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Nvidia jokes
:O :O:O:O:O comcast really suc ks!!!!
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magicjack free phone calls? anyone use it?
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lenovo pc?
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which is the better choice?
Brand new e-zine at www.theoverclocker.com
Thnking about the logitech mx5500
Foxconn A7GM-S?
$800/850 intel rig
hmm I think I might have to change...
3d mark on work pc
advide plz
Multiple possible points of failure...which one?
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GeForce 9600GT Superclocked vs. Radeon HD 3870 512MB
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The "Help! I just got my expensive electronic device wet. What should I do?" Thread.
Internal USB thumb Drive
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PC Upgrade
buying new computer
Slingbox video quality
9800GTX+ OCing help river tuner
J.A.N. (Just another noob)
Low Heat Gaming Setup
so there i was tralling ebay
Critic my new build.... please
Comment/Changes on my 1st noob build?
CAPTCHA Helping Digitize NY Times Archives
System wont boot after HDD change
My Dell OPTIPLEX 280 and pressing F1
I want to buy a new good PC !
new ASUS 9800GTX+ computer restarting prob
Best bang for buck Q6600 build critique!
home server
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Getting lag and i dont know why
Do yourself a favor - Avoid Razer products
System review with OC potential
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Computer problem, takes a long time to POST, if at all
A Disk Read Error Occured. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart
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Is this good?
The ultraBase for those new IBM X200 laptops
Joke Build with questions
My Build so far Opinions please (about to order)
Built a new PC, but it wont turn on!
What would you do?
Input wanted on $1300 build w/lcd
any one know anything about outdoor security cameras?
Need Help building a Rendering Machine.
help me upgrade!
New Gaming machine , tell me what you think !
Compuer randomly freezes
Board measurments?
bsod at olympics
What part should I start overclocking first?
Dell 1800fp
Most cost effective upgrade?
REALLY terrible overclocking, needs advice, lots.
New to Overclocking
Best place in Canada to buy voltage converters?
Computer supply vendors (like Ingram, CDW)... best ones?
whats it worth? garage sale prices
Install probs
a way to make pandora battery without shorting pin?
Pc freezes randomly, need help.
New PC Build
Thinking of building new PC - thoughts?
GeekSquad is worth laughing at...
clockgen for i875p chipset
Wall Snaking / Wall Wiring - How to use and where to get?
My rig with new parts-thoughts?
computer won't start...
New Rig, couple of questions
best/ most attractive small wire connectors
Booting issue
Help choosing a gaming mouse
Parallel Computing Survey
satellite radio - format?
new gaming rig general advise
Turning my HTPC into a gaming PC
How much will my rig sell for?
New E8400 - Somthing isnt right....
New Build
USB Doesn't work - solution?
Having some problems with my desktop.
motherboard repair
Custom Gaming Laptop Build
Mailing complete computer
Another "laptop for school" thread :D
New Budget Build
How to get free Vista?
Help With Choosing Parts For A New Computer
Anyone else get sick of building PCs?
New build, any good?
How does software like Prime95 make my CPU hotter than Folding
A mid range gaming build.
Is the HDD the bottleneck?
Upgrade parts or whole gaming new setup?
Hi, i have a problem with my Laser Mouse
Jail break a cell phone?
Shutdown pooter but ALL the fans stayed on: E6750/P5K/HX520W/Vista HP32
What OS in your gaming system?
A long term question
Computer won't post
I'm getting a 4870, how should I tweak this build?
RFID help
Will this work?
prime 95
Help me take some cost out of this new build (mid-range gaming rig).
Build Revision 5 - I'm getting tired of changing this...
OCZ NIA in stock
I hate blue LEDs.
What is the weak link in my system?
Computer troubles
Cheapo new build help
Recommend Troubleshooting Software
best 30 inch for gaming
computer doesnt boot
What is wrong with my system! Seriously!
New CarPuter.
Mobo Upgrade or Change to AMD
OC Now no Display on boot up!!! HELP!!!
shipping a desktop?
Troubleshooting: Boot = Black Screen
Problem with Fraps (codec-related)
More ram in my main rig?
Good Combo Price?
New computer blue screening under extended use - HELP!
No POST on bro-in-law's computer. What else to try?
New hardware overkill for my applications?
Quick help OC Old Gaming rig please!
Building and Designing a Custom Desk - Opinions?
A lil help on PC Build please
What brand of CompactFlash?
post problem, then resolution problem
stupid user olympics.. Gold medal for sys admin goes to...
Suggestions to replace on board serial port (DB9)?
Flash Drive Not Appearing
Why you should get death adder over copperhead
Computer shutdown, but it really doesn't..help!
Read this if concidering an Acer Aspire one
Another "New Build" Thread
Troubleshooting: Need Suggestions
building my first rig.. need help, advice, kudos, ANY INFO
Help Needed - PC Not Booting
Noob usb queston.
700 Budget for New PC
Ext. Harddrive Questions
Double-check my rig?
Wireless Adapter Causing Reboots
Upgrading: Age of Conan :)
First Build... EVER. Requesting help
pc for my brother
Advise on my PC build
Anything good about high FSB?
Best way to tweak this system
Laser printer problem
Help! Not Posting
Media Server Switching off
Review: Das Keyboard Ultimate vs. Unicomp Endurapro
is this computer worth $12,000???
what computer optimization software do you use?
Canon ink jet work with a device w/ a DB9 port?
Dell Warranty for computers
Advice on my high spec system
what's the best thermal paste?
G15 LCD Apps anybody?
To military personnel
Which PC is better, I need your help!!!
New guy wanting his first build checked please
How Does it Look? Gaming Pc
HD, Ram and CPU prices...
Wow Microsoft, $59.00 to answer an email.
Help between different video formats
Computer not working...
Suggested laser printers?
Need a file server system build
Continuing from other Motherboard thread: new problem.
What kind of performance?
Motherboard connection. (large images)
Hows this overclock
Cleaning the inside of my computer
Graphics Cards
Hardware Advice Please (New Rig)
Mysterious Hard Shutdown
new update
im new
New build, Windows XP install problems
Seeking suggestions for new PC.
New build suggestions
what ya reckon ?
resale question
bit late to the party but:
Building a new System for OC
What do you guys think of these parts?
Higher FSB or tighter RAM timings??
quickie processor question
My turn for the ordering new hardware post :)
help!!! new case and psu just crashes
Signs and symtoms of cpu heat dmg?
Anyone Watch TV Through the Internet?
system revival
Long post times
HDD, ram and OS
Over in the BS Department...
New build freezes - Vista 64 + 8800GT - Please help!!
whos the culprit
OC tests via benches.
Trial and error with SetFSB
Torn: 780G or 8200?
Computer starts to boot then stops
New build... just a few questions
I think hard drive problem....help please
video card or psu problem?
Budget Raid controller suggestion
On what was Crysis programmed and tested on?
MadCatz PC Con w/Devil may Cry 4
First do it myself build "ever" advice please!
Need a benching competitor..
New motherboard or cpu?
Unstable system-- brand new. Games crashing. Advice please :)
Locking up, any ideas
Time to upgrade my wife's rig
Future of graphic/processor marketshare?
Bite-Size Gaming Rig
Keyboard Doesn't Work
ram speeds
ram speeds
Flash Drive problem
Please Help, strange problem
New Mouse/Keyboard Options?
Looking for a quality TB drive.
Systems upgrades?
UBS Keyboard problem
very low 3DMARK score on a great comp???
looking for a system reveiw ( new at building)
critique my next build
New gaming rig recommendations
new specs anygood?
which Graphics card is better?
hardware advice
pcmark vantage reports low scores?
Help with a Custom Rig
2600xt won't overclock?
Questions concerning pc problems
Usb reset
Dell Vostro 1500 Laptop w/8600M GT - ARTIFACTING!
new system build first revision
Games crashing on brand new system.
Seems like overheating problems, but nothings different..
Summer upgrade :D Critique me!
What should i upgrade vol2 (old pc)
VCR player question
FINAL decision needed!
First gaming computer build. Your thoughts?
New build need memory help
Possible new build
Problems with new headset
IM BAAAACK and now complete with crunchy taco flavor!
BigBadBaz's First OC
It's time for opinions, I'm in dilemmas! New computer.
help me im new, overclock needed
cellphone bluetooth addon and a computer
will a 4850 be able to max out most games in DX10?
Dieing System!
final hardware review
Booting failure after GPU upgrade
small usb cable
Avira AntiVir - best antivirus program of this or any generation - and it's free!
Laptop Toshiba Satellite M45 broken lan/wireless
Keyboard pad
My New Rig
Problem with my PC starting
Upgrading part by part
Problems with new hardware
Front panel firewire header to internal 6-pin plug?
will my AMD 6000+ hold back the 4870?
System stutters every few seconds
is this logical?
If you were the boss what questions would you ask?
Render node question - noob
Looking for feedback on my rig.
New PC Build - Will these components work together?
CPU Fan doesn't spin up, no video, help me troubleshoot...
What's the weakest part of my system?
Updating the computer
Old Mac
Problems with Wireless Mouse - Logitech MX1000
I need help finalizing this build
50% of the Time PDA connects as Unknown USB device
ip lookup
Who knows about Servers? I sure don't.
Laptop freezes up w/ external display
other than liteon, what current/recent production burner can perform quality scans?
Need a MCE 2005 Remote! Help!
'Skipping' Peformance in Games
Help me Build a 1000.00 gameing computer
Final Review on new CF 4850 build!
Need help, selling server (not on here though)
Case Audio Jacks
3d mark 06 score low
how much would i get for this
Trying To Find Out If My USB Ports Are Stuffed
Vista Won't Install!
Poweredge 1650 - monitoring problems
new hardware ques.
ASUS Board USB Problems
New build replacing old computer
Help Choosing Camera
Cost for MMORPG-playing computer
Final Build.
Any Upgrade Problems?
Onboard vid wont send signal to monitor
First Build: Does it Check out OCers!?
New computer need some advice
800$ bang for buck computer shopping list.
Intel Price cut question?
anyone good with an iphone?
Apple Wireless Keyboard
Buying/building a server
Just Wont Boot
Hi-Def Home Media Storage Build
friends new build
Building system for friend
Rate my new build...
The completed build.
BSOD on 3dmark06 start up
Windows Using More System than Firefox
Foxconn MARS with OCZ XTC Memory cooler
Building My First System
Constant Crashing, Error logged.
Hardware upgrade problems
Ummm wtf??
No Video Output
Motherboard And Graphics Card Question
IR blaster?
which keyboard?
Random restarting & ATX problem
Counter-Strike: Source problem
RIP Gaming Rig?
Stabilizing new build (Q6600)
RealTemp or RealWeirdTemp?
cheap = PVR/HTCP =cheap
prime stable but hl2.exe crashing? :(
Phone Camera Shrinks Pics
Remarks please
P35 & Q6600 or P45 & E7200
Just clicked buy...
Need to buy Ubicom SX28
my new build:
new laptop inquiries
Air Brushing?
First Build...Looking for suggestion and comments
Ongiong Video Issue
Just picked up an MX518(corded)
New Toy Today
New Build - need feedback
HIS 2600XT GPU: Update my BIOS?
Before I Throw It In The Trash Bin....