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dualie cpu voltage
lend me a hand help me better this list.
Average Joe system survey
what to do with this comp??
Building a Computer for a Security System
New 2 ME
Replaced cd-rom drive, now I'm getting "failure"
Brand New! Indestructable Fiber Optic Cable....oooooohhhh
best computer for 1500
Newbish problem dealing with my vid card and/or monitor
CD-Rom Drive never forgets
New PC spec... What do you think?
Laptop Coolers
Need a lil help picking parts
Need A Little Advice (check out my intended system).
I damaged one of my CPU's - now what?
working on new site...opinions?
Can I boot from my pcmcia dvd?
what is a power button?
New Comp Specs....how are they?
PCI Cards doesnt like higher fsb
smp with t-birds
Stealth Drives?
opteron question
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which dual amd board???
how to borrow my modem for a while?
Raid Setup Disk damaged
How do I build a supercomputer?
Exchanging Hardware to Shuttle XPC
Someone here in a band?
Another K7D problem!!
HELP. need your help guys please
High -12v, is it killing my computer?
Going to build a new computer!!
Tell me every support tool that I need
Help with bios
A7n8x SATA Raid drivers
K7D NB heatsink question
RMAed Tyan Tiger wont POST!?!
Will my PC even work?
Need help with BSOD on my pc
Dell steps aside..
Please help me upgrade
New SAS controllers
help needed videocard/power problem
Motherboard running too hot?
PCDJ FX and a Gametheater XP...
Linking two computers...?
166mhz on a dual amd board w/o high pci speeds?
How long have ASUS downloads been down?
Good Or Bad Gaming Pc?
Question for those who run thier main box 24/7
yet another humorous email virus
asus a7m266-d revision 1.03 users...
Need some Printer opinions
Best upgrade for my computer?
Creating a server out of an outdated P2
New poll by Valve on computer hardware
Anyone Good With Photoshop
My first SMP ~ Will it work for......
Pen Pad/Tablet
Running out of memory
Weird Issue
Way cool! Massive "up-to-date" hardware review site from the top online reviewers!
Will games mess up my plasma?
My companies Warranty
Freezing in 3dmark and all games
man, this site needs creemed
Grade this Pc plz!!!!!
Phantom console?
Help computer died
Can't Save Pics as .JPG in IE
Best .wma Bitrate
funniest tech support stories
Good ultra portable laptops?
microscale water cooling
Mx500 problem?
NF7-S Serial ATA setup
Im bored...
Strange mem errors/reboots
Technical information on Opterons,
Are Floppy Drives getting less noisey?
K7D and MCX462-V compatible?
Soda laptop
Connecting a desktop to a laptop?
No Power on self test
State your boot times!
New to OC, have some questions
is there a cable for desktop to laptop?
ntoskrnl.exe problems
Good Deal on Equip?
So my PC burst into flame today
Emachines for 699.99
Juno E-Mail with Outlook
Will OC'ing mess up my USB's
anyone price this for me?
Man...."hyperthreading "sucks...
I have the Windows 2000 Source Code..Everyone look here
is this ok?
Gateway and a new HD
Help, very poor gaming performance! *forget 3dmark*
Things to do on WLAN
Where do you get your interesting harware?
What is the best way to back up data?
Building a Computer Desk
So I'm considering building a duallie...
your thoughts on this system for a client
Quad Intels?
Urgent Modem Help Needed
K7D Bad Flash...
Surveillance cameras
recommendation for window cleaner needed
New to the forums... Have a question about PC I'm looking at putting together.
My new gaming PC, what do you think?
computer freezes up
2500 M on a K7D Master
trying solving my random reboot mystery
Leapyear Fun
Batter recharger
Best motherboard ???
which chipset drivers for msi k7d master?
just put my rig back together and now continous beeps
Free Webspace??
Asus CUV4X-D Dual Socket 370 Pentium 3 ATX Motherboard
BEST cordless rechargable GAMEING mouse???
Recomending parts to friend
My Dual problem again .....
New system parts list...comments?
Future Ideal System
Enabling SMP
5X DVD authoring and duplication tower
My new stuff
I need some help with the computer that I am going to build
Need suggestions on proposed system
Higher voltage on K7D w/ cpu pin mod?
Need Help!!!!!!
SMP with A7M266-d and 2000+ & 2400+
anyone recommend a good line conditioner
linux from xp?
help tv card
BEST graphic card?????
Indecisive online purchasing of parts.. help
Front USB only recognizes USB 1.1?
Big problems with my K7D
Occasional Freezing
HELP!!! Please help me with this system spec
Sapphire 9800 Pro & NF7-S weird prob
NF7-S Won't Install XP?
Best mini pc (small form factor) Need help
Overall Lasting
usb keys
prommie pricing
quick question on duct mod..
Booting issues.
Power turning off during attempted install of windows?
URGENT HELP! How to remove K7D NB cooler?
Now this is password security
Microsoft or Logitech
OCing a opteron 240
upgrades, upgrades!
Building A Computer For My Sister
Mobiles in SMP
Benn out a while. . .need system advice
how much could i run on dual 933's?
rate my system plz
Computer freezes after get into Internet Explorer with cable!!??
mobile xp2500 dualie?
fastest gaming dual setup?
what's the difference between these chips?
Hard drive and CD-ROM on the same IDE cable?
boot problem
new system?
Some school help needed
Help! L5 mod with defrogger kit doesnt work.
where is panel?
1st Experience With Newegg Refurb
big sata problems
Problem with my new dually
Estimated 3dmark score.
Hard Drive/Motherboard Problem
My plans.
Looking for a specific dual CPU board, need help...
Overclocking your Dual AMD "Links"
New system randomly reboots
What would be faster?
frequent reboots / lockups
Mystery DVD-Rom
Help, Booting Problems
Mice Feet for Gammers
GA-7DPXDW-P and2x2800+ xp for mod.
LCD flat panel hums when on same circuit as PSU
No school today.... OC time!
How can I get the best performance out of my system?
Newbie to SMP's...
cheap ink
Overclocking Question
Using TV as a moniter, few Q's
More Logitech MX Duo Problems
What I want. from technology
Please Help - Urgent Emergency PC Replacement Needed! Best Options?
Computer forums
pics of my build so far..
If you were me and had...?
Which Coppermines are SMP enabled?
What should i upgrade?
Building a New System - Advice needed
Win XP and dual PIV w/ HT
I'm gettin' me a laptop...
I really need help!! A strange problem of my system!!
Where do i find the conductive pen locally?
Buy now or wait 6-12 months?
Digital Camera Q
screen adjusting, not sure where to start
Need driver for Onboard Audio, K7D Master
Should I conformal coat my components?
overclock and get lower scores?
Dualie on the REALLY cheap?
Weird Problem
oc'ing, messing sytem forever?
Problems on new server
Hopefully an easy USB question...
Are all XP2400s unlocked or is it just the Bartons?
How can i boost performance?
OC and SMP v1rgin (HELP!)
Dual Opertron vs. Dual TBred System
What would you use?
Opteron 242 limits
What do you guys think of this dually??
Help Me Make A Logo....
EMERGENCY-broken/corrupted boot ini
Startup Problem
Hey guys "Need Help"
it certifications
Whats the best sub $1000 laptop?
Biostar 200V - random errors when installing XP . I suck
Will pci-x and socket 939 and all fit in atx cases?
good oc'ing store in KC area
What Athlon Dual Should I get?
Minimum PVR hardware?
New Computer Lock Up Problem
tv out black and white
Newbie question regarding starting point
I finally did it, but got a few questions
L5 gone bad or what?
Next Generation of Processors?
best laptop processor?
Anyone have experiance with the...
Have you been looked down upon for overclocking?
Best surround sound headphones?
duel opterons of an fx
SMP and win98
Monitor trouble
remote boot-up pc
Who likes my closet?
research project: Off site digital information storage
When all the new stuff comes out...
Google to offer email?
Upgrade Scenerio: What Would You Do With A Limit Of $600??
Comp not recognizing CDs
HELP my quad has a dead cpu/dead mb
Gameport *still* not working, and it's a new soundcard too!
Think I could build this myself?
usb/printer problems
New Paypal Scam?
MSI-648 Max...............
ut2003/4 gcard
Posessed computer?
Recommendations for buying a new laptop
Newly built PC: Turn it on, but (almost) nothing happens
supermicro super s2dl3/p3 questions
Reboot Error Please Help!
4 pin molex to p4 adpt
How do I extract the BIOS?
Laptop Issue
Laptop Issue
Evil Inside
I need help getting this system up
fried motherboard?
Possible heat problem help please
"A" drive thoughts
My 1st homebrewed box..suggestions needed
What's your Newegg total?
Everyday I hear
Serial to USB
Computer annoying you?
New PC Problems
why am i an idiot? (and) OUCH@#%^@%$^
well i got a prob...
whew finally figured it out.
Building a new Computer
Film Studios Prevail Against Software Maker
How can PC Magazine publish this and not get in trouble?!
Extra long audio cable, where?
Well, returning yet another NEC monitor...
bios not recognising either hard drives
Tv Card
Your thoughts on this mobo -
Computer freezes?
very interesting results, again ;)
Roundup of Roundups :)
Abit NF7-S v2.0 + Antec Front USB Mounts + SanDisk ThumDrive = Not Working
SMP or Single cpu route....dont know.
Need wire installation guidance on my Vantec 305 Fan controller?
A historical funny: My first system purchase, circa 1997
Whoo! Got my new rig up and running!
Dell Service Tag Question
Printer trouble
Just put TX2000 Promise card in my dually
Quick question
Help quick.
Screen broken on laptop, blacking out
Newb Question
That can't be healthy...
issue with computers and cheating at my school
HELP HELP Game issues BF 1942
No Overclock? WHAT'S HAPPENING?!?!
Pci Riser Card
Where to buy in Toronto?
"The One" computer system SWEET
wierd problem when trying to overclock
Should I go A64 3200+, or P4 2.8E?
Dual Celeron Tualatins?
CPU Problem?
Please rate what I'm about to buy
Anti-aliasing and Z-Buffer questions.....
iPod custom software...
K7d master driver download page
question of the day...
This sucks... =/
Building Computers Tutorial
Cheap, good web site host?
does this make any sense?
MP2800's before the 1.82 bios
PCI parallel port card
Virus Alert!! (may be worse than Mydoom!)
DH800 overclocking potential
Shut down or Leave on?
a REALLY good test of your Duallie's STABILITY
ISO burn not working?
Two different systems, could do with some advice please :)
hd issues
Those incessant reboots
Random rebooting still happens after replacing ram. A serious problem?
suggestions on my rig idea....
BEST Site for Bundled Computers
Digital camera rippoff?
Already thinking about my next upgrade lol
made a bootable dos disc with xp and its not working
Overclocking is risky and expensive...
Gigabit lan
Has the computer drought ended?
Kick ass comp for $400!
ug need help with computer issue
im building my first pc.. sort of.
UPS calculations help
How do I tell what model HP Vectra VL this is?
MX 510 ~ Have YOU seen it?
need 2nd opinion
about to buy, please review so i dont get burned
New Virus
Random restart
need laptop advice...
dvd burner
Microsoft intellimouse 3.0 random freeze?
WHat is your O/C on your Dual System..
gigabyte 760 mpx
pics please .v iNeedHelpWithASMPMod
What makes a super-fast computer?
Quick question about the K8T Master2-FAR
1394 to USB?
my school is awesome!
Building a super-budget comp.
Advice on Building a new Computer.
HELP! Computer Problems!
Hardware acceleration setting for sound
PC-DL rev 1.05 has AGP/PCI lock
can OC'ing video card damage system?
What is the fan speed?
Best Intel Chips for Compaq ML350 server?
Okay, newbie question: Dual Opteron or FX?
Reformat New Lappy?
How do I set up a game server through my router?
Building 1st computer
dvd burner questions
Sound Cards for MSI K7D-Master
Speeds going up, 3D going down???
How are these temps for my MPX2?
Raid 0 and Asus P4C800 E Deluxe..
What value resistor to use to not blow up LED?
games that benefit from smp?
can you wear out AGP/PCI slots?
What you think
Computer won't boot!!
News (use for) Flash (memory)
Computer crashes while playing games like UT2k4, ET and WC3
Hayes AT commands
Time for something new.
No cd rom in Windows
mcse, a+, cisco, all of the above???
Dual athlon xp's?
Gaming Rig Build Up...
MP3 home entertainment server.
Spare Computer - What would you do?
A7M266-D/1700+ Owners Help
Another new system thoughts thread
barton mobile unlocked?
Weird thing with mx700 and UT 2003...
Compaq Sff P2/350 En
I need help now!!!
Hmm computer just rebooted
wut's the differece between cold cathod, led, and UV lights
a story of 1.8-1.84 volts with AMD duallie...
Cad/3dsmax rendering
CD Player
Price check please?
More Controversy Surrounding Go-L (Again :p )
Just built my first pc any........
restarting my computer
reset issue?
value of RMA
I think my 3dmark score sucks
How much do you think I can get for this Dell?
How to lock a pc?
Need to know proper steps in posting my new rig?
SMP, a short love story.
Am I cursed by inkjet printers?
New computer - no post or monitor signal
Why should I buy a handheld?
Installing XP using generic vid card
World fastest PCs
Linking Together a Tv Tuner Card and 5.1 speakers into onboard sound
Notebook / Laptop message board?
Ok, I need your guy's help...
My Very First Post!!!
Wont Boot.... No Bios.... Larva help.......
is there any other program that can detect temp besides MM?
Top Gaming Mice
How drastically does gaming suffer?
dumb Newbee
Bad time for Miscro$oft ?
just ordered new PC, yay!
kvm switch for 5.1 speakers headfones?
Sata Cd Roms
Good read, I'm hopefull
suggestions for an old laptop
BSOD right before Windows boot?
free stuff! Whoot!
Emergency! Broken Feet!
No keyboard Found error!!
Mach 3.5 and above...
Wireless Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard
NO idea
AIM virus going around?
Monitor or Mushkin BH-6?
iTunes = teh suck!
Is this a correct way to do a test boot?
Help with floppy drives
building my own AMD dually - tons of pictures (56K warning!)
server lagginggggg
where can i get a new tape drive belt?
Please rate my Pc and be harsh as possible.
my purchase
CD-RW Speeds??
rank these countries on where printers etc r made in.
Research Paper about video games
computer music?
Hangs on "Welcome" screen, every other boot...?
Quad Processor question. D:
CD-Rom problems
Finally building a new PC!
Motherboard flex
Very interesting document
Problem Running Xp3200+ At Stock Speed
Comp froze then no video
upgrading my system
new system
Need sound system.
SCSI tape drive problem
Kunaak vs Donald Rumsfeld's goon squad -The Phase change terrorist
considering dual procs
Why can't we build laptops?..Or can we?
New system
Question on static shock
help with online linking or something like that