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Unexplainable computer actions
PC Won't Power Up
How do you deal with dust?
in need of a good mouse for >$20
Does newer PSP cfw give performance improvements like an OS does?
Writing On DVD's,
need some help building rig....
used i7 965 + extras $800
Telephony question
Google Flags Whole Internet As Malware
What the hell is up with google???
$300 Pc for GF
Getting my front panel audio to work.
My first build.... thoughts?
problems accessing hard drive
Help please
Trying to figure out what to get.
Dead powerchoke on BFG GTX280 OC
Potential upgrade, where to spend funds...
Digital TV delay bill dies in House
GTX295 in a PCIe 1.0 slot?
Help with a new build - Intel platform
Budget Build for Family PC
Build assistance
Kinda take it for granted...
Flashlights kill me in Counter-Strike HELP!
need to temporarily disable optical drives...
Building a Folding Farm
PC wont boot
Dead PSU?
ATX pin removal, I'm doin' it wrong.
Disappearing mouse
Apparently....I damage mice...
Building a rig for my sister, need some help!
Good deal!?
Am I voiding any warranties with these settings?
I have physically pulled out some of my hair
Anyone to quote me?
Gaming mice....
Can't install Windows on SATA drive - help needed
Advice on HTPC
3D Marks Scores good?
My Computer Won't Start
Crashed without warning, will not boot
Is it my power supply, mobo, or CPU?
Buying Monday - what do you think?
Yet another build thread
No luck with PC parts this month
What's the difference
Do you guys ever start missing computer parts
help me pleeease
Harmony Remote Question
need help overclocking
5V pin shorted out twice today
My Gaming Setup
My Gaming Setup
The Seagate Slow-Down
Please advise/help with my build
Wait or Build?
Why do my games lag?
Need Some Help :/
Need advice for a KVM
PC seems dead after setting up raid0
Some info on who sells Westell versalink gateways?
Lag After Pushing Power?
budget build help, details inside SUGGESTIONS PLEASE
Someone explain pricing idiosyncrasies?
Game performance, bottleneck or shoddy computer?
Sim Card Reader?
How much would my system be worth?
New on-the-grow budget build
is this safe?
What the hell is a Dremel? Which one should I get?
Packet 8 Down
how can i record tv on my computer?
Thoughts on this i7 Rig?
e5200 vs e7200?
What would you choose?
need to upgrade..suggestions?
A professional question to sysadmins/IT managers
Thoughts on this Phenom II Setup?
MemTest errors / BSOD. What could it be?
Serial to USB
New member has a few questions about first build...
Finally made my purchase(new i7 Rig)
funny computer 'sayiings' i just had to share!
Random program lockups and now wont post
Learning SQL
I'm selling my old PC copystation. How much should I ask?
Help!! I'm going crazy....
Start up problem
no video output and i have NO idea why, please help resolve this!
Stressing CPU/RAM reccomended programs?
Need something to put tower on or brace on
use 23" monitor from geeks.com for T.V.
Two ignorant questions from me
Getting ready to pull the trigger on new i7 build
New Build
PNY giving away free 3dmark Vantage keys
Old computer won't boot up after vacation.
pc problem :(
What's on the horizon?
Webcam recording - Will Linksys NSLU2 and external HDD work better than a PC?
computer freezing a lot
Processor speed question + Which one's the better computer?
New PC with an okay budget..
Suggestions for my mATX build? Please help!!
Toshiba Laptop from VISTA to XP
I just overclocked my pc. help
'u3 smart' geek squad 4Gb
cheapest pc that will play the orange box
looking for 2nd opinions on my next build
Should I, or should I not?
Graphics Suggjestions
System Efficiency ???
a quick estimate....
Best divx dvd player
Hard Drive Bay Bracket?
64k intros
PC turns itself on, SPOOKY.
Video Card Wont Display When Processor OC'ed
Old desktop freezing up...
Help me build a cpu
Overclocking an semi-old PC
DVD Decoder Question
Enough power?
A Newbie question
Starting from Scratch - Building a X58 system
Help on Low end HP computer, 1 yr old.
little help please
Apps you install first after a new installed OS
gigabit LAN problem help!
i need a new desk, more space
Sooo BFG makes computers now?
I just got a Razer Lycosa Keyboard. Any thoughts from past/current users?
Bro just got Dell Studio 17 and runs wow bad HELP!
Mystery Problem
Sharp LCD Display
my new custom pc wont read my hdd
Replacing laptop processor
Building a PC for my friend... specs ok?
Odd restart hang up and occasional freeze upon windows start-up?
mixrosoft gaming reciever hack?
Cheapest Quad Core.
P180 Mini / Antec 650 / 7200.11 500G
inexpencive project
Guys help i need this kind of usb , pics inside or a link to a store
k7n2 delta overclocking
Logitech G-series
Need Help!
SOS! Need help!
Logitech G11 and No bios
HDMI splitters
Sandisk Sansa Fuze: Perfect iPod Nano alternative, actually better IMO
PSP defeats my 3rd gen iPod
Chatpad w/360 controller on PC help
What Gaming Keyboard?
mouse wont work on laptop, works on desktop
MSI K7N2 Delta and SATA drives
Problem Formatting - Formats Wrong Drive
Please help, my system won't POST
The video cuts off for steam games?
My PC randomly restarts when USB plugs in
Final Part List
Building rig for friend
Disk Read Error - Press ctrl+alt+delete
Weird BSOD
Bottleneck Question - CPU/GPU/Memory Specs
I need a 2008/2009 AMD 64 Overclock Guide
Diagnose my recently problematic build (please :p)
issues with playing WOW
Remaking Cray-1 computer with today's parts
Im Looking For....
Have Printer makers finally, learned? or was this a fluke...
Problem whit new mouse, need help!
Disc drive help
custom config IR Remote?
voltages or program
Hard Drive & Enclosure inquiry
Please need opinions on new rig
Building i7 rig input welcome!
macbook wheel
My New Phenom II Build
Fan of Commodore 64 and Amiga 500
Build help.
New system build - Please help with cost & specs
Boot Problems
New Build Help!
New Server Build. Curious on these parts compatiablity.
Does 3Dmark06 work with SLI?
Windows doesnt detect mouse and keyboard
the dilemma
I need advice on this build please!!
Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 on ASUS P5GC-MX Mobo - Underclocked, help?
Help for setting up powerfull PC for music.
Highend build, opinions?
Dell M140 Laptop LCD Problem???
I need to upgrade my computer (HELP!)
12,444 3dmark06
Media PC build and general purpose use
Help with troubleshoot
Budget Build Dilemma..
Running a courier business, interested in setting up GPS software for all the drivers
Netbook & notebook spec listings: no ports
Electronic squeal under load
Machine Freezes when using logmein or enabling/disabling secondary monitor
Sound out of speakers while comp if off
Computer will not boot anything.
PC Random Restart
A Couple of Pre-Overclock Questions in Bios
Its jan 6, or as i call it YAY DAY!
Cheap source for cat5e cable, switches...
BSODs - Can you check this dump please?
New Free Rig :) buahahaha *sorta*
Dell Laptop Touchpads
Fan controller set to high, but rpm stay low
New Rig - Help.
Samsung debuts 64GB SSD full-HD camcorder
Thinking of Upgrading.. Will it make a difference..
Decisions, decisions, decisions...help?
300gig Velociraptors and 5.25" drive coolers
Looking for a new Keyboard and mouse
why does SHE get all the good stuff?
A very odd decision (RE: Home file server)
Dead(?) keyboard...
Laptop Cases, what yo got and why yo liek it!
colored lines on bootup(mobo problem?)
question regarding sleeving/heatshrinking....
The best wallpaper I have ever found.
Has anyone filed a patent on software?
Black screen, sound still plays
Which motherboard combo would you recommend?
new rig (or 2) need some advice
Home server (file/media/folding)
No Power With Keyboard and Mouse Connected???
Need help troubleshooting
Need help getting an image from a flash animation
Is it better to leave your computer on?
New Build Recommendations
P5Q Deluxe OC Profiles - Anyone want to share?
Building a monster for a client
Need opinions! AMD or INTEL, look inside.
budget gaming case
Would this be a decent raid controller?
Mouse won't work with printer connected...
COAX cable TV timers
New mobo, graphics card, CPU cooler and HD.
What do you guys think of this voltage for an E8400?
hash code PLEASE
Review my final i7 build, any comments?
New Build - need help all around
uber noob
Which socket 1366 mobo do you reccomend?
Opinions on Anitec Silent 3 system
Computer Freezing
Hey anyone RMA with Newegg before?
IPOD touch car adapter
moving and need something semi portable.
Sticky Shift key on G15! I'm out of warranty, how do i fix it?
Laptop problem.
New Rig, it's addicting isn't it
wired MX Revolution
Any Suggestions/Criticism for me?
This is the most fantastic problem ever......
help me figure out the problem with my pc
Creative Zii Chip?
Help Me Buy Some Parts
What to upgrade...
What's up with my system?
New build ->
Need help building a new rig.
The best computer you'll never own.
dropped plug on laptop screen
PC blanks and hangs on 3D games...
BIOS password???
which would you pick?
What are these things?
Is my bios locked???
Vista keeps restarting//stuck on Logging off mode/
Is there a hdmi to vga converter?
Desktop (Budget Gamer) Build Advice
Three and a half years later...
Narrowing down problems
Server Budget Build.
New build - No POST
Running slow after fresh install and new RAM
Any chance of motherboard repair?
Considering an upgrade... your thoughts? :D
trouble identifying bluetooth acessories
Critique My Build!
Any drawbacks to wireless mice?
Budget and general purpose system suggestions?
Computer on a 450 Budget, please help
whats a decent 3D mark 06 score?
Driver/Controller Issues, please help
wonders of buying laptops
Random Crash no error? :-(
Feedback Please!
Budget beastie, new build...
My Printer just bent me OVER!!!!!
New Build Question
What to do with old hardware?
Potential Build: Hardware list
upgrading my htpc...
Where to start with this?
Best controller for Flight Simulator?
can anyone tell me if this cpu is 939 pin or how do I find out?
Hey, I'm getting pretty good at installing computer stuff
Help with Gaming Rig Upgrade !
No boot or post
Thinking of upgrading my processor
Looking for suggestions on new build
New Build
which should i get?
How do you "collect" on doing computer work?
Sudden booting problems
Rate my first ever custom gaming rig please.
Almost 2 years ago - "In 2 years, games will be quad optimized"
Your longest uptime
New Build
My future system
Computer won't load vista
Monitor not recognizing new rig..
Building a green server
Finalizing first build ever, confirm it'll work please?
Quick question about installing the Tuniq 120
Upgrading components, Video Card Questions?
Is this USB 2.0?
new rig isnt booting help plz.
Advice on OCing this rig. Yay for new PC finally.
Ewww, cat urine
PC w/ HDTV Monitor Setups?
How to train parents on computers?
What do you think about this offer?
HP Laser Gaming Mouse
You know what would be awesome?
OC'd brand new mobo/pcu. Now nothing!
Whats wrong with comp? Keeps resseting
helping a friend build a rig
Insanely loud POP noise
how to output video files from pc to tv
Are these temps too high?
Help with weird computer won't boot problem!
Usb doesn't work after taking cmos battery out?
Cant play games - New System Help
Black screen computer don't even beep
Budget/Ebay pc's?
Please help diagnose this problem
RAM not doing its job in XP?
will this get too hot ya think?
New build, suggestions?
RIAA abandoning lawsuits?
help!!!!!! just built and having big problem
Building a Budget Gaming System
Building without a case?
USB2.0 degraded to 1.1 on Maximus Formula SE
I can't figure out how to install this flippin card!
My very first build - need your advice
New build - your opinions?
overclock=scoring less?
Building a small server - need some help
Blue screen during BSOD
VGA and Monitor Problem?
Ultimate System... Will it all work?
Need advice on my 1st system
Techy Podcasts?
Motherboard replacemanet (help please)
Another new buget build, advice? changes?
What Surface to Build Computer?
Help, i dont know what to do anymore
technology advancement makes me rage.
Possessed mouse pointer!
Downloading Youtube HD Videos
Legal Music Downloading
MP3 Editing
Need help with a build!
Logitech Harmony Ebay Question
should i go with (q9550+GTX260) or (e8500+GTX280) ??
DC Adapter 1000mA for 800mA ok?
small screen question
When will they let the A Drive Die?
New gaming rig
I think I finally decided on parts.
Quick camera question
New Build
retract a bid on ebay
Please help, I am stuck! Please!
Realtek / X-Fi + XP 64bit - No Mic Boost?
New G5...and Friends
tryin to help some one out with a new video card.
Logitech G11 or G15 or G18 Urgent!
Newb. New build, need help please
Two computers Two Budgets
Antec Three Hundred & HSF compatibility
Is something on it's way out?
My Scanner Died
A little help picking out parts
Video Rendering Box
Give me pictures of you working on computer stuff! Nao! plz? ; ;
Finally getting rid of ATT DSL!!!!
if my video card is my bottleneck
Logitech G18! ftw!!!
do onboard devices such as sound/igp add to boot up time?
Teacher bans Linux, punishes student for distributing copies
RivaTuner 2.21 released (11th Dec.)
Just built my computer and have a slight problem........
looking for a picture of a power adapter
~Christmas Build~ Advice, Help, Suggestions?
Dust Filters
Having trouble installing an old dvd/cd drive
My potential gaming rig.
Gaming Computer List!! Please Review Parts :)
Building a system around Asus Striker II Extreme
Average OC speeds for my setup?
New rig! Need help please! gonna buy today
New build and have some questions....Help?
SD Card Question
Need to replace PSU in Antec Overture HTPC case
I need some printer advice
My USB's Are Going Nuts
First rig, tell me what you think
New build? Or just another stop gap?
How can I organize my room so it's not so cluttered :(
Computer wont read any USB devices???
Hooking up my 360 to my pc monitor
A few questions
WHY do software companies do this kind of crap?
Your typical newbie post (& general q's).
excessive use of the word "rig"
Rumor: Zune Phone is Coming to CES 2009
Long range wireless keyboard/mouse
DFI NF4 ULTRA-D problem (can't boot please help me!!)
Linux on PS3
New member, ready to jump...
A tale of (almost) woe
why do many new pc's
Remote Controls, and not just for an HTPC
trying to upgrade ram
How would you go about packing/shipping a PC...
PCI Priority
plz help with new rig, must finish today, 1200 budget!
G9: Opinions
Need you to build me a gaming rig under $2000!
Outdated computer, think I should just get a new one?
Christmas gaming rig for friend
Went to a hamfest over the weekend
other ways other than keylogger to loose wow password?
I have sinned [and I am a n00b]
Whats it worth?
Urgent help needed: Something is failing.
Games lag soon as keyboard is used....
Christmas i7 build.
cpu decision and question
Shipping hardware overseas (Possible future business)
Need hardware upgrade advice...
How do I remove secondary operating system name off of my BIOS
INSANE british prices
PC boots and shutdown after 3 secs (Please help me!)
New PC for the Wife for Christmas
Gaming on Integrated GPU?
Weirdest thing EVER. Hopefully someone can help explain.
Only 1/2 starts up
New build...Just plain wont turn on
Intel i7 920 Temperatures.
Help with my First Build
boot disk fail please insert system disk and press enter
Laptop Recs
PC doesn't wanna boot (shuts down after few seconds)
Computer/Windows won't start
Is this a good Drive?
My New I7 920 Build
Daisy Chaining.
Review my i7 Build Please
Build Review: Need to cut costs!
Good wireless mouse? Preferrably rechargable and with dual thumb buttons.
HELP: Mounting the Motherboard
Post your computer's baby pictures in here
Random Restart in Games?
Any one know a good e-shop that ships to Beirut, Lebanon(middle eastern country) :(
Best computer for my needs
After upgrading PC, what would you do with old parts: sell or build 2nd PC?
Final Build:Please Help Review
Hope my video card isnt damaged...
Budget king nowadays?
Help! Parts decision help for rig!
cheap computer for warcraft
Need a budget PC build, advice?
Need a build a server for a smallbusiness...
6550 @ 3.4 bottleneck GTX 260?