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DVD burner that burns images to the surface?
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What's your worst mistake just goofing off with computers.
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random reboots GRRR help me!
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Will these parts play well together?
How to tell USB 2.0
Best K7D Master Heatsink that WILL fit?
Need Help Identify item?
Logitech MX510 or MX1000?
Video Encoding randomly reboots computer, cpu is Prime Stable
charge from usb port, i want a wall adapter
My turn for random restarts...this sucks.
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Possible cause of random restarts???
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What's likely to be dead in this system?
My Intellimouse explorer 4.0 sucks.
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Ideazon zboard?
Need help with random power down
Dual Opteron nF4 SLI mobo... :drool:
A simple web server idea?
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On board sound -VS- PCI sound card
An electric question.
Have I reached my top oc? I want more
hp computer at college
Tss and Call for help rant.
Was anyone EVER able to run dual Tualatin Celerons?
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12V to wall plug?
Any idea how much this would be worth?
Verizon Fiber.....
Intel 1Ghz Server with socket 370
Hypothetically -- Building the fastest Gaming PC
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Motherboard Failure?
Need Forum MODS for my forum
Time to put my modding skills to the test once again (couple questions too)
Almost Getting New Computer This Year...
64 bit PCI USB 2.0 card? Any other 66 Mhz Cards?
Games hiccup/skip... Confused as to why.
LOL, found this on Ratpadz website
Wattage out put on the LV 1.6 Xeon
avator and AMD vs Intel Duals..
not downloadable music
"devices failed to initiate" message on startup and windows boot problems
Help please...
Building A Server... Need Input/Help!!!!
sick and tired of windows xp
Kick start
Questions About Dual Xeon Build (Nocona)
System *sometimes* reboots right after loading Windows?
why is my PF usage constantly high?
5.1 speakers with audio digital in?
SEMPRON 3000+ MP capable???
Keyboard and Mouse won't work
Turned on comp=big flash+smoke
windows starts to load then quits
modem and hard drive probs
Bios Saviour?
K7D and new GT6800 cant install-Code 12
Budget workstation: Dual AMD or Xeon
computer sugestions
Time to upgrade
what to buy???
a lil mind boggling computer story. ...
Switch, setting up for lan party
MS Wireless Desktops
Future of Computers, interesting article
New Comp Specs - What Do You Think?
Afraid to flash bios?
Best idea ever!
Help Picking Components
Critique this
1.6LV XEONs heads up.
how to join mp3's together
mp3 player rant
windows load lag?
do they make..........
Overclock Your Calculator
MX1000 Problem
How's this sound??
sempron 3000+ to MOBILE,can be done???
Two mouse/Keyboard sets on one computer
Reboot & Locks on Gigabyte MPX w/6800gt
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Check out this BIOS Modder site!!!!!
PC for Office Work
dremel issue
Anyone using VOIP
Definitions for HW
need help thinking of my .com name
2nd CPU just stopped working?
Tons of Q's. Barton > MP? MP Mobo for ocing? Other general suggestions?
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My Next Upgrade?
Resistor question
help! my laptop isnt booting up!
Instable i believe need advice
Blue screen!
Mx500 not performing.
Need help in pricing up a system!!!
Question about Dual 2.5 G5
windows wont install
Leaking Voltage in case
Whats wrong with my mobo.
I Have A Dream...
New computer build-Suggestions please
Mcafee lies about virus threats in order to increase business.
Illuminated keyboards...
how much would this sell for?
Will this set up work for my 1st budget/built computer?
strange sound...
I'm at a crossroad!
lian-li mouse pad
PC shuting off
AMD 64 or Pentium 4, and video card
Cannot Hear Line-In Device through S/PDIF
basic questions? this might help
zen micro vz. zen touch
No way...No one's luck is THIS bad...
Ok something is toast
Cpu temp sensor
xeon silence, finaly!
Problems viewing pictures on OC Forums.
your opinions on my order
Moniter problem
Quick stupid question about pin 1 in cpu install
Talk To Me - Dazed & Confused on Upgrade Path...
39 pin vs 40 pin ide
why do some website have stubit filetypes?
Microsoft K & M Problem..
Serious problems (won't boot...)
Looking for electronics help!
where do i buy fan screw?
How can I tell if a cap is bi-polar?
2 sound outputs?
Anysite that freely hosts any filetype?
Quick questions regarding Case LEDs
Compare prime 95 benchmarks
Creative zen xtra + file transfer?
How to make a motherboard lamp
How do i reconnect a cut off "energy thread" on my mobo? (sorry 4 bad english)
problems with pc resetting/ crashing
Gigabyte 6VTXD & 160gb support
Resetting PC without reset button?
Just a real stupid question...
Computer Not Detecting CD Rom Drives
Board/Chip compatibility questions
A perfect evening!!!!
Mac World Expo January 2005
LV Xeon 1.6GHz ~ SL6XK
Planning a build for college, dual of course
Help! I accidentally deleted my digital camera images from my CF card.
Possible hardware problem, PC shutting down
Looking for something similar to TIVO
Mini Mac
ram or video card upgrade.....
RMA PQI-3200 and get a Raptor instead?
MAC mini looks awesome
Don't you just hate it...
Help Setting up XPPro for Dual AMD
hdd activy lights
Most stable Video card for amd dually chipset???
SATA or IDE, when both seak at 8.5 ms but ahve 25% dif. in price?
Any Xeon overclockers out there?
P3 xeon mobo
Need stability, not performance
Caught in a pickle...
POST with no graphics....
BFG Sniper Boomslang 2100
Retail Xeons & Engineer Samples
Hauppauge WinTV Theater Software?
a64 vs xp-m
My laptop locks up and says "No Optical Drive found"
A-XP mobile single to dual question...
Fan Controller Buzzing/Sizzling
Modem sounds
Need advice to buy Laptop
Major fps spikes!
A rather odd problem.
Ok pc specs for cad/everyday use?
Believe my motherboard just died:(
Project "I want it all"
Odd Video/Audio Problems with Dell Upgrade
should i get this?
I'm wearing out my mousepad!
CD drive seen in bios but not in windows!
Building a gaming rig need advice pls!
I just cooked some home made PC!
Sharing a scanner on network?
MP3 Hard Drive enclosure
cicero boot problem
Advice on my new pc [again]
pc turn off??
Sata drivers on floppy?
benchmarking results change?
Laptop Graphics Cards
cant get old duelie to run at 133fsb
Two of this....and two of that...
New motherboard with 4 SATA ports, or SATA card?
Sata hardrive= format?
Where can I find a 30mmx6mm fan?
Eq2 monster build..seek advice
silverstone psu?
Looking for a special kind of TV....
Help, Computer boot Problems
need help with madcatz pc controller
All Logitech MOMO Are Defective!!! GRRR!!!
weird problem
watching video clips
Problem with new comp.
Heavily soiled keyboard
computer won't display red colors, motherboard problem?
Prime95 on dual xeon's with HT...
Seeking advice
Silly Crash troubles
IWT's are making wierd noise..
Pin Mod
mx1000 button assignments
using prime?
where did u learn ?
need new bios for old mobo!
New system coming together
Problems with carputer (hardware help)
Which Rig is Faster, and which one would you prefer?
Are all Fire wire cards created equal?
How would i sent up a lan party?
upgrade old quad server proc's.
CES 2005 anyone
Need Help on computer parts for new system
Help with boot problem
Canadian Lan
More memory or Raptor Hard Drive?
What to do with a lappy thats taken apart?
My Dream Plan.. Whatta Ya think? Xeon Combo
New Computer
I have no idea what to say about this- spam?
New Computer Recomendations
mythbusters in real life
Newly built computer won't boot!
HELP! Major motherboard issues?
System auto shutdown
Rio mp3 player
New system setup
PC problems
finally ready to post my build
HTPC and Dish Network
Help, my computer died and i'm not sure why
Replace KT133MB, processor & memory or just replace nForce2MB?
computer won't boot now
Concerned about my new A64 setup...
Building a gaming PC
Creative Xen Xtra (30GB) or Xen Touch (20GB)?
Joypads for PC whats the most decent usable 1?
Fair Price?
Swapping CPUs will I need to reinstall or repair WinXP?
Family comp
New Rig Finished, time to Bench.
Moving to A64 from a AXP2500 system, please advise
New used machine with multiple issues
3DMark03, OC, low score?
Best Air Cooling for A7M266D? Any recommendations?
whats that site that claims its the better of photobucket?
Is it possible to....
Acer any good?
which setup should I use (mobo, cpu, memory, vc)
USB extenders?
Does SMP make a difference when backing up and using RAID 1 rather than single proc?
Slow down CD-ROM Drive in XP?
Lg Dvd-rom Drd8160b Wont Read Css
older computer meet not as old hard drive
did i break my rig?
Getting ready to order part of my pc
Which Cell Phone To Get?
Faked Overcloking Score !
Is there any hope? (bad BIOS flash)
PSU or Mobo?
Motherboard not posting after flying on a plane...
Dead Laptop after fall
Another quick update to the car + important question
prime95 test...fatal error?
Make the most of it $$$
Upgrading - Choose an option for me
Overclocking an Iron.....
$1261 AMD system or $1429 Intel System?...
Random Crashes
$1,000 to splurge!
Weird Firewire issue...???
centrino mobile technology?
NewEgg and others Ripping us off?
Another "is this good" thread
Making a File Server - what kinda hardware?
what does this mean?
Abby's keyboard...
Can you buy a flashed bios chip?
Need help with a *urk* Dell
Massive PC problem
What To Spend My Money On?
I Love Logitech!
Any changes before ordering ?
Whats coming in 2005
Building a CS: Source dedicated server
Another desktop for me? or just upgrade?
VOIP, vonage
New AMD Processor Suggestions
when will pci die?
The PC as we know it probably only has a decade or so left.
Overclocking the PCI / AGP Bus.
Best way to pack/ship a cpu?
AMD system I just ordered - Reviews???
What to do with my last $350?
Internal USB hub
New system components help
Upgrading My System ( Plz Help)
CPU / MB mismatch...both fried?
Meteor Light Problem
What does my rig need?
DVD region
Looking for some help I am stumped
new iMac for <$500
Power problem? I dunno, me dum
Would this be a good upgrade?
On or Off
Help, my AMD dually turns bad, i think.. :(
How do i get it out there?
Cheap server with 4 workstations....help.
Rate this cheap, portable PC.
Is this a good score?
Bad AGP performance...poor frame rates
Grrr... fire again
What was the most remarkable event of the year 2004 for the OCers?
IDE issue
OK, I'm confuzzled....
any help on this rig would be appreciated
PIII Slot 1 dually mobo
problem with booting new PC
Finally putting my computer together
Urgent help needed, new video card driver issues?
My idea for a mouse pad for the MX1000
Very Strange Behavior...
System won't boot after CPU fan change.
Quick regarding installing new mobo and proc
Question About UPS
'IO unit can not be found' - Cant install windows. please help.
what would this symptom point to...
Getting random crashes and errors... where to start?
CDR-W doesn't work!!
Using integrated sound causes FPS drop?
Is this system oke ?
Questions on new server build
My new rig...
My System won't POST
Need components, help choosing ---->
Torn between mice...
I got in trouble at work??
Online shops that ship to NewZealand
system instability
high quality ram for overclocking, but not expensive
Need advice for my new PC
Looking for a nice little KVM...
Computer takes a long time to post
Motherboard replacement in a Dell Dimension 3000
Linksys Router Cant Host CS Help Please :(!
Can't Install OS
Fan turns very slow after "accident"
Stopping and Starting on it's own!
PSU concern, help needed
Price out my system please!
Do I really have to install motherboard/monitor/keyboard/etc drivers?
What are USB 1 good for?
gaming mouse
Light problem for case
In search of an FM tuner
winbond program for ncch-dl where?! gah!
Regret OCing?
mx500 to mx510
Tweaking XP shutting off uneeded services? Help please.
is this a possible 3dmark point increase?
Random Reboots
Hitachi HHD clicking noise
mx 1000 and firefox
If I get a new PCI Express mobo, can I still plug regular PCI cards in?
running two hardrives
Logitech MX1000
Cloth or Hard surface mouse pad?
New Comp Help!