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15multi x 100fsb = 2000mhz
Ok to use HP RocketRaid 1520 on the MPX2?
Can a screwy acting operating system destory hardware?
How to quiet down my HD?
PC or Mac? Why?
what to upgrade?
new quad box....
Optical Mice
What is a Duty Cycle ?
I Love My "new" Smp
Any Good Recommendations for Ink-Jet/Quiet Color Printer?
Has anyone PERSONALLY goten in trouble for downloading anything P2P here?
Uses for old boxes?
Mouse dying?
Opening The MX500
Will this work?
Free PCI Benchmark
european rig
Need to test voltages
upgrading need advice
Ebay Scam to watch out for.
What to do with this rig?
What do you guys think?
alt+f4 doesnt work on my wireless keyboard...
Computer news web-sites
Buying a new laptop, any advice much appreciated!
Let's talk good quality multimeters
non registered ddr on k7d master?
Would you recommend this laptop (Athlon 64 3000)
Joystick port
what to do with over 100 3.5' disks?
New Desk setup
Heatware question?
Where is my block?
Damage questions
Alert Boxes...
Pondering new laptop
Voltage change for fans
WHOA!!! New for 89' only $8499
mp3 tags (ID1,ID2 and ID3)
Dual boot xp/98
MPX supports powernow
Static + Keyboard = Suprise breakage
matrix orbital ...help!!!!!
Anyone leave their SMP machine on all nite?
Gateway makes a bid for E-Machines!
Moving files with no OS
Help with buying a Laptop
800FSB Xeon Dually?
G5's worth it over G4's?
How can I make this system better with my budget?
"Help My Pc Won't Boot!" Troubleshooting Guide
Where to get Microsoft software deals for students
Laptop Recommendations needed...
Is NOW the time?
plz help comp wont start
I did a socket pin mod....and oh no!!!....what now??
i smell burning...there goes my warrentee
Sound Card Slow Motion
Trying to buy some mobo standoffs
just got a new lappy =)
Need help buying a new computer
Better stability at lower voltages?
Quick 386 Question
K7D-L and pinmod....what the hell did I do?....ohoh
Quick Question.
Why Socket A designed like this?
single to dual...?
My review on Dell...
Screen cap from WMP
Firmware Decompiling
How many ohmns should a good solder joint have?
All I can say is *wow*...
what does this mean
laughable CitiBank E-mail scam
Need to build a good server.
Give Me My Classifieds!!!!
Pure Geek.........
good adio editor that supports SMP
Computer reboots hd light flashes.
swapping cpu's
Pocket PC 2002/03 USB Support
PCI locked SMP board?
My First ever OC system
Are 32-bit slots on K7D fine for Gigabit Ethernet PCI cards?
New video card or more RAM?
problems with formatting hp
Tricking the keyboard port somehow?
Bios Password
Need Help With New Harddrive Setup..
Identifying 5,400 and 7,200 RPM Drives
HELP! my dell wont start!
Temp sensor equipment
building a comp is this ok?
It is sad, but it is time to switch
What am I doing wrong?? 5.1 DD?
Advice on how much these laptops are worth
Plz Help - Need best system for under 800!
PCI Express
umountable boot volume
hey which lappy is better??
what do I need for max OC
what is the highest Ram that the k7d supports
Would You Buy This For $900?
prime 95 works now hehe
frequency problems
Almost out of options, Modem Problem
What do I need, to make a good gaming server?
PCI32bit card in a PCI64bit slot backwards..would it work?
anyone have gigabyte GA-7DPXDW(gigabyte)?
moboo burnt out 2 times already, new PC are my volts too high !!!!!
SMP or Single debate
computer randomly shutsdown
Burn-in and Benchmarking Software
New System, maybe.
PSU killing hard drives?
Input for a new digital dark room
Is this worth it?
HELP: strange sound feedback
Help build my first custom Computer
laptop question boot from usb...
E-Mail Worm Spreads Fast Over Internet
the computer mysteriously turned on by itself
how much $ would i need?
Time for a new comp?
Dual Proc benches?
Wireless Network Only Working after a fresh install of xp
how do I change my PCI & AGP divider?
I got a CS degree now what?
Ati raedon and K7D?
Making a TI-83Plus Computer Link
[o0o]--- MAC 2004
Reliable CD-ROM Drive
Decent laptop/mobile forums?
Help building a video editing system!
35 difference between inside and outside of cpu die?
Question regarding dual machine and photoshop
I messed my keyboard up I think.. anyway to fix it?
fan and temp controller
plantronics dsp-500 help fast
i want faster internet
Computer shutting down
Is my PC any good?
Which mod deleted my sig?
DVD Rom no worky
9800xt+800mhz athlon
dualie owners, please test video frame rate...
Sir Bill
Old Freezing HP
Building a Computer for the first Time
laptop recommendation
Just like that.......
New humanoid robot
anyway to restore good color to a CRT monitor?
monitor goes ZAP when started
AMD vs Intel for 3D modeling/rendering
xp on an old 3gig HDD ..good/bad idea?
Automatic Hard Drive Defraging Software Executive Software Diskeeper..
Compatibility of 64 bit PCI slots?
Firewire to USB?
Super computer
Hard drives nt recognized on restart ??
Upgrading to AMD... any advice?
duel 2500+'s on k7d master?
tracking blooper?
Cool Review Site
XP 2800s on a K7D-L anyone?
Monitor doesnt show anything
Bios info and pc build advice wanted
Computer won't boot after shut down
Problems coming for my NEC monitor?
Weird Monitor Sounds
Uh oh HDD not detected, help
Computer Research
Wierd monitor problem...
Ok, this can not be good; PCI cards not working
System suggestions please.
If I wanted to record TV shows....
New Rig*Update
MX Duo
Need xeon overlcokign advice
just one of those thinks in life....
Time for a BIOS chip?
Microphone problems
Power supply fans do not spin!
Help build a semi beast $2000-$2500AU
Memory Error
How good is Dell Inspiron 1100? Should i make trade this?
How to solve your computer EMERGENCY!
comp freezes constantly
[HELP]Silicon Graphics Octane for $1000 ???
Most impressive/intriguing screensaver...
Pc < $350
Sleeving tricks
constant reboot on my K7D-L master
need new monitor
Buying new hardware. Opinions please.
IS there a site for Computer Specs?
Brand New System, Won't POST
swapping for a new mobo
USB cable 1.0 vs 2.0???
need major help
Total n00b would like help overclocking
Keyboard suggestions
screws won't come out of mobo standoffs
CD copy (Not warez!)
2600+ Barton core MPs?
Webhosting for newbies!
Tie a knot?
why do you overclock?
Cali computer shows?
thinkpad 770z How much would it be worth?
how to get fax working like printer
i get scared, does anyone else?
Help me get those Mhz ...
Trying a Setup for OCing
Comp OS Issues
12V values?
wont power up
which board for overclocking?
Spicing up my website...any good ideas?
Woot, the first problem for you guys! :)
Your 1st computer ...
Best Comp setup for Overclocking?
woe is me...am i out $120?
Old gear and Bellsouth bent me.
Compter is like a woman
need help from anyone who knows forums!
pc linking
Freezing when loading Call of Duty map
Dual Xeons (maybe single?) vs Dual P4's
an easy answer , and easy question ?
spare cycles-no internet
What 9800 Pro would you buy?
I'm having trouble reviving a socket 7
can someone name this song
Prime 95 Problems...
Girlfriends and marriage...
Trading Standards and PC components (UK)
performance gain of faster ram (200FSB)
Software to show Specs?
How to get to a command prompt?
PS/2 Keyboard to USB Adapters?
slow copying
Are my temps good?
128k RAM, 3.25 Feet^2, 6.5 Feet Tall (7 pics, 56k beware)
Help me find a tv out adapter for my laptop
you have to be kidding me...
Building a Laptop
Glow in the dark keyboard
Water Blocks for K7-D
Need good printer.
Please explain this term to me!
POST Your RIGS name (network name)
Keyboard problem?
When to buy
Volume knob as rheostat
WinXP computer won't boot
Building my first comp, think this will work?
My $1,000 system plan, what do you think?
Flashback to 1993
Advice on Upgrading my PC
My computer doesn't need anymore upgrades and I want to.
smp question
Best Program for Video Editing
help me decide
How to I get into my Sony VAIO BIOS??
I need a laptop
Great Place for Web Hosting and Storage
Will this computer setup work?
Ok, this IS strange.
Where can I find...
something is wrong with joystick
Best Inexpensive Parts to Overclock
Do you find your computer sexy?
what dvd rewriter and what is?
is this a good deal?
Hardware Problems?
Comp Rebooting
Random Resets, and unstabilily in prime95
Which UPS should I get?
My computer has gone all weird
Is it time (upgrade)
OC'ing order?
iwill dpi533
Just restarts out of nowhere
Quick Help Needed on RAM Purchase
gaming mouse and pad under $50
Can anyone name this song plz??
T.V. question. Not sure if this can be here, if not just delete.
Prime95 instability!
2x2100 tbred B, and K7D - L
Help Me Build My Compy
Help building new Intel comp for parents
How do I flash without a floppy drive?
tracking a quad mobo
Tell me if this is possible
I had hoped my 1st post here would be a happy one but alas my new rig does not work
Color matching case and drives
keyboard keyboard?
Can i get some technical supprt
im in
EIDE performance
rounded cables
http://www.gamestron.com: Premodded Xboxes and the like, check it out.
How should i transport my rig?
Opinions on this setup...
What to get?
Saitek ST50 USB
Temp Sensor LCD
Hardware repair
Multimeter recommendations?
New Toys...
Double checking - dual 2400+
XP to MP problem
Internal USB Hub
New age of flotation devices!
how would you pronounce
Damn Viruses! Advise needed.
Friend wants a computer. ~$600 budget
Can I mix P3s with different speeds?
Overclocked microwave
is this good stuff??
Motherboard Monitor utility
should abit pay for this?
what next?
Am I headed on the right track?
TV tuner
High pitched noise
acorp 815epd
what upgrade?
Best mobo (integrated everything)
need some help with stuff...
thermal probe
Having issues with cd drive and bios
Help Laptop Problems
Chip Packaging
Best Computer Magazine
Gernal PC building Questions
info on super tough hard disk
Computer Engineering a viable future?
1st Build Problems, Point me in a direction please
having problems
Water Cooling setup for a Dual AMD Rig
Cell phone ringtones
Where to buy Keyboard w/o mouse
what is an lcd inverter board
The Post-Human Era is Upon Us! (circa 2030)
How would I accomplish this?
What To Build!!!
Which AC97 driver on the MSI site?
gotta have it utilities to keep with me?
Help with floppy drive!
Simple Question
Will this PSU work in a dual xeon setup
Internal cluster help
I-River IFP-390T is the best MP3 player I have ever had
DvD rw isn't showing up anymore.
Computer Needs!
System back up to 150Mhz - it was a heat problem!
HELP, in need
Guna build my 1st computer
friends comp random restarts
Wow UPS of death
PC violence
How much money have you spent overclocking + modding your system this year
Best Headphone + Mic Combo?
cable management and round cables?
Radio Transmitter
Computer will not turn back on after Defraf
i thought i would share this with you guys
is this an alright system to build?
Health And Safety
Werid Voltage Readings
Do you use NVidia's System Utility for OCing?
$600 for a new computer
Is there a way to make a Folder Password Protected?
a "new" laptop
Old Ram
SATA RAID not detected by windows during install?
Giving a keyboard a bath
paypal downgrade account
whats the record?
What's the n00b'iest thing you've ever done??
got RIPPED in PCMark04
Old OC
Building Intel rig for friend - need advice ...
Problems with MSI K7-D
quick question abou email
Good research question for u guys :)
HELP comp won't power up
Which Sys for D2OL?
Worth Selling?
No cmos beeps / no boot screen nothing
how to change start up image?
People with Ipods better check this out.......
What do you think about my PSU rails?
buttons on the mx500
Shutting down in games.
recommend me a video-editing box
Pink Super LANBoy?
Weird USB Keyboard/Mouse problems...
kool keyboard
i happen to stumble accrosed
networked coffee
MP 1.2 oc capabilities
TV Turns off!!!
The "Recommend me a .com name" thread
Iwill DP533 2.4 to 3.2 Overclock
Please scrutinize this system
power supply questions
Checking compatability before order
Hay Vantec, what's up in this console?
My Computer is Running Slowwwww
Weee! RF remote for MP3s
Next Logical Upgrade... NEED OPINIONS
Poll: What do you do w/ your old computer?
building electric cooler
computer reboots before logo.
50% CPU usage constantly...
comp cooling?
Blank BSOD during gameplay, is it graphix, psu or...
Which MP3 player?
Having problems with my trackball
what is "folding"?
K7D Master Advanced BIOS settings?
Windows XP Not Detecting CD Drives HELP !!!!
Anyone ever get this BSOD error?
need help with friends computer
PDA for girlfriend w/ MP3 playback
Opteron bus overhead?
cold sweat, not posting
Need a Site to unleash a Punishing array of e-mail spam.
WMI error?
Power outage made computer unbootable
building a comp what psu?
Holes in 16bit textures with my GF4?
Got a REALLY REALLY wierd problem with my A64 3000+
Is it possible to build laptops?
K7D something wrong
Dual Vs Single :D
wierd laptop problem
800$ Pc
Anyone ever had a BIOS VIRUS?
Research Paper
I love my dually !!!
Tell me why this wouldn't work.
hardware conflict?
Duron 1600mhz @ AthlonMP ?
OCing new system
Drive bay controllers
Help me fix my K7D-L!
Complete Wireless Freedom
USB keyboard not powering anymore...
General Problem
CD roms...disappearing?
New computer, comment on it
PLEASE HELP! activating partition and win98 setup!
Static or not? help a n00b
Frustrated... help!
Ftp And A Router
P5 USB Virtual Controller Gaming Glove
Don't do this to your vidcard
New gaming consule possibly
Major computer problems
man my hard drive is damaged.
A few questions about apache,mysql,php4
XP 2400s?
overclock asus mb?
New Shuttle XPC systems
Broken A Computer? Unable To Fix One?
Keyboard cleaning
Data recovery services?
Weird Problem while installing win2k
Dell problems
can K7D support Mobile XPs?
Can't identify sound problem!!!
New rig around $1000, what would you change?
No Red Ink
Saitech R4 Wheel , XP ?
flopy drive
Scored 1,000 points less on new system?
got parts!
Advice for a photo printer
How is this computer setup?
I need cheap stuff (cpu board ram)
CPU running at 100% load causing reboots
anyone use LCD TV for a monitor?