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Hardware error that keeps shutting down IE Explorer?
In Need Of Micro-ATX Building Advice
upgrading my pc...
CPU-Z Crashing
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CPU multiplier
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Cheap keyboard
Way to increase cell phone reception
Optimus Keyboard
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building a new computer need some help
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problem booting windows
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ULCPC shootout
Where can I order some anti-static bags?
Experts wanted! Help me build a great PC at a good price.
Help with Loitech Momo Racing wheel
Need some quick help on PC!
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No POST :'(
Random restarts... frustrating
Mouse button stuck because of drinks
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best "mini" laptop
max # fans per controller channel?
Upgrading suggestions AMD -> Intel Quad Core
help with loading win XP on acer 5220 extensa
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What's the slowest PC you're currently actively using?
Rampage Formula vs X48-DQ6
Skulltrail World Record: 8 cores, 6ghz by K|ngp|n
A interesting question I curious about.
Been awhile since my last build and need some help...
So, I had my desktop pc break 2 weeks ago and I'm still trying to figure out how it..
power problems etc
Raid 0 and a fast HD
Best Low Power, Low Cost & High Performance Multi-Purpose Config
quad core or 2 video cards
Need Laptop AC Adapter - Any good sources?
Urgent Help! Computer died, no idea what part failed.
Boomertowne- Club Live type site. (redeem points for prizes like PS3, giftcards,etc)
Drive Icons Missing
HP LaserJet P1006 X64 Vista
Yet Another, First Build Advice ...
New Rig. . .
Heres my rig! Sorry this took so long...
Annoying problem with new hardware...
what MOBO an CPU
Need a third DVI output for my PC
A couple questions.
Desktop struggles with Crysis - suggestions?
An alarm goes off inside my case, how do i shut it off?
Question about 2 processors!!!
Anyone do freelance PC building?
About to buy a build, input would be appreciated please. (Don't know where this goes)
Is my psu dead?
Toshiba Satellite A105
Everything but a Mobo-_-
Uni/Lan's - small case?
First time new computer build.......thoughts?
Did anybody see UFO hunters arc the computer?
Building a NEW COMPUTER... what do you guys think???
Better than canned air
Need Help with Build
Server Build Help
hep isolate a problem - graphics or PSU?
Need help on overclocking, first time oc'er
wireless for HTPC
Overclock Question for MA78GM-S2H & pqi TURBO 4GB DDR2 533
Best PDA for ADD
Help Choosing Parts
AMD Phenom System becoming more and more unstable.
How important is static electricity?
Problems with video card.
Doing a ram test via bios
[INPUT] new matx build with in the next month (i hope)
USB problems
Bus that connects GPU to CPU
yahoo.ca broken?
Reformat help!!
Windows media player 11 on vista 32bit- Which area of forum, I'm not sure
Weird error occurs when trying to play steam game?
laptop keeps overheating and shutting down
Screen Dousent Work.
Ebay Cheap Laptop Tips?
Building New computer , expert advice needed.
My PC won't boot all the way anymore
Sound card problems
Need a 500 dollar desktop, and a ~750 dollar laptop.
HTPC budget build.....what do you think???
HDD LED test?
Found this sig: Pretty funny!
please help me with gaming rig
Just had my PC "blow up" on me
Best programs for overclocking?
$500 Laptop Post Off ^_^
Missing partion on HD? Were did the 125gb go? lol
College Gaming PC Build - Need Expert Advice!
Gigabit network speed optimization
Laptop "Build"
Random reboots and beep codes
computer not shutting off
interesting blurb from an unlikely place: Nvidia and VIA?
need some help with oc'ing
Im almost insulted
System Recognised New Sata Drive, Now it Doesn't (and it freezes Windows)
Can't get cd driver to be recognized??
gamming comp for ~$500
Lappy hdd in desktop.
Upgrade needed?
Nvidia drinks the Kool-Aid
Spontaneous Rebooting - advice on what to look for please
How to sell two X1950 XTXs and Waterblocks
4 gigs on vista?!
Extra 8800GTS Anyone...
Pics of the New System
Air conditioning room help
A Few Noob Questions/System Comments
Review build for a friend
Random Lockups/Freezing
Having troubles booting up new comp.
My PC is dying on me
Need help - CPU fan won't spin up
HTPC/Media Server Build
Help me find a decent newsgroup service
It's that time of year
Running 4 monitors simultaneously? Best GPU for it?
I am thinking of switching to a 24inch Imac
Best place to get DVI cable at ?
Mouse back button goes back twice instead of once
G11 Questions
Recommend a wireless keyboard+mouse set
Digital Picture Frame, Help!
Few and far in between lockups, on an other wise rock stable system
wanna overclock my PC
Logitech G5 RMA?
Rig might be dead
Need help with linux website hosting?
Help with overclocking my system
Realy lost now
Idea for new rig
High Quality, High Res Wallpapers(FREE)
Ebay problem
Mouse and Keyboard Issue
Gateway 171XFX Laptop
KVM Switches
AMD: 1Q Sales and Layoffs
Computer won't post or beep, need help!
Mobo + Ram + CPU - Does it get much better for <$200?
Need to Review
Final comments on my build before I buy.
Need advice on a build
Microsoft vs. Adobe- Not a lawsuit :P
Need some kind of script to add text to image file
Good news for mATXers
Lock up after half an hour of being on.
Looking for alternative to Zalman MFC2
Need Help!!
Graphics artifacts then freeze
Help to decide 790i vs X48 please...
Comp Freezin
Would I see....
Funny Email
Sexy mousepad
Woooahhh 148 degrees!!!
Mobo/cpu pairings.
PC Posts but wont boot drive
No light from my Dell Inspiron monitor?
PC dying on me while gaming, what's the problem?
New here and new build
A really Strange Problem
Overclocking volt issues - Q9450/ASUS Rampage
Q6600 getting same temps on CPU Cooler upgrade :(
Strangely enough, I am starting to enjoy Tom's hardware again - selectively
Multiple Monitors - Getting movies to play while you game!
Critique my Best Bang for Buck Q6600 build :D
freezing at startup
Built New PC Today - Then broke it?
My Computer Just Took A Dump..
Oooops another question!
SoundBlaster X-fi vs X-fi fatal1ty
how much can i sell ma Pc..
Weird artifacts on my 780i, Q6600, 3870x2 rig...
3dmark06 crossfire???
Need help for new build for friend
Got 8 Cores, and uses 'em all...
Man Dies Trying to Extract Gold from Computer Parts
my new build W/Pic's
Fans / noise
Before I press "Buy" please double check :)
Where to dispose of used projector lamp?
$300 intel dual core, can it be done?
New PC... Opinions?
iTunes Damaged Library File
Friends new build DOA
music forum?
How many of you regularly use standby (S3) mode?
OC Forum Build All Invited
Upgrading from a Barton
Upgrading from a Barton
Old Printer cable -> USB??
Build for friend
Its Construction Time! Suggestions welcome! AMD guy going Intel :o
Video card driver is considered a high priority update by Microsoft even for business
People “probably won’t” need discrete graphics cards anymore – Intel
Stuck on Windows Classic?
New Build...Did I make a mistake?
CD-RW Problems
Placing HDD verticaly
Need a decent low-profile AGP card for DoW: SoulStorm
Advice for an upgrade?
Couple of problems Hardware/Software
In need of a motherboard for my Q6600
Fan noise
epson printer question
WTF is up with DFI?
BIOS Update?
motherboard backplate.
dell inspiron 1525 or vostro 1000
Overclocking ASUS MAXIMUS EXTREME w QX9650
n00b here
Check out my new build
Looking for some help, since Tech Support is terrible.
Need a tad of help
Huge home theater issues!
misusing a dsl router
OCZ NIA - no news ain't good news
Where can I get something that does this.
Proposed Specs Thread
DIY Room Air Conditioner using TEC?
Something to get a laugh from
New Rig
Newer nForce 4 drivers, still buggy?
It wont boot!
I am lost
Real Quick-Ram question clearup. :)
USB TV Tuners any good?
Fortron AX500-A & 8800GT?
Keyboard Problem Perhaps???
dvd drive...
790i,pc build
Building a PC, opinions needed!
new build PCI-E
Made my list and checking it twice.
8800GT overheating?
looking for Programs like Xpadder
card reader plugs to where on motherboard?
Help me optimize this server build
Two setups considering. One=intel One=amd HeLp. :)
Which GPU???
Computer lock ups
building my new system,what do you guys think?
CD drive keeps dissapearing
HELP!!! Computer shuts off in windows setup
Loud POP sound...
Macros for the Logitech G5
Are you exited about ESA
secondary system coming online
Building a new system, would like some input
8800gts 512mb g92
First time builder
What's your computer history, and upgrade path?
new case
Suggestion and opinion for my new build.
Processor Wattage Ratings
KGB networking.
Antec 900 LED Mod
PC won't turn on all the time
Formatting, correct HDD setup?
Case Fan Only Has PSU Connector
Need a lot of suggestions :]
New high end gaming Rig - budget £700 - £1000 UK
Creative Zen hellp
What is the best type of printer
dvd drive side rail mount question...
Computer Parts?
USB 1 porrts connected to USB 2...?
I'm not an old timer, but its been a while - Upgrade Advice
very very very strange issue
molex power question
Help me choose a mobo!
Toshiba M35X-S161 Over Clocked
Oldtimer Overclocker needs some modern advice on hardware
to upgrade or not to upgrade
The common misconception of the expensive Mac
Im new here, 1st post, need help with new build..
8800 GT VS 9900 GT
New Rig
Right angle USB adapter?
iPhone, and irc with MSN
Ready to buy - doublechecking
Built a stealth gaming rig! (Pics)
who has a budget?
Budget Gaming Rig Build Off!!!
Rate this rig!
Detailed Installation
Cox Digital Cable tuners
Logitech Cordless Freedom2.4 joystick $25 refurb good? (JS challenged ~ 4 yrs)
Upgrade input requested
hosting rec
New system won't run properly
PSU: Corsair TX650 or Corsair 520HX...?
logitech g5 issues
Ccordless kbd mse (w/ spkrs) need Logitech iTouch software, or can win XPPro fn w/o?
WINDOWS xp sp3 tommorow. how bad will this be?
Would you Clean your PC this Way!!
Building HTPC hows it look.
Freezone feedback and case question
My mouse won't work!
Question regarding dedicated Crysis server from a hardware aspect
odd probloem, need assistance
ARGH SMASH CRUSH (stupid people rant)
PSU: SeaSonic SS-550HT or Corsair VX 550W...?
Budget $800-850 Gaming PC
More RAM or another GPU?
General Hardware Questions
Can U print me a new lung?
Video from PC to TV
need help finding a power adapter for a monitor
Thermaltake 500w PSU enough for my system...?
Upgrade now or later?
Freeze up problem
How long til graphics get this real?
How do I setup a home phone network?
WD Jumper Setting
the fanciest AT mobo on EARTH!
Dell XPS 600 Alert!
Bluetooth Receiver PCI Card
Buying mp3's
How to redirect blocked websites
Problem with system
Sorry, yet another build advice thread :)
Gaming Rig
False PSU advertising
Do I really need an UPS?
Help for new DFI+Q6600 Virt Server Rig
is my computer high-end pc
Post your Logitech G5 Setting's
Anyone know of any good how to build a pc tutorials?
Building a new system
dvd burning errors
Google date delimiter anybody?
IT WORKS!!! First Build Success!
Motherboard memory voltage
Need memory and mobo suggestion
running 2 differnt cards across 16x NON sli
Looking for an opinion
PLease take a look thank you.
Please help! PC Won't boot windows!
Freaked out atm
Suggestion on this proposed set-up please
BUilding a PC for Trading
Laptop won't boot - BIOS not ACPI compliant.
Evga vs PNY 8800gts
New Laptop...
Serious mistakes to avoid while building?
CPU more stable when overclocked than default speed?
Need some advice
overclocking a amd athlon 64 le 1620 am2 on a gigabyte ga-m57sli-s4
Touchpad problem
new challenge to creative//xfi?
My new build {many pics coming so 56k beware!}
Help installing windows on raid0
Better PSU
Calling all Keyboard Connesiuers
Rate my build
1st New Build Opinions
OK can someone answer my quesion
GPU-Z Accurate?
Budget Gaming System
Tricks with thermal paste compound v1.0
Computer Wont Boot!!! HELP ME!!
Intake or outtake
looking for double sided sound cable
Will this PC do the job?
Seeking hardware advice, please.
172.18 to get an extra car keychain transmitter, is there a better way?
EVGA 512MB 8800gts vs Visiontek 512MB 3850
10 year flashback
New computer trouble... HALP!
Building a new gaming rig!
Cannot stand 8800gt noise, time to exchange
Ughh stuck on checking NVRAM
New Build Suggestions...
Temps check
BIOS questions
Urgent, USB headers connecting
Bought wife new laptop...
sajberTim's Project Thread w/Pics
Rig Rebuild oh what fun
Anti-static wrist/mat/grounder
Suddenly no post, help please with troubleshooting I may have missed something?
what do you recon ?
Scorpio 320gig WD Laptop 5400rpm drive for desktop use
New computer not booting
Q6600: So where's the power?
computer turns off randomly
Fedex Saturday Delivery
building first PC, need advice
Upgrade to C2D: Looking for advice on CPU and memory selection.
Suggestions for new gpu?
This Rig. Do parts match up? [HELP]
Good harddrive that is comparible to an old 74gig raptor
"Macs Are Better" Mentalities
Post Your Gaming Area....
512mb 8800 gt vs 512 2600XT vs 256 3850?
Thanks ASUS, BIOS update killed mobo.
Question about printers
Building a new PC!
N00b question.
How is newegg on RMA?
hmm job?
abit guru panel disco?
WOW, Noisy
Odd Problem
First time building (Gaming PC) - Need some help/suggestions
can't install XP to a usb drive
#^^@$% How the &^&&&* do you get the "clip" off the CNPS8000?
Errrrrrr.......Need new graphics card, must be less than 4.5" in height
another build question
New build - take a look
Need Help Hooking Up Audio Connections
[SUPER URGENT] Need heatsink for Quadcore (intel)...has to be less than 3.8inches
Is this thermal compounbd any good?
Tentative parts list for new build, need opinions
Advicings on a prospective build
Need Help Overclocking
Gigabyte Geforce 8600GS/GT vs Intel GMA X3500
My Purchase
performance of IGP vs low-end graphic card
Help with MicroATX build ;-)
Finally done! but with issues!
How would 2 graphic cards work?
Introduction and New Setup.
need help on canon printer and vista
Oh *****, Damn UPS Backup
best way to move pc
my build....for the near future
Need a spot of help ;)
Am i running outta power
Cheapest usable computer ?
The best mATX motherboard money can buy?
[Urgent] Does anyone know of any "cube" cases for ATX?
Realtek RTL8168/8111 PCI-E
Happy 10th Bday MP3 players
Finally got the missing pieces!
Stress test for older system
What to do with an 3.5" drive bay?
$1200 to pick out an HDTV!
Questions about MAME Arcade setup.
UPS backup questions
Building a new computer and I would like some advice
Need Help Using Old Hard Drive with New Motherboard
no beeps, no graphics
hi. would like some input.....
New to OCF (Hi) - Opinions Please
Sound card advice
iPhone Toys...
Building a computer
90 Degree conectors?
USB Keeps freezing my computer
Is this the best out at this time for Me...
Building new PC
How is this setup?
Time for an UPGRADE!!
PC World Feb. 2008
what do you use for UPS backup?
Request for nicknacks
Random re-boots only at idle
should i format?
Monitor problems
What Comes to mind when you think...
USB Flash drive KILLS my USB funtion
Laptop for college?
new build (laptop -> desktop) conversion
16:9-4:3 on the fly conversion?