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DFI Lanparty UT
Do I need anything else before I build?
CPU-Z causing Voltage fluctuating?
What do you think of this system?
What would be the best (and *quiet*) alternative to a 120mm Vantec Tornado CPU fan?
Another "Help! I screwed up my computer!!" Thread
Does anybody know.......
not realy computer related but.
Drivers Question Please!
Keeping my keyboard clean?
Just ordered MX510, what to do first?
Msn Messenger problems
what to do with ancient compaq p233
My computer plan
new rig, lower 3dmark score..
Whiz Kid Case Badge?
Looking for a bluetooth mouse that doesn't have to have an external hub
Please Someone Help Me BSOD !!!
Good cheap UPS?
Commodore 64 wanted
Anyone ever had this happen?
Super computer
new rig suggestions/help
Upgrading Pseudo HP pc with AIW 9700 pro...serious issues, please help!
Logitech MX Duo (Cordless)
Sound Skips when playing Video or Audio
My moniter fried all my outlets?!?! WTF?
New process/mobo... new install?
Gaming Keyboard/Mouse
Best board for 2500+ amd duallie
Gual G4 possible Upgrade?
GA-7DPXDW and 2x 2500+ XP-M
Data Recovery Program Crashes to desktop...PLEASE HELP!!!
915p chipset worth the money?
Logitech MX510 Mod
Best Gaming Box for 600$-700$
Help me identify this hard drive controller
Plans for system, needs revising.
Building a rig for my uncle, advice?
Round cables?
Where's A64 Dullie info?
Building a new system!
cheap backpack laptops?
Question about Upgrading.
what do you all think of this case...system....
Any idea what this is? PII dual server mb
Which to upgrade first?
Tablet PCs? What do you know?
HELP: BIOS Checksum error-no response
Help me compare...
Soldering Station
Grounding Straps
Microsoft Wireless Keyboard: HELP!
dual xeon overclocking help
Razer Viper
Where do you get your PC news??
20 or 40 gig mp3 player?
Post your specs
Bios Temp. readings
so how good are emachines laptops?
HELP! My Computer Keeps Doing this...
Building system, any advice welcome.
USB Flash drive short causes CPU errors?
Comp won't post anymore :(
What do you think about emachines
Mouse wheel scroll on its own
$300 budget
Cheaper to use older processor then new?
has overclocking my cpu caused this?
Next upgrade?
Check before i buy
A trip down memory lane
Razer Viper Mouse!
ASUS A7M266-D ... feel a need to smash something
Cellotape / fan controller
Can't figure this out!!!!!!
New rig wont power on
multifunction color ptinter thats a laser jet
USB transfer is so slow in my new A64 rig.
What to buy first?
What do you think about this system?
Plans for system, any advice welcome.
Pc shuts completely off during disc cleanup
IT Certification? Who here has em? or is working on em
>!!Gaming PC buying advice!!<
Help 4 me buying me PC
The Longest a USB cable can be...
POST/ Windows Installation Problem
Buying Order...
what is this called?
L5 Mod
New CPU Running Slow and Acting Up
Underclocking P4
need some help
Laptop Temp Monitor Freeware
How's this lappy?
External floppy all that is needed?
Voice over IP.... Do u use/want it
PlayStation questions
Building pc, need some advice
New AMD ad!
Creative Nomad MUVO
Building an Athlon 64 system.
CD drive problem
Questions on building MediaCenter/PVR??
Why wont my Lian-Li Leds light?
Car 110/120v power inverter
logitech cordless navigator duo problems
pc and ac on same circuit (ups question)
Supermicro X6DAE-G only support ECC Registered memory?
Dual Opteron and Watercooling help?
usb questions?
hey all...i was jus wondering about what you think about my rig
KvM/KxM with Bluetooth
Anyone know if Tyan tech support number is free?
What would this computer be worth??
Upgrading my dual p3...
BIOS Problems...
New to SMP...
A/C questions??? - hey, it's still hardware!
Subwoofer beside casing
never seen anything like this. i think its slowing down my computer.
Used to burn cd's in 2min's, now takes 7......
so I cant' install windows on my pc-dl when it's booting
Help! Machine won't post!
Chipset speed
modded a zalman , now a short circuit?
Zalman Cnps7000a + Asus K8v Se Deluxe?
Need Help Computer keeps restarting
Help! My PC Won't POST!
DualCore Opterons posted at AMDZone
quick question..
Good Computer Chair
Do nforce3 mobos come with on-board video?
Post pics
Computer won't restart
Wireless Keyboard ?! or just mouse...
I need to be a small ISP so need to build Analog Modem Pool
Question on Apple computers?
this board any good?
Laptop Review
The british siren haunting: Please help!
USB2.0 via PCI doesn't automatically start?
Low Disk Space
Need advice on budget system please
Planning an A64 System
What Company do you think sells the best laptops?
Good A64 setup
Your recommended pentium setup
Computer is acting strangely, random lockups
Problem with a dinosaur
Major Computer Issues!
SMP MP3 encoder?
Rank from Best to Worst deal
CMOS Battery Failed
"Hot Swap" bad bios chip
Prostar Laptop Woes :-( Won't turn on
First digital computer...
uATX Setup...
help making my choice
warrantee question
New Apple iMac G5
rfc: Building new rig
New iMacs!
Logitech MX500 Mouse through a KVM
Getting Old.
30GB log file = uh oh
A64 or P4?
PDA Internet browsing and OC forums
my new comp
dual p3 motherboard ?
Athlon64? Opteron? P4? LGA775?
Computer Help (Hardware?)
****Need to get this confirmed****
Printer issue
Looking for a decent webcam
gaming pc for $1600
Beep... Beep... Beep...
Building comp. Imaging drive
Extended Warranty?
mb from frys won't post, with piv 3.0
Help me decide which NUMA supporting Motherboard to get please!
How much of a bottle neck will my system be with an X800?
Udma 6
Backpack for a notebook
Which ATA cables are better?
How To Move?
TV Tuner Cards
Very anoying ticking sound
Parts are too expensive! When is the price going to drop?
USB 2.0 ports... onboard or PCI?
Buzzing ethernet port
Is this what you might consider a success?
Suggest a good KVM switch. (that keeps refresh rate & I.Q.)
Is bringing a laptop to class in college going to make me an idiot?
Case Lighting
Not enough PS for dually?
New Ststem to be ordered soon... What do you think??
hmmmm which mouse should i use?
PS/2-less machine won't boot with USB keyboard
Power Supply
Help with Dell DJ
I think I am ordering this Barebone......Sound Good???
Dvd player wont work
Find Me a Laptop! (At tigerdirect.ca)
Compact Flash
Newbie needs help With first system.
XP in Duallie - mix it up?
Installed new harddrive, now I get NO SOUND!!!!
Where to buy flagging tape?
New Nostromo 52 SpeedPad driver
Gaming PC
Ibm 300pl
Suggestions for a laptop.
Invention time. What do u guys think?
How to attach heads onto bare fan leads?
Cell phone dead?
The thing about flat panel moniters..
OMG Where's my computer? Does it still work?
Slow Computer That Should Be Fast
Strange problem: P4 Computer randomly freezes
PC only works when horizontal
need some help guys
WXGA+ Question
Going Green: Moving To A64 & Need Advice!
What to do with this hardware?
Emergency: Deleted USB Thumb Drive Partition by accident
Built computer won't turn on...
Dell SmartStep 100d components?
how big do I need to make my computer
new pc spec
Ordered A New PC!
Pc update
PCI-E queries
Help Building a docking station for my Logitech Cordless Elite Duo Keyboard.
Laptop Hunting
i need a 25 to 50 foot parallel male-male cable
Joystick Issue
Won't boot - power light just flickers
cleaning smoke damage from fire
My new rig
I just lost one third of my 3dmark 03 score, help!
Opteron Temps
Worst upgrade?
Shipping my computer cross-country!
BOOT DISK error..!?!?
Computer hangs at every reboot
PalmPilot/PocketPC desires...
Anyone else have a hard time getting heatsinks on and off?
Question about installing new mobo...
major upgrade suggestions
mem/cpu help/advice needed
What happened to TCWO?
mouse/sound, stuttering issues (XP)
MX700 go bad?
$400 to throw at my current system
HELP! My computer just blew!
What is holding me back?
Laptop Advice
First time building own PC - what not to forget?
Before I commit is there anything wrong here?
Plz help me - no beep at all
water damaged PCB repair?
What to buy with $500, what barebone.....
Toshiba e740 Prob
Should I go through with these upgrades?
Power lights flashing...
Where to find a MSI Master 7D?
Please Help!!!!!!! Need Advice Fast!!!!!!!!
Dual Xeons and video editing
Where to find 1700MP?
New Home Built PC
Computer automatically shuts down, can't turn back on immediately - VERY bizarre
New SMP Board Coming In December "NForce4 Pro"
New BUDGET Pc Help
Anybody know how to obtain specific types of email addresses?
CD ROM Drive Size?
PCI Express
comp wont POST, could it be the CPU?
Building New System, Need Opinions.
Help me find this fuse plz!?
need help "onetouch ultra"
My New Computer...
Anybody reformat a Dell or Gateway computer?
Averatec laptops?
How's this system sound?
"Power Supply Sleeving Made Easy"
dual processor
Will NUMA be implemented correctly for WINXP Pro 32 Bit or is it not worth buyin yet
memory controller died?
Building PC's for other people
Online dealer for Nimh "AA" batteries with tabs?
I think I've killed it..
Need Help choosing server parts
External Closure stuff
one mouse two PCs (not kvm)kvm
Turning comp on and off will cause errors?
Constant 1/2 lit hard drive light
I dont know what to do?
i think i messed up the voltage of my cpu using Fuzzy Logic..help..anyone
Laptop HD
Motherboard suggestions please
School PC
Some questions about Memory, Mobo, and CPU for A64 b4 I upgrade.
Estimate the lifetime of my rig!
Best Mouse
What do you think the best multi function printer is?
how to start system out of case
UV tube meltdown
computer for friend
New toys.. But which ones
Since the link in the sticky doesn't work...I made my own guide!
Is it ok to have wires touching the heatsink?
Gaming Machine, OCing Memory
What is wrong with these parts??
My new toys
emachine laptop??
Computer shuts down after 5-7 seconds!
Molex Connectors
Ordered a new machine
list of simbals you can make with alt+numpad?
How do you properly run Prime95
Need help in building a computer for 500 dollars or less
Anything Else needed to use this?
Best Wireless Optical Combo
HDTV experts pls help
GPU Temp & MBM
Switching from Mobiles to Desktops
my video and audio on movie's are off..can someone help me out? thanks.
Help me crack Compaq's BIOS
I think something is dead...
Yet another "how good is this setup" thread
Unformatted Floppy Capacity
Good MP3 Player Brands?
Memory Test and IDE detection of Drives works, but
Cables & ATA drives
This PC is really messed-up
Ultimate gaming pc?
Cheapest 19000 3Dmark2001SE System
Trying to find a good KVM
A Decent Laptop?
How do YOU clean your LCD monitor screen?
New system
Let's see your Desktop
Dual prime stable at 2520mhz :)
How do you splice rpm monitor?
Need help with some nuts-o overclocking (intel)
Does the GA-7DPDWX-P Support DDR333??
is cryptography considered a major?
What do you learn/study in Computer Science?
Video Cards MPX
Dual Opteron Cooling
How does this system look as an everything machine?
Windows wont detect my DVD Rom
Help Overclocking Athlon XP 2400+
Old Microsoft Sidewinder 3d Pro
Help with mobo fan, kind of emergency
AMD Opteron 240s?
Will there be something new!?!??!
anyone else get...nagged at?
quad opteron
Need some help w/ an old server
will be selling my system in the next few weeks, please post what you think its worth
So, has anyone heard of Windows XP Starter Edition?
New Motherboard and CPU - the monitor wont start up. :(
Dear god, HELP!
Looking for the best computer tip
Is thier a free website that allows you to post pics on forums without problems
The end all mobo thread
2 systems won't turn on, hint at, but don't start.....
lan drivers?
Xeon 3.0CGhz socket604 800FSB 1M
Trying to Fix Relative's Machine, It's Giving Me Hell!
Hah. And I thought it was impossible.
Comment on my what I'm getting from Newegg(monitor, dvd burner, sleeving, lots more)
unreal tournament 2004, restarts comp
C5 NGEN Mouse pad
Problems Booting Please Help
Mobile carputer.. Need help picking components..
Taking out "stuck" molex's?
All right, is my cell phone garbage, or is it the service?
RTC test failure during Win XP restart
Any way to make a 7CD (install disks) into a 1 DVD install Disk?
Win XP restart doen't reconize the CPU !
Dual 2400M / Tyan MPX.... Beeps!
Asus M6000N?
Best Bang for my Buck?
A64 3000 best heatsink alternative
OMG, i think i damaged the traces!
Guide Me, Fellow O'cers
O/C'd, now wireless mouse sketchy
Opterons and the 1MB cache....this is good?
how to build my own computer w/ NF7-S v2
How bad is this? Dell Laptops
I have a Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 3.0...Should i get an mx510?
New fan install: now HDD light stays on all the time
Added Ram; Hell broke loose.
College Requires use of McAffee
What is the BEST upgrade?
Wireless Mouse - Any way too..
Help me get some drivers
3D Mark scores off?
Cell Phones with ringtone composer
A+ certificate exam difficult?
What Linux Os to Install?
700 bux to spent.
Hotmail Problems
DDR Booster from OCZ & K7D Master-L
Im back...
free hardware from the big companies
New System, Opinions?
Got a BFGTech 6800 GT, BIOS: USB Mouse - Enabled prevents bootup
EXTRA! Noob needs critique of first system!
shipping materials and how to?
macintosh computer ( lisa )
Problem with Tyan 2462 and XP-m
Ethernet Card or Onboard?
that would be cool...
pc-dl mod
Socket temp probe broke off
chieftec panels compatable with Thermaltake
Good Idea?
old server ideas
K7d Master L... web cam wont work
Uses for Old Computers?
20-24pin adapters and SMP boards
how much for my laptop?
laptop cooling pads
how many computers do you have?
Choose my upgrade option for me please, I have a few but can't decide..
Apple G5 casemod questions
Hardware Prawn!! HOT HOT HOT
Cable ring? (look like ring magnets) ??
Water cooling K7D Master ~ Which pump?
how much?
cloning hard drives
Are these worthwhile upgrades?
Upgrade to 64 bit for a couple hundred?
can get past 297 fsb
Led case lights
Random Reboots ?
What's the best ink jet for ~$100?
PC-DL Dual Channel problem
New Computer
Leaving computer on
frys 2.8 piv wit mb or wait for 3.0 retail with mb?
Dual Channel?
Can anyone help? My PC failed for no reason!
My laptop refuses to boot!! I need that data though!
Does MORE monitor = LESS Performance ??
I need you guys to put me a rig together
After a year... computer fails to boot
2.66 xeon multiplier help please!
problem with first system please help
Major Case Problem
Best possible gaming rig, not too over the top though.
Dont know what to do!
My MS 3.0 mouse doesnt pick up on start up of Win
Motherboard backplate help!!
dumbest hardware ideas
WTF!!! +3.3V rail reading at 2.8V !!!
Unstable OC, please help me find my systems bottleneck!
Computer starts, no error beeps.. but no signal to monitor after oc
Seemingly random Computer Freeze..
700-750$ For Mobo/Cpu/Videocard
UPS Phone Protector = Network protector?
Randomly rebooting
What are these things? (Picture)
PC Mag finds DIY'ers the happiest
$300-$400 at the very most to build with
Chrome Paint
Best low end OC'ing mobo cpu combo
I know you all want this. (see link)
Good LAN carrying bag?
Latex Gloves and ESD
Another weird problem...
dual xeon system gone screwy - help
Need help getting a rig
K7D System unresponsive after format
Need help fast
Making CDs a dvd player can play?
System not booting, appreciate help!
Suggestions on building *really*cheap computer for dad
Checkdisk always..wtf
feed back on this system
What Am I doing Wrong?????
Would this be worth $700 (usd) to you?
How much do you think my comp would sell..?
cordless mx duo - keyboard lag
Blue screen of death
New Laser Mouse - Logitech MX-1000