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Instant AC on without switch on ATX psu/case?
budget computer
File Server Question
Is there such an item I can buy?
Budget TFT
trying to burn avi to dvd but says too big!
Computer won't boot- Help!
You guys know where to get capacitors?
dfi lp nf3 ut ultra-d
Silent rig section?
I'm in a fix right now.
Seemingly Random Occurance; Need Help
Pre-order jitters
New Gaming Rig
Bluetooth Blues
Should I sell these now?
I looked inside the case and discovered things I never knew
Computer Issues - Could it be the Power Supply?
Game Advisor @ Futuremark
Compaq Presario CDS 954
Very strange Booting problem
The price is (or isn't?) right
good build?
Creative Zen vs. iPod.
New Build Help =d
So I finally did it..I went PCI-e
Dual 12v rail display in MBM5?
new build, low budget
New book: Freax, about the history of the demo-/underground scene.
System puts itself in standby?
Done My Research.. Now I Need the Final OK From You Guys
754 based system or 939?
Help with AMD build
Laptop for university?
So frustrating....assembling my first PC
lazy mans cmos switch
Girls who think they know everything about computers PART III: Girlfriends mother
My "For College" Build, need advice...
Need some help, suck-tacular performance from 2x3.0 Xeons...(2.4 M.O.)
Who owns new technologies
AMD Build for friend
about time they started cracking down on e-mail fraud
Inhereting a Dell Poweredge 2600 ... new to SMP
Dell PERC raid/scsi... anyone please?
Computer magazine
Having trouble
Help me fix my old Pentium II!
First AMD build! Need MB/comments
Dual core vs Dual CPU
Please give input on this potential setup :-)
Looking for a site to sell used hardware?
Specs for a new comp
New Gaming Machine
Need help determining overclock limiting factor + cause of display coruption (x-post)
Computer problems
Yet another "My next rig" thread
good build for co-worker?
plz help me
Beginners guide to a computer
Case restricting airflow - how to fix?
Lan connection
Help with my next rig
Constant Rebooting
if you built computers in 1997 lend me your ears
Device That Fits in CD-ROM Bay As A USB Hub?
New System coming soon to my desktop what you think?
What MousePad do you use?
Considering upgrade
$850 to upgrade to pci-e...
about to order everything...suggestions?
Formatting my comp
Calling all tech heads...
new info on the OLED keyboard that has been the subject of so many posts
Cloning a hard drive?
Help me identify this mobo please and T/Y
Final Custom Build? (Suggestions)
clocked Sempron2600 good for games??
What to do with a huge smp setup?
No power
In need of some career guidance...
Trying to shave $26 plz help!!
Question on like making a DVD.
Problem: When it turns off, instantly back on
Building a Computer
New Computer $1,600
hard drive problem
Question about the MX1000
OMG LOOK!!! someone buy me this :)
Laptop sparks air emergency
WOW install problem
PC-DL with 1.6 LV C1's
OCforums on Wikipedia
PalmOne treo 600 and ringtones?
Perpetual upgrade thread...
[NEWS] Optimus Keyboard With OLED Display Keys
Youngest certified MS expert
A64 upgrade, need advice
Not a Good Idea.....
System Clock
Stability problem--Help
Intel Nocona fan mod
Computer Reccomendation for me?
iBook from a friend?...to get or not to get?
Bottom Line Whats the Logitech MX 1000 Like for Gaming
Microsoft FingerPrint Reader
OCing not going (at all)
upgrades soon
Intel e7500cw2 dual xeon mobo
Opinions before I order my new HTPC System
any 64 bit system with unlocked multiplers
thinking about lselling my dfi sli board for something else
Wildest Keyboard - I want this baby
Protecting my computer in an airplane
Time to say good-bye?
HELP,,,, my videoooooooooo.....
This is the most amazing keyboard I've ever seen
Razor Diamondback modding ... (help)
HP4V Fuser Lamp Blew
Wimpy Overclock
Epox 8RDA+ HUGE PROBLEM! Please help.
Is this going to be enough for OCing?
My new rig setup
psu fan
Shipping question
Can someone explain the "Dual Core" thing to me?
Random reboots + crashes while gaming: heat-related?
Whats the benefit of dual on on the MB?
things are looking up
Having secound thoughts
"Shielding" my Soundcard from GPU
Unlucky Day: Mobo Crisis
Cardkeeper and XFX 6800GT
40, 60, 80, 120, or 160???
Building new comp, suggestions needed.
Building this final thoughts/suggestiosn??
PlayStation Portable Drivers?
whats so good with an iPod?
Can $350 build a rig?
Error Checking
$1800 Budget, Help with components.
loading phenomenon
newly acquired system instability!
switching PCs?
Best printer under $100
NEwbie Help PLS!?
why i never trusted MS antispyware program.
just weird
Triple Radiator Pictures?
Help on editing parts of upgrade
Broadband Phone Service?
Dell DJ Help
getting some new parts, need suggestions
keeping time?
Mobo, how to....
got my second xeon..and what do you know it wont work...
Logitehc Desktop LX 500
Building a Server
Dell warrenty questions
[NEWS] Newegg to go Public soon
WIn XP Pro support SMP rite??
question about AMD tech deal combo's
Things im selling to a friend...
Would you guys do the same thing?
Dual kits shmual kits
Who else has had this experience?
What do you guys think?
Anyone else had problems with the Antec TrueControl 550W?
Need help deciding on a power supply.
A possibility of power surge?
Mouse is smooth as butter now
Found weird temperature
New Here; just want some suggestions
PCI cards causing restart loop?
Portable gaming mouse for laptop? Opinions please!
Question: A "screw" that is unknown (to me)
Upgrading - Critique my setup
New build just died, I want an AMD now.
Good wireless USB gamepad?
Build a new AMD system for overclocking....
My first duallie is finally coming together! (need opinions and tips, plz.)
Upgrading my Gamin Rig once again.
Pc Wont stay on!!!
Building First Rig, REQ Opinions & Critiques
Want A64, Advise NF3 or NF4?
building a new system any thoughts?
Fried computer parts
Building First PC. Would like some advice
Server Names
No audio on media PC
Modded XPs run warmer?
New system, wont boot Windows for the first time...
PSU problem
Selling Computer (x800, 64 3200+ 1gig)
4 beeps, NO SPEAKER!
the Back/Forward buttons on MX1000 stopped working...
Online Computer Courses
Computer crashing, BSODing, restarting. Who is to blame?
ipod wheel
Will a purple CCFL give the same resuts a a UV one?
New to SMP, wana do cheap old hardware to play
Man Charged With Stealing Wi-Fi Signal
check it out...
Please help me
Dual Core Xeon?
Printer for a teacher
Sasser Worm creator gets off easy!
A minor ordering request
system spec question
Rather funny... someone smoked their motherboard.
My new system... Day 1 results
Finally Started Ordering
boot / dvd drives as "removable hardware"
moving to dual. need help!
CMOS Checksum Error?
Just built a PC and nothing shows up on screen..
Extreme Memory Confusion
Xeon Irwindale good choice?
How to improve without going PCI-E?
Upgrading my machine.
Upgrade Ideas - Need Helpy
Help choosing a new mouse....on a budget
If you was to spend $5k on a Photo printer what would you get?
Where to buy anti static bags...
Not really sure how to ask this one...
Hello, new member with a question...
Building my first rig
Bad Cable modem? Cox says I need to buy a new one, BS?
socket 939 or 754 mobo?
Hardware prices in other parts of the world
OEM Computers, biggest rip off! Why does no one do anything?
kds monitor = strong
System Memory
IR reciever
Mix & Match - Best Combination
A+ certification expiration?
System won't boot... Ram might be blowen?
Help me build my new system
PCI-Express Add-On Cards... Where are they?!
cd with unique serial??
what's going on?
10 reasons not to provide free tech support
New Intel System - advice needed
vid card time ( buying a new one )
PCI-e vga to AGP MB
Upgrading, tell me what you think
What could i expect from this setup
Usb Card
HELP: Smoke and monitor doesnt show turn on properly
TV Tuner
Moto Razor
where can i get free cell phone games
Need input before ordering new system...
tell me how my new rig looks before I order...
new system for a friend.. $2000 budget
Mini-dv firewire capturing software?
A minor overclock
Finally RMA'd my MX 1000
if you had $450?
MX1000, is the price tag worth it?
not sure where this question gos but
MAJOR Problems .. please help.
xeon oc problem...
Review on the Theatre 550 Chipset
New Build, Need Advice
TC's dual core .....
odd stability issues
New Build
Mx1000 ( not recharging. )
clock gen AGP overclocking?
Building a System for a friend.
Build around SFF Barebone or from scratch?
Which version of PS2 is better?
High end gaming system build
Linux and Windows
Up Grading My PC
lots of dual t-bird questions
Free software, chilidog and icecream cone
New budget system for a friend
what would you change?
joystick advice, please
0v3rcl0ck yu0r br3akfa5t
A new rig
Build Log - The Uberchair - watercooled 4800+/7800GTX SLi
help asap on SMP decision (time constraints)
2 internal USB2.0 ports, 3 needed
PC-DL or NCCH-DL for Xeon 2.4 D1 LV
Dual Internet Feeds (is it possible?)
first rig?
ARGH CAN'T POST, need help ASAP please
Can boot to Knoppix but not Win64!!!!
Modern Printer
major problem
K8N Neo Plat 754 capacitor is not straight
Operating system or motherboard oddity?
help with my build
I've got a problem
Motivation of Crackers
Magnetic-Tipped Screwdriver
need help .. pls come in
Suggestions For New Dual System
PCI/PCI-X Compatibility?
Budget Video Editing (Oxymoron...)
going wireless, help me decide!
burn audio cd w/PP presentation?
Iwill DH800 versus Asus NCCH-DL review, using same components
Ultimate Keyboard
Good LCD Monitor for gaming?
What the....
Once again in need of some advice
I cant stand people sometimes.
Building: Websites (step by step instructions)
AMD Mobile Overclock Build
Building: Safety? (for my hardware that is)
Computer Crashing - Help please
Building new rig
Cpu Fan Stops!!!!!
Steve Ballmer (aka monkey-boy)
What setup would YOU rather have?
Create Your Own Video Games, For Free!
Looking for input on sell price, full tower.
Advice and suggestions needed
eVGA Geforce 7800GTX vs. Radeon X8500XT
free stuff rocks!!!
looking for a good mass picture conversion program
[NEWS] Next-Gen Console CPUs Not Up to Hype
The Hardware Destruction Thread
A bunch of various questions..
How much is my computer worth?
summer = $$ for new rig...
a dual opteron with nforce 4 sli
Advice Needed
A Tough Decision
Mouse Feet
Question about Opteron pairs
If you were in my position...
low volt alarm
Blue tooth
Sun Server?
New Logitech Elite - Ghetto wristmat
Did I make a mistake!?
hrm, i could use some help.
Help - upgrade my PC or just get Xbox360/PS3?
Usb 2.0 pci cards
What do these terms mean?
Bunch of prroblems
NMI: Parity error. Nvidia Geforce 4 card on tyan s2460
What do you think is wrong with this mobo? (ga-7dpxdw)
Uses of old computer, price checks
I can't figure it out...HELP!!!!
Looking to build an A64 system...
What do you think of this configuration for overclocking?
Monitors keep frying!
Budget 5-600$ comp
AMD Files Antitrust Suit Against Intel
Anyone know anything about DVR security systems?
IS reformatting ok?
Wife wants a new computer - $6-700 budget
Would you overclock for a mate?
Convert laptop parts for desktop usage?
Q: 400W Fortron enough for this duallie setup?
What to do with Old Computer
Ipod man walks into Apple store...funny!
iTunes visualizer - Insane Stress Test or No?
Fileshack blows... Anyone a lawyer?
Random problems with P4 computer.
Thermalright Xeon Cooler
Never fails BSOD.
Blew Something
Is my wishlist good
running 32 bit windows on an athlon 64
for dual processors to they have to match?
new computer
File-trading networks can be liable-court
guides on modding speak and spells?
Extra juice
Air conditioners
TV Cards
Second Lives, and Computer illiterate wives, and kitchen knives..
Wierd problem, reformat?
Can you install Windows on a SATA CD Rom Drive?
Check out this PC I'm making for my friend...suggestions welcome
System comparison, whats wrong here?
LED Position
What should i do with this money.. :P
Are there any possible ways any items in this pc would not be compatible??
Computer Automatically Shuts Off
lost hope, about to scrap parts. any last ideas?
Computer survived explosion
nforce 3 250 onchip firewall question
More Power! What to pick? (CPU/Vid/Motherboard)
Opinions on Asus K8N-DL
mounting hd in dvd-drive bay
Windows and Linux on one computer.
Old PC dead, massive upgrade time!
Got a OCZ 520W Modstream, but comp doesnt start up
Is it dead?
I need advice..
need new vid card...
New Mobo Wont Start. Please Help.
Laptop won't start, question about returning
Need help choosing rechargable batteries
more ncch-dl and other questions....
I need xperts for helping me
does anyone have an ABIT NF8 with a zalman HSF?
Bios won't retain HDD info.
Windows xp Pro 64bit... Should I upgrade to it??
Something is Dead, can you tell me what??
overclocking low-end cards--is it worth it?
My Overclock, how much is too much?!
$1700 Budget, looking to buy pc (details inside)
Upgraded my Rig...Ready to O/C
Iwill DK8N memory
cmos cheksum error
What do you guys think of this rig?
loggin in
Sli Smp?
Hacking the iPod (mini)
Cordless Keyboard for controlling media player
why is my aquamark score so low
Fully Uninstall Java
What should i sell this for?
What to replace?
Can't connect
Blast from the past
My First Rig
ncch-dl problems
New rig.. need help with parts
Help me nail down the source of instability
I need an affordable SATA Raid controller.
Noob questions....
New case, wont boot up?
computer keeps locking up and restarts
YACMRT(Yet another Critique my rig thread)
My summer computer project
Getting random restart with my fairly new system.
Want to play " help out a noob?" Motherboard switching..
Just Plain Stupid
logitech scroll wheel problem
Printer Install Help
Crust on MX518?
pics of E3W-NPTXS-04 on NCCH-DL please!
People selling things on ebay
Whats wrong?
Buying from Newegg
$1200 to spend...comments/recommendations?
PC for graphic design, flash etc.
What Is The Problem
what to get ?
MX700 battery replaceable?
Best wireless router for DSL ??
New Rig I got in mind
The Best Overclocker
pls tell me if my first real build is very o/c able
probelm here, help plz
Neo2 and 939 Problems
Building a new pc - lil help please
Clearing cmos causes board to not post for hours?
please rate my system, reccommend next upgrade
What Will Work For Me?
Old Computer..
Help with an older computer
Purchasing Computer Parts Today, HELP!
Can I hook up two CRT Monitors using a ATI Radeon X850 XT Platinum Edition?
Do these look like the best upgrade parts?
Folders/SETI guys read and DROOL!
Good parts for a sys?
Help me pick a laptop
best 56k modem?
Man!!!!why Meeee!!!!
Bang for the Buck Printer
Doing a speech on mobile computing.....
A few different questions.
My 1st PC-DL rig....mucho-betta-than-NCCHL!
blackout monitor
Just got a few...
Where can I buy custom built computers for a decent price?
Strange Printing Issue
Help building a Small Form Factor machine.
Cheapest Mobo Combo Ever
Verifying DMI Pool.....Invalid system disk
funny mac mini mod
New Dell Lappy: Reformat or cean up?
scsi problem
which combo is best???
K7D + Sil3114 SATA = Madness
sunbeam light bus
USB mouse issue - need advices please
Playstation -> USB Adapter
the dumbest thing that happened to your pc
What can you do for $800?
XP or A64?
Free Gmail Acounts