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new system specs...please comment
Probably something simple..but need help
****ed off
What to do with many ancient PCs?
Hardware Stickers?
Cpu Wont Post
MSI K7D Master + 2 XP/MPs
Razer Copperhead Review (uber large pics)
Data Execution Protection?
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Performance on my new rig?
bluetooth mouse/kb not working
Game Server
dang Ebay.....
Annoying mouse
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How can I create memory or sound conflicts?
Mobo turns on only with PSU switch...
MP3 player decision
On the PC-DL anybody know
Why HP people are penny pinchers...
Trouble Shooting Assistance
Is my monitor fubared ?
What do you say when people ask you...
Dream Machine 2005
Device conflict, help please
New PC constantly restarting
Faulty psu?
Logitech G7 931375-0403 2-Tone 6 Buttons 1x Wheel USB RF Laser Mouse - Retail
radiation from scanners?
Is my heatsink improperly installed?
Asus P5WD2 arrived...
Start Word Page Numbering on Later Page
What's the purpose of Underclocking?
BIOS password
Need powerpoint for project!
Fan noise and replacement fans
In bios and then everything goes *poof*
New system.... looking for tips
Frustrating Printer Problem
3.4 Prescott Overclock
Computer resetting....
3D Mark Error
Time for a new rig... Timeframe 1-2 months
Out of the loop and looking to upgrade
DN800-SLI w/ faster mem
Modem thoughts?
Looking to Upgrade
AMD chipset ? is it coming ??
Can fan controllers/monitors reliabily report fan speeds down to 100RPM?
How to backup then transfer everything
How much would you pay for a
Price Check...
Encoding avi to dvd
yay have ma new rig what now
Engineering Questions
What does your system consists of?
Problem With Game Freeze...Mem??
New PC build, CDRW tray will not open.
new cellphone
Specing a New Gaming Rig
How do you make a heart in ASCII?
Rig: Anyway to make this cheaper?
advice on rig
Apple question
FINALLY! Starting preparations to order!
if i change my motherboard...
Can you use a pci express device, in a x16 graphics slot
My computer is dead :(
How do you tell what is wrong with a laptop?
Nice desktop backgrounds?
Good Upgrades?
Overclocking and system freezing
Quick question about media readers
what forum?
new dual-multi core xeon
Lexar JumpDrive Error/SpyWare error??? help please
u3 flash drives
best budget pci-e setup?
I guess im out of the loop
Newish 478 build parts from a old dell
Help me spend $1000 on newegg.
Interesting Overclock problem.
New or refurbished dells direct from dell for <500
Is this memory any good? and a question about a psu
Comp Spec
Xbox 360 vs. PS3
Hard Drive Error; Windows and MP4 player
Non-gaming computer for university
My gaming rig, to be completed by end of the month
Challenge! Beat Dell budget rig in value per $
Shuttle SLi Build
IDE and Floppy PCI Cards?
USB 2.0 issue on Asus P4T533-C
Can anyone answer a few Questions about Ipods for me??
False Advertisement? (All Read)
Need some input here (Simple Server Build)
Dual Opteron 1u for Gaming
Is there any external device for PCI cards through USB/FW ?
Cheap Gaming Rig
What is this... ?
AMD outsold Intel
WEIRD mouse problem.
My New Computer
new system wont boot
I have No Clue What this problem is?????????
Going to upgrade soon need comments and advice please!
monitor going into standby modeish
Need help with keeping sane.
Asus AH-1, Very poor preformance
internal audio connector!!!
Novice needs help overclocking!
Story, Questions, Advice - Everyone please help? Long
Im having Dsl Problems Need Help
Help me figure this out (Comp Freezing)
New Apple With Movies!!!
Need help with very retarded problem.. can't boot off Windows CD?!?!
Gaming PC
What is this error? Recent instability.
computer randomly reboots/freezez when installing winXP
The Silicon Zoo
2 Systems almost identical 1 is slower HELP
blue screen on new pc!
New System yes or no!? :(
2 CABNE Opteron 248's, what board?
Need help dissuading a friend from going Apple.
Where is he ?? Bios Chip Man !!
Something you can't do with Microsoft Windows
Logitech G5 owers ?
Start Up Bios flashing
Aftermarket PSP battery
USB.20 external optical drive OK for first boot??
give me your advice
Ordered My Upgraded A64 system...should be promising
Apple Introduces Video, TV Playing iPod
Building 1st PC...where to begin?
another NTLRD missing problem...
looking for certification A+
OK Guys - Take a Look - Its Ordered
Before I blow the green...
PCI Express slots
Help Boot Issue!!
My HDD, Windows and a ton of anger.
Volt Mod VDim PC-DL Pic
Old Apple worth it...spec?
Source of the Problem??
Possible Build Comments?
Should Windows be on it's own partition??
Is it possible for a new LCD panel to kill a PC?
Logitech G5 Impressions
looking for advice on an older dual Xeon system
Build Me a Barebones System Please :)
Deciding on hardware to buy on Blitz Day.
No video signal, tried everything I can think of.
Looking for a quality Mini Keyboard
Installed RAM, computer started crying.
BF2 v1.03 Choppiness
plastic question
who can wake their pc from standby with usb?
replacement usb ports
Looking for a decent soldering station.
Would you qualify this as decent?
Build your own apple computer ?
uber 1337 upgrades?
500$ budget for upgrade...need help choosing
Major differences between these MB?
Building a new PC, some recomendations?
Budget SMP Challenge!
HDD Problem
There is so much info on the net we are missing :(
cant get UV workin rite..
HELP! I'm losing the performance war!!!
Advice - This HW Setup?
Building New 24.7 Server, Help With Specs.
Another really good phishing attempt!!
Anyone A+ certified?
my system is being flaky..
Computer Specs Near Completion
HSF for Xeon 3.0 Nocona
My upgrade plan in mid to late 2006
They are Phishing again...
What's In your toolbox?
Building a computer, good specs for it?
Synthesizer/Drum Machine Laptop
Struck by lightning
Release date for Xfire boards
help assigning mouse buttons on Logitech G5
check out what i found (its old)
Thinking about buying an ibook
Computer restarts repeatedly
I want to buy an amd64 system ... what should i buy?
file corruption, still happens at default speed
ocz 2 x 1gb question
I don't know how to title this -- Numerous problems!
s940 and s939
Could my PSU have done this?....bad day.....
new system for a friend
$1000 Dollar Budget: What to build?
a bit of advice
Need Help w/Memory Voltage
random instabilities
How to make my tv tuner remote work for other apps
Logitech G15 and G5 gaming keyboard and laser mouse. An awsome combo.
Got some cash, need to upgrade
web forum suggestions
Oh no someone stole the optical mouse ball!
Why do wireless mice have glitchy movement?
help with ringtones
Shipping a CPU
$1000.00 Budget what would YOU do?
Extremely low performance for a new rig.
about to buy, comment please!
Building My First Rig
Building plans for 64 Rig...Suggestions please!
preparing for O/C project
Athlon Upgrade?
building own pc
whats limiting my OC?
Rig is having a fit
Low Voltage Questions...
I Dont Know What I Should Get Next = P
Can you run a single processor in a dual socket motherboard?
Future Rig: $40 leftover.
Window Xp boots to 98! Help!
UGH stock cpu fan stuck to mobo
ENERMAX Liberty EL620AWT (620W) - [ELT620AWT]
System Appraisal?
Motherboard problem and driver problem...
Startup Question
Could I do better without increasing the price?
awesome lanparty DUDE!!1one
Server good enough with 1 Opteron?
what can you tell me about the rocket raid card?
Gamer's Keyboard
New PC, Please help me spec
New Rig
Hard Drive Copying
watercooled or shuttle?
Sony Vaio Question
Anyone else an internet DJ? (got a problem)
Massive Loss in performance - everywhere!
Give me an idea..
Razer Copperhead For Sale!
If It Isn't Broke, Leave It Alone: Rant and Discussion
PC Twubble
Computer BSOD's occasionally.
HELP: random rebooting
Arg elitech webcam!
Quick Logitech MX518 Question.
24/7 comp usage power consumption?
pre-modded zalmans
Old ide cards
Computer Deal?
Best place to Sell a computer
new egg outa this should i buy ebay?
multiple keyboards?
Crashes When Gaming. Heat problem?
Plugged in PC and sparks came out.
Super Quick Fix
Worth it to change my mouse?
Logitech MX1000 round up
upgrade 1.6lv to 2.4 m0?
Boot-up Times
A good computer Reccomendations needed
Gaming Mouse Buyers Guide
TV question...
Pro tools ( hardware and software )
Is This a Good Idea?
NEED HELP: first build
My "little" accident...
couldnt even believe it.
New System Help!
How To Build A "No maintence computer"
ATAPI interface........
Gulp... first built rig startup
Recommendation for a CPU Mobo Combo?
Hurricane Casualty part2 - Need New MOBO
who can tell me if my pc is as fast as it should be?
Alienware, better option?
just one store...
A64 Sandy Overclocking - Does this sound reasonable?
Annoying high frequency-type pitch whine coming from the back...
SMP Here I come =)
Future Rig any good? Suggestions?
ACPI problem?
Dell movin on up?
The best Mouse and Keyboard for gaming....
Build Comments
new keyboard and mouse combo.
What do you need for a games server?
Mouse and your hand size.
Need some help!
My new SMP rig.
Printer Problem
PC Build - Round 2
Computer Rebooting when USB Plugged In.
Help! Serious Windows problem...
A few general questions (ATX 24-pin, Nforce Qs, and General O/C)
Hurricane Rita Casualty?
why does everyone always have better performance than me in games...
here i come!
Little freebie brag today...
Do you use anti-static wrist straps?
Anti Static Wrist Strap... to Go or Not to Go?
running in fail-safe mode....
any computer engineers here?
New SMP Comp
Need Help. Please help me
Fluorescent light bulbs
my diamondback is feeling slow
What keyboard do you own?
New pc build help
Dell comp, XP home- 128MB memory
A quick review please?
Moral of the story: Don't let your Dad take PC's apart...
The Best Anti-Static Bags?
Paypal account jack scam?
need a bit of help on Duals and Quads
critique my build
Wow this Dell is QUIET...
Looking for a Wireless Keyboard w/ built in Joystick
shutting down problem
Teamspeak block
Server case
Should i overclock?
PC No Post???????
Conductive paint to fix mouse?
Omg! My School's Computers!
My Logitech G5 Gaming Laser Mouse Review!!
Weird comp problems
Computer Problems: Hardware??
Razer Copperhead problems...
cheapest fix?
Went to the thrift store, here's what I nabbed....
Who wants this computer!?!?
Low power rig...
Is my mouse better then yours ? which to buy...
Bye-bye overclocking
Logitech MX1000 sometimes not getting recognized.
When in doubt, buy a new mouse pad
Not sure where to put this...
keyboard (opposite of other thread :p)
Building Ultimate Flight Sim computer, please review hardware before i buy.
If you won the lottery...
Keyboard that isn't going to break on me, (with clicky keys)
3 way mobo deathmatch
I'm stuck.
Earthlink DSL users - new lower rate
New Dual Boards ??
totally unrelated ><
MX700 Connectivity
shader init failed?
Budget Server Advice?
Laptop screen for pc
Power Supply
Screwed Up USB Key
Long range wireless keyboard?
K7D and X800XT-PE Problem
ergodex dx1 keyboard
Recent System errors
Need ~$700 gaming computer.
Typing and the length of fingers.
Messed-up iPod
Canon Pixma MP130 problems
Now I've seen it all... 256MB USB Flash Drive w/Pocket Knife
XP setup rebooting itself after new computer built...
Laser Mouses... Which to choose.
Good hardware sites,
Keyboard question.
New Poll Idea!
DVD drive out of sync with other stuff?
Website Templates
putting a bootable CD onto a DVD
What was an attempt at upgrading
Newbie - hardware advice
so i built my first intel
$300 Upgrade, Advice please
New case build, starting to compile ideas.
How much will it differ in performance?
Does cable folding hurt the cables?
Different cpu vcore voltage readings?
Gaming PC Suggestions
Upgrading- Need opinions
Need a weird firewire card
~~~ Help in OC ~~~
New to the board. My rig is on its way! Check it out!
How do i disable the lights on my cheap fan controller?
New System, Maybe AMD?
Well, just built a new computer for the first time and there might be a problem
BIG problems
out of ideas
SMP? maybe.... need advice!
Building a friend's computer with $1,000 budget.
mouse problem
Thinking about a Mac Mini...
Is it just me or is this a pretty good deal?
Warehouse Priced Hardware
Time for an upgrade!
Ideazon Zboard Gaming PW1USE1-B3ZBD01
When Overclocking...
Windows not detecting drives on ide2 after switchout
PCIE Riser Cards?
Poll: How much does your rig weigh?
MX510 vs. MX518
Random Crashes
Budget Gaming
My school is tight.
Total failure - short circuit or fried motherboard?
Comp won't start up
$1000-ish proposed gaming rig - comments?
Your recommendation, please.
Computer Keeps Freezing
help cant power on :(
whats involved in building a server.?
Even on mac, M$ does its thang!
x2 4400/ msi neo2 plat/ gskill LE's cant install xp
need help mp3 problems emergency
USB header / cable
Bootable CD to Flash Bios
New System... critique/recommendations welcome!!
Upgrade, or Wait To Build New?
How can I tweak this up?
formating problem
Pics of your system
computer getting flacky
Built new system (first time BIY) and having troubles....please help!
questions about servers....
Mobile Barton @ 2.4ghz w/9800@430/320 To go S939 or just bump up the Gcard?
Keeping "ancient" computers around
advice on purchase
canīt change my keyboard
DVD-ROM drive can't read DVDs anymore
Max Payload Size and TLP: What it means ?
Is 20 pound for the weight like 30 pounds if a guy lifts?
which mousepad?
Rosewill 52xCDRW drives....BIG problem with burn speed---
now, for my next trick...
Final Fantasy VII: AC Release 2025
I need alot of help here...
Microsoft Plans To Stop Supporting The American Economy By Outsourcing
Funny adds from Sun
A PSU/MoBo question
Amd virgin...
The Diary of a simple Computer Rebuild.
What components are recommended for autoCAD?
Need a new keyboard.
Multiple OS Installs on a RAID-0 (ICH5R)?
Finally Time to Order
Please help choose.
How hot should motherboards/hard drives be?
Other OC or General Computer Forums
help me diagnose my issue
comp keeps rebooting unexpedly
Proposal for a new server for my employer. Need advice.
Need some finishing advice before purchase...
Hmmm, can someone tell me if i am doing something wrongin Prime95?
Need a low power usage server
Professional Developers Conference Live Webcast
What should i charge for my MadSKillz?
Pricing out my rig.
advice on a job offer I received
Pentium-D, X2 or MediaPC?
Anyone have experience with a Compaq ProLiant 6400R server?
Wireless mouse not working anymore...
How much power is too much?
Would like some advice
66mhz 64-bit and 32-bit compatiblity?
Should I refuse this shipment?
My printer just threw up...
Computer locking up
okay call me stupid
Relationship of SMP CPUs to memory
Question about case/motherboard/drives screws...
Time for Vito's new rig project to begin..Opty rig it is!
Phone jack to USB converter?
CMOS Checksum Error!
today is a good day for pat's smp projects
Basic Micro ATX PC
Does this sound like a good setup??
AMD Opteron on a Gaming Rig?
old computer
System locks up when playing video
new motherboard can't see 1gb ram