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computer continually reboots
Thinking About a New Build
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Parts in the mail (thanks for your help)
Custom PC Desk
Bsod'ed crash, auto reboot and auto shut down.. Need help asap.
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Upgrading !! Just not sure when, and a few Qs
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Upgrading my current sytem and no clue where to start.
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Recent new build, suddenly "Captain, we have a problem..."
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LCD screen
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Good trade or not? My AMD his Intel!
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Raid controller card
External Optical Drive
New comp build. Looking for some input.
Lockup with no blue screen
PCI E extenders
Build Log: High Performance. Low power. Xeon E5 PC.
how do you match cpu to motherboard
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EXAMINE my potential rig
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On-the-hunt for a keyboard
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$1024 gaming build
NPU cards, is there still a point?
Bottle Neck?
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is this a good build for my money
What onboard LAN?
New Gaming / Photo Processing Build - Help Needed
Built computers beeps on startup then nothing
PC For Office
MiniITX home server (& htpc?)
Does an Adapter exist ? USB 3 to 2
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Latest AMD Build Done!
First PC build ever!
Battery Charger
Upgrade Help for Intel C2Q Q8200
CPU Temps running hot 80C on stock settings
Upgrading advice
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How did I do?
MS Mouse
Cooler master storm trigger high-pitch noise
New PC Build (Gaming + Video editing) [1500 + 400]
Prime 95 I don't know what I am doing.
Selling PC Parts
New PC Build is Stressful
PCI-E Riser right angled so card faces up
Win 7 x64 install extremely slow on new Ivy Bridge
thinking of working on a project...
200$ for CPU+MB FX 4300 Asrock 970 Pro3
Looking for a good prebuilt
Build 2013 is Complete!
Thinking of an upgrade from 1156 to 1155
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Gaming PC Build Suggestions?
Mechanical Keyboard - G710+
How to clean up old thermal paste?
Fan Controllers
Patiently waiting...
thinking of purchasing a new monitor
Will this be a good pc for overclocking
PC freeze for 2-3 seconds?
what soldering iron/gun should i get
need suggestions 4 new pc
Is this good enough?
Gaming config
System Build 2013.
To upgrade or not to upgrade
Building my first gaming computer - need help
My addicted habit
Looking to purchase a LAN cable tester
monitor and keyboard
Making a gaming computer
It's too addictive - input on a folding rig
Need Advice On Building My Gaming PC
Hello New here, leaning more and more towards pc
Help! First build, problem with 24 pin plug
Current Build could use some help....please
AMD Dual-Core E350 Processor
My Surface Pro Review....
Building my first gaming rig
Dell inspiron 531 gpu upgrade problem
unusual error with printer
pc help
Xfire a 7970 w. 7950?
Is this a good PC setup?
Upgrade help
gaming pc for 300-400 pound?
Second build Opinions wanted
Question about SSD/Raid 0/gaming
Help with gaming build for $500-$700
female to female
T-Mobile SIMs Card
Need some help with first PC build
why do I get an error?
Please help, computer doesnt boot...
Help Finding Problem With New Build Before I Go Off the Deep End!!
Adding 7950 no video after windows boot screen.
Smoking LCD Temp Sensor
System "Bottleneck" Questions
Reboot problem
Begging advice: 3D/Video machine
Upgrade Help
Need upgrade advice
My First Rig (Gaming)
Keyboard and Mouse Advice and help
lets build a pc need thoughts opinions
Build Help?
The Power "Cost" Of High Performance Gaming Rigs.
My Cousin Wants One Too...
Freezing computer with some weird behaviour
Need help please, CPU or GPU?
Compressing images
first build (in a long time:)
Gaming surfaces
Hwbot's Team Cup! You're Invited!!
Build idea, would love input
My Projected Build - Thoughts?
Looking for a good Comcast Cable Modem
Woke up this morning and my computer won't start
Static Shock in PC Case and Monitor Going Black
Random restarts with and without BSOD
Overclocking boosts speed
i5 3570K & 1600Mhz Memory Woes
New system, give it a quick look before I order will you
PROS I need your help with a first time new build (GOOD gaming/medium vid edit)
Need a new gaming mouse bought Level 10 M having problems anyone else use this?
Surface Pro 128GB Benchmarks!!
Random Crashes
Upgrade Suggestions
Why am I crashing?
Looking for a rig ($1700 budget)
Help me upgrade
New build, having issues, need help :(
building a gaming pc
New Build Advice Welcome!!!
Need Help Making A Gaming Desktop under $700
power breakdown
Problems with GA-990XA-UD3 mobo and ram
Post and rate your setups
New Pc
No0b Build Gaming/Video editing PC build advise part 2
No0b Build Gaming/video editing PC build Help
SD Card reader in Dell 2408WFP not working
upgrade video on new rig?
New Rig Build - Feedback or Suggestions?
Motherboard will not boot
Mechanical Keyboard
-||Computer Build Contemplation ||-
CPU comparison
Help me select an Intel CPU and motherboard
upgrade advice
My New Gaming Pc
Largest Prime number found... via Prime95
NEED ADVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE
Cheapest performance upgrade for my rig
Confused with my budget build..
Idea's on my equipment
Looking to build a capable PC for work.
Server advice
What Do You Think?
gaming pc
Power breakdown
Advice on well specced desktop system please
System Crashing after changing most hardware Kernel Power id 41 PLEASE HELP
I think it's upgrade time
CPU or RAM bad?
Best Router for SB6121 Modem?
First time build: For Gaming and light photo/Audio editing
Third world country server build
No Boot No Video No beeps
gaming pc build
Wireless PCI Slots too small
Is my CPU bottlenecking my 7970's Xfire?
What's slowing me down?
Phenom 2 black 965 oc help
Gaming build... In need of insight
help with buying
comp problem
Owning Your Own Cable Modem?
Suddenly no current
Mouse keeps dying? OC to blame?
need advice on graphic card 1080p max settings. Can you recomend which to buy :)
Compressed AIR need suggestions?
noctua nh-d14 + ASUS P7P55D-E LX
Help installing a new hard-drive
USB wifi adapter
Smelling Smoke, Help?
Finally. Pulling the trigger tomorrow.
Okay, I give up. COX cable, needing a modem/wireless router
How do I install windows?
Need more advice on a build!
Best CPU+M/B+RAM within $500-$600
Share your own customer images Left Handed Keyboard with PS 2 and USB Inputs
Building on a tight budget D:
CPU/MoBo Suggestions please (upgrade)
So many questions...........
first time builder need some advice?
Need advice on new build
tips/advices for building GamingPC. [newbie]
First Rack Mount Server build
Help on my build =(
New Build Advise
Plumbing nozzle question
How far can i go? Overclocking
I will buy a gaming computer but first i need help
startup problems, nowhere to put it :(
First Gaming computer build
Boot has two false starts...?
My new PC :D
Need Help
Cheapest VHS to DVD?
SteelSeries Engine Problem
super cheap mobile light gaming... thing
Gaming, does CPU matter much - 2011 vs 1155
what should my next upgrade be?
Please review my purchase. What am I missing?
Looking to build a gaming system
PC Upgrade
little help squeezing out performance in my current build.
program that detects mouse clicks?
Will a H80i fit on the back of my case
Windows error says my USB ports took a power surge
Fan Controller
My IP is X.X.X but Publicly i'm Y.Y.Y ... proxies?
Motherboard not recognizing PCI-e slots
Accidentally destroyed a PCI slot, computer won't boot
Blue Screening? o.O
logitech performance mv vs rat 3 vs g9x
Building a Gaming Rig
Found really good PC|Need help!
Question about keyboards
ASRock Extreme4 Drivers causing major crash.
Planning a PC upgrade in February!
budget-mid range rig
AMD Phenom Upgrade and GPU to play on Ultra
Plz review my build before I click (pcpartpicker)
noob ram overclock question
Help/Feedback Choosing the parts for Forensic Workstation and Gaming
Leaving computer on or shutting it down every night?
Upgrade Advice.
Cheap, mATX rig to play Battlefield 3
Broken H100I
Is my mobo dying?
Small printer recommendation?
Printable to-scale VESA mounting diagrams?
Buying Parts tonight, need some critics
Azanimefan's Budget/Scrap Build
do the components match?
New build advice
Mini-Squatch, SMASH!
CES 2013 Wrap-Up: Quick Look at EVGA, ASUS, Rosewill & Sapphire
Looking for a keyboard...
Building a new gaming computer.
Building a new computer
Upgrade time!!
What headset should i choose?
Slow Photoshop CS2, Hardware problem?
sound stopped working
Budget build advice for a first timer
New build - No display output
Building new computer
Bit by the upgrade bug, looking for advice.
Any Tips for my latest Upgrade ?
NiBiTor Bios Mismatch?
Something blew up
Building My first PC - Will these parts work together?
Anyone using the Kensington Slimblade trackball mouse?
Building a new PC need some FeedBack
Unusual USB Issues
Building a high-end gaming and multi-purpose rig
Urgent compatibility help required
Best place to sell old used parts?
Does anyone offer an OEM BD-ROM with software?
Just Curious
Lights, lights, and some fans...
New gaming build Advice needed!
Upgrade suggestions!
1st custom loop parts check
This sound is driving me absolutely insane.
What do you guys think/recommend!
Building my first PC - suggestions?
Build Suggestions Please
Sunlight and computer parts
Upgrade few questions ATI to NVIDIA, 790 to 970 Chipset
Corsair K90 Mechanical Keyboard!
is this a decent gaming rig
Question about multiple keyboard / mice on a single pc
Upgrading my system. Need some advice.
New Supercar...bam, thats it.
Mysterious PC shutdowns
Skyrim: Question about getting my wireless XBOX 360 controller to work
How Long Should I Benchmark/Test My CPU/GPU/Memory?
Critique My Build Please!
Should I overclock?...Will I notice the difference
CES 2013: Zalman Fanless Cooler & CI Water Cooler Win Innovation Awards
CES 2013: In Win Shows Off Innovative D-Frame & H-Frame Cases and New Power Supp
Intel i5 build what do you guys think?
sata question
Need Help With Printers Not Showing & Print Spooler Offline
HDD chirping more after overclocking?
First gaming build.
Keyboard quandry or why can't I pick one ?
Plugged in some headphones and my computer shorted out?
Complete system shutdown when overvolting Graphics cards?
Brand Fundamentals...
Need help on parts for build.
same monitors different picture
sticky keys no more
New Server: Chirping PSU/No Video
Need advice on parts for a build!
Pc Upgrade
Help needed urgently (PSU) selection
Need help. First time builder
2013 build?
Mini ITX Build.
need some help with upgrades!
Good wireless keyboard to pair with G700.
PC is super dusty, safe to vacuum?
Asus RT-N16 custom firmware advices
Gaming HTPC
Need Advice for new build
New to overclocking. How am I going?
I need some help with hardware advice
Data recovery
My Custom Build PC Won't turn on , the CPU fan still runs though
Freezing and crashing all the time
A+ Certification
Any issues/minor upgades for my desktop pc?
Frozen on MOBO Splash Screen
Secure Wi-Fi
New to this! Need help! :-/
hdmi sound output
HTPC Build
P8Z77-M New htpc building
advice and tips
issues with steaming media
tips for quiet keyboard
compilers, IDE and multiple threads
To upgrade or not?
Wireless adapter problems
Mad Catz RAT 3 problem
Media Streaming device?
delay from finished booting to activated usb?
How could i upgrade my pc??
Intel Smart Response, SSD (System Drive.) HDD Data Drive, and another SSD as Ca
Dell Dimension C521 worth reviving?
Losing Game Audio During Game Play Only While OC'ed FX-8150
Reviewing a guide
Building a $2000 gaming rig
Wondering what tvcard to get
need help to build a pc
Freezing issue
The Great Debate: PC Speakers
Computer shuts off within 5-15 minutes after network cable is connected.
Loud fan when gaming all of a sudden
Trouble booting up with new System
Insufficient power?
Gaming PC Build Advice?
Macbook pro issue
another thread on build advice :)
What is a decent cheap gaming keyboard?
Something Missing on my PCB
Need some help figuring out this issue...
Doubled my budget fro new build. Need honest opinions here.
Best 486 Mobo
Upgrading PC
White lines down the screen.. HELP!
Built New Computer, Keeps Randomly Restarting, Please Help
Doesn't Make Sense?
Need help with this BSOD
zx1250w for $150!
Upgrading, would like some feedback on mobo, cpu, psu
Project Black
i5-3570k evo 212 prime95 temps? stock clock
Need help. PC won't go into windows
is my intel i5 build compatible ?
ASRock z77 error code A2 HELP!
New system build
New build... welcome feedback
New Build for a Friend
New Gaming Rig, Want some feed back and any potential changes
defrag advice/tips
New case or SSD
HDD, PSU or CPU Fan?
Crashing with colored screens with stripes
Learning/Building. It's been a while.
What did you get today?
Pci-e 1x riser behind a video card?
Need help with computer purchase
Upgrade time.....
Rig o' the Quarter Goes to BlueZero's Project Wraith
No video on my new build :(
Help with a gaming pc for my friend.
New Build: AsRock 990FX Extreme 4, AMD FX 8320
Was this a "STEAL" or what?!?!?
HDMI from PC to TV - no sound problem
[SOLVED] Blue Screens On My New Build. Help Please.
Having a very strange Problem....
~$1.5k USD Gaming Build
Decent Headset for 100$? ...or no?
First build in a while (review please)*
Window's Rebooting /crashing while gaming
So how does this logic work?
need advice
First True Build
Proposed Build
Don't have all my parts yet, can I install the operating system?
Looking for final suggestions before I buy everything
New/First Build
Planning a media computer for parents
what do you guys think of this PC?
server build
Audio chops up from time to time.. motherboard issue?
New Rig about to be Built.
Decent build - Bad performance
Looking for a gaming box build
very annoying computer problems.
Hello World! Building first desktop
Opinions on my first build?
Sound card (X-fi) drivers causing endless freezing
The Monster @ Work
New build for wife
Critique my first build please
Wanting to start a build, need sugestions
please help
Help buying Bi-Metal Hole Saws!
Having Issues With My System- Have 3DMark Results
Thinking about a different mouse
building First home file server/nas thoughts on parts and OS to use
Build Recommendations & PSU Requirements
not enough usb 2.0 sockets... Tons of unused USB 3.0 Sockets.
Internal USB 2.0 header addon?
Upgrade suggestions for my rig
PC won't post
Finding the right mechanical keyboard
Need help with part compatibility
The computer I want to build will only have 1 moving part
Rookie Repair Student!!!
First Build, few problems....ugh
Thermal compound removal
3dMark 11 Results?? Any good for new build? P7120
detecting the second/third/fourth hard drive
Feedback request for my new $5000 rig project
What is my bottleneck currently?
Xmas Upgrades, some suggestions if you please...
New pc advice!
Looking for suggestions on NEW build
Considering Upgrade
Printer for College
upgrading to 680 SLI?
Another Noob building a PC...
USB 2.0 cable into a USB 3.0 internal connector.
What to do?
New Computer: Worth it?
New guy building a computer, just want your thoughts
Need help deciding on new build....please help.
Suggestions on my build?
I try to fix a computer
A growing list of noob questions, help appreciated!
It was hot in here!
My Custom Build So Far[Leave input]
need your opinion on this components
New PC build help
Front Panel USB/Firewire/Cardreader
Tt eSports Level 10 M mouse
build opinions