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Random Lock-ups...
cpu @ 35* while core's @ 57*??
Please Help: I need a new monitor
What's the latest with writers?
Would the 620HX Corsair be enough for this rig?
REFRESH my memory friends. Just to make sure this is right
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Rubbing alcohol and electronic components
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MS "starter"/subsidised apps
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Free DVR or just build one?
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Looking for 5.1 headset, need opinions
Price Check on some items
ordered parts
Looking for advice interms of an upgrade for my current system
Really slow POST
Upgrade question
Weird problem
Boot Disk Failure: looking for advice please
32 or 64 bit vista?
helping friend build "medium" overclocker
upgraded cpu..COMP WONT BOOT!!!
Why we suggest good power supplies!
HDTV help connecting to PC
Need help!
to upgrade or not? Advice please...
Dual Core - Economy Build
New Gaming Rig Suggestions
replacement battery for Logitech MX1000?
Quick question, best thermal paste?
Need a Build
Help me build a xmas present for my brother
~2.5ghz amd/intel for $700-$800
Looking for upgrade advice please
** How's this look for a system over-haul? ** -- Q6600, EVGA 680i, & 2GB OCZ PC6400
Budget build me.
System wont boot with MSI 6800
New computer...
Time for me to ask, "How's my build look?"
Watch me build a computer at ustream.tv
Excuse my noobness, what is a pencil mod?
hardware troubleshooting issues
Purchasing in 2 weeks, trying to strealine this purchase...
new Build confirmation
Yet another how's my choices for a new build thread
Router making wierd noise
Just built the most budget PC...how far can I tweak it?
Squealing Sound Inside My Case
Rig for UT3
do these things produce a more stable overclock?
Simply Dissappointed!
Microphone wire got cut, can it be repaired?
Green PC (Power Usage)
time to build a new computer
NewEgg review "tech level"
Some Upgrade Thoughts
What would be the lowest wattage system you could make?
Wow what was I thinking!
Things to do with an old computer
Buying a multimeter locally :)
Just ordered.
Need help finding this!
Computer freezing+rebooting
Need a UK based PC mods seller supplier
HP Deskjet F380 AIO problem.
What KVM do you use ?
Build me a [Barebones] for £350 or Under
what do you think?
Need some help
How much can I sell this rig for?
Windows XP starting very slowly
$300 Budget for CPU, Mobo, Ram, Video Card
New Rig, Please help!
new system build
This All Match Up?
Is getting a lot of no-POST situations a bad thing ?
Humidifier in room with Computers
New build ~$1300 budget
A few small problems with Biostar TF7025-M2
REVIEW: Cordless TrackMan Optical
Two PCs, Two Monitors, One keyboard, One Mouse..."KM Switch?"
Buying a Conductive ink pen locally
Is this where you post your rig maybe?
New Rig for 400 bucks
New build, half way there, Need input
Need Advice please
Looking for RAID Controller + Fan Controller's
office 2007 interface: whoa or no?
Why7 does it send me back to desktop when gaming?
Beginner needs help! How would you overclock this system?
Do you think custom made mobo will sell ?
C2D, and 8600GTS 256
The Unofficial Newegg Funniest Responses Thread
Are my HDD's so hot?
I need a site that sells 680i/8800gt's at a good price
new upgrades, new os?
Just ordered the parts for my new PC! Check it out!
Spending $2500 to Play a 2-Year Old Game!
What do I do with an x1 slot?
Job at computer store: Computer assembly
best budget video camera?
HDMI cable XBOX 360
Just a quick question...
TIVO and DirecTV
using laptop screan as a monitor?
USB Standby Power
Epox is gone, so who do I get my next mobo from?
New monitor, new setup, new problem
Help finish this build (tight budget)
Reversing Paper Feed on Printer
360 Laptop
Building gaming rig for family member
Snowy Signal/Not Crisp Picture on 2,4, 5, 7 on Cable TV
freezing xp
Suggestions from the People in the know !
How to undo the Xeon 604/604 and 423 rention brackets?!
PSU dying?
Help! have I just wasted my money?
PC Sales down in Japan
Overclocking/tuning nvidia 680i [help a newbie]
Major upgrade
Poo... post error on new build
Business Website -- Logos etc
program to verify PCI-E frequency
memory issue?
Please check by build
HELP! Ground loop isolation problem with my Plasma TV...
Trouble booting from CD drive
Laptops with long lasting battery
DVD writer drives
So I have the coolest boss ever.
FSB:DRAM ratio question
How's my PC doing?
overclocking gigabyte g965-ds3p
What power supply do I need for this?
Virus or hardware problem? Please help
FSB. 533 Versus 800 MHZ
Removing Gold from computers? or recylcing them
Is this a good deal and does anybody else here have one?
heck ya 3dmark score!
Flashing cursor
Gonna build me a new computer!
transfering Betamax to pc/dvd
3-D Rigs going up! (5-10)
Thank you :-) (New computer)
Some advise on my new setup
See any problems with building a system with these...
RMA or Keep using?
Server Build & Questions
Little help?
iPod keeps locking up
arrrgg! New computer problems
Audio jack is falling apart
Gouraud Shading Question
Accidentally double-ordered from Mwave....only charged once
New rig (update from 2006)
Hardware failure, trouble determining wich part
New build
Ordering parts tommorow - Any changes needed?
What gives companies like godaddy the right to sell domain names?
I suck at digital camera's help me out please?
Inexpensive PC Recommendations
any one have the gigabyte liquid cooling
Any one know of a 1080p tv tuner card
my sli gaming pc
What exactly is folding?
Media Server / Media Streaming devices
What air pump/compressor to get?
Ejecting dvd drive with alternate button?
Making the transition from windows to Mac
Help setting up external monitor on laptop
Building gaming PC < $1000 Shipped
What the ... happened to gmail?
Building a cheap PC for my parents
Building System with $3000.00
The new build gods have smiled on me
Do i need to RMA something?
time to upgrade or new sys ?
New Gaming System - Please Review - 8800ultra SLI
what could be the cause of this problem...
is my ram running slow?
[Build Advice] SFF gaming box
New system - No video at boot
selling tablet pc on ebay
new build, mem error while installing XP
ok... it's killing me
My rig (Q6600,2900XT GDDR4 Crossfire etc)
trying to build new computer, have question
My Rig (Q6600 & 2900XT CrossFire)
VIA pc-1 Processor Platform
Open Source 3D Printer
My new Gaming rig v2 - Help Needed
Rate this Rig for under $750+ shipped
KVM Switches
ASUS P5N32-E SLI audio drivers
Help please!
Rebate Questions...
what do all you clockers think of this setup? help needed
New build and first time overclock
Best Bang for the buck Hardware I have found
The new Apple keyboards - PC?
Out with the old and in with the older! (my new mice)
Damn computer won't go past Windows Login (XP)
Problem with boot
Ok to run rig upside down for an hour?
First Rig
Any objections?
will the components in this setup fly together?
Pc won't boot and has no error codes
how to diagnose problem?
Tried CMOS reset but PC won't POST.
First Time BUild was a GO
Need some hardware advice (QUICK) for CAD rig, approx $3-3.5k total
My new gaming rig - LOTS of help needed!
Impressions of new Apple keyboard
new rig for 1k
Whats the easiest way to flash my bios without fdd
Simulation as a third pillar of science
Overclock questions
Overclocking Help
Installation troubles!
Gamer PC TecDirekt Hardware opinion
wireless or wired keyboard?
$1k-ish Gaming Rig that Pwns :D
Where to start?
PC won't boot
Web Server Recommendations
Would you try this?
CDMA2000, Casio W51CA Cell Phone
How do I find out what's slowing me down?
Last check before I purchase
New GO Q6600 burnt?
Ready to replace 2 year old gaming desktop - been out of the loop for 2 years.
P35 or x38?
OCF Blessing on a new build please.
So I'm looking through my PeerGuardian blocked list...
Digital Camera program
My IP35 mosfet heatpad contact pics
sound card for gaming. whats the good
New build coming in
Looking for a 400/500GB HDD for RAID and Power Usage Questions
Trying an Intel build now
Which forums have good classifieds?
New build system feedback
New to the forums-seeking some advice
Dell Latitude screen problem
Why can I install Windows 2000 but not XP or Vista?
system build advice
My very first overclock results
dimensions of AM2 and 939 mounting brackets?
Dell Inspiron 1520 + Vista: Sleep issues
Christmas is coming, What should I do?
Can I ask for help here?
brand new build... many questions about the hardware
need information about........
Need some advice on a new build..
In over my head????
BSOD issue
Anyone with a Buffalo G125 help me out?
My new rig all put together, finally!
New Camera Help
Silence Arrives!
Your primary OS kernel (please read before voting)
Starting to buy, need a couple suggestions.
Logitech sucks, new headset - mic not working
Water on the Keyboard=nogo.
Computer Build £400 Need Help
BSOD is following me everywhere!!!
BSOD while installing windows
cant get stable at 3.5GHz????
Brother wants a new computer upgrade
Shipping a PC Overseas (to Japan specifically)
Struggling to get 533 fsb
Extended Payment Option for a Gaming Rig
DVD/CDRW Drive Installed But Not Found
Luck is on my side (got a great deal)
My rig finally came
Dip Switch Problem
Strange noises from MOSFETs/Capacitors?
Need a cheap, silent keyboard
BSOD hell, need major help please.
Will this TV Tuner work?
How badly does the 8800gts 640 beat the x1950xtx?
SetPoint being stupid
Budget build, and when i mean budget, i mean REAL budget.
how much is a tablet like this actually worth?
New build really necessary
Yes, it's ANOTHER system advice thread..
Friend in college needs help
My Friends Needs Help!!!
Finally ordered all my parts!!
Is there a site that you can the download the covergirls on the GeForce video cards.
Cold hands
Crispy or Fried?
Please help me pick new build
Building myself again!? System advice high end PC
silent power?
please help me troubleshoot
What sort of 3DMark score should I expect?
Game Server
If you could take one Microsoft certification exam, which would it be?...
Mouse problem
Helping a friend build a rig. Budget: $1000
Accidently pressed "Go" on Easytune lol!
Installing OS from SATA Drive?
Another big quarterly loss for AMD
Raptor can't boot normally
New Rig = Disapointed?
Dell Vostro with Vista - How to restore to day 1?
Best way to share one printer with two PC's *not networked*
This look like a good deal?
New Rig- advice needed!
power needs for modern hardware - PSU for 8800GT + quad core
Daewoo QVGA screen...how do I work with this? Or LCD + case?
[H]ardOCP Down?
How do you test the circuitry of a motherboard?
Extremely strange problem
AA Rechargeable batteries via USB
Having Same Problem, PC shuts off
Don't let google make music videos
Does anyone know where to get 6pin to 8pin PCI-E adapters from
I really need help, CANT ANYONE HELP ME!!
I'm in a mess... HELP ME GAME!!!!
My Bday Computer
Graphics Tablet
Finally upgrading to dual core
I need a bit of help here...
Logitech wireless problems
Another "Upgrade Help" Thread
Vista won't recognize my OC
Looking at a new rig, suggestions?
Weird powering problem
Newegg ship to Canada?
Should I Purchase this laptop?
Budget build: Am I choosing the right stuff..
New Build - Need feedback on parts
When I unplug the PS2 mouse, the keyboard won't type at the login screen.
Motherboard/Power Problem Continued
Solid State Hard Drives vs others for laptops?
I'd Love Some Suggestions
2 Old rigs, 2 new problems
PSU installed upside down. Any problems?
Rate my RIG! Raptors, tecs, QUAD and more!!!
Next to buy for gaming
OK...So I wanna build a server
Something went wrong while formatting.. I think.
Please help me hack my Microsoft Zune!!!!
Have fun with your old hardware!
Testing Devices for Load
Facing problems with my rig
Having Two PCs Talk Amongst One Another
USB problem, wires plugged in wrong?
Looking for dual socket Advice.
Building new pc, what do you think ?
upgrade only CPU/MB ? worth it ?
Need input on a new build.
Trouble Updating Logitech G5 Firmware
Must I connect a power molex to this??
This is too broad to post anywhere else..
Can I use this ram
USB, Windows XP, RAID, Portable Desktop, and Ultrafast Boot Times?
Need help with a sales quote?
quick question.
Upgrading system
Money's No Object... Best Gaming Performance... You know you wanna...
Keyboard not recognized
Do i need all this?
Windows Install Shut Down
What Programs do you use to troubleshoot?
Funny Story (Computer related) :D
new build
Multi KB/M/V
Bestest mouse for CAD?
Help! first build problem...(long)
Post your Workarea
Having an unusual problem.
Help! I need to design the perfect build. Q6600 G0, ABIT IP35 PRO, ADATA 8GB
Need a portable mouse
Need a bit of help here.
Gaming keyboard and mouse???
New Gear?
IN the case of a hardrive failure. impossible to restore a backup?
Need a little advice on a rig..
Is BFG GeForce 7900 GS OC 256MB PCI-E the best deal for me at $80?
blue screen then crash
How much would you sell this for?
HP Blackbird 002 PC - HA!
Help on keyboard
Can’t get FSB faster then 223 MHz
May get this alienware pc.
Saitek 2 vs Logitech g15
Can't access games.asobrain.com
Time for another laptop...
Can't Boot
I @#$&*()ed up a CPU upgrade, could use some help and likely upgrade path advice.
Slocket s370-> slot1, Where can I find one?
How does this look?
Help me plan a monster
Getting a rig together, any suggestions?
What's the cheapest way to take pdf htm txt files to read with you on the move?
barracuda 7200k / Raptor 10k
What can I keep if I upgrade?
Overclock not displaying correctly in Windows...
Random hangings and resets on new system
E6750 to 3.2GHz questions
Need Help
G5 Or MX518?
Time for Upgrade!
Time to speed things up
Coming back to OCing again. Any help would be loved!
Building a pc for a friend.
Whats the diff between Regular, High Capacity and High Yeild Ink Jet Cartridges?
Flat Panel Connector
move to 4gb?
Has anyone shop at Cyberpowerpc.com before?
Taking Another Trip to Akihabara
Vista Dvd Drive Problem
New Computer?
Give me your opinion
Overclocking magazine?
X 3220 Rig
computer build
Buying this is 30 mins O_O
Messed up issue with screen? not sure
PCMARK05 doesn't like my HDD?
Add memory and NOT reformat?
My new baby (computer)
Benching Day! -50K Warning-
Planning to buy HP a6230n $649.99
want to upgrade, any comments etc welcome, thx
Hardrive failure?
$5k to build a new PC
My Computer Died...sort of
SCSI boot problems
Laptop vs. Desktop O_O
Is there any performance gain with sata burners?
Cheap computer
Comp hardware in NYC?
Creative Zen
Help me decide on cheapy system: Celly or Sempy
Can i connect 2 printers to the one computer?
lan phy voltage is 0... I'm confused.
Problem with MX 518 Mouse.
Headless cruncher?
I just helped my friend do his first overclock via the phone
Google been haxxored?
mp3 organization
CPU Built, where to go from here...
Decisions, Decisions
Dream Computer
Wife blew something, what was it?
70% of "computer companies" don't know what they're doing.
Freeware Password Management Utility?
now if only norton could do this good against viruses!
These places any good, I never heard of them?
HTPC hardware¿!
Sony laptop software
How can I learn to type?
I don't understand the attachments to companies.
How to spend my money??
3dmark scores dropped ALOT. Whats goin on?
Is it really faster?
Planning to buy this desktop computer..Opinions?
Help on new build
After waiting for years... a new Build ^^
Xbox 360 killer
I Have Another Question Regarding A Dell Optiplex GX 260
Anyone wanna recommend a new keyboard, about to trash my 3rd eclispe
first home build issues
Why is my computer's load time so slow?
New Build....Any Thoughts
May be switchin platforms..comments/advice/crticism sought
Motherboard/Power Problem
How long will 8800 last?
I can't stop laughing at this!!!
Wireless mouse?
"30 Year" Battery Life Possible?