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What to upgrade?
NF7-S Mobile 2500 problem(s)
So if you were to get a laptop... would you get the Voodoo or an Alienware?
why are flash usb drives getting really cheap, but ram doesnt budge?
My processor reach temperature 55 !
Buying New Computer...Got some Questions...
Just got a fUnc 1030...
A7M266-D power-on problems
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New Rig For Friend
Budget PC: Opinions?
How to find default CPU values (fsb + mult) ?
help with new computer parts!!!
ARGH i dunno what to do!!!!!
Ipod music transfer question
Anyway to fix MS Optical mouse's middle scroll wheel?
OEM Wireless Keyboards
Math Software Performance
Problems with Dell DJ
Tweak to get my system faster??
dvd burner with HD BURN, what is this?
Help - My overclocks are now resetting when I reboot.
Really need help, some Software problem.
Need MSI K7D-L onboard sound driver, anyone help?
Is there any way...
Major issues with the new rig
my STRATEGY plan
Shuttle System
fans wont let comp boot
After about 30 mins of gaming, screen goes black.
Do i need a new Computer??
When in doubt, go with the letter A!
Computer dying??
old skool computer + modem = no worky
A Dell with some chutzpah
Cordless Mouse question
a corded mx1000?!? woohoo!
Raptor troubles....
$500-600 budget
DVD Fool
Dual Xeon Board reccomendation
Looking into a new laptop
need help to solve random reboots
In the hunt for a new Case
Next dually project...decisions, decisions
Mobiles + K7D + L12 mod?
Need help creating a DVD
MBM5 and my mobo
$10 later, I am the proud owner of a 12 foot satellite dish
Need help with new psu quick!!!
Is power inverter through a cigarett lighter enough to power a notebook?
Definition of software piracy
If you were to build a <$700 machine right now...
reinstalling windows on an HP
Shuttle XPC IDE cable.
SATA Problems..??
Thoughts on Build
Virus in CD ROM?
Help me find a KVM!
smp ?
I am about this, > <, close to saying F it to my computer.
Low Voltage Problems
any good
Computer Constantly Locks Up
Help with iPod mini
upgrade of Cpu in the Lapto Possible or not?
help with my beowulf cluster
New rig queries.
Arc welding causing computer problems
Please help - anyone here own a gamecube?
Do you think $60 was to much or to little for hooking this stuff up ?
Athlon XP 3000@333FSB SMP MoBo Recommendations please..
Computer remote ??
PC Upgrades
Friend needs help with EQ2-playing comp
Which one DH800 or NCCH-DL
should i go a64?
worked fine for 2 months...then nothing?
USB not detecting devices.
Lost performance?
Help!!! Moniter goes black and I have to restart
PC Freezes during Prime95
Should i sell my rig to build a new one w/ pci E and possibly 64bit cpu?
new fun overclocking competitions!
What is creating my wall?
Where to buy CM stacker ATX extension cable?
Shopping for Notebook...really need input.
ehh should i buy another computer?
urgent printer question plz help
SmartMedia memory - Where to find larger cards?
Logitech MX 1000
Logitech MX 510
Help me try and prove the courts wrong
PCI-Express (AGP compatible??)
Hooking up a Playstation 2 to my Computer
Tyan S 2462 UNG EATX Athlon Dual MP Socket A
Cd writer troubles
Computer won't boot
PVR / Media Center advice wanted
MX700 or MX510 or Microsoft Optical?
Thoughts on the Uplink HTPC??
Help with antique Compaq 5037, does not like new HD.
Help (clicking noises then lock up)
I need some quick help ASAP
Building a computer for a friend
Favorite font?
Opinions on my new AMD64 system?
new? budget computer
Computer problem powering up
How long would these notebook last?
Where to get a dB-A meter
What customers say...
My Logitech MX500 Mouse
philips dvd642 player from amazon
Restaurant menu, computer themed
How do you reduce the time video card/raid card BIOS info is displayed at bootup?
Lockups in game.
Logitech mx1000 Laser Mouse for Gaming?
Cable Managment on Xaser 3?
Error Video Cable Disconnected? Help!
old school question.
Anyone for a RAM prosthesis for your Brain ??
Drop outs and stop errors.
Show off your PS skills
How can i make an old POS a standalone MP3 machine?
picking a UPS
Keyboard suggestion
TIVO question
Merry International Caps Lock Day Everyone!
BIOS underclocked -> no boot
Ultimate Builder's Challenge $600 Budget
New P4 Comp... Ideas and comments?
Logitech MX1000 good for FPS?
another help me decide
My new AMD computer build - thoughts? suggestions?
would u pay to send an e-mail? I would... here's why
Placment of USB hub
OCF.com er's Dream computers!
Opinions Please - New build
Bad BIOS flash Help (Also posted in MB Section...
HELP!!!!! Have no clue whats wrong.
Building A64 system - need advice
Shipping from USA--->Europe
Computer Refuses To Turn On Please reply
In search of the mini power supply
Distributed computing project that pays?
Why is overclockers.com so biast against AMD?
to leave it running or not
Machine has died suddenly
Dual PII-350MHz....what to use it for?
Your opiniona wanted for my new setup
Best PVP
connecting 3 HDDs and 2 DVD drives
Can Get Into SATA RAID BIOS But All I Can Do Is Exit, Other Keys Don't Seem To Wrk???
Remove thermal adhesive?
laptop battery life
my keyboard and mouse
my space bar wont work on my good keyboard
What are singe board computers used for?
where can i get the front USB Jacks?
2 cpu , but i only have one ?
old vs new (BIG pics!)
Logitech Trio keyboard/mouse/webcam combo, any good?
Good Motherboard/Processor Combo for Me?
No boot No Nothing
Cold Heat Soldering Iron?
help/thoughts on ssf
SATA Drive Doesn't Show In BIOS! Got XP Pro on it But Won't Boot Into Win...
Dual channel memory issues on Abit Av8/a64 3500+
making boot disc
Computer Science Research Paper Question.
overclocking opterons
Wat to test rig on??
modding Startup Beep?
Windows XP SP1 & SP2 Benchmarks
Flickering screen
Help with start up timining
How much would you pay for....
New Mobo Problems(but could be Graphics card)
HT versus acutal duals?
Struck My Lightening
Web Hosts in UK
Building a new pc, need In put!
Spanish speech to text
urgently need cd drivers for 3.5 enclosure box for Win98
Opteron future chips? When?
Buisness server build, please help
Been out of the loop a spell. Need some help
Arg, too many computers!!
Broke Mouse button off my MS Blue
Laptop Choice...
building new pc help?
Which Mouse?
Can i use a mac floppy with windoze?
Final Upgrade on old reliable before I jump to Opterons - Any Suggestions?
How much is a system like this worth?
fan controler
I don't know what to do!!!
need a little help here...
can i charge an alkaline battery with NiMh charger?
i did something really stupid last night
...possible mobo prob...
Problems with new Rig Pt2 - Its memory related
Pics of my budget build!
lockups under heady work load
problem with partitioning and drives
Voltage droop? Is this acceptable?
GOOD Air Filtration Unit?
Looking for some help please...
400mhz computer
Searching software to check pci clock
Some useful benchmark information
Comp Freezes After SATA Loads
Having major problems with 3dmark05 and Sandra
Advice for faster disk access platform ...
Need Advice.... Please Read!
A Different Creation Story
Mouse Problems
Do you use the Logitech drivers for you MX510?
overclocking an original gameboy.....possible?
Just bought this computer desk
Bah what is wrong with my stupid floppy?
Do I need a new PSU?
What Utility Software do you use? NAV, Adaware, etc
HITACHI GD-8000 dvd help
1.6Ghz Opteron 242's faster than 2.4Ghz Xeon's?
Magnetic screwdriver?
shuttle xpc + Celeron = 98c in 30sec help!
Dual XP2600+ post as Dual XP2000+ ??
Latop Processors? 1.6A (M) vs 3.0 GHZ - Dell Laptops
Dual TBreds..I need clarification!
First time builder Qs
Encoding to a cd
[PURCHASE] $1500 - $2000US for a laptop - suggestions
A Bazillion Computer Questions...
Does Intel's EFI spell the end of overclocking?
New raid_0 and XP install woes.....
Problems with new Rig - any guesses?
Dual mobo help ?
CD/DVD repair
pocket pc's!
Unbelievable day of scoring
Is this any Good ???
Laptop help!
THE MX510 tweaking thread
nero help
Mouse question
Cant detect DVD drive?
Failure to recognize USB devices on a NF7-S rev2
A+ test
how wise is it for me to get a 2nd rig?
Fix Joystick?
Transferring From one HD to Another with NEwer File system HELP
TDK CD Burner Problem!!!!
Hardware or software?
RAID Array on 7NJS NU
Guidelines for Thorough Stability Testing
using the floopy cable on hdd
how to convert decimal to floating point and back?
What is better FAST
512mb enough?
Benchmarking Tools...
Laptop problem
Essay Help Build a Pc
Let's show our computes
1:1, 5:4, 3:2 vs bus speed
Duelie Upgrade Suggestions?
Quastion? Help ME!
Could this work out?
Better for DAW - AMD64 or Dual Mobiles?
Bargain dell pc's and performance
modded duallie
Laptop/touchpad issues
A Giant Radio system
Problem with K7D Mster L 6800 GT
Drive not ready. System halted
3dmark scores?
Question about cleaning with alcohol
Lexar Jumpdrive
Cellphone got wet, help?
Oh..dear god... The Computer from hell (spyware nightmare)
Planning a new pc, need some opinions
rs232 speed / protocol
some error troubleshooting
dvd burner
lock-ups every 4 hours of gaming
Need help on picking out a PDA
New gaming pc
SMP programs and Beowulf clusters.
First O\C
Display driver prob (again)
OC causing strange biological affects
Printer wont print black ink lmao
Quick response needed -- new host for my forums
cd media?
Why do you overclock?
Centrino Technology...dell
Paypal donation links
The Official OCForums SFF Thread!
Use your gmail account as a drive!
Cdrom booting problems
Putting cd in?
hp laptop display to bright
1 Keyboard 1 Mouse, 2 Computers?
debating laptops
Generic Gamepad
RAID0 and cmos
Disk defragmenter always locking up system
Installing WinXP on a new PC
To get a new computer or to upgrade my current??
Front USB issues
Friends Computer won't turn on
New System Final
Temps on PC-DL?
Made A Drive Invalid by Accident, What Do I Need To Do To Make It Valid Again?
Did I damage my CPU??
moved pc = no boot :( what happened?
Engrish Anyone?
The dangers of static shock?
Safely Remove Hardware
LCD buyer help please
Need some help on SCSI imaging devices.
confused about pci-e
She Lives, SHE LIVES! But CPU is Running Hot?
I hate Dell Laptops
OC an old G3
Building new comp
What Do I Need To Have Plugged In To Get The Computer To Post?
how much would you pay...(laptop)
Critiques appreciated - shopping cart list for new system
disgusting case of CPU malnutrition...
What's inside a thumbdrive?
How many people here know about building a laptop from the ground up
ULTIMATE Gaming Computer
Printer question...
MX500 Question
How do i play my xbox on my monitor?
laptop recommendations
How do I....
System failures
MX510 Mouse Lag
What first: CPU or VGA?
New system shuts down after post
First Time Builder
Pick you favorite president based on Drag!
PC shuts down when loading a game
Where can I buy some of those sticky zip tie things?
New System Help
Infrared mouse receiver to all peupose Ir receiver?
Help me windows won't boot.
Futuremark is upset with [H]ardocp
Help whats going on?
Is it just me, or is SBC DSL turned pretty worthless for anyone else?
going to get certified, looking for advice
New comp for college/gaming - opinions?
Dual CPU EPIA Mini-ITX mobo! Also Quad CPU demo'ed!
o/c question
How's this system?
Upgraded: Format nessasary?
Computer Animation Questions
Is This Cold Boot Problem?
Please Enlighten Me
Google for PDA
Change cpu or video card?
sata drivers
Best Computer?
who wants a sff forum section??
Compaq Presario 700 series notebooks CPU upgrading?
Upgrade ideas
Not stable in 3d at 200 fsb
Not stable in 3d at 200 fsb
Laser Printer Wanted
Waking from Standby Problems
nic card question
A+ Certification
Girls who think they know everything about computers.
desktop clock running fast
Which DVD Player is a better deal?
Computer Engineering
Computer problem
Has anyone tried using these Jetway 2-user computers for gaming?
Help me build a new gamming computer
what to buy
What to upgrade first?
Quick upgrade
adding second processors to motherboard question
Sn85G4- Need Help!
need help mobo&cpu 150$ limit
Logitech MX 1000
What you think of this?
Specs for a friends system - all i need?
The computer of 2010
Computer cleaning.
MICRO Inovations Wireless mouse
Can't find my burner in programs
Potentiometer question
Choosing between laptops
Keyboard functions
a64 quick question
120v Outlet power
Sony or Apple?
I think my computer is dying....help
New Rig
full setup, what do u think?
Anyone looked into getting a Canon IP3000?
Yay! Just ordered a bunch of stuff!
DVD region
Going from XP1600 to XP2600+ Tbred (dual)
How would you rate my comp?
anyone ever seen a battery operated fan?
Overclocking Issues. What's my weak link?
destroying hard drives for fun and pleasure
AMD vs Intel Budget system
I think I got a little bit stupider from reading the replys in this forum.
Help, Planning My First Build
upgrade time :D
AMD 64 or new athlon xp setup
A+ course?
USB 2 External enclosure 6mb/sec max?
?? about all Hardware to new MB
vcore in peoples sigs.
ROOKIE looking to build his a PC
does anyone use prime95 (not bench or burn)
Mac users are dumb
USB Ports
Rebate question - photocopy = printed picture w/ digital camera?
Bearing questions
huge problem
IBM Thinkpad 360 Problems.. Weird
Print monitor
Top & Side Panel Help please.
dual socket opteron
Some MAC G5 brought to the PC users mind
Which RAM to buy for FX-53 system
recommend me some cheap parts?
know of stores in the uk? i.e. overclock.co.uk
Can't get toshiba open
Big probs with computer
3DMark 2001SE
Razer Diamondback Mouse
My Dream Machine. Comments, Critics
Random Freezes
replacement 23A12V battery for multimeter?
K8T Master2-FAR
Having Problems With My computer need help Fast
Fried Computer Help (pics included)
Look good?
Burning smell, no video!
A64 system
What Mouse do you use for Gaming Poll
Getting a new comp from scratch, need some advise
ProLiant DL380 / ML530 (G1)
More weapons for RIAA's armory :(
powerpoint presentation on building a computer?
4 pin power cable burning up
dell laptops
As of now
Fixing computers
Can u solve this Cisco quiz section?
According to Tom's Hardware . . .
Ideq 210v MB - poor 3d performance. Need help and advice.
Gmail is broke
Tool Kit
ASAP please
UPGRADE! what first?
AV Software
What is the Best AMD 64 3000+ Laptop
Upgrade questions
Can't find cheap DVI to VGA converter, grr
Laptop screen randomly dieing?
Presario 1700t - laptop problems
Building a Laptop
not enough bandwith for USB mouse?
Newb xeon MP question
Benchmark Rome Total War please
Cutting voltage in half to dim LED?
Installing a new Power Button
It's 2004, why haven't they come out with ___ yet?
ccna/ccnp/ccie hardware list?