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My $100 File Serve Project... w00t!
Need video card?
3 strange problems
Need magazine...
System upgrade, is this gonna work?
um, problem with my new computer.
Word Processing and Web Browsing System
Question about Razer Diamondback and Copperhead
Logitech G5 and Razor copperhead do they work with usb hub
Rigging up a System Speaker
Parts compatibility.
How much to charge?
first comp build, need help w/ parts
Ancient computer magazines (56k warning)
Windows or Mac
Please Help !! Comp Keeps Restarting !!!
vpu keep crashing
Are you able to change your AIM password?
Weird display issues after floppy install
Lol I don't understand this guy!
Favorite Scenes DVD?
Memtest Error...
PSP trouble
Folding 24/7
Removing thermal compound from CPU
OCing my K8U Gigabyte
Very strange issue, have a few questions
Mac ??
New build questions
Software to DVDs to computer.
Building system, would like input on selections
msi k7d refusing ram
HDD size limitation
full system build.
motocross madness went crazy! (with pics)
Leaving a Cathrode on a IDE Cable?
Need a few recommendations..
Digital Camera, Quick :- ]
Old electronic toy; can this be fixed?
Sure Protectors
No boot only at this house
new laptop questions...
ipod help
Which power supply?
TV Tuner recommendations
Reflective paper?
i have to be doing somthing wrong
Need a good thermometer
Logitech mouse question
Anyone know?
Ipod 2gb nano or Creative Zen Micro 6gb?
My Setup - Op. 144 and GSkill FX Memory and MSI nf3
Getting rid o a desktop pc
a7m266-d driver cd
I dont understand how all these people can be sued.
Computer locks up
Going to sell system...
New UPS - recommend please
iPod Shuffle & windows trouble
Thinking about moving to Dual Xeon
My first attempt at computer art!
Check my Build please!
Budget PC upgrades...
My new setup.
Crashing in BF2, wtf?
new comp? 3 options
Is this too low for my PSU?
So with all my xmas money plus some saved money. build me a computer
Can a bad peripheral (i.e. bad soundcard) make a system not function correctly?
USB pin configuration...
BF 2 CD thinks it doesnt exhist -_-
Bit Off-Topic: What is a Fair price if I was going to sell my 2 eVGA 7800 GT's?
Long Beeping from Inside, Help
Troubleshoot my PC
Need Opinions, Should I Upgrade?
What is the best montherboard for SLI setups?
NCCH-DL Xeon Heatsink?
MP3 player help
UV wallpaper?
Need help with boot problem
Freezing problem.
SLOOOW Windows system...ideas?
I am making my new comp but need some more things
How much did you spend in 05?
Everest Home Edition, Discontinued
A VCR with a hard drive to record on?
little favor. Older PC
Is there a BIG difference between 3500+ and x2 4400?
At a loss, stability problem?
Won't Boot - Looked at FAQ
Is this normal?
A good function panel/fan controls
The most awesome computer shop in the world!
Please help me make my computer
Hows this set-up
MSDN Guess the launch date contest
Texas instrument ti83 vs ti83 plus
About to build my first pc! What do you think?
Clockgen inconsistancies?
2x sp-97 on msi k7d
Upgrade help
Whats a better upgrade?
PCI connection cable
USB 2.0 Cable Extension HELP!!
Where to start with the overclocking
Coming home from iraq soon and...
What just happened with my computer???
Will I be OK with this Setup?? or will I blow Up ??
getting a bluetooth...
whats the problem?
Just ordered my new rig today and...
Computer restarts and lan stops working randomly
hard drive tower / box / collection
Need some help with pspice
I need upgrade advice. plz?
Seagate is buying Maxtor
What generally causes these occasional mini-freezes?
New Mobo and Ghost 10.0
School Funded Ultimate PC Project
which lcd monitor would you buy today?
Upgrading computer, need a good setup.
advantage of dual monitors...any ?
Cause of a Hard System Shutdown
[NEWS](Quasi) Semiconductor Quantum Processing chip based on an ion trap !!
SATA Power?
The elusive red illuminated keyboard...
Cleaning Up Battery Acid Spill
Advice on purchasing.
Careers in computer field.
media center pc
good, cheap socket 478 processor needed...
Recommend a good Camera
Upgrading. Need Help!
What fan controller to get, QUICK DECISSION
New RIG!! New egg.com hooked me up! I need some advice.
Computer getting outdated already??
Here is a game for you...build a $4,000 rig
Saitek Eclipse Limited Edition. Red!
Need help with choosing parts for new comp.
What would be better for a dataserver.
What the heck is ForceWare Network Access Manager?
did my computer jut die!!!!????
laptop system (not system idle) running at 99%
Need Some Help =D
Modded bios for gainxp
.Tk Sites
HELP!!! **** 3DMark Score
Looking for a cheap rebuild
Upgrading system, help me decide on parts.
Dimension 2400 Hardware?
What motherboard to go with this AMD build?
uber cheapo micro atx build
New X2 System Build
Smooth key keyboard
Athlon 60 FX-55 overheating
christmas gift for myself: decision
iPod Nano, piece of ****?
How's this Build?
Is there a way to rip a dvd-r thats all scratched up?
Good website to sell ram...or computer parts other than ebay
New system hangs!! what?
Important building questions??
New HTPC build, need comfirming
Anyone worked with AuthenTec Fingerprint Sensors?
Help! Friend with Booting Problem
Swapping motherboards-chipset drivers
Running cd's from HDD
Those cylinders at the base of cables...
Yesterday I experienced my first LAN party...
PS2 controller connector dissassembly
I heard about those CPU's called "Opterons"
wireless keyboard/mouse
PC in shed?
Please help!!!
Ohhhhhh Yeah
Which setup is better and WHY?
Dell 1850s running slow with 4 cpus than 2cpus.
How to get the most bang for your buck, with mac upgrades.
Buliding....Which setup would be better?
Is this good enough for CAD or spend more?
Recycle old computers?
Advice on backup PC build
It's all here and it should be up and running tonight!!!!!!!!!!
What would you use?
First build, Some ?????
Help im a newbie
Do i want to ditch it?
To Get Rid of Or Not To Get Rid of?
Budget Gaming PC
Will my rig OC well?
...Thinking Hard...PSP vs Ipod Video.....
Will this rig OC well?
[HElp] New System Bug Biting.. but...
not another "need a mouse" thread!
new specs...comments
hardware delemma
Looking for upgrade advice
My Modded Moto V265 in Metallic Black
Wifi for a iBook G3
need advice with new system
PC-DL died: PC-DL or NCCH-DL?
Another gig of ram really help my setup?
New System - My Debate
How are theese specs?
I have $1300, want a shuttle - help me build it!
Problem: Drive not coming up in windows setup (SATA)
Thoughts On my rig
Thermal grease
laptop vs. desktop power draw
Under $400
Anyone know where to get a good dvd duplicator?
What the bleep! Nvidia acquires ULi!
HeyGuys-HardwareAdvice plz
PCI-E 1x and 4x?
Building a PC - From ground Zero
Need Build Advising..
Is my Laptop Dead?
1200 dollar build, for 3DSMax & Premiere 1.5
Should I rebuild it, old hardware inside.
My newest rig build..
LOL my aquamark
Intall Win OS on external USB Drive
Final decesion. Let me know what you think will order tonight
Upgrade ?
New pc, need advice
Will this work?
Motherboard suggestions?
Any ideas as to solve this problem?
Buying used system, what about packaging, warranty card, etc??
Expert Help Needed
New PC Builder Seeking Advice!
Where the heck do you guys sell your old stuff?
Building a new rig for family... need some input
CD-ROM Blues - New IBM Thinkpad
This is What I bought / am getting for christmas
upgrading, but have some concerns...
KVM keyboard/mouse switch
What should I upgrade?
Help me estimate a price on this rig please.
dads comp blew up
SocketA Beast completed (pics)
Amd single core vs Intel dual core
Pranks to do at lan parties
Aussie Build
components for new x2 3800+ build
Here it is!!!
Opinion's On My A64 set-up
How Powerful Are Next Gen's Consoles To Todays PC CPU's
bios update problems
Lian-Li Mousepad?
MP vs Opteron
small photo dock/printers?
Is this a good setup?
Computer rebooting during games
Need some help with an upgrade please! Ready to order, what should I do?
Infrared red reactive paint?
Gmail Privacy Violations
finding the correct drivers
Installing an OS on IBM 570E
What are you getting for christmas
CNPS9500 in a CM Cavalier 03?
Need some advice on upgrade
I want to build a new computer but.....
aoe3 lags
just bought an inspiron 9300
How to save power while seeding torrents.
keyboard error
My very first build...from the ground up...having a few issues
new parts 4 xmas
Gmail adds?
Yarg, it be my bluetooth
Final Plans for Gaming Rig
Yet another help me build my PC thread...
Girlfriends pc - bootup issues
The case of the MADDENING slow P3
KB, mouse randomly not working...
Im going to host a CounterStrike Source server
Removing stock fan on 7800GTX...
Oceeing on K8WE?
My Rig- isn't she a beauty (very large pics included)
nVidia 6800 wont overclock?
Dual Core CPU.... Now Dual Core VidCard ?
Keyboard circuitry messed up.
Need help on upgrade or new rig!
Whats next in my rig ?
Hard Drives not detected, getting very hot fast; voltage problem?
Wierd problem with my computer input desperatly needed
wireless mouse no gaming
Free Laptop Offer!
Parts advice
best way to spend 50
Floppyless Updating
New system burn-in. HD?
Booting new computer on External CD-ROM drive..
Advice on System
Is DFI "Expert" and Enermax "Liberty" Compatible?
Need a budget computer advice would be great
mouse suggestions
Need help building a client's computer!!!
Yamaha HTR-5830 Receiver
Building A Server
aust needs overclocking help
Uncontroable speed on my computer plus other problems.
Lian Li WHOA!!
help!! friend computer wont work!
Bios updating
PC guide book?
Sony's OTHER DRM software opens security hole. wonder if PS3 will be this bad
Aight! here we go, time to put it all in (need help) :)
Harddrives shorting out - I'm at a loss! :(
Need some help for a gaming computer.
Anyone got a silent pc
Is there any hardware out that takes advantage of 1x, 4x, 8x PCI-E lane?(besides VGA)
MP3 Player for Christmas
Biostar Geforce 6100 and problems
Playstation 3 Launch Vs. Halo 3 Launch
Any idea what to use when shipping objects?
Ipod question/Advice?
Rewiring lights ? (+1 small other ?)
Need to find a cheap p3 mobo
very odd problem with a msi 694d (ram errors, but the ram is fine)
OCZ Over G.Skills..better OC'ing potential..
PC access from another room?
In need of a new mouse
Selling Motherboard 2500+ Barton
New member
Undervolting/clocking Advice (I hear all the underclockers hangout here)
New christmas build
laptop HD inside?
Intel-no o'c??
Remote Control
Random onscreen typing?
Building a budget system, what do you think?
Notebook woes
maximumpc's ebay auction
programs to use to overclock computer
Can somebody please help me!
gaming mousepad and mouse help!
Pick out my computer thread #too many to count
Very very Frustrated advise welcome ( trouble shooting)
Microsft Sued over Xbox 360 defects!
Some overclocking advice?
I'm looking for a socket A motherboard
HDD in a satellite reciever
usb to serial
ASUS A7V8X vs. MSI K7N2 Delta2-Platinum
Is this terrible?
new specs
Budget gaming rig, and the trade off delima.
Got new hardware. Before I install it all-a few questions/help.
Can you make a server "RAID 1"?
Building LGA775 System for Friend - $1000 max. Does this look good?
Troubleshooting ground issues?
New computer, problems
Selling/Upgrading - not sure yet.
Budget server
New Machine guidence
PC Problems
ICEMATS and g5?
Screen goes messy
See webpages from an earlier date
I'm Buying This BAD BOY tonight!
WEIRD customer problem, any ideas?
Rate of technilogical advancements
mp3 player question....advice
Bookmarks/Favorites Thread
Which DVD's for Dual layer burner
The most frustrating problem ever! Help appreciated!
G15 keyboard drivers for 98
Apple Intel-Based Laptops.
Sticky: is this rig....?
USB Missle Array-PWNAGE!
Critic my new rig. (Ordering it monday if all goes good)
My school rocks, need a bit of help though.
Advice with Rig Specs
Questions about a REALLY aged computer
xeon questions...
Another reason im not getting dell.
Aren't basically all cpu chips the same read inside
WTF is going on?
Criticize my gaming rig
Bluetooth Headset
Free Windows Software
New Rig Plan, Need Advice Plz :D
Dumpster score!
Chipped Chips
Blinky Screen
Audio Problem, need some help.
Sempron, Clawhammer, Newcastle questions
Pleasehelp - computer rebooting - desperate
mouse and keyboard
First PC mods
razer boomslang CE coming soon - only $200
New a new photo printer
Which Motherboard would you recomend
Challenge for yall. Make a budget computer $220-$250. :)
Question: What's the best way to prevent static distcharge?
Billion dollar question
When a store puts something on clearance...
is this thoery sound
dual barton mods?
First SMP Xeon System Done!!
Final preperation
Burned out my system...
Odd problem
:rolleyes: !
PC freezing every so often....
No Video
$600 budget for an upgrade.
I've made up my mind. Two Dual Core Opterons. I've some questions though
Advice Greatly Appreciated
Is this a good system? (includes watercooling)
Drink+ my keyboard and Mouse
Need upgrade advice
Planning A build need some advice.
Help needed for a buget system for my GF
Computer Consultation-Possible small time job?
Music Player
Can I Use 2 Logitech Mx1000 In The Same Room?
Best upgrade...
Bios Not Acpi Compliant
GEEK, im no geek!
Guide to Photodetectors?
Logitech Setpoint icon is missing, can't adjust settings.
mobo warp on bench ... head's up
Finally got the Rig
opinions on final rig build(i hope)
Just applied to Best buy geek squad, now what ?
Good Monitoring Software
Trouble flashing PC-DL Bios.
CPU Say, "Bye bye"
I am fairly sure that I have a problem.....
What to put in 3.5" other than the floppy drive.
Portable DVD player or DVD drive on laptop?
Any "REAL" ways to speed up Cable Modem?
Unkown Problem.
Complete failure? I'm out of ideas...
Need low-budget CPU, mobo, RAM upgrade
L2 catch?
Need help buying computer
Which to upgrade: OS or PSU?
Wierd DVD-RW Problems with Power AND IDE
Final Buy List, Comments?
Check out my nice new system I just got from newegg (a lot better then the old one)
Would this be a good deal for memory?
Freezeups-Reboots [Help Plz]
Gaming Mousepad Ideas and Recommendations
Writing a little personal book
budget upgrade, what to pick?
Rig building info
Used Computers
NoooO!!! neweggs out of stock on the gpu I want! Plz read/give suggestion asap!
Look at what happened with this motherboard!!
$1500 gaming pc
how much you think this is worth?
Strange computer problem after lightning
Anyone built security systems? DVR
Are there any dual 939 motherboards?
Upgrading soon need help with it.
New comp or no?
The Xmas present, $1000ish comp! Need some help
Building another PC, need some input...
Halo Frame Rate Problem
Brother's computer needs an upgrade.
My summer plan; will it work?
if I get a job...
Ugh! Here we go again!
Wolf Claw Type II Keyboard Mini Review!
Weird problem with freezing/lag on windows
Bottlenecks in my system
Any possibility for overclocking?
I choose you Monarch
DV camcorder help please
my build
Looking for the right mp3 and/or ogg player.
Potential new system
DXG DXG-568 digital camera
Recommendation Time
Gaming Mouse and Keyboard - Worth the money?
Go for More Expensive Mobo or RAM?
Voice modems?
Worst weekend of my life
computer sometimes can't power on
Should I keep overclocking???
So you have gone wireless to wired?
How much to sell this for?
Cluster Computing!!
A sufficient Laptop? Maybe a shuttle?
What's best for me ? :D
new computer specs advice