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which pc is better?
My new Rig is complete! Need thoughts before I buy!
Building new rig
Can anyone help?
What's the most likely culprit - can't OC a 6320
Phasing of 3.5" drives
Meedio sold to Yahoo!
Which processor for bang/buck
Inspiron 1520: from Vista to XP killed my messengers
Are my temps bad?
I'm reinstalling XP on my parents PC, but it's so slow it takes forever to open...
HELP!!! IP35 Hangs with Post Code
Micro Center Build [2,000] Buget
My PC build of 2008
No POST No Beep! Please Help!
Need some help
AMD 6400+ BE or Intel C2d?
youtube load times
Prime95 25.5a probs
Products to read/display temps via USB, are there any?
Upgrading system, need feedback or advice. Order going in ASAP
memtest86+ fails
Planning to build new PC; need advice!
Could I use my laptop as a GPS?
Would this be worth it?
TV Tuner, Wireless adapter/router
Laptop problems
Ghetto AC
Project: Cyclone AKA, Building my girl a PC
Comments on my new system before I order?
Video Card...Need Some Help
will these parts work together and oc?
hey guys whats a good game pad or joystick? XP
help choosing HD video camera
Suggestions or flaws?
Paranoid Agent... Encyption Backbone
new rig, need help
my computer is...confused
Computer Build Hardware Suggestions
Problems with installing any OS
Ready to start OCing, need some help
BSOD on fresh install
Building my upgraded system question?
Weird boot problem, help please!
Camera Memory....
newb here w/ some general questions
ipod gurus , need help
SanDisk Ultra II 4GB vs. SanDisk 4GB (?)
CPU upgrade?
5th Gen Video Ipod Mods
Removing a Program (Quicktime)
One continuos beep,Water cooling Problem
Something is terribly wrong
need urgent help: my new computer won't boot
Merry Christmas.........
Firefox and YouTube..
need help with my future upgrade
Hardware Upgrades
Anyone have experience in computer maintenance with retail?
Should I cluster?
Abit IP35 & P4 630 Compatibility?
XP(Home) Not getting audio but all audio drivers appear
$800 Build
new rig any suggestions
Pls. Help w/ unknown SYS Crash guys.
New PC parts
Computer crashes when playing warcraft
Weird/Dead Mobo in W2646
first build, comp turns on then off
New System Build.....
Nostromo N52 Tournement Edition: A Christmas Story
First Build, Need Help
System crashing
Gmail Disaster
Advice before i buy new system
iTunes..difficult or am i retarded *got my iPhone!!!*
any way to hook old hd to laptop?
Recomendations for long term storage of a Inkjet printer
New Computer
Speaker stands that clamp on a desk
My brothers computer.
Need help finding 3-6 different computers
Ordered my new build.
ps2cho's links
System won't boot
mx518 FTL *pics*
Building a WoW system for a friend
after reinstall, few questions
Spam from forums
New pc, I went semi cheap
It is not the PSU!
Hard drive problems
2 Questions: One Thread
Waht to do with old pc parts?
Pc wont post
My boss rocks!
Budget System $400 and under
System shut down.
Video Card help, installing waterblock.
Upgradeing comp
Computer turns off few seconds after it starts to load
Help choosing gaming mouse
looking to make new setup
My New Computer
Use of a Laptop
anyway to see gpu and cpu temps in game?
No system power for new rig
Strange front panel headers on Aspire X-Qpack
My Stupid Is Showing
New PC ?? any ideas
BartPE (windows on a CD) where have you been all my life!
The Advantages of Upgrading From Vista To XP
Cpu Temp at idle
Harmful to put monitor on laptop?
Is this an ok PC from Alienware?
The Best Printer With Wi-Fi
DVD Issues?
Need a mouse and mouse pad.
Need Major Help New build problems
DDR3 / Motherboard Question
Motherboard beep code
Stability testing new PCs
Random Build
Boot Issues...
"amd sucks" site
sound doesnt work !
How does this system look like?
Solution Needed
Would HDTV play on PC?
temp question for gpu,cpu
New Build - Assembly Pictures
Vote on my component choices
I dont know where to put this but heres the QU..
Sometimes the computer starts but the keyboard won't work?
I love PC recyclers
Computer will only cold boot
Help me build a new rig
Planned Budget Rig
Skipping Whenever I Play A Movie
Who here can make photoshop me a Crysis wallpaper?
Wireless KB and M
x-mas list is here!
Vintage computer question
My first step to overclocking.
PCI express?
need new laptop! fast!
First Build - Need Help
Need help diagnosing my cousin's laptop...
Special Build Help
Upgrade Advice
Sanity check on new system
Anyone Familar with Ibuypower Notebooks?
NERDS/GEEKS/TECHIES whats your opinion on this?
suggest a non I mp3 player?
Need help trimming this budget rig.
my monitor wont turn on
need help in getting parts
How will this do underwater?
Whose building a comp in February?
Live 3dmark2006 ticker! This is cool!
GPU and RAM/CPU bottleneck issues
Zalman CNPS9700 NT
My Current Build
Need help for January's pc build.
The internet is almost full!
camcorder that records to SD cards
HELP I am typing faster than the 'puter can process it
No boot
Rom causing partial lockups.
New low end gaming machine opinions?
motherboard out o stock
Seagate RMA packing material?
Printer Connection Problem
Need suggestions for a photo printer
Converting VHS to DVD
I bought a new rig, what do you guys think?
First Build in 4 Years
Best way to create bar charts?
3 pci-X slots?
Printers for a school
New system build, opinions appreciated?
First Full Build - Idiot Check please?
P5KR + Wifi card = hardlock!
Mounting center channel speaker on an LCD?
LAG: Video Playback
Anyone here use SOPCast?
Xbox 360 Question
Need help to select MB, CPU and Memory
Cursed PC!
Back again (questions about new rig to be built)
So few pics of my job!
Just for giggles: Rate my bro's new compy
Need Alternative Motherboard/ram
Strange Printer Problem
Sata Controllers
wireless mouse/keyboard and kvm switch
XP PRO SP3 v.3244 usbport.sys hack
Question about NCIX.com / Tigerdirect.ca
Building a new system, opinions plz
IBM files patent complaint vs Taiwan's Asustek
Intel Questions?
Need new Headphones
For the life of me I cant find a definition of North and south bridge
Very smalll form factor computer questions
Computer won't POST :temper:
Best MP3 player?
New Build Restarting After POST
Double check friend's build
Boot CD not detected?
Questions About First Build for Gaming
First Computer
Need your recommendations for new keyboard and mouse!
First Build... Help!
New Rig
MSI 6570 + NVIDIA Graphics + Sound
I fried my computer , whats wrong , what should I RMA?
Buy or not to buy?
Computers not working
am i good for todays games?
wtf another seagate like lawsuit...
Dude, should I get a DELL?
Phone issue + Idea
Radiation shields + Signal boosters
Laptop Problems. Video card or Monitor?
New AMD rig build help
New Computer Build - Help Welcome
Look what the brown truck of joy dropped off...
Memory prob.??
PC won't boot.
My gamepad going bad??
Random shutdowns - help?
Computers + Airplanes?
Over limited and high performance NoteBook-MSIGX600 born to overclock!
New Rig Build - Advice Welcomed
Need help, rig died!
Where to buy hardware in Denver for good price
question about mobo backplate
logitech g5-Difference between 'Manage Programs' button and 'game detection'
Where can I buy the heatsink hold-down bracket?
Laptop Cooler
3d aps and video conversion causing freezing
First time.
Wireless keyboard w/ integrated mouse (for media center / HTPC)
Every so often I hear a loud click
Parallel/USB printer question
Memory stick died ;_;
Never Built a Computer before... how are these specs?
Intel or AMD (dual core)
New Build, Vista or XP
$1000 Rig?
Hows this look? Upgrade
Worth upping from Opty 185 to a Intel Quad?
Is this a good deal?
USB keyboard/mouse
Trouble with NV RAID Setup
Building a present, need advice and suggestions
Speedfan is scaring me!!! HELP
Building new PC, advise please
Buying PC today, please help
Compaq PC Companion C120 Stuff
Christmas Upgrade (Questions)
Veteran Advice Needed ;)
SATA DVD Drive and Booting.......Question
Need advice on building a cheap system
Wireless PC to TV converter. Any Exp?
Need some advice on gaming laptop to desktop transition
"NTLDR is missing..."
PlayStation 3 Keyboard/touchpad on a PC
Anyone heard of discs shattering in the drive?
$700-800 Dual Core Machine?
Im going for it, NEED ADVICE!!
I've got the hardware, where's my performance?
want to boot from USB, but...
Acer E360 and a 8800GTS
transferring new files to new computer
Panasonic KXP2023
Is my PSU holding me back?
Does the Asus A8jm have a mini pci-e slot?
printer usb --> lpt1
My future build
Whats the deal with EVGA?
Need help with build
Help No power
Computer hardlocked
Powering up problem, no video signal
Registry error?
new q6600 rig
Intel or AMD (dual core)
Upgrade problem
computer freezes after 5 mins of playtime
CompTIA Certifications
New here, couple pics, couple questions :D
is this a legitemate sp2 upgrade disc?
Graphic Tearing Issue in Cod2
Proposed System Build
New to OCF and Rigs! Help!
Difference in booting from an IDE and a SATA HD
does it make u want to cry the price some places charge for a computer?
Upgrading - Opinions
Google's Goal: Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal
Making a mobile "desktop"
system disc boot failure
Major failure!
I've got an odd printing issue
When will we reach a GPU limit (software-wise)
CPU cooler fan stutters
Custom Quad-Core, or Mod a HP?
SHould i get this pc...
I need advice on a new computer please, info inside.
I need a new Printer and Scanner... Any suggestions?
Where the hell did I go wrong?
First build in a long time
AVCHD system requirements
When is the new 8800GTS coming out?
NO post?
Preconfigured computer suitable for TV/Movies
Please read before building/asking about a gaming setup
$500 Budget Gamer Upgrade Article
Computer running very sluggish!!!
I want to build a pc.
Who has the 8800gt in stock?
New to OCF
ok dont laugh
what makes a good media center computer?
How information travels in a computer...
Vista and Team Speak
New HTPC/Gaming build help
KVM Recomendations?
need a bit of help with wiring..
And Some thought We were OLD!
Looking to sell a complete system, looking for advice concerning price please.
Priceless nvidia comercial
What can I use instead of an antistatic bag?
usb mouse problem
What do you think of this setup?
let me know what you think...
Server to Gaming Rig Conversion
Laptop Case DIY Repair?
Need upgrade help
New member/System
where to purchase laser printer cartridge
Bought EVGA card at circuitcity...on the box....it says something, is it refurbished?
New build advice needed
Is this card good to play the latest games with?
Question about old ibm model's
Wireless Picture Frame
Crazy custom setup for lounge, need advice
XS Benchmark V. 0.99 Freeware
$#$% ATI isssue 2600XT
A few problems.. 2 days to solve (Videocard, powersupply, computer hardware)
Is anti-ESD wrist strap really important?
HDTV 1080p 2600XT HDMI blurry
Going to build a RenderBox... my second Intel rig.
my new purchases for the wife and I
Poor performance problems =(
What do you think of these parts for a new computer?
Did I go wrong getting home prem?
Questions about my Build
Best setup for rendering and photoshopping
computer reboot problem
Abit K8 (non ultra) drivers for Vista x64
WHich AMD processor do I have?
Crazy Silent System!
Need help unknown problem
2600XT faster than 8600GT?
Random Lock-ups...
cpu @ 35* while core's @ 57*??
Please Help: I need a new monitor
What's the latest with writers?
Would the 620HX Corsair be enough for this rig?
REFRESH my memory friends. Just to make sure this is right
Help me build brother a rig - Budget $600ish
Ready to buy upgrades - review my selections please
What's a good free web hosting site to build my own website?
Crashing pc
Rubbing alcohol and electronic components
What can I expect (Q6600, IP35 Pro, 2GB Ballistix)
My wordpress site getting spammed hard
Better video card for HDTV
MS "starter"/subsidised apps
Could someone find these pc's cheaper Please
Free DVR or just build one?
Trying to sort out Upcomings...
Looking for 5.1 headset, need opinions
Price Check on some items
ordered parts
Looking for advice interms of an upgrade for my current system
Really slow POST
Upgrade question
Weird problem
Boot Disk Failure: looking for advice please
32 or 64 bit vista?
helping friend build "medium" overclocker
upgraded cpu..COMP WONT BOOT!!!
Why we suggest good power supplies!
HDTV help connecting to PC
Need help!
to upgrade or not? Advice please...
Dual Core - Economy Build
New Gaming Rig Suggestions
replacement battery for Logitech MX1000?
Quick question, best thermal paste?
Need a Build
Help me build a xmas present for my brother
~2.5ghz amd/intel for $700-$800
Looking for upgrade advice please
** How's this look for a system over-haul? ** -- Q6600, EVGA 680i, & 2GB OCZ PC6400
Budget build me.
System wont boot with MSI 6800
New computer...
Time for me to ask, "How's my build look?"
Watch me build a computer at ustream.tv
Excuse my noobness, what is a pencil mod?
hardware troubleshooting issues
Purchasing in 2 weeks, trying to strealine this purchase...
new Build confirmation
Yet another how's my choices for a new build thread
Router making wierd noise
Just built the most budget PC...how far can I tweak it?
Squealing Sound Inside My Case
Rig for UT3
do these things produce a more stable overclock?
Simply Dissappointed!
Microphone wire got cut, can it be repaired?
Green PC (Power Usage)
time to build a new computer
NewEgg review "tech level"
Some Upgrade Thoughts
What would be the lowest wattage system you could make?
Wow what was I thinking!
Things to do with an old computer
Buying a multimeter locally :)
Just ordered.
Need help finding this!
Computer freezing+rebooting
Need a UK based PC mods seller supplier
HP Deskjet F380 AIO problem.
What KVM do you use ?
Build me a [Barebones] for 350 or Under
what do you think?
Need some help
How much can I sell this rig for?
Windows XP starting very slowly
$300 Budget for CPU, Mobo, Ram, Video Card
New Rig, Please help!
new system build
This All Match Up?
Is getting a lot of no-POST situations a bad thing ?
Humidifier in room with Computers
New build ~$1300 budget
A few small problems with Biostar TF7025-M2
REVIEW: Cordless TrackMan Optical
Two PCs, Two Monitors, One keyboard, One Mouse..."KM Switch?"
Buying a Conductive ink pen locally
Is this where you post your rig maybe?
New Rig for 400 bucks
New build, half way there, Need input
Need Advice please
Looking for RAID Controller + Fan Controller's
office 2007 interface: whoa or no?
Why7 does it send me back to desktop when gaming?
Beginner needs help! How would you overclock this system?
Do you think custom made mobo will sell ?
C2D, and 8600GTS 256
The Unofficial Newegg Funniest Responses Thread
Are my HDD's so hot?
I need a site that sells 680i/8800gt's at a good price
new upgrades, new os?
Just ordered the parts for my new PC! Check it out!
Spending $2500 to Play a 2-Year Old Game!
What do I do with an x1 slot?
Job at computer store: Computer assembly
best budget video camera?
HDMI cable XBOX 360
Just a quick question...
TIVO and DirecTV
using laptop screan as a monitor?
USB Standby Power
Epox is gone, so who do I get my next mobo from?
New monitor, new setup, new problem
Help finish this build (tight budget)
Reversing Paper Feed on Printer
360 Laptop
Building gaming rig for family member
Snowy Signal/Not Crisp Picture on 2,4, 5, 7 on Cable TV
freezing xp
Suggestions from the People in the know !
How to undo the Xeon 604/604 and 423 rention brackets?!
PSU dying?
Help! have I just wasted my money?