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Dell Dimension 4600 Windows Installation Problem
Undeleteable files....
Check CMOS battery
A7M266-D and POST code cards
Why do chip manufacturers use such small dies
What to buy after summer job?
Ideas for an old P1 Box
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Minimum Hardware for BluRay/HD-DVD Playback?
What do you do with your pentium classic system ?
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laser mouse?
[Problem]Keyboard.. Not being recognized?[Motherboard?]
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NEW frequency= NEW headaches?
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need amd mp updates
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How much would you pay for this
TV Tuner heats up the whole system
Computer locking up, no idea where to start
Burning Hardware
Huhhuhu I got a probe huhhuuhuu.
Torn on my next system, real life friends don't know computers!
Computer has become problematic
Complete - Rebuild/Re-install tomorrow - what to do with left-overs?
Dancing chicken on the net.
The ultimate 1337 keyboard
Pci express cards
No static bags, what else can be used?
OK I'm really stuck here. I NEED HELP!!!
Squeeky mouse wheel. Remedy?
ethernet printer
B25- Db9
Sony Vaio Laptop --- Locked out/password problem
New rig!
How to turn a computer on remotely?
Help thanks.
umm, may I ? heheh (new rig boast)
first xeon, couldn´t decide: pc-dl or pch-dl?
How much to charge for making/updating a website
Problems with an older burner
good venice sli system?
Dealing with kids on a forum?
My friend wants to buy my Pc
help, booting reeeeally slow
an overclocking tragedy
Poor internet connection
Having trouble booting up new system
Been out of the game, need some advice
error in prime95.. can't trace the source of error
Heres my rig... what do you think?
PCI Parity Error
NEC 2500A burner died?
Windows freezes on startup (help)
I think i fixed up one hell of a rig...hows it look?
New Computer for College
Give me the best $ can buy
Messed Up Screw
How to setup a computer building/repair desk or rack?
Broken Computer!!
ugliest computer components
these keyboards are sick!
where can i find a round mouse?
Logitech MediaPlay cordless mouse...dreamy...
What should i do with 515$?
Dual 775's? is that even possible
eroor loading os???????
laptop monitor faded real bad
Logitech 5300E thx Question?
Sell OR Add to Old?
Where can I find these?
If cell takes over
PC restarting for no apparent reason?
Portable DVD for car
Fabricating an external water-cooling unit
rheobus doesnt fit in xaser III
How is this looking?
Should I Build New Or Add To Old
files being arranged automatically
KVM n00b
New Setup
P3 667 Xeon Mobo?
System Problem
USB Problems...
The internet
Psu Question Good or Bad
Computer Problem
New AMD Gaming Rig
Is All Of This Compatable? Will It Be Able To Handle Any Game?
A+ and Security+ Certs
MSI power on agent
amd computer badges
Since CPU forum is locked...I have a CPU question here
Where to buy Neeon?
Problems with Tyan Kiger K8W
Longhorn scrapped, starting over! Now includes RSOD!
New Program Installed PopUp
This nut is selling a pc, with 3x 256MB ATI cards, on a 450watt psu
I think I killed my Raptor/PC... not enough space to install windows after format!
powersave mode always on
Anyone know where I can find this thing with mobo connectors?
So how did you start building your computer
System for Video Editing
Serial to usb.. is it possible?
Optical drive firmware flashing?
NEC 6fgp 27" CRT monitor dsub bnc 1600 by 1200 60 hz
Really unconvincing Viruses...
Anyone ever do the Pepsi challenge between a G5 and Xeon rig?
New setup: Some input
I'm giving into peer pressure..help me decide on this please!
Having a weird problem.
homemade oscilloscope?
Need hardware suggestons (on a tight budget)
wav to mp3
Guess where I am (56k warning, lots of pics)
Random Lockups
"Windows OneCare"?
High speed usb port not showing as high speed
Logitech Goes Remote
Some server performance questions
How much is the system worth?
Odd mouse behavior...
What would you buy for this?
which one these two should i get?
Odd problems starting up/shutting down after move
External Hdd network ftp with interface?
DFI Lanparty case carrier
Keep Upgrading?
Who runs a webserver in their home?
How to take a Screenshot of a video .avi format?
Computer buisness feasable?
How much would you pay for my Rig?
Old Old PC questions
just another "my pc won't boot" thread
what cards will be 1x PCIe?
cheap domain name registering service
So I was messing with my TV...
Nintendo Revolution > X360
What would you get??
Weird mouse slowdown issue
How are LCDs Measured
legal to copy music CD's to HD?
LED wiring assistance needed
Ctrl + Alt + Del
Computer shuts off at the loading
ALL i need to biuld complete wig
Bringing bare hard drives to the airport?
Age vs. Price
New Comp Build Plan... seek feedback/criticism/suggestions
Mom Wouldn't Buy Me Duel Raptors
pc vs mac
what is causing these errors?
which mp3 player should i get
Hardware in China?
How do I link?
HP laptop will not boot from CD
samsung lcd?
He wants me to ship to africa, He'll pay for shipping! what a nice guy
Interesting discussion over at xbox-scene.com
going to buy a new PC in 2-3 day's , need help
Going A64, need reinsurance from you guys
New build, couple of questions and requests for help
Big difference?
Hard Drive Question
Hard drive question
Can't boot from CD-ROM, Please help!
Macromedia crippling one of my fav companies!
Ilo Dvd+r
define release description?
Help my mouse is mess up
XBox 360 Hardware talk and specs
intel stock spike
PSU failing?
Server Project for work = Completed!
How does this system look?
Will this work?
Laptop Barebones
whats wrong?? (my new build) trouble
Weird Boot Problem
WTF is going on with my rig ??
one wireless keyboard for two pc's?
NAVI 003 Rev.3 (New rig advice :)
upgraded to 3.0 ghz chip but getting 1.5 ghz
Micron PC server.
Will it help to add more memory?
Upgrade Advice AMD or Intel for wav to MP3 encoding
odd bios save problem
Current SMP System vs. a Single CPU System?
Laser Printer - Pages dark
New rig possibilitys...ideas please?
Hmm - how come?
VHS to DVD or mpeg
Upgrade path suggestions
Creative Zen
Why is my system unstable?
USB problems...
Cheap college rig
Random Reboots. Why?
Magnetic Shielding for an in car computer
its 3:15, and i have 8 different people calling about viruses! Whats going on???
Floppy drive problems.
Moving RAID drives
what stepping OC best for 2.4LV Xeons
Msi K8t800 Fsb
asus a7m266-d ??
Do Those CD Fixers Work
My new rig :)
How to diagnose my system in Linux...Windows won't boot
whats more important?
What's wrong with my mouse?
Front panel USB ports detected as 1.1 only...
What isp for my grandmother (uk)
Building a (budgetish) NF4 machine
Unexpected Turn-Off
Yeap I need more help
What mobo for 3.2ghz Noconas
Looking for Advise on new computer
Combining Two Systems
Bad pump?
What do you play on your ti-83?
xeons 2.4 vs 2.4a ???? which one to buy
Keyboard accident...
This isn't a hardware question,but didn't know where else to put it.lol
Building for sister...
How many computers do you have in your 'residence'
What upgrade should I do?
I should stop with computers and be normal...
Razer Diamondback
who do you trust for review product?
Upgrading CPU, motherboard, and video card. Will system still function?
Laptop northbridge overheating problems
what to buy?
D1 LV Xeons - 1.6 or LV 2.4 (help urgent!)
Overheating Problems
problems with computer
Gateway - ewww. Running out of solutions.
where's the POST?
overclocking xeon 3.2's need motherboard help
sister's computer won't bootup anymore
need to clean system...but how?
Poor Boy looking for Help for his future machine.
Need AXP Mobo + Case + PSU Suggestions
What to buy?!?!
LAN cafe?
Need Some Help Please !
New System!!! Yay!!!!
optical mouse/kvm troubles
What computer part should i get next? (for gaming)???
I have a Suggestion for the Forums-Who to PM?
TOTAL confusion.
Experience with Razer mice
Leave computer running for summer?
3D/Animation Hardware
The new rig.....
Crap! i think that i just Fried my HD from OC HTT to far.
TruePower 550 EPS12V - Overkill? What's that?
Silver desktop scheme help...
IT Magazine
Best system under $1000
HARD drive in XBOX
o'ceed 1.5v Xeons on NCCH-DL
How Overvolting Works, The Dangers of Overvolting, and "Safe" Overvolting Technique
Freezing while playing games
Swiftech going public
[HELP] need heatsinks for dual opteron 246's on an Asus K8N-DL
Building a new pc for a friend, need advice.
Sk- Sk- Sk- SKIP
Xeon Power
Weird CDRW problem
Improving mouse performance MX700
About to buy a new system.. Can you see any problems?
MSI Contest
Multiple CD/DVD drive for mass duplication
What hardware have you killed?
Front audio
Who has (is might) make that jump to mac?
Question about Travelling with PC
Were to get free 3D Screensavers that don't contain adware
Nocona vs. Prestonia CPUs
Adding another 1GB memory to a PC-DL
Advice on a gaming Rig...
Intresting School webfilter stories
problem with black screen of death, help wanted
At what point is an RMA unethical?
Future planning.. $2000(cdn)
the Armari Iwill ZMAXdp
Need help finding an adapter
Fastest Memory for a PC-DL
[NEED SERVER] $2000 budget to build a server...
Summer Upgrade
KEWL!!! Everything old is new again
New pads for the bottom of my mouse (logitech MX700)
I went from a Pentium 4 3.6GHz to a Apple PowerBook G4 1.5GHz
logitech elite keyboard driver error
broke 14k in 03 @ 3.4ghz on my pentium
Asus NCCH-DL or a PC-DL?
Gaming keyboard under $40.
Soldering sponge
IDE Ultra ATA100 Or Serial ATA150
Help me please! Large decision!
Bang for buck?
I think I have a virus...or something...
Turning off without reason
No POST: My mobo thinks its video, but I think differently...
My computer Keeps Beeping while running
Know where to find DC adapter?
High temps with Coolermaster Heatpipes and NCCH-DL
My system ran Prime95 for 7 hours at 220x10.
Blu-ray and HD-DVD agree to work on a unified format
System Problems
Confused on a new opteron system
Grounding Yourself
danger ahead?
Help Computer Keeps Turning Off
Server Computer?
Cyclic Redundacy check errors
EL Wire
Last minute comments/changes?
Gateway P5-75
What the heck is this part that came with my NCCH-DL board?
K8N Neo4 sound issues
Which MOBO to get(Please help) Yes I know wrong section
ready to give up on my board
Will my Enermax support a PC-DL mainboard?!
All region dvd player
What a good reliable ACCURATE progam for monitor your temps?
Fantasy Build
Cdrom Help is needed
Updating the Drivers
Will this work?
new comp help...:/
changing boot.ini
Who goes though hardware like I do?
Computer Rig, Need Sugestion
Video Card or processor upgrade?
Cannon printer problem
How can i output audio from my Xbox with a pc?
Computer Crash! Help
TigerDirect sues Apple for OSX "Tiger"
xp won't boot after hardware upgrade
Is dell the new gateway?
More memory, less cpu speed (or vise versa?)
Rebooting on shutdown
Which board???
Need help choosing a PDA.
"help my pc won't boot" kinda thread - read the stickies
Booting Issues!
Biulding My First RIG
Can I upgrade this PIII xeon?
Turning off during boot
new pc build help
Help pc disaster/smoke
need help?
New Rig - What do you guys think?
Selling old and buying new. Could use some opinions!!
Help windows wont boot
carpal tunnel!!
Overclocking Thread
m510 button
quick lessons in electrical engineering
This post is being created off my new system!
Whats the diff, xeon 603 V 604?
nec 3500 prob
I need a new rig for college next year...
Can xeon 1.5ghz be upgraded?
DVD Burner loosing Focus.
Getting Ready to Throw in the Towel - Post 2
.vob dvd files. Taking parts of a movie
How a smoker almost killed my poor baby...
hypothetical RAID question
What can my computer do at night?
restart restart and on and on..........
Are you happy with your refurbished hardware?
pc wont boot
CD Drive headphone port
help with parts for antec minuet
Help needed
Infineon or Corsair??
Question cpu/video card/video encoding.
Come On Fedex!!!!!
I have been out of the loop for awhile !
XP-M running as an MP at 2.2Ghz? Could this work?
secondary computer
I have this old 1980's model pc here......
Ever wonder what those beeps mean and why there is an error?
my comp wont turn off properly :-(
what is the most quiet keyboard?
Older hardware
Is there anyway to make my Epson R300 use all its ink?
Will this System Build ROCK? and OC?
My next PC
Rate my PC?
need advice for a good book to learn access/databasing
Temp Monitors Crash Benchies?
Can't get into windows XP, safe mode is fine
Fans spin, then they go off, no power
Just out of curiousity
Can you help me setup something with 1and1...
Will this work...?
Dreams about Computers! post urs!
diamondback drivers
rate this pc
cheap switches?
How long does it take capacitors on a mobo to discharge???
Mic Not Working
is there a way to increase the cpu voltage without using the bios
Want to see something so COOL it will blow you away??
Had a bad week
MIT Computer Science essay prank!
How do i do wicked awesome CD/DVD copy protection?
Mx518 ?????
precision temp sensor needed.
Auto shutdown and weird problems
Ok Place your bets on what my new system will bench at!!!!!
Mouse pad question
TYAN S2676 Question
Microsoft Optical Mouse 2.0 "WOW it is actually a good mouse"
W00t is here :)
Budget rig
Mouse time..
Scamming a Scammer (An eBay Story)
Ipod Updater not working
Best DVD-R brand
How much Artic Silver 5 do i use on my cpu?
dvd recorder? or big hdd?
Rig for college
Gigabyte GA-7DPXDW-P Problems
The official "Stupidest Joe Sixpack comment" thread
Hardware IRQ
11x17 inch printer for cad
Didn't dual cores just come out?
Good god that is horrible!!!!
The black CoolerMatser SuperStacker Case.
Roomate just spilled
hl2 and cs:source freeze my computer
Please don't laugh: underclocking
Xeon CPU dilemma.. HELP!
Need help deciding which to get:
NEW FORMAT for hardrives
Computer won't boot. =(
I Can't Take This Anymore!!!!
Ethical RMA Opinion
what kind of battery life do you Logitech MX1000 owners get?
List of Certs.
mouse issues
Serious System Problem(s)
Logitech MX-518 Available Local?
What motherboard would you use with this build?
Knob for AllElectronics' RHE-15 Rheostat?
What's my rig worth.. LOL.. I know, Im a copycat..
Whitch hardware part in your rig are u most proud of?
Thinking of starting a business, have a few questions.
KeyBoard is locked out- unlock the key?
dvd player fix
who took my OcForums name and put it on AIM!?!
Laptop batteries
Whats this computer worth?
If you have 5 minutes i would like a favor from anyone who has workedata pcrepairshop
Need help resizing a .gif
Computer sometimes won't shut down--OS turns off, but PSU and fans still going!
recovering overwritten files? Urgent!
HTPC DVD changer
What’s my rig worth?
Problems With My Comp
Time For An upgrade...But to what
Need new stuff TIME (:
Budget Comp
Dell optiplex gx110 problem. Granny's PC, HELP!!
What The Fawk
A+ Certified, can't wait.
2.4ghz network interference with cpu?
Pch-dl Beeps!
Compaq ha ha ha