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Ordered a new machine
list of simbals you can make with alt+numpad?
How do you properly run Prime95
Need help in building a computer for 500 dollars or less
Anything Else needed to use this?
Best Wireless Optical Combo
HDTV experts pls help
GPU Temp & MBM
Switching from Mobiles to Desktops
my video and audio on movie's are off..can someone help me out? thanks.
Help me crack Compaq's BIOS
I think something is dead...
Yet another "how good is this setup" thread
Unformatted Floppy Capacity
Good MP3 Player Brands?
Memory Test and IDE detection of Drives works, but
Cables & ATA drives
This PC is really messed-up
Ultimate gaming pc?
Cheapest 19000 3Dmark2001SE System
Trying to find a good KVM
A Decent Laptop?
How do YOU clean your LCD monitor screen?
New system
Let's see your Desktop
Dual prime stable at 2520mhz :)
How do you splice rpm monitor?
Need help with some nuts-o overclocking (intel)
Does the GA-7DPDWX-P Support DDR333??
is cryptography considered a major?
What do you learn/study in Computer Science?
Video Cards MPX
Dual Opteron Cooling
How does this system look as an everything machine?
Windows wont detect my DVD Rom
Help Overclocking Athlon XP 2400+
Old Microsoft Sidewinder 3d Pro
Help with mobo fan, kind of emergency
AMD Opteron 240s?
Will there be something new!?!??!
anyone else get...nagged at?
quad opteron
Need some help w/ an old server
will be selling my system in the next few weeks, please post what you think its worth
So, has anyone heard of Windows XP Starter Edition?
New Motherboard and CPU - the monitor wont start up. :(
Dear god, HELP!
Looking for the best computer tip
Is thier a free website that allows you to post pics on forums without problems
The end all mobo thread
2 systems won't turn on, hint at, but don't start.....
lan drivers?
Xeon 3.0CGhz socket604 800FSB 1M
Trying to Fix Relative's Machine, It's Giving Me Hell!
Hah. And I thought it was impossible.
Comment on my what I'm getting from Newegg(monitor, dvd burner, sleeving, lots more)
unreal tournament 2004, restarts comp
C5 NGEN Mouse pad
Problems Booting Please Help
Mobile carputer.. Need help picking components..
Taking out "stuck" molex's?
All right, is my cell phone garbage, or is it the service?
RTC test failure during Win XP restart
Any way to make a 7CD (install disks) into a 1 DVD install Disk?
Win XP restart doen't reconize the CPU !
Dual 2400M / Tyan MPX.... Beeps!
Asus M6000N?
Best Bang for my Buck?
A64 3000 best heatsink alternative
OMG, i think i damaged the traces!
Guide Me, Fellow O'cers
O/C'd, now wireless mouse sketchy
Opterons and the 1MB cache....this is good?
how to build my own computer w/ NF7-S v2
How bad is this? Dell Laptops
I have a Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 3.0...Should i get an mx510?
New fan install: now HDD light stays on all the time
Added Ram; Hell broke loose.
College Requires use of McAffee
What is the BEST upgrade?
Wireless Mouse - Any way too..
Help me get some drivers
3D Mark scores off?
Cell Phones with ringtone composer
A+ certificate exam difficult?
What Linux Os to Install?
700 bux to spent.
Hotmail Problems
DDR Booster from OCZ & K7D Master-L
Im back...
free hardware from the big companies
New System, Opinions?
Got a BFGTech 6800 GT, BIOS: USB Mouse - Enabled prevents bootup
EXTRA! Noob needs critique of first system!
shipping materials and how to?
macintosh computer ( lisa )
Problem with Tyan 2462 and XP-m
Ethernet Card or Onboard?
that would be cool...
pc-dl mod
Socket temp probe broke off
chieftec panels compatable with Thermaltake
Good Idea?
old server ideas
K7d Master L... web cam wont work
Uses for Old Computers?
20-24pin adapters and SMP boards
how much for my laptop?
laptop cooling pads
how many computers do you have?
Choose my upgrade option for me please, I have a few but can't decide..
Apple G5 casemod questions
Hardware Prawn!! HOT HOT HOT
Cable ring? (look like ring magnets) ??
Water cooling K7D Master ~ Which pump?
how much?
cloning hard drives
Are these worthwhile upgrades?
Upgrade to 64 bit for a couple hundred?
can get past 297 fsb
Led case lights
Random Reboots ?
What's the best ink jet for ~$100?
PC-DL Dual Channel problem
New Computer
Leaving computer on
frys 2.8 piv wit mb or wait for 3.0 retail with mb?
Dual Channel?
Can anyone help? My PC failed for no reason!
My laptop refuses to boot!! I need that data though!
Does MORE monitor = LESS Performance ??
I need you guys to put me a rig together
After a year... computer fails to boot
2.66 xeon multiplier help please!
problem with first system please help
Major Case Problem
Best possible gaming rig, not too over the top though.
Dont know what to do!
My MS 3.0 mouse doesnt pick up on start up of Win
Motherboard backplate help!!
dumbest hardware ideas
WTF!!! +3.3V rail reading at 2.8V !!!
Unstable OC, please help me find my systems bottleneck!
Computer starts, no error beeps.. but no signal to monitor after oc
Seemingly random Computer Freeze..
700-750$ For Mobo/Cpu/Videocard
UPS Phone Protector = Network protector?
Randomly rebooting
What are these things? (Picture)
PC Mag finds DIY'ers the happiest
$300-$400 at the very most to build with
Chrome Paint
Best low end OC'ing mobo cpu combo
I know you all want this. (see link)
Good LAN carrying bag?
Latex Gloves and ESD
Another weird problem...
dual xeon system gone screwy - help
Need help getting a rig
K7D System unresponsive after format
Need help fast
Making CDs a dvd player can play?
System not booting, appreciate help!
Suggestions on building *really*cheap computer for dad
Checkdisk always..wtf
feed back on this system
What Am I doing Wrong?????
Would this be worth $700 (usd) to you?
How much do you think my comp would sell..?
cordless mx duo - keyboard lag
Blue screen of death
New Laser Mouse - Logitech MX-1000
back in the day...
last of the dual xeon rig in, set up tonight
got the last of my dual xeon rig in, setup later tonight
The Official "xdrive is finally building his first pc and needs help with xxx" Thread
PCIe outside of video cards?
computer wont stay on
Aux voltage, can someone explain?
DIY computers becomeing obsolete?
dual xeons with ht - what os?
Latest drivers? Sound
Networking problem, need a quick answer
Computer build help
this is driving me nuts!
How many PC's in YOUR HOUSE?
Scratchproof an IceMat Gaming Surface?
AMD Duallie vs AMD Single CPU - 3Dmark compare
Shuttle problems
Unsolved Computer Mystery
Best printer for <$100?
ps2 controller for pc
Unstable PC
upgraded sys. what you think?
Logitech's New Media Keyboard
BSODs every few minutes on my new computer..PLEASE HELP!!
building a new pc
latest on dual mobiles
Testing at 2550mhz!!
usb 2.0 not working?
NEED HELP ASAP:Antec PSU cought my HDD on fire
A64 Vs 6800gt
ATA 133 40pin vs 80pin
Strange Problem
Blue screens, random freezes, dazed and confused
HELP! Identify this part! (HUGE IMAGE)
Should a newbie even bother trying?
Loud "POP", no POST now
Neat USB Key Tricks
How Much to Sell this computer
What Vcore are you running in your dually? Socket A
Pci 2.2 -->2.1
10Yr old PC & Fresh Win95 install - Where do I find DRIVERS?
Options on a laptop, or what to chose....
comp turns off after 3 seconds.
Mouse: Most Buttons
Got Mobile unstability? Post your error reports here!
No Video on bootup!
Another Build-a-pc post
Mobo and processor help
Online Free Service to Forward Mail
Could my rig handle ~10 person dedicated servers for the newer games?
new system CD DRIVES
2nd and 3rd hard drive not being read
Help!! PC won't get into windows
wireless keyboard
mp3 memory removal
trouble with autorun
Half 246 duallie to full duallie
Need to put a new system together
PlayStation controller on PC
Wee... New SMP rig. Dual 246s anyone?
Ahh help me with internet!
Advice on dual processor motherboard
My computer just shut down overnight???
Power off
Need Advice on Dual Processor Motherboard
Can someone tell me what to buy? For an upgrade of Cpu, mobo, and ram.
Reset CMOS BIOS password on at&t globalyst 380tpc (120MHz Pentium)
Multi-button mice
Should i do it?
Question about pin modding the Vcore
Budget & Performance AMD Athlon 64 3200+ system. Need tips.
hows the epox m762a
usb stop functioning
USB handling?
Please Check This Out For Me
messed up sound
PC won't boot
does the pc-dl support 1 mb cache xeons?
question about random pc rebooting....
[Need]Buyadvice Board + CPU /w OC-potential
BSODs every few minutes. PLEASE HELP!!!
Clock is going to fast wrong time! HELP!!!
upgrading my mom's pc
Mouse pads and headsets?
just turned on new PC for the first time, couple Q's
Building my first Pc, what should I buy!?
Help my computer restarts for no reason..!!?
Weird patterns in boot but not in windows?
computer keeps crashing
MX700 Dock no longer functioning
Help me build a new computer.
new dual xeon (p4) system: what case?
Whats a good sound card that isnt expensive.
Via Hyperion 4.51 Pro
Molex safety
please help with my mouse...
another amd gaming machine...
Possible to run 2 P95s at once?
How to help my friend sell his computer?
Building Monarch computer, need your thoughts!
help please.
IRQ troubles with my dually (Asus A7M266D)
Your thoughts on the people selling the AMD64 3200+/K8V/FarCry combo on ebay?
A+ Certification - Any advice/tips?
when building a new pc do i need?
Computer is stalling
Paypal: Notice of Pendency of Class Action and Proposed Settlement
Going A64!
NEED A Pre Built
Computer freezing
Lightning Strike -- What is Salvageable
Cool graphical screensavers?
Looking for help on laptops
IRQ conflict????
Busted com?
FINAL CHECK STAGE = What do YOU think of my selected hardware? What would you change?
Wheres that list of SMP-able apps?
Newbie qestion about dual XP's
Question about UPS's
Help!!! My COmputer Won't Turn On!
Custom Rig... Need Custom Parts
help! weird problem
[JOURNAL] birth of little boy blue
Ok, FINALLY going to order... Cool?
3color 80mm fans, turn off 3color?
Which upgrade would benefit my system the most?
program to view device info?
how to delete old stuff from palm
Laptop Going Slow
Best laptop computers?
Where is the Mod Your CD-ROM into a DVD-ROM Link?
What do you think of my laptop?
Dual Opteron 246 server is done, lots of pics [56k blue screen of death]
Cheap laptop needed but.....
Im At Cpl!!!
mouse problem
New Rig Build
AMD Processors for SMP
Doom3 vs 9800pro
Trouble with my amd dually ...please help
What do you think of the Ideazon Zboard?
Trouble deciding which dual setup...
What's wrong with this mouse?
New Rig
best upgrades for $500 or less
To upgrade or to stave off the joys of spending money.
Highest DPI mouse
something i noticed on my mac but not on my pc
Tiger K8W
What to get.....
processors for a PowerEdge 4400 server?
Scanner does not overclock!
HELP, my smooth smp is no longer smooth
$1000 Rig
Computer is very loud :(
Gaming Rig for Brother
Probably the final specs....
My Rig (not yet build though)
DOOM3 box for me!
Memtest for dually question ...
How about this computer I might build for my friend?
Just built my first Dually
Vant give up SMP so which Opteron is good.
Need help deciding on a dual cpu system.
k7d and new cards?
Duhh what? Grease?
Old athlon Slot A processor?
arr what is this?
PCI Express extension cord?
Do you take out your anger on your computer?
Random freezing when idle?
good enough?
Sister needs a Notebook...
We create gravity
Magnets through wood?
Spank the monkey
DVDRom Problem.
Dually Wont Boot
The weirdest computer problem in the world ever
woot... new hardware :)
Life before Google
New Cell Phone, Whatcha think?
Google Search Is Down
How much would this be worth?
2 XP-m's at different multi
Need some...legal...help
hmmmm.....found a new toy
Knock, Knock. The Village Idiot has a question.
Single or Dual Processor???
How do I save a flash animation?
So, i just bought 5 dual p3 boards....
New Rig for Customer
Xbox Harddrive Swap
New sysytem-what do you think??!?!
Msi K8T Master problems.
eMachine M6810 Laptop
Printer not printing
First time poster/computer builder
Input on making new system(AMD 64)
Putting together a P4 rig. What do I buy?
Need a rig!
Compatibility problems?
got a problem, probably simple
Thinking about a laptop
My Everquest 2 Rig...what do you think?
Game/LAN file&print server.
Cleaning the Computer
Prime95 not working right-crashing
Tyan Tiger s2460 5v question...
Would newegg let me RMA this mobo?
MP3 Player
Need some suggestions for Digital Cameras
Upgrading questions
Check out this seriously dramatic thread...
problems starting a computer
File Server Setup....
Thinking about switching from P4 to AMD 64.
crash problem!
My dreams have come crashing down
help building pc
How to reverse 24x mod !?
need pic host real quick
Dell warrenty
What feeds your needs?
My new toy *dances*
Logitech MX700 problem
Overclocking Dual Oppies
Can't get my computer stable for nothing
New Keyboard
I hurt my new Keyboard. Logitech Cordless Elite Duo
Problem: Windows XP Pro Cannot Save file "XXXX"
Building a computer
Best wifi Pocket PC
Silencing Hard drives
I need about 100MB's or more of free webspace
Random beeps? Wrong SPD detection?
AMD dual mobile challenge: one full week of uptime
So does anyone run Darwin OS on a AMD dually?
who made this card?
Floppy Disk Drive Problem
g3 powerbook
question about psu with dual fan
Getting Toshiba Satellite M35-S456 Is it any good?
Cordless phone base antenna needs replaced...
Need computer power switch
Dual opterons, athlons, or xeons?
Friend starting a lan center, wants 120 pcs, where i get 120 of each product?
Where to get thumb screws?
what order should i oc my 2500+ mobile?
windows installation
will stress testing screw my computer?
Which sys is better (v 2.0)
How would you connect these???
Hot diggity dog! 2.1Ghz from 1700's & KD7
Flip Switch
Students here? Have you heard of tablet PC's?
Need Advice for P4 2.8C OC'ing
PCI,AGP latency changing program (ONLY FOR PRO's)
Shortwave Radio Suggestions
Floppy problem: is it the controller or the drive?
upgrade time
building a computer
Primary master
Epson C84 printer problem, please help
Mobile Xps and pin modding
Dell Inspiron 5000 docking station
Help me diagnose my dually :(
How far away should my microwave be from my Monitor?
drive problems
Quad Processor system possible for under 6K?
old 9x laptop problem
Computer a fire-hazard?
whats the difference between an E-ide and ide cdrw drive?
will this cheap ram work with oc'ing?
Learning the basics of electronics and circuit
CRT screen burning
Game Problem
Can you spot any probs with this setup?
getting BSOD's looking for suggestions
What happened!? Problem with old P2 box
Slow boot time
sigh.."new" computer..
Free image hosting by me for OC use.
Securing your Hardware
Logitech Webcam not working?
How much longer is AGP going to be around?
Back up to date?
Your Home Page
Intel/Ati/AMD/Nvidia coming out with anything new soon?
Where would you buy a Ramdrive card?
What would YOU geT?
Laptop Screen
Does this work together?
Vintage system help required
Massive read/write on hard drive HELP IT'S SO FRICKEN SLOW
New Computer
New Computer (Starting out fresh :) )
What to do with toshiba laptop :-(
Which Mouse do you prefer for gaming?
Pci-x 66mhz 33mhz 64 bit 32 Bit (Give zeb a headache)
whats a good computer related profession?
Need to learn Basic Excel skills to pass
any SMP users have SuSE 9.1 as an os?
Useless Multimedia
Where to get quad opteron MBs?
What Died?
Toshiba e330 Screen Probs... quick fix?
Retireing the dual celerons - what new board?
MSI k7D - what procs to upgrade to?
Which Raid controller? MSIk7d
K7D Bios and 256 vid mem.
K7D with Mobiles? non-registered memory?
[LUCK] Why me - really - why! (in a good sense)
Getting Iwill MPX2 and 2x Athlon MP 2400+
can the applebred durons be used in smp/ what should i do?
Thinkin of goin smaller