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300 dollar upgrades...
Important question. new hd new os disc same comp
Beer + eBay = Bad
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PC-DL problems
help choosing new computer parts
So, what would you do with all this hardware?
Graphics Card issues + Bsods
the "$600 dual core rig"
making mp3 cd
Online Storage Backing Up
website validation
Using debit card to buy parts from newegg.
The OcForums Terabyte Club
I am getting sporadic PC Freezes, please help
PentiumŪ D 805 2.66 GHz / 533 MHz fsb
Now this is a nice mouse pad
16 by 9 vs 4 by 3
Need Advice
HDD recognized in boot, but not in BIOS?
ok got a problem need help
GA-7DPXDW-P Lockup and Unknown CPU
Inside a FAB video.. pretty cool
cant load windows
Building a new system. Advice?
Jurry Rig A Socket A Mounting System?
which componet is unstable
Optimum Online Boost Worth It?
backup bios
Is OSX Doomed ???
Sound card dead?
Does anyone repair hard drives?
Dell Will Aquire Alienware.
Help with prepping a processor and HS
1992 Anti-Piracy Movie-HILARIOUS!
System Guidance for a former member
new sys having prob after 3 weeks of good
Should I Throw all of my old Floppies Away??
goofy opticals...
Super Computer?
So, what's next???
Hardrive problems-weird stuff. wtf?
Awsome DOOM inspired case
Tips and Tricks
Need a easy to use KVM switch With audio.
just a quick HDD question
Help me not be dumb!!
overzealous + Clockgen + BSOD = messed up video card drivers??
Physics Processor
8mm, hi-8, HD 8... need help
Hard drive/Mobo Help P5WD2-E
Help!! I over overclocked my pc, and now it won't reboot
Dell selling Stock overclock and Quad SLI!
Need help with IDE Error!
Whats this worth?
$500 to spend....
value of my HP rig?
help, im back in history
ATA 133 on ATA 100?
What exactly is holding me back?
unknown application
will it help much?
help! oblivion CD wont read
How to properly dispose of computers (mother nature will thank you)
Think I'm right, But....
Upgrade - suggestions?
is this cheap?
Are apple and PC power supplies interchangable
Memtest Error Record?
Restaurant.com Coupon Code has arrived!!
Server upgrade... any ideas?
Help system won't boot!
Playing Fear get BAD_POOL_CALLER bluescreen
New Computer Locking Up
GG new G15 keyboard
Poor benchmark performance, Asus rig
Good, cheap gaming PC
good intel setup? NEED ADVICE ASAP *ordering tonight*
info or software for home security using webcam?
Removing a heatsink
College Computer: Need advice
Whats the potential of this?
good mouse?
Will this motherboard work?
Computer problem
Newegg sent me DOA Gigabyte DVD Burner , what should i do??
File and application server build
System wont power up anymore after heatsink install...wtf??!?
PC freezes and I hear a tone coming out of speakers
When is the next price drop for AMD Opterons?
FREE McAfee Internet Security Suite 2006 v 8.0 Minibox
What is Overclocking? How are people 'Good' at it?
3 Job Openings in Tysons / Mclean Va
Help, computer broke
Problem setting up raid
Where to put my money?
Cheap gaming for sister
Video and game at same time?
Compressing a file
Just found a 400MHz Celeron /w 64Mb RAM
Help with new replacement system
The ultimate machine....will it work???
Microtek are profiteering scumbags
Two Dead Motherboards
Hawking Tech 54M Wireless PCI Card !!
OK im puzzled
Burning in? What is it, how does it work, is it worth it?
File errors - corrupt downloads
need some help on getting a rig running
PC Wont Post! Help! ><
Micron Innovations Wireless mouse??
best for overclocks?
Whens the last time this updated!?!?!
Photoshop Computer build - help!
Measuring cpu power useage.
Does the dell warranty cover cracked screens?
My taxes are Coming!! time for a update!
Wireless desktop sets and monitor power saving
How do you decide your OC?
Upgrading my system, Expert help needed!
Very interesting situation today (Sparks shooting everywhere)
Do you have a name for your rig?
MX518 Users
comp won't start for more than one second :(
K8N-DL vs. K8N-DRE
Windows XP successfully installed and running on Intel iMac
OC (Prime95?) issues
any hope for a vid card that a SMT snapped off of?
Best gaming benchmarks
mATX mobos
Would this be legal?
Tech Support - Do I format too much?
Removing etchings from the back of an iPod Nano?
Critique my rig please
How is my O/C? Screenshot included
WTF is wrong with my computer?
usb vs ps/2
Post pics of your Dually set-ups!
raze mantis mousepad
Rumours: Has Dell Bought AlienWare Hmmmm??????
Anti DRM Overclockers questioned !!
Just how wrong is this?
Simple mobo questions..help answering it
AthlonXP 3000+ to X2 3800+ Worth it?
How do you make a boot disk from an iso?
Need help with EET homework.
What adapter do I need to connect my voice recorder to my pc?
new comp
Where can I fine the wireless adapter mod
Windows is a real pain. damn updates
Networking using the motherboard
Steam Survey Results of Users Computer Stats
what my computer might be worth?
Computer Freezes when playing Counter Strike: Source
Sta Sta Sta Stuttering system
Most O/C Forums Users EVER
Micro computer
Need opinions/advices/suggestions for parts on a new computer
Who needs Geek squad when I've got overclockers.com?
Dvorak keyboard layout.
I need some advice for a buddy's computer
Do you keep your boxes?
I'm building a computer for a customer V. Money no object....
Buy prebuilt or build?
HardDrive Noisey
What is my best option right now?
Crashing during gaming, vid card or PSU?
Questons for home file server
Need help quick!
website templates
Does anyone know who makes this?
Question about ocing
hi question about pc startup probs
Need help putting together a new rig
Where to shop for servers
Why does sim city 4 lag so much?
My computer keeps crashing during gaming!!!
Need help picking mobo + cpu combo + ram
Spray Dusters (Sprayed Inside PC)
New to OC
Not sure where to start
Will this rig be competant?
Are the prices of Hardware going down soon?
My Updated Rig (Tell Me If It Works)
Next Purchase?
Computer taking ages to load
This is what I predict the next HDD tech to consit of (indepth)
Power distribution question.
PCs noise isn't going down after bootup
Identify this piece of hardware
Nvidia Ntune and my K8WE S2895 not Jivin'
PURE PWNAGE... just got back from episode 10 premire...
WOW my Logitech G5 needs to get slammed (part2)
Temps not reading correctly
Tv Tuners & Digital Cable
~350 for a new comp(CPU, Mobo, Ram)
Mcse certification
Anything bad about MX518?
Need Urgent Help, Windows wont boot all the way?!
Yet another loss for Overclockers
Problamatic CD Dirve...I Think
Need Help Quick
Riddle Me This..Hardware Problem?
what could be wrong with my pc?
Help me build buget system for little brother
He Scores!
Help with my Custom Rig
monitor going black
NON pwm fan controller
BIG Problems.... 0x0000009c problems.....
New Rig Performing well below expectations
Opteron and DFI NF4 - Dividers...
Understanding Voltages from MBM5
A PC for afriend...with a Dilemma... :(
where do I go from here?
Novell launches linux desktop
How to prepare my old hard drive for my new machine??
G5 into a USB Hub a waste?
What exactly makes an HTPC, an HTPC?
Most accurate measurement of load temps?
Help, computer wont boot
Building Media Center/Server
Thinkin of buyin a Logitech Mouse G7.
Remote access software reccomendation
Hardware requirement for 64-bit software
Shipping from US
Digital Cam won't turn on!!!
Need help with Asus K8N-DRE
Every other mouse sucks!
Good Deal ?
remote keyboard/mouse software?
Torrent Restarts
Way back when...
Freezing in games
Need help with HDTV program
What are these bios settings?
Ready to order! (New PC)
Several CRAZY Problems
Change multi in windows
Sunbeam rheobus problems
AMD SMP Overclocked - some problems
USB 2.0 PCI card mod
Netdimes: Help team OCF!
Boot question
Computer Enginerring vs Computer Science
Toolbar removals (mirar specifically)
Issues with USB printer...
Blue screen error
My 1st dual core!
My Logitch G5 needs to get slammed.
How can I tell whether my hard drive is salvageble?
Gigabyte's Socket AM2 Mobo in the flesh
$100 case/psu
Which KVM ?
Are Samsung hard drives any good?
In need of a ear piece for my cell phone.
Upgrading in Summer
TRENDnet 4-port DVI KVM rocks!
Upgrading, am I making good choices?
My new build (with pics, 56k warning)
DVD's won't mount, locks up explorer.exe
"Frustration" Resistant Mouse?
computer in the attic?
First build, advice?
i swear to god, the lot is going in the bin in a minute....
OS X hacked in under 30 minutes
electrical issues/questions.
Need help choosing Brand for Desktops
Tweak XP
Windows loading bar goes by 7 times
New PSU now won't boot, Baffled!
My first Homemade PC. (budget AMD) Please Help
Random Restarts Mean ??
added a hard drive now boot time is slow
Cellphone Display
Looking for BIOS Guide
Program Froze now even BIOS won't Load!!
Moving: Is it ok to put my computer stuff on a truck in such cold weather?
New computer...
USB Ports Not Working
PSU making odd noise when fan controller is used
Motherboard nuked
Goverment + Internet = Fair?
Screen saver is locking up my system
Entry Level Gaming Rig...spec help please.
Switched to the Dark Side, but at least I have a dualie
Im going to Poland this summer.
totally perplexing random power off
What kind of plug is this?
Can you help me to get ZoneLabs to fix a major hole in ZoneLarm Pro
Discontinued pc parts
How did this happen?! WTF? *freaked out*
anyone use/try other key layouts (i.e. not qwerty?)
CD burner
gaming issue
Just have to tell someone, my new system
Transporting PC with heavy heatsink
Help with Front USB BSOD
PCI and PCIe video
64bit drivers for logitech sphere/orbit webcam?
Eb's Minor Upgrade Thread!
USB 2.0 Problems.
My Dad Needs A New Mouse............
WHOA!!! This is erie
AOL's Email Tax
Problems With Crashing in WoW
How Bout This for wire Management
System rebuilt - shuts down on boot
burn in??
Help me build a new system
About damn time! Holographic Memory, ETA 2009
Surviving Dell Phone Support
My next dream system compared to my current system?
Perplexing hard drive issue
The best ALL-IN-ONE out there
70 degrees celcius.
stupid question....
Microsoft is giving away flash drives
Selling cpu's on ebay. List o/c?
Just received 500.. Dell's
USB port compatability
Newegg referb... buy or dont buy?
Rate My PC!
Keyboard not responding in Safe Mode with CMD Prompt
HP DVD640 dual layer problems
OC PC-DL Setup Questions
Everlasting Duracell?
Just getting some thought on this $1k system
Like Computers? Want a challenging job...?
$400 Upgrade
Can anyone open this MS access 1.x file for me
My Rig In The Works..
"The World's Best Gaming Machine"
Gateway meltdown
Apples new 'goodies'.... um yeah
Shipping a PC?
computer crapped out, now will only 'pulse' when i try to turn it on
Computer Freezes for 5 seconds then comes back
bottel neck...
Can't Boot Without ESCD Update?
What the heck is causing all of this?
Determining what codec is needed to play a video file.
An old PSU and a potential new rig
Dell Certified?
This is an odd development
durable headset
heatsink and fan cleaning ??
Getting back into a dually....Need opinions
$400 "Gaming" Machine
Compaq R3000 XR UPS Power Cable Question.
UH OH! Urgent!
Selling my PC how much do you think it should be worth?
my new gaming rig
I apologize, another computer build thread.
MX 1000 problem! what would you do?
You have $600 for a budget PC ..Ready.. set.. GO!
New build. What are your thoughts?
BIOS information
Hard Drive Sounds like a speaker? Eh?
good time to upgrade?
It's ALIVE!....
Quietest PSU Options
Overclocking Cliffs
What brands do you trust (for graphics cards)?
unknown trouble this has never happened before
Startup Problems
Mother support for dula core or 64bit
Matrix-like Bug
Bios hotswap flash?
Stupid question on Case Badges
Building BF2 Server
The IBM Model M club
Recommend a mouse pad..
Sleep Mode
gaming rig for 1.5k
Upgrade for my cuz
What could possibly be wrong with my dads laptop?
Best dual core box (intel or amd) for $1k?
Having a problem with my build...PLEASE help
New Gaming And Workstation Pc Needed Advice Needed.tia!
$180 for PSU/MB case
RF computer remote
Turn Webcam into cctv?
No Logitech Trackball mouse drivers for X64?...what the?
I could use some advice
K8 boot problem.
What should I upgrade to next?
does anyone else get really...
Upgrade options on a budget
Ergonomic Keyboards
Dell Poweredge 350 Server
athlon 64 4000+ wall
Bandwidth of 975x chipset?
computer design and physics
TURTLE hardrive...... help inside?
building puter for customer
a little shove in the right direction.
Driver can only be installed from company's web site, not downloaded, help me save it
Bit of a bad situitation here.
computer wont come on
Temps worse over time...
Those perdy hardware boxes...
just make sure i am not over paying
thinking about upgradeing
Memory ECC and Registered... Quick question
pvr 250 problems
Zap, just like that I lose hardware.
Front USB Replacements
Trackball explorer.
Lying to be popular
struggling to decide what hardware for 939
Computer problems
Which Build Is Best?
Any good bluetooth headsets?
What would serve me better
Need a cheap system
Brother Printer dcp-110c
how will my pc effect my power bill?
Help Please
Looking for a new printer - need suggestions.
What do you think of my new pc, pics included.
Internet connection issue.
PSU Up In Smoke - Is My Comp Ruined?
New PC Inquire
Is my DVDRW Drive Dieing?
Do I really need dual core and 65NM?
Ordering an A64 system TONIGHT / will this setup work well?
USB 2.0 problems
What do you guys think?
Forum Insanity?
Identifying whether a cable is USB 2.0 or 1.0?
M$ going to drain the cash cow...
The Future to computers? Meet - the iTablet
people just dont know what there buying
no oc options in mobo?
blue box with neon stick
guess what i got from fedex ;)
What Certs do you have?
When I went to turn my computer off. i got a surprise
Creative Input Bay
Cpu/core bind
Need a new cardreader/fan controller combination
Computer Just Suddenly Died
Recommend a Laptop.....
Cable Networking
The oldest component in your Main Computer??
wireless keyboard and gaming
A computer as a jukebox
Does anyone else have this problem?
MCE problem...
OK, that was interesting...
most i reinstal windows
Low cost Desktop.
Printer Memory
PC Turns On By Itself
What did you get on President's Day?
Homemade Oscilloscope?
IDE Cable Extender
ready to buy, need your aproval!
What do you think of these 2 builds?
get the warranty?
Best MultiFunction Printer for Under $200
Computer died, need advice
Color printer?
cdrom problem
Cant Make Bootable Floppy
Ion Mouse
Big in-home computer project
Bad PSU?
turns on, no beeps?
pvr-250 problem
problem.... is my video card failing?
Samsung CLP-510 Laser Printer
Does windows make you revaldiate every so often?HELP
Blackscreen in Windows
Which direction?
I thought about it a while
Not videocard, but voltages?
is my ram DOA?
Building a new computer
My PC can't wake up after standby mode
Compaq Deskpro 2000 BIOS
Need input on gaming PC
Extension cables
ok, opinions