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Media Card Reader
Want a better keyboard.
pci speed check
video capture card
Slideshow on Tv wireless
All helpfull opinions welcome on new rig!
3dmark 06 score low
Choosing my speakers / amp
Need help with Two Problems, CDROM and USB
It Lives.
Recommendations on Case + PSU + HSF + Video Card HSF for <$300
Saitek GM3200 Laser gaming mouse
Please Rate This Build, Where Can I Shave Off Money?
Computer Freeze
Questions about C2D and a HD Question
New PC, will be ordering tomorrow, what are your thoughts?
12,000+ 3Dmarks - What does it take??
Digital camera help
AMD's Needs To Make 1 Billion This Year
New Intel setup (E6700 P5W Team Group PC2-8000)
USB Device Not Recognized
whats this laptop worth?
EVGA 680i or asus p5n?
A suitable summer course?
Tripple monitors!
I think my ancient CRT monitor is dying?
iTunes playing 2 songs at once
Choosing Ipod/Mp3 player
Building a HTPC/gaming rig!
Please Advise*
going to order this weekend help me pick ram!!!
I can hear myself
need help upgrading my pc
april 22 price drop?
Thinking About a Build with a $3k Budget
Core2Duo s478 Q?
yet another "noob's first build" thread!
What are your thoughts on this setup . . .
Whats my major bottleneck
Why does Dell hate Canada?
does my build look to be ok?
1.5 year old with a pen killed one of my memory slots.
9800pro vs x850agp
First time bulding rig, seeking any advice/suggestions...
power meter/watt meter
Problem with front USB drive
AMD/ATI processor and graphic chips
Video capture card
A little Advice please?
is this a good USB headset choice?
Surge Protectors.. good brands
Please recommend motherboard and RAM for new system
Apple + EMI = the end of DRM?
Thoughts on my new build. . .
Google TiSP?? Free broadband from your toilet?? April Fools joke...
New PC, weird intermittent problem ?!?
Problems with installing PCMCIA RS232 card
Need help picking a printer
Building a gaming system, need advice..
good gaming mouse?
Problem with Random Shutdowns
My little bro's computer keeps crashing...
google "claims" free broadband
Help building $1000 comp
OC and Ram? Please help.
which graphics card
what to do with old PCs?
new build c2d
Help with new buid
Old case's power pins in new motherboard
is $1500 to much for a keyboard?
two identical DVD drives
Please check my build please. $1500 with monitor
Implications of Chinese computer hardware manufacturing
Computer wont turn on!
Best PC for $300-$400!!!
pcmark05 score
CD/DVD drives won't work properly
Monitor problems.
C2D E6700 and what HSF?
Budget System for $750
Unknown failure
Need Quick Opinions on Purchase!
ipaq and vista
Keyboard Help Please
USB Flash Drives - Issue
Logitech® MX™ Revolution
Mail addiction
PC cleaning
TV-card (PVR-7134 chipset) not working in Vista Ultimate. :/
Buy A Sli PC, Help Cure Cancer
USB to firewire converter
Help OC'ing Foxconn Conroe Mobo
How do you check your host file and...
Mouse Problems
Funniest Thing You've Read or Heard Someone Say About Computers?
need a new compy (AMD, $800?) lolzorz
OCin Core 2 E6300
Bad Gra[phincs Card checksum, even with changing cards
Learning SQL 2005
How such high 3dmark scores?
OCing my new rig
6800GT OC vs. GeForce Go 7600
Can This System Be Improved?
Safety Remove Drive?
Geat success! *thumbs up*
Should I retire my PC????
Blue screen errors with new build
Simple video card problem, but need some quick advice...
Need some bang for my buck
A4Tech KIP(S)-800 IP-Talky VoIP Keyboard/Phone
Is AMD going to drag ATI down with them?
Help! Should i buy those?
weird problem
New PC will not POST
New TV time...
MaximumPC - Autopsy on Commodore 64
New build for Music Studio.
Do you realize you're hurting the environment?
Help upgrading
ever hear about RedStone Computer company?
Temp/Voltage monitoring program.
Confirm my diagnosis - "disk read error" - HP pavilion dv1000 laptop
itunes machine... help me pick hardware
Anyone seen the new version of the g5?
Optical Bus
Resolution Reset?
Computer won't recognize/detect CD&DVD drives
No monitor signal.
Google blocking/trashing emails?
New Computer for college!
Tuniq Tower Mounting Hardware
Vista problems, maybe an upgrade, but what?
PC Problems booting up...
good socket 775 mobos
pc for my friend budget less than $1500
Tax Refund time :)
New pc
So what is the best gaming KB?
Static electricity problem, now something is messed up...
new system or not???
BIOS update issue (ASUS)
Building me a new system next week. Check my shopping list
Next upgrade... Ram or hard drives
Windows won't boot help
More Ram or Vid Card
good sound card compatible with vista?
Lightscribe can DiAF
Possible to filter air?
sell desktop for laptop ?
i started my new job too soon
hardware failure somewhere?
Need help sourcing new parts for a very basic and inexpensive system.
Commodore Is Back... Huh???
Anyone into audiotubes?
Graphics cards EN7950 SLI V93.74 driver update.....:confused:
Boot Trouble
Networking problem
Help on new gaming rig please
Need advice on budget build
Aux temp sensor?
Weird problem dont know what is causing this.Help please.
Looking for a cheap USB? Computer Remote.. do they exist?
Strange problem
What is a server computer good for?
Budget system for parents
? ide
Creating a Forum?
Lil' Help.. Random reboots
Computer takes long time to boot
Optical Drive LED
pc wont power on (been running for a while)
How to kill a PC
new gaming system
Where can I get an inexpensive dual computer desk?
PC won't boot #1,000,001
Upgrade time, advice on parts etc
Your PC's Name
Looking for help.
PC Wont boot
Is this boot normal?
New system wont power up
GIFT OF GOD! Quad Core System.
what is that metal clicking sound?
Crooked output from Laserjet 1300 printers
commodore's reentrance into gaming revealed
What is the difference between a Server and a Desktop computer?
DVD Burning, how to use copy protection
Hows this
Help build Media Center PC for Plasma
Building my first PC from scratch..
Big Blunders, need help.
wierd s3 suspend problem
Internet Provider Speeds (Charter finally ups it)
oc build - advice pls
System freezes when transfering files
For you pro's out there...
Need help finding a retention kit
know where this goes?
BSOD while installing windows
I need a bit of help?
PSU fan failure
Floppy issues on new rig
Task Manager need help.
Need help with a new rig
Need advice on new system!
Video Cards
Where to post things about Palm Pilots
Why does windows defender and firewall
Build Critique
Weird PC Problem
Lets build a New System
gaming pc for $1000
Which graphic card base is better?
need system build advice and part reccomndations
Outsmarting a keylogger?
Cant beleive im doing this
Computer powers on but no signal to the monitor
Buy, Sell, Trade Forum?
Black Screen of Death?
simple troubleshoot
Tyan S2895 Cold Boot failure
Computer won't turn on.
Outlook only sending / receiving but not both due to 0x800CCC90 error? Solution here.
8800GTX in SLI
Help Please s775, Device Mgr, Aux Temp...
Which AMD CPU? Suggestions needed please!
Audio Recording Inquiry
Upgrade advice requested--system info inside.
Something's dead, and it smells
complicated question
Huge Problem
Need a 2+ disk NAS...
Cheapest and easiest way-make laptop wireless
just a thought on multi processing
pcmcia clik! bootable
Did I make some good choices for first build and OC attempt?
Mains plug to 12volt 4 pin molex / 4 pin power connector
dell dj failed?
Assistance with Building a new Rig
Front USB Port problems
Help building new PC
Do I need the original box for warranty? [UK]
Need Cheap Felt Cloth
Bottleneck somewhere??
My Rig For A Macbook Pro?
How Does This Server/HTPC Upgrade Look?
RMA question
Black viper is back
Computer wont turn on HELP
Logitech listens; G5 version 2!
What sites out there can teach me how to use HTML?
mobo and RAM upgrade
need advice on 2nd rig (at summer)
Mines bigger AND better.
Nano vs. Video IPOD
Shuttle barebones, socket 939, around $200-300?
Pretty tight budget upgrade.
Vista readyboost question on best USB 2.0 SD card reader
Are my 3dMARK 06 scores comparable?
Old School Rigs! <let's see 'em>
I bought a mac product!?! ipod shuffle
Need some advice
problem with computer it shuts down and now come back on details inside
Automatice updates = gotta be on at the exact time?
22" LCD monitor on a budget...
Looking to upgrade.
Microsoft Habu
What Needs To Be Upgraded? Read My Problem.
Help with Notebook! :D
What is a coaster?
New Build, Need Advice and Suggestions!
New mobo (Tforce6100) wont start
CD-DVD Connector
Noobie Question, Dead MP 2200+ ?
DVD burning problem?
HDD Testing Tools
need a scanner, Epson Perfection 1650 any good?
Anybody here work for NVIDIA?
Got our first Vista computer at work today...
Mobo Battery
USB Problem
Can anyone recommend a good learning remote for ~$30? (used/eBay is OK)
Noticeable gains?
been out of the loop, need reccomends
Mouse pad!
$1000 Office PC
If you a 3k budget on gaming rig. What would you make?
Mobo + CPU for ~$200
Case Screen Query
Linksys BEFSR41
Acer Aspire T180
My Budget Build ( < $1300)
temp sensors
Building a new PC for friend ~ $1000
Building a File/Web/Ftp server
north texas lan party!
New P4 build... Need suggestions..
I'm beggin for help!
The correct way to pronounce "Scythe"
suggested mp3 player
Is This a Good Deal, Geforce 6800 gt, - £62, ebay
have to go c2d this week, need help
Help on budget build
Well, Lightning finally got me...modem is toast.
BIOS freeze?
Girlfriend's comp has a problem
Random Reboots...Spans 2 computers?
Office machine build
Budget build for gaming... input please.
Buying OC rig from CyberPowerPC
Best/Fastest Reliable system for £800 ?
Update BIOS, no floppy, no windows.
Pentium D vs. AMD X2
KVM Switch Q's
G15 enter key and esc. key suddenly stop working??
What will I need to use with this card?
New system, no display on boot.
less and less stability ....
Just picked up an OKI C5800Ldn color laser. Did I do the right thing?
Which path is the way to go?
Logitech® diNovo™ Media Desktop™ Problem
Recommended components
Incredibly strange rebooting issue that's been driving me nuts
video for vista
XP freezes? Hardware Issue?
my new setup..any sugestions..???
HDMI cables....
how does memorex DL media compare to verbatim?
come help me with these specs please.
P4 Williamette No Post
Using Clockgen
Building PC for boss
webcam ?
PC randomly reboots
Win XP install woes
Rants of the past!
Anyone using a PC for dedicated home security/monitoring?
new system for a friend. need help
ddr issues
Where's the bottleneck
Dust Cleaning - Vacuum?
Building a new pc
Good OverClock System
TV Tuner for playing Xbox
Win flash
Best ball mouse.
New Egg
new computer.
another 'does this make sense' thread
I'm at a loss here: Window mode no window
Best flightsim computer for $600-$800
help with upgrade/new build
Logitech mx revolution mouse probs
Problem somewhere PSU perhaps???
Logitech's SetPoint v3.30
graphics interface @ 1X?
Help, Blue screen of death?
Installing 2 more fans in a Thermaltake Armor VA8000B?
Help Building C2D Rig - Minimal OC'ing, Need Monitor & Windows XP/Vista, Under $1,000
A blast from the past: PowerComputing
screen cleaner says it can be used on CPUs.
Locking up During Game
I'm so confused..help...
Convert a USB device to wireless?
When do you consider it stable?
Post pics of your Crapper :)
Someone has issues
Rechargeable gaming mice?
Did anyone have to download Windows Genuine Advantage Notification this week?
Motherboard Dying Or Something Else Here?
DVD ROM Drive #$@%#
Which component to OC
my computer won't turn on
Driver issue?
Unknown Error
PLEASE help me!
Com ports
What Camera/Camera's made this effect?
Admittedly ignorant (re)newb
PCI Video Capture Card Recommendation.
Research Overload
Name as many types of servers as you can
Please comment on this system I'm about to build
what should i do for ram here
Logitech G5 Users New Firmware
$450 for upgrades, what to do?
What would you pay for this used computer?
Need help! Cant get video to work now
Good Guide For Building a PC
bulk components for net cafe.
Cataloging your DVDs the easy way!
Getting a new laptop, but
Who has spent the most at newegg so far this year?
what soundcard to get?
Russia attacks Microsoft licensing costs
Turning on PC without on/off button
BSOD while using Azureus... GRRR
Overclocking this system, help needed
Thinking about an upgrade
How to delete bizarre files off flash drive?
3 games run BETTER with Vista, 1 does not!
Looking for ways to make system quieter (cheap ways)
Does this cut it?
Wow, looks like we really are all over the place when it comes to Vista...
Failure is coming, any ideas? Heres the symptoms
XP Bars are discolored
Building a new "Dream Machine".. Opinions?
Extra Computer: Your Options
system getting more unstable
USB port break usb devices?
would this display cabling work?
Newb Ocer looking for advice
Computer problems =/
System Rebooting
Old "Turbo" Hi/Lo PC? Original Pentium
Purple Window Kit
Dumpster diving, your haul!
evaluation/recommendations on this setup
System Overaul...
3Ware 9550SX-4LP
CPU-Z reporting wrong info?
looking for your experienced insight
video editing
socket A computer not booting
what causes my rig to crash?
Problem with old computer
how much would
CD burning question
14 HP Company Secrets From Employee
Building a gaming rig (Yes, another rate/hate my parts thread)
My Carputer
New Rig Built... some quick questions...
Computer will sometimes not power off completely
Computer for my parents
i think it's a 5 beep CPU error
x2 3800 or E6300 Budget Rig?
Opinion on my rig pls
Noise problem only when turning on computer
Identify hardware
New system
Laptop beeps with every keystroke.
Why isn't my computer giving the FPS it should?
System wont restart without reseting CMOS
New Xeon qaud cores..
ergo mercury 2
Question about dual socket performance...
Wierd Problem....
AMD to E6600 Intel Upgrade
Under $100 upgrade, need help
Fried (A)proc (B)Ram (C)Mobo (D)All of the above
Keyboard Issues
New rig suggestions.
Looking for a new laptop...
WoW Machine
HDD Problems
Whats killing my PSU?
I need to know the spec on my comp.
Computer in a closet
Help me pick build a gaming PC
Did I Hurt Anything?
Cold Boot Issues
Lagging System During Full Screen Games
My turn for a budget sytem
'Black Screen' when PS/2 Mouse plugged in
4-pin molex and RJ45 Receptacles PCB Mount
Budget System?
Computer Shuting Down
DVD skipping
Displays bios, wont show windows?
video card
Razer DeathAdder
Hows my First Build Look?
Rig for Virtual Machines
Toasted? e6600 + 4gb corsair Ram.