way to expand the Hard Drive on a Comcast Motorola DHC 3416 HD-DVR?
how should i paint my G15 to be fully black?
sudden restart/power loss
Result of Research: Best Bang4Buck art workstation 4/3/09 Need help tweaking.
Gigabyte m6800 dual lens mouse, DPI switch question
Looking for a good wristrest to go with my Razer Destructor
When a Tech isnt a tech...
Just got all the parts...
Bluetooth mouse/keyboard
i7 overclockable i7 rig -- advice on these parts...
Need help building new machine
custom length cable info
best hotswap SATA internal enclosure?
A way to GUARANTEE 4GHz on i7
Constant BSOD's, don't really know what's going on anymore
SICK of this old work hardware, need to do something
Whats Wrong with this?
How does this build sound?
Noises and Restarts: Opinions needed.
anyone know what happened to the xtreme systems forums
what happen to xtremesystems.org??
Who makes laptops with the best gaming performance / $ (still Dell?)
Do I choose a transistor?
Thinking bout makin a few changes
WW2 Nazi code breaking 1/2 elec 1/2 mechan early computer recreation
New Machine Time!
brother needs a pc for wotlk
What GPU can a 400w PSU run?
Printer causing bios alarm, no codes, boots fine
multi-socket Dunnington E7450 boards?
Need some to covert document to LaTex
New Computer Build - $691.43
Apple Wireless Keyboard?
DVD burner not recognizing media
New Gaming Rig
building budget Phenom II 920 desktop for bro, want gtx260 or 4870 in build, hel
Help spend my birthday money for new comp!
Windows Home Basic only uses 6.2GB ram.
Whats a good Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse?
Idle Computers = $2.8 Billion
Budget OC rig, help + suggestions please. :)
upgrading video card, power needs?
How much is this CPU/RAM Bottlenecking?
Is This a Good $2000 System for Gaming?
Is this custom build good for gaming?
Can i build a good gaming / media machine for $600?
Advice needed for 1st rig in 3+ years
RAM Pet Peeve, what do you think of it?
Holly crap... tiny soldering = nerve racking!
New CPU/Cooler - Freeze on Boot!
planning new build, thoughts on these parts
What do you think of mine
Smoking Computer
Maybe a video card issue but i would love some help
I'm getting these certifications, thoughts on them?
Help on a Gaming pc
new build, not turning on
120mm fan with multipurpose grease?
xbox rrod...
Non conductive erasable writing?
Website Logo Creation
Installing a computer in my car, few questions on feasability...
What would you get
OC help
What is the longest distance you can run PC Monitor cable?
Noob Questions: RAM and FSB Speeds
New PC Powers off after 10-15 seconds
Laptop non booting issues
Got anoter job, might get a 'new' computer
Hey guys! I'm new and I have a question...
Random freezing with no answer in sight
I want to do a build in a NES box.
yay! new build!
Message on XP 64bit
Help me OC my system
portable device to stream internet radio
Any extra hardware you always make sure to get above and beyond the required?
Mouse/Keyboard Suggestions
Welp, looking for some critique!
When in Morocco...
New pc ! Good, bad ?
Please assist - Building an ITX mini PC
Final Settings, are they safe?
Is there such a thing as a clickless mouse?
help me build a new computer
Scrambled video at over 260Mhz FSB
Big Scare!
PC performance relatively low?
Computer restarts every few days
Music Production Madness!
Well, It's done and done.
Calculating power consumption for PC
Secure pastie.org alternatives?
Getting some new stuff, tell me what you think
New PC, Good, bad? Help please.
second try!
mouse problem
Please help with Seagate SATA HD setup on Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5- I am lost
New build, what you think of these parts?
Dell Precision 670 Issue
Built a new PC need some help overclocking it
New to OCing so not sure were to put my first post so here seemed good :)
Overclocking question
Surveillance Camera
Building a new Computer; need some suggestions
I am at my wit's end. securom is killing me...
Need help for a video machine!
ol school things you wish were still arround?
Rebuilding my new build, need some advice on a few things.
my first pc/htpc build
New budget rig, please check that I did this right.
Asrock g31m-s help
Any APPLE/MAC experts???
CPU is stuck in socket?
bios changes itself?????
Budget rig reccomendations? (CPU/Mobo/RAM only)
Budget Rig for £750
capacitors: nichicon reliable? or Panasonic..
Whats for favorite kind of hardware?
Dell poweredge 2500 few ?'s
First Build
has anyone...
haven't been around since the AthlonXP days.. about to take the plunge, a core i7 rig
In need of some advice
Need help, OS does not boot and I have RAID
My New computer
Best Net Top/Book For Server
Last Minute Build Critique
So I'm in the 1% here with out a web cam, does this work?
Trouble with a 4 way amplified coax splitter
Building a gaming, video editing super machine, does this look alright?
what is that material you put in your pc to silence it?
New build advice with newegg combos
System problems following failed XP installation
new build for friend.
Best place for a barebone chassie?
Found this interesting, Maybe you too?
Cheap Computer
Dell XPS LCD help needed
New Build with Some Old Parts? Opinions Needed
Problem with HDD when Overclocking
Building a new Computer let me know if its good :P
New build problems
Looking for a good cheap computer
How can I run many files with one click?
So, my computer temps are rising and I have no clue why, my cooling is good...
Computer beeps at XP Screen
Need help building a computer, please please help!!
beige case desktops still made?/black cases
New Build, buying parts tomorrow, need thoughts
wet keyboard
Found a nutcracker...
asus eco disply problem
Building new system
I just want to start overclocking ....ERR
Noctua NH-U12P SE1366 or TRUE 1366 RT
Two problems installing ram...now I'm deeply depressed.
Custom built Pc Problem....!
USB Key Loggers
Athlon/Opteron still hanging in their??
cnet - Apple lies about new shuffle
Building a new rig
I am in need of a PC :(
Applications uses what serial ports?! Software not working with hardware correctly!
Lf good site for custom build!!!
Network Scanner w Flatbed and ADF
Grrr... new build problem!
How much badwidth are you getting at what settings?
Ok im stumped, random hard lock issue.
Building a Windows Home Server
Need some insight
WoW Rig
Yes, another budget build critique thread
So I was browsing blogs...
Internet cutting out after idle ???
You win some, you loose some.
lowest budget gaming PC!
MB will Post after a wait time
Best 120mm fans for a TRUE 133 RT?
Microsoft Office Labs vision 2019
trying to figure out a AMD mATX board, one 16x or two 8x?
Decent Gaming Setup??
DVD drive issues
anyone here have any input on the netbooks?
The pifts.exe Conspiracy
Defrag Hell
Core 2 Quad Vs i7 Vs Xeon
Everglide, dead in silence?
Tivo 2 Box
Is it good for computer hardware to leave it on
My mom tried to clean up her computer from trojans...(pic)
A DVD drive that sees ghosts?
Versalink Gateway 327w (Verizon)?
USB Switch? USB Server?
Reassure me im getting a good deal
Finally wised up to advise, new build.
File Undelete, data recovery software, Recover deleted or lost files
~$800 budget gaming computer
Budget computer
Budget AMD Build
Opinion: Widgets, Windows, Yahoo, or Google?
Building a new computer
CEBIT 2009 (lots of pics !)
looking for a specific sata cable need some help
Harddrive fried?
My computer died.. time for this new one
Been out of the game for a while - what should I get for a new system?
Interesting one. USB stopped reading, power fine.
Help me ! Urgent
How to display CPU, RAM, Hard Drive usage to see what the bottleneck is
Where's the bottleneck?
New Rig Problems
A few questions/problems
Articles you read that make you go 'DUH."
My LOL thread!
abit goes POOF
About Overclocking Everything
Random Restarts...
crappy day at work turns ABSOLUTELY AWESOME....
Card Reader
Review my new rig!
please help
Why do so many of the expensive monitors have so much glare?
Best bang for your buck currently(ive been out of the game a while)
Need advice. Building a new PC
Computer Willnot load XP Pro
Suggestions and opinions for a possible build
Replace HardDrive difficulties
Hoping you can help?
Logitech mx1100
Logitech mx1100
Help: My laptop is acting 'jittery'?
Going to try to build my first computer.
PC Build Problem
A 200 MB partition on a brand new Sony Vaio
Netbooks and HD Video?
Surveillance Camera
USB Pains
Printer Toner Problem - HP 1200 Laser Jet
Help me bild a lightroom and photoshop PC
Laptop suggestions, < $1000
53ghz Coolermaster...lol
Feedback on my prospective build
computer freezes
Scrambled Symbols on Boot Screen
Cooler Master - CeBit 2009 - 53 GHz
new rig since sandiego came out
Comments needed for proposed build
Need comments on a whole new system please
Strictly gaming rig, Need advice
First build
weird boot issue
Alright, how many of you are on 56k?
two computers one wall power socket
no picture/display
blue screen during boot
Few ranking questions
New PC, New to overclocking, I need your guidance.
need help getting started overclocking CPU and GPU
How best to fix DirectX problems
What is a good heatsink for this setup?
Birthday Upgrade - £250 Budget - Need help
First PC build in 5 years, does everything look ok?
Wacky apple ADB
8 year old computer
Looking for opinions on a budget gaming PC build
Why is my system crashing
Store 250 DVDs on One Coin-Size Surface
Exited to be back! My first build in 3 years!
Undecided Path to Build Gaming System!!
Looking for a USB mini-fridge!
Need to get a new CPU/motherboard
Blu-Ray Drive Issue
How many computers are in your home?
where is a good place to sell?
Problem with new computer build.. please help!!
QUIET MOUSE w/ a Logitech-like wheel that auto scroll via screen area (viewing posts)
O/C a Q6600 or buy a 3.3GHz Duo core?
AOL Mail help
Need your help with dead? PC
Printer Jockey Software
How to Download/Play/Convert YouTube Videos with all-in-one software
is it gonna hold on?
is it gonna hold on?
Budget upgrade - 780g mobo + old psu?
frustrating problem..
P180 Build pics:
New Rig
My experience with Xigmatek crossbow & cooler install on p5q deluxe
Need wireless Keyboard suggestion?
Basic system Setup help
Problem with AIR LIVE WT-2000PCI
How Inkjet Printers Work
Worm causes computer to crash
New build, issues...
need help with a build
Extreme Budget Build
First Time Builder
Issues - harddrive stopping?
small mobo with lots of SATA ports.
Move over Apple - Microsoft is opening up next door!
Can I just "take" the A+ Certification test anywhere?
Some wire modding help needed
To smartphone or not to smartphone?
Budget Full Phenom II 940 build, your input and suggestions please! :)
What do you think, some help please
booting problems
What the hell is this?
New Phenom II X3 710 build.
New PC with my current hard drive?
Unable to boot: Epox 9PNA+Ultra post code FF
Is it possible? Gaming-Rig/HTPC
hardware problem???
Transcoding on the PS3?
Q6600/Patriot viper, overclock?
How do you deal with slighly hacker-ish questions
What computer part is the sexiest to you?
Looking to upgrade my "server"
Building a new PC for the first time in years
Use GPU as CPU
New Build
Need Recomendation on Ram
Problems with an old HP Pavilion
Maxron 878 TV card Vista Basic Drivers
What is going wrong?
Please Recommend - Color/Black Printer
What to do...
i-inc 25 inch 1080p lcd 199$us
Brother MFC490CW Printer Question
Faulty on/off switch?
Dual Entry to Single Entry Headphone cord
AMD Phenom II X4 Sets 3DMark06 World Record in Finland!
Building a Budget Rig for a freind
Dolk's CPU
Odd problem with my DFI NF4 HTPC
which ethernet card can I put in my old 478 board?
i7 build choices, please critique
Im at a serious delimia. ATi vs Nvidia and/or AMD vs Intel
How much do you guys charge for builds?
Strange Overclock crash.
[Opinions Needed]Build Assistance Request Form
check out this new build..
SFF Crossfire W/C build
cmos checksum bad
HP Printer Re-fills / Ink?
Which would be more worthwhile?
Another year, another build. The i7. Suggestions please.
Weird problem
Coolest bay devices?
Intel Files suit against Nvidia