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Motherboard/Ram Suggestions for new Setup
i am stuck! un expected upgrade
socket 478 ide help
Looking for some pricing info...
What to upgrade with the onset of COD:4 and Crysis
Keep my Rizr or use the nokia n80?
Need help over clocking GT5432
Article on P2P Network Poisoning
compact / mini keyboard.
PC for graphics student
whats the easiest way to get old files to new comp?
New Gaming Rig
think of buying this laptop but i know the guy posts here so PC is prolly fuct?
Please help - possible config problem
DVDRom - Piece came out, dangerous?
New Comp Advice just a "few" Qs
Does programs in RAM take up more power?
Microsoft says college students can 'steal' Office. Uh they HAVE been!
Ad-Blockers may be not totally legal?
graphic card problem
Help Needed - Upgrade Woes
Updating hardware for vista, appreciate feedback
How do I know I have killed the CPU?
2 box's 1 monitor
New computer - SLOW
Newly build system throws me out of the game
New build boots and sees all components but Vista can't see SATA HDD
iPod lifespan?
So I need a new case for this reservoir.
PC wouldn't boot...had to do some modding
Have you noticed? (newegg)
problems setting up a new (sort of) system
Would Appreciate Some Support
New computer - won't boot
Monitor shopping.
Name the Supercomputer win$, fame(sorta)
How do you guys take shots of your desktops?
using old ram and a newer mobo/cpu
DVD droor sticking any ideas?
Problem with reverting from Vista home to XP Pro
Car Power invertor -- run laptop in car
Whatever happened to Albatron?
need some advice on a budget build for my dad
need help!! pc wont boot.
Help with new build
This fan is annoying.
What to do with old P3 rig?
My job is a joke
Continuing Computer Woes...
brand new pc problem, driving me nuts!
Vista bootmgr problems...
Computer will only start w/o cpu HSF
which upgrade would be more valuble?
Explosion in PC
old comp wont start...
AHHH outta skrews... lol
I see a pc upgrade in the future.
Upgrade :)!!!
Idiotic Nub Question
What causes an “old” computer to slow down?
college =(
Strange series of problems
Question about bluetooth stack
Best wireless kb/mouse
First ever build - shorting out please help!
Time to bring new life into an old system and wanting some opinions
ATI Radeo 8500 - Fair Price?
PC Build Suggestions
light cords for psu?
Weird PC problem (advices needed)
Dropped HP ML350 Sever
Anyone handy with AS400?
computer turns on and off by itself!!
Help with new build
New C2/8800 Build
upgrading from 3000+a64 to 4000 - 5000a64 x2
Plextor 800A Help Pls!
Windows freezes, please help!!
ghettogeddys pc timeline
Bass-Hunter's New Comp
All sorts of problems with new rig
High end mice problems...
keeping gunk off of mouse
Slow loading
Computer randomly reboots
Price check, quick thread
System rebooting
time for a new system...
Revised setup, one last check before purchase
Which Certification First?
Good Camera?
upgrading my computer (need mobo/ram help)
Anyway to disable certain mouse buttons?
Monitor Issues
laptop wont turn on??
It's official
No signal to moniter HELP!
Digital Camera Repair
USB Noise?
Question re multiple MX Revolution mice
New AMD build using old Intel system HDD
New here with questions
ZM-MFC2 and Antec 900
What do you think would be best...
Going Rate for Used SKT 939 Gear
HW Questions
Low FPS and Slow Computer ( plz help)
System restarts under full load
Jobseeker Warning: Tech Pros Group
Well I did it
Great overclocking commercial
The Foolish things I've done...
My first rig - please review
KVM/USB/DVI-D and Gaming Perfs
New System, Good?
Budget Upgrade Options, 3500, x800pci-e...
Vista + CMD PCI-0649 Ultra DMA IDE Controller
graphics card + PSU for $200?
Need help with getting a new laptop
Help - Shuttle SN25P - issues
New PC Build from scratch. Come looky!
Computer acting crazy when I woke up (HJT Log inside)
Rough Idea
New build, looking for advice
Odd Problem
Opening up a LAN Center, please post opinions on Computer Specs!
1st new build in a long time. Please critque my hardware choices.
What acts as the sleep button for a laptop?
Swedish granny gets 40Gbps broadband line
Web admins.... Banner ad question
Can't OC anymore! :(
good cheap hosting
Installing OS on new HDD
OC help needed PLEASE
Okay, quite possibly a very stupid question.
Amazing OC experts help me finish my build so I can stop using my Mac
Best webcam
repair laptop
Help required
usb-lan adapter question
Server Questions
Where do I find an open pin ide cable
Keyboard - right shift types a Z?
Trying to put together a dirt cheap machine - will it work?
computer wont start at all
Two Minuses on Post code
My Dream PC Build
New build will not show bios
What would happen if a computer was run in a complete vacuum?
How to use Prime95 on a Q6600
BIOS for Different PC Question?
Onboard sound, no SPDIF, DvD playback
need good gaming surface
NAS enclosures bad for Hard Drives (due to heat)?
firewire question
Getting Logged out....
Is now a good time to upgrade?
Gateway Overclocking
Computer shuts down after about 7 seconds
New Build... What did I forget?
BSOD while installing Windows
help find me:really cheap scsi raid
New Computer
Question for you? ON & OFF
New Build/Repeat Reboots help!
Whats this worth ?
new build or wait?
No Post, Help!
New Upgrade
Video Rendering PC compatibility check
Computer won't display (but boots, i think)
Vista + Nvidia problems
Say you wanted to find a 24u rack
New build. Comments appreciated.
Computer Build :: NEED HELP *PLZ*
I think I've fried something...
anti static bag substitute
Is 50*c too hot for certain temps (also: speedfan questions)
UPS -> Angel or Devil
new computer
Overclocked LOL
super low budget comp, need help
WTH eBay? Can't search for completed listings?
needed ASAP: budget build CPU/mobo/mem/PSU NO oc'ing
Ultimate build
raid question
Look what I found in the metal dumpster!
New Cpu
Web Cam, Camera for recording little vids
"NEW" toys at school
internet/network problem
Weird Stability Issue. Please help me locate the problem.
upgrade advice...
Car stereo deck install, how hard at our tech level?
Opinions on new build?
ddr2 am2 question
$620... What would you get?
Woot! my egg order.....
What Now?
Troubleshooting Question
I think WALMART gave me a virus/spyware
Finally- An upgrade at work!!
Budget PC buyers, remember that second hand goods rock
Help. Im over my budget. What should i cut down on?
First try at a build
New to Overclocking. Looking for Build Advice
Video Card Question
Curious: Build a comp for me
CCNA router/switch sims
HP/Compaq D530 Questions
New Pc help
New Gaming/Video Editing System... Review
Fan Controllers: n00b question
how much to ask for this setup
Quick Case/Vid Card Combo Question
New Card
where can i find an ethernet/phone/catv combo wall jack?
Careful bringing in old comps in your house!
Need suggestions for future build
Comp upgrade 500 HELP A NOOB
E6750 and GA-G33M-DS2R questions
About to purchase-Please Review
Sata hard drive mode - IDE or Achi?
Decent gaming keyboard with media keys?
Ideas on my new build
How to tell if your drive is in SATA 1.5 or SATA 3.0 mode?h
Any help would be greatly apreatiated
Looking for general feelings on this new build
The cravings
To sell or not to sell...
Help Needed on 3Dmark06
Build Review
What Upgrades will help in DVD/XVID/DIVX Encoding Times?
Questions for the upgrade experts
PC parts help
New mouse time, recomendations requested
pci express bus speed
no boot. dead hardware?
Why do you NEED quad core?
Building a new PC
Monster.com Data Breach, approximately 1.6 million records being 'stolen'
Computer here, tv over there. How do I do it?
Need help with a mouse problem...
New System build comments and advice (please!) welcome
cpu fan
No Video at all on 478 Socket
Problem starting up pc....
Ok, a problem with my DVD/CD drives in XP
upgrading my computer, need advice
A choice is before me...
XP vs Linux
Wtf happend?
Bios........................... BANG
PC parts
New Rig (comments, anything missing, future proof?)
Rig quit working...need help troubleshooting
Is SATA Hot Swapable? Can I plug & unplug the SATA data cable while the PC is on?
Stop error on install of XP with eVGA T1 board.
Upgrading my second rig
Is something wrong with my razer copperhead?
Speaker Cabling
Anyplace I can upload 2-3mb images for free?
Dual CPU Issues
$444 and $777 Rigs evaluation
Just purchased an Xps720.
Looking for the Cheapist Q6600 + 680i Motherboard
Seattle-based Apple conference for OS X Leopard?
Driver Issue
Logitech G9!
Random Crashing
X3210 Rig : opinions?
New Build (what do you think/ideas)
$600 build
Friends with money
Windows wont boot?
New rig build advices
Traveling on PLANE with computer
Using primary optical drive causes computer to lag
Light Controller
2 week course for MCSE
help me get a HTPC
Silent HD???
CODECs? I need the latest and greatest...where do I find them?
Dead PSU?
Laptop Opinions
Barcelona vs Penryn& Other Technology
htpc and satellite. HELP *long with cliffs*
Where is the store ?
Sony 'Entertainment', WTF?!
Building a HTPC
Whats a good air cooler?
Good PPC/WM5 Software?
Best MB for Server use?
Pentium vs Celeron
Half of my internet works?
Overclockers UK is banning members who post at overcockers. Discuss.
Overclockers' Favourite Movies Thread!
Modem troubles?
fan controllers
Furstrating Mouse Problem :(
stupid search button, cant get rid of it
Network optimal speed
Hev and Hev Calculator
Good Overclocking/Cooling case?
Linux questions?
my dialup modem is too slow :(
What monitor for B-day?
Computer Tech
Do NOT buy from unitedmicro.com
Stress Testing
Speaker Advice....
Athlon 64 3200+ vs AMD Opteron
Overclocking Question?
Best Canadian Supplier
is 91% isopropyl good enough?
<Rant> Prices at compusa
9200SE VS fx 5200 asap
Help something wrong with memory?
does ebuyer ship to USA ?
How to Make a router box
Where do you guys buy boxes to ship your parts...
My room and the home network "wall"
Steam Registry Files
Will 550w be enough for 4 hardrives plus water cooling setup?
Is Bluetooth Better than Standard Wireless Technology
I'm done with Linksys
SATA Raid controller cards...
CDroms dont show up in Winxp anymore (posible virus or worm)
Amd Or Intel !! Help !!
Is CS the best teambased fps game?
Sig guide
Ah.. another relationship thread. =/ (maybe a little more venting...)
Building a case from scratch
Best Online Text-Based Game
Help Me Choose An Athlon 64 + Motherboard (754)
network question please enter
The most BS you will ever read
OK lets hear about this new "Cell" processor that is coming out.
Japan order sites?
Want to upgrade my Dell CPI laptop hard drive
ebay seller skrewed up, what should i do?
When are they going to make Noise Cancelling Speakers for the Masses?
Ripped my CPU out, is it ok??
A question I "have to" ask
Changing laptop cpu
Little internet problem...
WANTED: Voltage monitor proggy
How to Clean out programs/files on PC?
Looking to get a laptop....
How to get a gif animation to show in my avatar?
dont like winxp sp2? too bad, take it anyway!
System restore crashes
Notebook question
question about adobe premier 6.5 ?
Partition Question
Overclocking 3200 64bit
Notebook for college
Guess where I am (56k warning, lots of pics)
xbox 360 logo
calculator programing
Timings VS Clock Speed?
Opinion of Acer Laptops
When can we expect the dual cores to come out??
Buying new Monitor Thursday - do they make a difference ?
Summer Cooling Upgrades (PICS!!!) - [56K Beware]
Need to install promise/via sata drivers for my raptor on linux install?
Ram issue
PSU screaming at me, along with other things
2 part speaker question
how often does your room look like this?
Is the 12v output of computers PSU's equal to 12v output of a car's battery?
Quick PSU question
Please critique my website...
PSU Information Sources
DVD Burner Recomendations
How do I remove Arctic Silver?
laptops' power consumption
wireless router to wireless router to xbox
In the market for an MP3 player, need some help choosing
Help!! winXP won't load......:(
router problems..
Help me find this internal flash card reader!?
DVD Drive Acting Weird
wow.... this retailer
I need a Case for my black iPod Nano
TFT for Uni
heatsink cleaning?
Ok I broke this "black thing" on my ASUS P5LD2 Mobo :\
Mosfet Heatsinks...
Mach Speed TRIO Portable MP3 Player tweaks?
Web Accelator for google!!
Printer Servers
DFI Lanparty UT NF3 or Chaintech VNF3
Can the Big Typhoon be transplanted?
Looking for a slim motherboard...
Asrock mobo issue
gaming headphones
???Computer Failed Memtest86! What Now???
Opteron or X2...
Video card battles. questions and question
Looking to buy a 15" Flatscreen Panel - what do you guys recommend?
DVD writer suggestions
help with the catalyst control center
Hooking up 5.1 Surround Sound..
What vendors in UK?
Windows xp professional x64?
raid 5 software under win2k3 question
opteron 880's
7800GT fan is very loud...
Is this Hard Drive any good
Need Help w/ RAID Problems
I need a camera!
Need help finding HP drivers for someone
Easy song to learn on a guitar
(isue resolved)OT: TigerDirect??!?
How would you personify a malfunctioning pc?
Old LCD Problems
klipsch 5.1 surround.. no sound, any help?
Socket 939 or AM2?
Best Wireless Router?
Molex Remover Tools
pci raid card bottleneck?
Digi Cam Recommendation
Ipod Nano just says "do not disconnect" when plugged to PC
bios editor - motherboard
msi k9n neo
MP3 player
Cannot read Hard Drive - RAW?
windows won't see my SATA drive
What should I do for sound?
Notebook HDD not recognizing all of its HDD space.
My laptop cd drive isn't working correctly.
Windows processes.....
Did ati realize what they just did to alt tabbers in 3d apps?
Can't get my video camera to work on my comp!!
250gb seagate hdd
Windows booting *incredibly* slow with multi HDD...?
Anyone see the new ipods?
Dual Core and DVD Copying
JY-HD10U High Def Camcorder
WoW Buddies ... ?
What to set page file to?
my computer is over heating
Woot! Microsoft Zune! Preordered One :)
Setting up sony KDL-40XBR3 television
Your input is wanted.
Internet explorer 7 is ruining my life!!!
Favorite enrgy drink
Laptop survey
Upgrading your operating system. (vista mostly) easy as pulling teeth?
Need help from W. Coast USA people! -Update- James Kim's body found :(
cooling gpu's
which dvd-rw burner to get hmm...
Need Solar Power for Laptop
Even MORE evidence that Blu-Ray is dead.
networking problem
cannot open ports....
DDR2 800, with a 1066 FSB CPU??
WINDOWS media center major help
Need help Choosing RAM for CPU build
It's time to get a new monitor.....suggestionstasks! :)
laptop question
Hard disk issue
There has to be something better than speedfan.
Overclocking an xp2800 on an A7n8x-x mobo
HTPC for my family
Vista Retail and OEM?
new sata 2 drive is running slow
BIOS settings and performance
Lite-on 20x dvd burner
Need cd door and card reader for antec aria.
Is there a way to make Windows webpages go full sreen every time in IE7.0?
Bios question
should i switch to FIOS
Performance diff in RAID 5 with these 2 cards
I have some questions about RAM.
Burning a Boot up CDROM!
Which PSU should I buy?
Have a question about a system i wanna buy..
Gathering Data NOW
CPU for a Asus P2B-LS
want to upgrade from p3 750
Voodoo 4500 question
963 what the?
PSU Question
IP Address