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That sound you never want to hear from you computer...POP
So what do you have left?
I am stumped, i think its the mobo, but i dunno... youll ove this question :D
Best way to test a laptop battery ???
Freind's freashly built computer won't turn on.
CPU died?
Centrino vs celeron, price vs battery life
help with new system.
Centrino Clock Speed
My stupid problem
Mein Kampf: The Ultimate Rig
Cool Pistol Mouse
Gel pad thingy
ahh dis is the stupidest thing i did :)
Problems with power supply
Help! My PC won't boot!
Atrac compression rate
Keep CPU or no?
Mouse (MX-500) Problem
Please have a look at my system before I put order in
Looking for 6800 or x800 laptops?
What to do w/ Extra Computer?
MX 1000 messes up
Dell Latitude P133ST A/C Adapter
possible hardware damage from virus/adware?
which config makes more sense?
CD-Rom problem.
Man im so effin pissed
Modding a G3 into a PC?
Super PI
question about firewire port
If you were a piece of computer hardware, what would you be?
Need help with pc build
Is this powersupply strong enough?
Quality mouse mat really worth it?
My screen has an image i cant get rid of.
Please tell me what cheap laptop to buy!
HP PSC 2355 All-in-One Printer
MBM5 saying -5V rail is at 2V!!
Another help me choose thread...:)
i really cant decide on a new system
-->> Configure a System <<--
Out of stock problem dreams crushed
Tech Certification: What's best?
New 64bit comp might of died:(
NEW Non-Overclocked P4 550 Overheating?
Need some help choosing the right printer
K7D kinda burned
What is and What will be
8742 keyboard controller chip
Need to build an H-bridge for a robotics project.
Dual Xeon (Nocana) Mobo Questions
And we're good to go! (Car PC)
Colecovision ADAM displays only B&W lines with default printer.
Wireless data transfer between CPU and other components:-
Overclocking USB
The word obsolete
Antec or PC P&C and Tyan or MSI
Computer repair prices
fried mobo?
General Xeon Question
New Rig?
Computer wont power on
Build for freind
Thank you for helping my get my Gaming PC!
new rig here!
PCI USB card install troubles
Any predictions on computers in 2054?
AMD in the business environment?
Problem- system died playing a game...
Question for Western Canadians
Do I have a bottleneck?
Apple G5 bluetooth keyboard on PC???
This is my first "Rig"...This any good stf to use???
Gaming benchmarks
Please help me translate this Volt Mod guide:-
Best chipset cooler?
what is a pipe line?
What use could I have for a dually?
Computer on. No beep. Monitor on standby
Problems with new old pc
600 budget, need your advice
Raid controller
Problem with new computer
Upgrade: A64 3200+, Asus A8V D, 6600GT, 2x512 G.Skill, Antec Neo ... Comments?
Foam Rubber for Packages
Apple Ipod
PC build for friend, says it's getting virtual RAM warning and IE6 won't open
Which DVD-Burner is the best?
I need a left handed mouse!!
Upgrading my Video rig
Razer Mouse problem
buying a new computer
Wont power up?
not booting?!?!?!
Image hosting
DLL Pack?
Suggestions for New Comp
mobo for 5k dual opteron 248
Any have this problem with their laptop?
make the spammers pay!
New comp, 1.5k limit
hp pavilion notebook ze5375us... help
Building new computer 5k
What junk to delete on a Dell?
Just how rich is Bill gates?.. Look here to find out
best bang for buck
AMD MP vs The Opterons
Upgrade: keep k7s5a or go A64
QDI...did they lie to me?
pc shuts off
Noconas on PC-DL
hs/f for opterons
Performance of dual opt vs my current pc
low 3dmark03 score
PC Terminology Questions
need sata help!
Saitek keyboard ?
Bang for the Buck Duallie
best gaming mouse
BOOT help!
New computer build, high end parts. how should I overclock this?
i think its time i move to mac
two types of mx 1000
Please help me diagnose this problem; doesn't seem to be overheating
Please help me diagnose a WoW crash...doesn't seem like overheating
My Car PC.
Choose My Motherboard!!!! Socket 754 Nforce 3!!!!!
Opteron for graphic design?
Slow windows start up after case upgrade
Advice on my build.
Sager 9860-S and other top of the line laptops (dude, I'm not gettin a Dell)
help removing the keyboard from my laptop
SLI technology not worth it until 2007???
How do they?
sigh....im back...
Maya-friendly PC for $1200? What would you build?
Need advices for upgrading system
Laptop mods?
My Dream Rig
How much power for dual opterons?
What game pad/controller?
Taskbar missing?
ok final pc build .. discuss
Have 250$ to spend, what should i get?
Recommend me a good force feedback steering wheel
Razer Diamondback review
good program or forum to start video editing
laptop help
WTF, my burner is only buring @ 2x?
Issues with my pc PLEASE HELP!
I been out of the "scene" and now I am lost ( buying help )
Help with old computer!!!!!
Planning a dual opteron, need some information[i did search]
Grrrr Newegg is really screwing up these days!
Blue screen of death when playing games
dual xp procs
Occasion Explorer not opening
Pretty sure i fried my mobo, help please :/
Laptop wont post
Disk drive fails to load.
NV Silencer 5 and chieftec question
tv tuner card
tv tuner
Mouseman+ Replacement
Another Christmas List Topic
Christmas List Time
You guys saved me from making the worst desicion of my life!
Supermicro dual Xeon boards
3400+ 3DMark01 score....good?
was my upgrade ok?
quicky hard drive question
Building a new PC
PCI-E is it worth it
Temp alarm going off on K7D MasterL
Serious issues with my pc.
3dmark05 score - 2937 vs 950 - (950 win)
Digital Camera Contest!!
Figuring out hardware value...
The Overclockers dream..... Less Lag, and no cheaters!
New Computer.
Server Spec
Computer Won't Post
Download the latest version of CPUz
MX1000 Discussion.
MP3 Player
My CD-ROM stutters...
I'm new to the idea of dual cpus and am looking for recommendations
Sending Faxes
Printer Problems
Watercooling or AMD64 Setup?
Web Cam
Can people get me information on A+ Courses?
Thoughts before I order this?
LG Burner Problem
Change motherboard w/out reinstalling Windows?
Need adviuce before i order...(ordering tonight)
computer wont bootup
best wireless gamepad
Gaming problem.
Computr died. Need very cheap fix.
Hibernation? Restarts? WTF
Comp. not starting....
quick question about 2.4ghz xeons
upgrade choice
Stupid DVD player (I NEED HELP :()
please help!
The Official OCforums Xmas Wishlist---what do you want from santa?
pc ~700$
When will it make sense to upgrade
Scanner on the way out?
Dell Dimension 4400 got fried
I need black IDE cables (flat)
g00d 0c system ???
Shuttle now? OR NF4 Later?
Sound Card for Recording for business...
Good gaming PC?
Good gaming PC?
Christmas :P !
Best router for online gaming?
New rig
[Rate and Suggest] >$500 gaming system
A few questions about moving to dual CPUs
i need some help again .. upgrade suggestions
harddrive crisis
soltek EQ3704
ide to sata faster?
Need Input For New Gaming Notebook
Dual CPU Dual GPU Mobo's around yet?
Need advice on buying a 5.25" bay fan controller.
1700+ T-bred B.. L5-mod
Welding EMI and Wifi
[Help Build] PC under $500
First time building a computer
Question about cleaning
WD raptor 74gb
Wellbuilt desktop replacement notebook search
Wow, why are people buying software in stores?
Rebuilt Computer Wont start
1 click mouse
Need advice.....
What all is available for PCI-X?
How future proof are Opterons?
GA-7DPXDW-P audio drv update ?
Diagnostics, memory, cpu, hard drive programs
Wierd pc wont stay off
Whoa, for all those people who want to know how much there pc is costing check this!
Drying agent
LED wiring
Where's the best place to buy a notebook?
what else will i need to buy with this build?
Upgrade time, wanting dual but lotsa questions!
New Centrino Laptop...how to get the MAC?
Can't get through format?
Can you buy this in stores?
Building christmas list
A few general questions.
will it run?
INKJET refill kits-- any good??
Wow free pc
Male to female connectors?!
building pc, advice
Need help clarifying a few things before i build!
K8D Master 3 + Opteron 246 won't post
Torn between Opteron and Xeons
K7D Master L and Dual Mobile XP 2600
laptop keyboard
List your cpu cooling on MSI K7D
Worst Injury From A Computer
Illegal sharing of files (they think I did it)
Bad motherboard?
Bridge rectifiers
price check?
Guys...it STILL doesn't work, help needed
Few questions
Line-in and high pitched whine
I-pod or video card
What is SATA & IEEE ?
Heads up on PC-DL availability.
Weird, Weird problem Please Help
new amd under 1600ish$
I need help
Laptop for Pro-Audio "on-site" recording
Building a Gaming PC...Suggestions on what to change?
will this work?
A controversial post.
Has a place this question but no one visits...
WTF is going on w/my lappy?
CDR/Photo Printer?
Wow, the Steampowered board is getting hit pretty badly
Non-standard BIOS flash?
a quick question ....
What is a good high-quality PC tool-kit?
Building Custom MicroAtx machine....help.
I feel like a retard(What to build)
Going for an upgrade... but w/c component?
my planned dual setup, any recommendations?
The IEEE 1394 cables attached to my case are not long enough(don't reach my mobo).
software tool that will fix fsb problem with laptop
random restarts...b4 it even gets into any OS...
New MX1000 problem.
Got myself an MX1000.
Please help; my pc keeps crashing horribly.
Money to spend on a major upgrade, but what to spend it on?
old computer hardware
whould this do hl2 well
Notebook processors
Building midrange Joe Sixpack rig
my laptop wont standby!
What's the worst part about computers? SOLVED in here!
Logitech MX1000 and Firefox
quick pcmcia question
New rig...adfvice and FB appreciated
Help me upgrade my "long in the tooth" computer
Get me up to date
midclass gaming rig
Dell to start selling AMD based systems
doe this work
Friends new system, question
Just bought Half Life 2
$300 DIY High Res Video Projector
MX Duo keyboard lag, how to fix?
My Gaming Rig
Business card printing equipment
Somthing went POP!!!
video hosting..
Razer Diamondback~~ Pics/Review
HTPC - Professional opinions needed
Question about optical drives compatibile with motherboard!
HELP with my OPOS laptop! (Cant install WLAN)
Mouse Wheel Problem
Building a new gaming system .. recommendations
Computer freezing on floppy access
USB mouse
Help Building My First PC
New build problem
Went to Frys today and WOW
Budget Mobo Setup ~ $400
[RATE] Christmas Mid-Range System
How to clean keyboard and mouse..
Putting spyware out of buisiness
Who can recommend CCNP books?
need a good $1800 laptop
Usb 2.0?
MOBO for Dual proccessor
First time PC builder, please review my list
how do i make it better
Stability problems
Printing problem w/hp psc 2210 all-in-one
replacement keys for keyboard
Which 64-bit platform?
Epox problems
CD-RW Spins up without CD in?
Help really needed
Need a SMP Mobo
Stop error question
Computer really slow
Important Need help.....
First SMP Impressions
Opteron Dual Core question...
having 650 bucks for a dual system, what would you do?
A64 Rig Suggestions?
dual 2600xp mobile, which mobo?
Blue Screen Trying to Install XP
extreeme tempurature differneces (laptop)
CD RW Stopped Working After Inst. DVD RW?
Buy now or wait?
Hacker flogged Microsoft source code- then sold it for $20 and got caught
Dell Axim X50v, the greatest PPC/PDA ever! (IMO)
Good review site for the latest midrange laptops?
Which case for a new Xeon rig?
HELP: PC Rebooting before XP fully loads...
World's *New* Fastest Supercomputer Powered by Intel Itanium 2
Video Mods form Mtv2
No Signal in monitor after cleaning system?
Flex ur muscle: solve my Laptop miracle...
Term paper on overclocking!
Upgrade Options
opinions, feedback
3 new K7D Masters coming
SFF owners! Shuttle/Biostar/Asus/MSI/etc
Fireox 1.0 FINAL w00t w00t !!!!!
PC Improvement, Which Is Best?
Which would you choose?
[Newegg] X-Mas Setup
Thinking of moving to SFF
Just got an ipod, I'm going to hell.
Nocona users, What HSF to use?
Who here owns a PDA?
halo2 or halflife 2....or midterms?
Rate this rig!!! HYPE!!
Getting DVD burner that supports all file types....
Compaq v2000, anyone have one?
Cleaning Keyboard..
Gigabyte 7dpxdw+ beep codes?
my network card is not working-error code 10
on its side-vertical?
Epson R320 Printer
CD/DVDWR not showing in my computer
Planning A Dualie For My Next Pc, advice?
Burnt athlon switching to xeon
OMG, a LV ipod case?!? What the hell.
upgrade my dually?
How Much Is Your Rig Worth???
what should i go for
nothing is working
Computer won't boot cold???
New Rig
Cant overclock at all now???
Few questions before building...
Bios Bios Bios
Alienware Area-51m
dual bartons?
cpu selection... advice?
a damn old pc...i kinda need help putting some "kick" into it
Mouse stops working after a restart?
Strange crash display
short circuit parts?
-=BIG=- Problem
omg i think i just killed my new mobo!
Do you own a SFF PC?
Help me built a new computer...
DVD ROM drive no longer reading DVDs
Can parts cause problems booting?
Laggy file opening on XP.
Watercooled gaming rig need advice...
Intel L440GX MoBo+Dual P3-800+1.0GB RAM
Microsoft Optical Desktop Elite for Bluetooth
Need a new mouse: MX1000 or Razer
Urgent help needed!
Comp not working - help me figure out the problem...
Nocona D0 stepping
Cheap SFF?
Going to be building soon! How does my gaming system look?
Right soldering method
cord extensions?
Dell inspiron resolutions?
Front Audio Problems
Interesting tidbit #13124: When all else fails, swap cards.
a little advice needed, thanks
Laptop, give me feedback!
network+ study help
please help me guys.
Rate My Up Coming Comp
the ghetto dust filter
HP Scanjet 2100c problem
So I'm head of a computer recycling program
t-bred-B + barton??
barcode scanner???
Help me build an SMP Opteron server
Bottle necking anywhere???
Printer choice?Help?
Game Server control panel...
Best mouse pad for mx1000?
Looking for a start
DV (IEEE1394) Cards is there any difference in quality?
Comp doesnt POST, Fan spins for a sec
Depressingly low 3D-mark scores. Why!?!
Less than 400$ Budget PC , Inspired by the Front Pge Article!
Whats better for gaming, 64-bit or DDR2?
Can someone help me Disassemble my DVD burner?
DVD Burner & DVD+R cd question
What is the best thing to do in my circumstance?
dvd rom reader not reading dvd roms...
quik question...
Installing Drivers
Big Problem need help mobo/gcard/cpu
stability issues
Copy/pasting problem...wtf
dual athlon XP board?
Confusing Centrino Wi-Fi solutions?
PGP 8 key strength
My lame Dell Jukebox
Computer Parts
About to Give Up....
Sun SunFire 6800 Power Consumption
Booting Problems
MX700 or MX510, vote please.
Will this work?
Noisy high-frequency sound
Help .. Im Crashing
Which Mousemat?
can't find any heatsinks for K7D master
firsr time overclocking and need some help
Apple Ipod /mini SNR ratio ??
firewire on MPX dual AMD system?
Random reboots, shutdowns, hangs, STOP messages and a bunch of other crap
What to upgrade?