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Cpu Fan Stops!!!!!
Steve Ballmer (aka monkey-boy)
What setup would YOU rather have?
Create Your Own Video Games, For Free!
Looking for input on sell price, full tower.
Advice and suggestions needed
eVGA Geforce 7800GTX vs. Radeon X8500XT
free stuff rocks!!!
looking for a good mass picture conversion program
[NEWS] Next-Gen Console CPUs Not Up to Hype
The Hardware Destruction Thread
A bunch of various questions..
How much is my computer worth?
summer = $$ for new rig...
a dual opteron with nforce 4 sli
Advice Needed
A Tough Decision
Mouse Feet
Question about Opteron pairs
If you were in my position...
low volt alarm
Blue tooth
Sun Server?
New Logitech Elite - Ghetto wristmat
Did I make a mistake!?
hrm, i could use some help.
Help - upgrade my PC or just get Xbox360/PS3?
Usb 2.0 pci cards
What do these terms mean?
Bunch of prroblems
NMI: Parity error. Nvidia Geforce 4 card on tyan s2460
What do you think is wrong with this mobo? (ga-7dpxdw)
Uses of old computer, price checks
I can't figure it out...HELP!!!!
Looking to build an A64 system...
What do you think of this configuration for overclocking?
Monitors keep frying!
Budget 5-600$ comp
AMD Files Antitrust Suit Against Intel
Anyone know anything about DVR security systems?
IS reformatting ok?
Wife wants a new computer - $6-700 budget
Would you overclock for a mate?
Convert laptop parts for desktop usage?
Q: 400W Fortron enough for this duallie setup?
What to do with Old Computer
Ipod man walks into Apple store...funny!
iTunes visualizer - Insane Stress Test or No?
Fileshack blows... Anyone a lawyer?
Random problems with P4 computer.
Thermalright Xeon Cooler
Never fails BSOD.
Blew Something
Is my wishlist good
running 32 bit windows on an athlon 64
for dual processors to they have to match?
new computer
File-trading networks can be liable-court
guides on modding speak and spells?
Extra juice
Air conditioners
TV Cards
Second Lives, and Computer illiterate wives, and kitchen knives..
Wierd problem, reformat?
Can you install Windows on a SATA CD Rom Drive?
Check out this PC I'm making for my friend...suggestions welcome
System comparison, whats wrong here?
LED Position
What should i do with this money.. :P
Are there any possible ways any items in this pc would not be compatible??
Computer Automatically Shuts Off
lost hope, about to scrap parts. any last ideas?
Computer survived explosion
nforce 3 250 onchip firewall question
More Power! What to pick? (CPU/Vid/Motherboard)
Opinions on Asus K8N-DL
mounting hd in dvd-drive bay
Windows and Linux on one computer.
Old PC dead, massive upgrade time!
Got a OCZ 520W Modstream, but comp doesnt start up
Is it dead?
I need advice..
need new vid card...
New Mobo Wont Start. Please Help.
Laptop won't start, question about returning
Need help choosing rechargable batteries
more ncch-dl and other questions....
I need xperts for helping me
does anyone have an ABIT NF8 with a zalman HSF?
Bios won't retain HDD info.
Windows xp Pro 64bit... Should I upgrade to it??
Something is Dead, can you tell me what??
overclocking low-end cards--is it worth it?
My Overclock, how much is too much?!
$1700 Budget, looking to buy pc (details inside)
Upgraded my Rig...Ready to O/C
Iwill DK8N memory
cmos cheksum error
What do you guys think of this rig?
loggin in
Sli Smp?
Hacking the iPod (mini)
Cordless Keyboard for controlling media player
why is my aquamark score so low
Fully Uninstall Java
What should i sell this for?
What to replace?
Can't connect
Blast from the past
My First Rig
ncch-dl problems
New rig.. need help with parts
Help me nail down the source of instability
I need an affordable SATA Raid controller.
Noob questions....
New case, wont boot up?
computer keeps locking up and restarts
YACMRT(Yet another Critique my rig thread)
My summer computer project
Getting random restart with my fairly new system.
Want to play " help out a noob?" Motherboard switching..
Just Plain Stupid
logitech scroll wheel problem
Printer Install Help
Crust on MX518?
pics of E3W-NPTXS-04 on NCCH-DL please!
People selling things on ebay
Whats wrong?
Buying from Newegg
$1200 to spend...comments/recommendations?
PC for graphic design, flash etc.
What Is The Problem
what to get ?
MX700 battery replaceable?
Best wireless router for DSL ??
New Rig I got in mind
The Best Overclocker
pls tell me if my first real build is very o/c able
probelm here, help plz
Neo2 and 939 Problems
Building a new pc - lil help please
Clearing cmos causes board to not post for hours?
please rate my system, reccommend next upgrade
What Will Work For Me?
Old Computer..
Help with an older computer
Purchasing Computer Parts Today, HELP!
Can I hook up two CRT Monitors using a ATI Radeon X850 XT Platinum Edition?
Do these look like the best upgrade parts?
Folders/SETI guys read and DROOL!
Good parts for a sys?
Help me pick a laptop
best 56k modem?
Man!!!!why Meeee!!!!
Bang for the Buck Printer
Doing a speech on mobile computing.....
A few different questions.
My 1st PC-DL rig....mucho-betta-than-NCCHL!
blackout monitor
Just got a few...
Where can I buy custom built computers for a decent price?
Strange Printing Issue
Help building a Small Form Factor machine.
Cheapest Mobo Combo Ever
Verifying DMI Pool.....Invalid system disk
funny mac mini mod
New Dell Lappy: Reformat or cean up?
scsi problem
which combo is best???
K7D + Sil3114 SATA = Madness
sunbeam light bus
USB mouse issue - need advices please
Playstation -> USB Adapter
the dumbest thing that happened to your pc
What can you do for $800?
XP or A64?
Free Gmail Acounts
A Sly Logitech Trick!
My Shuttle FAN1 port just DIED?
Would I get a better overclock with another board??
newbie XEON question
question on cathodes.
Choosing a mother board.
Computer Psuedo-lock up and BSOD
Getting a section of a movie
Venting Computer Frustration
Any advice on a new Intel Build.
Building Counter Strike Server
usb not recognize not enough power.
Tweaking my system.
XP Home vs. XP Pro on Dual Cores
My first Build
Backing Up
burnt components
new rig build 2.0 please comment
Conflicts in this system?
Pretty hot....
Long term project
WTH, my HDD won't format
What to do...... ??
4 350mhz Computers = 1.4ghz ??
Whats the deal? 2 dead chips or the mobo? *HELP*
how we tell system temp?
Why not Wireless keyboards?
Help! Comp won't load OS!
What uses a PCI-E x1 slot???
hard drive problem
Acetone = Death to my iPod...
OCZ 520 vs Fotron 530
PC-DL Sata question.
early PS2s have PCMCIA slots ???
Is this a good machine?
Ipod 5?
Yet another revision to my upcoming system - need opinions/suggestions
I would like your opinions on this computer
USB cable, why don't they ship with printer?
internet connection...
General Question: Making Heat Useful
should i RMA? *URGENT*
2 doa iwill DH800's!!?
Formatting C, but want D
Almost Final Build Core Parts (Open to Suggestions) Under $700
Printer Out of Memory?
Building a Business Server
Noob to over clocking
500 $ of parts
thanks for the help!
Need help ASAP
Power Saving Machine?
How is Acers build quality?
new build (IC7, 3.2P4, Corsair XMS) not posting, sometimes
E-mail client question
oldest hardware still using?
Sup guys, Q-tion on building a pc...
got a problem here :(
So I'm going to buy this pc...
Easiest way to stop trojans?
mx518 scroll problem
Need help with comp upgrade
Its Working :D
1 usb printer-2 comps
USB CD/DVD boot Question???
2 computers, 1 printer.... how do you do it?
2 computers, 1 printer.... how do you do it?
Logitech Mouse losing it?
USB question
How much should I charge?
Strange boot problems
usb hub
Rackmount Case for Tyan Thunder K8SD Opterons
new rig, what do you think?
Logitech MX518 Worth it?
Switching To AMD. Proposed Setup Inside. Need Suggestions!
C: showing up under Safely Remove Hardware
Time To do Some Over time for Some real Overclocking
Problem with wireless keyboard and mouse
Well OPB's 1st 10k pcmark04 is history
Check my new pc
Cd/DVD drive problem
Check it, my new rig!
Help me wire manage
Dual Processor on Ebay
When was USB 2.0 introduced?
new (from old parts) build not posting, help!
All Dual users please vote .
Hp laptop Cd boot problems
Buying a new laptop
Cant get smp bridge to close on thoroughbread b :(
Pimped out Dual PII
Building a $2,000 gaming rig.
Computer question
Question on UV Cathodes.
HP Evo systems
Extendable Sound Device?
Logitech Keyboard And Mouse
Make your own mousepad?
I think I just fired this mobo (not sure)
HELP!!!!! again (sigh)
AMD -> Intel, need reformat?
A+ Certification
comments on this system
Zen Mirco Mp3 not recognizing...
in word, the little space and tab markers, how do I turn them off
Line Conditioning
Help trying to get better printing quality
Quick questions abour CPU / RAM AND FSB
price of 7800GTX vs PS3
Power Supply/Computer problem! :(
Computer turns on by itself:(
Computer that constantly breaks! Trying to advise a new one. Ideas?
Serious computer questions need answered!
Computer build compendium
Please critique the upgrade system
overheating.....i think
New Computer - How do my benchmarks look? (could use advice)
scsi 15k drive
Building a Home Entertainment PC with Tivo capability questions
General ESD info
Calling all OC Artists for drawing an image for my casemod!(Phoenix)
Powerstream 520 and 6600gt sli
keyboard post problem
DVD writer and buffer size
Weird Preformance Degradation
PC-DL droop mod?
3200 barton VS 64 bit 3000
building new rig. need advice.
New comp problems!!! AHHHHHH!
Carputer idea
cpu throttling.
New to OC Forums... New to overclocking...
Best (computer) thing you ever got for free!
Second system
Compaq continualy restarts
AMD 64 System (any bottlenecks?)
Computer restarts. Please help!
Help with new build
hard drive software
Decision Making to RAID-0: New motherboard with RAID or RAID-controller card
What do you have left to purchase this year?
What is this worth?
slot processor
Yet another problem
Anyone have a similar A64 system? how is this?
Conditioning power?
New Computer = new problems. Please help!
possible rig build comments
WinMP alternates for Cd-ripping
I cannot figure this out
microsoft idiotmouse
scsi controller
Will SCSI harddrives boost my system.
New system setup, need opinions
I can't make computers idiot proof
super lanboy adequate for xeon duallie?
#$^&@@ bad l5 mod????
My AOL will not recieve a full connection to the internet.
Another proposed system
Building a computer
So looks like im going the ranks
My (future) new rig
what's a dremel?
Installing HP LaserJet 1200, Better to install CD then update or just install update?
keeping 1-3 as 1-3 and not 3rd of january in excel?!
Bios Error
First Time Viewing This:
Gateway laptops are on to something.
Help needed urgently
Final Summer Rig
Quick and dirty desk fans
MOLEX converter problem, can't find any...
10k hard drives
Random restarts, among other things...
No COM port on new Mobo, whats my alternative?
Wireless USB device possible?
Tech Support
30 Tray Icons
How to get back in the know?
in a bind, best solution?
new rig help
My Venice rig is up and running
Boards compaired NCCH-DL / PC-DL
what is ntuser.dat.log
Idle noise and sound issues
My Dually just celebrated its 6th birthday last month
Missing Battlefeild vietnam disc 4
Someone is using my Domain name...I think??
Unbootable new system
Upgrading priorities - which should I do first?
My future A64 rig: tell me what you think!
Summer Heat Tips
fan running slow...
Trouble after upgrading
dpst switch wiring to get 7v/12v
Front LED Indicators don't work
New system issues
computer runs 3 seconds then shuts down
Will This Work Well?
New Technology Cat 10 cable??
FCTs are going into production!!!
power switch
Usb not recognized
Case Fan question
Coolermaster E3W-NPTXS-04 for Noconas
Need new keyboard
Time for a new build...
Using Air Compressor to Clean PCs
Final Pricing
It works - Long awaited system
Should I do this?
a few quick questions on servers(dual cores 'n such)
Freezeing... But don't know what
Need picture done for project.
Serious partioning problems!
Where can i find cool wallpapers
Help, main rig down!
Car stereo in PC case?
Gaming laptop
Recording a band's tracks onto computer
can scratching the green stuff be bad
Front USB port wires.
Shopping cart
Computer nightmare (lan probs)
How much for my system?
Should I upgrade to A64 from AXP?
Computer reboots when AC comes on
Tyan S2466 Board Performance Questions.
removing revits
wont turn on
Help an old guy out
Help with Athlon XP 2600+ and 3000+
Which would be more helpfull?
Post pics of your systems people :)
Random Restarting
what will get cheaper over time
specs for my upcoming computer
Comp worked fine one minute, then turned on, heard many beeps, now doesnt boot.
need help with P3 xeon ??
Whats wrong
any way to put in 2 cd drives with only one IDE slot?
Keyboard cleaning!
Gmail down today?
2.4 Mo and Fishy
My computer Won't Boot
Apple to ditch IBM, switch to Intel
Revised shopping cart... LOOK!
USB versions
the 400$ basic upgrade
Negative Ion Mouse
I'm not convinced spam marketing works.
Front Panel Connectors
Need info about 8X AGP riser
I need help on my what to do with my money...
Thank the LORD I made it back -lol-
Sudden restart nor no display
What should I upgrade?
Please help make this crap pc better
xp home suddenly doesnt detect cd-rw drives?
firewire to usb can it be done?
Anyone ever put their dually's under ice?
Quick question about EL Wire
Prime95 test
I don't own the rights to my own song!
my mx518, won't scroll right
First build
New desktop suggestions please
bad scroll wheel
Very low +5V, need advice
How many Licenses does this contain
Okay, opinions on my second revision:
To those with A+ and Network+
First Time Poster... Question.
Using a US-purchased laptop in Ireland...
2 computers with BSOD?
"This is a powerhouse computer "
8 way Opteron Board, with Dual Core CPU's...16 Core Madness
Some questions according to Dual Opteron
just want an opinion...
the crashing url
Help me identify the use of this wire
Freezing issues
Faint Clicking Sound From Computer When Using Mouse Wheel
Converting heat (from hardware) to electricity?
Motherboard Monitor problem...
Do dual cores qualify as SMP?
PCI Post Diagnostics Card?
Aspire PSU Tester, anyone have this?
Completely random reboots...
New OC'r
What did I fry?????
Summer Build
Opinions on this system?
Trying to build a cheap shuttle rig - Suggestions ?
A couple questions about encoding and servers.
Is your son a computer hacker?
PC wont boot from the right drive
$500 Core Parts
Stupid Q about dullys
Tricky problem here with new motherboard
Need Help Buying a TV(HD or regular)
Cheapo PC