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Which part to upgrade...
Old Motherboard up in smoke...literally.
IS THIS the true power of duel core
Is this correct?
Windows defender = best anti spyware? and best process monitor
Diovo vs. Dell Bluetooth
What's the easiest way to make a website these days?
975x Platinum Power Up Edition and Kentsfield
Is my computer bottlenecking?
ZALMAN CNPS9500 with QX6700? This the BEST air (market) cooling solution
Intel d975xbx2 bluescreen on windows install
Help identifying used heatpipe/tower type CPU cooler?
Keyboard not working
Thinking about moving down to a smaller PC
Tell me what you think of these parts:
Chipset fan not moving
Video Not Showing???? But sound plays?
Fan controller
What do you guys think?
Photovoltaics: Why Solar Energy Makes Sense forÖ.Yes, You!
Getting away from AGP
Bandwidth Priority (Windows)
Will it always be this hard to click?
USB and 1394 single pin to harness adapters
purple screen!?!?!?
Something dead: mobo or CPU?
Buying new PC need advice!
Buying a new gaming pc, need some advice
Alpine Alpine SPS-69C3 6x9 car speakers
Building a new rig.
budget build with ECS mobo?
DFI and DFI-Street.com have parted ways
cheapist build ever!!
This is what I call troubleshooting :/
Im going to need some help with this one... I'm lost.
Does this system need anything else?
OCing E6400 Nightmare! Need advice.
Card or System?!!
TC440 Motherboard riser connector?
Intel promises 80 core processor in 5 years?
What is wrong with my dads comp?
putting saitek keys on the g15
New gaming rig for friend $1000
Need Ideas on a Medical / Webserver Rig
Need help with building a server!
New PC build (part 2)
If i didn't know then maybe you didn't?
Opinions/suggestions on a build list?
What should I do with my retired PC?
Replaced motherboard, computer still semi-freezes after exiting game,
New computer
DS3 and DS4
"NTLDR Missing" error message on Boot
360 Hard Drive
Need help ASAP!
New rig, ram/mobo questions
3.5 inch 300 TB hard drive to be released, large enough to fit Library of Congress
I think someone is using my domain for sending spam!
getting 48-bit addressing? Need help!!!!
USB harddrive has a mind of its OWN?
New Rig
What does everyone think?
question about satellite splitters
Check this out...
Upgrading Gaming Rig
New Rig, yes/no any advice please!
Why do some programs run when even not installed
New Gaming Rig
I need a program that will tell me about ALL my processes
My First Built, Need final word: Yes or No?
random crashes, stuttering in games freezing
Clean looking fan controllers.
Overclocking Prob
Should i disable "Floppy Disk Controllers" from device manager
How hard can I push this system.
Is my graphics card bust???
Final Build Some question please help !
Mobo wont oc in dual channel
Older games dont work on new systems? wow.....
Won't stay booted Up Need Help
Trying to build a great gaming rig on a small budget
How to reset BIOS password?
Anyone know where to buy M&F Molex Connectors? (And the pins for each)
Safe to use nvidia ntune to overclock?
Rig Crashes Upon XP Loading Screen
How do I separate VOIP from Game audio?
Alternatives to floppy RAID installation
What is causing Orthos to fail???
Upgrading to Core2 Duo on a tight budget.
Still Some Life in the Old Beast
Got the MX518
Running 2
Solution: The printer driver is unknown
adding LED to LCD displays?
computer boot trouble
Longer Cables
Where can I get a Docking station for a HP Pavilion ze4200
DVD home theater system.
Is my HHD dieing, or is something else?
comp problems plz help
A whole new system for OC'ing
My system doesn't like round cables?
Where do you get your themes?
copyright infringement
Researching to build new PC - looking for opinions
Troubleshooting and failing miserably
system clock doesnt advance when off
Dear god not again, please help.
Need a suggestion!
How Does This Set-Up Look
DRM used in HD-DVD and Blu-Ray has been cracked... already
Repeating shutdown of PC - desperately need help!
Best way to clean out a computer?
[Help] First PC Build
Graphics Card - Encoding
New to the forums and has a question.
Scanner help
(problem solved)dvd burner causing problems?
Mixed bag of questions (Sata/Swap/MB)
to get an lcd for my pc or no
MX Revolution... middle button?
NEW SYSTEM .. What is your opinion? AMD X2
How motherboards are made
pop up blocker off but ctrl key needed to open some websites and hardware
How is the MX Revolution
Up and runnnin baby
New $1100 build - fast. any critiques?
Firefox Users: Miss Quick Reply's alt+s?
wont turn on
new core 2 duo system dead, need help
$300 Upgrade
Sub - $500 Machine?
Suggest a rig for me!
Do they make this?
Suggestions Please!
PCI card for printer
USB Cables
Suggestions on New Build
upgrade help
New Build !
overclock/upgrade help needed
Mini USB - Headphones / cell phone
Crossfire setup?
How safe is this?
usb 2.0
Christmas buld gets no monitor response.
Helping a friend with AIDs
Strange happenings.
GFX currption with 6600 AGP
new system problems
My new lcd is lust lacking. any help plz
Overclocking This
Recommendations for a new mouse mat?
The PC I wanted to Build before real life happened...
Going crazy...new rig
Is building a Computer over my head?
which lcd do u guys like ?
building new pc, been out of loop for a while
Mouse freezing
F5 networking, anyone heard of it?
Is PCI Express backwards compatible with PCI?
Transferring photos from a Cricket Razor to my PC?
unique computer(playstation 2) with a bad laser
HOW TO change where MCE stores video files
Image Hosting, who is the best?
wmv to mp3 conertor
My first real build
Rate my OC system please
The best Gaming Headphones for sub £50?
Newegg Void Order?
VGA Splitter?
Ghosts in my machine: Freezing after exiting games, keeps dumping sound card driver..
Critiques/Thoughts on this budget system
i got a new motherboard agian and it still dont f**kin work
Thats one clean rig!
Own internet email
My New System - Pics!
Building an office comp on a Dell Precision 690 platform
UPS Man just arrived, the overhaul begins
Need Help With Heatsink Repair
Leaving on a dual monitor when not using it?
Cheapest place in the Seattle area to drop off old computer equipment?
My useless program may have a use to you, the overclocker.
My First New System!
CMOS Problem.... Urgent!
WHERE does windows media center keep recorded shows plz
XP keeps re-booting
I just wanted to share my good fortune with all of you!
Logitech G11 Keyboard Specs
sata cables...
new amd system - problems!
Please help with PSX cd drive mod
New Comp for Me, Wife gets the old one
PCI Express help
If you change your motherboard....
wont turn on
Thoughts on this build
When apple says it uses core 2 duo....??
Arg what is going on?
remote for PC
What should i buy.....
New TV, LCD?
The safe way to overclocking a new rig ?????
in three months, what's it worth?
CPU is unworkable or has been changed....
Gas RC car
Problems with new system
X2 w/8800GTS or C2D w/7900GS
New rig spreadsheet pt. 2 -- opinions needed
Building a new comp
[HELP] Build a C2D rig piece by piece in CAD.
i got my parts....wanna help me piece my rig???
what motherboard should i get
USB problem
Deja Vue - My Rig
Video watching issues
My computer won't turn off!!!
T-Minus --- advice needed ASAP
MBs with 3 PCIe slots?
How do you keep track?
Im starting to reallllyy hate payment methods. (ANOTHER RANT)
blackberry Pearl/8700g T-mobile deal
Help me pick out parts to build a computer please.
results for p4 oc
computer problem
Where to Calibrate Joystick?
Help! Computer is very slow
i need help!!
Sell my 6800GTs for a 8800GTS? Wait? Something else?
Games freezing up
Mmmm e6300
Webcam or video cams for keeping an eye on baby
What do you guys think about this? as my computer upgrade?
3 wide screen LCD problem
Mouse review!
Keep freezing up, not sure what exactly is the issue
p4 3.0ghz --> 64 4000+ ?????
Computer won't power on! Help!
ok need some help.
quick question
i ordered my first build this morning....happy & sad...
M$ viral market reasearch?
If I was loaded, I'd probably buy a Voodoo
Hey me build a budget system please.
Suggestion Power Saving PC
So the $1200 Optimus price tag wasn't just a joke...
How much would YOU pay for my comp?
How much harder is it to build a...
Engineers spend my $1950.40 on a pc for school
New PC Build Woes - 8800GTX siren noise and not booting
Dual Xeon / NCCH-DL trouble
Please please advise on BUILD-need to ODER today
Torrent & F@H box
The high price of RAM
CAD showcase (includes 3ds Max)
NVIDIA and AMD in trouble for price fixing
Current Value of my Computer
Something very wrong.
Just got the new xp 120.
Logitech Tech Support
Good Post beep, but no video output?
Finding an Audio Playback IC
Crucial Vista Configurator...
another "WTHLOL" moment
The Fanboy thread
Semi-budget rig for friend
PC keeps restarting.
What the heck is this?
Looking ahead to build a system next year..
Freezing Problem
8800GTX question
my pc not working
the What were they thinking thread
would 8800gtx sli be ok with my system
Need Cell Phone!
Subscription-based Audiobook downloads - Does anyone do it?
Asian typing program
first start jitters?
Does this Rig sound right...
Considering SLI until K8L. Need opinions.
I had to post, this is ocforums after all!!
Putting together this 1,000 system. Is it good?
USB issues
Socket A Bundle Selling On Ebay How Much
Running out of ideas...
Is there a way I can boot from an external hard drive?
Optical drive not working on new Conroe build! Please help.
Boot Malfunction
Black Mesh Plastic Sleeving-Where to Buy?
Some keys on keyboard sometimes dont work?
New Upgrade -- AMD Or Intel ?
Odd Problem...
Pricing Question....
Pricing Question..................
Intel Dwelling Into Wireless 802.11 Robots?
Help with keyboard driver
CNET Review Found Dead
New Build Planned, Any Advice?
new computer advice.
I'm looking for a fan controller....
James Kim finally found dead
Help build a new rig.
Help with a weird problem....
I need some suggestions for tests to make sure my PC is running as it should
Computer Hardware Sites...
Strange boot problem
Help me Build a Micro Atx Machine.
will this protect my pc?
Why did my computer do this?
Stop linking to hardware without identifying it!
New Build/Check to make sure its OK
long standoffs
New system is in mail, putting it together q's
aspire x-dreamer front audio panel delima
Video Problem
Making Blank Disks
Micro ATX on a Budget
Wondering if I should upgrade or not
Have you ever measured your PC electric consumption?
pnp os
Battery backup.
KVM suggestion
Need Help with my WinTV Go-plus tv tuner
Trouble with Dual Nvidia Graphics Cards
Weird problem with TV Tuner
ok looking into new stuff. suggestions?
New Rig Configuration: Thoughts?
Need help bulding a new rig on a budget
New Build Advice
Random shut down, pulled the cmos, restarted 15min later, and saw smoke coming out..
Warning, it's not safe to use Linux in USA!
How much is a Hitachi Deskstar T7K500 500GB
Strange shutdown problem...
buying tonight! give it some final approval
Please give a look over
Logitech G7 problems.
Building a whole PC, like to have some advice as well
939 AGP DDR Dilema
way ouf of the agp / prescott mess?
C2D Time!
Cheap core 2 duo Crossfire rig (HELP)
Steering wheel reccomendations.
bios entry help!!
Ok oc.com, time to help a guy out
T-mobile Blackberry
Nvidia to be investigated for antitrust activity
1 PC + 2 video cards + 4 monitors = no worky
Help with Razer Diamondback
OK Iím stumped and need help
Attempt #2: Crappy Products and the Pain they cause us.
Friend needs to upgrade computer.
New Machine
new build problem
USB -> Motherboard
Cheap C2D build
Any upgrade suggestions?
DS3, New case install, shorting, where?
this is why seagate is the best
What parts to use for a video/audio editing computer?
New C2D rig - advice please
Building new computer. Need some advice.
G-15 Keyboard Volume control not working in Opera
SD to IDE/sata adapter?
486 Q?
multithreaded? or not?
Onboard audio dumbness!
Legally purchasing songs in .wav format?
No video at start up
Sweet overclocking boot screens?
Printer Reccomendation
Brand new PC + OC guide?
Spankin' New System - Spankin' New Blues screen T_T
gateway OCing now?
XBOX 360 question
atsc tv tuners
wierd computer problem
Random Blackouts.. help :(
Raptor 150 NF7-S v2 compatibility
HD-DVD ROM Drive for PC
Graphics card and motherboard recc.
Should i upgrade or no .. need opionions
(DEAD DEAL) Free Office '07 Professional & Vista DVDs from Microsoft
New Build - Advice Appreciated
Countdown to system paper weight. Who's in the same boat as i?
Time to build a new dream machine
Computer Check - Up
backplate for asus a8n sli?
PCI-e vs PCI-e 2.0
MAXIMUM refresh rate = use lower refresh rate for safety?
DVD Shrink + HDD Failure
Problems with my old computer.
Gaming PC or HDTV + Xbox360?
I need help naming my kids!
$1000 Gaming Computer
Optimus 103 won't have colour display keys!
Computer Freezes at ivicd.sys during boot
leet speak
Please note you are only bidding on a picture of a PS3, and not an actual system
The -=Official=- System Wishlist/Signature Thread
The -=Official=- System/Signature Thread
P4 Down!!! Please Help!!!
So now its finally legal to patch the security hole created by the Sony rootkit
SMP = hard, SL2HA
general Q's for upgrade
Multi probe temp monitor
is the ps3 rush over?
Laptop lags when scrolling a website
Vista's Voice Recognition !! OOPS !!
Creative Zen MicroPhoto 8gb firmware hack?
Woodcrest Production Machine
Windows Live, Way To Completly Copy Google
Need all of the best tweakers and the most experienced users advice!
New PC Good Choice
No visual at boot, tried everything, v annoyed!
Help my new computer won't start.
Cost of Hardware?
Did you know...?
wireless mouse screws up but there's a temp fix...
Upgrading hardware
Still dont get HTPCS
Longer Distance Wireless Mouse and Keyboard
I'm Number ONE!
chipset fan making buzzing noise
Need help overclocking E6300 in Gigabyte DS3.
Reformation Friends Computer
Screwed up MP3player +usb?
New 2 Overclocking. How do i OC E6700
conroe stuff question
So...who feels like a Google prank?
My computer game anthem..
Building a comp for my neighbours maybe.
a reasonable price for my pc
creative zen micro problem
how am i doing so far
advice for core2duo machine
If i listen closely i can hear my hardrive.....bad?
Avocent switchview dvi kvm switch issues
Please Reccomend a Cheap MB and CPU
Need some advice..
machine keep random reboot...??
Black Friday build
Budget Office Productivity Build
Where ever i play a game this process appears
Well, my mom just sent my moto razor through the wash...
Where to buy an SLI bridge
Sue Your Ass Over Hinges
Chat room for my webspace
CPU Temperature depends on the amount of RAM available.
Should I wait for the Quad Core PCs to come out?
New hardware
P4 Overclocking
Cause of a PC not to going into Safemode even though it's set to SM in msconfig?
SMP Folding Client finally out
Wont boot, wtf? lets try some stuff
Buying new pc (parts listed), suggestions?
Post up your Black Friday shopping lists!
Is it worth?
Critique appreciated
New Old Rig (my screw conroe build)
Inkjet Multi-Funtions: Prices and Reviews?
bios thats already clocked
MP3 Player owners are all thieves
Hard-disk reading
What vid card (AGP) and RAM for old Athlon XP 2400+ setup
If you visit an IPB based forum, -=DONT LOG ON!=-
Help w/ RAM install (more complex than you'd think!)
Brit jailed for 'web rage'
New system locks up
mouse skates
Socket A Barebones PC's
why such low bandwidth efficiency? (Big pic 117kb)
Can anyone help me choose a motherboard?
Making Gif's
Boot SATA?!?
How's this look? (n00b member)
Criticise my upgrade spec!!
blah! which one do i believe!!!
Help, will post but won't load OS
What do you think of this setup
Help, PC dead and won't POST
Laptop Trade ins
new build baby
Best Video Capture/Video Tuner
Problem with an Epoxy 8KHA+
Give me your opinion
Reflexion on Open Sopurce Software - ***Need Opinions!!!!***