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How to redirect blocked websites
Problem with system
Sorry, yet another build advice thread :)
Gaming Rig
False PSU advertising
Do I really need an UPS?
Help for new DFI+Q6600 Virt Server Rig
is my computer high-end pc
Post your Logitech G5 Setting's
Anyone know of any good how to build a pc tutorials?
Building a new system
dvd burning errors
Google date delimiter anybody?
IT WORKS!!! First Build Success!
Motherboard memory voltage
Need memory and mobo suggestion
running 2 differnt cards across 16x NON sli
Looking for an opinion
PLease take a look thank you.
Please help! PC Won't boot windows!
Freaked out atm
Suggestion on this proposed set-up please
BUilding a PC for Trading
Laptop won't boot - BIOS not ACPI compliant.
Evga vs PNY 8800gts
New Laptop...
Serious mistakes to avoid while building?
CPU more stable when overclocked than default speed?
Need some advice
overclocking a amd athlon 64 le 1620 am2 on a gigabyte ga-m57sli-s4
Touchpad problem
new challenge to creative//xfi?
My new build {many pics coming so 56k beware!}
Help installing windows on raid0
Better PSU
Calling all Keyboard Connesiuers
Rate my build
1st New Build Opinions
OK can someone answer my quesion
GPU-Z Accurate?
Budget Gaming System
Tricks with thermal paste compound v1.0
Computer Wont Boot!!! HELP ME!!
Intake or outtake
looking for double sided sound cable
Will this PC do the job?
Seeking hardware advice, please.
172.18 to get an extra car keychain transmitter, is there a better way?
EVGA 512MB 8800gts vs Visiontek 512MB 3850
10 year flashback
New computer trouble... HALP!
Building a new gaming rig!
Cannot stand 8800gt noise, time to exchange
Ughh stuck on checking NVRAM
New Build Suggestions...
Temps check
BIOS questions
Urgent, USB headers connecting
Bought wife new laptop...
sajberTim's Project Thread w/Pics
Rig Rebuild oh what fun
Anti-static wrist/mat/grounder
Suddenly no post, help please with troubleshooting I may have missed something?
what do you recon ?
Scorpio 320gig WD Laptop 5400rpm drive for desktop use
New computer not booting
Q6600: So where's the power?
computer turns off randomly
Fedex Saturday Delivery
building first PC, need advice
Upgrade to C2D: Looking for advice on CPU and memory selection.
Suggestions for new gpu?
This Rig. Do parts match up? [HELP]
Good harddrive that is comparible to an old 74gig raptor
"Macs Are Better" Mentalities
Post Your Gaming Area....
512mb 8800 gt vs 512 2600XT vs 256 3850?
Thanks ASUS, BIOS update killed mobo.
Question about printers
Building a new PC!
N00b question.
How is newegg on RMA?
hmm job?
abit guru panel disco?
WOW, Noisy
Odd Problem
First time building (Gaming PC) - Need some help/suggestions
can't install XP to a usb drive
#^^@$% How the &^&&&* do you get the "clip" off the CNPS8000?
Errrrrrr.......Need new graphics card, must be less than 4.5" in height
another build question
New build - take a look
Need Help Hooking Up Audio Connections
[SUPER URGENT] Need heatsink for Quadcore (intel)...has to be less than 3.8inches
Is this thermal compounbd any good?
Tentative parts list for new build, need opinions
Advicings on a prospective build
Need Help Overclocking
Gigabyte Geforce 8600GS/GT vs Intel GMA X3500
My Purchase
performance of IGP vs low-end graphic card
Help with MicroATX build ;-)
Finally done! but with issues!
How would 2 graphic cards work?
Introduction and New Setup.
need help on canon printer and vista
Oh *****, Damn UPS Backup
best way to move pc
my build....for the near future
Need a spot of help ;)
Am i running outta power
Cheapest usable computer ?
The best mATX motherboard money can buy?
[Urgent] Does anyone know of any "cube" cases for ATX?
Realtek RTL8168/8111 PCI-E
Happy 10th Bday MP3 players
Finally got the missing pieces!
Stress test for older system
What to do with an 3.5" drive bay?
$1200 to pick out an HDTV!
Questions about MAME Arcade setup.
UPS backup questions
Building a new computer and I would like some advice
Need Help Using Old Hard Drive with New Motherboard
no beeps, no graphics
hi. would like some input.....
New to OCF (Hi) - Opinions Please
Sound card advice
iPhone Toys...
Building a computer
90 Degree conectors?
USB Keeps freezing my computer
Is this the best out at this time for Me...
Building new PC
How is this setup?
Time for an UPGRADE!!
PC World Feb. 2008
what do you use for UPS backup?
Request for nicknacks
Random re-boots only at idle
should i format?
Monitor problems
What Comes to mind when you think...
USB Flash drive KILLS my USB funtion
Laptop for college?
new build (laptop -> desktop) conversion
16:9-4:3 on the fly conversion?
Need suggestions for build
Mid-range first time build
Building the slimmest HTPC
New build, looking for opinions please
Oh crap, System shuts off after 5 mins
advice on programs for video editing and dvd ripping
Got the parts, need advice for new build
Low Budget Rig Suggestions
Help Urgently Needed - My Monitor Flashes / Doesn't WorkBasically ive put a graphics
Configuring mouse movement for FPS gaming?
Media Card reader in vehicle?
how many can you buy
PSU Replaced, comp still won't turn on
quick question
Fan Wires
My Planned г2000 PC System -Thoughts/Input/Opinions?
New Comp Running Way Too Slow?
New build....any suggestions?
Suggestions welcome
New Tech Aims to Stop Foreign Hardware Piracy
Can CPU/RAM OC cause artifacts?
Suggestions for tweaking/optimizing mobile LAN rig
Since when can you make a case vista ready?
Is there any media device like this?
Sata Controler Delock
hp 1015 problem help.
Compatibility/Fit/Suggestions for the new build
Is this a good gaming system?
Z-5500 near XBOX and COMP
Onboard Audio: This device cannot start (code 10)
Hard Drive problem?
mobo upgrade time
Upgrade Advice
buying new system soon, need advice.
Note to self... CHECK TEMPS!
Custom Build, Need Advice on Setup
New Build Advice
XBOX + PC + Two Monitors
What is this cable?
Computer Randomly powers down
Would all this stuff be compatible
Comp won't boot after using Clockgen
Best use of slave drive?
how can i track page file/ram usage?
Making a jpeg background transparent
New Build -- Help Please
New Build Advice
PCI-E vs PCI-E 2.0 on 8800GT
My First Build Ever (Many Pics)
Optimal placement of Subwoofer
Can spilling liquid on a keyboard blow the PC?
Help with TV tuner card.
What can I do with a PCIe 4x slot??
How Is This Tiger Direct Combo?
Computer beeps when playing games?
Computer shuts off 5 mins after boot.
Opinion of Z-5500
Graphics card fan goes crazy on boot.
OCZ Shipping neural Impulse Actuator next week..
Dual hard drives, second one stopping and starting??
PC Update (Coming later this year)
Need some advice - Memory vs. FSB
wires what does shield,vp, vg mean?
Which Harmony Remote would you get?
Technology conspiracy theory
I need help in a big way trying to build my computer and i dont understand at all on
2004 - 2008 ? New System Build. Help!
My govt assisted total upgrade....
Vista prices dropped
Long term stability issues with P35-DS3R@E6550 OC
Problem.... sucks...
Error when trying to run a cd
Sub on carpet floor?
What is my bottleneck?
Need to sort through my HDD's....programs to help?
I need KB888111
Tips on finishing my build...
Is AMD really doing that bad?
First boot issues
Astronomy Lovers: Microsoft World Wide Telescope
Update to My New Computer
umm, my computer smells like weed
Habu mouse disconnecting when lifted
One thing lenovo does, that others don't
No screen when I restart, please help..
Computer for buddy's business
New printer
Nothing gives me that warm fuzzy feeling quite like...
Got my new system running
Calculator overclocking?!
Yours Opinions PLease...
Suggestions for some serious gaming rigs
Upgrading My System
Can't startup
What would you expect to pay for this spec?
Besides folding and seti
Optimus Maximus Keyboard is Wild!
Please Help, May Send A 780i Back.
Dust adventures!!!
new rig spec
Need some advice on installing front fan on old Antec case?
If it's not one thing it's another....
Projector, Videocard, Vista problem
New rig Spec Questions
Best bang for the buck for around $700
DVD burner acting flaky, what is the real source..
How much performance do you normally get from OC'ing?
Random reboots, think it's the MB.
Last check before ordering
lol ... BB , CC , Microcenter ; fix my pc ???
Sound Gurus, need help from analog to digital
What kind of cable is this.
VMware won't show HDD (vista)
Blue ray Player VS Playstation 3
Possible Motherboard or general Problem.
mouse turns off periodically
Recommend Stand Alone TV Tuner
Adding an HD to a RAID setup, but not inside the RAID
Am I Looking at a Dead Pentium 3 Board?
Need a Desk. Please help.
Who's got the best spill-proof keyboard?
Basic System Build
Another help me decide thread!
random rebooting??
replacing old family PC
Mouse keeps connecting / disconnecting
Computer starts up, stops, starts again
monitor sometimes doesnt detect signal and other issues.
Newegg alternative?
I may have fried my new mobo
Need help troubleshooting a build thats gone south for no reason ..
Question about heat in the home and old PC?
What do you do with an old server?
Building my own........
USB to PCI (not the other way around), please help
New computer
DVI to VGA dongle? Not like what comes with graphic cards
Got $100 BestBuy card, what to buy?
Fan multi-port trouble?
Building new gaming rig. Almost ordered. Last minute checks. Just a few questions.
Floppy Drive Not Being Recognized
New system build - Gaming rig/HTPC hybrid - advice needed
Got a crashing problem I just can't seem to figure out.
Need some tips on OCing
How do you clean a HSF (Not thermal compound)
Another Build looking for advice
Sleeping near a Sub, health-effects?
Upgrading old system.
Stick with E2140 or go with E4500?
long lastine heat resistant tape?
High end PC slow in photoshop
It's Alive! (Pics)
Help - I screwed up my computer - Bios OS problem
Boooo wifey making us less wealthy...
Super Deal On Keyboard At Performance Pc
ZipZoomFly; Free Shipping?
Need help with new gaming rig please.
Amd based upgrade $550 shipped
Got an old computer and some questions...
How can I see if my sound card is dead?
Help diagnose problem please
normal for system to be a little slow at first?
Some questions about overclocking and performance
Bios problems
Great Forum! Wanna critique my upcoming rig?
is my rig supposed to be beeping at me?
hooking up cd rom drive to MB
wheel and side buttons stop functioning?
Gaming machine for $700 shipped
Cat5 cable cancer risk?
Do You Read Directions?
e4300 lets have sum fun
New build, $2500 budget
600.00 and what too build..
Build Problems
Building a gaming rig
When I boot up it goes straight to the BIOS? Help!
Custom build, help required!
Searching For Best Rheostats On Earth...
new build nightmare
Whats it worth? CPU/Mobo/Ram
first build advise please
Is this a worthy trade?
CPU overvolt?
pc upgrade $500usd
Information on AMD
One CD Drive vs Two
Looking to build a decent computer for my girlfriend, advise?
COMOS Battery Questions
Video editing rig.
Possible Electrical Damage
Laptop lap stand
Computer upgrade... Where should I focus my attention?
Upgrading Comp, Advice on Parts
Logitech MX400 & Thumb Buttons in WoW
People are down grading from Vista to XP?
New E8400 Build With Pics! (56k beware!)
law abiding and still penalised!>?!
need to get data off old drive
Which of these two setups should i get?
Custom pc build for a friend, any good?
Freezing Comp
еееее USB DVD ROM, recommendations
700ish Budget gaming build
Idea on new rig, what do you guys think?
testing a case??
Building first rig
i have a new rig
Mid range gaming build
Northbridge problem Help!
Gaming rig built and..Works! Help on testing.
Final touches! Any input?
Hardware Help
New C2D build
High End Gaming Rig
Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta
Changed Motherboard, now XP locks up during install
Just got around $2000 to build first rig, Need advice
Dell laptop question - Vostro 1500
Microsoft Ergonomic 7000 can't play games
How to set up a network printer with tcp/ip and which one?
Computer Won't Boot - New Mobo/CPU
pc can't complete os install..
Building new system, will PSU work, please help!!!
New build input greatly appreciated
Anyone know the Phone number for Thermaltake??
How to cross out words in forum?
Computer now not going bast BIOS
Think I need a new machine
Improving framerates
Question Regarding Auzentech X-Fi Prelude 7.1
Should I swap graphics cards or just buy a new one and have 2 computers?
Can i get any cheaper + router advice
new build: please check i'm not insane and/or an idiot
What do you do with old Hardware?
strange freezing issue.
Downgrading the EFI on a Mac?
IDE DVDdetection problem - Seeking help for the best
did i fry my USB hub??
what determins how fast a game dvd will load to my conputer??
suggestions on laptop specs for coworker
Free File Hosting
Gaming / 3D Workstation (Help!)
recommendations for video encoding rig?
File server for a church for under $600
TV Tuner......ok..which one is best? Bad luck so far.
Blue Screen,then restart
Licensed? Dell Support Technicians
Opinions on this gaming build.
It's Ordered!!
Best program to stream music over net?
The pieces are coming together
Submerged PC (this is neat, does this really work?)
How do you make two monitors act as one?
Review my new build?
Best CPU for HD video?
Help with building/upgarding my rig
My frist gaming comp build
Is there an OCForums chat?
WARF Charges Intel with patent infringement...
Looking to Upgrade
8800GT vs 9600GT
Overclocking q6600 n evga 680i sli a1 need help
Review my upgrade plz!
Asus P5B-D Onboard Sound Problem
no video on reboot
whats a dell like this worth?
New build => Blue Screen of Death. Help!
Hope I got the right sub forum.
Can you get a refund for not using Windows Vista when you buy a new notebook or a PC
Side Panel
Thought my BSODs were hardware.. maybe not so?
Thinking about a new computer
Building in a static prone environment
What Do I need to get HD programming ( local)
Lite-On DVD-RW Players Wont Play Crysis
Anyone Know of a Program or a Better Way to do This?
Help overclocking q6600
Vaio Problems
POST problems on my GA-945P-DS3 Rev 3.3
New rig
Building a file server.. What to do?
New build recommendation!
Danish police behind the times,baffled by iMac...
Suggestions for new PC, ~$2000 max
Help me find this guitar!
Help with building new PC !!
my laptop beeps?
Need troubleshooting help
Troubleshooting assistance needed DOA system
need some trouble shooting suggestions...
Power Supply issues with current build - Advice?
Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse no longer detected in Windows XP
another "this is for my friend" thread
Few things i need...
My first build, input?
Upgrading from AMD to Intel
Looking for keyboard recommendations
flashing dead bios with different mobo bios chip
need a bit of help deciding on new build.
How do people install OS on raid ?
Going from a single core cpu prebuilt to a hand built pc
New Build Bottleneck?
Need to get Heatware fixed
Recommended webcam for Macintosh?
P35 board good for OC with integrated graphics
Need help building new GAMING computer.
AMD or Intel + ATi? No Bias Answers Please
my pc wont turn on after system scan
Cheap video card with better 2D perf than Sapphire Radeon 7000
Dell Precision 690 Overclocking
CISCO equipment question
Amazing what you can put together for under $1000
Need help trying to figure out this problem
Need a desk lamp
eBay Scammer?
If you had $300-$400
Help Pls
Poor tuner quality (possibly not deinterlacing)
gateway 7200s
In desperate need of help. PC crashes
Computer is hanging during restart.
the 280$ crysis pc
Question on Compatibility of a System
quick G5/g15 Question
Do not Burn Can'd air!
USB problems
Using an old computer for something worthwhile?
360hdd upgrading
Buying a new PC
New Build - Please Help
How Can I Improve My Computer Performance
Funny sound at high FSB - how to resolve?
Need advice on new build
What wire do I need? (HTPC to TV)
Microsof offers 46 billion for Yahoo
Comp toast?
DVD/RW issue
close to a $1k build for Melee Penguin
New rig needs 2 tries to boot