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? for MCSE and the like
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Help picking components
mp3 player
Jumper power connectors...
What do you do with the stuff you buy here?
New Rig - Everything OK
~$1100 rig for college and mid-level gaming.
~$1100 rig for college and mid-level gaming.
Help me choose a laptop.
Fast writing 2GB USB Drives
I dont think i will fit
Loads of random issues, any ideas?
Would it be cheap to import from US to UK
Vista on desktop and laptop - Legal?
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Bad news everyone :(
Do I have enough power?
ummm will they work ?
$1000 Build for my father
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Critque My Rig
What are YOU waiting for?
Is this a good setup?
Why Bother with a 22incher when i got this
Medium rare anyone?
[help!] display errors!!
OS free lappy??? where can i get one??
It's been a while
Laptop for college - Mac or Windows?
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Controller Panel
Question on what you would choose
MSI motherboard keeps going into safe mode
Your Best Build Tips
New Laptop - Vista Trial software crap, question
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Wireless Keyboard - diNovo
good "best-bang-for-the-buck" system build
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This enough?
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troubleshooting PCI-E slot
Where can i find this fan controller?
bad bios flash
NewEgg's Tenneesse tax exemption weekend
Hardware failure - CPU or Motherboard issue?
Building a New Rig Advice Please
I need a medic here!
My PSU will support a 8800Ultra, right?
sons college rig for next year
Logitech G7 ROCKS!
troubleshoot my new PC!!!! BSOD at bootup
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New mid range Build
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??Matrix Storage Event Monitor service??
computer wiring
Project SLI 8800ultras
Some advice please: College/IT degree or Certs?
Overclockable or not
Putting together a new system (for $500?)
Mid-level-ish build, need to shave some off the price.
Postscript driver for printer
Ordered Parts - any wires or anything missing?
Is anyone using an MSI P6n SLI Platinum and a 8800GTS?
Dilemma with laptop *sigh*
What should I upgrade next?
Swiftech MCW-30 Vs. Thermalright HR-05
I need budget gaming rig help please!
Very weird computer issue, need help asap
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Bandiwdth confusion
What is the difference between thermal COMPOUND and thermal GREASE?
New Benchmarking Suite
General troubleshooting steps for instability?
Mid Range system...
Preventing scratches on your cd
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Mounting Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme to GA-P35C-DS3R mobo
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Best Bluetooth Mouse
New computer with water (will it work?)
Keyboards: Wireless or not?
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2 Rigs - HTPC & Media Storage
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Urgent! Turned on computer, cpu fan didnt start spinning.
Can I boot a pc without the harddrive?
Potential Driver installation issues?
Driver Installation help
Ocforums being represented on HBO :D
Who wouldn't want this monster?
Does dell subcontract warranty work?
Logitech G9 and new Logitech G15 on Gizmodo
Speakers Crackle
CPU bottleneck?
List: What seems like overkill?
Booting problem
HELP-After putting Arctic Silver 5, do I remove the paste that came on the heatsink?
Temp and Voltage Monitoring Software?
Ready to kill someone at dell..where do i go from here?
how much do you think..
svchost taking tons of memory...
what's my problem!?
fan controller / temp. sensor
Need help with upgrde? (CPU or GPU)
600-700 Rig
Sweaty Chinese Man Electrocuted By Computer
Some advice
Audio driver problem.
Somewhat new to OCForums
So, I'll decide to post here....
Need a gaming keyboard
My First/New Build
AGP upgrade >.<
I just got my G15 keyboard and I can't get...
yet another new build by me, budget rig for a friend.
I hate to ask this question...
optmal system for <$1k
Don't you hate mixed product reviews...
Vista Sound Help please
ATI Tool, Artifacts at stock settingsq
UPS Recommendations
System just kinda..passed out
A7N8X-X not powering up.
odd reboot issue with OC'ed Q6600
Help : Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk And Press Enter
New Machine - Feedback Please
$2000 budget rig
New member, new systems, etc etc.
Build now, or wait for Penryn + 9800?
pc problem
Need help deciding on some components. QX6850
Opinions on a new system
KVM switch problems
2000 dollar Rig - Final hopefully
Trusted Platform Module 1.2 Could not start (Code 10)
Check my CMOS/BIOS screens... everything look OK?
P5k not booting windows...
MX518 vs G5v2?
Best keyboard and mouse (wireless)
Need help picking parts for budget build.
Started My Build!
$1700 RIG Advise Needed
My new pc!
weird problem with new computer startup
Computer won't turn on... can't figure it out
Overclocking Software/Drivers !!!
Dvd drive not seeing dvds?
Has overclocking gone mainstream?
Placing a computer near the balcony door - good idea?
Fiber Optic cables easier to tap... Scary stuff
Is there a guide to assembling a new computer?
Last minute suggestions?
An act befitting service
Weird problem
Video/sound issue and $700 rig
About Computer Hardware in General
Black Google Would Save 750 Megawatt-hours/Year
need some advice selecting parts for my brother's new rig
Sig question
YAY cpu wont overclock after 1/2 a year
Need CPU/Memory/Mobo advice
Time to build a new rig...
Buying a system soon, have questions about memory, cpu, cooling...
Need a bit of help - Troubleshooting
Looking for advice on my system
Awful 3dMark06 Score
Sync iPod with new install
diagnosing a problem
Best Wood.
new computer for OC newb
Question on how to play 360 on laptop screen.
Ordering tommorow, need your confirmation on this build please.
Hard disk image to a DVD?
Yeah...new build, but ATI or Nvidia? (+ other questions)
Dell Poweredge 2300
Nearly there - few last things needed...
System botteneck?
Parts list recomendations
Stupid question regarding connecting to the DSL modem.
"disc burner or software not found" in itunes
$1700 for Gaming rig , Where to spend extra cash?
: ( I have no Idea
Help me set my rigs straight
Random shut downs now no boot
Critique and recommendations on new build
Teething problems with new rig
System turning off when running graphics intensive games
Suggestions on next upgrade?
Use Sony DCR-SR42 as a Webcam?
Friends PC, Ordering tonight... hopefully.
Would comcast let me run a (game) server? Or could they find out?
Difference about p4 1.9ghz to athlon 3200+
Almost Final Parts - please put in your two cents
Deformed hands because of games
*Advanced* Boot Problems :(
What could revolutionize computers?
Critique/HELP!!!: Issues with my new gaming/multimedia rig
I'm in heaven!!
Upgrading PC for a Friend... (On the cheap)
Critique my new build... Gaming Build
Which videocard do you recommend? If any..
Solving general hardware failure issues
System will not boot.
Logitech Battery Warning NAG popup
plugs not fitting into back of computer case
Strange Problem!!!!!!
Megalo's build
New Laptop, did I make a mistake
APC XS 1300 Uninterruptible Power Supply
noob question
Help me diag BSOD-physical memory dump
HIS Hightech Radeon 2600XT
System I'm running and...
Idea's whats going on in my NAS Comp?
What should I do!?
Is it a bad time to build a new PC? Please need advice.
PSU advice (and some more)
PCIe backwards compatibility?
Yuri's new build
New build
milk spill?
Finished putting my system together, and...
pc was working fine now wont get past post, plase help.
New Server in the works
new SLI computer
Does anyone remember the exact sound Dial-Up makes?
Newb - Looking to do first build
Perfect I told you So for PC's
No com1 in my mobo, but I need it, any solution?
3DMarks, Overclocks & Hardware
how much has your rig changed within the last year?
Small fireserver
75-year-old likely set Internet speed record
The Touch-sensitive/Infrared Sci-Fi'ish PC future?
Final specs of new system
What to do with my old PC ?
Lexmark Drivers?
Is it possible I can get into the IT/IS field?
Car inverter and laptop
Wooo my new build , Few Q's. 1450
college credits toward certs
70% isopropyl, conductive?
Should I take CCNA cert ?
$1000 PC
[G-0 stepping] What is it?
New video card=more crashes? and a random question
Recording XBOX 360 Via PC
Best Gaming Keyboard
RAM to finish out my system?
Poured Coffee on MX-1000
Odd OEM combination
First OC build for a friend
Need advice on a new build
500 dollar box
BSOD hardware related?
RIAA sues woman, woman wins nearly 70k USD
German hurls computer from apartment block; Police: 'Who hasn't felt like doing that?
Interesting take on the iPhone
Do you know where Tom Leufken is?
What do you guys use for gaming mice?
Purchasing a new laptop..
Does Standby Mode Help Save Energy? And Is It Bad?
$900 Build With DX10 Video - Possible?
Bored with my gaming rig.
Permanently Change BIOS Defaults
new upgrade suffering from BSOD
New motherboard & GPU, stop error
Data Corruption
Post July 22nd Build
New printer!
Coputer certifications
Worth upgrading?
newb in need of help
Stretchy wire sleeving?
What Computer would you build with no budget!
Help diagnosing a PC problem...
Ram being recognized
Why Computers Sometimes Crash! By Dr. Seuss.
Impossible to boot into os
PCB friendly glue or themal glue needed
The Tornado
Wireless Draft N Interference w/ Mouse and Audio
Question: Mobo / Case
What should I do????!
Revised and need help
Advice/Suggestions on Laser Printer
Intel P4 2.8GHz, ATi 9800Pro, 1gb DDR400 - Bottleneck?
AMD upgrade or Intel Upgrade? Both inside...
Fireproof safe for HDD?
Advice - toasted my motherboard.
New Hard Disc - Internet Problems
The neverending computer problem...
Altitude Setting on Laser Printers?
What to do?
Spec for a cheap machine
Advice puchasing Wacom style tablet
Anyone else get bugged with hacker stereotypes?
seperating a CPU from a Stock cooler
Saitek Eclipse 2 not working with Vista
opt1 fan jack explosion :)
I finally sold my old PC... Time for a new one!
Printer is offsetting prints
Build I will be doing
Looking for opinions on upgrade. Looking for value
Noise Filters
Email Server Harware Requirements Estimate
Vote what bat computer upgrades
Keyboard Recommendadtions
Linksys Wireless PCI card not supported under Vista??
My turn! new build
Logitech reinvents the Mouse = remote?
How much should i buy these for ?
New custom PC won't boot - Help :P
Another PC Problem
Help me build a computer.
Lots of research and questions here - Custom Rig
Burner Issues
Help Me Find the Cheapest Route to Core2Duo!
Sound Stopped Working
Freshly Built Machine
When do i know its 100% Stable?
sry another new build but with research
Oh Sh*t! Please help ;(
Need advice to finish this rig....
Air Conditioning
HP Code Purple Error?
ok... NEW BUILD...
It has begun...
Anyway to controll the power of a server?
Good cheap video card
How much could I get for my old PC?
Value Conroe System- 1300$
One for the linux fans
UV Lighting... without the "lighting"
Budget Conroe system?
Older Mobo Died - Time for a new computer - Check my list.
You think i need to get a new computer?
Good FPS mouse
New Build - Need Suggestions!
looking for upgrade suggestions...
Funny Apple RMA story
Help needed, lock up issue (but not completly locked up)
G7 Drivers ?
64bit PCI-x/100 converted to 32bit/66? Possible?
Can't get pc stable.
Impatience to upgrade
Computer crashing from sound programs?
First time build question on RAM
Phone voicemail with over 100+ message capacity?
Random Shutdown
FAN CONTROLLER giving constant voltage???!!!!
Which RAZER should i get ?
PC acting up, won't run 3D games? Help!
Bluetooth Headset not loud enough, can I fix that?
My Very First "Help My Pc Won't Boot!" Thread
Problem booting up new PC
Sudden shutdown oddity
Asus is gonna split the company
What's stock, and what's safe? (955x)
What's worse than having to buy a new system?
Computer doesn't boot with SATA
USB Hub Vs. Multiple USB Ports
System won't power on. Need help!
I hate Split Orders!
two separate multipliers for two separate cores!?
Computer Crashes / Memory ?
Iphone reviews?
Problems with HP laptop
Computer flashes off than on
New system
Sharp LC-46XD1E.....
Flash drive as a boot drive?
I'm proposing building our own computers at my company
Mobo/Vid card Dilemma... Help!
Driver Problems with Vista
Built new comp, won't turn on.
Samsung Digi Camera battery problems
Need feedback/suggestions on this upgrade
High quality tape
Help placing order needed
Good KVM?
Belkin USB KVM Sucks
Razr: unable to charge via usb
Help me pick an automotve GPS unit
Best battery backup
I am Done...
new build, need help
Need help identifying a Cap
Building a new PC need help
Upgrade 101 Questions
finally going for my new upgrades
lniking computers like a server?
quick help, ordering today
Need help with hardware
Automotive GPS
problems with my computer during boot and random times
Blunders of a New Build or Hardware Upgrade
New rig won't even display a post
Computer problem - Help me isolate the source.
Am I losing my mind?
New guy building a new rig!
big problems :(
Windows Feedback Panel - Has anybody tried it?
First time OC'er: let me get this straight...
First ever build questions
New computer BSODs and restarts when installing programs/drivers/etc.
Old school: How to get data from an MFM hard drive?
Converting AVI format with special encode on Win ME to XP
Need av rack 3 computers, 360, dvr and a receiver.
My New $1000ish A64 x2 Gaming rig
I pulled the trigger!
New build
Built a rig from scratch in 2mins (time lapse video)
Overclocking and oc'n the graphics card
How Good Can It Get?
Cheap computer set-up
Build for friend $2500-3000
What did this guy do?
Inexpensive Computer I'm Building, Any Suggestions?
DVD/CD drive won't work
STILL having computer problems even after RMA
How fast is your PC? 30 sec test
Need to replace CPU heatsink fan?
Windows Fully Loads Then Freezes
POST but No Boot
File Corruption Woes
Dual X-Plorers
New build, no POST or power
OK gals and guys! I'm about to press that big red shiny button!
Router problem
Need a Build 4 next month