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I think I finally decided on parts.
Quick camera question
New Build
retract a bid on ebay
Please help, I am stuck! Please!
Realtek / X-Fi + XP 64bit - No Mic Boost?
New G5...and Friends
tryin to help some one out with a new video card.
Logitech G11 or G15 or G18 Urgent!
Newb. New build, need help please
Two computers Two Budgets
Antec Three Hundred & HSF compatibility
Is something on it's way out?
My Scanner Died
A little help picking out parts
Video Rendering Box
Give me pictures of you working on computer stuff! Nao! plz? ; ;
Finally getting rid of ATT DSL!!!!
if my video card is my bottleneck
Logitech G18! ftw!!!
do onboard devices such as sound/igp add to boot up time?
Teacher bans Linux, punishes student for distributing copies
RivaTuner 2.21 released (11th Dec.)
Just built my computer and have a slight problem........
looking for a picture of a power adapter
~Christmas Build~ Advice, Help, Suggestions?
Dust Filters
Having trouble installing an old dvd/cd drive
My potential gaming rig.
Gaming Computer List!! Please Review Parts :)
Building a system around Asus Striker II Extreme
Average OC speeds for my setup?
New rig! Need help please! gonna buy today
New build and have some questions....Help?
SD Card Question
Need to replace PSU in Antec Overture HTPC case
I need some printer advice
My USB's Are Going Nuts
First rig, tell me what you think
New build? Or just another stop gap?
How can I organize my room so it's not so cluttered :(
Computer wont read any USB devices???
Hooking up my 360 to my pc monitor
A few questions
WHY do software companies do this kind of crap?
Your typical newbie post (& general q's).
excessive use of the word "rig"
Rumor: Zune Phone is Coming to CES 2009
Long range wireless keyboard/mouse
DFI NF4 ULTRA-D problem (can't boot please help me!!)
Linux on PS3
New member, ready to jump...
A tale of (almost) woe
why do many new pc's
Remote Controls, and not just for an HTPC
trying to upgrade ram
How would you go about packing/shipping a PC...
PCI Priority
plz help with new rig, must finish today, 1200 budget!
G9: Opinions
Need you to build me a gaming rig under $2000!
Outdated computer, think I should just get a new one?
Christmas gaming rig for friend
Went to a hamfest over the weekend
other ways other than keylogger to loose wow password?
I have sinned [and I am a n00b]
Whats it worth?
Urgent help needed: Something is failing.
Games lag soon as keyboard is used....
Christmas i7 build.
cpu decision and question
Shipping hardware overseas (Possible future business)
Need hardware upgrade advice...
How do I remove secondary operating system name off of my BIOS
INSANE british prices
PC boots and shutdown after 3 secs (Please help me!)
New PC for the Wife for Christmas
Gaming on Integrated GPU?
Weirdest thing EVER. Hopefully someone can help explain.
Only 1/2 starts up
New build...Just plain wont turn on
Intel i7 920 Temperatures.
Help with my First Build
boot disk fail please insert system disk and press enter
Laptop Recs
PC doesn't wanna boot (shuts down after few seconds)
Computer/Windows won't start
Is this a good Drive?
My New I7 920 Build
Daisy Chaining.
Review my i7 Build Please
Build Review: Need to cut costs!
Good wireless mouse? Preferrably rechargable and with dual thumb buttons.
HELP: Mounting the Motherboard
Post your computer's baby pictures in here
Random Restart in Games?
Any one know a good e-shop that ships to Beirut, Lebanon(middle eastern country) :(
Best computer for my needs
After upgrading PC, what would you do with old parts: sell or build 2nd PC?
Final Build:Please Help Review
Hope my video card isnt damaged...
Budget king nowadays?
Help! Parts decision help for rig!
cheap computer for warcraft
Need a budget PC build, advice?
Need a build a server for a smallbusiness...
6550 @ 3.4 bottleneck GTX 260?
What to do with some old farts....
Pulling photos off of old SIM cards?
Anandtech: The RV770 Story: Documenting ATI's Road to Success
Are these temps ok?
I need to make the cheepest computer possible that is compatible with these parts...
Upgraded hardware... now I can't overclock?
Cheapie Build Challenge
please help me choose my new ~$850 rig
Just got Blu Ray working but I'm still along ways away...Please Help
Gotta love free computers?
what's faster/better
Sell and build or upgrade?
First Build, Advice?
Internet Speed Problems
Don't know what to do
Gaming Build Needs Suggestions
Anyone dealt with these guys..
what ya think?
computer restarts randomly =(((
Alternative Burning Programs
i need decent webcams
My upgrades are almost finalized
Computer randomly stopped posting
Computer randomly restarts
Bottle-necking an x4 and DDR2 on an AM2+ Board?
Things I don't know
Pic Host
Pioneer Blue Ray DVD rom not reading disk???
amd 5000 BE upgrade to ???? help plz
Can't seem to get any HDs working
Cant turn on my pc
Building HTPC, several questions..
hardware failure- help me pinpoint it
Weird freezing problem--please help!
screen gliches
First Gaming Build
Need Help
Lowest power usage build? (Smoothwall box)
Good wallpaper sites?
[QTNS] overclocking for the 1st time
Want to play BluRay on my rig, what's needed?
cheap amd build for girlfriend
Hooking my computer up to HDTV and Stero, best way?
New system for College, some gaming, HTPC? $1000
Need help troubleshooting this issue
Constant low-level system lag...!
What happens after the computer is built?
Upgrade time
Struggling with a semi-complicated problem. *Lengthy*
RAID1 external storage device for lappy
What does this mean?
any thing cool do do with Archos 704 WiFi?
Looking to upgrade
Christmas Gaming Build
Christmas Gaming Build
Settings help with my newbie build please...
First build - last minute checks please
Seeking Laptop recommendations
I am so happy I found an amazing deal on a gaming rig
Help me decide on a new build
Ok i admit it I'm lost
Looking to do a new build, coming from the p4 era, clueless! Help!
Electric energy and batteries
How does RSX in PS3 have 1.8 TFLOPS
questions about this rig
Industrial Build
"No Signal" Display on Monitor
Advice is needed about my new Upgrade Please
Whats a good $400 build?
Need help for a new build
Looking for a good Blu-Ray Reader or Burner (Internal SATA)
Time for a new build
Spare parts, what can I make with these?
A Nublet Overclocker
Swapped out mobo + cpu on dead computer...no windows
Data Recovery?
Oracle is made of fail.
Samsung BL103 10.2 MP Digital cam
Wiping a partition.
5V IEEE 1284
Portable GPS device for travel?
Far Cry 2 High Settings?
Pics of My Rig
PC Upgrade
3-way cable splitter with booster...
Do I need to upgrade to watch Blu-ray movies?
opinion on mouse
Same Chipset - Different Motherboard
Anyone know how to watch NBC online live?
My beautiful rig is well and truely fudged
A Good 3dmark06 score?
Your most powerful PC in the house
Free item on newegg.com
will not boot
Need to build cheap system for my sister...
PC Turning off soon after starting games
Where to buy a good build to order machine?
Digital Camera Conundrum
Advice on building a new rig
Upgrading my old PC (a lot)
help please. pc crashes w/ games
new pc to build
Anti-blur camera to take picture of kids?
Best upgrade?
Laser Printer Fuser; how do I know if it's good?
External SATA for a 1080p USB Dvd player?
Computer Refresh Advice
Just finished ordering...
Seeking advice on this upgrade
Just built my comp and.. :(
Startup problem - don't know what to do.
Need help, cannot access bios after new hdd, GPU, ram
Abrupt shutdown during startup
Best setup for $600-700
What to upgrade?
My upcoming build **Need Recomendations**
Electronics Theorems.
Unraid File Server Build
My 1st self build (semi budget) what do you think?
Stupidest mod's you have ever seen
WoW rig
Need a new mouse for XMas
Good or decent setup??
First time building computer - how does it look?
To Build or Not To Build.
need sim card reader
Computer hangs after POST or crash with Kernel_Inpage_Data_error
system boot errors, new computer
first build ever, did i get it right?
help with random shut downs
Looking for a Decent GPS Navigator
Just placed my order for my new PC
Identify a cpu thru bios or OS?
£250 Graphics card anyone?
Finally, I accidently ripped off a BGA chips of my old videocard
Any advice welcome
Please review my setup for compatibility issues
Building a Mid to High-End Gaming PC.... Need Advice on products....
new PC build need input
Slow Death of a Computer
Xbox 360 rrod tricks?
help fight breast cancer this pink friday!!
Mini ITX Build
Looking to Upgrade! Need help.
Ready to buy! Last comments?
You may repair your Read-corrupted HD!
Budget sff build
New Build
help with an HTPC
Hows my PC! will it work?
REVIEW: After a WHOLE YEAR of RMA's and EXCHANGES... I have found the PERFECT BUILD!
How to Discharge a CRT monitor???
Help me fix my monitor
Can I sell my used Blackberry? No longer have service, owe AT&T past due+Early term.
Yet another 'How's this Rig' question
Budget PC -Best Bang for the Buck
Computer wont turn on, HELP!!!
Can i leave my computer on 24/7 ... Fire hazard?
Game sound transmitting through mic
error 0175.thinkpad A21m
First time gaming build...help?
I love trash
Will this play Fallout 3 at medium-high settings??
printer over lan help!
On a plama what works best? VGA, Composite or HDMI?
Overclocking my pC
what would this do to your computer
nvidia and ati cards on the same board?
Need help choosing a digital camera
need help with a new rig
Will this power supply be enough? Also, wondering how well this will run a few games.
New BB up the hill from me..
Please help
new build list
Player data+SQL+Access=headache
Anyone know how to cross the cables for APC UPSes?
First ever gaming pc =D. But will it work?
Building a new gaming pc (evaluate please)
Another Robot head that can express itself
my computer worth fixing
Is my MB & PSU dead?
Over Clocking Q6600 - lots of photos
New build. Core 2 or Core i7?
Thinking about a new desktop. Comments? Suggestions?
Need Fast Answer, Dell Special
PCIe Memory Card (FPGA coding?)
Critique My Rig
How much ink is REALLY left in your ink jet cartridge
help please
GA-P35-DS3L LAN problem
Micro$oft Project Mangement Job Interview
Post your 3dmark06 scores!
need help with cheap pc build
not enough resources to complete the api??
Data corruption
Instable PC - Unsure of whats causing it.
Building new PC. Unsure about power supply
Building a computer, unsure about some parts
First Build - Need Assurance
Building a Gaming PC. Is this good?
New Gaming Build
Pc wont boot.
Razer DeathAdder vs Razer Lachesis
Need good remote for my PC/laptop
Big Problem!
Soft SATA cables??
Time to upgrade
Bite or Wait? the i7 vs. Q6600 debate
monitor constantly stands by and wakes up
What you looking forward to after christmas? (upgrade)
Building a New rig, my knowledge base is obsolete
Ok its broke.....
Razer's Lachesis mouse
Custom PC w/ XP 64-bit, Blue Screen
[HELP] Understanding overclocking and askin abt build
New Computer for Office Use
Looking for feedback on computer build thread #823983
HTPC/Gaming Rig feedback
DVI to VGA adapter??
Can't figure THIS one out...
Help with my computer build
Shipping a computer from the U.S. to Europe
Odd keyboard problem...
Help me build a new computer
Laptop Motherboard Question
Making a gaming rig. My first time
L-shaped desk
upgrade time
p3 vs celeron
Excel (2003 preferred) self paced learning
I am Building New Computer.. Help
AT&T to impliment Bandwidth caps..
Advice on new build
OC New Build Help!
Looking to spend £500 ish, how is this rig?
PC Build Spec imput needed please
Like pain much? Suck at gaming? This is for you
2 build options help me pick one please
DIY TRULY automatic watering system
Bad Sata ports? Messed up mobo maybe? not sure whats going on...
how to logout of tmobile hotspot on g1
Gona be ordering today any problems?
Yet another help me build a PC thred
USB Versus Serial For Keyboards
whats my best option?
laptop charging problem
Help with CPU/Mobo/Memory please
Cheap budget build help
help please grafix related
help please gravix related
looking for a gaming keyboard
Have to cycle power on restart
Toshiba Satellite pro 445cdx-I need some help!!!
Need some help on build. $550-650 to spend.
PC Tool Kit
Custom Gaming Rig [Please Review List]
gpu wont go in. GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!
Do you get the urge to OC?
$1000 gaming computer
Multimedia float performance
Advice on build
At long last...
First post... first build question... clearly not the first to start this way.
Free online A+ cert training?
Advanced BIOS query (sarcasm)
whats goin on with my USB
My New Setup (Gorgeous)
What the hell is this?
Hey its a new build thread
Help with a new build.
new build suggestions
I'm so happy
Here it is
Vialbe to sell computers as a side gig ?
Antec Skeleton open air case
Overclocked ntune CATASTROPHE!!!
Looking for some mouse pad recommendations
BLUETOOF question
Somber Newb who would appreciate help with overclocking :)
I need to play Fallout 3... upgrade advice.
$1200 for upgrades
HP printer jamming, any ideas?
Price vs Performance Please reveiw
General questions pertaining to hardware
New Crossfire build
Is my PC Fried? plz help!
DVD-RAM - two questions
I found a way to track fake people/internet scammers on Yahoo Messenger!! WOOT!
First Post & First Build in a long time
Effects of power loss while PC is on.
Need a MP3/video player.
Troubleshoot my computer
Need your opinion regarding this new rig!
Palit 4870 Radeon Dual Fan Card
System upgrade advice
PC won't turn on. Motherboard maybe?
New SLI build
4 gigs vs. 8 gigs Vista 64
Crash help!
How I Cracked the Internet and Why It's Still Broken
New build review please...Noob at work here
Can You Review Custom Computer Build?
Wanted: Job....
Driver to Pavilion s3041la
Driver to Pavilion s3041la
PCI 2.0 Backwards Compatibility
PC Booting Issue
looking for help please
Custom Computer Parts [Can You Review List?]
Samsung ML-1630 Laser printer
New Build Suggestions
USB port question.
PC turning off on startup for a moment
So two 10 hour flights managed to kill my bag..
My every five-year build
mouse acting weird (mx518)
New Build running slow! help!
Upgrading computer on very low budget
Upgrading motherboard and CPU on very low budget
New Ram problems.
Mounting Local Filesystem in VM
4850 missed delivery
please help quick
Considering Upgrades. Please Help
Disk drive question
Advice on new gaming PC
Logitech G5 Laser Mouse
Help with OC new setup please!
Build Selection Suggestions Please
Any suggested suppliers of rack gear etc..?
Please help comment on my built.
Trouble with POST
~$1500 and nothing to buy ='(
need some opinions
Would I be able to get $100 from these used parts?
DO i have to format my sd card to use it?
all my stuff prints out in purple
slow startup compared to cheap build
Vista clean install now what?
Problem with my laptop starting up
New build :: Gaming PC:: help please!
Color LaserJet vs Inkjets?
:: BUILDING :: Gaming PC :: Budget ~1000.00 USD :: Seeking Advice ::
USB data transfer to printer getting slower
My computer just caught fire
help me please! not sure what the issue is
First build and I am confused )=
Need new All in One Printer, Suggestions?
Looking for HDTV Tuner With DVR Ability
Looking to buy a new comp need help
Weird video corruption.. in StarCraft!!!
Finished building my PC, but it doesn't always turn on
Office Chair
Some of these computers I work on are just sad...
Cluster hardware... PS3, Core2Quad, Xeon, questions
Odd question, I know.
Build compatability for upcomming i7?
$45 bestbuy gift card. what to buy?
a good news/blog site??
Artic Clean
random bsod?
system boot error
How to Fade-In images in Dreamweaver?
Powerful but silent pc for under $1k? Need Help.
PC for $3400 AU specs possibly need help
Cost-efficient built for friend
whats the best program
Trying to get this Laptop to work
Speed step-does it kep cpu cooler?
Ideas on Upgrading?
new igoogle page
Upgrade the laptop or build a new?
Good Deal or Not?
my new rig problems
LCD screen flashed purple a few time 2 mins ago had to reboot?
Upgrading my pc
windows has messed up again...
Building my second computer, 4 years later...
Anyone know where I can find an Asus CT-479 adapter?
Looking for a hand in troubleshooting display problems with new system
The absolute cheapest way to run Crysis on very high
hey help please my computer keeps just randomly shutting off
Monster Cable® 400 HDMI to DVI Question!
A need some advice...