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build opinions
Making a basic Boot USB stick.
custom built system crashing in BF3
Would these work together?
Left hand keyboard? (With arrow keys on the left)
Nice speedy PC for office use e.g Facebook, skype etc
These temperatures...
Computer Not Booting
Strange random failure to POST
Are these good candidates for overclocking?
What do I need to do to prep my computer for new parts?
Building a Blade Cluster
My new system. Will i have Bottlenecks?
Upgrade Suggestions?
Hardware purchase advice needed
New build, need help
The Cerberus Project [Pre-Build Log]
New build, let me know what you think....
How does my 2yr old PC (i7-860) stack up vs current PCs?
What should i upgrade to ??
[Build Log] AMD FX-8320 - pics included
Gaming Build $500 budget
PC won't POST.
Setting up my dream machine
Review My CyberPower Build + Questions
Way Too Active HDD
SB Recond3D Keeps Disappearing??
disasembly from external hdd shows caviar green 1.5tb internal hdd
how's my new setup look?
Desperate Gamer On a Budget
I'm new here and this is my planned build any thoughts?
Xbox 360 sound and mic through pc
Advice on fixing up computer
What is the bottleneck in my pc? and upgrade suggestions
Benching competition superpi32m (Marathon Event)
Wiring multiple LEDs to one switch
Help with First Build
Reactivating laser-cut cores...
found a P4 641
Laptop: Touchscreen Transplant
WiFi card help
practically new machine and still a low fps
Communication Architecture questions
building a gaming/school rig
Looking for a good HOTAS set
System Screenshots and advice
hi i am looking to make a new gaming pc are these parts good?
Razer tron mouse driver windows 8
My First Gaming PC
Gaming/School First Build, $1500 Budget
Need an upgrade, any advice?
Never used liquid. Does this stuff look compatable?
My 500 dollar gaming build? thoughts!
Need a basic setup for the wife
I'm ridiculously broke, help me out!
Critique new build. Performance gain over current setup?
Help - First Build In A Long Time
Optical drive. White bluray reader/burner?
Build Problems: Please Help!
Trying to decide on a new Pc
1 tb harddrive vs 1.5 tb? THOUGHTS?
New Computer Build?
Building New Pc for my lil brother
Fx6300 vs I5 3470 50e difference.
800 system build
PC turning off without warning and a laser beam like sound
Getting to review hardware
Time for an upgrade.
Bargain system for my brother advice needed
My First Time Building A Computer And I Need Help
Gaming pc build, opinions?
New Member: What is this worth?
wufff wuff, I need a keybord, less then 200 doller
PC seems slow and laggy in and out of games
new gaming build- think im on track
Home Server CPU/Mobo Advice?
550 intel i5 HELP ! HELP !
Cleaning Out my PC first time
Help, new to PC building!
My rig
Mini ITX Build? Opinions
New future build opinions
Need some help on my budget build
My first build ever
Need gaming pc build advice/help!
First Build, looking for advice
Desktop for Java programming and HD movies, no gaming :)
System freezes with Q-Code 02 on ASUS P9X79
crashing on prime95
Please Help ME!!!! PC BROKE I THINK
pc problems
Lookin to upgrade PC, on about a $700 budget
What router should I purchase?
Learned something new last night.
need some expert advice, bottleneck or hardware fault?
Upgrading 4 year old cpu
Security Camera DVR System
Ingredients of thermal paste
Ditching cable for web/smart tv only...
best bang for my buck motherboard and cpu
GA-EX58-EXTREME & i70-920 & CMZ12GX3M3A1600C9
Am3+ Budget Gaming build
Tt eSports (Thermaltake) Level 10 M Gaming Mouse Review
New video card vs new build?
Advise on building new gaming pc
Advice On new Gaming Rig
TV Media Extenders.. Need Help
Finally back with a new build idea
The delema of I/O Error 0xc00000e9:
so abit had an x58 mobo 0.o
Upgrading old system. Need advice
Is the power computing world slowing down? Please weigh in your thoughts.
Opinions needed : cheap rig/last add-ons
Keyboard can wake computer,not recognized after that, but mouse is? (win7 32bit)
Logitech Trackball
New Video Editing PC Opinions
Suggestions on new rig advice.
HDMI Cable unresponsive
Computer Bulding Help
The Backplate Affair
Infrequent BSOD 0x00000124. Cannot isolate
Losing connection when maxing out LAN transfer.. is this a Nic problem?
rma question
is there any WiFi spot that serves ads automatically?
32" TV as Monitor - Resolution funky...
My Build
Another 'recommend me some parts' thread
baking flash gates
E-Reader Suggestions?
BSOD 0x0000004
Basic build for school
Need help building a new gaming computer!
computer performance updating
Steiger Dynamics Unveils the LEET - Extreme HTPC
Newbie here! Can't decide on a few parts. Decent budget.
New Build: Install Drivers Included or Download Online
New OC System
Computer Not Turning on HELP!
New system, noobie 1-2k budget
My First Build!
New System; Bios FF + DRAM code..
New micro build
First time build
Need help building five to six hundred doller gaming PC
7950 help PLEASE HELP ME
Razer Deathadder 3.5g Firmware wont update!
Anyone consider putting super slim ps3 in bulky ps3 case, leaving room for pc?
is there a i7 2600k 1156?
First custom gaming comp
Proposed build, what do you think?
BSOD on new build
Shopper Needing Help
What do you think?
new monitor, odd problem
friends new system,. would u change anything?
Looking for a PC Work Desk. (Prefer 72w x 30d x 29-1/2h)
PC Parts for under $750
building first. noob here needs advice for the experienced people
Haupaugge HD PVR 1212
Unsolved Mystery
Hardware noob with a new system need some tips.
Please Review My Build!
Broken USB port... HELP!
Does this cable exist?
Jagged mouse movement
eBay sniping tool
what is my PC's bottleneck? What to upgrade next?
A10-5800k - Overclocking
Your opinion?
OCZ Vertex 4 256GB On 680i SLI..
Next upgrade choice?
New pc for playing BF3
Help Choosing Parts
Laptop Help Needed ASAP
Noob needs help!
Pure Oc'ing/gaming rig help needed.
PCI Express Blocked - Avermedia Live Gamer HD
New triple monitor eyefinity gaming build
Best Possible Gaming Desktop PC for under $500?
Help with Microstutter
Looking for 600mbps router under $100
RAMDISK, ram frequency
I need some help with my computer crashing on me constantly.
New Build for Black Friday
Updated PC to windows 8. Looking for all around tips.
First Time Build - Opinions?
projects you work on
"Upgraded System" (New Build)
System rebbooting
Screen picture problem - new build
What is the best NIC for a radio server
Grinding, the bane of my life.
Upcoming Technologies Anticipated?
Going to pull the trigger tomorrow. Ivy build vs Sandy build. Which one?
Build a New Computer to be overclocked in the future
Computer freezing
Price for Computing Shop to Overclock...
Need best router for wddrt and wake on lan.
help with my temps
[Q] Problems
First Build Help?
Opinions On New Computer Build
upgrade to new cpu or get 660 ti
Old 1.8 Celeron
Building a computer
So I think I've made a huge mistake - need help please
Help a newbie - new build ~1100 dollars
Built new PC, won't Boot
cpu upgrade help
CPU and Memory Upgrade
Corsair Vengeance MM400 gaming mouse mat
New build questions/advice
New Build Advice
Is this worth buying?
Gaming PC Build Advice
New Build Help
Startup Problem (Black screen of death)
2560 by 1440 monitor not working with windows
New computer?
TV tuner cards and DirecTv?
New hardware
Two graphic card BLACK screen upon startup [HELP FAST]
Help me build my brother his pc
high performance games cause crash
Upgrading parts feedback/questions
Can't hear youtube in headphones but can hear world of warcraft
i5 3470 vs i3 2100 in gaming
Internet to fast?
Floaty mouse when unstable fps
Ultimate gaming rig feedback..
Overclockable rig
Help with my i5 3470 pc
Case or PSU?
IBM reveals tech advances of the future
New Pc
How much power does your old PC use?
Best old hardware to learn overclocking
build a new sb 3930K rig now or wait?
Mech. Key switch replacement
Keyboard delayed start
Help! Keyboard not working
soldering iron!
Serious voltage and temp problems - Imminent Explosion?
Gaming pc help
i3 2350 + gt630m or i3 2367 + 6t640m?
Assistance with Maximizing bang for Buck, Please
Computer freezes when the case is (gently) bumped
Bluray Player Software?
Inside Intel's Next Unit of Computing (DC3217BY)
New Build Help needed
Need help with custom case build and computer components!
New headset
Asrock Mobo, no Post.
Servos for heavy loads, and microcontroller question?
My New Downsizing Pc Upgrade, Thoughts or Suggestions?
Hardware issue
Best I can do for $520 US?
Recommend RAM & GRAPHIC card for assrock H-55MLE
My second build - please critique and give me suggestions!
Best Korean monitors?
Different IP on router- is this even possible?
Announcing Sandy/Ivy Superpi Challenge
Christmas Shopping For A Printer
Hardware advice please
Main rig upgrade
need quick validation
best cheapo build that can bench under phase change?
Need some help - Edited OP
Video Card Stability
New Build - x264 encoding machine
looking for beast computer desk
Home theater/security and networks :)
Old Socket 7 and DVR possibilities
Chapter 1. Big Boy Computer (The Idea)
compustein!!-first pc build!
Cold Cathode Velcro?
Do I need a bigger power supply?
Looking to build a budget PC
I am building a new desktop
New PC
Computer Build (Help)
Need some Instructions
Building the desktop you will **** your pants over, but I need help customizing!
First gaming computer build
How is the Logitech G700 gaming mouse?
Advice on actual setup and potential upgrade
acer 6920g. cpu, gup, ram and hard drive upgrade
i5 3450 + gtx550ti OR i3 2120 + gtx560(not ti)
Super Computer Build in 24Hrs!
Gaming PC
OS shuts down but not my tower
3Dmark vantage xps m1730 GPU or CPU under powered problem please HELP!
LG Flatron W2252TQ monitor
Need help in CPU and Memory ratio thing...
Need help picking a router.
Help With First Build
Home media setup
Been Awhile Gonna Upgrade my comp Help would be great
Bang for the buck (pentium D upgrade)
Building new Computer (Need Tips)
Dropped logitech controller on floor
Rebuild advice requested
My Million DIY Computer Questions...
LED Voltage on Illuminated Anti-Vandal Switch
AMD 8350 not using all 8 cores
Learning recording
help with a new build.
Any wireless gurus? Need some help!
Not just another "Rate my rig" post
Enthusiast Retailer Death Pool
Look at what i got
Strange Issue
1440p Gaming Rig - What would you get?
What is my weak link?
Selecting a Good Printer
Want to Start Benching to join the team
just thinking
Cyberpower vs Building
Building computer with liquid cooling, first time.
New computer
Fan Speed
New gaming rig help!
The Gaming Table
HELP! random shutdowns
New to building, need some help :)
I'm concidering building a new PC advice please
Help me find hardware issue.
Mid-level gaming build
best micro atx system
Changing the Processor on My Laptop
Does this build look alright?
Looking for 1 female TRRS to 2 male TRRS split cable
is my first build ok?
PC gaming/ rendering / 3d modeling help
Opinions on my new build
Idk what happened...(Random black Screen)
OT Career in IT?
Crossfire Heat
General computer slowness after amd 12.10 update
What causes a computer to do this?
need a lil help..building a maya rig
New Build Opinions
Friendly 939 Competition
Need opinions on OS software
Help on Gaming build please.
How does this build compare...
I heard you guys were having a party?
Mechanical Keyboard Recommendations??
some q about esd
Computer Build for Sister?
Help needed (Stand by Screen)
Computer giving off alot of radio interference
New Intel Build
Keyboard Questions
Intel Build
Too Many PC's?
Showing off my computer :P
Upgrading Motherboard and CPU
Can someone delete this post for now?
Best reviews EVER!
help with cooling fans wit my corsair h80
Magazines, Publications or News Sites?
Random Crashes making me nuts!
Gaming PC for $1000
getting a 1155 bracket for a Xigmatek hdt s1283
Upgrade Dilemma, Need Advice
Review My New Build - Agree, Disagree, Would Like to Change Something?
New Build Suggestions
U2 Server How to get a highend GPU in
Building a Low Budget PC for my Brother
Htpc build, what'ya think? :P
New Build wont power on!
What do you think about this build?
New rig, will it work?
System crash and don't know why
Upgrading PC (gaming and audio), advice?
What is the best way to drive a computer repair business?
1st Computer Build, Few Questions..
I want to SLI 2 gigabyte gtx 670 OC windforce editions with a 3 monitor setup
Fans & Lights remain on after power-off
SWillyP's Graphics Card and Motherboard
Public Safety Announcement: Check your wires
Monitor sharing Help
I need help on psu and mobo problem plz???
What is my Sysytem worth Whole OR Stripped
Pentium Northwood 1.6a ghz/512/400/1.5v
how would my setup be for playing arma 3?
Can't post on general discussion so il post here.. Move this if possible
Low Power - No Noise - Gaming Rig
Low wattage NAS
Help building my first PC
3 GTX560 TI VS 1 GTX670 I7-3770K
Wireless Mouse/Lighted Keyboard ??
First Build
New computer/3DS Max help
Devil 13 copy?
need help on building a gaming rig..
Can you please help me verify if my bios is Correct
I Give Up... What's the Deal With My Internet
First Post First Build
No way! Is it fate I find my old PC?
Problems with system shutting down while gaming
Computer shuts off
One upgrade, one new PC, $1200 - what to do?
computer problems
Helping a friend out with a new gaming rig, input needed!
New Budget Gaming Build/Upgrade
Bluray artifacting, some help please
$1050 gaming rig, need review!
First pc build
Ramapage III Formula Waterblock.
Unresponsive Mouse Problem
Recomendations for my 1st build
Please Help!!!!
Roccat Kave surround sound configuration issue
Need Some Advice On Gaming Rig
Linksys AE3000 Wireless adapter - Not Detected
I need help Planning my NEXT BUILD!!
$400 upgrade on 920 system
Trying to find a good keyboard+touchpad combo
Problem with resolution
Building computer, could need some help
Some advanced questions need answering, critique my build please.
Upgrading Woes (first post :D)
Deathadder drivers? Yes/No
Potential Bottleneck or my gfx card needs OC?
Would like input on upgrade.
Need advice on first gaming rig build
System Upgrade.
$1200 AMD/ATI system
Need help with buying a new monitor
Network card issues
My First attempt at a top end gaming build
XFX r7870 ghz edition issue
My very first build
$350 gaming PC! what do you guys think?
Ivy Bridge Gaming (Budget Build) :P
Been out of the game for a while, need advice
mini itx system
New Build
Should I build a Socket 775 Machine/Rig?
Help with Desktop build for gaming, please...
aida64 memory bm
new build, wont turn on.
Speaker wire to RCA. Neo Geo Cab
low 3C high 102C
Help with friends computer problems
your valuable suggestion
Computer crashing during games - kernel-power error event ID 41
Heatsink installation help.....
Iso trouble shooting, dead cpu/motherboard?
Is my laser mouse on it's way out?
About WIFI for Desktop
Need advice on a high-end consumer router
Help on upgrading
new build ran fine now crashes bsod
My new rig
Help with case & PSU selection
No clue, but time to start learning
Got my 3570k today
New build or upgrade help..
fm1 - fm2 heatsinks
Video Streaming on Web Page
pc help
First Desktop Build / Component Review
One Week Special: Overclockers Premium Membership - $39.95
New PC for playing poker + PhD in computer vision, any feedback appreciated.
Whats the Difference
Request for assistance to buy from newegg
Overclockers' Rig-o-the-Quarter, October-December, 2012
2 monitors, one does not show anything on next day
My Next Builds Specs - Parts Ordered, Pictures to come
Open Chat Days - Overclockers Chat Club
Silent NAS Build
Advice for New build
Very weird issue when playing games...
ODD hans system???
booting on... it keeps saying "downloading drivers" every time
Looking for a 4 port SATA2 PCI or PCI-E RAID5 card
GPU Confusion!!!!
Overclockers' Rig-o'-the-Month for September 2012
Shutdown Problem
server power!
Cheap web cam
Awkward hardware problem
which cpu block to get for my build.
Building a PC for a buddy, 1k budget.
lenovo 3000 j series stuck on boot screen/keyboard dosnt work