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First time build help! (shopping list included)
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I Screwed UP!!
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Considering buying this any thoughts??
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High end mATX build, does this make sense?
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Plan for my first build.
Advice on my first gaming rig?
Upgrade or New PC?
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Looking for a USB Racing Wheel
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cutting power from a pc
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CAD/3D design Workstation - Need ur Advice
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Suggestions on $1000 gaming build
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How to make your fans silent by under-volting them
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Help me finish building a 4ch. Core 7i system
Need some motherboard suggestions/advice.
First Time Builder w/ Spec Sheet, Advice is Welcome
Trying to get sound to my surround sound
How big of a power supply do I need?
BSOD, Machine Check Processor Context Corrupt, THE WORKS!
New build advice
Server Hardware Requirements - Assistance Please
click on mouse right button on folder makes all opened folders to close.....
Another build evaluation/opinion thread
Have finalized first build. How does it look?
Need insite on build
Help, w/AVADirect Gaming Build for amateur, $2000ish budget... Pls see and criti
Looking for advice on what to upgrade next?
planning a horizontal mobo placement
Keyboard and Mouse
PC Not Powering on after running AMD Overdrive's Autotune
URGENT-Is all of this compatible
Compatibility check-- buying on July 1st, YAY!
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Salvage Old Laptop
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Mouse recommendation?
Razer copperhead need to know value of a ceramic resonator.
I'm new and need advise for a build
I-ROCKS vs. Qsenn vs. Cyborg -- Keyboards
Opinions/error checking on new build.
Finding the "perfect" gaming mouse.
need advice one new build
My Book Essential and black x duet adapters
Windows Question
New computer build ..Opinions please
7770 is fighting the Intel HD graphics for control
Dual TV Tuner with FM / 450mbps Wifi Card
New Build......Help
What's my potential bottleneck?
Media needs
Old PC won't play videos
Laptop shuts down when gaming
What was your first computer? And first experience with computers?
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Mechanical Keyboard Showdown
I hate ny printer!!!
no post after lock up
Best Bang for Buck
USB or PCI Wifi Adapter?
sub $900 3d modeling workstation/gaming/programming build help
One mans trash, is another mans gold
games are crashing
Adobe CS6 pc
salvagables + $300 budget
will this cable work?
what should i do for my upgrade
Whats next for this machine?
Tv Tuner Card
New platform to build, suggestions are welcome!
New build, need any input ;)
Appraisal of system?
Microphone Help :(
Upgrade RAM or get SSD
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Did I kill my motherboard?
I would like to use my ps3 remote on my pc (wired)
New Rig...Help needed.
$500 budget build
Wireless Xbox 360 Controller for PC Racing games..?
Advice on if I should pull the trigger
Purchasing computer with these components. Wanted help from computer sexy people
help with pc
First build, advice appreciated!
Tips needed on cleaning Razer Naga
Overclock issue: Screen goes black
Check my HTPC Build
Need some advice. "New" Build.
Do these parts fit?
My First Real build. Looking for tips and ideas
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 550V
A bottlenecking question.
upgrading my CPU,GPU and HEAT SINK FAN
Asrock P55 Extreme + i3 530 cpu 2.93 ghz good deal?
What fps will i het on mass effect 3?
4-Arm Helping Hands Soldering Tool
Gaming machine that will last for at least a few years.
Old Build, New Tricks
Time to build a proper desktop!
Help if you can
Mad Catz Cyborg M.M.O.7 and Keyboard v7 Auto-Profiler
PSU killing GTX670 TOP or just bad luck?
An Introduction and a Build Log (3570K @ 4.9GHz)
Build Advice
Barebone or Brand name PC for photographer?
Building my first PC
intel matrix storage manager loads too fast!
Build ideas for a coworker
Bitcoinmining worth it?
Anyone using FlexRAID?
I need help
Gaming PC/ College Workstation
Best way to transfer over 300GB of videos and 30GB of music.
Gaming Mice
Critique this build
Looking for the right fit.
New PC - First self-build!
OC Wattage for new build
Gateway DX 4300-11 losing video signal
New builds and questions; ideas and answers?
High pitched whine, no power.
Will a GDDR3 bottleneck a Core i5-2400?
$3000 Build | Seeking Final Opinions
Confused about a system's (980x, Quadro580) worth, seeking help!
Building first gaming computer! Help needed
Do you have a i5 2500k? If so visit this forum
First time PC build, need advice!
I need some advice
I want to oc a p4 2.6ghz ht asus p4 sd-la stingray
Need Some Inputs/Suggestions for my Monster Rig
New PC running slow after changing a setting in the Bios please help
Web, Movies, Diablo3 build
What graphics card 6870 or GTX 560
Control Your Pc With Your Mind?
New to computers need help
Implementing a UU Server
Review on Gaming and Entertainment Setup
Core i5 2500K Sapphire 7870 Build
Roccat Kave USB Static Noise
New Gaming Computer Build (First Build)
New build random BSOD, no idea where to start
Computex 2012
is the Sata card ok?
Gaming Build for a friend, could use a look-over
Big day tomorrow
Gaming upgrade-What to do?
First Build, suggestions appreciated
acer travelmate c110 start up
Rain ION No longer Outputs Video
First Build Help
Razer Blackwidow
Bi-Monthly BSOD
Help Please! New build, Boot errors, POST ok
Help required for new gaming pc build.
Help! What kind of barebone is this?
First Gaming PC
Up-keeping your system?
Need advice with an upgrade
Need Help w/ Random Freezing
RG6 Questions
No Hard drive is Quick Enough
MSi quantum wave sound card on ASUS board?
Maximus V Gene: Powers On But No POST
USB 3.0 19pin to 2 external USB 3.0
To upgrade or not to upgrade?
Beginner going to try a gaming PC Build
Netbook or Tablet
Christmas Costume
Am I bottlenecking anywhere on my rig?
Fanless mATX buld
New Build $1500 (w/o displays)
new build problem
New Gaming Rig
gaming system with amd fusion.
Anti static precautions
New Build
First PC Build - Need suggestions
Build PC
Seriouse Problem z77 3570k wont oc.
500$ to spend on upgrades, what to get?
need help w/3dvision surround setup
First computer build,
R.A.T 7 OR M.M.O 7?
Help /w Dead PC - New Mobo/CPU
New Build, for my dad
Computer upgrade thoughts
Rendering Inquiry for Maya 3D App
My Rig (Build in process)
Gaming system.
New rig won't boot
swapping hdd
How long will my build be good for?
Yet another computer build thread
Review my mATX, water-cooled build!
Crimping tool
Computer freezes and restarts
ATI overdrive // pcie @2X
need help buying a mobo and ram and processor
[Build Log] Stealth Rig
My build, will all the parts connect?
New Router need ideas.
check my build
What's the best next upgrade?
Need a quick overview of my build by someone.
error archivo cab
Dell Dimension 4700
Undervolting i990x
Hi guys, clueless dell laptop owner with problems
TP-LINK TL-WR740N router keeps freezing...
new builv ivy bridge rig... doesnt even POST
Hi, some questions about my next build
Help Me to OC my core 2 duo E4600
Need help!!Quadro 4000
[New Build] Need Advice Building Gaming/Editing PC
Hit power button --> CPU Cooler fan spins for 1 milisecond. NO POWER??
Final Build Advice and Router Question
HELP! Too much voltage/watts/heat? Blew up my CPU adapter!
Modem issue, ISP being PITA.
Wirelss NIC or USB?
Next upgrade step?
Planning to build a PC need advices !
Please help me! I am a newbie!
New Build Won't Power Up
Tempest Evo i5 3570k Build log (Updated)!
gts250 to gtx560 question
Yo, I'm sorry this isn't hardware related but is a serious question.
Advice for changing CPU and mobo?
GPU or CPU Instability?
what do i need to my rig to get better frames for Serious Sam 3?
Intel gaming set-up.
System Build Advice - z77 vs. x79
Button mapping
My main rig
Final Build Ivy Bridge Gaming
Mid Rig
Decision between 2 gaming headsets.
Give me some Parts Builds
Having some difficulty picking a GPU now.
qx6700 and gtx 570 bottleneck?
PC - mostly for gaming
FUN with old PC (Destroying)
wireless network card for xp based pc
Help with gaming build selection
Laptop froze just black screen & no boot
Need help with a $600 build for a friend.
Advice needed ASAP
Computer crashing issues?
pool header error
Need Help Troubleshooting a Problem
is it okay to put a pc on carpet?
Day At The Pc History Museum(pix)
hp laserjet 4 printing problem
Question about PSU
Does anyone have this game pad?
Video Editing Machine
Is it possible to build a Laptop?
Can't Handle BF3?
Cisco/Linksys router replacement
Opinions about a new pc
Looking for guidance.
Full System Stress/Monitor
Computer crashing during games. think it's motherboard
Triple-WQHD Monitor Gaming Rig Choices (Help Requested)
Putting value on my system for sale
Two issues :(
New Build! Looking for advice, thank you.
Emergency please help !
motherboard updating
Not sure what's causing problem
Building a system for family
Worth Upgrading?
Random shut downs and freezing
$300 General Purpose Build
Help building HTPC (gaming/surfing/DVR)
G1 Assassin build HELP!!
What tests should I run on my new computer first thing?
Finalizing Secondary Rig/HTPC
Build: Antec ISK300-150 Liquid Cooled mini-itx HTPC
Universial stand for LG 32LH20?
What to purchase for a designer
CPU buying Confusion AMD or Intel
New Build - AMD FX or Sandy Bridge?
Screen Tearing GPU Over or Underclock
I'm building a computer just want to see if its a good set up
First Build
Overclocking questions
I hate that feeling when you reboot a server...
Monitor Opinions?
Help my pc just turns off in benchmark after 1 min
UPS battery backup
How can I save money on this build?
I want to double check! Review my final build please
the max power of cpu is 95w
Suggestions for Ivy Bridge Build
Buying a new computer... how much money should I ask for my old one?
Boot loop with ssd...
New Build
New Intel build
Building a new gaming Rig :)
issues installing windows
Please give me your suggestions before I click the order button
Creating The Most Outrageous Build Plan
Final Reviews and Advice Before I pull the trigger (Gaming)
issues with custom pc
Will this fit?
cant remove a program
Upgrade i7 920 advice
New build (gaming) for a friend.
Need some advice on my build/upgrade
windows xp boot disk
Acer Aspire 4752G
New Gaming Build
My first (gaming) pc build
help:before i install OS on my new build..
Comp turns on screen does nothing
Best Computer Shopping Sites
Building a new computer. Any advice?
Advice with ongoing pc upgrade
strange build
Does everything fit?
Help Gaming Budget Build Ivy i5 3550
PC Configuration....
good rigs
New Computer -Feedback/Advice needed needed
The 3 year itch...
Future First Time Build Advice/ Critique
What do you think of my choices?
Ridiculously weird mind boggling wifi/pc issue, can anyone figure this one out?
First build in about a decade, my win7 machine keeps freezing for 1-2 seconds
Please HELP! Router issues
Question about this build
Final thoughts on CG spec
Require some advice for a Build
AMD Overdrive's Auto Tune killed my PC
i think that it is awesome
Poweredge sc1430
I need help on a few things to finish my first build
Rate/Judge my next build
Wired or wireless ..
Shall I exercise patience or splurge now, new RIG build.
Struggling with my first ever complete build
Help with Tailgate Ramps
New Build - Budget: 400 - 500
Lessons from my first build
Weird Problem
Long Repeated Bleeps no boot up
New build, unresponsive after idle over night
New build, unresponsive after idle over night
Gaming Mice? Which do you use?
Internet Cafe Server budget advice
Laptop optical drive in disk top?
Tool part accessory storage
Advice for Budget Gaming Build ($550)
360mm radiator all in one
Repurposing a Dell Poweredge 2900 Server
motherboard issue
how much power?
service.exe description defraggler
Budget build advice (newbie)
Windows Sleep issue
BIOS Auto Setting
asus p5q pro
Intel Core i7-3930K Overclock
Fan controllers
CHEAP gaming build help
New to computer building
New Rig ( need input)
Help me choose the best parts for my budget
I just learned/fixed my first YLOD PS3!!
stuck in boot loop.
sff space challenge...rckn itll fit??
old ide cd-rw drive
over clocking asrockg41m-sv3
Pics From Multiplay Insomnia i45
Best upgrades < 300
Need some expertise
cable management good? bad? ugly? tips please
Update on hardware news.
First Build - Gaming PC - Any advice?
My New Build!!!
Will this processor work on this mobo?
NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my x58 system (56k killer)
What do you think of my first build?
Should I buy this router?
Keyboard Submersion?
USB 2.0 Problems
usb 3.0 motherboard header
My Attempt at Upgrading
May i have some help please?
How does this i3 build look?
Messed Up My Back Computer Fan & I Need Help Badly!
Occasional freeze
Would 600w be enough for this build
trying to decide on new build, but stuck
New Build BSOD 124
New Computer; Restarted System, it Shut Off; Smells Bad
Gigabyte Z68-AP-D3 - PCI 3.0?
which water cool to get
First time computer build...RAID, SSDs, Dual-Boot
what in the world is wrong with this pc
HELP! My mic is invisible
opinions on rig
Advice for $5,000+ first system for triple screen (5760x1080) gaming
Strange Noises
computer started locking up, does not start at all now dead mobo or psu?
First build won't boot!
Testing used components
Questions and concerns
Wheres my bottleneck and where do i go.
Need help with power supply issue
help ocing my pc
1080i signal to 1080p HDTV?
Working on a gaming build!
Specific keyboards question...
OC help, first time overclocking.
Joystick FCS: Which one is over all good?
Ivy Bridge TJ07 Build
Looking for Manufacturers
Could I build a killer gaming rig for: $1000-1300?
Pimp my build
Random hangs with GTX 460
Time to upgrade my PC (need help which cpu)
Fitting issue
Will this work for installing my OEM?
Can't make up my mind... You guys tell me! 980X or 2600K?
Thinner 120mm Case Fans
A8 3870k noob to overclocking !! Please help !