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Building and Designing a Custom Desk - Opinions?
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building my first rig.. need help, advice, kudos, ANY INFO
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G15 LCD Apps anybody?
To military personnel
Which PC is better, I need your help!!!
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HD, Ram and CPU prices...
Wow Microsoft, $59.00 to answer an email.
Help between different video formats
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Suggested laser printers?
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What kind of performance?
Motherboard connection. (large images)
Hows this overclock
Cleaning the inside of my computer
Graphics Cards
Hardware Advice Please (New Rig)
Mysterious Hard Shutdown
new update
im new
New build, Windows XP install problems
Seeking suggestions for new PC.
New build suggestions
what ya reckon ?
resale question
bit late to the party but:
Building a new System for OC
What do you guys think of these parts?
Higher FSB or tighter RAM timings??
quickie processor question
My turn for the ordering new hardware post :)
help!!! new case and psu just crashes
Signs and symtoms of cpu heat dmg?
Anyone Watch TV Through the Internet?
system revival
Long post times
HDD, ram and OS
Over in the BS Department...
New build freezes - Vista 64 + 8800GT - Please help!!
whos the culprit
OC tests via benches.
Trial and error with SetFSB
Torn: 780G or 8200?
Computer starts to boot then stops
New build... just a few questions
I think hard drive problem....help please
video card or psu problem?
Budget Raid controller suggestion
On what was Crysis programmed and tested on?
MadCatz PC Con w/Devil may Cry 4
First do it myself build "ever" advice please!
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New motherboard or cpu?
Unstable system-- brand new. Games crashing. Advice please :)
Locking up, any ideas
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Future of graphic/processor marketshare?
Bite-Size Gaming Rig
Keyboard Doesn't Work
ram speeds
ram speeds
Flash Drive problem
Please Help, strange problem
New Mouse/Keyboard Options?
Looking for a quality TB drive.
Systems upgrades?
UBS Keyboard problem
very low 3DMARK score on a great comp???
looking for a system reveiw ( new at building)
critique my next build
New gaming rig recommendations
new specs anygood?
which Graphics card is better?
hardware advice
pcmark vantage reports low scores?
Help with a Custom Rig
2600xt won't overclock?
Questions concerning pc problems
Usb reset
Dell Vostro 1500 Laptop w/8600M GT - ARTIFACTING!
new system build first revision
Games crashing on brand new system.
Seems like overheating problems, but nothings different..
Summer upgrade :D Critique me!
What should i upgrade vol2 (old pc)
VCR player question
FINAL decision needed!
First gaming computer build. Your thoughts?
New build need memory help
Possible new build
Problems with new headset
IM BAAAACK and now complete with crunchy taco flavor!
BigBadBaz's First OC
It's time for opinions, I'm in dilemmas! New computer.
help me im new, overclock needed
cellphone bluetooth addon and a computer
will a 4850 be able to max out most games in DX10?
Dieing System!
final hardware review
Booting failure after GPU upgrade
small usb cable
Avira AntiVir - best antivirus program of this or any generation - and it's free!
Laptop Toshiba Satellite M45 broken lan/wireless
Keyboard pad
My New Rig
Problem with my PC starting
Upgrading part by part
Problems with new hardware
Front panel firewire header to internal 6-pin plug?
will my AMD 6000+ hold back the 4870?
System stutters every few seconds
is this logical?
If you were the boss what questions would you ask?
Render node question - noob
Looking for feedback on my rig.
New PC Build - Will these components work together?
CPU Fan doesn't spin up, no video, help me troubleshoot...
What's the weakest part of my system?
Updating the computer
Old Mac
Problems with Wireless Mouse - Logitech MX1000
I need help finalizing this build
50% of the Time PDA connects as Unknown USB device
ip lookup
Who knows about Servers? I sure don't.
Laptop freezes up w/ external display
other than liteon, what current/recent production burner can perform quality scans?
Need a MCE 2005 Remote! Help!
'Skipping' Peformance in Games
Help me Build a 1000.00 gameing computer
Final Review on new CF 4850 build!
Need help, selling server (not on here though)
Case Audio Jacks
3d mark 06 score low
how much would i get for this
Trying To Find Out If My USB Ports Are Stuffed
Vista Won't Install!
Poweredge 1650 - monitoring problems
new hardware ques.
ASUS Board USB Problems
New build replacing old computer
Help Choosing Camera
Cost for MMORPG-playing computer
Final Build.
Any Upgrade Problems?
Onboard vid wont send signal to monitor
First Build: Does it Check out OCers!?
New computer need some advice
800$ bang for buck computer shopping list.
Intel Price cut question?
anyone good with an iphone?
Apple Wireless Keyboard
Buying/building a server
Just Wont Boot
Hi-Def Home Media Storage Build
friends new build
Building system for friend
Rate my new build...
The completed build.
BSOD on 3dmark06 start up
Windows Using More System than Firefox
Foxconn MARS with OCZ XTC Memory cooler
Building My First System
Constant Crashing, Error logged.
Hardware upgrade problems
Ummm wtf??
No Video Output
Motherboard And Graphics Card Question
IR blaster?
which keyboard?
Random restarting & ATX problem
Counter-Strike: Source problem
RIP Gaming Rig?
Stabilizing new build (Q6600)
RealTemp or RealWeirdTemp?
cheap = PVR/HTCP =cheap
prime stable but hl2.exe crashing? :(
Phone Camera Shrinks Pics
Remarks please
P35 & Q6600 or P45 & E7200
Just clicked buy...
Need to buy Ubicom SX28
my new build:
new laptop inquiries
Air Brushing?
First Build...Looking for suggestion and comments
Ongiong Video Issue
Just picked up an MX518(corded)
New Toy Today
New Build - need feedback
HIS 2600XT GPU: Update my BIOS?
Before I Throw It In The Trash Bin....
FS:Brand New Sony Ericsson XPERIA™ X1 Solid Black..$350/HTC Touch,Apple iphones 8GB
Should any changes be made to these computer.
Has anyone ever seen this?
Help Pro OCers!
Building an AMD HTPC
Quick Critique
A moth killed my soundcard .. lol
WinXP isn't detecting 56k external serial modem
East Coast Job Market for IT
Logitech MX Air Mouse... Your Impressions?
Weirdest problem....
PLEASE help, Evoluent wireless not working
How to get rid of Raid?
Building a Mid/High-End PC in Central America (New rules apply)
comp problem
Some basic benchmarking Q9450 9800GTX
Good review sites?
I want to build a computer...
First build problems.
Removing me from Google
Monitor going to sleep
amd stock, good time to buy?
Final Suggestions Before Pulling the Trigger
How to assign a program to a processor core.
Please review and feedback on my potential build
IRQ conflict, laptop
New PC, Strange Problem
tuniq tower h plate
Building my first PC...
who wants to help with a new build?
'Serious' internet flaw revealed
USB Protocol Analyzers??
Unstable @ stock
Having a problem
New amd gaming rig
Thank you all.
Which soundcard?
Graphics card installation Problem.
Cheapest place to buy an A male to B male cable
Best temporary system bandaid
Bi-monthly Benching [hwbot Revolt!]
Any ideas?
Who the culprit of the computer not turning on
Temp Question
Picking a case for mATX build
GA-P35-DS3L Beeping constantly? (nevermind)
Who works customer support/tech support from home?
Finalizing new rig Specs.
What should it be?
Need a bit of help from the EU tech saavy please
Weird Beeps (but not BIOS)
Dell Dimension 8300 - Best Video Card?
College computer deals.
My Setup
Microphone/Sound not working correctly...
Would this be worth doing?
Building a New Rig, any tips?
Another Gaming / Overall Beast Rig
Digital Cam part
PC Problem...
OK Gaming Rig?
amd cpu+ motherboard
Will this game well? (ut3)
Corsair Dominator Airflow + MFC2
A little upgrade...
Power SATA Cable Splitter
whats the best order for buying
Final Build (Opinions)
Creating the best high end low cost game machine possible.
Is this a normal or defective Diamondback 3G?
Bloggers, what do you use
Can computers start fires?
telephone in a computer
Advice for a Video Editing Machine
Looking for a motherboard and PSU...
Scythe Ninja Pics
Et Tu, Intel? Chip Giant Won’t Embrace Microsoft’s Windows Vista
USB Wireless Adapters Will Not Work
computer locking up. no idea where to start...
Will magnets ruin me!
New Build.
Latent ESD - what's the scoop??
In the process of building my comp..help?
Motherboard extra "4pin" power connector
Anyone up for a contest of sorts?
Quiet Computer
First Build Problems
Check my build and OC question
First time builder.
Bad news from NVIDIA
Voodoo Omen
New Computer Build V3 - "CarbonQuadCore"
No boot, no screen, no nothin...
Cheapest Parts you can configure
[Urgent] Vista Business on this machine
NAS/Print server
New gaming rig : ]
New stuff just doesn't work for me ever
PI License Needed for computer repair in Texas
Anything to save a back.
Web Host...
Preventing audio interference?
Need a PSU for the wifes scrounge PC
Make My Computer Quiet
HP Pavilion a465c
Need help with planning my first build.
Help Me With My New Build
9800 GTX
Just bricked my laptop, what do I do now?
First time builder, need reccomendation.
What's best for displaying a PC onto a wide screen High Def TV?
HELP: Frequent System Lockups during Games
PCI device changing slot; do I need uninstall/reinstall driver?
Please critique my first computer build
guessing it would go here. Single AC to dual PSU cable
Post card tester
Upgrade time?
problem with new pc
Some general upgrade questions
Leaked ATI 4870 bench
New build plan, take two..wachya think guys?
I met someone at work today - This guy legitly wants to build
cooller on the passive graphics
[Raccoon]18th Birthday Build
Building a Gaming Computer - Seeking Advice
DVD drives detected as CF card scsi disk device in windows.
gettin an odd error, cant fix
Front USB 2.0 Port connector(s), help me match!
How's This Build
New computer
considering selling, getting laptop
Should I return my 8800 GT?
question about 8800 GT
Suggestions for building a tough rig.
Over Clocking help needed...
Open box stuff from Newegg
Dual 8800gt vs Single 9800 GTX your opinion? (And check my build!)
Yet Another "Check My Build" Thread
I think I have a plan..
More RAM or More Clock Speed
Dial Up Modem Issue
I preordered an Emotiv EPOC neuroheadset
Setting up dual monitor with two video cards
Lightning fast dvd rom
New Build
Need help picking a better mouse.
emergency problem, help needed!
Rig Finalizations
new system wont post-no beep
Hardware specifications, PCIe and monitors, RAM compatibility
USB short caused by polarity of AC Current?
e2180 on 915 chipset
Does the Community Leik my Setup?
Thumbnail Pics In Yahoo
Swapping parts on an new packaged system?
no video
just finished
PC turns on, then off.
Could I...
Server Build
New PC Won't install Windows!
9800 GX2 question
Cant Figure out Which card to buy
laptop lock switch
Need help with PC build for Graphic Work and some gaming
Seeing RAM in XP
Viewsonic 2240W defult input
Help: Overclocking - ASrock, 7600 GS, Core 2 Duo
Keyboard Not Working?
Looking for help identifying components in old computers.
Setting Up My New Computer
HI i need some shopping advice.
Unable to boot XW4600 with Acronis
Would this work?
Dell laptop won't boot.
Windows cant see 2nd monitor GRRRRRRRRR
Black Mesa - my computer
My First Build - Opinions
Help me with my build...
New rig not working
low buffer, always in the same spot
Upgrade time
first time build gitters
Rig Suggestions?
eMachine Upgrades - Suggestions
Couple of Concerns - Pro builder review please
-$100+ on this setup
Please Advise on this New Rig
Which budget setup to go?
Suggestions on friends computer
Help me build my new HTPC!
win32_enumerate device FAIL
Just saw this on craigslist and I think I'm gonna buy
Need final verification, PSU too hot cant supply?
Graphic + gaming machine for $500?
New Gaming Rig Advice
Just got bombed... Need some help
Windows won't load, RAID at fault?
Computer ON or OFF at night???
Can somebody help ?
What Would You Pay For This Rig...
Desk and Room Gallery
Need wire and a box..
Constant rebooting, won't load windows.
CPU Cooling
PSU Support Crossfire?
Rig purchase agreed for tomorrow, adjustments still possible
Working to finalize build, can you look over it for me?
Electrical problem - mobo or PSU?
First Time Builder over his head!
PC for 1680X1050 Gaming - Help Needed!
Have you ever had a regrets selling your unique computer?
Opinions on Logitech G9
Almost final build
Crysis Benchmark tool (HELP!!)
Some weird problem that started in BF2
Specs on machine that will last 3 years
Worth the extra ~$65
mounting disk drives vertically
Need help in troubleshooting a friend's PC problem
Without Tearing out the wall...
Passwords: How much I hate them and why they need to go
Installing ?'s
Budget machine for linux
My build, please help!
Vendors that will custom build machines. not break wallet
first build - help me pick out the rest!
Proposed build for new OCer
How is the best way to ship a motherboard
Photobucket hacked?
Final build, can you look over it for me?
wont POST after suspected water damage
9800GX2 issues
What happens if....
Cool lil Firefox plug in...
Start up problem
new build
How do you guys make money?
Junky computer
Previous build =S
budget PC
MSI P35 problems booting
Proposed Build - please comment!
Dell upgrade questions?
Ressurecting a Hobby: The Dream Build
Probably getting a new rig...
Clock Matching - Good Idea or Waste of Effort?
Moving or extending a VGA port
4ghz e8500 prime 95 errors - Any help please
Budget Re-build
i got 10lbs worth of copper computer heatsinks
Quick question about home audio recievers
Setup help
New Build won't POST
8800ultra or e7200
How cheap can i get this?
advice needed for 8gb 4ghz 4 core m-atx rig please!
What to upgrade?
Catalyst issues, MB or GPU?