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Im going to go postal on windows!!!!
I think my hard drive(s) are turning back on and off (during Prime95 test)
Opinions on which part to upgrade
Controlling fan speed on Dell desktops, is it possible?
Windows XP Install Question?
dsl modem ?
Where do you buy a lot of laptop hard drives ?
need advice for new system
lot of 100 WRT54Gs, should I try to buy them and resale?
New chip and board, tell me what you think.
What to upgrade? Votes!
Hard Drive Failure... What Happen?
I-Tech Virtual Keyboard
Debating on Full Size Computer or Small Form Factor? Ur thoughts?
How do i beat Write protection.
Hardware Component Limitations when overclocking
Internet From Old Days
Joystick for MS Flight Simulator
On going problem
Can't get my iPod nano to connect to my comp
New Dell problem thread
Mobo for 805 pentium?
Sega Dreamcast hookup question
How do you save movie clips?
BSOD all over!
Where to buy quad socket 940 board?
How much should i sell this stuff for?
Suggestions/Feedback please.
Cluster advice
Before i get my New rig next weekend PLEASE CRITIC it thx
G5 and G15 problems
MP3 Player that uses your USB drive
rendering video... /sound problem
Good KVM Switch?
In Need of Serious Advice on First PC Build
Old computers and repair
Help a noob understand
Core2Duo doesn't need active cooling?!?!
Good deal or no?
Need help choosing a keyboard!
dual single core vs dual dual core
USB headset
Splitting Large Music Files
Build help for those in need!!
System almost complete
Decent-High rig for 2.2k Canadian
Looking back: The iMac G3 or "How a computer should not be built"
Conroe System Compatability>?
Temporary upgrade solution--advice?
$600-700 Budget
Computer Build
Building a Conroe system, Need Advice
Someone stealing your internet? revenge inside
"Data is invalid" error
Saving Money with Wireless Devices
First time build, ~$4000, sage advise will be heeded!
Recommendation on KVM, (wireless) router?
OMFG!! !!!!!!The CraZiesT!!!!!(avarage brand) PC ever!!!!!
Another computer build thred question lol
pc will do nothing
determining system bottleneck
Can anyone help with this error...
Future CPU's & other PC Hardware?
UPS Recommendations
Quick question..take a look please
dx 10 games = buy or not play?
Mouse dying or something else?
My head hurts
Has ANYONE .. EVER gotten a free thumb drive out of the cyber deals section?
Building a New Setup - Advice From Gurus Much Appreciated
Minimum hardware for a webserver on linux?
Recommendations on DVD-Recorders
"The World's Fastesd PC!"
Another new comp build thread
Warning for those of you who post music/art to myspace. Rupert murdoch ownes it.
web cam help....
Help me out
ALL YOU ppl in the D!
Does XP Pro Support Quad Processors?
When Microsoft Are DDoS Attcked What Do they Use To Protect Themselves ?
Need Some Advice...
Samsung Syncmaster 940B controlls locked HELP!
My rigs how they will stack up
from monitor to HVPS
no-boot problem
Moving Woes
Need guide for modding case window
AMD did buy ATI
Myspace can't get their story straight...
New MoBo - DFI-975X/G For Core 2 Duo
friend has a better pc than i, but i get more fps
Open Beta! (Test my program please)
Pc shuts off
DDR400 in new systems?
Been OC'd for awhile now...
Help on updating graphics on laptop.
PC Parts Recomendation
Windows xp and 4gb monster?
Any PocketPC owners here?
Guys check my build
List your HTPC specs here!!
Overclock = no internet!!!
Oh come on...
Too Much Heat
Is a gig of ram a lot of memory nowadays?
My backup rig, VERY ENTERTAINING ;)
Interesting web site
Major help needed on processor. Insanely hard
K7D thermal protection fails to work (bye bye duallie ...)
Using more than one device at once on a usb hub
Best cheap upgrade for old hp pavilion 533w
SAA7131 TV Card audio drivers
Drivebay USB,Audio,Firewire?
Whatever happened to good spam?
USB Beverage Chillers
No more DRM according to Yahoo
Building a new comp... help meh
Upgrade advice, Video, CPU..
PEG link mode?
My PRECIOUS is dead (wireless keyboard/mouse)
n00b power supply question
Logitech MX500 or MX1000?
Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated
Dell Server. Can i mix and match cpus
Why do manufacturers recommend min X hour charge before use on new devices?
Any use of a old PC
Recommend a $1k Build?
Blue screen with random info on it ?
dell problem
The "Screw Conroe" build
How much is my processor holding me back
Problems with my X2/939
Seeking advice on next dually ...
Dell Precisions 420
Any good Computer stores in San Francisco?
Sony unveils its first aftermarket Blu-ray Disc burner
heat + pc = disk failure?
micro soldering service?
Need help choosing career
server problems
Tan Spray + PC components
Laptop -> Desktop.
Nevin the mad scientist and his sidekick Colin at Arctic Silver are pretty funny
Counter-Strike Keyboard ??
AMD or Intel Dual Core question...
Virtual Reality Puts Telepathy to the Test
Woohoo, Upgraded to 939 and kept my AGP as well!!
How Much
make 1.5+ grand..not a scam (Cheap Inkjet cartridges to be redeemed)
Upgrading to a 939 system soon and i have a few questions...
Rig will not start
Not sure if this is a mobo or memory issue
Shadowhawk109’s n00bie Guide to Building a PC
WebCam Survalence? some ones been in my hosue
I need a new desktop, and I have some questions for the avid builders (and buyers)...
Here we go, my Buget Conroe Rig setup:
PC died...need help :(
My Conroe Computer Build. Please comment.
Building a MCE PC for my living room
The WGA and Activation dilemma
Would you forsake your windows key for an IBM Model M keyboard?
Googles' OS
Why do USB hubs suck
DVD burning faster with 2 hard drives?
MX1000 is getting flaky - its new mouse time
USB current cababilities
100% OC "wall" need help.
Need help priceing a Computer
PC Steering Wheel (+ a clutch BONUS}
Overclocking Asus K8N-DL
Computer doesn't start right
why computer reboots?
One of my new peices of hardware is ****ing my PC up
Hey guys!! Plz Help!! SOS
Continuis restarting
PC = Human brain?
small upgrade need opinion
Price fixing on memory chips lawsuit
What order should I build my new PC in?
Unique Hardware indentification ?
Windows XP on to Sata drive nightmares
Team Speak, Firewall, and keylogging
Intellistation Woe's
IBM Engineer Saying Sony PS3 Yields Not Good
Can you mod a harddrive into an Xbox360?
Critique my FragBox II configuration
Room for another e-business????
decent gaming pc for $800
New mp3 player
My new rig is set. Just need help determining the video card
I'm ready to build a new computer but don't know much about these new socket 775
32 bit to 16 bit
Help please! new comp
Will Pirates win over HDCP?
OMFG Major Issues
Thinking of selling my rig.
Is now a good or bad time to upgrade?
Sound Card Problem
Legality Copyright Issue
what keyboard?
KWORLD ATSC-110 tuner?
Need some help... Please
Help me solve this cruel and unusual mystery
Portable HDD mp3 Players
Good keyboard for converting to Dvorak
Looking for decent cheap joystick
01 01 01 01 on boot
New AM2 Rig!!(Pics!!!)
uv lights cause plastic to discolor
Video Working RARELY/New PC
Bad hardware or overheating?
Teach me how to market myself
BSOD on new computer
Self-Built Computer, Wont Show Video!
dead northbridge chip?
The file that cant be deleted. (stubbon little fella)
Bootable ROM
Computer Crash during games
Another Dell coupon question
Help me solve reboots while playing cs
Wireless Keyboard/Mouse
my framerate doesnt change...
Proof I am a computer dork.
My 1st gaming PC (opinions wanted)
Selling my rig to my older sister/ fair asking price?
setting up touch screen terminal system. need advice.
My Future System. Please Comment
Help with music & licenses! I have ripped a CD to...
Some funky things going on. Sound dead.
The time for a performance doubling upgrade is now here!
I hate Norton GOBack!
Liquidation.com auction, bunch of computer stuff. Should I buy?
building a nice budget pc for cousin. :)
Opinions on the DMRA?
Anyone know when this is coming out
i got the best deal
12v to 5.2VDC 1.5A
amd buying ati
AM2 Overclocking Question--NEED HELP!!!
New MATX rig: DFI RS482 No video
All messed up
Friend's Electric Semi-Computer Related Problem
uh... I don't know
What makes people buy dell's?
First Self-made PC. QUESTIONS!
Will I see a significant increase in performance IF...
RAM/Motherboard Compatability
Compaq 5838 case > me
Sony Educational Discount
Dual Pentium 2s would they do the job?O
computer not turning on after overheating
AMD bought ATI?
upgraded today
thinking of going wireless .. how is this router ?
Invalid System Disk
mobile bartons with XP-TMC adapters
Software 12v switch?
LAN parties (big) in ontario
Question about shutdown
good computer?
regarding a NANO
Considering selling my Sig rig for a cheaper rig (To make much needed money)-need adv
Lexar JumpDrive® FireFly and 1GB Secure II Recalled for Burn Hazard
Mobo problem >.<
Where to buy woodcrest?
Did i hurt my hdd?
Help me design my fileserver...
Considering a new pc, need help.
Cant Figure Out BSOD/Crash
AM2 3800X2 this MONTH
Any Woodcrest based servers out yet?
iPod wont update ?
805 to 4GHz ? ++
Bluetooth keyboard/mouse question...
How to make an old Dell faster?
dell modular pc
Building a new PC <First Build>
Do Dell coupons work everywhere?
need a CHEAP decent sound card
Engineering: Laptop + Desktop or Laptop Or Desktop
Printing problems at work
I don't get it...?
How Linux is Better Than Vista!!
Help with new build
soundblaster console? where?
Need to build a cheap server for small office
Alright its ordered!!!
MySpace: Still No Cure For Stupid
Budget tv tuner
1st build any advice greatly appreciated
Windows explorer crashing
Dual Opty or Conroe?
updating my system
Keyboard problems
64-Bit Question
Comments/Suggestions on my future PC
better performance...
Intel 950
no rca connection on small tv
Any ideas before I send it back?
upgrade in september or so
New PC
What to do with 2 old servers?
Having some trouble
Newegg open box items?
Help! Did something stupid.. got lucky.. I think
which upgrade: sound card or hdd?
Dual core system
SoundCard troubleshoot
Not sure whether this is the right section, but...was this a good deal?
How would you personify a malfunctioning pc?
New sound card make it work?
possible to build and O/C a mac?
need help finding article about Pre-N routers killing G routers
Components in bubble wrap?
Any arguements
Building first computer
unsynchronised image and audio
weird xp bug?
KVM Switch Problems
Christmas in June!
Please, Somebody's got to know this?
Motorola L6 Memory Size :(
Comlete newbie to selling on Ebay, help!
Serious problem! Power supply suspected dead.
Windows won't load. HELP?!?!?!
What to Upgrade?
My computer's 2006 outdoor photoshoot
CPU/RAM/VIDCARD stability not enough, thoughts?
Good deal Dell?
overclocking stuff
Messed Up Computer...Help!
Is this decent?
DVD Burning
New Gaming Rig!
New Build for video encoding? suggestions
parallel ---> usb ?
Admin rights on other account?
noise drives me crazy
New Xeon release ?
Possible To Set 2x KB/M On The Same Frequency?
Trying to decide what to get.
Can a dvd burner read without being able to write?
Detectives wanted
where to find clean desktop wallpaper with new intel logo?
Alright boys new rig ideas
Is this a good set up+a question or two more
i need a 'special' adapter...
KVM Switch that uses a non Scroll Lock Key Code to switch...anyone?
Isn't all this like RAID 0????
iPod running even when turned off.
New Internet/Word Processing Computer for Mom
Low connection speed on Modem
Seller not allowing me to pay after "Buy It Now"
LV Woodcrest or not?
I'm in need of a new computer
cpu or power supply?
First time mp3 buyer.
can i upgrade to 800FSB Xeons...
Keyboard Mouse Set on Par
How to get A+ Cert
uTorrent Connection Issues
USB - AC Wall Socket Adaptors
The absolute best mouse? (Not necessarily for gaming)
mouse cursor keeps going to the upper left corner
Building a computer
Another critique?
Summer heat
D Link gaming router question
Motherboard not booting.
Certifications worth it?
How do you install rubber fan rivets?
Not POSTing after new RAM.
why does my computer turn itself off
Molex connectors and a Molex Tool?
Pc just died on me :(
New mouse pad impression
Can someon tell me what these green things are!!!!
Building a gaming pc, $1400 budget
$850 budget gaming PC for my brother
Advice on opty steppings?
Worst Day Computing wise?
Computer freezes when game install goes to disc 2
Using Nocona + Irwindale on same board possible?
I want to sell computer parts on ebay, where do I get them?
What to do... What to do...
What do I need to upgrade (if not everything)?
The MOOing mac and the Sleeping Comcast technician
New Build
Interesting custom building website.
Exploding Dell Laptop ( + pics!)
everything works, but no picture...Help!
Dell Rebuild Parts List
How much would a dual athlong mp cost?
Look at this CHEAP mobo.
Getting a bad error please help.
Dual Core vs Cache
I need help...
What to upgrade?
Archos Media Player
Trojan program on from page article?
Best Mobo/Processor for $200
Problems with PowerColor Theater Pro 550 PCI-Express
Software for checking temps?
Need laptop advice ASAP
Exporting from the USA / Importing from the UK. Warrenty question.
System Critique
IDE controller problems
500Ghz processor with liquid helium cooling
Two dead boards. I want to fix them...
Part Out, or Sell Together?
Ethernet scanner with auto document feeder???
power connectors?
LAN party switch
My Space Sued $30 Mill
Wrist rests, do you use them?
Games shutting down on first run
S-ata \ S-ata2
Ditch Socket 939 rig for Conroe?
USPS Insurance Policy, need help
Help with screwy laptop
Help with screwy laptop
i-pod trackable?
need to get a computer for my boss
Need help / clarification regarding hardware config
Desktop Choice Please help!
help for tv card
can you build a computer on the underside of a carpet?
redoing an old emachines computer
recomandation pls
ARGH! I need to recover a file!
question about a cpu and mobos
Quick question
Building new Gaming rig, any suggestions ?
The number of rigs you've built
fried video card....
bad checksum....?
Bad battery/Checksum error
Need help w/ hardware configuration
random restarts
Ipod Accessories Question
Cool - Free electronics items - several options!
Need help with a lock up issue
help me please :(
nforce4 sli and nforce4 ultra
help please
First Computer
HELP I screwed up. where to find dual xp CPU mobo?
Ram problem?
My usb 2.0 card won't work at 2.0 speeds
Top Portable Meida Players Available?
Gates to retire - 2008
Oil cooling and plastic?
Logitech G3! Anyone?
Need advice ASAP
Testing wireless secuirty
Office build needed.
Swiping data from an answering machine...
Amps: How much does a computer take?
this app can break
Building new AM2 machine
US keyboards....
Strange smell from computer or AC?
hey sorry!
Will another PSU Work?
best ram timings?
New Smallbox
Raw Power
Mobo problem
How do I do this!?
Need mid-end barebones
ERROR win2k style
pqi vs adata
This won't hurt anything right?
What have I done
IBM Netvista as Unix box.
Booting Problems
good usb headset thats not so expensive
Rig lags, cant figure out why
XPC Shuttle FT61