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A person with a dell a940 printer needs some help...
Tool for cutting heatsinks
usb 2.0
Vantec UV Spectrum LED Fans
Creative Nomad MuVoČ 1.5GB
Mobile Barton Stability?
Google is hiring!
Plz help me with this very complicated problem.
Speakers VS Headphones
Wierdest thread ever on oc-forums.com - W-T-F? LOL!
does newegg not backorder?
P4 xeon HT 2.4 400FSB v. P4 xeon HT 2.4 533FSB?
CHEAP 1GB PC3200 ECC Kit!!!
Monster Dual Opteron Advice Needed
Should I Wait???
Help me with my upgrade path?
Computer sound system with car speakers?
File sharing legal in Canada!
HELP - BIOS not retaining settings between shutdowns!
check out my system
what would a p4 1.7 dell go for?
do NOT buy x-trac mousepads!
what is proper way to test on prime95?
I need serious secruity help NOW!!!
Better safe than sorry!
FBS problem
What kind of damage can I expect?
Almost Time For My First Build
boot question , ..........read
Advice Appreciated on upgrade
K7D patched BIOS
[winXP] can't shut down, reboots instead
system problems
Need some recommendations ASAP
Microsoft Linux 2004
What would you rather have?
Overclocking question.....what's holding me back?
good deal or what..
how do i create a virtual drive?
Building my Gaming Rig
i have alot of pop-up messages when i boot up
Front IO... What is going on with this?
Prime 95 and system crash??
USB setup
You Set The Multiplier
Laptop for $1500.00
a modding diary
Taking on the ISP's of Hackers!
Looking to build a server...
P4P800 won't boot
Comments? Suggestions?
Windows XP Pro Exact size in MB & Bytes...
Google more?
Hey everyone, I need help plz.
lian-li cases
Compatibility with OSs
I got my MX 510 and ratpadz its tight as hell!!
Socket 370 Boards
Help figure out problem?
Building and Ulra Cheap/Fast Computer for a friend ;)
Hardcano 12 returns to default settings from power off - Help!
Noob question, does 2 cpus double the machine speed?
Changing keyboard "web" and "messanger" buttons
MIDI files
Do cpus need to be the same speed?
Realtek sound driver MSI K7D
Swapped Daughterboards on 2 old dells...could this be a problem?
Aim Warning!!!
What else do I need?
LSI 21320-IS DOES work on K7D !
Barton OC'ed or P4 Stock
System Buildup: Need Opinions
Important :Comp. freezes , video card?
Considering some upgrades in a couple of weeks
Help! How do I make my Rig Stable?
Stability Problems
Here's one for ya :D
Budget Comp
Proposed rig - first time builder
Agghhh, so confused!
Vivrus-Dont know HELP!
dually or 64
duel 2500 mp's for gaming with the MSI k7d???
Mx 510 - Mx 700
Difference between CDROM disks & DVDROM disks?
THE Mouse Thread
MX 510 vs MX 700
5 1/4 Floppy
Need recomendations for a good Mobo
Need Help With Setup App
Need overclocking tips, Intel System
Just planning
What's the BEST dual system?
negating the LED lights on a vantec nexus
dual AMD xp's still rock IMO
I in a twist sort me out (CPU & RAM)
vid/mobo issues...
How to make a phone ring?
vga arctic cooling silencer
looking for vb forum admin
HP Vectra - Remember this oldie?
logitec 510 and optical click plus
Internal PC Speaker
hello all successful install of xp pro bout to see what this system can do:)
Dual Mobile 2400's up and running!
Ok, computers busted, need warranty interpretation
Comp Spec Question :-) which to buy =\
Comp shut down when both HDD start!! Help
Pc build to check out need advice
Help! I can't fix this!
I got a completely free computer from my company! Yea for me!!
Running my AMD Barton at 2500+ Speeds
Question on upcomming PC purchase
Mobile packaging: Brownish vs. Green
i put pine sol on my mouse pad
Computer hicuup?
Weird Question about Computer Clock in Taskbar
Looking for some help...
should i upgrade
Woohoo! browsing with my new Sony UX50!
fast hard drives
My Super Simultaneous Gaming/Server RIG, PLEASE REVIEW!!!
What would you pay?
I bought a mx 510 wit a rat padz!!
Building a system on an HP board?
Major audio Project
is the mx 310 mouse good??
Ever wanted to connect to a 10 Gigabit LAN?
Another Building a Computer Thread
Need to build new dual or quad system.
Urgent help needed , LAN in a matter of hours (may be HD)
PC Rebuilt - now can't find CD burner
Just got my first SMP machine setup
another, check my system thread
Building My own PC!!
Dual XP 2400 in a gigabyte GA-7DPXDW-P
Dell hath frozen over...
Ummmm... Your thoughts?
Putting XP on an Emacine
How Would "You" hook this up, Configure it.
Would LSI U320 PCI-X 133MHz SCSI controller work on K7D?
advise on new dual
FedEx messed up!
Just Bought My New Comp!
Random Reboots
stable desktop
Xtremesystems Forums Down?????
Microsoft hit by record EU fine
Please Help!
Got your SMP mobiles working? Please post results
External CD-RW Firewire Unit Mod Help Needed
using a shuttle for everything
I got a Virus from a spoofed OC Forums address in my email
CD-RW Drive
do ya like what im ordering??
Frustrated With Mobo
Auxilliary power connector required on Asus A7M266-D?
time to help me with my laptop
Does this motherboard use a standard psu??? PLEASE HELP!!
Build and Buying Tips
Help with my laptop
wh(ere/en) are the 8 opteron mobos coming out?
VGA silencer and K7d Master HELP!!
What does OEM mean, vs. Retail?
laptop problem
AMD System Upgrade
Price Check please
I love spending somebody elses money
mom came to me with electrical bil.... :yikes:
Problems after Power Surge
noobie question
game website
Requesting help on a non booting computer
Suggest your fav Fonts
amd64 system advice needed
Fraud Complaint Filed on eBay - Might Need Support
Sony to release dual layer DVD Burners
AIM warning problems
Theft prevention
Anything to do with an old ISA Supra modem?
Apart from AdAware and Spybot what should I use?
How much is this Laptop worth?
Help - Wireless Keyboard/Mouse and 802.11g internet
AIW cards
What's common couse the have blue screen w/Beging Dumping menory msg.
What dual opteron boards have IDE RAID built in?
So why did u get your dually?
Arctic Alumina Adhesive advisory + BBQ'd EPoX 8RDA+ 56k Beware!
*starts frothing at the mouth*
Is there a way to make quicktime movies full screen?
How do I get more out of my Laptops ?
Just curious.....using temps to find the not right CPU
need cordless keyboard to go with my MX 700 mouse
Tv Tuner Card
Ahhh. . it didnt work. . or did it?
Finally, time to mod my procs
Randome reboots/restarts
How to wire an IDE power cable switch?
New Office PC
p4 1.6a asus p4s533 problem, also discoloration on albatron IGP
Older ATI Tv Tuner card freezes computer on startup...little help
OOPS I tohught k7D master came w/raid..now what
Best place to get avatars?
Strange Problem With USB Hub
How's this setup for my new PC?
ATX pin tool question
Entertainment PC
Returning newegg refurbs
Who here does not like [H]?
HOLY CRAP! 12x12 CM mobo!
How many hours a day are you on your computer.
Noise over speakers during CD access
cdr not detected (not able to solve it)
First computer build
Help?!? Troubleshooters...
Decisions, Decisions
Summer overclocking in ATL
Hah, they're putting usb flash memory in swiss army knives!
What if..
I've lost it
Dear God What Have I done Sytem Failier!
Mobile Bartons on A7M266-D
PCI Express pinouts, specifications
Something wrong with my new system plz help
good mouse and mouse pad combo
Front USB 2.0 Ports Problem
How's the NoteBook build?
Overclocking IBM xseries 220
Computer lost it's memory
Dual opteron question
Boot Instability!
K7d ?
Where can i get an ir reciver?
Please help....CDROM drive is locked (physically)
MemoryLabs.com ?
New Stuff @ Cebit!!! (R423 & S939 pics included)
how does Tyan Tiger MP S2460 motherboard compare to K7D?
When to jump in?
Mini Vac
Can someone step me through a BIOS flash?
Does anyone know...
Thanks for all the help. And this is it so far..
Mobiles in SMP and the mods to make them work
How do you take a picture
How Do I do he Pinmod??? k7d master
Connecting floppy prevents startup
mobo dead????
Correct memory settings for MPX2 and PC2100
New system. take a look
Home DVD player layer switch
Need help! AMD SMP and U320 SCSI
Looking foir a good value wireless mouse & keyboard
heat sucks
Quick Question
XEONS: So what's the story with 800FSB?
Dual Mobile Bartons 762MPX=BAD!
Hard Drive Troubles
yet another AH CRAP...not too big tho
asus bios switcheroo
Tbred and Barton in SMP Q
2nd P4 2.8 800 fsb chip, and no post...
i need a expert on internet popup blocks etc etc
MX700 and MS Intellimouse 2.0 and Razor...
What should i look out for in a laptop?
What is going on with this thing???????
Need helping picking out a good Tv Tuner card
why the mobil athlon
New Comp System!
is my system running to slow
are computer games to blame?
MSI K7D mastter and true 550w eps12v
hows this upgrade?
My computer is not stable
XP to XP with USB2.0, what do i need?
Getting a dual in a week what do I do with it...:P
Laptop Upgrade Questions
New rig in dev.....anything I should know?
i've had enough and i'm off to bed
Convinciing the boss to buy a Laptop
Opinions on website...
F**k! Ive Killed My Hard Drive!!!
A Multitude of Hardware Questions
Question on OC'd FSB and DDR
hard drive benchies: sisoft vs hdtach?
Experienced OC'ers...Share your fresh build tips & tricks here... (AMD)
Falcon Computers?
Eject/Close CD tray with mouse gestures
Are all P4 Xeons HT enabled and OC -able?
MFP all in one
New PC System HELP
How fast is Azzo's Delivery...
Would this be worth it? need some opinions
Xaser III Keyboard and mouse...
Would these work?
I know it sucks but.....
I might become employed!
Does anyone make keyboards with clear keys?
Hi Gonna Buy a New PC plz help request!
Can I type or add words to a Adobe .pdf?
will logitech/micro/other make rechargable keyboard?
Better than the MSI K7D Master????
pic hosting
New laptop hunting
suggestions on a media computer
Suitable Radiator?
small resistors
Electricity Out
Buying a laptop..suggestions?
Need some setup information badly
dif multi cpus on k7d
hdd, cdr, front jumpers
hdd, cdr, front jumpers
Quakecon 2k4 ANNOUCED!!! YAY
What Motherboard/CPU to get?
need help with PC config for little bro
Sony DSC-T1 vs. Canon S400
I want a good Mp3 Player i need help guys.
Help With New System not booting
watcha think about CD writer / DVD reader combo drives?
Where to shop in canada online?
funny links
question about FSB and o/c
Trouble getting into bios?!
Dual Tualatin Mobo?
System Specs
Nostromo N52 & BSOD!
LOL omg what a joke!
how to make your computer noiseless
How many SMP Chipsets are there?
How many MP3s/WMAs/etc do you have on your computer?
home entertainment pc
Which is best HDD
My new PC
Crisis... Disaster... Heeelllppppp!
I guess an a64 3200+ wasnt for me.. what next?
noobish question
Bad PSU?
13-24x in BIOS???
If you could do it from scratch.
Clearing up the common misconceptions.
250 to spend not on a gfx card......what to get
genral overclock question
my website is onlin
need help on differnt bioses for k7d
Funny mousepads?
A+ test ?'s
Keyboard with touchpad?
Read this LOL
mobile bartons not working ...
Recommend me a laptop with these specs
$100, what would you upgrade?
performance acceleration technology..
Anyone know where I can get the Logitech Cordless MX Keyboard?
CD-ROM never forgets, refresh don't work
AMD Athlon MP2600 Barton 333fsb
What should I do with this?
Is it possible
new system... what do you think?
USB Y-splitter ?
Dual Xeon MB - 32 or 64 bit and RAID
my new system!!! finally!!
questions about refilling laser toner
System im leaning towards
Using an N64 Controller
P4 or 2X Xeon?
Stupid question related to RAID on K7D Master L
New Pc, advice
How can I tell if my FSB is set up correctly?
Worth upgrading now?
guys i need 100 posts.. lets talk about general hardware lol
SMP vs P4 system. Which should I do?
If you weren't "computer literate", how much would you pay?
Correct way of doing the L5 mod and q about testing it
new comp
ISO opinions please
your opinion on a laptop...
PDA remote
What do you think of my website?
Question about socket 939
Your Speed is: 4498.3 Kbps
increase range for cordless kbd
my game controller
800bucks and still confused
someone overclocked a genesis
Doing a research paper....
Multiple mice and keyboards???
Help me clean up my computer!
MSN down
what does this mean?
cd startup
What would be the best upgrade?
please tell me I didn't crush my core
How do i use one keyboard for Laptop and Desktop PC?
Friday is the day.
L-Gold WOW
my mobile Bartons arrived today !
Toshiba satellite running slow
Built new system and nothing...
Want to use mobiles in SMP but scared of the mods? Try this!
I need help choosing a good multimeter KIT!!!
Wanna buy the MX700 but I want the split wireless keyboard with?
MSI KD7 MASTER FSB and General Question
2000 foot wireless lan
I need some help ... quickly
24-7-365 screen
Do I HAVE to use thermal compound?
higest memory asus p4c800E-deluxe can hold
CD-ROM Drives Not Showing...
Overclocking a Sega Genesis
Advanced Micro Devices processor software update released
Need a list of parts approved
PC vs MAC !!!!!!
It's Xmas again!!!
Can anyone explain this odd stuff?
Thermaltake Hardcano 12 Led Modification
Ipod, Nomad, or Lyra, or...?
Need help - > USB!
Mp3 Sorting Program
Double The Size Of Ur Hd!!
Building pc for Half Life 2, what else do I need???
Need WebHosting
file server
fedex makes you sign??
Boot Problems
Methods of Increasing voltage (of a 12v battery)???
just to double check: burn 3rd L5 bridge open for Mobile Bartons?
Data corruption/freezing - I really need help on this one.
wireless mice
MY mx700 batteries died..
Car Computer Questions
Best Computer Magazine?
*bites lip* damn i wanna upgrade
help for newbie
Help a Total nb :) (plz)
Incorrect K7D temperatures and no multi adj.
would you save for a shutttle or a laptop first?
K7D Master upgrad possibilites? Barton, Thuroughbred. . .duron?
Help me pick CIS classes!
How to diagnose my hardware?
Cinsidering Upgrading MPX2, have some Questions
Wanted: Shuttle SN45G
MSI K7d master Questions
Haven't Done this for a while but it's back!
[news]A Motherboard That Doesn't Require An OS [slashdot]
[news] Manufacturing 1 PC Takes 1.8 Tons Of Raw Material [slashdot]
What should I do about this CRT?
retention clip
Goin Dual Xeon 3.06, what Mobo?
What paintball gun?!?!
USB2.0/FireWre Front Ports, not the drive bay type HELP please.
Playing DVD movies on Dualie rigs?
It doesnt feel as fast anymore
Memory Issues on K7D
Need ideas what to use for communicating in the workplace (see inside)
Replacing memory mishap...
Distributed Computing on A Dual PII
Going from sblive5.1 to audigy. REFORMAT?
anyone know where to get the Muvo mp3?
Messed up???
Setting up a raid.
800$ system
Anyone know how much this will cost on Ebay?
Verifying something on new system
LEDs: Where to get?
Recommend me a good IRC Client
Extra Time+Few $$+ 21" Server Case+ Pile of Parts in Closet = FUN!!
How good is newegg with shipping?
Help identifying "Intel confidential" Xeons
What kind of chair should I get
Help a newb before I order?
Need help building my computer.
Printer Switch
Im getting a laptop, reguarding battery life....
Upgrading my Cpu
Anyone use a KVM w/ MX duo? or similar stuff.
dualie cpu voltage
lend me a hand help me better this list.
Average Joe system survey