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In the market for an MP3 player, need some help choosing
Help!! winXP won't load......:(
router problems..
Help me find this internal flash card reader!?
DVD Drive Acting Weird
wow.... this retailer
I need a Case for my black iPod Nano
TFT for Uni
heatsink cleaning?
Ok I broke this "black thing" on my ASUS P5LD2 Mobo :\
Mosfet Heatsinks...
Mach Speed TRIO Portable MP3 Player tweaks?
Web Accelator for google!!
Printer Servers
DFI Lanparty UT NF3 or Chaintech VNF3
Can the Big Typhoon be transplanted?
Looking for a slim motherboard...
Asrock mobo issue
gaming headphones
???Computer Failed Memtest86! What Now???
Opteron or X2...
Video card battles. questions and question
Looking to buy a 15" Flatscreen Panel - what do you guys recommend?
DVD writer suggestions
help with the catalyst control center
Hooking up 5.1 Surround Sound..
What vendors in UK?
Windows xp professional x64?
raid 5 software under win2k3 question
opteron 880's
7800GT fan is very loud...
Is this Hard Drive any good
Need Help w/ RAID Problems
I need a camera!
Need help finding HP drivers for someone
Easy song to learn on a guitar
(isue resolved)OT: TigerDirect??!?
How would you personify a malfunctioning pc?
Old LCD Problems
klipsch 5.1 surround.. no sound, any help?
Socket 939 or AM2?
Best Wireless Router?
Molex Remover Tools
pci raid card bottleneck?
Digi Cam Recommendation
Ipod Nano just says "do not disconnect" when plugged to PC
bios editor - motherboard
msi k9n neo
MP3 player
Cannot read Hard Drive - RAW?
windows won't see my SATA drive
What should I do for sound?
Notebook HDD not recognizing all of its HDD space.
My laptop cd drive isn't working correctly.
Windows processes.....
Did ati realize what they just did to alt tabbers in 3d apps?
Can't get my video camera to work on my comp!!
250gb seagate hdd
Windows booting *incredibly* slow with multi HDD...?
Anyone see the new ipods?
Dual Core and DVD Copying
JY-HD10U High Def Camcorder
WoW Buddies ... ?
What to set page file to?
my computer is over heating
Woot! Microsoft Zune! Preordered One :)
Setting up sony KDL-40XBR3 television
Your input is wanted.
Internet explorer 7 is ruining my life!!!
Favorite enrgy drink
Laptop survey
Upgrading your operating system. (vista mostly) easy as pulling teeth?
Need help from W. Coast USA people! -Update- James Kim's body found :(
cooling gpu's
which dvd-rw burner to get hmm...
Need Solar Power for Laptop
Even MORE evidence that Blu-Ray is dead.
networking problem
cannot open ports....
DDR2 800, with a 1066 FSB CPU??
WINDOWS media center major help
Need help Choosing RAM for CPU build
It's time to get a new monitor.....suggestionstasks! :)
laptop question
Hard disk issue
There has to be something better than speedfan.
Overclocking an xp2800 on an A7n8x-x mobo
HTPC for my family
Vista Retail and OEM?
new sata 2 drive is running slow
BIOS settings and performance
Lite-on 20x dvd burner
Need cd door and card reader for antec aria.
Is there a way to make Windows webpages go full sreen every time in IE7.0?
Bios question
should i switch to FIOS
Performance diff in RAID 5 with these 2 cards
I have some questions about RAM.
Burning a Boot up CDROM!
Which PSU should I buy?
Have a question about a system i wanna buy..
Gathering Data NOW
CPU for a Asus P2B-LS
want to upgrade from p3 750
Voodoo 4500 question
963 what the?
PSU Question
IP Address
Homemade TIVO
nvidia drivers in winXP
Overclocking Soyo sy-7vca-e MB
O/Cing Soltek DRV2 and XP1800+
Virus software for XP
KR7A-Raid not posting
Shuttle AK3.1
M766lmrt dual 350 or 800mhz
Looking for compaq power supply
Asus Mobo
New XP2k steppings.....Good/Bad?
problem with abit bd7
Tyan AMD board
HELP! p3 at 104?!?
best temp program?
P4 questions....
Arghhh I Got Ripped Off!
overclocking on a Biostar M7VIB
xp 1600 overclock help!!!!
SCSI on Redhat.....help!!!
best board for athlon xp?
experience with MSI K7N420 - anyone?
Best P4 Cooler
Liquid Cooling!
which CPU to use.....?
ata 100 drive cable
Why is my harddrive F:?
CD Burners look here - New Update
Is 350 watts enough?
What is FOLDING?!?!?!!?!
My CD-ROM Drive just ATE MY ******* CD!!!!!!
rounded cable advice
How to do a Low LVL format????
psu question
help against hacker??
How to tell AGOIA stepping?
Bigger PowerSupply?
The P4 "B" Series. How is it's overclocking?
Overclocking ABit VH6-II, P3 1GHz
3d Mark2001
memory will only hit 155 :(
Power supply blew up. WtF!!
enough power?
Dragon Mobo???????
WTF is folding???
Can't get squat outa my Samsung DDR
my new computer specs
For those of you folding:
What plug for which drive?? confused....
No CD-ROM!!!!
dual boot on RAID-0
What athlon xp's will work on a ECS K7S5A
Asus p4b533-v or p4b533
Sandra Hard Drive Test Scores (pretty low)
What is Wrong with My Level 1 Cache
3DMark 2001 score horrendously low...what to do?
What Should I Use to make my Cables look Purty
5.1 Sound??? Driver alternatices?
Capacitors become pregnant
Best EPoX MB
yikes! bad ram!
my keys are sticky!
cannot install OS
i need some Cooling
Help!!!! Stuck at 16 color!
Enableing write cache on disk?
DMA and PIO settings confusion
Problem with K7S5A Flash.
Nvidia Nv30?
Help me spend 150 uk
[H]ard|OCP & the cover-up
Duron 1.1 reaching 1.36 locked
optimize for best performance
USB or ethernet
Transparent Menus, anyone?
Help updating BIOS
Mouse Keeps Freezing~
i wonder if anyone would help little me.........
internet explorer problem
Building a pc right NOW!!!
How to fix my keyboard?
Newby Motherboard install Question
how to clean used thermal pad from cpu??
Opinions on components here please.
3.06 intel fan direction
Athlong 2100+ safe OC reccomendations (advice please)
Greedy DOS programs
My monitor screams when I turn it on
Any RUMORS about when 15ms 19" LCD come out?
CRT Monitor with high refresh rates at high res.
Digital Pics from video camera...?
I need to buy new 3D glasses.
best gaming monitor
Shuttle SN41G2 and video
LCD glasses.
what resoluton do you use
Serial ATA
2100+ rated as 1500+ in bios
nForce 2 motherboard?
What is with the ultra 1337 Counter-Strike admins?
Poll: Monitor Refresh Rate
Linux Question...
Sick of slow Dial Up??
ok.. how would you um.. spraypaint your monitor?
Why is my 3Dmark score so low?
My post moved to general dissusion questions, i don have 100 posts i cant view it now
OCG needs your vote
Sennheiser Mx500?
sorry dont kno where to post this....
How often do you shut down your computer?
Tell me why this wouldn't work.
New Rig For Someone ~5 Years Behind on Tech... Suggestions?
Need a little help picking parts for a new PC, first time builder
Compatibility Issues & Overclocking
NOT GOOD, really not good
First Build Advice
Way.. way... Old computer
Raising Copper Prices = No More Great GPU Clocks?
Overiding Software Minimum Screen Requirements
best value printer
Best Method of OverClocking For These Components?
$500 build for photoshop and some games
Computer Does Not Turn On :(
laptop upgrading
need help, strange problem
keypad's plus and enter keys do something totally different
Just built a PC through newegg, turns on for a few seconds, shuts off...
FireWire cable into USB Headers?
Review the Parts i Chose for my New Rig Please
Looking for good gaming mouse
New Build
USA Site shipping to UK
Computer hangs then restarts
Windows wont boot because of a service
Wanna' help me plan a build? High-performance but quiet and efficient desired
Hard Drive Power Preferences
Ultimate Cheap Ba$tard Compressor
what type of monitor is best?
New Build
Fix a warped motherboard?
How much is this worth?
Computer won't POST with nothing attached
Mass Media copier?
Upgrading a Dell
Changed my homepage after probably 5 years, what is yours?
SATA or Parallel for DVD Burning?
high pitched squeal
OC Forums benchmarking team video
PSU Cable sleeving.
Build for college.
Budget Build ~$1000
Hot-Swap on ICH9R (gigabyte ga-p35-dq6)
Problems with my 8800GTX
My Web Server
A+ cert questions
Help me build a new computer
Time for the build Im affraid
Are expensive mouses like the G5 worth it?
BSOD on new machine
cable proble,, its an emergency!!
Custom Built Ebay Computer
DVD Burner Wont Read Cds Anymore?
Shipping question
HTPC Case Recommendation
Budget build $700
CDG/Karaoke Software
Computer Hope Quiz
Need a bit of help for a project for someone...
8800GTX no signal
not getting any picture
where do i find pictures i looked at on the internet
PC idiosyncrasies... (runs OK around expert tech, always crashes around noobs)
101 ways to release the magic blue smoke...
Is my power supply dying?
major problems with new computer. wont turn on
first build no post no video
So what is your opion of this laptop?
How are the gateway FX530 Pcs?
Certified at 16?
P5K Deluxe Weird Bootup Problem (Please Help!)
Multiple hardware using one USB port?
socket A to socket AM2
Am i doing what i should be to be in the IT industry?
Wire managment update
cheap places to buy pc parts
Finally, my build list!
help??!? strange display problem
Sun Servers?
Something is using 100% of both cores...
Build Critique
Thermalright HR-03 Plus VGA Cooler - Retail
Computer Won't POST
A newbie overclocking guide... found!
issue with my brothers laptop
upgraded CPU, having problems.
Relatively new computer won't get pasts BIOS
Old pc giving me trouble
The color blue doesn't work with two printers and maybe a scanner
Advice on a REALLY quiet PSU for a Water Build
Which is the better heat sink thermal compound for a laptop?
Quick question on a laser writer with noisy power characteristics
Overclocking and hard drive failure
Looking to build a decent rig
Logitech Setpoint 4.0 Issues
Glad to be back......again!
Thunderstorms, Lightning and Computers
How much does DUST damage your hardware?
how do i install a mouse with a square plug
Building new computer
Processor Upgraded But Still Not Upgradad
Comp Help
Need optimum settings
Selling Assorted Hardware - Need a Price Quote
New Computer, Need advice.
How much better will it look?
Is now a good or bad time to buy?
minumum requirements for a file server?
DVD-RW drive turns into cd drive with disc inserted
Confusion about Bluetooth
Advice on this rig ASAP!
What do you call
Looking to build cheap intel rig
Is it my Mobo????
Monitor/Video randomly shut off, but computer still running?
MCE keyboard wont type words?? Weird
New Comp not working?
fan and switch questions
Please advise me on this build
? for MCSE and the like
Build advice, a retro Quake 2 - UT era PC.
Advice - CPU
new rig
Advice on budget re-build
Randon reboots...
Fans Run, No Display, No Beeps, No HD Head Movement
Putting together an mATX system; Want to help?
Need SCSI cable
What the hell kind of webcam is this?
Looking for a good Fan Controller :)
Any good Canadian stores?
Could use some advice on computer build
Graphics card query
ARGH! I can't get my computer to boot up no matter what I replace
Random Reboots
Nothing shows on screen(ALL PARTS BRAND NEW)
Computer desks...
Help picking components
mp3 player
Jumper power connectors...
What do you do with the stuff you buy here?
New Rig - Everything OK
~$1100 rig for college and mid-level gaming.
~$1100 rig for college and mid-level gaming.
Help me choose a laptop.
Fast writing 2GB USB Drives
I dont think i will fit
Loads of random issues, any ideas?
Would it be cheap to import from US to UK
Vista on desktop and laptop - Legal?
Motherboard topped out....
arrgh - Continuous beep on startup!
Advice Time - Motherboard
Grounding Yourself - Help Please
New build issues
Putting Together Budget Gaming Rig
Bad news everyone :(
Do I have enough power?
ummm will they work ?
$1000 Build for my father
Friend's rig for Uni in September
Critque My Rig
What are YOU waiting for?
Is this a good setup?
Why Bother with a 22incher when i got this
Medium rare anyone?
[help!] display errors!!
OS free lappy??? where can i get one??
It's been a while
Laptop for college - Mac or Windows?
New Build
Controller Panel
Question on what you would choose
MSI motherboard keeps going into safe mode
Your Best Build Tips
New Laptop - Vista Trial software crap, question
Running laptop 24/7
Help us win the TigerDirect Intel Contest!
Minimum requirements for a file server?
Wireless Keyboard - diNovo
good "best-bang-for-the-buck" system build
Anyone have this trio?
This enough?
Power usage
troubleshooting PCI-E slot
Where can i find this fan controller?
bad bios flash
NewEgg's Tenneesse tax exemption weekend
Hardware failure - CPU or Motherboard issue?
Building a New Rig Advice Please
I need a medic here!
My PSU will support a 8800Ultra, right?
sons college rig for next year
Logitech G7 ROCKS!
troubleshoot my new PC!!!! BSOD at bootup
Check PCIE in windows?
New mid range Build
Computer suddenly doesn't boot
??Matrix Storage Event Monitor service??
computer wiring
Project SLI 8800ultras
Some advice please: College/IT degree or Certs?
Overclockable or not
Putting together a new system (for $500?)
Mid-level-ish build, need to shave some off the price.
Postscript driver for printer
Ordered Parts - any wires or anything missing?
Is anyone using an MSI P6n SLI Platinum and a 8800GTS?
Dilemma with laptop *sigh*
What should I upgrade next?
Swiftech MCW-30 Vs. Thermalright HR-05
I need budget gaming rig help please!
Very weird computer issue, need help asap
Is it legal to buy windows XP used?
Problem with new build
Bandiwdth confusion
What is the difference between thermal COMPOUND and thermal GREASE?
New Benchmarking Suite
General troubleshooting steps for instability?
Mid Range system...
Preventing scratches on your cd
New rig help
Mounting Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme to GA-P35C-DS3R mobo
New Rig Need a Bit of CPU help (QQ)
Where can I buy a very long ethernet cable?
Finalized Build
Best Bluetooth Mouse
New computer with water (will it work?)
Keyboards: Wireless or not?
Rate my budget build
2 Rigs - HTPC & Media Storage
Power Problem
Need PC help
Urgent! Turned on computer, cpu fan didnt start spinning.
Can I boot a pc without the harddrive?
Potential Driver installation issues?
Driver Installation help
Ocforums being represented on HBO :D
Who wouldn't want this monster?
Does dell subcontract warranty work?
Logitech G9 and new Logitech G15 on Gizmodo
Speakers Crackle
CPU bottleneck?
List: What seems like overkill?
Booting problem
HELP-After putting Arctic Silver 5, do I remove the paste that came on the heatsink?
Temp and Voltage Monitoring Software?
Ready to kill someone at dell..where do i go from here?
how much do you think..
svchost taking tons of memory...
what's my problem!?
fan controller / temp. sensor
Need help with upgrde? (CPU or GPU)
600-700 Rig
Sweaty Chinese Man Electrocuted By Computer
Some advice
Audio driver problem.
Somewhat new to OCForums
So, I'll decide to post here....
Need a gaming keyboard
My First/New Build
AGP upgrade >.<
I just got my G15 keyboard and I can't get...
yet another new build by me, budget rig for a friend.
I hate to ask this question...
optmal system for <$1k
Don't you hate mixed product reviews...
Vista Sound Help please