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Canon Scan 8600F Scanner
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Any decent computer stores in Virginia???
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HELP: Video Game Violence Argument
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URENT! Help! Disaster With 1st Pc Build!!
board issues
card reader + HD in 3.5"?
3 pole 2 position switch! HELP
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Grrrrr. I do not like proprietary computers (rant)
Help with a Budget Build.
if you can name these chips
Decent Dirt cheap system for my dad's office?
Specific Computer....
Horribly Low 3DMark06 Score
Horribly Low 3DMark06 Score
Input needed on first rig
Rebuild Questions on MB and Mem
Good USB KVMs?
Upgrading CPU or RAM in 939 system which is the best bang for the $$
In the future who is going to be better AMD or Intel?
Ugh, this always seems to happen.
Best laptop brand to buy...
Tin Whiskers - the next "Y2K problem" ?
Any mathematicians wanna help a dummy out?
Seeking Advice...
Vista? Yeah I'll pass..
$500 Build
ASUS P7131 Dual Tuner Card Problems
Dead RAM or MB?
just pulled the trigger on 1st new pc in 2 yrs!
looking for a new printer
Building a new PC
Printer through COM1 port on P5B-D? Need help.
Replacing a laptop motherboard
New Font Problem.
Killer video card/harddrive possible?
New Font Problem.
Computer Hard Freezing
So Where Is The Money In The Computing World At The Moment?
tmobile dash question
wanna upgrade need suggestions.
Dual Booting
Having some problems with my comp.
while playing a game, it closes for no reason..
Dell Latitude L400 (3-3-3-1 Bios error code !!)
Some pre-assembly pics of my dads microfly
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need to move os to new hard drive
New build
Just realized...3yrs..no performance gains...
$800 Build. What to get?
apc battery ups
I need some school related page boarder assistance!!!
Gaming mousepad
New build and new to overclocking suggestions please
ht ?? pc doing weird things...
CPU, Motherboard and RAM?
ht ?? pc doing weird things...
Microsoft Settings Issue
Slow Click Responce times
MicroChip Breakthrough!
How long typically before new procesors show up in main stream PC manufacturers PCs?
Video problem ?
computer won't start
Extra PC - What to use for?
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Upgrading to PCI-e
Biostar P4M80-M4 - No beeps....
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Serious problem
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new to pc, need opinions on old cpus.
Motherboard scratched; could this be the problem?
Laser Printers
CPU/GPU Cost Effectiveness
Ahh the G5
What about this upgrade...
Time for an update
burning mother board
When will new computers ship with Vista?
Opinions wanted...3 options.
Building new Tower
monitor does not recover from stand by mode
m3 screw diameter?
Making First Computer....
SATA cables
What does it take to setup a portable GPS?
Help please!
Questions about Computer Education
odd squeaky noise
Upgrading Advice Please!
At wits end....
Promotion: Build your own Shuttle 1337 gaming rig. Bareboneish
SLI Drivers/MOBO Drivers/Vid Card Drivers
Computer locking up
Omega driver making games crash?
No-post problems
Using cell phone as a modem
New Gmaing Platform Challenge
MAC users are cowards
Core 2 Duo on the Cheap
Belkin F6D3000 Hard Freeze
Help Figure This PC Problem Out
Loving the laptop
195$$ for a Compaq (Should I?)
Using a new HDD in a Dell?
MX revolution
World Record Infections?
Good deal or not?
How to clean a pcb
Dual Booting
A computer for the consumer, not the super user. need ideas!
Why is Gmail still in beta?
Problem No signal Sometimes on Monitor
hilarious... salesman at their finest
Computer Won't Start! Oh Noes!
Best way to dispose of old hardware?
Advice on where to buy new cell phone and service
A good printer with cheap ink
This is what I want for my upgrade 2 vista...
MrCrowleyyyyyyyy, duh duh duhhh [oc help ;) ]
New Build
Paste command no longer functioning
New build
Motherboard usb/firewire connection to case
CompUSSR sold me an OVERCLOCKED hp
operation:neat and tidy is under way
Gaming Mouse
Static over Speakers when SATA Drive in use
Can no longer boot into XP.
processor voltage info- athlon 64 sand diego
Help buying switches
Help with upgrade!!
Turn PC on without case/power switch?
How does this rig compare?(Upgrade)
Scientists observe sound traveling faster than the speed of light
No POST, No Beeps, No Video
SLI Config ?
Thorogh testing and Random restarts by computer.
Why wont you POST!!!
Spare system
Build alright?
Does anyone know . . . ?
My Custom Startup Sound
new upgrades, any input?
Boxs as decoration
Here to brag about my 1998 P.C.
suicidal Acer RC 900
New Seagate harddrive…about 2 seconds from smashing it!
Building a gaming computer - FEEDBACK WANTED!
car or rig?
Suggestions on building a budget system
slowing down?
No video
Mouse double or even triple clicking when I single click
Help me build a server.
Possible upgrade to main rig... Dual DX10 GPU
Severe instability problems.
sound card
Best tv tuner pci card???
Massive slowdown
Overclocking help
Logitech G5,G7 vs Razer Copperhead
Sync Outlook between two computers
MicroATX users with pics of their systems, cmer
What is the next upgrade on the list?
Advice on a new machine
Building new rig
New to the overclocking world, be gentle please.
Firewire versus USB 2.0 for video capture, what would you use?
Please check signal cable
Long-time AMD user switching teams
isohunt.com shut down
8800GTX SLI Build
Zip Ties & Heat Shrink
Best wireless Keyboard and mouse
**The Evolution of the Rig**
Check System Exception
250gb wd showing as only 160gb
measuring dB/SPL
Upgrading intel mac mini, questions
Okay, what woul do me best (for the price)
Stop googling my name!
looking for any help
A drive error - annoying, I would really like to fix it.
Desktop malfunction help - wont boot
Run 4 DVD drives at the same time
New gaming computer
ECS motherboard Nvidia250
Home Studio Parts Lineup - Your View?
Computer randomly shuts down?
New Build
My new system is about to be ordered!!
Blue Screen of Death
E6400 + Asus P5W Mobo OCed = Slow boot?
How to set up Raid 0
Most Important Component in a Build...
Trying to get some ideas -
Mmmm chance to get a flat screen.. what to choose??
Someone forgot to pay the bill at Antec?
Camcorder problem
shuttle NOT working!
Will it run
Weird Mousepad Problem
Building new pc
video problem
computer not even posting...
Is my video card ok?
I can afford the best! Help me choose.
Making a Computer out of Old Parts
Companies that sell systems that OC
Any good budget Raid Controller people ?
GIGABYTE 3D AURORA and nvidia g80 GTS
Boring saturday, browsing new egg, planning next build...*PICS*
Mouse Grime
g15 and g5 problem
Electronic Components
Need help with New Comp
Can't boot Harddrive or format with windows?
Fun with scanners
Gaming Mouse
New PC -- It's Time
best headset
Stop Errors, Possible causes?
upgrade ... finally
Check out my build and help me out.
A couple of Overclocking questions
Can't boot Windows - Driver issue?
Yet another "New PC" Thread
Whats up with all the hackers!??!?!
Suggestion for the best Gaming Keyboard
sata power plug option
Updating Drivers
Computer Problems
budgetpc $283.33 new sticky?
random thought: gerating electricity: earth's magnetic feild and motion
Here's something weird in notepad to try
Understanding "Cold Cathode Blue", and "Cold Cathode UV"
Building a Home Studio PC - Intel or AMD?
6k computer tell me what you think
Apple's iPhone is incredibly sexy!
display image going on and off on and off.....
Yet another... Request for suggestions
UPS recommendations
switching from a mac... need advice on new pc
Another computer build help thread...
VGA adapters?
quick upgrade
HELP!! Weird Display issue after Overclock
I finally found my next keyboard
Odd problem after reformat.
Image glitch, Used up all my PS, or bad vid card?
Lian Li temp controller installed...again
Which part to upgrade...
Old Motherboard up in smoke...literally.
IS THIS the true power of duel core
Is this correct?
Windows defender = best anti spyware? and best process monitor
Diovo vs. Dell Bluetooth
What's the easiest way to make a website these days?
975x Platinum Power Up Edition and Kentsfield
Is my computer bottlenecking?
ZALMAN CNPS9500 with QX6700? This the BEST air (market) cooling solution
Intel d975xbx2 bluescreen on windows install
Help identifying used heatpipe/tower type CPU cooler?
Keyboard not working
Thinking about moving down to a smaller PC
Tell me what you think of these parts:
Chipset fan not moving
Video Not Showing???? But sound plays?
Fan controller
What do you guys think?
Photovoltaics: Why Solar Energy Makes Sense for….Yes, You!
Getting away from AGP
Bandwidth Priority (Windows)
Will it always be this hard to click?
USB and 1394 single pin to harness adapters
purple screen!?!?!?
Something dead: mobo or CPU?
Buying new PC need advice!
Buying a new gaming pc, need some advice
Alpine Alpine SPS-69C3 6x9 car speakers
Building a new rig.
budget build with ECS mobo?
DFI and DFI-Street.com have parted ways
cheapist build ever!!
This is what I call troubleshooting :/
Im going to need some help with this one... I'm lost.
Does this system need anything else?
OCing E6400 Nightmare! Need advice.
Card or System?!!
TC440 Motherboard riser connector?
Intel promises 80 core processor in 5 years?
What is wrong with my dads comp?
putting saitek keys on the g15
New gaming rig for friend $1000
Need Ideas on a Medical / Webserver Rig
Need help with building a server!
New PC build (part 2)
If i didn't know then maybe you didn't?
Opinions/suggestions on a build list?
What should I do with my retired PC?
Replaced motherboard, computer still semi-freezes after exiting game,
New computer
DS3 and DS4
"NTLDR Missing" error message on Boot
360 Hard Drive
Need help ASAP!
New rig, ram/mobo questions
3.5 inch 300 TB hard drive to be released, large enough to fit Library of Congress
I think someone is using my domain for sending spam!
getting 48-bit addressing? Need help!!!!
USB harddrive has a mind of its OWN?
New Rig
What does everyone think?
question about satellite splitters
Check this out...
Upgrading Gaming Rig
New Rig, yes/no any advice please!
Why do some programs run when even not installed
New Gaming Rig
I need a program that will tell me about ALL my processes
My First Built, Need final word: Yes or No?
random crashes, stuttering in games freezing
Clean looking fan controllers.
Overclocking Prob
Should i disable "Floppy Disk Controllers" from device manager
How hard can I push this system.
Is my graphics card bust???
Final Build Some question please help !
Mobo wont oc in dual channel
Older games dont work on new systems? wow.....
Won't stay booted Up Need Help
Trying to build a great gaming rig on a small budget
How to reset BIOS password?
Anyone know where to buy M&F Molex Connectors? (And the pins for each)
Safe to use nvidia ntune to overclock?
Rig Crashes Upon XP Loading Screen
How do I separate VOIP from Game audio?
Alternatives to floppy RAID installation
What is causing Orthos to fail???
Upgrading to Core2 Duo on a tight budget.
Still Some Life in the Old Beast
Got the MX518
Running 2
Solution: The printer driver is unknown
adding LED to LCD displays?
computer boot trouble
Longer Cables
Where can I get a Docking station for a HP Pavilion ze4200
DVD home theater system.
Is my HHD dieing, or is something else?
comp problems plz help
A whole new system for OC'ing
My system doesn't like round cables?
Where do you get your themes?
copyright infringement
Researching to build new PC - looking for opinions
Troubleshooting and failing miserably
system clock doesnt advance when off
Dear god not again, please help.
Need a suggestion!
How Does This Set-Up Look
DRM used in HD-DVD and Blu-Ray has been cracked... already
Repeating shutdown of PC - desperately need help!
Best way to clean out a computer?
[Help] First PC Build
Graphics Card - Encoding
New to the forums and has a question.
Scanner help
(problem solved)dvd burner causing problems?
Mixed bag of questions (Sata/Swap/MB)
to get an lcd for my pc or no
MX Revolution... middle button?
NEW SYSTEM .. What is your opinion? AMD X2
How motherboards are made
pop up blocker off but ctrl key needed to open some websites and hardware
How is the MX Revolution
Up and runnnin baby
New $1100 build - fast. any critiques?
Firefox Users: Miss Quick Reply's alt+s?
wont turn on
new core 2 duo system dead, need help
$300 Upgrade
Sub - $500 Machine?
Suggest a rig for me!
Do they make this?
Suggestions Please!
PCI card for printer
USB Cables
Suggestions on New Build
upgrade help
New Build !
overclock/upgrade help needed
Mini USB - Headphones / cell phone
Crossfire setup?
How safe is this?
usb 2.0
Christmas buld gets no monitor response.
Helping a friend with AIDs
Strange happenings.
GFX currption with 6600 AGP
new system problems
My new lcd is lust lacking. any help plz
Overclocking This
Recommendations for a new mouse mat?
The PC I wanted to Build before real life happened...
Going crazy...new rig
Is building a Computer over my head?
which lcd do u guys like ?
building new pc, been out of loop for a while
Mouse freezing
F5 networking, anyone heard of it?
Is PCI Express backwards compatible with PCI?
Transferring photos from a Cricket Razor to my PC?
unique computer(playstation 2) with a bad laser
HOW TO change where MCE stores video files
Image Hosting, who is the best?
wmv to mp3 conertor
My first real build
Rate my OC system please
The best Gaming Headphones for sub £50?
Newegg Void Order?
VGA Splitter?
Ghosts in my machine: Freezing after exiting games, keeps dumping sound card driver..
Critiques/Thoughts on this budget system
i got a new motherboard agian and it still dont f**kin work
Thats one clean rig!
Own internet email
My New System - Pics!
Building an office comp on a Dell Precision 690 platform
UPS Man just arrived, the overhaul begins