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Yeah, i'm at a loss.
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I think something is wrong
Pre-Bios Boot Issue
You're Welcome ;)
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All-in-one toolkits pack
hey guys need new build help!
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Generally slow, troubleshoot?
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Time for a change
Is the 1st time really that scary?
My graphics card dilemma
trying to build a console crusher.
need some mice help
Hi Guys Looking for help Building a Computer
How durable is Logitech?
Great gaming mouse
Name ideas for a new custom PC build service?
Mechanical Keyboard - cant decide
[Gaming]First Pc Build Budget $1,000-1,200 [Help]
Just want to see how well I designed my gaming pc
first gaming pc, a lot of doubts, plz some help :)
Feed back on my build
Gaming computer, first build, need help.
Advice for New i5 Build
Help me with a build!! Please :)
7970 and monitor issues
Hi guys new to pc building need feedback
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Test Bench Ideas
New Gaming PC
300$ => ?
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new build need feed back
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Server / Data Center project. Help needed!
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dropped my keyboard
350$ pc gaming build HELP!
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New Quality Rig to replace OLD Computer (~2000 USD)
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Stop 0x00000124
Help with Gaming/Video Editing Rig ($1,500-$1,800)
Computer for 80 year old grandmother
Frequent BSOD's while gaming.
Haswell build, I told Knufire I'd post
Need help/advice on my build.
New build - I7 4770K
Questions about buying from ebay...
Help to build my first gaming computer
Looking for help.
New Build
first time build help.
Frequent crashes while gaming, need help!
Lots of picture unboxing inside ! 4770k, Z87X-OC, HX750, and more.
New mombo now my cd/DVD Writer won't work??
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New build for this fall
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What upgrade next?
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MSI HD 7970 Lightning BOOSTED Edition Problems
I'm buying a server! :D
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compatibility advice on motherboard replacement
Help Building computer
CoolerMaster trigger upgrade incoming?
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Computer Issue :Lock/Freezing:
CPU/GPU transistor counts
board not showing anything
£1500 PC Build
Help - puzzle need solving...
1500.00 intel build
The next generation?
$2500 Gaming/Rendering Build--Please Help!
Gaming Pad Question
It's been a while, finally building a new comp
NZXT Announces H230 Chassis and HALE82 V2 Power Supplies
$1137 USD Build | Your My Only Hope OC.com!
New Build
Any suggestions on my 1st build?
My new build
Need Help on CHEAP gaming pc build!
Computer randomly freezes. Even reset button doesn't work.
2nd failed build attempt. Is it me?
Occasional freezing/rebooting problem?
Building a Gaming PC
Critique my build plan
Do onboard graphics contribute to the power of dedicated cards?
How to overclock the Asus Radeon HD6670
R.A.T 7 Problems
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Compaq Presario SR5130NX for gaming
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Any advice on final list of components for a gaming build
Need your opinion guys
Impulse buy of the century?
Final Suggestions Appreciated
New Build - i7 3930K
Getting used to a Lift-off-Distance
My first build
Looking for a Good Case for build
Assessing CPU and upgrade idea - looking for advice
First time building a pc
Just bought 6 monitors and having some issues
Poor Performance
Low Power Gaming Rig (Small Chassis)
Help with Upgrade Suggestions
Looking for expert opinion on list of computer components for a first timer.
What was your very first computer?
LOTS of problems, please help
PCI Express 3.0 GPU work in a PCI Express 2.0?
So what the heck is with my comp's sudden freezing issue?
Cm storm trigger, need help before aram...
PS4 GDDR5 vs 360 DDR3...which wins?
Will this setup fit well together?
Scrapped my build.
My computer will not start up, won't even reach BIOS
Computer keeps shutting down on it's own.
What are VTT volts?
Is this a decent gaming build?
is this good build and deal?
Help Troubleshooting PC Problem
some help from an expert please?
Ok, so how much is my main rig worth?
Upgrade help?
Hey guys, how much could I get for this pc?
hardware requirements for photoshop
My Brother Wants Me to Build Him a Computer
HTPC on the cheap
Time for a new GPU
first time building(well its been a while)
New 3k build
new to building Computers, need advice!
Noob needing advice!
CPU heatsink turning on, not POSTing.
Geforce 780 and haswell...is out?
PC VS. PC -Which is better?
Switching PSU+GPU on new rig
PSU help
Age old question… Which build should I use?
Hardware failure rates 4Q 2012 (numbers inside!)
Graphics Cards - CrossFire & Dual vs Single?
Help on motherboard compatability issues? upgrade rig
New Rig or just OC for now
New build coming soon check my parts?
where is the safely grounded object at home?
Dell Dimension C521 wont display anything
Getting paid for using my computer's hardware.
Help ID SMD Capacitor
Upgrading and need a bit of tech support.
Looking for a companion card to my Radeon 7950
Questions on my new build
need a good keyboard, mouse, and headset for my upcoming build
Xbox softmod fail
New Build Questions
Looking for a Basic home use build price range 300
New build in the making, opinions welcome!
New Build/Upgrade
Midrange Rig Build with future potential
Is it time to upgrade yet? Please help! AMD!
Cherry MX switches
got the ok to upgrade server...lol need advice
[2nd Build] High End Liquid Cooled Gaming
USB to Serial Question
Anyone have the Razer Deathstalker Ultimate?
Cheap PC - plays any game
Looking to build a computer and need advice
how add "grip" or "texture" to sensei raw?
Reusing an old CD/CD-RW Optical Drive?
NEW BUILD any thoughts?
New triple monitor setup
Internal HD Question
Sub $1000 gaming rig
New build - I7 3770K
Project Typhoon
Building New Comp. Never done it before
Building New Comp. Never done it before
Asking 4 suggested upgrades to old hardware
First gaming PC build
New Define Mini Build - OC 4.5ghz
GPU upgrade?
can usb charger works as grounding?
"Laggy" issues
Computer for technophobe 63 year old man
Slow internet connection
[Q]Router that can close outgoing ports
CPU-Z showing wrong information
Thinking of upgrading
First Build: For Gaming/Media Creation
Will an Arc Mini fit an H110?
What would you upgrade?
Help me build a gaming pc $800 budget
PC analysis
Freezing problem prompts rebuild
Upgrade or entire new build?
First pc build
small Form Factor build advice for gaming,setti, and benchmarking
Odd lockup
Budget gaming comp >$700
"New" build... what to do with it?
help plz
After a new build or upgrade, what do YOU do with all of the left overs?
Suggestion for AMD gaming rig ?
I have these lights for my case but I have no idea where to hook em up.
What are these pieces and what are they for?
Hello/Build:Gamer+3D Render/AutoCad
First Build
Cooler Master Spawn firmware
OEM upgrade update.
Fan Speed Problem - Or Not?
Hyper 212 Evo Fan - Pushing or Pulling?
next upgrade?
Control up to 9 PCs with only one keyboard and mouse w/o a KVM
How can I improve my desk / work area?
Help Diagnosing A BSOD...
Efficient gaming
Will it make a difference
POST issue with reboot loop
Audio Help
Looking to buy a new laptop!
Upgrading from AMD FX8120 To Intel I7
What should I look for Gaming PC?
Need input on Logitech g930 Wireless headset
Realtek ALC898 issue
Upgrades, What should i get?
New Gaming Desktop
Noob Questions
Computer reboot issue need help
New Build - Need suggestions
new build..
If you built a cheap effective Photoshop PC, how would it look?
Problem with graphics card
Charging a laptop in the car.
Overclocking i7 2600K - Help
Is my DVD-R ROM half dead ??
Building Computer for the first time
First build, looking for some advice
The dilemma of the rattling GTX580
Gaming Mouse =]
Need suggestions on new build
New to building, considering this build.
Upgrading My Wife's Computer
Fan Controller Suggestions
New build feedback plz
I need help to choose a power supply
recommendation / opinion
Affordable Build to play SC2 (starcraft2)
Mini-ITX 3770S build
Floating point divider on W7 Ultimate
Computer won't boot without re-setting BIOS battery
Gaming/editing build
Turning on but not booting?
PC Marriage gift, need approval!
First time builder looking for more opinions.
If you could have a desk built custom for you........
pls guys rating my build
Another budget-ish build. i5 3570k time!
SATA Internal Card Reader
vmware and system speed
Building Skynet 2.0
Is this a good build?
Need help on MOBO choice
A10 APU build - Please come in and help :)
Molex 7 volt mod
Replacing server PSU proactively ?
Do you know
Bargain deal??...
New build for my brother
HD 7870 X 2?
What's going on?
[Build Log] The Ive changed my mind 40 times build
Laptop gets to 103' C and idles at 48' C .. replace thermal paste??
Removing case screws
Stability Question on New X79 Build
Need some advice about my comp specs & overclocking!
Help me with building good gaming cpu
High pitch whine?
Weird computer problems
New PC First Boot Issue
Rare BSOD after overclocking
how many enthusiast pc building companies can you name?
First Pc Gaming , suggestions and help
Under $700 build Need Feedback
First Build- Need sugesstions
Urgent Help needed with wild computer problem
What about Micro ATX build?
New build freezing up during games
seeking a good Gaming mouse. [WIRED]
Best place to get cat5e/ cat6 cable in bulk?
Darren's Build Log!
New Build, please comment & advise
Just messing around - Build your own!
Advice on a dual CPU Server
Hows this look?
Fitting components on case
Feedback on New System Build
Cheap htpc build
Buiding a small pc for netflix and blu ray playback
Advice to upcoming build
Will this built PC work for what I need it for?
Logitech G700 and Logitech support
I Want to Measure Wattage
AMD and Intel Build
First time builder!
Ducky Keyboards now available at NewEgg!
My new build
Another newbie looking for build advice
Review my gaming build?
Finished PC Build - Pics Inside
How do you clean your Mousepad?
Advice needed on new build
1090T New Build Specv- Advice Appreciated!
Need help upgrading a OLD Computer
New here
New computer build
MB and CPU upgrade causing problems.
Small Case Heat
World of Warcraft: Poor performance. Suggestions?
Ductless AC units
Is my stock Dell Insprion 620 worth upgrading?
IS this a Good Deal? Tryin to run Total War Games
Australian sites?
Power surge, protector
Question - Hardware Damaging Hardware
Advice on a budget build
Mouse freezing then jumping
upgrading from i3 to i5
Intel’s next Thunderbolt version doubles speeds, can multitask
cheap laptop
htpc & file server in one setup
Best wireless adapter for gaming
psu requirments and mother board chooseing
Dead computer, advice welcome!
First gaming rig build, looking for advice.
Super Cheap HTPC
Advice on a build
Networking question: Order of networking components?
reccomendations for cheap gaming build
NEW BUILD! Fair to midland.
"unknown device driver"
Odd reboot loop
1:1 pixel mapping
power supply for budget gaming build/recommendations
what would you change/upgrade?
Pwm mate and gentle typhoow with external psu question
New PC Build Help
~$2k PC Building Project
Need help - Upgrade componants or new system build.
Insane screech noise still unsolved
New Secret Project
Memory timing causing crashes?
Upgrading my rig.
800-900 Budget Gaming Desktop...Help
mITX build for school
Please help withe new build
New Build - Looking for Input/Feedback
Take a second look
Need help with hardware
first bootup of the day... no vid signal
New job, so doing a new build.
please help me
Need Guidance LGA 771 Xeon Setup
New member - New build!
Is it Worth it to upgrade?
Dustbom killed the caps.
Need new laptop!
Jukebox PC for a bar
Hardware for a music editing rig
will cx500 be powerful enough?
My sytem
I have two Atom boxes around here. What useful thing can I do with them?
Setting up R1
new bios drivers are in 30 file, how do I make them fat32?
Mouse won't move right in UEFI bios
Overclocking method question
if installing win 7 onto SSD, can I use my current license key?
New build, no POST :/
Help troubleshoot my new gaming pc
turning old computer into NAS/server.
Motherboard cover and other bits!
Wake on LAN does not work
High End gaming pc issue
Keyboard problem
turn off your PC when you go to sleep?
Question about HDD upgrade on MAC BOOK PRO
New Gaming PC looking for advice
Pc building help
question(s) about temps through msi / hwin
Which is the best config for gaming
Replacing GPU stock fan
Diagnosing Boot Failure. Suggestions Please.
deciding on a router for my home network
new vid card... sound is acting up?
New build - looking for opinions
any ideas ?
First Build
2013 Build
My First Gaming Computer Build
How do I move programs and data from a HDD to a SSD?
Should I Buy this instead of build?
Full build for an Aussie.
Needs Help: buying used gaming PC from craigslist
OEM upgrade.
Help with my build.
NAS for media streaming and backup
Current Build and Need help.
New Build - Deciding
Looking for some cheap upgrades