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sata controller card on intel mb
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ExpertHyips.com-Amazing site!
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Free Repairs for XboX 360
small free firefox anotomizer. pretty slick
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Panel pushing againts Ultra 120.
cheap slim cd cases??
What does folding mean?
Cool Little Gadget.. "Media Tank"
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anyone hit 250 fsb with the pc-dl?
I canít afford a brand new GeForce 7950 GX2!
Weird Windows problem: Could it be overheating?
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hybrid processors
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Intel to unveil new laser chip
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every once in a while my computer makes a weird click, and freezes for half a second
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Saitek Eclipse 1 Vs Saitek Eclipse 2
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Different LED color?
thermal epoxy
thermal epoxy
logitech g15
No display on new build???? Quick Help!
Anyone got any ideas? Its possesed!
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cant access files with different OS. please help
Bigfoot Networks Killer NIC
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figured only nerds would find this fortune funny...
Nocona Heat Sink/Fan Recommendations?
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Random glitchy performance in games and audio programs
What would be the best computer to you?
Omega Drivers wont let me overclock?
Cannot find the cause. Reboots randomly
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Parts list for next build
Increasing voltage when entering 3dmode?
#%&@!! Random Rebooting!
What type of score is this. Need some feeback if at all possible
where do I hook the card reader into?
Swapping from wireless to wired internet question.
My Final Build
U3 based flash drives.
My Build Soon Coming
picking parts for a new computer !
Tv tuner card the whats to do and whats not to do?
Where do I stand these days?
Is adaware spyware a decent program?
New Dream PC . Your Choice
Is this even possible or just forget about it?
HELP!! Blue Screen!! :(
hapy hapy. free computer stuff comeing soon
what am i worth? jobwise
question regarding SD RAM for digital camera
Best In-game video capture program?
Wireless Keyboard/Mouse (Logitech s510) and Sleep Mode
K7D master, Scsi raid cards, bios flashes and confusion
A very unusual problem. Floppy drive and power off
Controlling 2 computers - Without a KVM
Tell me some things that will...
Intermittent problem. Monitor doesn't always turn on..
Boot problems - any ideas?
Gah I've spent hours on this new build, but I can't get it right.
Can lightning break just my hard-drive? Can I retrieve the files?? HELP
Eager to spend 200 bucks!
power up issue
Patriot vs Gskill vs Corsair
Need advice with my choice of computer parts...
Using 3DMARK 2003 to test system
Windows Media Remote Control Device
Can U power up the mobo without CPU?
Which should I do/choose/use?
Are people using my broadband illegally?
Odd question:
EKK!!!! what happened?
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New computer doesn't turn on! help!
I'm a Winner
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Video Locks up, out of ideas! Desperate help needed.
What do you think of this? New Rig.
new computer shuts off after two seconds
Should I?
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eBay's new look
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plugged in power incorrectly to my floppy any damage?
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longest ever had computer on??
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700 dollar build
New comp
Cheap computer specs, Did i mess anything up?
PC freezing
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Random Restart Woes ><
MX 1000 "skipping" on FUNC pad!?
Enabling the Right-Click
HELP! need combo ideas ASAP
new conroe setup, need someone to proofread it.
Advice on new build(s) please!
New Dually... Which CPU is best???
Computer Rebooting After few minutes of gaming.
Notebook display problems - take a look
Computer on for like 48 hours = toast?
Which are which temperatures?
PC restart/shutdown problem.
Best "bang for you buck" dually?
What can I get for it?
Whats the worst lemon you have ever had?
Games reboot comp after reformat why?
Core 6300 Build
Google developing eavesdropping software
Gateway 552GE. Changing out parts
Stop IE/Firefox from changing background?
What kind of 3dmark score should I Get?
My friend is looking to sell on eBay, and needs some help
Having CPU/Mobo Problems
So now we have an AI processor to?
Google's latest acquisition
Need to know how much i can get for this pc
PS/2 to USB
Easiest way to build a Cantenna without an N Connector?
Best dual 604 overclocker
Out of loop/Help build me a -$1,000 gaming rig
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Need Help W/ Parts For Friend
ok so now I am stuck HELP!
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usb vs firewire.. which is better?
My New Toy *drool*
Prime95 failing on Blend RAM test
tablet / stylus for PC recommendations?
keyboard port effed up?
Computer Shuts off Ramdonly
New Computer, Suggestions Needed....
Help finding a socket 771 motherboard
Alienwares crashing when playing games
PC Fried???
Comp. randomly restarts and Freezes
Overheating problem?
Location of rare parts
Building my 1st Rig. Opinions needed
bit of advice on upgrade? plz
Typical Microsoft...
Computer boot problems...
Gang robs eBay car buyer at gunpoint
PC Tool Kits?
Raising the sound level
Building a new rig, what do you quys think?
Cheap Core 2 Duo PC
Everything ok? And which heat-sink?
Approve friend's build
Water + PC = Bad Times; Please Help
Digital Life, October 12-15 , NYC, Going?
Every time I start my iPod sound is borked
Vista RC1 download here
Powering a Set of speakers
Interesting Random Reboot Problem... Advice appreciated
reusing AS5
question will this work?
what shud i upgrade?
Time for a new mouse?
New system for friend - advice please
Troubleshooting help: no video after using pc for a while
$800 PC!! Help me
Who is with Adobe Photoshop??
Help getting system to boot up
My First Dually
New Job = New Computer (yes another pick my parts thread!)
Diagnosing a no-POST issue that occurs only after reboots.
Who's waiting on RMAs?
Logitech Ultra Vision release date?
Computer constantly crashes
Brand new build, but I think I killed something...
Computers can now cook your food !
Webcam help needed.
Ive been hacked most likely. check it out
Will it support this?
Advice on Upgrade
New Toys =P
Wax Paper Mouse Pad
Logitech MX Revolution mouse: The mouse of all mouses?
Motherboard issue?
Man Gets 6 Years in Software Piracy Case
Transferring across laptops
(pic) which is the BIOS chip?
Another "What to do with an old machine" thread :)
need really cheap server
Computer & Subwoofer
New computer
Looking for Printers - Help
Check my Core 2 Duo XE system =)
Lets Play the $500 challenge.
Why we have SPAM
Keyboard and Mouse for Gaming?
archos 404 or gmini 402 camcorder?
Getting new comp plz help
Is it worth it?
New computer crashing
computer won't startup?
I got to play with something cool today
Wow, vcore problem?
Dead mobo?
What the heck is going on?
I need some help with programing ink cartriges
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Can't reboot - help needed!
Yay! I lost another drive.
New Weird Logitech Mouse!
Here is £500 build me a pc...please
The Stupidity Just Never Ends
DVD Burner Test
New Definition of Spyware
my first dual...
How Much Can I get??
New System Finally Working :)
Logitech MX5000 Bluetooth Issues
Bluetooth Devices/Software
ATi to stop making Intel chipsets
as5 on a laptop?
Price Check->My Rig
Low budget Build Please Check :-D
cardomain.com but for computers
So I've got this problem...Screen locking up
Preventing a potential bottleneck
Quick build - comfirm
$1000 for new primary components - AMD CPU / MOBO / 512 Video / 2 gig RAM / DVD Burn
$2,000 gaming PC build
Good thing to save up for?
Just a keyboard?
PC Building Rookie with some Questions!!!
KVM and Image quality
[NEWS] Microsoft loses patent suit regarding activation technologies
getting into smp
3GHZ problem?
Handheld screens
To me or charity?
Buy UV Plexi?
why is size on disk bigger than size?
CDROM Faceplates
Booting from USB stick...
Need to make printable Lists of songs on an MP3 CD
K8T Master2-FAR7 and stock heatsinks
Socket F and LGA 771 Socket - HSF Mounting Holes
ideas for a Tivo clone?
Um, kind of a problem
Help w/ mousepad decision
CMOS Battery Question
want to build new comp
Thouts on Tyan duelie mobo's
Copy from iPod, maintaining filename and folder integrity
frozen on "windows is starting up" screen
New computer problems!! Need help :(
Looking to sell my computer
computers so complicated?
OnBoard Sucks
Good A+ review for free
apple fails again....
IDE Detection Problems (P5WD2 Premium) ..
Nice Article about cap replacement [IEEE Spectrum]
Planning ahead for college...
New Build help.
HIbernation problem
Just ordered new parts, looking forward to a new build.
Stability Issue - Machine Check Exception
mouse for laptop
New Build-Budget Computer, can't exceed $400
Simple gaming benchmark request
good trade?
Whats Fair for Side Jobs?
PC Rebooting...
USB mouse and keyboard lag VIA KT133A chipset
why are dfi's hard to set up?
Why wont my computer work!!?!
BAD_POOL_CALLER while installing XP Pro
What type of computer do I need?
Dell help
Recommended Internal Peripherals (Intel Core 2 Duo Conroe)
New computer, opinions?
no power
Schools in Indiana ditching Windows [News]
eSATA+USB2.0 Enclosure Recommendation
dvd drive problem "is not a valid Win 32 aplication"
Another guy building a pc.......
razer diamondback problem
PC Power Problem
MRAM hits the market.
Laptop screen
Building new AM2 system. Comments
Do you recycle your old hardware?
My laptop scares me...
MX518 or Razer Copperhead???
Intel Aborts the Pentium D Operation
Direct3D Issues
Need help with new build
what is my problem?
sometimes doesnt post first time
dual slot 1
Thermal glue homemade?
8 core on windows?
I've got $800, come help me
Newegg Price MISTAKE??!
fan controller questions
Single beep help
Is my score on track???
AMD - The Next Generation
Banking Vulnerability Puts 3.1 Million at Risk
gamepad playing hell with a cordless mouse
many small video clips into one file
Recommendations for a scanner?
Dell to Recall 4.1M Laptop Batteries
eSATA cable?
Ugh! Prime95 errors.
Can't see second Dvd drive in bios
Do You Recycle Old Hardware? Please Make Poll
Places like Overclockers.com
It's about that time..
Optical media copying questions (not about piracy at all)
EAC / LAME messing up...
Bluetooth help!
TV/Encoder Card Help!
Microsoft mice have become logitech ones.
Krylon Spray paint
What do your computers do?
Memorial Of the (late) Great MS Wireless Ergo Keyboard
Happy 25th birthday IBM PC!
WOOT!!! NO MORE DELL!!! any upgrade inputs?
I need some webcam info...
gameport extension cables still kicking about?
More irritating computer issues
Quantity 140 25 Pounds Intel Pentium Pro For Gold Scrap
LOGITECH Desktop S510
help me build a budget computer!
My computer thinks it has a 5 1/4" floppy drive!!!! :(
ingame feedback
Winfast 2000XP Expert Remote not working?
Motherboard Monitoring software
does this cable exist?
Installed E6600 - Sound Card Doesn't Work
HDD Problems
uhhhh. how do i format the HDD? XD
Windows XP on G drive?
Advice on Build
Quick question on stripping USB cables
guess my instability?!?
Yet Another "Check My Rig"
APIC module
Received Old Computer...With Issues
Constant yelling hurts monitors?
the most ink-economical printer?
usb issues
USB keyboard w/ PS2 adapter not getting reconized
Joining the Club!
Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart, Ted Stevens, The Net Neutraility Act. Hilarious!!!
Building a computer for the first time, need tips.
iPod trouble.
The best RIAA defence is...an unsecured Wi-Fi network?
Unexplanable Beeping of PC
Jamma board problem
Planning to put together a computer for college - Need opinions
My New Build
need a sound card reccomendation
AMD v Intel -- Antitrust lawsuit
Petition to keep Ati brand alive
Should I bring my comp to a technician?
Digtal Camera Advice
New PC
Can you make 2 mice work....
Salvaged P4 worth rebuilding?
Friend needs a gaming rig! Spending under $2k
PWM IC...what does it do?
Configuring ATI Tool. Heaps and heaps of options
New windows update system?
Anyone manage to unbottleneck Quad SLI?
Need good PCI Firewire Card Recommendations...
Hardware sites ARG!
Budget Computer
Building A Cheap and Reliable Rig
Help me Decide
overclocking this little lot....
upgrade time - workstation / multimedia
Comp won't POST, suggestions?
Whats The Difference Between These Two ??
15 hour marathon. Heat stable. COOL or not?
My Upgrades on the Way...Woot!!!
Opinions needed...Take a look...
CD-Rom Drive Problems After Build
Which processor for new laptop? core duo, solo, turion, turion x2?
Last rig building was during the time of the XP 2500+; now I need some help
FF help
need a multi meter what one of thses would you pick?
need a new mouse pad suggestion
IRQ issues, I really need help
How much OC'ing is safe for this desktop build?
computer randomly shutsdown and cant start up again
Random Restarts
having problems
4 cores and gaming?
Just Wondering...
One question
3DMark O6 on a crap PC
Packard bell computer - it's that old?
pc locks-up during gaming
help, can not install XP on E6400 setup
alright so im a bit lost
More fans = More problems.
Hot linking files, your opinions..
pc desk
What is faster, THE BIG QUESTION.....
Having trouble making a conroe build
Cracking Vista
Double Check my order for me =)
the internal USB port?
some suggestions for my new site
help a guy who's been out of the loop.. for a really long time...
dual thread. Dual monitors the do's and dont's of double vision
Anyone here try Slicksurf replacement mouse feet?
5G iPod question
How did I get this?
just got a g15 :)
Advice on a new build
How Fast Is Your Internet? Really....
first time build
Windows Activation again?
PC game controller.
new conroe rig , need help
Netframe 2.0
Should we keep our hardware off our, well, hardware?
local computer shop scam. they clame better than dell
Looking for Mutltimedia Wireless/Wired Player... Help?
help please
Burning a Chip?
more build questions
Another What is Wrong Thread
Rate this pc
Help with NetApp Equipment
A Question of PSUs and Amps
Is Prime95 blend a sufficient stability test for cpu AND memory?