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tv tuner: PVR-150 vs X800XT AIW
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Sony Stops Shipping Controversial DRM Code
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(free) Online radio stations you like...
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G15 or Saitek Eclipse
Low Latency worth the price??
keyboard usb extension
It was only a matter of time. Virus exploit for sony DRM.
christmas gift for my stepbro
pc-dl woes
I need a program that will create the effect of a dual display on a single mon
gamming/mutimedia keyboard/mouse
SUN out to get Intel...lol
First trojan out that uses the Sony/BMG DRM Root Kit
MS & Apple DRM? True or False
Creative Zen to PC Cable?
Ncch-dl 1005 Bios
making a new desktop for friend...parts suggestions?
grrr can't get pictures off my phone
Help with Computer Parts
[NEWS] New SONY Copy-protection Patent and its possible implications
Some torrent advice
With $250-$300, what would you upgrade?
My wife washed my kids Nano!
what are the consequences of frying a video card?
mx5000 first impressions
Boot up annoyance.
BIOS fails to see DVD RW.....
Burning out a monitor by switching settings?
Upgrade or Start Over
Trackball Discussions (was in the velcro thread)
Memory [NUMA?] in a Dual 250's in a Asus k8n-DL Config.
Buying a new computer
Where is the Shuttle SN26P?
Unstable Voltages!?
Cables keep falling behind my desk
Quick Question
Is my motherboard or CPU not working?
urgent help needed
SkyNet maybe a possibility!?
Windows XP user profile question
Crazy *POP* coming from my comp case and a ton of smoke
Help me choose an emachine
To wait or not to wait, that is the question
Future proof
Good printer?
mobo for pentium 3 SMP
New hardware causes Windows to freeze........
what to do with a mac se?
Build Comments
SMP and X2's
what is posting?
network causing crashes
Stubborn Informatics Teacher
I want to stick two fans together
AMD vs. Intel (please read)
working on matking my rig quieter
Friend quick formated his 200gb external hd, need progam advice for data recovery,thx
Major problems, need help!
Athlon 64 CPU/Mobo/GFX for less than $400
Old one doesn't boot
Neons for Home Theatre?
Clockgen Question
Need motherboard Suggestions
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How do I flash BIOS for K8N Neo Platinum (Skt 754) ???
Jack PC
Best Price for Lian Li Desk
Just a warning to AIM users or even Trillian users.
I read this on another board about custom PC's
What to do?
pc upgrades, advice please
Upgrading with a $400~ budget.
Laserjet III problem. Anyone?
my computer keeps crashing
Something going wrong with system
What's the best soundcard out?
K8VSE delux + A64 3700+?
Need HW Monitoring app for my dually
Need advice on what to change around to lower system cost. Please help! :)
whats my rig worth?
Just got a taste of the venice
What would you do with a $1,300-$1,400 budget?
whats the weirdest thing your computer has done?
My thoughts on the new upcoming physics engine.
Get past the Compaq bios?
How's this rig sound?
Netgear 54Mbps Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter at $39.99
Annoying Game Installation problem
Show Off Your Rig Here
Overclocking problem and question
REQ: Help With Comp Trouble
got my 2500+'s!
help me diagnose my new frys combo
Upgrade to 2 gig ram or x1800xl/7800gt?
finished building... questions
PC Sales-How Do You Indivuduals do It?
out of options
How do I recover from a corrupted registry that prevents Windows XP from starting?
PC powers off during installation
PC keeps powering down!
I taught it will never happen.... Dell selling amd cpus
How long has your (Windows) PC been running?
Prime95 Test Results: Fatal Error Hardware Failure Detected
keyboard and mouse......
Dell Inspiron 700m Pentium M 735..at $849
[NEWS] Microsoft Plans Deliberate Xbox 360 Shortage
Looking for a good alternative to the Innovatek Fan-o-Matic (that isn't $250!)
Mouse Storage
Help game with $500
Replacement Printer Power Supply
usb help needed...
Front USB & Audio ports
Lian Li PC-V1000 Ideas
Shuttle M1000.
Time for an upgrade, feedback appreciated.
Thinking about building a cheap file server, suggestions?
want a new start up screen
Logitech G5 issues.
game registry question
master k7d + sp97's?
A short history of 3dfx
Keyboard... light up dynamic led pictures on keys
Sony secretly installed hidden programs from CD's. Patch offered.
My Clocks on A64 3000+ Venice
New System
New computer issues
Crashing in games. Out of ideas. I challenge you!
This can't be good...
regarding a DVD
9mmCensor's new box
spouse - computer - finance...good mix!
Vantec Nexus NXP-201
Razer Pro Series
loud hissing coming from computer...
New build for a friend, take 2.
Power supply questions
Thinking about a Quicky Upgrade - Looking for advice
Aeron chair - definitely worth it.
Still haven't found a NB water block!
Just orded my new system
MX510, MX518 or G5? Need input plz. Few questions.
Packard Bell 'ultimate game pc' --> Ultimate RipOff
dual core benchmarks ???
New PC Gaming Rig
My new system! Finally!
I know this is poor etiquette but i have to ask...
Is there a way to disable the button on my DVD drive?
PC Restarts When It Triest to Load Windows
Just met a mac fanatic ;)
[NEWS]M$ ripped off critical component of the IE codebase
Yearly Upgrade. Opinions? Suggestions?
Is my CPU or MoBo dying? Some serious problems ...
Dell losing money due to Intel only policy
Painting the cdrom drives...
need help with(yet another)new build...
What Type of Gaming PC?
Making a Quiet Computer FAQ- Need Opinions
*maybe* new rig.
Screensaver wont work
Building a new rig - im so out of date
ecc registerd?
technical breakthrough project
Building low-end computer
Any good voice manipulation software around?
DVI kvm switch??
Are my eyes going or is it my monitor
Old generator = Too many volts = Smoke.
P5WD2. Pls Help!. Can't get past 265 FSB.
Online Multiplayer Problem
IBM Super Computer
New motherboard issues ABIT KV8-PRO-3RDEYE
PQI Turbo series compatible with A64 Venice core
Rate my rig!!
Selling old computers
LAN boot
Razer copperhead, help?
Is this good?
two harddrives
Lockup/Freezeup(any ideas?)
IRQ anger?
Home Media Computer
Has anyone experineced this problem?
someone in the cell phone biz, implement this
A computer I just finished, with pics.
System down!!!!
Obnoxious oscillation-hum...
CPU not running at it's potential?
What would you rather have?
New Computer Doesn't Start
Just Built new Dually Rig
OC wooos
Mystery Computer Problem - Please Help
Techflex Cable Management
A64 S939 system was fine, but now is inexplicably inoperable. Please advise.
New System
Order Ordeal- or Can't a guy get a PSU
HP zt 1190 lap top no boot
Computer chairs
computer freeze
A build for roughly $350-$500.
Looking For Laptop Keyboard Condom
how much have you upgraded (and spent doing so) this year?
advice on a $500 upgrade
awesome gift idea - Photo Stamps!
problems and issues with my pc
Replacing ole reliable
Pentium D 820 & D945PSN Mobo
New build help - want to spend around $3000 - want silence with power for gaming
Thermaltake MediaLAB
How to calibrate a printer?
Experiencing hiccups.
portable dvd player question.
New Build with Pics
problem with computer
I need to download flash player 7
xp-m's running different multi
"Invalid BOOT diskette"....error...Dell rig
Any upcoming changes?
Need help with 1st rig.
shuttle server?
I finally had time to clean up my wiring
LMFAO at this:
Can't boot Windows after install
what do i need to use my TV as a monitor?
Who here has heard about the HP printer thing?
proggy to control p3 M?
system is up!
Plastic-coated wire...would this work?
Oh crap I've fried my system...
Win XP pro only can take 3GB of RAM max????
Budgeting and Blitz Day (not quite sure where this one goes)
Building a file server for my house...
Casette Adapter, cleaning?
Guy gave me this stuff for free..
Large Opteron Build Questions
Droll over this PC...
FireWire panel
Need a Budget Gaming Rig
Gmail account & trying to route mail from my home account
Any S604 Motherboard with DDR1 / PCI-E Support?
Help finding a keyboard
Reason for PCI-E lock ?
Help Define New High End System
recommend me a mouse pad
How ot make picture that fit exactly on a 8.5 by 11 paper?
Help w/ upgrade
Overclock Printer
Best TV Antenna or reciever?(Broadcast)
Does gigabit LAN make a big difference?
Building for a friend....
laptop style and feel like keyboard??
game controller needed
MX518 with USB-PS/2 adapter?
Please help, I think I have Problems
Upgrading to X2 4200 Problems
Navigating without a mouse?
Final rig specs
Needed help with price efficient custom PC
My New Rig - Need some help from YOU
new system specs...please comment
Probably something simple..but need help
****ed off
What to do with many ancient PCs?
Hardware Stickers?
Cpu Wont Post
MSI K7D Master + 2 XP/MPs
Razer Copperhead Review (uber large pics)
Data Execution Protection?
Strange pc problems
Ebay: What should I do?
Need help with a old AMD system
Can 'boot from USB' Mobos......
Anything better than the MX1000 right now?
To upgrade or not?
Second build, still a work in progress
Performance on my new rig?
bluetooth mouse/kb not working
Game Server
dang Ebay.....
Annoying mouse
Help me with my new build...
How can I create memory or sound conflicts?
Mobo turns on only with PSU switch...
MP3 player decision
On the PC-DL anybody know
Why HP people are penny pinchers...
Trouble Shooting Assistance
Is my monitor fubared ?
What do you say when people ask you...
Dream Machine 2005
Device conflict, help please
New PC constantly restarting
Faulty psu?
Logitech G7 931375-0403 2-Tone 6 Buttons 1x Wheel USB RF Laser Mouse - Retail
radiation from scanners?
Is my heatsink improperly installed?
Asus P5WD2 arrived...
Start Word Page Numbering on Later Page
What's the purpose of Underclocking?
BIOS password
Need powerpoint for project!
Fan noise and replacement fans
In bios and then everything goes *poof*
New system.... looking for tips
Frustrating Printer Problem
3.4 Prescott Overclock
Computer resetting....
3D Mark Error
Time for a new rig... Timeframe 1-2 months
Out of the loop and looking to upgrade
DN800-SLI w/ faster mem
Modem thoughts?
Looking to Upgrade
AMD chipset ? is it coming ??
Can fan controllers/monitors reliabily report fan speeds down to 100RPM?
How to backup then transfer everything
How much would you pay for a
Price Check...
Encoding avi to dvd
yay have ma new rig what now
Engineering Questions
What does your system consists of?
Problem With Game Freeze...Mem??
New PC build, CDRW tray will not open.
new cellphone
Specing a New Gaming Rig
How do you make a heart in ASCII?
Rig: Anyway to make this cheaper?
advice on rig
Apple question
FINALLY! Starting preparations to order!
if i change my motherboard...
Can you use a pci express device, in a x16 graphics slot
My computer is dead :(
How do you tell what is wrong with a laptop?
Nice desktop backgrounds?
Good Upgrades?
Overclocking and system freezing
Quick question about media readers
what forum?
new dual-multi core xeon
Lexar JumpDrive Error/SpyWare error??? help please
u3 flash drives
best budget pci-e setup?
I guess im out of the loop
Newish 478 build parts from a old dell
Help me spend $1000 on newegg.
Interesting Overclock problem.
New or refurbished dells direct from dell for <500
Is this memory any good? and a question about a psu
Comp Spec
Xbox 360 vs. PS3
Hard Drive Error; Windows and MP4 player
Non-gaming computer for university
My gaming rig, to be completed by end of the month
Challenge! Beat Dell budget rig in value per $
Shuttle SLi Build
IDE and Floppy PCI Cards?
USB 2.0 issue on Asus P4T533-C
Can anyone answer a few Questions about Ipods for me??
False Advertisement? (All Read)
Need some input here (Simple Server Build)
Dual Opteron 1u for Gaming
Is there any external device for PCI cards through USB/FW ?
Cheap Gaming Rig
What is this... ?
AMD outsold Intel
WEIRD mouse problem.
My New Computer
new system wont boot
I have No Clue What this problem is?????????
Going to upgrade soon need comments and advice please!
monitor going into standby modeish
Need help with keeping sane.
Asus AH-1, Very poor preformance
internal audio connector!!!
Novice needs help overclocking!
Story, Questions, Advice - Everyone please help? Long
Im having Dsl Problems Need Help
Help me figure this out (Comp Freezing)
New Apple With Movies!!!
Need help with very retarded problem.. can't boot off Windows CD?!?!
Gaming PC
What is this error? Recent instability.
computer randomly reboots/freezez when installing winXP
The Silicon Zoo
2 Systems almost identical 1 is slower HELP
blue screen on new pc!
New System yes or no!? :(
2 CABNE Opteron 248's, what board?
Need help dissuading a friend from going Apple.
Where is he ?? Bios Chip Man !!
Something you can't do with Microsoft Windows
Logitech G5 owers ?
Start Up Bios flashing
Aftermarket PSP battery
USB.20 external optical drive OK for first boot??
give me your advice
Ordered My Upgraded A64 system...should be promising
Apple Introduces Video, TV Playing iPod
Building 1st PC...where to begin?
another NTLRD missing problem...
looking for certification A+
OK Guys - Take a Look - Its Ordered
Before I blow the green...
PCI Express slots
Help Boot Issue!!
My HDD, Windows and a ton of anger.
Volt Mod VDim PC-DL Pic
Old Apple worth it...spec?
Source of the Problem??
Possible Build Comments?
Should Windows be on it's own partition??
Is it possible for a new LCD panel to kill a PC?
Logitech G5 Impressions
looking for advice on an older dual Xeon system
Build Me a Barebones System Please :)
Deciding on hardware to buy on Blitz Day.
No video signal, tried everything I can think of.
Looking for a quality Mini Keyboard
Installed RAM, computer started crying.
BF2 v1.03 Choppiness
plastic question
who can wake their pc from standby with usb?
replacement usb ports
Looking for a decent soldering station.
Would you qualify this as decent?
Build your own apple computer ?
uber 1337 upgrades?
500$ budget for upgrade...need help choosing
Major differences between these MB?
Building a new PC, some recomendations?
Budget SMP Challenge!
HDD Problem
There is so much info on the net we are missing :(
cant get UV workin rite..
HELP! I'm losing the performance war!!!
Advice - This HW Setup?
Building New 24.7 Server, Help With Specs.
Another really good phishing attempt!!
Anyone A+ certified?
my system is being flaky..
Computer Specs Near Completion
HSF for Xeon 3.0 Nocona
My upgrade plan in mid to late 2006
They are Phishing again...
What's In your toolbox?
Building a computer, good specs for it?
Synthesizer/Drum Machine Laptop
Struck by lightning
Release date for Xfire boards
help assigning mouse buttons on Logitech G5
check out what i found (its old)
Thinking about buying an ibook
Computer restarts repeatedly