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: ( I have no Idea
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New build
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pc was working fine now wont get past post, plase help.
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Does anyone remember the exact sound Dial-Up makes?
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Perfect I told you So for PC's
No com1 in my mobo, but I need it, any solution?
3DMarks, Overclocks & Hardware
how much has your rig changed within the last year?
Small fireserver
75-year-old likely set Internet speed record
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Wooo my new build , Few Q's. 1450
college credits toward certs
70% isopropyl, conductive?
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$1000 PC
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RIAA sues woman, woman wins nearly 70k USD
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Why Computers Sometimes Crash! By Dr. Seuss.
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The Tornado
Wireless Draft N Interference w/ Mouse and Audio
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What should I do????!
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AMD upgrade or Intel Upgrade? Both inside...
Fireproof safe for HDD?
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What to do?
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Saitek Eclipse 2 not working with Vista
opt1 fan jack explosion :)
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Build I will be doing
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Noise Filters
Email Server Harware Requirements Estimate
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Linksys Wireless PCI card not supported under Vista??
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Logitech reinvents the Mouse = remote?
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Lots of research and questions here - Custom Rig
Burner Issues
Help Me Find the Cheapest Route to Core2Duo!
Sound Stopped Working
Freshly Built Machine
When do i know its 100% Stable?
sry another new build but with research
Oh Sh*t! Please help ;(
Need advice to finish this rig....
Air Conditioning
HP Code Purple Error?
ok... NEW BUILD...
It has begun...
Anyway to controll the power of a server?
Good cheap video card
How much could I get for my old PC?
Value Conroe System- 1300$
One for the linux fans
UV Lighting... without the "lighting"
Budget Conroe system?
Older Mobo Died - Time for a new computer - Check my list.
You think i need to get a new computer?
Good FPS mouse
New Build - Need Suggestions!
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Help needed, lock up issue (but not completly locked up)
G7 Drivers ?
64bit PCI-x/100 converted to 32bit/66? Possible?
Can't get pc stable.
Impatience to upgrade
Computer crashing from sound programs?
First time build question on RAM
Phone voicemail with over 100+ message capacity?
Random Shutdown
FAN CONTROLLER giving constant voltage???!!!!
Which RAZER should i get ?
PC acting up, won't run 3D games? Help!
Bluetooth Headset not loud enough, can I fix that?
My Very First "Help My Pc Won't Boot!" Thread
Problem booting up new PC
Sudden shutdown oddity
Asus is gonna split the company
What's stock, and what's safe? (955x)
What's worse than having to buy a new system?
Computer doesn't boot with SATA
USB Hub Vs. Multiple USB Ports
System won't power on. Need help!
I hate Split Orders!
two separate multipliers for two separate cores!?
Computer Crashes / Memory ?
Iphone reviews?
Problems with HP laptop
Computer flashes off than on
New system
Sharp LC-46XD1E.....
Flash drive as a boot drive?
I'm proposing building our own computers at my company
Mobo/Vid card Dilemma... Help!
Driver Problems with Vista
Built new comp, won't turn on.
Samsung Digi Camera battery problems
Need feedback/suggestions on this upgrade
High quality tape
Help placing order needed
Good KVM?
Belkin USB KVM Sucks
Razr: unable to charge via usb
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Best battery backup
I am Done...
new build, need help
Need help identifying a Cap
Building a new PC need help
Upgrade 101 Questions
finally going for my new upgrades
lniking computers like a server?
quick help, ordering today
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problems with my computer during boot and random times
Blunders of a New Build or Hardware Upgrade
New rig won't even display a post
Computer problem - Help me isolate the source.
Am I losing my mind?
New guy building a new rig!
big problems :(
Windows Feedback Panel - Has anybody tried it?
First time OC'er: let me get this straight...
First ever build questions
New computer BSODs and restarts when installing programs/drivers/etc.
Old school: How to get data from an MFM hard drive?
Converting AVI format with special encode on Win ME to XP
Need av rack 3 computers, 360, dvr and a receiver.
My New $1000ish A64 x2 Gaming rig
I pulled the trigger!
New build
Built a rig from scratch in 2mins (time lapse video)
Overclocking and oc'n the graphics card
How Good Can It Get?
Cheap computer set-up
Build for friend $2500-3000
What did this guy do?
Inexpensive Computer I'm Building, Any Suggestions?
DVD/CD drive won't work
STILL having computer problems even after RMA
How fast is your PC? 30 sec test
Need to replace CPU heatsink fan?
Windows Fully Loads Then Freezes
POST but No Boot
File Corruption Woes
Dual X-Plorers
New build, no POST or power
OK gals and guys! I'm about to press that big red shiny button!
Router problem
Need a Build 4 next month
oh dear...won't boot..
Bestbuy BF eMachines Upgrades.. LOL
Ultra low budget gaming rig.. Right?
Future computer? Good or Bad?
CPU and Mobo Compatability Question
Probably a stupid question: Buy now ?
Disable dedicated video card in notebook?
Need a webcam application
How is this build?
Need timing software & hardware
What to get?
Does my mobo support quad core?
First time home build - plan of action wanted
Keyboard Problem
paypal payments
New desktop x2 Core
Stripped Motherboard Screw
What is the point?
HELP: my screen goes when I turn my computer on.
How much is my CPU holding back?
new to me Ebay scam beware
My gaming rig build: what do you think?
Intel® Turbo Memory
Anyone here have kids ?
Parent Rig
How to make it better ?
Overclocking Problems
cheap ibook AC adapter?
Every found something you didnt know you had?
VGA problem
Need advice on dirt cheap cpu/mb thats still gaming worthy.
Building a Rig for my friend
Laptop Monitor
New PC Build
build or buy
Virtual drive problem
Ground in acrylic case?
Cleaning dust out of case
help! computer restarts randomly...
agent's new build
$2000 budget for computer
What stops a cpu from being overclock unlimited amount?
Can anyone tell me what parts are in this pc?
Insight From A Fry's Salesman
My Build
Vista 32bit Raid Drivers?
Good deal?
So many choices... So little money...
Critique my new build
A+ Essentials exam?
New Computer
X-Fi Crystalizer
Orthos, Am I Doing This Right?
Vista - Hard Faults
~70 Bucks to spend, What to buy?
I need suggestions on some parts
A few questions about new setup
K type probes
The wasted power draw from computers and such...
Every few months dfrgntfs.exe pops his UGLY head into my pc
Late Summer Upgrade
Dell running horrible. What are my options?
How much is this worth......
Ridiculous 8GHz overclock attempt
About to order office boxes - HELP!
Quick answer needed please
Looking for a Good DRM Free MP3/Video Player.
where can i find a cable like this?
average time you usually leave your comp on for
best bang for my prebuilt buck
$1115 upgrade.....
help?? cant keep computer running
New Budget PC
£400 Budget System
Critique build for friend
need help with Gaming machine
Mouse locks up constantly?!
First Computer Build, In a wheelchair.
Need some opinions on a new PC build
Very curious - CPU got underclocked by itself?!?
CD Drawer anywhere?
Lockups making noise
Help my brother build the best $5000 computer he can....
Odd mouse wheel issue...
Upgrade time, advice please!
Help, nothing @ startup. No beep(s) just 2 LEDs?
Unable to OC past...276 mhz??
Computer wont restart properly, slow boot, help!
Issues with Powering Up PC
Call to Arms
What's coming up?
Looking for a quiet keyboard
A build and I did my homework! PLEASE GRADE ME!
uATX in and ATX case?
what's my value?
How crappy are ECS motherboards?
How much of an actual real diff in Intel and AMD Dual Core?
Hickups with a new PC...
building my next gen gaming rig
Building a new rig, need some feedback plz
Pentium 2140+ Asrock 4coreVST board
I'd like your opinion
Need Help, Computer not starting.
Buddy, can ya spare a dongle?
Buddy, can ya spare a dongle?
Strange problem
New guy needs opionions on new build.
Budget Rig Help
Tracking down grinding noise in laptop...
Advice on budget gaming rig :)
So i think i'm gonna buy this:
booting into windows problem
Getting a new [budget] rig, any suggestions?
A bit of upgrading advice?
is this a hard drive problem?
stripping a dell
Laserjet 1200 question (network)
Printer suggestions
Wireless power. Can they realy do this?
Came from D7H show whats coming out..
continuous restarts, dvd ejects, lan driver problem
Suggestions for AMD gaming rig
I am not sure what went wrong?
Build ideas?
BIOS stall
Is my CMOS battery botched?
need help with a sub $200 rig
getting a new case.but what about them stickers?
Advice on my Gaming Rig
New system build for approx 2500$ Help Please
First Time Build
Computer based Certs/Qualifications
Anyone work at BestBuy?
How bad is constantly restarting / turning on/off the Computer?
RANT: webdesign / A+ cert teacher
using a laptop with external HD ???
Help me choose a...
great idea?
Just tell me this is an ok setup ;)
Blue Screen after normal boot at windows startup
Professional computing societies (I'm in the UK)
System Advice Needed :)
Power use
how much do you ask for computer service?
New 8800gts 640meg = crashes.. freezing..hdd corruption..FUN.
Cooling the chipset
Next Upgrade... ???
Just built new computer and it crashes everytime I play a game
About to order - check out my rig!
Please tell me how much this is worth as I'm buying tonight
Fan Power
How much can I get for these?
How long do you estimate this rig will last me?
Troubleshooting Question.
Upgrading my aging PC...
New Rig
I have some phantom program that runs sometimes?
quick question
Need to buy a Camera
Best bang for the buck upgrade
Complete C2D system
Problems with audio device
SuperPi 'NOT EXACT IN ROUND' at stock speeds
Error Loading Operating System!!!!
Should i do this trade?
$950 to biuld a new rig?
$500 to build a complete system.
laptop and usb speakers
iPod is playing up....
opinions on a trade
Need cheap Vista computer for parents
New Build What do you think?
cheap build
Laptop or Upgrade? need advice
Building a PS/Rhino/3DstudioMax Rig need guidance/advice (asus board)
computer desk
System hang with usb devices
Where to find a good monitor stand (must be 7"+ high)?
To cool harddrive or not to cool
been out of the scene need help assembling a pc
Mobo (AV8) Cannot detect HDD.
media pc to connect to my tv. how?
cable maze
Gaming Rig, expertise needed.
$250 upgrade, possible?
Looking for a video player
Oblivion Performance.
CPUz and DDR2 RAM / my RAM speed
new build - rate? suggestions?
Another "spam king" has been placed behind bars.
Steve Jobs and Bill gates in discussion at D5!
would a Q6600 drop ok into a mac mini?
Hardware for a young nephew
weirdest eva problem<<<<<----------------
Random no-POSTs...Mobo Failure? PSU? Something else?