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paypal payments
New desktop x2 Core
Stripped Motherboard Screw
What is the point?
HELP: my screen goes when I turn my computer on.
How much is my CPU holding back?
new to me Ebay scam beware
My gaming rig build: what do you think?
Intel® Turbo Memory
Anyone here have kids ?
Parent Rig
How to make it better ?
Overclocking Problems
cheap ibook AC adapter?
Every found something you didnt know you had?
VGA problem
Need advice on dirt cheap cpu/mb thats still gaming worthy.
Building a Rig for my friend
Laptop Monitor
New PC Build
build or buy
Virtual drive problem
Ground in acrylic case?
Cleaning dust out of case
help! computer restarts randomly...
agent's new build
$2000 budget for computer
What stops a cpu from being overclock unlimited amount?
Can anyone tell me what parts are in this pc?
Insight From A Fry's Salesman
My Build
Vista 32bit Raid Drivers?
Good deal?
So many choices... So little money...
Critique my new build
A+ Essentials exam?
New Computer
X-Fi Crystalizer
Orthos, Am I Doing This Right?
Vista - Hard Faults
~70 Bucks to spend, What to buy?
I need suggestions on some parts
A few questions about new setup
K type probes
The wasted power draw from computers and such...
Every few months dfrgntfs.exe pops his UGLY head into my pc
Late Summer Upgrade
Dell running horrible. What are my options?
How much is this worth......
Ridiculous 8GHz overclock attempt
About to order office boxes - HELP!
Quick answer needed please
Looking for a Good DRM Free MP3/Video Player.
where can i find a cable like this?
average time you usually leave your comp on for
best bang for my prebuilt buck
$1115 upgrade.....
help?? cant keep computer running
New Budget PC
£400 Budget System
Critique build for friend
need help with Gaming machine
Mouse locks up constantly?!
First Computer Build, In a wheelchair.
Need some opinions on a new PC build
Very curious - CPU got underclocked by itself?!?
CD Drawer anywhere?
Lockups making noise
Help my brother build the best $5000 computer he can....
Odd mouse wheel issue...
Upgrade time, advice please!
Help, nothing @ startup. No beep(s) just 2 LEDs?
Unable to OC past...276 mhz??
Computer wont restart properly, slow boot, help!
Issues with Powering Up PC
Call to Arms
What's coming up?
Looking for a quiet keyboard
A build and I did my homework! PLEASE GRADE ME!
uATX in and ATX case?
what's my value?
How crappy are ECS motherboards?
How much of an actual real diff in Intel and AMD Dual Core?
Hickups with a new PC...
building my next gen gaming rig
Building a new rig, need some feedback plz
Pentium 2140+ Asrock 4coreVST board
I'd like your opinion
Need Help, Computer not starting.
Buddy, can ya spare a dongle?
Buddy, can ya spare a dongle?
Strange problem
New guy needs opionions on new build.
Budget Rig Help
Tracking down grinding noise in laptop...
Advice on budget gaming rig :)
So i think i'm gonna buy this:
booting into windows problem
Getting a new [budget] rig, any suggestions?
A bit of upgrading advice?
is this a hard drive problem?
stripping a dell
Laserjet 1200 question (network)
Printer suggestions
Wireless power. Can they realy do this?
Came from D7H show whats coming out..
continuous restarts, dvd ejects, lan driver problem
Suggestions for AMD gaming rig
I am not sure what went wrong?
Build ideas?
BIOS stall
Is my CMOS battery botched?
need help with a sub $200 rig
getting a new case.but what about them stickers?
Advice on my Gaming Rig
New system build for approx 2500$ Help Please
First Time Build
Computer based Certs/Qualifications
Anyone work at BestBuy?
How bad is constantly restarting / turning on/off the Computer?
RANT: webdesign / A+ cert teacher
using a laptop with external HD ???
Help me choose a...
great idea?
Just tell me this is an ok setup ;)
Blue Screen after normal boot at windows startup
Professional computing societies (I'm in the UK)
System Advice Needed :)
Power use
how much do you ask for computer service?
New 8800gts 640meg = crashes.. freezing..hdd corruption..FUN.
Cooling the chipset
Next Upgrade... ???
Just built new computer and it crashes everytime I play a game
About to order - check out my rig!
Please tell me how much this is worth as I'm buying tonight
Fan Power
How much can I get for these?
How long do you estimate this rig will last me?
Troubleshooting Question.
Upgrading my aging PC...
New Rig
I have some phantom program that runs sometimes?
quick question
Need to buy a Camera
Best bang for the buck upgrade
Complete C2D system
Problems with audio device
SuperPi 'NOT EXACT IN ROUND' at stock speeds
Error Loading Operating System!!!!
Should i do this trade?
$950 to biuld a new rig?
$500 to build a complete system.
laptop and usb speakers
iPod is playing up....
opinions on a trade
Need cheap Vista computer for parents
New Build What do you think?
cheap build
Laptop or Upgrade? need advice
Building a PS/Rhino/3DstudioMax Rig need guidance/advice (asus board)
computer desk
System hang with usb devices
Where to find a good monitor stand (must be 7"+ high)?
To cool harddrive or not to cool
been out of the scene need help assembling a pc
Mobo (AV8) Cannot detect HDD.
media pc to connect to my tv. how?
cable maze
Gaming Rig, expertise needed.
$250 upgrade, possible?
Looking for a video player
Oblivion Performance.
CPUz and DDR2 RAM / my RAM speed
new build - rate? suggestions?
Another "spam king" has been placed behind bars.
Steve Jobs and Bill gates in discussion at D5!
would a Q6600 drop ok into a mac mini?
Hardware for a young nephew
weirdest eva problem<<<<<----------------
Random no-POSTs...Mobo Failure? PSU? Something else?
Bad PSU, Bad motherboard? help please.
can someone check this hijack this list
Linux car crashes at Indy 500, /. humor saves the day
Need advice on this system - should I buy or not? Upgrade options?
Asrock stability issues
troubleshooting help
laptop crash
Best pc for $1000
The device, \Device\Ide\iaStor0, did not respond within the timeout period.
Gigabyte support number
Pentium D805 seems way too slow
If you got your hands on a supercomputer...
How much is this worth?
OMG, wrong lan firmware for motherboard
Budget system, help needed
The keyboard from the FUTURE
Whose the guy that sells those little HSinks?
New comp soon
Did I get a decent deal?
Able to listen to podcasts on Creative players?
Athlon 1GHz to Athlon X2 3600+
TV Tuner Card
About how much money did you spend on your current computer?
What ever happened to BTX?
Need help planning new Rig
New Server Case :D
How does making seperate partitions on one hard drive make things faster???
nub needs help and advice for first time build
Building Beefy Ass Comp ... Need Help
I tried benchmarking
Need help with a possible upgrade I'm thinking about
Two Soundcards!
Powering 5 fans, help
Price check on a Celeron D and a P4
UFE (Unidentified Errors)
restarts a few times from turning on cold
Just built, no go
what to do...
Building a Gaming Computer
Planning Ahead – P35 Build (big post)
first build :) ....boot problems >:(
Thanks UPS
How to reset HP Laptop CMOS password?
Restarting problems...
Need help with TV remote
Top 10 Dead (or dying) Computer Skills
Getting Pictures from me SLVR
New Gaming PC Project
flash game
Best gaming keyboard?
My New Rig Has Arrived. . . Now the Fun Begins :D
Getting close to my new Rig...
Best Computer for Burning DVD's
New PC build. PLease help its my first time :)
StarCraft 2 = new comp
More than 2 devices on a single IDE??
JBOD Question
Planning to buy a Macbook
which will be best for me ?
Sony Vaio Vs. Apple MacBook
Toshiba Qosmio Entertainment PC
new to OC: here is my system..whats possible?
im a little confused... (computer irregularities)
budget amd built rig
Kill Button
How much for old Sempron system
new case usb2 not working???
Anybody remember the Cyrix 686 Computer Processors in the 90's????
Classmate vs. OLPC
Raising a case off the ground.
new laptop
Another Random Shutdown Thread.
Question about "Superclocked" and "XXX" cards
Power supply and if its in the wrong place its becuse im drunken.
Building a PC, any comments.
Mouse going crazy?
Help on new rig.
Building PC, need help with hardware selection.
How much heat is my comp emitting?
Comfy chair
e4300 ds3 rev 2
laptop wont boot
Building new pc, Budget ~$1800
ATA to SATA connector
Need help ASAP!
Community colorimeter? (Calibrate/profile monitor)
Toshiba HD DVD player...good deal??
Am I using the wrong drivers?
Mouse problem
Mobo, CPU, Mem & Vid Card for ~$700
Laptop questions
Lookin' for a new PC under $1200
some people at my school really dont like macs (56K warning)
BSOD..I hate em
LCD keyboard Pre-Orders!
First OC'ed Setup : Need help choosing parts
New comp build (for a friend)
Building mATX system, recommend parts PLZ...
[VIDEO]Dominoes...with PCs
Budget C2D System
I need the optional audio header for my motherboard.
BluRay/HD-DVD the last physical formats ever? I don't think so.
New comp, ~$1500 help
Best Hardware Upgrade
Do I need to upgrade?
UPS Question
Static Grounding
Flavored Keyboard
I can't decide when to upgrade
CCFL help, lost the dongle switch
Another "Suggestions Please" Thread
Mouse issue....grr..
I guess im way far behind
Do I need a laptop for college?
Computer is dead. Please help!
Need Advice on new rig (AM2 3600+)
Any comments appreciated on this config
How many viruses are just too many
Who will ship to Afrika?
FINALLY!! A EXTERNAL graphics card for your Laptop!! (Upgradeable too! WOW!!)
Logtech Harmony 880
Thin station help
Reliable Online Retailers
Best Bang for the Buck Upgrade?
Good machine?
Laser printer with large radius paper path (Lexmark)
Power buttons?
All Parts Compatible?
DVD BURNER not recognized
A+ study material recommendations?
How good of a server would this be?
Is this normal?
windows firewall remote desktop PORT subnet hack?
New system issues
CPU Tower Cover!
Opteron with a nForce 500?
Does my diagnosis seem right?
Reminder: Monday is Wiretap the Internet Day
Quick machine is slow?
Recommendation Please
Unstable USB 2.0
Home Theatre A/V setup guide...
Not getting this rig, but what do you think?
Why are webcams maxed at 1.3MP?
My First System for OC (Updated)
No powerup... help?
Slow Application Launch - How to Improve?
Needing a bit of help..
Price check on comp, whats it worth do you think
Vio1's New System (Pics)
How much does Standby Save?
"always on outlets"
Need advice on upper mid-level build
Any experience with MediaGate?
PC boots out of case, but not in it
More Memory and less fps
What, exactly, is "stable" overclocking?
Rate my new PC (top of the line)
My Rig
Computer Chair
Your Qualifications
Upgrading the dell
random freezing
Xeno needs a desktop
When to build new rig
Power issues?
System Overheat shutdown
Case Cooling Building
random restarts?
Smoothwall on a Mac??
Measure USB voltage
TV Tuner Question (DVB-C)
What are some must-have software installed into a new GAMING PC???
Second computer avoiding inside hacking
Replacement battery for Cannon DC10
Dont let me buy a dell
People arrested for selling bootleg software on craigslist
Unlimited colors O.o
Will Windows XP bottleneck a 8800GTS/ e6600 setup?????
Upcoming comp
samsung CLP600 vs Hp 2600n, which one to pick?
computer bootup
Logitech G7 side scrolling
WRT54GS Help
trying to get my brothers a nice graduation gift...good gaming laptop?
New system no longer POSTs after 3 weeks... help please
Drive wiping help
Upgrading PC not sure what route
Lexmark/Vista FYI
Feezing Problem
No Post out of nowhere?
whats bad ?
Need help with a technical report on computers.
Cheap system advice
comp build
IS it hard to replace a cable modem if u ever had to?
Power Supply Size ?
Is my Mobo slowing my PC down?
comp stopped working after cleaning it
Building a new system, but some concerns
Need suggestions on new build please.
Dead system - most likely culprit?
need buying advice please
My First System for OC
About to click "buy now"! Opinions please.
Who sells the new Logitech G5 with the forward button?
Kind of Worried - Freezing Problem
software from universities
Best DVD CD's to buy
ahh help!! how long flashing bios take, its been going for 10 mins now?
hey guys help me put a new one together
Hardware settings for my new rig
Question on onboard sound issue and gateway pc drivers
Upgrading Laptop CPUs
Help with mic & recording
problem with scanner, help Plz!
new keyboard for gaming...recomendations!
Planning on this rig
soldering iron
digital camcorders ?
Advice on parts - Building new computer
N00b with a problem.
Looking to work in IT?? Job offering within...
UT2003 Benching marking
hi guys can u help me?
Post your old / "vintage" OC gears here !
control for a PVR-250 TV card
I moved- -> PC won't boot -> New Hardware help
DvD drive issues
Direct TV question
Oh Noes
New Rig Should Arrive Tomorrow (pics to come!)
What's damaged (need your help)?
search sites for electronics
Looking to upgrade
It's as if my MX Revolution keeps going to sleep
Guidance for someone lost!
Windows won't boot
Newegg Returns?
Bus Speed and Multis and Mem, oh my!
Wireless Headphones.... do they exist?
Building a New Core 2 Duo Rig, Please Advise
What would you do.
computer for girlfriend
Memory standards on new MBs?
new toy
Startup problems.
Few questions before i upgrade my pc.
I apoligize for my n00bness
PCI Slot
Laptop gaming/upgrade question. Suggestions and help much appreciated!
should I upgrade my current rig or build a new one?
Best upgrade for my rig under $500.00?
help save internet radio.
html/javascript help
Should this make a good build?
New Build
Answer to the obvious?
Hardware issue, troubleshooting help
USB plug
Need final opinion before purchase.
Motherboard Mountings.
Please help with a tower I'm building
It's time to upgrade, need some advice
Looking at New Build, have a look at my parts selection plz!
getting an e4300 need mobo/ram recommendations
Another suggestions thread
TV tuner card
Complete Vista/DX10 rig for <$1000...Is it possible?
Another build help request.
does overclocking use more power?
I think my computer may be underperforming
Upgrading my system
Before I order this, should I change anything?
Cheap Upgrade Suggestions
Advise on building a new system
It that time again... New Build \o/
Page Flakes - Very Nice Webpage
Acer recalls 27,000 laptop batteries
P2P Internet access pros and cons, POINT to POINT!
O/C one day, no boot the next, then O/C today?
Buying new rig, can everyone give this a quick lookover please.
random look-ups.
Finnaly upgrading...Advice needed.
Gaming Mouse
Horrible Advice.
Does this card work with this mobo?
Windows vs. MAC efficency and driver question
Odd noise when turning on computer
PowerFriendly Computers?
Headset sound problem
need advice for new laptop
From Scartch (First and only thread...I promise)...
Fan Controller w/Software
No video from my PC - HELP
PCWORLD Repair Prices
Building my first PC...
when does newegg terminate your account?
bizaar issue cant seem to figure out the root cause
Razer Diamondback
Help with connecting Devices to my LCD HDTV (component to vga?)
PC my friend is getting
Ready to build but need some help.
Thoughts on this hardware?
Wanna know why I won't buy a Conroe?
cpu-nb ht voltage