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Ok im stumped, random hard lock issue.
Building a Windows Home Server
Need some insight
WoW Rig
Yes, another budget build critique thread
So I was browsing blogs...
Internet cutting out after idle ???
You win some, you loose some.
lowest budget gaming PC!
MB will Post after a wait time
Best 120mm fans for a TRUE 133 RT?
Microsoft Office Labs vision 2019
trying to figure out a AMD mATX board, one 16x or two 8x?
Decent Gaming Setup??
DVD drive issues
anyone here have any input on the netbooks?
The pifts.exe Conspiracy
Defrag Hell
Core 2 Quad Vs i7 Vs Xeon
Everglide, dead in silence?
Tivo 2 Box
Is it good for computer hardware to leave it on
My mom tried to clean up her computer from trojans...(pic)
A DVD drive that sees ghosts?
Versalink Gateway 327w (Verizon)?
USB Switch? USB Server?
Reassure me im getting a good deal
Finally wised up to advise, new build.
File Undelete, data recovery software, Recover deleted or lost files
~$800 budget gaming computer
Budget computer
Budget AMD Build
Opinion: Widgets, Windows, Yahoo, or Google?
Building a new computer
CEBIT 2009 (lots of pics !)
looking for a specific sata cable need some help
Harddrive fried?
My computer died.. time for this new one
Been out of the game for a while - what should I get for a new system?
Interesting one. USB stopped reading, power fine.
Help me ! Urgent
How to display CPU, RAM, Hard Drive usage to see what the bottleneck is
Where's the bottleneck?
New Rig Problems
A few questions/problems
Articles you read that make you go 'DUH."
My LOL thread!
abit goes POOF
About Overclocking Everything
Random Restarts...
crappy day at work turns ABSOLUTELY AWESOME....
Card Reader
Review my new rig!
please help
Why do so many of the expensive monitors have so much glare?
Best bang for your buck currently(ive been out of the game a while)
Need advice. Building a new PC
Computer Willnot load XP Pro
Suggestions and opinions for a possible build
Replace HardDrive difficulties
Hoping you can help?
Logitech mx1100
Logitech mx1100
Help: My laptop is acting 'jittery'?
Going to try to build my first computer.
PC Build Problem
A 200 MB partition on a brand new Sony Vaio
Netbooks and HD Video?
Surveillance Camera
USB Pains
Printer Toner Problem - HP 1200 Laser Jet
Help me bild a lightroom and photoshop PC
Laptop suggestions, < $1000
53ghz Coolermaster...lol
Feedback on my prospective build
computer freezes
Scrambled Symbols on Boot Screen
Cooler Master - CeBit 2009 - 53 GHz
new rig since sandiego came out
Comments needed for proposed build
Need comments on a whole new system please
Strictly gaming rig, Need advice
First build
weird boot issue
Alright, how many of you are on 56k?
two computers one wall power socket
no picture/display
blue screen during boot
Few ranking questions
New PC, New to overclocking, I need your guidance.
need help getting started overclocking CPU and GPU
How best to fix DirectX problems
What is a good heatsink for this setup?
Birthday Upgrade - 250 Budget - Need help
First PC build in 5 years, does everything look ok?
Wacky apple ADB
8 year old computer
Looking for opinions on a budget gaming PC build
Why is my system crashing
Store 250 DVDs on One Coin-Size Surface
Exited to be back! My first build in 3 years!
Undecided Path to Build Gaming System!!
Looking for a USB mini-fridge!
Need to get a new CPU/motherboard
Blu-Ray Drive Issue
How many computers are in your home?
where is a good place to sell?
Problem with new computer build.. please help!!
QUIET MOUSE w/ a Logitech-like wheel that auto scroll via screen area (viewing posts)
O/C a Q6600 or buy a 3.3GHz Duo core?
AOL Mail help
Need your help with dead? PC
Printer Jockey Software
How to Download/Play/Convert YouTube Videos with all-in-one software
is it gonna hold on?
is it gonna hold on?
Budget upgrade - 780g mobo + old psu?
frustrating problem..
P180 Build pics:
New Rig
My experience with Xigmatek crossbow & cooler install on p5q deluxe
Need wireless Keyboard suggestion?
Basic system Setup help
Problem with AIR LIVE WT-2000PCI
How Inkjet Printers Work
Worm causes computer to crash
New build, issues...
need help with a build
Extreme Budget Build
First Time Builder
Issues - harddrive stopping?
small mobo with lots of SATA ports.
Move over Apple - Microsoft is opening up next door!
Can I just "take" the A+ Certification test anywhere?
Some wire modding help needed
To smartphone or not to smartphone?
Budget Full Phenom II 940 build, your input and suggestions please! :)
What do you think, some help please
booting problems
What the hell is this?
New Phenom II X3 710 build.
New PC with my current hard drive?
Unable to boot: Epox 9PNA+Ultra post code FF
Is it possible? Gaming-Rig/HTPC
hardware problem???
Transcoding on the PS3?
Q6600/Patriot viper, overclock?
How do you deal with slighly hacker-ish questions
What computer part is the sexiest to you?
Looking to upgrade my "server"
Building a new PC for the first time in years
Use GPU as CPU
New Build
Need Recomendation on Ram
Problems with an old HP Pavilion
Maxron 878 TV card Vista Basic Drivers
What is going wrong?
Please Recommend - Color/Black Printer
What to do...
i-inc 25 inch 1080p lcd 199$us
Brother MFC490CW Printer Question
Faulty on/off switch?
Dual Entry to Single Entry Headphone cord
AMD Phenom II X4 Sets 3DMark06 World Record in Finland!
Building a Budget Rig for a freind
Dolk's CPU
Odd problem with my DFI NF4 HTPC
which ethernet card can I put in my old 478 board?
i7 build choices, please critique
Im at a serious delimia. ATi vs Nvidia and/or AMD vs Intel
How much do you guys charge for builds?
Strange Overclock crash.
[Opinions Needed]Build Assistance Request Form
check out this new build..
SFF Crossfire W/C build
cmos checksum bad
HP Printer Re-fills / Ink?
Which would be more worthwhile?
Another year, another build. The i7. Suggestions please.
Weird problem
Coolest bay devices?
Intel Files suit against Nvidia
Wireless Keyboard/Mouse recommendations?
New PC Config
looking to build a new comp
Need New Build Suggestions...Latest and Greatest?
New build
Server Build ... Need your advice
Can't figure out why I cannot overclock my PC successfully.
Part by part upgrade...where to start?
UPS vs. Surge, Best, etc
Help: I Need a QUICK Comparison
POS epson printer
AMD 64 X2 3800 - Right decision?
New Build: Advice Please
How do you image a dual boot HD to a Raid Setup?
Strange Install Issue With Windows + Seagate HDD
Price Check: E3110, Stacker 830, and more
Core 2 Quad Q9550 Build
Another opinion on new build
Blank Monitor
Opinions on this build please
PCIe 16x/1x
New build need help
Logitech G7 Tip
New PC won't boot
Need your help
New build finished!
Can't get windows to load on new build.
calculator monopoly?
Apple whines (again) about Jailbroken phones
Strange things on my new upgrade..
KVM question - PS2/USB and VGA and DVI?
PC won't turn on, fan just spins fast
help!!!! with IC diamond 7 and TEMP
Best reasonably priced office chair?
Worst configured computers you've come across
This is awesome...
To help a risk-adverse friend (helping him get a... prefab)
To help a risk-adverse friend (helping him get a... prefab)
Computer not booting! help...After video card upgrade
Bought a unused toner cartridge that appears to be REALLY old, should I send it back?
video editor, photo editor, 3d modeling etc rig parts review
My upgrade path - recommendations?
Headaches With Resolution Increase
upgrading graphics card on computer
The programmers out there will find this funny
Upgrading, please critique
Narrowed it down to 2 UPSs
Help diagnosing random lockups plz.
$1800 to blow, Lets build a system!
New Half System time for me
How does overclocking affect SATA HDDs? Please HELP
Need help with a little usb experiment
Could this set up still cut it?
Valentine's Day Keyboard
A little Photoshop help?
why is gigabytes driver download site so slow
New system time!
Sata external enclosures
OLPC throws in the towel
Stumped... Cpu work in one mobo not another?
How much amps does the ati radeon 3650 256mb use??
mp3 player
What do you think?
will this work together
DVD Buffer Level Going Crazy
New computer build
misfire: engine 2's a no go
Cheap gaming system advice
no 80 pin ide
Associates in IT or Network Certifications?
ipod broke?
Near-future project, advice wanted..
Need new computer, any suggestions?
No Post/Boot, help?
Connecting PS3 to PC/Monitor + Sound
Updgrade advice
Hacking at it's finest
PCI-E x1 cards in PCI-E x16 slots
PC keeps shocking me!!!!!!!
Naked Phenom II, waiting on HS/optical to arrive
need front panel audio schematics
Need: Proper name help
New gaming PC
Willing to pay for assistance - Asus p5q, e8500
How to fix the 'double-click' problem on your G7 mouse.
New comp no boot
Gaming rig for old game
Asus Rampage / Q9450 / 4870X2 Overclocking
Why can't i delete a normal folder on desktop???
System stutters caused by pci latency, now what?
New Build suggestions?
pc turning on by it self?
What else can you overclock?
PCI USB to Header
Can someone help with XNOR XOR Logic Gates
Sony Cyber-Shot W120
Just built a new i7 rig.. to keep or not to keep
Two Radeon 4850s or one 4870?
New Build comments
New Tricks
Value of this system?
Tearing / locking up / slowdowns - argh!!
Unexplainable computer actions
PC Won't Power Up
How do you deal with dust?
in need of a good mouse for >$20
Does newer PSP cfw give performance improvements like an OS does?
Writing On DVD's,
need some help building rig....
used i7 965 + extras $800
Telephony question
Google Flags Whole Internet As Malware
What the hell is up with google???
$300 Pc for GF
Getting my front panel audio to work.
My first build.... thoughts?
problems accessing hard drive
Help please
Trying to figure out what to get.
Dead powerchoke on BFG GTX280 OC
Potential upgrade, where to spend funds...
Digital TV delay bill dies in House
GTX295 in a PCIe 1.0 slot?
Help with a new build - Intel platform
Budget Build for Family PC
Build assistance
Kinda take it for granted...
Flashlights kill me in Counter-Strike HELP!
need to temporarily disable optical drives...
Building a Folding Farm
PC wont boot
Dead PSU?
ATX pin removal, I'm doin' it wrong.
Disappearing mouse
Apparently....I damage mice...
Building a rig for my sister, need some help!
Good deal!?
Am I voiding any warranties with these settings?
I have physically pulled out some of my hair
Anyone to quote me?
Gaming mice....
Can't install Windows on SATA drive - help needed
Advice on HTPC
3D Marks Scores good?
My Computer Won't Start
Crashed without warning, will not boot
Is it my power supply, mobo, or CPU?
Buying Monday - what do you think?
Yet another build thread
No luck with PC parts this month
What's the difference
Do you guys ever start missing computer parts
help me pleeease
Harmony Remote Question
need help overclocking
5V pin shorted out twice today
My Gaming Setup
My Gaming Setup
The Seagate Slow-Down
Please advise/help with my build
Wait or Build?
Why do my games lag?
Need Some Help :/
Need advice for a KVM
PC seems dead after setting up raid0
Some info on who sells Westell versalink gateways?
Lag After Pushing Power?
budget build help, details inside SUGGESTIONS PLEASE
Someone explain pricing idiosyncrasies?
Game performance, bottleneck or shoddy computer?
Sim Card Reader?
How much would my system be worth?
New on-the-grow budget build
is this safe?
What the hell is a Dremel? Which one should I get?
Packet 8 Down
how can i record tv on my computer?
Thoughts on this i7 Rig?
e5200 vs e7200?
What would you choose?
need to upgrade..suggestions?
A professional question to sysadmins/IT managers
Thoughts on this Phenom II Setup?
MemTest errors / BSOD. What could it be?
Serial to USB
New member has a few questions about first build...
Finally made my purchase(new i7 Rig)
funny computer 'sayiings' i just had to share!
Random program lockups and now wont post
Learning SQL
I'm selling my old PC copystation. How much should I ask?
Help!! I'm going crazy....
Start up problem
no video output and i have NO idea why, please help resolve this!
Stressing CPU/RAM reccomended programs?
Need something to put tower on or brace on
use 23" monitor from geeks.com for T.V.
Two ignorant questions from me
Getting ready to pull the trigger on new i7 build
New Build
PNY giving away free 3dmark Vantage keys
Old computer won't boot up after vacation.
pc problem :(
What's on the horizon?
Webcam recording - Will Linksys NSLU2 and external HDD work better than a PC?
computer freezing a lot
Processor speed question + Which one's the better computer?
New PC with an okay budget..
Suggestions for my mATX build? Please help!!
Toshiba Laptop from VISTA to XP
I just overclocked my pc. help
'u3 smart' geek squad 4Gb
cheapest pc that will play the orange box
looking for 2nd opinions on my next build
Should I, or should I not?
Graphics Suggjestions
System Efficiency ???
a quick estimate....
Best divx dvd player
Hard Drive Bay Bracket?
64k intros
PC turns itself on, SPOOKY.
Video Card Wont Display When Processor OC'ed
Old desktop freezing up...
Help me build a cpu
Overclocking an semi-old PC
DVD Decoder Question
Enough power?
A Newbie question
Starting from Scratch - Building a X58 system
Help on Low end HP computer, 1 yr old.
little help please
Apps you install first after a new installed OS
gigabit LAN problem help!
i need a new desk, more space
Sooo BFG makes computers now?
I just got a Razer Lycosa Keyboard. Any thoughts from past/current users?
Bro just got Dell Studio 17 and runs wow bad HELP!
Mystery Problem
Sharp LCD Display
my new custom pc wont read my hdd
Replacing laptop processor
Building a PC for my friend... specs ok?
Odd restart hang up and occasional freeze upon windows start-up?
mixrosoft gaming reciever hack?
Cheapest Quad Core.
P180 Mini / Antec 650 / 7200.11 500G
inexpencive project
Guys help i need this kind of usb , pics inside or a link to a store
k7n2 delta overclocking
Logitech G-series
Need Help!
SOS! Need help!
Logitech G11 and No bios
HDMI splitters
Sandisk Sansa Fuze: Perfect iPod Nano alternative, actually better IMO
PSP defeats my 3rd gen iPod
Chatpad w/360 controller on PC help
What Gaming Keyboard?
mouse wont work on laptop, works on desktop
MSI K7N2 Delta and SATA drives
Problem Formatting - Formats Wrong Drive
Please help, my system won't POST
The video cuts off for steam games?
My PC randomly restarts when USB plugs in
Final Part List
Building rig for friend
Disk Read Error - Press ctrl+alt+delete
Weird BSOD
Bottleneck Question - CPU/GPU/Memory Specs
I need a 2008/2009 AMD 64 Overclock Guide
Diagnose my recently problematic build (please :p)
issues with playing WOW
Remaking Cray-1 computer with today's parts
Im Looking For....
Have Printer makers finally, learned? or was this a fluke...
Problem whit new mouse, need help!
Disc drive help
custom config IR Remote?
voltages or program
Hard Drive & Enclosure inquiry
Please need opinions on new rig
Building i7 rig input welcome!
macbook wheel
My New Phenom II Build
Fan of Commodore 64 and Amiga 500
Build help.
New system build - Please help with cost & specs
Boot Problems
New Build Help!
New Server Build. Curious on these parts compatiablity.
Does 3Dmark06 work with SLI?
Windows doesnt detect mouse and keyboard
the dilemma
I need advice on this build please!!
Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 on ASUS P5GC-MX Mobo - Underclocked, help?
Help for setting up powerfull PC for music.
Highend build, opinions?
Dell M140 Laptop LCD Problem???
I need to upgrade my computer (HELP!)
12,444 3dmark06
Media PC build and general purpose use
Help with troubleshoot
Budget Build Dilemma..
Running a courier business, interested in setting up GPS software for all the drivers