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What does this error mean? I cant fix it. Help asap, TNX
Cut down Ide cable?
K8t Master 2 voltage question
Whats the best Digital Video Camcorder/Camera for the money?
K7D Master-L and fried drives?
Ordering tonight, 2.4 vs 2.66 Xeon
Error Message, Can't Fix It
this is just f'in whack.
wifi antennae
Here is my System. I hope im doing the right thing!
Tried to pin mod my latest Mobile...
Ati Aiw 9600xt
Build first, then mod or mod first, then build?
Apple dual g5 2.0 Problems
Bios all wierd in Shuttle XPC w/A64?
ps/2 ~ USB
Build now or Later???
Win2K pro themes?
Centrino Notebook
Please help - problem with new equipment
How to fake a keyboard?
Computer I built Dead Already?? Help!!!
How to older servers with PIII Xeons compare?
New Ram for my K7D?
I shouldnt pass this up should i?
Hi-Cap Mp3 Players.
where to build the computer
Severe Problem With Computer Speakers!
AC97 drivers for MSI?
Home made antistatic wrist band?
can anyone tell me what the stepping is on this xeon?
Dont you wish yu didnt have to make choices?
Opteron stepping codes and more
How far can i oc a athlon XP 3000 with this setup?
OMG! Get me out of this 56k hell!
what type of heatsink can fit on a tyan 2462?
Any pics of systems with homemade rounded cables?
Cleaning off hs and cpu die
Good how to build a computer guides?
opterons and vcore
Computer won't boot into Windows.
how high is to high with fsb
First Dual Advice
How to build/put together a computer videos
Really off topic, but i dunno where else to post. I cant access any posts!!
Just ordered all this from newegg.com today!!!
Front USB/Speaker Card
My HP psc 2110xi all-in-one is the BOMB!
This weeks math problem
Random Boot Problems
Sellin the MPX2....decsions....Xeon or Opti?
Gigabyte GA-7DPXDW and 2x2600+ mobiles
Is there any way to DITCH my floppy drive forever?
About how far can i overclock with this setup?
Computer keeps freezing!!! HELP
I need a dead DDR dimm!
Wireless Gaming
Taking apart an Old Compac?
$1500 to spend on hardware...suggestions?
Windoze XP Pro or 2000?
Which Rotary Tool?
I just hate people who knock you down... :(
Horrible problems, someone PLEASE help.
Which Purple LED 80mm Fan?
which Magazine should i subscribe to??
MX500 gone wacky
Thinking of Upgrading my Web Server, need help
Pics of my Computer Area, I think I am really a GEEK now.
Need Xeon motherboard and chip advice.
Dual Opteron motherboard with single or dual memory banks.
no errors in memtest, constant errors in game?
Random reboots!?!
781 3dmarks01 score!
Question for the K7D users
Outlook and Outlook Express
Smp Psu ?
usb connectors
Current Athlon CPU Info
What is yahoos problem??
USB FLash pen Passwording?
Building a PC - Whats a System Disk?
PCI-X Mobos/Video Card Avaliablity
Rough side or smooth side for optical mice?
Upgrading my PC
Please comment on the computer I want to build--does everything seem in order?
Build for a friend - AOpen AK86L?
Retail Water Cooling (Alienware and MAC)
PC Dead?
Software testers?
Anyone have a Dual Layer dvd writer?
By far the coolest 4 CPU board yet...
Building laptops...
Help! Shuttle Model SN85G4V2, Does this include RAM?
OC and Fresh Windows
Computetr dust may be TOXIC
Ohm's law: converting volts, amps, watts and resistence
Question about PC-DL 800 FSB Mod
Mobile SMP questions
What the heck is this thing for?
Why leave your desktop on for days?
PC shuts off 8-10 seconds after boot
Too Close To Your Computer
Where do you get your cool computer geek clothes?
Help me spend my mo-nay!
Building New Computer (need help)
It's a small world...
Cd burner and windows media player problems, plz help!!!!!
Here's what I got to work with :) (pic)
Rant about a system I tried to fix/clean up
I need some advice, my mate could be getting sued...
Good sound card for OC'd Dually?
Pin Modding VCore in XP Mobiles
Presscot and SFF....?
Fair trade?
Computer Gone Mad
new computer, fixing to build, checking to see if i have overlooked anything
if a system passes prime95, memtest, and 3dmark...
Palm M100 Converting to Unix/Linux + Other Q
UPgrade vs. build new?
I hate my printer
Need some help with Mobiles in a K7D
Tablet PC and games
A Rip-Off?
iWill MPX2 & Micron RAM?
Dual AMD Opteron 248s Tyan K8W mobo
Laptop harddrive?
Please review my System!
Just got a nice deal
Hows this look?
MSI master 2-far bios
This is so cool words can hardy describe
battery back-uo
Thinking about a A64 system by september?
computer just died......need help
K7D-L and 2 SLK-900's fit?
Gigabyte GA-7DPXDW+ and 35 watt mobiles
Please Help me with this problem....
Time To Overclock
Please critique my $500 upgrade
weird computer problem
Bad powersupply?
Future of technology...
Please give me feedback on this setup...
building a video surveillance system
Build vs. Buy
need help, please.
geforce MX440 fan noise.
Need a laptop for 1-1.5g's
Review My System Before I Purchase It
there she is...
american cables
hosting pictures?
Starting a small buisness
Real Trouble shooting, not for the fait of heart
Heat Sink and CPU Stuck Together....
PC won't boot after installing new NB HS
Want a work bench!
Computers hazardous to your health?
Laptop problem
Asus P4P800 SE w/ P4E 2.8 Ghz?
Gigabyte Ga-7dpxdw mobile problem
ARG!!! error loading operating system
recording a phone call
Copper Block
Does anyone have pics
64 bit conversion
A glass computer desk. Help me find one.
Laptop Upgrades!!!
New CPU & Pen
Help.PC can't boot.My first time building a pc.Experts pls help.
Machine Won't Recognize Second Drive
Well the ALX is out
Testing Signature
Pci fun!
A Mouse Pad for a MX510?
Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Elite problem
Trying to install DVD drive problems...
Opinions needed before i destroy something
wire socket mod for duel boards
Computer Problems eek. No Overclocking
How do i know if the video card supports 2 CPUs?
Web Server Hardware?
Internet explorer takes 19 seconds to open why
which opteron has decent oc yields
New AMD dually boards
cleaning off hsf and cpu
Biggest Damage
heatsinks for asus A7M266-D?
Yet another build. Comment please.
Water Cooled Computer Plans SUGGESTIONS?
Plz Comment on this full system I am buying ToNIgHT!!!
dual mac G5 vs my comp
ny keys aren't working!!!!
Need some help here putting a dualie together
Need some advice
Build your dream PC here.
Small Case Config Question: HD Under CD Drives Fine?
Why "C:"?
Purchased the new rig
Help me build a new rig!
Cutting Mobile Bridge
CD Burner Problem
Help with new rig
Winning stuff is cool
Hl 1440
whats a good brand name for rounded cables
folders: ever think of "farming" on diablo II?
K7D-L damaged?
I'm looking for a NES controller replica..
Stuck on bios screen
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - Webster's definition of Warez
So what should i upgrade next?
New computer for my grandmother
Help! How to make Foams Self Adhere?
Does anyone know how to turn sensativity down on mice in windows ?
Fast Help!!! CD Burner
Turning on a car PC
What's happening ?
HP introduces Comaq X Gaming PC
DvD doesnt have sound
Build me a computer for sell then $200
hacking with ramzi (joke)
Need help finding a motherboard
help! computer wont boot..says
What can I do with my PC? Help needed
Serial to USB Converter
Mouse pad ..
how to reduce my duallie temp?
What Network Card do i need?
Do you treat your PC like a person
Best/cheap place to buy computers parts
using latex gloves for building computer
Rate the PC im going to build!!!
7 tornados
HP motherboard
Major pc problem
Help! computer won't boot up.
Identical Steppings/speed/everything, Different performance
So many problems I barely know where to begin...
New Computer setup for Gamer
Computers Crash after being left on for a while
Total Scam >:-(
2462 do anybody use this board
quick question
Quick: IBM ThinkPad vs. Dell Inspiron
Is SMP Still worth it?
Hmm what to upgrade next...
Win Modem
booting problems
Looking for a SFF pc with 2 x 5.25" bays
Upgrade Time!! :D
Sidewinder gameport-USB dongle broken
Is a refurbished XPC ok? Or should I buy it new?
prime95 hardware error
New Virus
How much/what do I need to make my rig l337?
Pickle of a upgrade question.
Gigabyte GA-7DPXDW-P and mobile bartons
Fingerprint Sensor?
Do you treat your PC like another person?
Compaq Luggable :D LCD Dispaly fun, pics inside. Also small problem
What motherboard standoffs do you use?
[POLL] Motherboard standoff's, I use...
power inverter capacity? watts?
Need versatile college rig, lend suggestions!
Ifeel Mouse in WinXp
Connecting L5 Bridge: Arctic Silver + Hot Glue?
Lg 16x Dvd-rom ?
making an LCD display
Where do I need to upgrade?
what is the fastest cable modem?
stickies are broke, so I gotta ask..
New Rig Problem
Can't boot MSI K7D Master L
God Awful program with Gaming machine...
Installing printer on old computer
Wierd CPU hicups
How would you put this together, and hows ths setup?
Divx Calculator Formula
Weird shutdown prob (CPU, mobo, PSU?)
laptop mods question
Major freakin problems
64bit PCI in a 32bit slot?????
Serious Lock-Up Problem
Help With Digital TV Card.
laptop resurrection
where can I buy xeons w/ new cores?
Upgrade computer now or wait.
dual cores instead of smp
building my first pc...
Gaming Headphones: Plantronics Audio 90 or Sennheiser PC150?
PDA/Cell Phone combo's
I can't decide which laptop to get!
Help me build my new rig!
Master or Slave?????
[CHOICE} Which system would you want? (obvious i think)
A Litte Curious ASUS....
The TT Hardcano 12 mod @ remember settings
Which area are you most knowledge in?
Bunch of stuff
Please show me what i've been missing my whole life.
Capacitors, how important are they?
Custom Building Game PC
My opinion on why AMD is doing better
web page help?
Mother Board part for a Vaio
Gigabyte GA-7DPXDW+ Audio Problem
Need someone to Scan for me
Slow boot with XP
HSF installing
Well see, I have this mouse and...
someone answer these questions thx
Scary! Arcing in my computer!
OS will not load!
sell all together or peice it out
Just got a large sum of money
Just got a Dual PIII, what now?
Actual Power use of dual AMD 2.4ghz system
optical mouse , sensing
laptop HD problem
Opinions, should I sell my mobo and get an XPC?
Should i get a 9600 pro instead of a 9800 pro for this gaming pc setup?
Do you think I can sell this?
If i had the money...
Best Gamming Rig
Duallie 101
Internet phone?
PC wont boot (black screen when powering)
Cheaper to build: AMD or Intel based system?
video card decision
Toshiba laptop problem
Cooler Master Musketeer LLC-U01 Sound?
Random Computer Lock-up...
Odd question...
How to read an ISO image?!
Specific Headphone/Mic Combo Questions
Suggestions needed on storage of old PC for 10+ years
my new rig
Fixing computers
Why does my DVD-R revert to CD-R?
Will this system perform well?
moving a hard drive
building a new pc
PC-DL 800 FSB Mod
Why doesnt it show my 2nd hard drive?
Weird stuff: Pc makes noises when using scroll funtion on my mousw
HELP! building new rig for 2 grand
irql not less or equal
just curious
Network Security
does these xeons look burned
thinking of going dual, wanna know some things
Can't read CD?
Dual opterons (worth it?)
L5 mod needed?
Another of those Newbie Shopping Post...
Is there a such thing as a cdrom bay to floppy bay converter??
RBX on MSI k8T Master2?
Time to upgrade! ^_^
Laptop Bios Question
Dual 600B
2x 74 raptor (raid 0) vs 1
Opteron suggestions and guidance
DSL Question
SFF Opteron duallie
Motherboard or CPU
Ga-7dpxdw+ and two mobile 2600's
hardcano 12 question
Ahhh Help!!!
cell phone question
[HELP] Opinions on prices............
Please help ASAP!!
wishmy dualie could boot as fast as my Dell.
new rig
How much $
Any good prebuilt Companies?
Sound drivers for win2k3 for K7d Master-L?
TV Tuner for Laptop
Another laptop thread..
Birthday right around the corner, but what to get?
Really Confused
Help me build an awsome video editing rig
How long can a PS2 cable be???
Will this set up run UT2K4?
What do AMD duallie mb's go for?
or840 motherboard
Would you like some computer with your spyware?
Gaming Rig
cooling question?
Test drive a MAC online. WICKED
New member, new to OC'ing
Tv tuner card
Help me build a sub $300 P4
PC does not turn off when told to shutdown, windows 2000.
Please help troubleshoot a laptop pc
Help me build a system under 1,000
I finally ordered my new computer!
What colors for uv cables....
Do these actually work to increase monitor size
building (really) cheap socket A dually
Researching Parts- Building a Computer
Is it upgrade time again?
new comp + stress test
Completely out of answers please Help!
clock speeds on air
Keyboard? Best one out of the high end ones
Bios Beep and post code codes
anyone ever blow their ram or CPU or GPU?
Its Not Fair!!!!
He's Back!!!! Mixing A Lie With The Truth!!!!
Building a Rig 4 a friend
Good Gaming Setup from newegg.com around $500-600 with shipping
IBUYPOWER Laptops good or bad
Motherboard and PSU quality going downhill? Well, read this!
Dual processing? Pffft! Try quadruple processing!!! Holy moly!b
probs with radeon 9700 pro
is this a good pc?
My comp shuts itself off and I cant turn it back on, HELP!!!
Con Flamnit!
suggestion on build new pc
How to get a new AIM screen name?
Memory Related Computer Problem
Cordless WingMan
Ebay scammer gets scammed!!! LOLZ
New laser printer?
To All Smp Forum Members
What To Improve?
Dual AMD Opterons suggestions
upgrade or not ?
windows dies with a click, need help
USB not working
Do we personify computers to much?
Help/suggestions on new rig
My soon-to-be Gaming rig..
I need your help.
Weird Problem, please help diagnose
Laser Printer?
Upgrading MP's
upgrade advice
Which is better to upgrade first...
what would you do?
Quick Question
New AMD 64 bit system
Hiding Cables
Getting a replacement Windows XP CD from Dell?
Cheap possible SMP..
work around for opteron stepping
Hardware Defrag!
The responses I am getting about PC building here are ****ing me off!
What would happen to a mobo in a washer/dryer?
Falcon Northwest Fragbox
USA dial up modem in UK?
Help with Upgrades
Need Advice on a Laptop
fsb question
Lock up, lock up, lock up!!!!
An eletrical question
Strange Problem with A7M266-D
what to upgrade?
How can I tell if my HD is still running in RAID0?
IBM Thinkpad
Upgrading a system.
Prime results
Help me build my new system
keyboard problems
tualatin CPU in satellite 1805
Are Dell Desktops Upgradable?
Unfortunate Results Of Tweaking
Help: Wot upgrades needed for incr performance?????
What's a good setup for a first time builder/oc'er?
Laptop questions?!
My gaming rig
Unsuccessful? moble modding
PSU power question
People with Logitech MX500 Mice - Please Read
ATA 33 and CD-RW
Counter Strike Condition zero performance vs regular counter strike?
how to test mobo, proc, and memory without OS?
L5 mod .... frustrated
Recommendations for a system upgrade
The Exciting World Of.........
Dad taking my PC....
[QUESTION] Dual Opteron board + PCI Express - When?
New wireless mouse not being reconized
File \biosinfo.inf could not be loaded... wtf?
Alienware annouces Dual CPU, Dual PCI-X system: ALX
Was 2 CPU then only one?
so i almost crapped my pants last night
Dual Opteron System
mp2800'S on K7D showing as mp2600's
A response to a rounded cable PM...