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whats that site that claims its the better of photobucket?
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The PC as we know it probably only has a decade or so left.
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What was the most remarkable event of the year 2004 for the OCers?
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OK, I'm confuzzled....
any help on this rig would be appreciated
PIII Slot 1 dually mobo
problem with booting new PC
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Online shops that ship to NewZealand
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high quality ram for overclocking, but not expensive
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Motherboard replacement in a Dell Dimension 3000
Linksys Router Cant Host CS Help Please :(!
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Stopping and Starting on it's own!
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Do I really have to install motherboard/monitor/keyboard/etc drivers?
What are USB 1 good for?
gaming mouse
Light problem for case
In search of an FM tuner
winbond program for ncch-dl where?! gah!
Regret OCing?
mx500 to mx510
Tweaking XP shutting off uneeded services? Help please.
is this a possible 3dmark point increase?
Random Reboots
Hitachi HHD clicking noise
mx 1000 and firefox
If I get a new PCI Express mobo, can I still plug regular PCI cards in?
running two hardrives
Logitech MX1000
Cloth or Hard surface mouse pad?
New Comp Help!
what could possibly be the problem?
SLI question
My Gaming Beast lives: But he can't verify dmi pool data
I want my OC back.....
Installing a SATAN and ATA/EIDE hard drive
New tech....
where is the problem?
Computer not booting with new case
Adding a SD memory card to a mp3 player
Running problems
dvd drive not recognized
What do you think about SLI?
Is my DVD drive about shot?
New system.. please comment.
Friends computer is unstable- Can you solve the problem?
Do you think they will give me crap about this?
I wonder if this will work
Re-building the Server
New System
CD Rom drive not working
Can i get a second opinion on this computer plz
Benefits Of a Dual CPU Computer?
MX1000 Logitech Laser Mouse, what do you think of it.
Err... ideas?
you know your a hardcore Overclocker when...
Zen Micro Problems
Limit to USB wire length?
ipod games?
USB help
Does onboard video support dx9?
New mobo, CPU, case, and vido card...thoughts before I order?
Help Me Build A $400-$500 System
600 bux i need Mobo + Processor HELP
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Desktop case recommandation
How much should I sell my rig for?
Broken CPU pin
: Recovering windows after an nforce driver overwrite
Risks of flashing firmware NEC-3500A
Any I deas What this Problem Might Be?
Shame on you people! Get out of here and go be with family/friends tonight!
ATI and K7D
Low 12V?
<girl>OMG I am, like, soooooo happy right now</girl>
Questions on setup and cooling systems
help building new computer
+3.3 system Voltage
errors and scandisk?
Check out this in-car setup
It's Christmas in a few short hours - what you getting?
Newb Question (I'm Sorry)
Shuttle Decision
how much would it weight?
Dell vs Gateway
Overclocking Opteron 250s - Ram Divider Problem
How does YOUR "pilot seat" (your computerchair) look like?
Damn Microsoft keyboard....
Another freebie from Rockstar, GTA 2
building/buying an a64 sli rig
I need help! Please!!!
New System!
Xeon Mobo choice
Its Alive
Comp reboot at login screen.
random freezing
What to upgrade next on my rig?
Warning: non-matching MP Processor
Need to reset laptop BIOS password!
The FCT Gemini project
Which Dremel/other tools
1k laptop
AMD SMP PCI Lock (32 bit)
hey guys , PS2 on computer with online, how ?!?
repairing flat usb wire
significance of pcb color
Used duallies from Dell/HP? Better to build?
gaming rig ~1k (need advice)
htpc whos got advice
barton core.
Help with playing a game on my new Computer
Now only 1 cpu showing in post.
Organizing CD/DVD collection, ideas?
Black Holes are actually Super Computers?? -Scientific American
X-mas gift, need to get a old pc running agian
Review of my computer parts list, help needed..
Building a new computer, need help.
Get main components now, or wait until I can get everything?
my laptop wont sleep :(
MEMORY config in neo platinum board
What's safe to buy?
new christmas stuff im excieted about
Dirtiest computer
Can I OC decently with my specs?
Winter + hardware
Building a server.
Abit slowly going bankrupt??
Quick question on smp.....
New rig question
Time to upgrade?
Need Help Buidling $1k system
Weird system hangs?! Help!
Format= New activation?
Looking for a tracking device
motherboard problem
Shuttle computers
Samsung ML-4500 memory upgrade
Self sustaing computer.....
win xp pro repair needed
The "WTF did I just spend $XXX.XX on" thread
ata devices dont work,... is my MB fubar?
Corrupt Files
Is this Motherboard Compatable with Case?
Keboard to go with a MX1000?
A clean comp is a happy comp
SE7525GP2 multi monitor
Memory for K8T800
Thoughts on a G4 or G5?
why is paying w/paypal sooo slow?
compact flash
Rate And Help Me Build My First System
Are locked XP procs MP moddable?
MSI utilies for platnimm board
Can i take out my cd-rom from my lappy while its on?
What is causing my computer to run so slowly?
How much can i get out of system???
Dell PCB thing
Raid setups
The old State-of-the-Art
I just wanted to thankyou all
Hmm. No game port!
Which pci card?
SMP or not?
Seller skrewed up on ebay, what should i do?
Need hints to troubleshoot printer
Upgrading my comp.
Need a paper/office shredder
Gaming Headphones
Need a portable mp3 player
With your help, I've decided on this rig.
If you had 3-4K?
wireless mice
I need some big company logos
cold cathodes
questions about xeon
Anti-Spam suit against companies not there?
Fan speed Controller w/ heat sensors
Imput needed
Queries bout GA-7DPXDW-P and mobile and powernow
A few questions
A little help.....
my getto setup (56k warning)
Do Crt's Emitt Alot Of Radiation :O?!
Please Help!
iPod and multiple computers & tagless file organization...
Some problems I'm having
Best config for audio recording
Can't install XP...
The beast is taking shape...
Help! building computer but only things that comes on is green Led on Asus Mobo
Should I upgrade?
laptop keyboard problem
ITT: Hawt 486 guts (56k = grab a sandwich)
*xmas gift* Lookinf for BEST sub $50.00 DVD player
Dose Uv Lamps Give U Skin Cancer?
PDA/Screen question
My new comp - How's it sound?
Mein Kampf BTTB style: The semi ultra rig
Computer Restarts like crazy!?
Mysterious computer hardware problem
building my verry firist rig now
Abit under investigation
OEM hardrive?
19" LCD flat panel monitors
quad xeon
how does import charge work?, i think i got ripped off
about UV sensitive items...
Looking to upgrade...
This is the sound of your fear
Shuttle XPC shuts off randomly
Card making software
New system,how to benchmark?
Problem with a 64 bit
Putting first serious system together
Just got this and really like it!
99% of new parts here .. build or wait ??
Stability Problems
Red leds+Heatsink= Pretend an Intel
4 Port KVM
New Computer Configuration...
Slow loading times anyone?
"Hardware Monitor Found an Error"
Computer Problems
Need help plz
How do I build my own notebook??
Any Xmas Ideas? I cant think of anything I dont need to upgrade!
Strange Clicking
Calling Dual Xeon Owners
opteron 250
can you guys help me , im building on newegg
3,903 adware & sasser& blaster
I need to build a PC that will kick a G5's butt
Palm Vx not talking to windows XP
Panasonic KX-P2023 Printer
Having problems with new computer I built
Memory and Performance of New Dualie
PC Blue screen or reboots when gaming
Dual or Single
What IDE cables do you use?
New System for friend
Need to do a fresh install.
Overclock New NVidia3/Newcastle 3000+?
Alcohol 120 image problem
Windows XP Auto-Update automatically reboots computer
Help m'boab, Games keep stuttering
Computer keeps restarting
Here She Is
need help building a pc
Cool Firefox extension
help (friends comp dead)
Brother getting a laptop- What do you think?
Desktop on plane
IDE wires?
HSF's for Asus PC-DL
laser printer
nec 3500ag burner dvd+rw problems
What to upgrade next???
Monitor not starting up?
Just put Sempron system together for friend!!
Memory for Compaq ProLiant ML530 Rack
Building a new PC, what should I get.
Christmas Presents...
Christmas Woes....
Vantec PCI slot fans.
Need help on digital camera before i go to Europe!
USb ports busted
Old School PC!!!!
AGP Card work in PCI Express Slot?
Computers and College/Higher Education
Upgrade Advice Please
Socket A or 754??? The Debate
what kind of camera to take these kind of pics
CPU 100% Usage
Animation setups?
Time For New
mx510 Button issues.
How much is my comp worth?
upgrading from AMD 1200 to . . .
Adding your own GBA Backlight?
This makes me sick
2 theories of monitor death?
Alternative to TIVO
USB 2.0 Hubs are they any good, any real reason not to use them?
Need advice asap on upgrade decisions pls
New CD-ROM, what brand?
Case drive things?
Help please.
BIOS Change: Wont Start?
Full L-bridge configuration of MP2800+
USB Bandwidth
Commercial DVD and CD production?
Building cheap pc
Access to a 3d Printer
Help! Computer won't start! Wtf!?
Laptop Problem
beefin up the lappy :)
Advice on Building a New Computer
which wireless mouse
Need avice on a PDA
watercooling or a64 upgrade?
Any sites on how to construct a laptop?
What new video cards fit in the shuttles?
Air Purifier/Air Filter
Laptop Use Affects Male Fertility
Video Splitter(not releted to computers really)
zalman headphones?
Do i have to mod my PSU?
computer building tutorials?
New harddrive
Software that shows Hardware
What do you think of this system? :-D
Noob looking for help
Needing a wireless keyboard.
Winbond 2 - 93c
turn on
Booting a system...
is 85hz too high?
I Now Use My Mach2 To Cool My Beers..why?
Virtual Desktop Software For USB Flash Mem..
YA! company bought me a dremel
Should I replace my TV with my computer?
Icemat headphones
What's the peice called that the AC adaptor plugs into?
HoHoHo, Merry Christmas and a Brand New Comp!
TrackIR (for flight sims)
Random Reboots?
Modem Cable
regular phone to mobile phone.
So why doesnt this old dvdrom play +r's?
Last part of my comp
Thinkpad T42 overclocking?
configuration help.
OCing the new system: any ideas?
Overclocking my Dell
messed up sound....need help :(
2nd LCD or speakers or something else
Looking for a dual pIII xeon board
Stutters.. then dies
What could be the problem?
Dial the telephone and get PC?
What is the best notebook computer for $900?
Dual Xeons Vs FX55
Amd Pic
Using Two MX Duos
First time raid'er in need of help
New system does not start
Well guess what....Computer won't turn on!
Need help building a PC for Xmas
Audigy 2 ZS question
Gonna build my 1st Dualie for a bro...gimme your recommendations.
Removing the Dust
Computer reboots instead of turning off
iRiver PMP-120
one of my 2600Ms died, do i need the same stepping?
Chris Tom at amdzone.com