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Using 24x mod and changes multipliers in windows
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Does a hdd fit in a floppy slot?
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Hardware moniters
fast help with a weird cd/rw
Dually 2620 on air how to
what to do with an empty 3.5'' bay?
mx700 drivers/scripts
Mouse Questions - Specifically the MX510
Need advice for building a multiple cd burning system.
480 watt psu
New computer. need some help
List all the OCing forums
Just broke the PCB for my monitor display buttons!
Will Xeon MPs work in PC-DL ?
what would make a PC suddenly suck.
Big figures....
XP-Mobile; Changing the maximum multiplier to 24x
Another new system... how's it look?
Help with modem and undetected PCI Device
Laptop Batteries
carrying cases for computers?
DX6G Plus Question
A guide for how to build a laptop
Software multis on mobiles (again)
Weird Computer PRoblem Won't start up now.
used price of corsair pc 3500c2?
anyone ordered from mwave?
Abit VP6 w/ 2xPIII 933 still decent sys?
old computer text files
Out with the old, In with the new
What do you use your dualie for?
Hardware for Multimedia (read video)
NB fan broke
Opinions on Hardware Brands
no OS identified after CMOS reset
i need an opinion on this laptop please...
Building a new system...is it good?
tech news?
friends computer...
How come I dont see any big companies making a A64 notebook?
boot question
Let's Put our Computer Heads Together
All your LCD front display troubles GONE!
hardware boot manager?
Building a SFF for my sista
What Happened to the MSN Profiles in the UK?
USB Numberpad / Laptop problems
Poor Performance (K7D Master L)
generator fired computer
Floppy drive: Yay or Nay
Best P3 era Laptop Maker
Mp upgrade to Xp Mobile
Software Patents
do you have a floppy drive?
Gaming Headphones
anyone used this motherboard before
Won't turn on
boots fine, then wont turn on..*HELP*
An interesting observation
War Driving ??
Is it time to buy? My reccomendations for upgrading.
Do any of you use ENCRYPTION?
Best Round Cable?
Solder Kit
So would I have data errors anymore?
About multiplyer mod techniques for mobiles
Need a new 56k modem
Which side of mousepad for Func1030 for MX700
Most powerful, well rounded Pentium M laptop?
Programs crash when computer gets hot?
A rather convincing paypal email scam
Dual athlon Xp in dual proc mobo?
put on new cpu, and HSF..dont boot
HELP! hanging at post-stock setting
AMD mobo that has 4 NON-regesterd slots?
A peek at my dual opteron box...
LTR-52327S CD/RW dead?
How long can IDE cables be?
CD-drive problem
A64 pushed to 2326 on stock...but i want more...
best duallie mobo
The LAN true story
PC beeping, keyboard not working, computer about to kick the bucket?!?!
help my new pc i built is not stable and i dont have a clue?
XP-TMC Adapter where to buy?
Been a long day... BUT ITS UP!!!!
solder wires?
How do i take off a retail a64 300 heatsink?
My comp refuses to work!
Fixin up a dell!
OC/Computer Magazine
New System Built
Would love to here some criticism on this upcoming system.
Oh dear.. oh deary me
What if your HD was like this??
Help with Awesome System
Problem with MX700 mouse
How do you guys make the text fade colors in ur sigs?
What dual Xeon Mobo to get?
I need a cheap Dual Tualatin MotherBoard
PC gets stuck!
Ordered my comp!
Can i use my mobo without standoffs?
building first amd system - please comment
Need Help With Cmos
? Market for Custom PCs ?
Problem booting with DVD attached
PCI Express arrival???
Best Gaming Laptop?
Overclocked....whats nxt ??
How can you get stuff factory repaired?
Keyboard and Mouse Lockup at Login Sometimes..
Hmmm where to get?
Dual XP-M 2500's on a K7D Master-L...anyone?
Anyone know Javascript?
Lost Video Thumbnail Previews..
Question about a mouse...
What's going on with my system???
Please Help ASAP
help stupid hp computer
Building a pc, how does this look?
What to do with my case
No 80 Conductor Cable?
Advise wanted WRT Asus A7M 266D MB
PCI Express???
Windows wont boot at stock speed
What are my LAPTOP's options?
Is it possible to to use a pci backplane for "networking"?
computer stops! what can I do ?
About Optical mouse??????
Laptop internal wireless antenna
OK where the hell did my hosting service disappear?
Shuttle SB75G2 Vcore adjustment not working
Transfering files?
Would this speed up boot times or totally mess my comp up
Self Designed and Contructed Circuits for Radio Astronomy
I need a CPU thermistor
WTF? My computer is randomly Beeping!
Bulk computer parts, where 2 buy
any OC'ers with webcams?
people looking for k7d master l
Anyone out there have an I/o Magic 56x thinkin it might explode next?
Mouse and Driver Problem
Will I take a performance hit with 64bit SCSI card in 33bit slot?
Probs with uncommon cathode lights
Types of RAM - MSI K7D Master-L
Dual raid controller ?!
im screwed, comp may have died
MY chair
POS (point of sale) printers, which are good and where can i find reviews?
satellite 1805-s207 bios
Another random restart thread
What is the best computer chair??
What is your recommended computer desk chair, and why
Upgrade Video Card and CPU should I do a clean install of XP
Is this too hot?
Is this hosting too good to be true?
OMG shaw to offer 5Mb dl speed
partion help plz
Killer rig for F@H ?
Maxmium Cable Length Using Cat5?
What's best dually for digital audio workstation recording computer?
Nice computer on E-bay.
Computer Desk Suggestions?
Grr my kvm doesnt like XP
Just set up a prommy and holycrap
wat do i need?
Questions on adding 2nd gigabyte of RAM to K7D ...
split a serial port?
warranty by shop/distro?
Linux Fest NorthWest
God just 4 more days…
Check out my system
Unisys Minibox issue
Never knew M$ liked dancers...
My Computer -- Properties -- 1 x Athlon MP ??
building one of these we machines.....
mysterious shut downs?
Help with weird error message
Weird rumble sound from sub woofer box.....
Poweredge board or new one?
new system MSI K7D w/2xamd MP 2400+ help!
Microphone problem
Opteron 848 in dual mobo?
Best mouse for a gamer
Earthlink reports the average PC has 28 peices of Spyware
Dell 300m
Internal USB to USB for front panel cable. Where to buy?
Its getting warm again.
NVM hehe i changed my mind
Problem with initial setup
Cheapie soundcard
My Computer has a mind of its own
multi purpose question, not just hardware
Am i interpreting this correctly?
SATA question
Re installing xp on K7D
A little problem I need help with. . .
Post Pics Of Your Chair!
Excellent Spam Solution
What should I charge for this computer?
Friend has a "No signal" error on monitor
first LAN!
Need help with system crashes
CD MP3 Player or MD Player? Please help me decide!
OC damaging hardware
DVD Capacity discrepancy
Broken PC speakers. Any electricians out there?
Overclocking Passed me in Earth Science
Memory Choice for Opterons
How old were you when you built your first?
Need help figuring out a problem...
MSI K7D Master L Stability and BIOS Problems
how do i make some el ghetto case binders?
Should a boycott be waged against ANTEC over their LED FAN Patent grab?
which ups to get..
Hardware conflict?
Remanufactured Ink
Barebone Sytems and an a64...some random questions for you all :P
Finaly up and running
MSI K7D Master L [Problems and more of them ]
Building a computer the HARDCORE way...
floppy pins
Was just scared to death...
Which SCSI card for MPX2 or K7D-L 64bit pci slots??
Good Dual Socket 370 Boards?
Help! Keyboard problem. Thanks!
How shall I go about changing my DSL isp?
Weird noise
help me out with the system
Where is the best place that can fix my Digital Camera?
What do you think of my New Rig?
TV Tuner sugest
A little help plz
comments wanted on a new build
Is this normal?
new mobo + compaq laptop
Where to buy MPs?
MSI K7D w/2x AMD MP 2400+
Shuttle SN41G2B AGP driver issue
My Rig
Internet problems
Vantec Nexus 5 1/4" fan control/temp monitor/USB/FIREWIRE
Build me a system!
Indianapolis, Indiana, 200 person LAN PARTY!!!!!
Check the specs....My turn on Suggestions now
Check This Out...
Light gaming mouse?
Technology Calendar
What do you think of this e-mail trash??
I doubt my dads ever going to have me build a computer for him again
laser printer
How much amperage does a modern comp consume?
Computer died now it's time to build...
Overheat protecting on msi dually?
I am taking a break !
Where do you guys get your INK for your printers?
Please help me convince the RMA dept that there's something wrog with my CD drive
Random reboots
Where will we be in 10 years time?
Ordering tomorrow, need final opinions
kodak 6330
Whats This Error Mean?
Photoshop is SUPPOSED to run SMP..but it doesnt seem like it.
prime95 error =/
need help
monitor problems....
Power question.
Anyone can Fix Digital Camera?
Looking for something.
How long have you been into computers?
Lopsided Specs
MP/Opteron dually
I need your inputs about my PSU....
New build......first boot problems
Montitor Bracket/Arm?
Optic mouse buttons clogged. How do i fix it?
German Dual-AMD-User
A few Qs about Shuttle systems
Please comment on this new comp I am building
Need my PLL number- help
Need a new mouse
A System Is Born
Where did your Computer Intrest Start??
post week 39 true AMD Barton MP's are UNLOCKED
Any Good Laser Color Printer around $500?
New Overclocking Machine Help required thankyou...
hrmmmmmm im stupid
Unreal Tournament 2004 Computer for $220
18x133 success
What will you LIKELY upgrade next? Please vote!
What do you need to upgrade most? Please vote!
XP to mp question
MBM & 9600xt
Haha at NGage
DIEHRD needs help fast
Laptop CDRom Died, External Burn question (help)
k7d major temp difference?
Logitech Driving Force Problems
Laptop's infrared for a TV remote?
The worlds biggest lan party!
Hardware question
opening a laptop
Please help with laptop recomendations
Wow, another computer building thread
What's your most stupid comp mistake?
Furstrating Mouse Problem :(
Xeon 3.06 512 vs. 1 meg cache
setting up hard drives question
This is a pool about value... :D
overclocking new system !
Quad P166
Mouse pcb design
crash then uncrash?!
Wireless Desktop MX from Logitech.
How would you set this up?
Keyboard Problem
Friend Having Problem Please Help
Cost of running a computer 24/7?
Ouch! CD just blew up in my cd-rom drive!
Question on GA-7DPXDW+
How to find mobo manuf. for a Dell?
My parents/sister are Macintosh users. Example family computer conversation within.
New System
Onboard sound and No game port??
supermario reloaded
Looking for Digital Camera
Question about desktop customization?
Recent acquisitions.
Vid card for my msi dually
comp makes REALLY wierd sounds...
Can you recommend a good wireless keyboard?
Thank YOu
Suggestions on Buying ~
Getting a K7D and have some questions
Problem. Here's the sitch:
Random Restarts, What Causing It?
what does YOUR desktop look like?
imagine what you could do overclocking one of these
Make my final decision
Cyberpower Notebooks
Help Me Decipher this Computer. (big image inside 161kb)
when does speed matter?
Just got new parts and my pc won't boot
Almost boots, then shuts off (HP)
Alright - I give in - Overclocking time! (Lil' help?)
Just had to share this
I feel almost obligated to tell you guys about my cool job.
Whats rong with my computer
Free Microsoft CD
Thinking of building a dually.
just got my new dually...need your help
MP/XP dual owners..Come and get me
plug and play problems
athlon64 duallies ever going to be possible?
whats this worth
computer freezes every time i load a cd
Good read comparing Opteron MoBos
Power switches
Lindows is changing the International name.But
Great Computer Store in Canada
Choking problem...
Desktop MX or Desktop MX Bluetooth
Putting a system together, need a spot check on parts.
need router advise.
Winfast tv card problem
Gonna build first dual cpu video rendering rig...need advice!!!
Quiet PSU for Dually
Selling price?
USB Digital Memory Card reader/writer Questions
Smp B-day
chipped video card
has anyone ever heard cb radio on there spkrs be4?
why are ipod minis so expensive on ebay?
Where NOT to stick multimeter probes in your case???
PCI to ISA adaptor?
Changes to my system
Does overclocking save money?
Help building a new machine
How do i find my steppings
is this a good deal
Look at the patheticness of my school tech people
Digi cam - repair or new?
Making your PC for free
Lost an OC website help please....
Whats the deal with 3dmark?
New Video Card
Thinking about buying an mp3 player....
How am I doing?
Intel Celeron
Glassy Metal
PCI-Express comes out ____?
Looking for a universal analog cable box for my HTPC
who makes the best laptops
help .. going nuts pc keeps turning off
How long till this?
HP laptop questions
Help Plz...Just lost a cpu
Looking for a new book, recomendations?
Pin-Modding an MP...
K7D PCI LAN Problem, Stable System until file transfers
Windows XP wont load
printer problem
Cendyne(NEC?) 4x DVD+-RW ?
which mouse setting will fix this?
Old computer help??
What's up with BizRate. MAKING ME MAD!!
My new Dual
Time Change
Which dvd media's? + or -?
Is this a good price?
BlueYonder Should of shut this user down
56k internal modem?
Annoying keyboard problem (help needed)
anything to change in my rig?
My school's "Deals"
pyramid schemes?
First Google Servers
PCMark 04 Am I top score ?
New Build, rate please...
PFN_LIST_CORRUPT - whats this mean?
My benchmark results for the new system
Dual Opteron setup
Weird problem
What Do you think
Revolutionary Address Book System
How's my system?
Nedd a router with usb internet in and ethernet out
Online store for electronics
Need specs for REALLY cheap general use computer
Anyone gaming with Logitech MX Duo?
Overclocked Xeon - Max FSB survey
Mouse Problem
to cmcquistion or anyone for help 2xmobiles arrived
Simple stuff (not for me, but for you guys)
Can't freakin get 200 FSB
Almost ready to buy
Uber probs
Number of Emails per day
D2OL + a strange sound from my speakers! then lockup
The asus PC-DL deluxe. Controversy MUST end here!!!!
What first
Which should i get first?
how different should the VCores be?
How are these specs?
Need buisiness card design...
comp freezing ?
I want to thank YOU for my new job!
Tom's Hardware interviews michael's coputers.
1700xp smp mod help
Password Recovery Dictionary?
USB 2.0 fix for people
Tell me what you think...
Custom Mousepads
Quick question about installing heatsinks on mosfets...
Weird problem on my ASUS DVD-E616P1
Help with a new system
this is quite funny
PCI-Express and booting?
Opteron Duallie MB's
A person with a dell a940 printer needs some help...
Tool for cutting heatsinks
usb 2.0
Vantec UV Spectrum LED Fans
Creative Nomad MuVo˛ 1.5GB
Mobile Barton Stability?
Google is hiring!
Plz help me with this very complicated problem.
Speakers VS Headphones
Wierdest thread ever on oc-forums.com - W-T-F? LOL!
does newegg not backorder?
P4 xeon HT 2.4 400FSB v. P4 xeon HT 2.4 533FSB?
CHEAP 1GB PC3200 ECC Kit!!!
Monster Dual Opteron Advice Needed
Should I Wait???
Help me with my upgrade path?
Computer sound system with car speakers?
File sharing legal in Canada!
HELP - BIOS not retaining settings between shutdowns!