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Vista cracked already
New Build Recommendations
Notebook computers and Tabletop grills don't well together.
Logitech Laser Mice, starting to crap out?
Power Flickerd for a NANO second and the results....
New Setup: Advice
HTPC Build Questions
Ideas for new laptop
New c2d build not posting?
ANOTHER comp has been created... god what now
Help running caseless (how do I start it?)
Spyware keeps messing with google results.
new rig
New gaming computer some parts to choose
best pc remote control?
Are U Gettin Ready For The X-Mas Sales
computer shuts down after 6-8 seconds?
HTPC problems
Gonna order my new Rig tonight.
Having BIG system reliablity problems but not sure what to try and replace.
Simulating MX Revolution Scrolling Style
worst case of Engrish I have found on..
Ma gaming rig
Ebay question
New Build Pictures!
Data Recovery help!
BIG problem!!!
Thermalright Ultra 120 LGA775 problems -- Wont post now? :(
Dell Monitor and High Def t.v Tuner?
My wife's computer is having a problem
4 ram slots in a laptop?
Micro ATX gaming setup - please judge
My laser mouse has a mind of its own......
Unexplained lockups
2x PIII 450 Mhz over idleing?
My new G15 Logitech Keyboard won't work!
Interesting problem
need a bit of help
Hot Deals on Computers at Walgreens ..NOT !!!
I think all of it is dead..
Upgrading help: Motherboard OR RAM ???
Laptop harddrive help
I thought I was past this.
How much for this Dell?
Odd Recent Problem
i'm taking amazon to court
need help for local school
Upgrade Advice...
single core or dual?
Squeeking Sound on Any Load
Cable Splicers/Amplifiers. Bazillion questions and thoughts?
PC keeps restarting by itself!!
hey **AA care to explain?
Please review my upgrade to C2D
ARG How do you fix this?
Why the hell is it.... (question regarding spyware)
Blue text highlights won't go away sometimes?
Mouse discussion
My first Processor OC
You tell me what you think about this, scam or not?
What should I upgrade?
Emergency OEM upgrade...tell me this will work
WHy havn't PCI devices made switch to PCI-E??
Im thinking of buying this for a an easy to use solution
New PC
Do people still Breakin new hardware?
Win NVIDIA 680i SLI motherboard
Do you ever wonder...
What do you think this is?
How to use norton ghost properly? Where i have gone wrong?
A low cost, medium performance Challenge!
Anyone here get seperated from your storage drive?
Best Lightscribe DVD+R discs?
HELP urgent my com cant boot!!!
Why does this website do this.... TOTALLY odd
Issues in Computer Science???
Troubleshooting Suggestions?
Verrrrryyy Interesting...
List the # of your drive bays on your computer.
Which part to get?
What would you pay?
need help with a server ibm xseries 342
Using a computer as a router
E1705 Booting Trouble.
Taskbar block-y
htpc questions
Need help with comp startup.
Does Intel's new slogan bother anyone else?
help is CPU fan not working?
bleh needa sell my computer
Fan Control To Wall Outlet
Constant Bit Rate vs Variable Bit Rate music?
Solutions for keeping a team synchronized
Printer Problems.
Ok, I killed my bios. Now what
good 5.25" bay device
House controlled by a watch
Should I wait on building a PC till ~Black Friday for better prices??
I think I'm in trouble
Need Help
new startup- nothing happens
Dell PC related question
Problems installing new mobo
Good time to Purchase new system?
Computer posting but not booting windows?
Whats your favorite IPOD accessory?
Microsoft-Novell on the same side.
Machine doesn't boot fully, starts loading windows, doesn't finish
Suggestions for new rig!!
a tale of sorrow and woe
Selling my s478 system for a 775
Hacking Democracy on HBO anybody else see this?
Wire management
dish DVR, idiotic mistake; please help
FIRE!!! Almost:) Tale of Terror!
hardware issue or system corruption?
FEAR and My setup... its a wonderful thing:)
Start-up power usage
And yet another opinions wanted post
Which RAM should I get?
hey again
How is that a budget system??
Peculiar system slowdown
USB Switches (Sharing Devices)
Wireless Mouse issues
Public Speaking project.
Your input is wanted.
PC upgrade planning time!
Is this something I should be worried about?
This WILL be my rig.
Glowing Power Cords! Whats Next!
Critial Error on my computer. Please Help
The 398$ laptop at walmart.
This doesn't seem right... Only 100 million websites?
How well should this setup OC? (Core2Duo E6300,Asus P5B-E,Corsair XMS2 800)
Google + Apple?
Questions on what directions to take upgrading athlon xp 2100
When does Newegg put up there new month deals
Why is this. Trojan? Virus?
puzzling question, doesnt display when booting
A+ 2006 or A+ 2003?
AVG Free going away!
Oh snap..literally!
What fun things to do with this setup at work?
Is there anything worse than horrible customer support?
My new Computer i am building. Please tell me what you think.
Here is my soon to be new rig I hope...
Chi-town Gamers/Overclockers
Portable DVD problems
Is my rig gaming worthy?
I was wanting to put my comp specs in sig...
Current Recommended Build Specs for an HTPC
How to diagnose and fix a strange instability problem?
what would bluetooth be good for?
Brand New Machine
Freebies are great!
Help Overclock This
e6600 and P5B-D help!
Upgrade advice...
weird fonts on bios posting
Where can I find the thread to how overclocking works?
Alienware admits trying to fiddle reviews of its products
Making Com need Specs advice
Graphic issue on SMP servers!
What Percentage of Stress Does It Create?
Looking to build a new computer. Please help.
Looking to upgrade my computer
Just lost my X6800 - Let me bring this to your attention.
Wireless Xbox 360 game controller in windows...
Couple of questions
New PC
No video
heating problems.
Need help deciding
is there any program out there that will tell me my temp of stuff in comp?
What do you think of my gaming rig?
C2d setup...need suggestions on motherboard and ram
Looking to buy a new printer
Tivo clones?
help! hp printer problem
What is an optical drive?
Benifits of SATA over IDE
Post about your universities internet!
Help! need confirmation on pc problem
What happens if a computer gets cold?
clean install of windows xp. please help
Writing a site launch
old laptop
New PC Build for a Friend - Thoughts & Suggestions
whats the point of MCE 2005 on a notebook?
Logitech mx610 scrollwheel problems
Help with no power
why is there always a problem updating ad aware definitions@?!!?
what can I improve?
Simple Question
Should I be using silicon washers to mount my motherboard?
Joystick reccomendations for Flight Sim?
Laptop Backpack?
VGA to S-video or RGB or HD component
What is wrong with my computer overclock??
I'll consider myself lucky...
USB quits responding, apparently when the screen saver activated?
Just installed the new FIREFOX and got 2 important questions
cold cathode + external hdd
External Cathode Lighting Kit -Personalising Laptop Work Area.... Advice needed. :)
freedos on the dekstop?
PC won't shutdown or restart?
Looking For a Cheap and Stable Server Setup
Mouse problems
Computer Help
The Overclocking Buyers Guide
Little Help.
Worth it to upgrade?
Can someone please tell me what this is?
HELP!! Computer is freezing!!
Some insane but awsome kid
Holy crap!
Rate My new Rig
Answers behind Ati/nvidia's annoying driver updates?
Looking for Mac compatible WEBCAM
What to do with older Rambus parts
OS support for 8 cores, need help
Mic not working!! Help please
cd drive Lag on a AW9D Board
Need Help With New Phone (tmobile)
What To Buy Now?
Does Dell make anything at all?
strange boot up problem
how Important is the cache on optical drives??..........
usb hub
two monitors
Building a (semi) new computer
Bluetooth headset for computer use.
machine check exception
To Buy or Not to Buy: That is the Question
Looking for organization software for students
K7D master questions
WTF is so wrong with Vista???
VALIDATION : windows asks me for one of there programs.....
programs there but not installed
Why is Orthos failing?
NVRAM Problem!
Good "Programming" Keyboard?
I love the smell of fresh PCB... (pics)
issues with friend's system
Need help finalizing my new build...
What Does the Fastest Computer in the World Do?
board case
dvd viewing problem HELP
Keyboard with LCD Keys?
Ultra X2 Connect 550W Question
Atheros AR5005G Wireless Problems
dual stocket T mobo?
Windows Defender. Unwanted .exe needed help
is my ram freq right?
Post pictures of your htpc, Storage
Looking for pointers on HTPC
SPYWARE. Whats another good fail safe?
Experiencing Crashes..
Click, Freeze, Reboot
Good Mob+hd replacement?
EMI effects
Mini DV -> DVD Best Solution?
floppy drive door?
Toshiba Satellite: wireless hardware install problems
MX1000 Connection problems
Building new rig before its to late!
Need a notebook *wireless* mouse
Is this a bad idea?
Computer killing virus
Where to buy: Lian Li PC-007?
Apple beginning to make a dent in Windows market
e1705, USB Audigy 2 NX, skipping sound when loading web pages
unmountable boot device (with a twist)
Remote Controlling HTPC
first big crash
Want to help me out?
My budget workstation, eh?
Comp automaticaly goes to sleep mode.......
New rig, thoughts?
One giant step for home entertainment?
External storage
Is there any company's that are...
Logitech G15, macro lag
Dual core will be a thing of the past. The future starts now.
Cell Phones...
Dual-core vs Dual-cpu
Building a media rig
Some one please help me with E6600.
Best way to clean the dust?
Dimension 4600 will not power on...
can browse internet but can't use emule, mirc, messenger.
Possible mod for keyboard and mouse on a 360
CD/DVD-R/W drive not detected after installing Daemon
Random lockups - reboots
ATI video card on Nforce Mobo?
Upgrading - ordering from NewEgg tommorrow...
Next project rig...and more. Feedback needed
Help with buying a capture card/tv tuner...
making a decision
Java + runescape help!
Possible to build a cheap gaming computer?
Upgrading to budget Conroe build, worth it?
dual monitor
Small lan on my campus
Lexar flash drive won't recognize
Yet another "my new build" thread
post question
budget build, help me save some cash?
From Newegg to New Computer...
PSU +12V Problem
Formatting a HDD
USB cables with mini-B
Hey.. look at my new pc
Hola from the rainy state
Hooking up my Thermal Controller.
will great stuff like this disappear from youtube not that google/corp are moving in?
OMFG MY PARENTS NEED A NEW PC!! "still stuck on duron"
Laptops shipping with Vista upgrade capability?
Value of the only rig I have :(
I'm in trouble
TT BT recreated
Little caht with alienware consulter
TV tuner setup Making or breaking a system......
Suggest the rest of the build
$900 Basic Build Help
Gaming Laptop
new setup
Which X-Fi??
Need some help from people ouside USA using 220volts
Servers needed...where to buy for cheap?
What's the deal with Macs?
card reader driver help
I just installed avivo. What a complete JOKE. wow ati thats bad
Whaddya think of new computer specs?
quick question
I'm sure someone here can help me :)
USB gamepad help
LCD TV or widescreen monitor?
up and running!!!
wierd problem with s754 setup and mem timings.
PCI-E 1x
Home PC's attacked as many as 50 times a night
Imagine if...
Need reccomendations for workstation / CAD usage system
Pc problems
Media hard drive / player Divx thingy...
Advice on server box
What do you guys think of this 24" widescreen crt?
Trillian IM What happin?
Need Help / new machine
Can't Double Click?
Second Build, Couple Questions.
Need help, LanParty w/ 7950gx2
anyone know of a good pci card for inputing component video + audio?
scared a bit..
Worth waiting for DX10???
Random question
Finally got first build picked out, need lots of advice
Can't get a post with sister rig :'(
Computer locks up in games
LED Replacement Bulbs for my Incandcent Bulbs
Sempon 2800+ OC rig, $524.57 shipped, need input
BIOSTAR TForce6100 Socket 754 from eBay?
Need help on CPU selection for Tyan VX50
Computer randomly restarts
SHOWDOWN: My PC vs my Mac Mini
Ok...I'm stumped...
Graphics messing up, leading to...
budget oc d 805
two things that confuse me..
DVD Burner going bad?
Im at it agian...Building computer
Buying new computer
Budget rig, $567.92CAD shipped
Controller for molex?
Why do RAM prices go up?
Aman's HUGE Questions Topic
bios updating, flashing, reverting to old
could this be why the system died?!
Squealing from motherboard?
streaming tv(dvr-625 dish) to laptop questions.
Videos Screwed Up?!
uhoh *URGENT*
Fan Speed Sensor / Wire
Grommets and Fan Silencers, Help?
Need Advice on New Build
Unsupported clock generator PLL
Need help, $300 build
Any idea what this is or what could be causing it?
review my build
currupt windows system file
I need help with my computer.
Please help me
Looking for advice on upgrading hardware
noob needs help with new computer build!
Dell is now using AMD.........
is this a good hd setup?
tv tuner
first time build need some oc advise
mp3 skipping
help me with a bsod please
System goes SOOO SLOW when using my DVD DRIVES
new mouse time
sell watercooled PC as a whole or break down into parts?
Does Aspire (Apevia) offer RMA for a dead PSU?
Trying to find a metal contact number keyboard
Budget System
New Computer Build (Help/Experience wanted)
Game to DVD...not so smooth
At this time whos ahead? Games or hardware
I have a problem
Computer Problems help
First build, need advice/opinions on some parts
would you pay $800 for a case?
mobo & memory
PCMark05...good numbers?
Strange problem
I cant burn DVD's.
major upgrade time
help quick please!
MotherBoard damage , what can I do,please help??
What was YOUR biggest system performance jump ever?
GA-965P-DQ6 Xpress Recovery
Intels New Quad Core Video
No Signal to monitor
HP to acquire voodoo pc's
my pc not working
hard drive question
Helpwith Keyboard or motherboard
Info on this HDTV
video editing/encoding
Intel Drivers
I just got a Thunder K7 for free...
Logitech® Cordless Desktop® LX 710 Laser
GRRRR!!!! bad mobo?
New System, No video HELP!!!
What the h3ll is this!?
K8T Master2-FAR7 and Scythe KATANA Cu?
3.5" Light Controller
Mac or Dell?
new parts yay
How much canned air do YOU use?
Argh Blue Screens HELP PLEASE!!
New Satellite portable radio/mp3 player
Intel To Pay Up To $1 Million Bounty For Sexy, Small, Stylish PCs
To K8WE or not
Choosing a new mouse w/ gaming in mind
PC no bootie
XtremeSystems, being hacked ??
Didnt realize how bad....
Future Tech - GDDR4/5, New Faster PCI-E & Samsung Shows Off GDDR4/DDR3
Major System stability problems while gaming
Wait for verticle sync? WHY need help
Can i post this here
USB ports won't power my Ipod
Floppy Destruction
Is it possible to connect my stereo to my pc?
Hardware Compatibility Information?
Need advice on video editing pc purchase.
whats up with sata cables?
Razer Jumps into the Gaming keyboard Market!
Windows, HDD, and many other problems
Using ion wind and ramdrives to create a truly silent computer
HELP!!! Error Message! >_<
Retail or Homebrew PC?
Is it possible to dynamically scale cpu speed on socket A dually boards?
HELP! Not Enough RAM to Save in Photoshop!
Vista... lol.
New rig, first post!
Thinking about Motherboard and CPU upgrade
Thinking of getting A+ Certified. Opinions?
Windows locks up every 15 minutes - hardware or software?
Small Wireless Router
Reconnect cordless mouse after restart?
SMP for Games?
Advice on New Rig
MAC/OSX forums
What to do with my old machine, Going MAC
sata controller card on intel mb
Quick. Help need on an eMachines Computer
Something bad I guess.
"usb is like a single lane highway, firewire like a double lane one" - ?
Comp Restarted...No errors
New rig - please check specs.