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power needs for modern hardware - PSU for 8800GT + quad core
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Graphics Tablet
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PSU installed upside down. Any problems?
Rate my RIG! Raptors, tecs, QUAD and more!!!
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Something went wrong while formatting.. I think.
Please help me hack my Microsoft Zune!!!!
Have fun with your old hardware!
Testing Devices for Load
Facing problems with my rig
Having Two PCs Talk Amongst One Another
USB problem, wires plugged in wrong?
Looking for dual socket Advice.
Building new pc, what do you think ?
upgrade only CPU/MB ? worth it ?
Need input on a new build.
Trouble Updating Logitech G5 Firmware
Must I connect a power molex to this??
This is too broad to post anywhere else..
Can I use this ram
USB, Windows XP, RAID, Portable Desktop, and Ultrafast Boot Times?
Need help with a sales quote?
quick question.
Upgrading system
Money's No Object... Best Gaming Performance... You know you wanna...
Keyboard not recognized
Do i need all this?
Windows Install Shut Down
What Programs do you use to troubleshoot?
Funny Story (Computer related) :D
new build
Multi KB/M/V
Bestest mouse for CAD?
Help! first build problem...(long)
Post your Workarea
Having an unusual problem.
Help! I need to design the perfect build. Q6600 G0, ABIT IP35 PRO, ADATA 8GB
Need a portable mouse
Need a bit of help here.
Gaming keyboard and mouse???
New Gear?
IN the case of a hardrive failure. impossible to restore a backup?
Need a little advice on a rig..
Is BFG GeForce 7900 GS OC 256MB PCI-E the best deal for me at $80?
blue screen then crash
How much would you sell this for?
HP Blackbird 002 PC - HA!
Help on keyboard
Can’t get FSB faster then 223 MHz
May get this alienware pc.
Saitek 2 vs Logitech g15
Can't access games.asobrain.com
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Can't Boot
I @#$&*()ed up a CPU upgrade, could use some help and likely upgrade path advice.
Slocket s370-> slot1, Where can I find one?
How does this look?
Help me plan a monster
Getting a rig together, any suggestions?
What's the cheapest way to take pdf htm txt files to read with you on the move?
barracuda 7200k / Raptor 10k
What can I keep if I upgrade?
Overclock not displaying correctly in Windows...
Random hangings and resets on new system
E6750 to 3.2GHz questions
Need Help
G5 Or MX518?
Time for Upgrade!
Time to speed things up
Coming back to OCing again. Any help would be loved!
Building a pc for a friend.
Whats the diff between Regular, High Capacity and High Yeild Ink Jet Cartridges?
Flat Panel Connector
move to 4gb?
Has anyone shop at Cyberpowerpc.com before?
Taking Another Trip to Akihabara
Vista Dvd Drive Problem
New Computer?
Give me your opinion
Overclocking magazine?
X 3220 Rig
computer build
Buying this is 30 mins O_O
Messed up issue with screen? not sure
PCMARK05 doesn't like my HDD?
Add memory and NOT reformat?
My new baby (computer)
Benching Day! -50K Warning-
Planning to buy HP a6230n $649.99
want to upgrade, any comments etc welcome, thx
Hardrive failure?
$5k to build a new PC
My Computer Died...sort of
SCSI boot problems
Laptop vs. Desktop O_O
Is there any performance gain with sata burners?
Cheap computer
Comp hardware in NYC?
Creative Zen
Help me decide on cheapy system: Celly or Sempy
Can i connect 2 printers to the one computer?
lan phy voltage is 0... I'm confused.
Problem with MX 518 Mouse.
Headless cruncher?
I just helped my friend do his first overclock via the phone
Google been haxxored?
mp3 organization
CPU Built, where to go from here...
Decisions, Decisions
Dream Computer
Wife blew something, what was it?
70% of "computer companies" don't know what they're doing.
Freeware Password Management Utility?
now if only norton could do this good against viruses!
These places any good, I never heard of them?
HTPC hardwareż!
Sony laptop software
How can I learn to type?
I don't understand the attachments to companies.
How to spend my money??
3dmark scores dropped ALOT. Whats goin on?
Is it really faster?
Planning to buy this desktop computer..Opinions?
Help on new build
After waiting for years... a new Build ^^
Xbox 360 killer
I Have Another Question Regarding A Dell Optiplex GX 260
Anyone wanna recommend a new keyboard, about to trash my 3rd eclispe
first home build issues
Why is my computer's load time so slow?
New Build....Any Thoughts
May be switchin platforms..comments/advice/crticism sought
Motherboard/Power Problem
How long will 8800 last?
I can't stop laughing at this!!!
Wireless mouse?
"30 Year" Battery Life Possible?
what should i upgrade??
Getting this SSD, worth it?
Anyone ever use a LevelOne KVM?
Help issue with powering computer
dosent fit here but please help...
Advice on building a new gaming rig please!
The Ultimate Home Theater PC / Gaming Machine
Couple of Simple Xbox Q's
Really basic monitor/SLI/Graphics Card question
Where Do You Keep Your Computer?
Writing this in Safemode
Frikken Dell
budget gaming mouse
Which would you keep?
What Not-To-Do while building
A new way of testing your mouse?
OK the SLI certification is getting ridiculous
what are some good places to get parts in philly?
New Keyboard&Headset
My printer will be in a hot car for half a day
eGold VS ePassporte?
Compix IR scanner
New hardware, comments please..
New rig!! comments on things and compatibilty!!
freezing, crashing while internet connected
What are the spec's of the oldest computer you actively use?
Laptop Display Issue..HALP!!!...err HELP!!! ya
Media Server won't startup -- one long beep
what was ur first computer?
Ipod Video Help
Proper Format Protocol
Any point in upgrade?
What should i do with my old computer?
ORTHOS error? Or not?
QuadCore setup for your approval :)
If you had $500, what would you get? 2 choices.
Quick!! Stop me before its too late!!!
need a usb flash drive for ready boost
like a kid at xmas
Gaming rig ~$1200
A motorcycle computer!
Need a new laptop
i dont know what to do
Wretched Dust
Which finger do you use to scroll with your mouse?
Gaming machine
Sony DVD-RW drive not writing to DVDs!!!!
Horrible frame rate drops in games
absolutely unbelivable government computing policy (must read)
Anyone familiar with the Dell Optiplex GX 260
Viewing all systems IRQ?
New rig. First timer. Slight budget issue. Gaming rig
Mouse Pads
WoW, never even thought of this.
New computer setup question?
Asus P5K-E and SoundBlaster X-FI weird action
My New C2D System...
Building a 3-D animation rig ($1,200)
Retarded price on sata cable
Building a new system
Acer Altos 9100b Help...
New system build....
New Build Help
Anything you'd change?
Upgrading BIOS
First Overclocking Rig (>$500)
Dust repellant??
Is it worth me..
Device to capture from VCR, edit, then export back to VCR
Barebones Upgrade Help
Attention old people!
3dmark score : How do I compare?
How low end can I go?
New Build Q6600 Stability Problems… Help!
Computer trouble booting.
Check my $700 CAD amd rig please
No monitor input or signal
Budget gaming build
TV card lag
Floppy Disc Drive
TJ09-BW Rebate
About to pull the trigger
Flashing my Bios Problems/Cold Bug
Blue screen after tinkering with bios?
Does this offer for my computer look shady?
major heatsink/mobo issues..
A virtual business centre.
PC game controller
Broken hard drive temp sensor wire from an iMac G5, is it serious?
I Have A Question On Motherboard Memory Limitation
building budget gaming rig; need advice.
Overclocking After Upgrade :(
So.. i need advice. New build or 360?
Tired of computers?
building new gaming rig; need advice.
new build for processing, no gaming
What do you think of this budget system build? ABIT IP35-E, e2180
Compaq Presario V2000 Laptop Upgrade
basics of a cheap of computer
need help deciding what laptop to buy
Best universal remote
my first oc
Help on new system
Just got a FREE power mac G3... Whats next?
formatting text
3k to build a computer
So I broke my mouse, need another one.
Screensaver Software recommendations anyone?
will 520w be enough?
Wireless mouse recommendation?
Upgrade Advice - FX-60 Video Card Only or Entire System
A Few Questions Before My First Build...
CompTIA A+ essentials
Vacuuming around computer dangerous?
Question about SATA Dvd burners.
New build won't post
Booting without a case
buildling new rig, need some help
Motherboard/Ram Suggestions for new Setup
i am stuck! un expected upgrade
socket 478 ide help
Looking for some pricing info...
What to upgrade with the onset of COD:4 and Crysis
Keep my Rizr or use the nokia n80?
Need help over clocking GT5432
Article on P2P Network Poisoning
compact / mini keyboard.
PC for graphics student
whats the easiest way to get old files to new comp?
New Gaming Rig
think of buying this laptop but i know the guy posts here so PC is prolly fuct?
Please help - possible config problem
DVDRom - Piece came out, dangerous?
New Comp Advice just a "few" Qs
Does programs in RAM take up more power?
Microsoft says college students can 'steal' Office. Uh they HAVE been!
Ad-Blockers may be not totally legal?
graphic card problem
Help Needed - Upgrade Woes
Updating hardware for vista, appreciate feedback
How do I know I have killed the CPU?
2 box's 1 monitor
New computer - SLOW
Newly build system throws me out of the game
New build boots and sees all components but Vista can't see SATA HDD
iPod lifespan?
So I need a new case for this reservoir.
PC wouldn't boot...had to do some modding
Have you noticed? (newegg)
problems setting up a new (sort of) system
Would Appreciate Some Support
New computer - won't boot
Monitor shopping.
Name the Supercomputer win$, fame(sorta)
How do you guys take shots of your desktops?
using old ram and a newer mobo/cpu
DVD droor sticking any ideas?
Problem with reverting from Vista home to XP Pro
Car Power invertor -- run laptop in car
Whatever happened to Albatron?
need some advice on a budget build for my dad
need help!! pc wont boot.
Help with new build
This fan is annoying.
What to do with old P3 rig?
My job is a joke
Continuing Computer Woes...
brand new pc problem, driving me nuts!
Vista bootmgr problems...
Computer will only start w/o cpu HSF
which upgrade would be more valuble?
Explosion in PC
old comp wont start...
AHHH outta skrews... lol
I see a pc upgrade in the future.
Upgrade :)!!!
Idiotic Nub Question
What causes an “old” computer to slow down?
college =(
Strange series of problems
Question about bluetooth stack
Best wireless kb/mouse
First ever build - shorting out please help!
Time to bring new life into an old system and wanting some opinions
ATI Radeo 8500 - Fair Price?
PC Build Suggestions
light cords for psu?
Weird PC problem (advices needed)
Dropped HP ML350 Sever
Anyone handy with AS400?
computer turns on and off by itself!!
Help with new build
New C2/8800 Build
upgrading from 3000+a64 to 4000 - 5000a64 x2
Plextor 800A Help Pls!
Windows freezes, please help!!
ghettogeddys pc timeline
Bass-Hunter's New Comp
All sorts of problems with new rig
High end mice problems...
keeping gunk off of mouse
Slow loading
Computer randomly reboots
Price check, quick thread
System rebooting
time for a new system...
Revised setup, one last check before purchase
Which Certification First?
Good Camera?
upgrading my computer (need mobo/ram help)
Anyway to disable certain mouse buttons?
Monitor Issues
laptop wont turn on??
It's official
No signal to moniter HELP!
Digital Camera Repair
USB Noise?
Question re multiple MX Revolution mice
New AMD build using old Intel system HDD
New here with questions
ZM-MFC2 and Antec 900
What do you think would be best...
Going Rate for Used SKT 939 Gear
HW Questions
Low FPS and Slow Computer ( plz help)
System restarts under full load
Jobseeker Warning: Tech Pros Group
Well I did it
Great overclocking commercial
The Foolish things I've done...
My first rig - please review
KVM/USB/DVI-D and Gaming Perfs
New System, Good?
Budget Upgrade Options, 3500, x800pci-e...
Vista + CMD PCI-0649 Ultra DMA IDE Controller
graphics card + PSU for $200?
Need help with getting a new laptop
Help - Shuttle SN25P - issues
New PC Build from scratch. Come looky!
Computer acting crazy when I woke up (HJT Log inside)
Rough Idea
New build, looking for advice
Odd Problem
Opening up a LAN Center, please post opinions on Computer Specs!
1st new build in a long time. Please critque my hardware choices.
What acts as the sleep button for a laptop?
Swedish granny gets 40Gbps broadband line
Web admins.... Banner ad question
Can't OC anymore! :(
good cheap hosting
Installing OS on new HDD
OC help needed PLEASE
Okay, quite possibly a very stupid question.
Amazing OC experts help me finish my build so I can stop using my Mac
Best webcam
repair laptop
Help required
usb-lan adapter question
Server Questions
Where do I find an open pin ide cable
Keyboard - right shift types a Z?
Trying to put together a dirt cheap machine - will it work?
computer wont start at all
Two Minuses on Post code
My Dream PC Build
New build will not show bios
What would happen if a computer was run in a complete vacuum?
How to use Prime95 on a Q6600
BIOS for Different PC Question?
Onboard sound, no SPDIF, DvD playback
need good gaming surface
NAS enclosures bad for Hard Drives (due to heat)?
firewire question
Getting Logged out....
Is now a good time to upgrade?
Gateway Overclocking
Computer shuts down after about 7 seconds
New Build... What did I forget?
BSOD while installing Windows
help find me:really cheap scsi raid
New Computer
Question for you? ON & OFF
New Build/Repeat Reboots help!
Whats this worth ?
new build or wait?
No Post, Help!
New Upgrade
Video Rendering PC compatibility check
Computer won't display (but boots, i think)
Vista + Nvidia problems
Say you wanted to find a 24u rack
New build. Comments appreciated.
Computer Build :: NEED HELP *PLZ*
I think I've fried something...
anti static bag substitute
Is 50*c too hot for certain temps (also: speedfan questions)
UPS -> Angel or Devil
new computer
Overclocked LOL
super low budget comp, need help
WTH eBay? Can't search for completed listings?
needed ASAP: budget build CPU/mobo/mem/PSU NO oc'ing
Ultimate build
raid question
Look what I found in the metal dumpster!
New Cpu
Web Cam, Camera for recording little vids
"NEW" toys at school
internet/network problem
Weird Stability Issue. Please help me locate the problem.
upgrade advice...
Car stereo deck install, how hard at our tech level?
Opinions on new build?
ddr2 am2 question
$620... What would you get?
Woot! my egg order.....
What Now?