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Would I need a new power supply for this upgrade
Who needs a file server?
Do you think this is a good build?
Oh no, not another big computer purchase.
Digital MiniDV Camcorder opinions
LED's - RESET_SW etc etc
I am so bored.
Computer Turns Off and On BY ITSELF!!!
If the Ghost Recon is coming out May 9th, when are the PPUs coming out?
2 mice, and 2 pointers?
Logitech G5 + Steelpad 5L. My review.
New rig to be, Need opinons!
Frankenstein (Build Complete)
Bad mobo?
Buying Some Parts Let Me Know What You Think!
Microsoft to start putting new CPU in new Xbox360s
Building A New Computer, Need Suggestions!!
Any tips on building a PC for a high-dust environment?
No keyboard on startup
New Computer (Been out of touch with the scene)
onboard firewire question
2x firewire pci card, only 1 1394 network connection, what gives?
AMD Anti-Hyperthreading?
Working on this guy's PC, did ALL of the fans really seize?
My computer threw a fit!!
Can you forsee any probs with this?
I'm bored so....
Logitech G15 Users Software upgrade more lcd stuff :)
Any One Have A EEEPROM Programmer?!
USB Autostart...
Is there "tearing" with CRT monitors? or is it my Nvidia GPU?
vibrating case harmful for stuff on top of it?
Keyboard ERROR (Logitech G15)
New ATI video card
So my DVD burner was at fault
K8N-DL + XP-90C ... Enough room?
Buying a new computer..
Going to sell soon, How to pack and ship a mobo, cpu, ram, etc.
Just got my first bluescreen of death :(
Programming a Calculator?
PC to HDTV, Almost There, Need Help Though
How to have 1 computer for 2 users at the same time...
Can I put any mp3s on to a shuffle?
new comp problems
Bluetooth//Projection keyboard
Music Question
Portable Hard drives / media player
online shops
Your coolest toy
Cant re-install windows?
Razer Diamondback spazzing out
Fresh Reformat, Fresh Windows, NO INTERNET?
What powersupply is going to be needed for the next year or two?
Anyone oc to 5ghz with a northwood?
Good DVD/CD burner?
What should i upgrade next?
K8M8MS O'Cing question
Computer hardware logging...
Hack your Logitech Mouse/Keyboard
Another reason Ad-Aware SUX
HELP: Why does my Windows Media Player screen go black?
2 265 optos, will XP pro work?
Need advice on to sell a dual core
Ipod Tips and tricks free for all
Woo+! SCORE! "Old" Computer has 1.7Ghz Celeron, brand new 478 mobo!
XBOX360 Or pc?
How much to sell for in classified?
My computer build + random questions
New Tech Adoption
What wireless setup to buy?
Cheap KVM a bad idea?
Forced to update ?
Dell Precision needs 2 PSU's?
Horrible computer problem, pls help, details inside.
It's dead...
FM Broadcasting
it works!
How to make a key stick?
VERY old unisys mainframe thing...is it worth anything?
HDCP, converting video, LCDs, "and you!"
Have you had this happen?
Help my computer suddenly went dead
Apple calls meeting after making little girl cry
New Gaming Rig
Is my usb chipset overheating?
Where could I find a digital thermometer to hook up to my CPU?
No front panel audio/mic
I have about $500 to spend on my gaming right, what to buy?
single or dual core cpus?
Good choice for $?
I need a wide screen media player..?
4gb thumb drive not workin!?
HDR...video card or CPU?
Computer crashing/driver error with new computer
Frame per second finder
Approve my Computer
Antec P160 Drive Installation Question *plz help*
Check out all my new hardware
keyboard button question (keys pressed at same time)
budget pc
Dell XPS 600, Intel Pentium Extreme 955, SLI 7800gtx, 500gbsata, 24in LCD, 500$?!?!?!
Building a file server
I need some help breaking computers :-P
build up pc- help
Wanna see my window mod?
S754 SLI build, suggestions please!
Help with first build (x2 4800)
Need some budget rig advice please.
Importing to US
Remove Lyrics from song
DVD drive IDE cables
ncch-dl - which sata controller is faster?
Help needed; Keyboard/mouse
I got random reboots and it really needs fixed
Is this about my limit?
HELP! Athlon 64X2 new rig.
two problems help needed
Win Install Problem
Using laptop display as extension of my PC's desktop.
Quirky WIndows/RAM problem
Can someone scan this file for me
Advice on ~$1k Cyperpower(?) gaming system
Conroe; no threat to AMD line up...
Logitech MX518 Sensitivity Settings
Question about MP3s
Want to help a member spend money?
SOS. Is my 7800gt dying?
Mouse driver problem
New built PC not starting up
G15 ventrillo mod?
system restore
Realtek Ethernet Adapter Out?
HELP !!! Windows password problem
Me and My friends new computer
G15 or Saitek?
Girlfriend's computer's harddrive just decides to take a vacation
Problem with Raptor 150 drive when overclock
Windows has a hard time
Lockups while rendering
Problem overclocking msi k8n neo4 platinum.
Thanko Silent Mouse Review
New Workstation!
New system for my GF, how much memory?
Vid card up to 100C CELSIUS..why?
Random rebooting-VERY annoying
Question on how to ship something big..
Looking to replace my anchient PC with the Tech Advance Named AMD
New Build
bluetooth connector???
Help: Can't figure this out (installing windows/hardware conflict)
Mac users finally get Solitare!
phantom drivers?
Assemble and Link Assembly?
AHHH ::Rips out hair::
A Few Dumb Questions
Do you still use PayPal? Why?
What do you think (dual xp-m)
Power question on ps2/usb converter
San Disk "Sansa" SDMX2
Pentium 1 computer uses? Newbs first encounter w/ antiques.
New Comp I'll be purchasing eventually
Old Compaq computer still good or junk?
bluetooth help needed!
New build problems!
what happened to....................
Upgrading Machine.
Help me build my system
Curses! New laptop and I can't mod it...
Ipod Questions
Slow Computer Startup, Registry
pc speaker... off?
Zboard Merc Really Sweet Gaming KB
OK, what the hell is going on here?!
Budget Autocad computer
Removing adhesive pads from MB's
Computer engineer
Sound issue
--- Computer Issues ---
Upgrade Help needed
Reducing Dust in a Home Office
cheap dual opteron?
Booting issues
PC Freezes/BSODs after fuse blew-What's broken?
ok time for an upgrade....*cries*
When do you update your video card drivers
Homemade P.C.
Mod Media Center reciever with case IR
[RANT] Can't find anything in freaking Israel!
Spring 2006: Recommended System Parts
Get your hover mouse here
magnetic fields
Desktop for Gaming, w/Monitor, sub-$2000 budget
Computer will not post now...
New rig is cutting off
about dx10 and vista
NF4 Expert - Worked fine, now no post, LED's Flash on then off.
Custom-building ipods?
D:/ is not a valid Win32 application?
weird hdd or psu problem
This should work right?
Computer illiterate people
What do you think of my A64 Overclocking guide so far?
Ready for changes, Suggestions please
gateway gt4010
Which upgrade would get me better gaming experience?
Anybody tested both DampTek and Acoustipack?
What prevents a well known company from owning you?
Do you compute in the dark?
How to fit slim cd-rom drive into tower case?
Changing the MAC address
HDTV PCI tuner
Using Primary Sata and Secondary IDE
Sound Problem Please Help!
Compatability Confirmation
Name this cable
Is this normal or what!??
Quick queston
MBM and Gigabyte RZ series
John Kerry or Steve Jobs, who's the bigger flip-flopper?
Looking for specific music suggestion
Monitor and refrigerator
New Case, Sound Not Working!!!
Help an old friend!
Flash drive boot loader question
Media PC Help??
huge problem
IDE / SATA RAID - Which is faster / better onboard or PCI expansion card?
128mb onboard vs mx4000 64mb agp
Problem with PC
Want to purc. Laptop - More bang for buck
iPod shuffle went through the Wash
Ultimate budget rig? Guestimate performance pls
Sacrifice boot times for driver performance?
My computer's been freezing
xbox question
Upgrading wife system
Logitech LX700 not charging, Found the problem, take a look
Does dual core belong here?
Win a graphic card
Hard Optical Mousemat
How about making a list of all known software that uses dual core?
Logitech MX 1000 Laser problem
Is this heatsink and psu good enough?
Canuck in need
teagames.com not working for me
New pc not powering up
mx4000 to 9600pro 256 meg?
problems with my K7D Master
no anti-static bag, what to use?
Why Windows Is Slow!
New System
any one use Airo2bic Mouse?
Does anyone else wait for the computer to come to them?
omg please help >.<
$650 budget, give or take a few dollars..
What is the best optical mouse for the money?
Want To Get Into Microcontroller Programming, I think.
Best way to get rid of CD scratches?
1995 Fry's Electronics Ad...
Be careful of Samsung OEM drives
I Can't Plug My Computer In!
How much for rig in sig?
Can/Will microwave oven hurt my rig?
HELP: Very High-Pitched Squeal!!!
I need help
The Motorola Q - Smartphone Discussion
PS/2 to USB adapter.
Cheapo Psu Dead?
Make "me" a rig ($1500 max)
new system locking up, problem unknown
Just ordered my new system
new computer or no?
Ordering parts today!
300 dollar upgrades...
Important question. new hd new os disc same comp
Beer + eBay = Bad
Another, Building New System Advice Request
PC-DL problems
help choosing new computer parts
So, what would you do with all this hardware?
Graphics Card issues + Bsods
the "$600 dual core rig"
making mp3 cd
Online Storage Backing Up
website validation
Using debit card to buy parts from newegg.
The OcForums Terabyte Club
I am getting sporadic PC Freezes, please help
PentiumŪ D 805 2.66 GHz / 533 MHz fsb
Now this is a nice mouse pad
16 by 9 vs 4 by 3
Need Advice
HDD recognized in boot, but not in BIOS?
ok got a problem need help
GA-7DPXDW-P Lockup and Unknown CPU
Inside a FAB video.. pretty cool
cant load windows
Building a new system. Advice?
Jurry Rig A Socket A Mounting System?
which componet is unstable
Optimum Online Boost Worth It?
backup bios
Is OSX Doomed ???
Sound card dead?
Does anyone repair hard drives?
Dell Will Aquire Alienware.
Help with prepping a processor and HS
1992 Anti-Piracy Movie-HILARIOUS!
System Guidance for a former member
new sys having prob after 3 weeks of good
Should I Throw all of my old Floppies Away??
goofy opticals...
Super Computer?
So, what's next???
Hardrive problems-weird stuff. wtf?
Awsome DOOM inspired case
Tips and Tricks
Need a easy to use KVM switch With audio.
just a quick HDD question
Help me not be dumb!!
overzealous + Clockgen + BSOD = messed up video card drivers??
Physics Processor
8mm, hi-8, HD 8... need help
Hard drive/Mobo Help P5WD2-E
Help!! I over overclocked my pc, and now it won't reboot
Dell selling Stock overclock and Quad SLI!
Need help with IDE Error!
Whats this worth?
$500 to spend....
value of my HP rig?
help, im back in history
ATA 133 on ATA 100?
What exactly is holding me back?
unknown application
will it help much?
help! oblivion CD wont read
How to properly dispose of computers (mother nature will thank you)
Think I'm right, But....
Upgrade - suggestions?
is this cheap?
Are apple and PC power supplies interchangable
Memtest Error Record?
Restaurant.com Coupon Code has arrived!!
Server upgrade... any ideas?
Help system won't boot!
Playing Fear get BAD_POOL_CALLER bluescreen
New Computer Locking Up
GG new G15 keyboard
Poor benchmark performance, Asus rig
Good, cheap gaming PC
good intel setup? NEED ADVICE ASAP *ordering tonight*
info or software for home security using webcam?
Removing a heatsink
College Computer: Need advice
Whats the potential of this?
good mouse?
Will this motherboard work?
Computer problem
Newegg sent me DOA Gigabyte DVD Burner , what should i do??
File and application server build
System wont power up anymore after heatsink install...wtf??!?
PC freezes and I hear a tone coming out of speakers
When is the next price drop for AMD Opterons?
FREE McAfee Internet Security Suite 2006 v 8.0 Minibox
What is Overclocking? How are people 'Good' at it?
3 Job Openings in Tysons / Mclean Va
Help, computer broke
Problem setting up raid
Where to put my money?
Cheap gaming for sister
Video and game at same time?
Compressing a file
Just found a 400MHz Celeron /w 64Mb RAM
Help with new replacement system
The ultimate machine....will it work???
Microtek are profiteering scumbags
Two Dead Motherboards
Hawking Tech 54M Wireless PCI Card !!
OK im puzzled
Burning in? What is it, how does it work, is it worth it?
File errors - corrupt downloads
need some help on getting a rig running
PC Wont Post! Help! ><
Micron Innovations Wireless mouse??
best for overclocks?
Whens the last time this updated!?!?!
Photoshop Computer build - help!
Measuring cpu power useage.
Does the dell warranty cover cracked screens?
My taxes are Coming!! time for a update!
Wireless desktop sets and monitor power saving
How do you decide your OC?
Upgrading my system, Expert help needed!
Very interesting situation today (Sparks shooting everywhere)
Do you have a name for your rig?
MX518 Users
comp won't start for more than one second :(
K8N-DL vs. K8N-DRE
Windows XP successfully installed and running on Intel iMac
OC (Prime95?) issues
any hope for a vid card that a SMT snapped off of?
Best gaming benchmarks
mATX mobos
Would this be legal?
Tech Support - Do I format too much?
Removing etchings from the back of an iPod Nano?
Critique my rig please
How is my O/C? Screenshot included
WTF is wrong with my computer?
usb vs ps/2
Post pics of your Dually set-ups!
raze mantis mousepad
Rumours: Has Dell Bought AlienWare Hmmmm??????
Anti DRM Overclockers questioned !!
Just how wrong is this?
Simple mobo questions..help answering it
AthlonXP 3000+ to X2 3800+ Worth it?
How do you make a boot disk from an iso?
Need help with EET homework.
What adapter do I need to connect my voice recorder to my pc?
new comp
Where can I fine the wireless adapter mod
Windows is a real pain. damn updates
Networking using the motherboard
Steam Survey Results of Users Computer Stats
what my computer might be worth?
Computer Freezes when playing Counter Strike: Source
Sta Sta Sta Stuttering system
Most O/C Forums Users EVER
Micro computer
Need opinions/advices/suggestions for parts on a new computer
Who needs Geek squad when I've got overclockers.com?
Dvorak keyboard layout.
I need some advice for a buddy's computer
Do you keep your boxes?
I'm building a computer for a customer V. Money no object....
Buy prebuilt or build?
HardDrive Noisey
What is my best option right now?
Crashing during gaming, vid card or PSU?
Questons for home file server
Need help quick!
website templates
Does anyone know who makes this?
Question about ocing
hi question about pc startup probs
Need help putting together a new rig
Where to shop for servers
Why does sim city 4 lag so much?
My computer keeps crashing during gaming!!!
Need help picking mobo + cpu combo + ram
Spray Dusters (Sprayed Inside PC)
New to OC
Not sure where to start
Will this rig be competant?
Are the prices of Hardware going down soon?
My Updated Rig (Tell Me If It Works)
Next Purchase?
Computer taking ages to load
This is what I predict the next HDD tech to consit of (indepth)
Power distribution question.
PCs noise isn't going down after bootup
Identify this piece of hardware
Nvidia Ntune and my K8WE S2895 not Jivin'
PURE PWNAGE... just got back from episode 10 premire...
WOW my Logitech G5 needs to get slammed (part2)
Temps not reading correctly
Tv Tuners & Digital Cable
~350 for a new comp(CPU, Mobo, Ram)
Mcse certification
Anything bad about MX518?
Need Urgent Help, Windows wont boot all the way?!
Yet another loss for Overclockers
Problamatic CD Dirve...I Think
Need Help Quick
Riddle Me This..Hardware Problem?
what could be wrong with my pc?
Help me build buget system for little brother
He Scores!
Help with my Custom Rig
monitor going black
NON pwm fan controller