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missing hd space??
No boot after installing watercooling
Cable TV on PC
Major problem with a new build. Fresh install of WinXP has reboot problem.
Does such a device exist?
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looking forward- quad core opterons?
Amd 3700 / A8N-SLi - Problem, Pis*ed OFF & depressed
FORUM HACKS EVERYONE READ(this thread is safe)
Spring cleaning
Can you make a Male-to-Male USB cable? Or 6pin-to-6pin firewire?
Was this a good deal.
Computer for a photographer
Computer won't pass POST
Keyboard & Mouse Mix n Match . . . help required
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Next Upgrade...
My bro needs a computer: I've norrowed it down to these 2 configs... help me choose
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$700 Build for friend
S754 pc
Does This KVM Exist?
Lead free components?
HELP! Odd system failure
3d mouse?
DirectX 10 will be not released for Windows XP
CD Drive go boom, Now Windows won't boot
What else could be wrong?
Opinions Please
ram vs. HDD
Just got a Netgear Rangemax MIMO router and USB receiver
HELP, press power button, and nothing happens
Small Problem with new Board
whats dead? opinions please
My dilema
PCI Video Capture Card w/ Component Input
Configure me a workstation, 4,000 $ budget
What is happening with USB sticks?
Best "Upgrade" in 2 years
unable to load os?
What is your favorite tweak for O.S./Hardware Acceleration/Performance?
mobo came up with error code 49 today.
rechargable batteries for cordless mouse
cannot overclock a hair over stock, help!
HDTV tuner cards?
validate my future build
Hardware Abstraction layer?
New hard drive...
64 bit...Dual Core...and now "Quad-Core"??
Physics Cards?
My New machine's specs. It's on its way now!!!
Mp3 Player Issue ZOMG.
MX 1000 charging troubles
DVD Region dilema
HP JetDirect Alternative
Logitech Toys
Hard Drives
New System
Help Choosing A New Printer
3d animation question
is there any socket 771 Xeon/Woodcrest mobo out yet??
New system specs... need input
How SQL works....
New Computer Problem..
upgrading soon, need suggestions
Need help choosing PC Parts
Building my first PC
New Build
new rig not working. Please help!
bad computer issues
wasnt sure where to put: getting new cell phone
Three Monitor Wallpaper!!!!
Planned new build
Massive upgrade for my new gaming rig, help plz
Pay as you go computers with DRM
Problems with 3com website?!?
validate my future build
Odd power issue (not mine)
wanna build pc have little money help!
Mouse issue caused by monitor....
Ageia PPU at E3? Any updates?
Looking for the image-heavy tutorial on PC building + OC'ing
Building new PC, need second opinion
My First Overclocking Build
Need help with my computer build
Main PC down...need help
new computer for a friend, any advice
Ordered new rig!
First ever build not working at all..
Building a rig for friend. 650$.
crossfire or dual xeons/dual optys.
New system
Am I compatible???
Building new pc, starting fresh, please advise
Need a few adapters
I know these get old, but I need help setting up a PCI-E rig.
Calling all computer experts! Can only start PC by virtual defibrillation! Help!
Where do these ebayERs get their computers to sell?!
Need help finding the name of that program that lets you Overclock in windows... help
Sunbeamtech pci wherever rack question
Good God what have I done wrong?
Watercooled Opty rig for $2k
Collecting Other People's Old Computers
will there ever be any crossfire dual opty/dual xeon boards?
My new build
Hauppauge TV Tuners
need help with first bridge mod
my new rig
Charging Cell Phones
Triple LCD Wall Mounted Computer System
System Freezes - swapped many components..still does it. wtf? HELP!
Good typing exercise...
Mozilla Firefox 2
wtf onboard network
need help plz, videocard driver
Which psu cable to Radeon x1800xt with Enermax modular psu
My first opty!
Bloody clicking
PC Tripped the power..
Free IMAP webmail... with decent storage
Cellular Bluetooth headset on PC?
Recommendation for High end CAD rig parts
n00b OCer Here
Building a DVR
USB mouse not recognized
Is this a good rig? :x
PC starts but then shuts down?
New Budget/mediocre rig.. Any suggestions?
pci-e x4
Fudge's FREE garage sale
What are my legal rights?
Sata CD / RW ?
My Adventures @ electronics scrapyard.
A strange question, regarding keyboards with "extra" keys
price vs performance
Cheap AMD Build
Critique my proposed build ( please :) )
MOD Modeller and coder needed
Ok I've ordered it all how did I do
Cannot use LCD screens puzzler
My Build Config *What Next?
Building new computer
upgrade help
The real performance difference?
Dual Opteron on MSI K8N Master2 FAR
computer made of relays
Brun DVD with subtitles
Any price reasonable quad processor motherboards?
First dual system!
dell problems(sigh)
fitting all these cards on a dfi expert .. .
my cd and dvd drive
Creative Zen Touch question.
New mobo. Lock after 1 second. No OCing..
Graphic tablet recommendation
question about dual opty or dual xeons.
Static Electricity?
Would this be good?
Making wifi controlled lawnmower: Hard Drive?
Kodak CX7300 -> Computer problems
TV Tuner Basics: Help Needed
Upgrading a computer
Yep, another help me build
PC crashing while capturing video !
Processor or Videocard?
Why more voltage?
Need good.. but cheap TV tuner
Eternal Affinity Selection
Overclocking Competition.
Is this a CMOS Battery Issue?
New Keyboard and Mouse
Piracy: It's no laughing matter...
Mixing and Matching CPUs?
Really Really Weird.
Ergonomic Setup
a $17,000 pc? Also a $42,000 pc?
Which is better
Build a killer computer for 3500-4000
:( this cant be right, is it my psu?
Building the ultimate ~$2000 Gaming system...
Finaly built a new rig
found this very interesting, unlocking a64 2nd core.
pc dvr system??
PC freaking out
How much is a eVGA 6800nu worth?
What would you pay?
reterminating psu connectors
mmm newegg has it
Selling Custom PC Build [Only Labor] on Ebay
Water-cooled armoured body suit
An internet Conspiracy?!
I never thought I'd say this....
5 D600 Laptops for $2,300 dollars, should I buy them and try to resell them?
Beep codes
TV Tuner?
New Computer on the way!
250 dollar upgrade..need help
Price Check:Mobo and CPU
brand new PowerMac G5, kernel-panics during initial setup screen?
vid card problem ?
The Pronunciation Thread
Siren noise
builing a new pc
BSOD Stop Error During Windows Install
video problem
Using 2 PSUs
I got jacked/pwned/stolen from/owned :-/
Portable lcd screen
Booting troubles.
FireFox Causing system stall up?
looking for a decent keyboard
hard disk fault ?
biiiiiiiig computer problem
Two computers died overnite...power surge?
help me pick a career
BIOS for P4P800-SE
New Rig - Mobo Choice?? && Proc Vendor??
Stupid Question
Which cpu/mobo combo to keep?
About to freak my Dell 9150
The world is ending! - Walmart selling PC components
What would you build?
A triumphant moment...
Upgrade/ hot rig?
What part(s) of your rig would you ditch?
fried ram, would it still work?
opteron/7900gt and depreciation
Saitek Eclipse 2
printer being stupid in win98+dos
Are Vista delays changing your plans?
APPLE Using WAYYY to much thermal paste, and they are suing those talking about it.
metal mouse pad?
66% cash back for Toshiba laptops if England wins World Cup
CeBIT Hannover 2006 ... new stuff!
PC monitor to xbox
What price do dual P3 systems go for lately? or other older duallies?
Only a Video Card Missing Now...
Mobo, vid card, and CPU combo?
Power on, then shut down 5 seconds later.
Want New Motherboard
Help with friend's random shutdowns...
Suggestions for new system
system instability help needed
Floating Hard drive? (ground)
Logitech MX1000, G7, or stick with my MX700?
Microsoft mouse problem
Advice needed for new desktop build
No sound...
Anyone familiar with scanners?
need to create a video/sound editing PC
This old man...
How to deal with keyboard buffer overflow?
MegaRig is now complete
What to do..??
my mommy might have me build her a new box-ola....
Salvaging metals from old computers. Is there a good way to do this?
Where to buy the 6-sided screw thing thats on parallel/vga ports?
using 35%?
3.5 Floppy needed?
Kevin Mitnick and Steve Wozniak on Coast to Coast
Help me build a cheap OC S939 system
motherboard screw spacers
Fresh Install on new SATA II
Industry Certifications Question
WTH is wrong with my friends CPU vcore?
fastest xeon mobo?
Ageia physics processor
Building a new system and would like your thoughts
a BUILD BETTER THAN xbox360 HELP!!!!!!
New Build Not Working
Good Virus Scan Program
Need help!! duel opteron, sli setup???
HD detection problems
New Intel Build .... Advice/Changes ?
G15 Keyboard and G7 Mouse USB Problems
Getting new system. what u guys recommend?
stutering sound
LCD monitor arm
ccfls and fan controllers
About motherboards
Couple rebuild questions.
using pc speakers for mp3 players?
Trying to format emachines n its a no go :(
Yay, I finally ordered!
New parts for me...
w00t! New system!
Need New Mouse G5, MX518, ?
Ultra-Dense Memory Storage from Water and Nanoelectronics
Which direction is fan suppose to blow?
Building affordable gaming PC versus purchasing one:
My new "impulse buy" rig
Help with upgrade plz!
usb ports not working properly
IRQ question
CRC Errors during all installations
INTEL build, my 1st attempt at building, please comment/help/critique, thanks!
Uber low budget upgrade.
What happened to the cheaper Intel Dual-core + HT procs?
Firefox + Google=Good or Evil?
DVD+R DL failed writing
Anybody know my dear friend NUMA?
system stutters in games
clicking noise doing my head in
New Rig
Prime95 refuses to "fail"
BSOD error
Broken iPod incoming.
Binary clock: oh the l33tness!
Vista won't show fancy side to pirates
This would be a shame if i couldn't fix this
Problems Starting up
Please help me build a new system.
riaa sues family without a computer or internet access
7900gt core speeds
To buy this, or to build that?
Dell will be fazing out the P4 and going full DC.
How often do you change critical passwords
wireless PCI card
CMOS Memory Low
question about dual cpu boards
Did I almost NUKE my PSU?
PSU's mobo. cord touches Zalman CNPS7700ALCU HSF Bad?
do they make this
Would I need a new power supply for this upgrade
Who needs a file server?
Do you think this is a good build?
Oh no, not another big computer purchase.
Digital MiniDV Camcorder opinions
LED's - RESET_SW etc etc
I am so bored.
Computer Turns Off and On BY ITSELF!!!
If the Ghost Recon is coming out May 9th, when are the PPUs coming out?
2 mice, and 2 pointers?
Logitech G5 + Steelpad 5L. My review.
New rig to be, Need opinons!
Frankenstein (Build Complete)
Bad mobo?
Buying Some Parts Let Me Know What You Think!
Microsoft to start putting new CPU in new Xbox360s
Building A New Computer, Need Suggestions!!
Any tips on building a PC for a high-dust environment?
No keyboard on startup
New Computer (Been out of touch with the scene)
onboard firewire question
2x firewire pci card, only 1 1394 network connection, what gives?
AMD Anti-Hyperthreading?
Working on this guy's PC, did ALL of the fans really seize?
My computer threw a fit!!
Can you forsee any probs with this?
I'm bored so....
Logitech G15 Users Software upgrade more lcd stuff :)
Any One Have A EEEPROM Programmer?!
USB Autostart...
Is there "tearing" with CRT monitors? or is it my Nvidia GPU?
vibrating case harmful for stuff on top of it?
Keyboard ERROR (Logitech G15)
New ATI video card
So my DVD burner was at fault
K8N-DL + XP-90C ... Enough room?
Buying a new computer..
Going to sell soon, How to pack and ship a mobo, cpu, ram, etc.
Just got my first bluescreen of death :(
Programming a Calculator?
PC to HDTV, Almost There, Need Help Though
How to have 1 computer for 2 users at the same time...
Can I put any mp3s on to a shuffle?
new comp problems
Bluetooth//Projection keyboard
Music Question
Portable Hard drives / media player
online shops
Your coolest toy
Cant re-install windows?
Razer Diamondback spazzing out
Fresh Reformat, Fresh Windows, NO INTERNET?
What powersupply is going to be needed for the next year or two?
Anyone oc to 5ghz with a northwood?
Good DVD/CD burner?
What should i upgrade next?
K8M8MS O'Cing question
Computer hardware logging...
Hack your Logitech Mouse/Keyboard
Another reason Ad-Aware SUX
HELP: Why does my Windows Media Player screen go black?
2 265 optos, will XP pro work?
Need advice on to sell a dual core
Ipod Tips and tricks free for all
Woo+! SCORE! "Old" Computer has 1.7Ghz Celeron, brand new 478 mobo!
XBOX360 Or pc?
How much to sell for in classified?
My computer build + random questions
New Tech Adoption
What wireless setup to buy?
Cheap KVM a bad idea?
Forced to update ?
Dell Precision needs 2 PSU's?
Horrible computer problem, pls help, details inside.
It's dead...
FM Broadcasting
it works!
How to make a key stick?
VERY old unisys mainframe thing...is it worth anything?
HDCP, converting video, LCDs, "and you!"
Have you had this happen?
Help my computer suddenly went dead
Apple calls meeting after making little girl cry
New Gaming Rig
Is my usb chipset overheating?
Where could I find a digital thermometer to hook up to my CPU?
No front panel audio/mic
I have about $500 to spend on my gaming right, what to buy?
single or dual core cpus?
Good choice for $?
I need a wide screen media player..?
4gb thumb drive not workin!?
HDR...video card or CPU?
Computer crashing/driver error with new computer
Frame per second finder
Approve my Computer
Antec P160 Drive Installation Question *plz help*
Check out all my new hardware
keyboard button question (keys pressed at same time)
budget pc
Dell XPS 600, Intel Pentium Extreme 955, SLI 7800gtx, 500gbsata, 24in LCD, 500$?!?!?!
Building a file server
I need some help breaking computers :-P
build up pc- help
Wanna see my window mod?
S754 SLI build, suggestions please!
Help with first build (x2 4800)
Need some budget rig advice please.
Importing to US
Remove Lyrics from song
DVD drive IDE cables
ncch-dl - which sata controller is faster?
Help needed; Keyboard/mouse
I got random reboots and it really needs fixed
Is this about my limit?
HELP! Athlon 64X2 new rig.
two problems help needed
Win Install Problem
Using laptop display as extension of my PC's desktop.
Quirky WIndows/RAM problem
Can someone scan this file for me
Advice on ~$1k Cyperpower(?) gaming system
Conroe; no threat to AMD line up...
Logitech MX518 Sensitivity Settings
Question about MP3s
Want to help a member spend money?
SOS. Is my 7800gt dying?
Mouse driver problem
New built PC not starting up
G15 ventrillo mod?
system restore
Realtek Ethernet Adapter Out?
HELP !!! Windows password problem
Me and My friends new computer
G15 or Saitek?
Girlfriend's computer's harddrive just decides to take a vacation
Problem with Raptor 150 drive when overclock
Windows has a hard time
Lockups while rendering
Problem overclocking msi k8n neo4 platinum.
Thanko Silent Mouse Review
New Workstation!
New system for my GF, how much memory?
Vid card up to 100C CELSIUS..why?
Random rebooting-VERY annoying
Question on how to ship something big..