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Why Do You Overclock?
4 sticks of RAM revisited.
Why Do YOU Overclock?
I am SLI retarded. easy question
I Need advice on random shutdowns
input on setup
Need help with MP3 player
Powerdown on restart?
Anyone use 2x1gb Giel in NCCH-DL?
Best Buy Site/Ad Mess Up
How does Thermaltake make business?
8 way PII xeon serverbaord
What is the computer brokerage market?
Cheap Dremel
I need some system design help
Brand new PC: Video playback hang?
Xeon Heat Sinks
why is video RAM faster than system RAM?
Look at the noob I sold my pc to...
How Much Is this Rig Worth
Everybody loves pictures
Ipod Alt. case idea.
Just ordererd my first SMP sytem.
Need help finding a good web cam.
Unknown Problem
Humm is it worth the money...
Anyone see this new immersion technology?
Memory Bench on NCCH-DL
Dual Celeron 370s on single slot 1?
System is near completion!
Away Messages that get the most responses
what manufacturer should i approach?
UPS System
Accessories with online "combos"
my computer doesnt shut down properly. can someone please help me?
Toshiba Satellite A25 Question?
Word Multiple choice test template request
Noise Problem
Overclocking a Texas TI 83 Plus Calculator
new computer
Best digital camera under $200
World Record Hardware
New A64 rig - suggestions welcome
HELP: Brand new system freezes randomly
Some Help needed
Uh-oh.. I did it again HELP!
Whoa! Check this out!
When did OCZ become a reliable brand name?
Critical upgrades 2 options, which?
ASUS Web Management utility not working
i keep getting this message "Please Check Signal Cable"
Optimal Nocona Xeon Temperature?
Tyan Thunder S2462 + Zalman CNPS-7000B or SI-97 = will it fit?
To Ipod or not to Ipod
Looks like the EGG ran out of 875p based server mbs
USB Flash Drive
Physics Processing Unit
The Ultimate Keyboard/Controller
P4 MP = 8 way?
Zero stability.
New PC Advice about some components (big post)
need to solder. which solder kit do i get?
Reliable brand of printer?
Dualies a good choice for CAD programs??
Anyone else use Tiny KeyCounter?
First build completed!
The Benefit Of Dual Processor
Dual processor system
Apple Angst
Any way the visually impaired can get discount LCD monitors?
New System
Is there a mac equiv to A+ ?
Crazy hot heat gun...
What does "Physical Address Extention" mean in the System Properties box?
cable modem help?
Dead hard drive?
Dual Xeon rig / MOSFET temps
buying an ipod
is he right, or just a fool?
[Journal] Project NAVI
Big problem Help!
Front-panel Firewire
Is this sandpaper good for lapping??
ps/2 or usb. which is more responsive?
DVD's not being recognized
Problem with computer starting.
First build mega issue
[Build Journal]: Noname [56k Beware!]
Logitech Elite Keyboard question
Problem with STAND-BY option...
Going to build a Server during Spring Break, what should I put in it?
How does this sound?
OC Problem??
Where are Com ports 3 & 4?
To SMP or not to SMP?
xbox 2
Mouse problems..
using joystick as mouse
Wireless kb and mouse
how much do you think my rig is worth now?
new system problem
First attempt to solder, and guess what...I suck!
USB 2.0 not being recognized
Which rig to build?
Classic Socket A --> 754/939 - Opinions needed...
About To But The Parts For My System Any Suggestions
purchase advice for new board
xp and xp-mobile mix?
Attempting my first smp, please help
CD ROM freezes PC
Create a .RAR that's .ISO
Best Xeon Motherboard for OC'ing?
Power Down issue... again.
new system problems
Power Consumption
What in Google doing now?
keyboard /touchpad problems
CDRW & DVD-rom Faceplate and bevel...
System Build Comments
Laptop-style desktop keyboard?
Oh Yeah, All the parts are here
First time builder, any suggestions
USB toaster?
Thinking of picking up one of those Terminator C3s (questions about low power PCs)
USB 2.0 exchangeable face plates?
Please tell me I dont need to reformat my HDD!?
Question on Elite Keyboard
sparc vs x86
shot in the dark: anyone have some OEM mobo specs?
hd problem
Bar code scanner for CD's DVD's Books etc.?
quick question about bios beeps
Trackball vs. conventional mice
Your first computer?
Whats some good information to know before going for A+ cert?
Dually unhappy after moving
Looking for online storage hosts?
Smp Psu
Cds and Mp3s
Its not funny, I dont have enough money....
cable sleeving, ducting, molex removal, etc...
Msn Password Autocomplete Help
Computer rebuild price
how heavy is your tower?
Review my Setup...plz
Need some help picking an MP3 Player
Bios Questions
Cheapest Wireless mouse?
Image ready and the great elmo?
need new monitor help finding good deal plz
new build (a64) running sluggish
Polishing Stainless Steel?
Need Advice on new A64 System
New PSU? Low noise a must.
New build what have i missed?
The EPS12V PSU Thread
help. stop: 0x0000007b error
Help! - Has anyone seen this before or know a remedy?
my first post. what do you all think of my rig?
So I have this itanium processor...
Can't pass prime95 on any multi with 1.6lv Xeons
Bios time problems
New system, any suggestions? :x
faded picture
Project NAVI, and a few questions...
Dropped computer, what to do?!?!
Vid card errors from overclocking my CPU...doesn't add up...please READ
graphix card bust?
Who got better deal?
X800 on K8W?
just ordered new components...
CPU or RAM uses more FSB?
Help Plz
Which brand for hardrive. need recommendation
I hope I didn't kill this thing X_X
Comp has no sound O_O
Tv Tuner internal Audio connector
AN7 built in NIC is dead?
Wierdest Problem ever..
My freaking NCCH-DL died again
New MP3 Player needed
Plug and Play
[NEWS] Dell Rejects AMD Chips (again)
Rather annoyed nerd! System Instability
Help - Random restarts and 80% CPU Utilisation
A HDD used for a different purpose [As an Atom Mirror!]
SATA Power connector help
What do you think of my Newegg.com upgrade shopping list?
Ehhhh can you burn a motherboard?
Connecting my comp to my home theater?
BenQ DVD Sound
athlon xp and tnt2 overclock??
BUILDING MY FIRST COMPUTER! check out my parts
Who sells the most CPUs online?
ncch-dl - ram timings change @ 200 mhz fsb
Comp Will not shut down!
Which case and power supply ?
Building a new PC - Athlon64/6800GT
DVD playing software?
System Stability under KotOR2
HP dual sever needs SPECIAL HP only Xeon??
Got my parts...now how do I "insulate" pin E3??
[NEWS] Dvorak on How Microsoft Can Kill Linux
PC-DL No beeps, no post, :(
Orange Cathodes and ATI fans
New comp, about to buy, but did i leave something out?
clicking from thermaltake psu help please!
Somthing wrong with my computer
need some help on selecting a few products
hardware review website
What to buy? Need advice about scanner that works in linux.
Need some help
emt64 intel xeons
digital imaging machine
Upgrade complete
New HP dually system info
unneeded proccesses?
Asus Fanclub
Thinking of changing some stuff in my system, need avice.
flashing bios for video cards
Dual CPU Mobo for this...
A small html question?
hard drive in external casing
NCCH-DL Load Tone and no boot.
First Post, First time Buyer
embedded computer issue
Dell Laptop CPXJ650GT Mod
Dremel tool....
Check the couple
Laggy computer
Gmail is too creepy
Building a computer
ncch-dl - what mods used to hit 200 mhz fsb
Good Compression Program
help, is this barebones kit worth the money to overclock?
Attaching cutting bits to dremel?
CPU Question, 2.4Ghz
I need your input
New System on a Budget (idea´s )
new ipods released
Need new comp help
For those with MP3 players....
Recomendations for Canadian retailers for PC parts?
scenic photography wallpapers
Gmail Questions
PC still won't boot
just made a new system, an odd problem...
$400 bucks ready to be spent for upgrades!
Torx T** -What? Who? Where?
Good Computer/Task Chairs?
any advantage of USB over PS/2?
PC-DL and UTT?
NCCH-DL Lacking a PCI lock?
Idea's for new rig
help my comp keeps freezing
IDE Cables...
Veryifing DMI Pool Data?!?
Considering building an Athlon 64 Sysytem.
Comp crashing issues (page fault in nonpaged area?)
Supermicro P4DMS building questions.
RMAing a video card to ATI, do I need a courier?
Need Help putting system together ASAP!
What IS wrong?
What should I charge for website maintenance?
lightbulb zapped my computer? Need help
Razer Diamondback!
Mac Mouse Fun Time!
PC Problems, Need help!
Why do Hewlette packards have such shooty cooling?
Can a 64bit pci card fit in a 32bit slot
My mouse is just not what it used to be :(
how the heck was video editing done on machines with tiny hard drives?
Removing Arctic Silver with IMS?
Help! I think my CPUs are running @ 70C
HDD not found on bootup
Monitor on Eyes??
In over my head?
I have a pioneer digital cable box.. it has USB. what is it for
New system advice needed...please help
Double Pole Double Throw wiring
$1500 Budget, Need Help Building Gaming Rig
PC will not post after routine maintenance
No duel Xeons for me
Stupid Cathodes
MSI K7D Master-L & Dual Athlon-M 2600+ Problems
Shuttle... noobe question...
Swifttech MCX604-V on old motherboard?
Do u feel with ur PC??
Hey Guys, Laptop Question...
UPS on fire!
40x CD-RW only writing at 16x
PC-DL 2x512 or 4x256
How does this look? will i run into any problems?
Before I overclock... (2.4C)
How much should I sell her for?
Advice please
how to edit temps in mbm5
The Age Old computer freeze
Dvd burning: Focus or tracking error.
firewire pci card
Post beeps on ASUS P3C-D
Correct height for NCCH-DL supports?
Monitor goes black
HELP!, My Dually Died
ipod question
The things you find when cleaning out a PC
Internal USB Splitter?
Upgrade paths - need help
Lots of odd things happening to my comp!
Cable Boxes and Firewire?
Anyone else in any computer type competitions?
Please Review My BIOS Settings for Tyan Thunder K8S Pro 2882
dually FX's?
How do you install an Nvidia GeForce 6800GT PCIe Graphics Card?
Is this how you build a computer?
Help! Looking to buy a Digital Camara
New PC List and need Help Future Proofing
Couple Questions.. Intel Dualie
K7D Onboard USB Header
Buying a new system, need your help.
Constant Rebooting Help!
Build Config - Is it ok?
Low Cost PC
Logitech Wingman Profiler
Problems with KVM and wireless K&M
Dreamcast Mods
when does ups deliver?
Best SLI system
Program to monitor temps and stability?
Looking for a new Keyboard/Mouse combo.
Whats a good picture printer?
1.6LV Dually Came To Life - Kind Of
wtf? new motherboard
The Logitech Mx1000 ( sensitivity )
post-Screensaver freezups
Ahhh My stuff broke to soon:( Help!
Cold cathode for HP Scanjet 4400c scanner??
Newbie needs help
Comp died. Need help!
Wireless help
PC-DL includes heatsink retention clips ?
How many computers have you built?
Logitech MX518 Spy Shots
Question about a powerbook....
BTX Style Case/Mobo
A good place for Replacement UPS Batteries?
How much dremel speed?
OK i need a BIIIG computer scanner model!
Dual Core Cpu's with HT?
PC Wont Boot
Dust, will your machine bite it???
To build or not to build, I NEED HELP
LOL...n00b bidding war on eBAY...
Are you a Computer Pack Rat?
Installation Of Hardware Prob!!!
Help troubleshoot my custom PC
Something isnt stable...but what?
Mysterious reboots on an A64 system... give me a hand..!
Best Performance Boost?
Mini Mac mods
Mac vs PC benchmarks
Which to upgrade?
Smaller Molex Connectors
Duel PC from ground up?
PCI Diagnostics
PC-DL Ram after Uwire
laptop does not startup after cooling fix
People who have ipods. are they worth it??
ncch-dl not hitting 200 mhz fsb - any ideas?
Maximum KVM cable length or why can the monitor go 50 feet?
Logitech MX500 vs. MX510
Upcoming new video card review
PCI Latency Timer
Getting to dos without a drive
overclocking Dual Xeon 3.06Ghz
Planned computer
Dedicated HDD for Temp?
Where can I get nice looking flat IDE cables
How Motherboards Are Made: A Gigabyte Factory Tour
Most Important Files?
Neopet modding/hacking?
Dual Xeon's for Gaming...
[NEWS] Should Dual Cores Require Dual Licenses?
3rd party program to make a video out of webcam?
Bad overclock?
2 hardware questions
Does this sound like a vid card problem??
Random Restarts :(
Require Help on Build!
Recommend a small mouse pad
low perfomance
What would this rig be worth?
MP3 buying help plz
Take a look at this Yuck!
cpu vid/voltage
Worst thing to ever wake up to...
My new (and first homebuilt) rig!!!
need power!!!!!
Computer Crashes
iPod shuffle.
Optical mouse goes out
mobo problem =/
Gmail/google account, true or hoax?
S-video Question
Help! Fan Flip Switches (pics)
PC shutting itself down
Best Order For DVD-ROM & RW
Logitech MX1000 -- How Sexy Can You Get?
Burner Probs. Need Help Please *paypal reward*
Absurd things people say about PC's
to switch or not to switch, that is the question!
Now THAT is a socket 603/604 cooler!
DD pump problems
Comp Probs.
f/f DVI Connector or Cable
It's got to stop somehow.....someday
PC-DL question
Got the NCCH mobo, the PC3500Kingmax.......now which Xeons?
last chance
Logitech MX-510 question...
for those who have computer jobs...
I stumbled upon a pretty decent gaming mouse pad
Ipod file locked?
Steganography Challenge and Contest! :)
Very odd problem with mp3 player
Windows will not boot after oc...
Uh O, Big Prob. With My Rig.
Planning my new computer
how to get computer to answer the phone
How do I get the pictures to work for my thread?
NEED bios 12.3 or older intel L440GX+
Beware the "tech guy" at your local comp store
Gmail invites
What is the purpose of "burn in" and how do I properly use it?
PCI Extension Cable?
Driving Force Pro Broken?
IR transciever
linking computer power
Testing a motherboard
I wonder if...
Missing dc Adapter, would a different one with same rating works?
CPU Clips
I have $576 to spend on PSU, Mobo, Proc, DVD±RW, HD
Can you boot to BIOS with out a CPU?
How much $
Help me, what is this confangled device?!!?
Blinking Screen
I've been out of the loop for quite some time, what do you think of this setup?
Possible upgrade to NCCH-DL or DH800
USB header device, can I seperate the ground plugs for sleeving?
BareBones A64
I'm looking for a Cell Phone...
S939 performance problem
Human Clock
What to do, what to do?
Poor System Performance: Gun In The Mouth
[NEWS] Most Common Ways to Kill a PC
anybody using IWT on an NCCH-DL?
Power Failure During Printer Installation
hopefully close to getting this right
HELP. Either my Graphics card is fried or my mobo..or something else.
ah look what came in the mail hehe.
System display keeps freezing
gmail invites
MSN Pooched?
It only seems fitting.
All NCCH-DL owners
Transmitting audio ONTO the FM band...
NCCH-DL Monitoring program
Printer disapeared?
Leaving rig on 24hours/folding/seti...worthwhile?
Best microATX mobo + cpu combo?
onetusd.dll WILL NOT LOAD!!!!!
MSI KT3 Ultra2 + Barton XP Mobile OK?
System Stability Issues...Any thoughts??
Final Server Setup...I hope!?!?!?
A comparison of PC to MAC in photoshop speed
Need Over clocking advice
Trouble with voltage reporting
What are THE BEST 3d forums?
Portable Music on a budget...
Slow down after second monitor added: Memory or Video Card?
Revamping System to Overclock
Telephony Server
Single Opt. 240 in Thunder K8W S2885?