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how to logout of tmobile hotspot on g1
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whats my best option?
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help please gravix related
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gpu wont go in. GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!
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First post... first build question... clearly not the first to start this way.
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Hey its a new build thread
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I'm so happy
Here it is
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Overclocked ntune CATASTROPHE!!!
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Somber Newb who would appreciate help with overclocking :)
I need to play Fallout 3... upgrade advice.
$1200 for upgrades
HP printer jamming, any ideas?
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I found a way to track fake people/internet scammers on Yahoo Messenger!! WOOT!
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Driver to Pavilion s3041la
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looking for help please
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Upgrading motherboard and CPU on very low budget
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4850 missed delivery
please help quick
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Logitech G5 Laser Mouse
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Any suggested suppliers of rack gear etc..?
Please help comment on my built.
Trouble with POST
~$1500 and nothing to buy ='(
need some opinions
Would I be able to get $100 from these used parts?
DO i have to format my sd card to use it?
all my stuff prints out in purple
slow startup compared to cheap build
Vista clean install now what?
Problem with my laptop starting up
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Color LaserJet vs Inkjets?
:: BUILDING :: Gaming PC :: Budget ~1000.00 USD :: Seeking Advice ::
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help me please! not sure what the issue is
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Weird video corruption.. in StarCraft!!!
Finished building my PC, but it doesn't always turn on
Office Chair
Some of these computers I work on are just sad...
Cluster hardware... PS3, Core2Quad, Xeon, questions
Odd question, I know.
Build compatability for upcomming i7?
$45 bestbuy gift card. what to buy?
a good news/blog site??
Artic Clean
random bsod?
system boot error
How to Fade-In images in Dreamweaver?
Powerful but silent pc for under $1k? Need Help.
PC for $3400 AU specs possibly need help
Cost-efficient built for friend
whats the best program
Trying to get this Laptop to work
Speed step-does it kep cpu cooler?
Ideas on Upgrading?
new igoogle page
Upgrade the laptop or build a new?
Good Deal or Not?
my new rig problems
LCD screen flashed purple a few time 2 mins ago had to reboot?
Upgrading my pc
windows has messed up again...
Building my second computer, 4 years later...
Anyone know where I can find an Asus CT-479 adapter?
Looking for a hand in troubleshooting display problems with new system
The absolute cheapest way to run Crysis on very high
hey help please my computer keeps just randomly shutting off
Monster Cable® 400 HDMI to DVI Question!
A need some advice...
Computer turning on randomly
How can i save energy with my computer?
Lian Li PC7FW
Is there anything you can do....
sleeving cable size
Buying computer how much is it worth?
Help with new computer build
Low fps after major upgrade
Anyone knows what the "OCZ nia" is?
System build recommendations
PS2 -> USB adapter for IBM Model M
5.25" LCD stats/diagnostic Display?
What/how is the best way to sell a PC?
Computer freezes during boot with new videocard
mATX build
Idle computer shuts down while I'm sleeping
Cross platform font issues
flashing a bios chip externally
sleeving question
Reformating PC, wont let me boot from CD
How to tell if 8800GT is overheating without using software?
plans for Da Beast
Asus Ships Eee PCs With Malware
Faulty P5K-Pro?
What to upgrade?
Good Cordless Mice for Notebook?
Operating System Boot Failure
Possible Idea for ultimate LAN computer....
Cell Phone headset work on a PC?
Computer problems
Computer freezes when left alone for a couple hours
Building a low-mid end multimedia PC
First build questions
Diagnosing Computer Problems...
A build for me
I need something like Blackle...
Point of Sale Software
Power Supply Dead?
Computer Build
PC Budget $400 - CPU, Video Card, Mobo
Should I upgrade now or wait??
HD detected in BIOS but not on startup
Why does my computer freeze when playing movies???
Replacing Dell Onboard Video with PCI Card
Vista not stable - Xp stable ?
Benchmark programs list please
There IS a Cyberdyne, Inc. and they DO make robots!
Motherboard sound problem
Computer build
Help! Irresponsive DVD Drive.
Help! E8500 E0 can't get over 395MHz FSB.
My Computer... GTX 260/E8400/P45
Stand Alone ATSC Tuner Problems
Check out my server setup
screwdriver for Xbox 360 fix?
Help Gaming budget build $1k
Laptop on craigslist lol
Need some help on a old system, that i didnt build.
Stability issue at higher OC
cell phone progs
How much power does an external hard drive drain?
SB750 expected to hit mATX any time?
usb port need replacing.
Can't burn DVDs using Windows Explorer
PC update
webcam video conferencing
Best Monitoring software???
Can a PSU with +12V1 and +12V2 wires work on my mobo that only has one 12V1 slot?
New HD issues.
Weird fuzzy screen
Will this cause a conflict/problem?
Cpu binning question
Building a New PC Help!
Need some advice on Motherboard/Memory compared to the processor
Can someone help me with settings for running 8GB Ram?
hp drivers
Computer won't start up!
Died Laptop
What Should i Upgrade
Sharing printers and its tray settings...(long description)
Need Sub $50 USBheadset advice
funky connecter on my new ATI card
First time building PC.... input would be great...
Thinking about upgrading
Anyone know a good Taiwan based online retailer?
looking into doing some upgrades give me some advice
Oh, the inhumanity!!
CPU/GPU conceptual questions
stuttering noises coming out of my speakers during...
Will this do the trick ?
onboard + pcie gfx card questions
Looking for terrain maps, geological data maps etc
Building my first OC system
computer shuts down but not really shutting down need help.
Computer doesn't recognize USB mouse after switching back to it from KVM
Portable GPS Nav Device with Spoken Street Names
Portable GPS with street names spoken
Recommend me a good office printer
Too many parts - what to build, what to sell?
DVI-to-HDMI Cord
Recommendations for a wireless keyboard
I am looking for a PC upgrade, help is more than welcome!
My Next Build
A Better build for same price?
Is my system maxed out? A few questions/thoughts
New Vid Card(2) @ 1920x1200 Advice
Uninformed oldtimer buying new rig
Orange Sata Cables
Building Budget Gaming PC - Need Help
What should i upgrade?
Need ADVICE QUICK for home computer
"murder box" wire managment
extremely strange recurring occurrence
Need advice building a new system
retail and an OEM differnce??
what do you think of this??
Computer losing files
Can rocketfish support girlfriend?
It's soo lonely...
which of these is "better"?
Torrent Servers?
New PC wont boot... advice, please.
Remote Media PC? Is it possible?
Laptop Issues
Building new rig, need advice
Ho hum at Google...
Looking to Build New PC
Looking to Build New PC
Prime 95
usb cable ends
Entertainment system computer
computer keeps rebooting with games it could previously play
Wireless Mouse/Keyboard
Problem PC, Hardware or Virus, I just dont know, please help
I need a new CPU fan/heatsink!!
What would you do??
Intel 945psn Won't Recognize PCIE Graphics Card
Graphics Failure
Can somebody explain raid to me??
e8500 or q9550
emulators better on older computer?
Final Gaming Rig [ordering tomorrow!]
Do multicore CPU's require more power than single cores?
3dmark03 scores
kind of an odd ati question
1st ever build, looking for advice
need motherboard and cpu for a friend.
GPU/CPU questions
Gaming Rig (mid-range) Advice
Mobo problems
boot xp from a SATA
unstable CPU crashing NFS prostreet? (possible?)
1st build attempt, looking for input
Need some help. No video, mouse, or keyboard
First build in a few years. Compatability / performance recs please
Is someone shutting off my computer?
hard drive boot priority
Where to upload and share large video files?
What's bottlenecking this system? Suggestions please.
Upgrading laptop..
new building ...
Need advice on a Budget gaming rig
Need some opinions on my Processor/Mobo choice
Freezing and Auto-Restarting Problem
Building System $1000-1200 (CAN) First Time
Old ram with new mobo?
Need to build a system my budget 670$
Computer Dead? Please Help
My latest build...
PC shuts off during some games!
Your new Asus laptop recovery DVD may contain warez....
(GA-P35-DS3L) Won't boot after turning it off...?
upgrades on the horizon
Help build me a gaming rig with my 1900 budget
What specs should I be looking at when choosing a PC for video editing?
Looking for Subwoofer price range 100-200
Recommend a New Gaming Mouse/Keyboard
New builder any suggestions?
Laser printer shipping advice
Gaming Build - EVGA - Suggestions
3d Mark Scores?
Win2k3 to act as a simple file/print server
Questin from a friend I can't answer because I got to a lame school
System keeps beeping and wont boot
new system buyer questions
Need some help finding my mouse....
need help with a build
Selling my Pc but don't know what is the good price
Need your professional help.
Building A New Rig and Would Love Suggestions =P
Good online computer parts store.
My friend's rig won't go below 100% memory usage
Building PC for parents
How much would these be worth
GFX sound
Please rate my next build
Work keyboard and mouse for bigger (HUGE) hands?
Fans on during standby ...
Need help I don't know what to do.
Consant PC freezing :(
My first build, looking for feedback/suggestions
just cleaned my comp
Hangs durning booting w/ additional serial port card
USB Cable
BSOD after 3 weeks of Q6600 at 3.0 GHz
just ordered some parts - how well u think i can go?
another build.. any comments?
First time building a PC; help?
What printer do you have?
New Super Cheap Ubuntu Server Build
New Build, Need Advice ! :)
Used build few questions
If I had $2000+
gaming mouse?
I think I'm set on my upgrades, final thoughts?
Help with picking new computer parts...
New system, piece by piece
IT Pros: Improving the office/productivity/security/etc
need help tweaking my system :D
Need to write the questions to ask my replacement
win 2000 pro as main os?
how to setup vista with RAID 0
9800m driver
Coretemp confusion
Gift idea for your wives/g/f!!
Can I borrow a picture of YOUR gamer/student desk?
How many of you members are frugal computer hobiest?
Help me shave off $200 and rate this build!
Benchmarks: SPEC CPU 2006
Ugh. XP BSOD Error 0x0000007E. Can't Boot. No other info to go on.
psu q
Quick look through
yet another review my system thread
New system!
Windows fails to boot
new set up
Can it all fit
Value Build... Help
Server for gaming
Upgrading build (finally)
System performance
PC wont boot
Ready boost question(sorry dont know where else to put it)
What's your favorite screensaver?
over clocking hole pc :D
Looking for alterations/approval of new build
Problem with friends computer
New Build Specs, suggestions?
Ram not letting me OC?
'Eh Maw! Lookit meh!
Computer Error (Hard Drive?)
Is this possible?..
tv-out woes
How PC saved Mac (Story)
DIY HD antenna
Just bought: Epson Artisan 700
Small cheap laptop or netbook
Need to find some MIDI software
What gamepad to buy
Computer fried? Please no..
Getting the most out of my current AthlonXP/AGP rig...
Burn in time
HP planning their own OS
Cutting IDE
Your Rig is so.......
dual boot xp/vista AND video card q
Strange boot-up problem.
Is there something wrong with Mushkin
XP Home vs XP Pro
$#@! Coolermaster heatsinks....
which one is your fav?
How much are these computers worth?
Mio Digi GPS... Cool Hidden Features
Looking for good website on security
EXTREAM lowcost HTPC build help
Video card dying?
Haunted case?
weird stuff with my video card
Rig Built (Pics Included), Now What Do You Think?
Have A New Build On My Wish List, Please Critique!!
Upgrading with $400 budget.
any decent NB coolers about for Phenom boards?
Separating OS's and general files
Indicators of performance and what they mean
Hardware Puzzle
new system quote
Keyboard driver issue
Q6600 vs Q9300 - stock volts and stock cooling question
Anyone have knowledge about Microsoft Certifications?
Anyway to fix a burn mark on a laptop screen?
Multiple Video/sound input card
Extra LCD, need ideas for use
Bluetooth showing up as Unkown Device
Need advice on a rig
Computer frezzes while playing games
New PC specs
Wireless N connect speed problem
Why are game consoles more powerful than their PC counterparts?
interesting conundrum on friend's comp
A few questions regarding my planned budget OCing build
New Laptop..
p7811 gateway
Hardware Calculator
New Build FTW
Will my motherboard (IP35) handle new build?
APC Surge protectors... STAY AWAY
Dell poweredge 4200 speed?
What is "verifying dmi pool data" screen