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URGENT - Help finish my build
Just something that happened to me.
PC won't recognize SATA 2?
Should I buy or build a new computer?
Question on hex-core upgrade path
Fractal Design Case Comparison
Workstation up and running
Looking for something unique to do with a mac mini
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First time building PC
Wireless Gaming Mouse
Razer mamba vs naga epic
Old computer what need update?
Laptop Wifi Card Advice
How do I hook it up?
Thoughts on this build?
All In One Colour Printer Recommendation
How old were you all at your first build?
Reccomend Earbuds Please
Looking to upgrade my computer a lil bit
2600k vs 3770k vs 3930k vs 3820 for video
[Build Log] Newbie build!
Need help with hooking up USB ports on PC tower
msi p6n sli 650i overclock help on e6550
Thoughts on my system build?
x230 vs t430 for College
So I've revised my build, what do you think?
Mad Catz Strike 7
Time for a new build, your suggestions and ideas please.
I need wireless game pad
Price/performance gaming rig?
Can I transfer data from a HDD to a SSD?
boot problem
Need advice on 24/7 OC 4.5ghz build for dev
Looking for a good IDE/SATA to USB Adapter
Re-formatting the Computer
High end BUILD
Looking At A New Build
Is this system good enough?
any good game controllers?
PC build parts on a Budget.
Did i messed up my order ?
Business Card Scanner Recommendation
Monitor Not Working...
What LED lighting is used in this picture
installed new hdd... now background shows white patch on top left
Rate my Build!!
Is this build okay?
My current build. Rate please
Slot 1 Vcore mod
speakers are making a very high pitched sound
Asus Laptops
help with new build (some components)
Attemped OC. GIANT screenshot. Everything look good? Getting BSOD. Help!
Graphics Card UPGRADE HELP!
650-700 pounds to upgrade my current system
Breaking cpu pins
Drivers drop and screen freezes/blacks out
intermittent freezing and discolored cursor?
what to upgrade
One over my parts, upgrading system!
Flag to force Award BIOS flash
Ages ago we heard about it, now we can own it. Anyone have one?
Razer Goliathus VS Strike-X Glider?
My new computer Raspberry Pi
192gigs needed BAD
Will these parts fit?
Critique My Build
USB 3.0 Thumbdrive?
Help needed for this i5 3570K - thanks guys
Budget Gaming Build
New DOCSYS 3.0 modem = lower uload speeds?
Whats the smallest case i can fit my board in?
Sabertooth Z77 - Advice on Cooling & Memory for Overclocking
AsusZ77 Maximus V & i7 377K Build
Overclocking kingston hyper x 1600 to 1866 with gigabyte board
Who makes/ where can i find white light/led black keyboard?
New home server for my dad. Xeon E3-1230 V2
looking for a cheap mechanical keyboard...
Advice on my cpu
Need advice on how to set up 2nd monitor in AMD catalyst control center
Upgrading PC 360 G4ME to Sennheiser HD700
windows running out of memory
linksys wrt54g router antanna post replacement help
Help Me Build My Rig!
Crazy 7000$ Computer build!
Feser TFC Xchanger Retailer or Reseller Wanted
GPU help
MOLEX to Sata connector caught fire.
SSD Not being picked up by BIOS
Cheapest build for Dota2/Wow/Starcraft 2
A pc build for music producing/gaming(No set budget)
Need Serious Help For New Build!
Mouse pad
Questions about computer upgrade, help appreciated!:)
First time system builder needs advice
Need some help on knowing what to upgrade my computer with
First Build - Need Help/Opinions
miniITX Server suggestions?
new comp looking to spend 1200-1300 bucks
$250 for guts build.
Newbie here with a couple questions
Cyborg v7 Keyboard problems
VisionTek Bigfoot Killer 2100 Gaming Network Card
Another Friend Build And I Need A New Headset
Help a noob build a PC!
micro sd format w/write protection
Got new computer. Looking for monitor floor stand to use w/recliner
Brand new build, running slower than old build...
Busted screen
Static check
Is there something missing?
Next build.
help me build my pc, i need input.
Advice for Immersion Cooling?
nx 7400 wont turn on (hello r0nd3l)
SATA-USB adapter caused spark, PC dead - any options?
5.1 Sound system
Advice needed
Post your old stuff.
**New Build/Upgrade Help PLEASE**
NEED HELP for New build!
Good gaming PC brands?
I can't get my new surround sound headphones to stay 7.1
Finishing this rig
does anyone use serial connections anymore
new build F2 error HELP, Asus Maximus IV gene-z Gen3
Unmountable_Boot_Volume error
first gaming build
Questions about PC Building.
Case has USB 3.0 Male connectors... Mobo has 19-pin USB 3.0...
New Budget build
Newbie questions :p
Need help knowing what to upgrade
Need Intel board and psu
Build My Gaming Rig
So, uh... apparently I cant run Crysis?
Ram for Overclocking?
Big Things Come in Small Packages?
integrating alarm clock with recording system
How is This Build for A Friend?
RE: buying advice for gaming pc
will pata wires work
maximus formula onboard sound vs xonar dx
Xeons and ECC
Need help for future proof build.
Buying components from one supplier
Boot-up Problem
Advice on upgrading
New build for gaming/future proofing
Mechanical Keyboards...
New build for non-overclocked gaming and rendering
Soldering Help! I need to fix my Dell Monitor
Building a computer.
psu vs graphics card
New Build by Complete Novice
My current keyboard is dieing, need a new one
General Build Advice
Need help picking a motherboard
Current Build I'm looking at for this year.
BIOS screen stuck on... sandy bridge w/AMD GPU - Help!
$2.5k Machine - Help Needed
HELP!? . . . needing good advice!
My Internet is SLOW WTF, please read :(
Hardware Question
Help the new kid with his computer build :)
Upgrade advice needed!
Would this fit my bad BTX desktop
Request recommendation for new purchase
Corsair Carbine 300R & H100?
Urgent! No display! Playing High Setting Games!
Looking to upgrade computer(MOBO/CPU/GPU.
Need A Little Help With My First Build
Advice on upgrading my rig
Building a system for this purpose, looking for good hardware suggestions.
First build
Second Build
PCI Express 2.0 and 2.1
First timer - $400 GAMING MACHINE???
How much is this worth?
Case choice for planned build
Hello Guys
Question about electrical surge and onboard LAN
New build - Version 3.0
Gaming/Graphic Design/Video Editing Rig?
New gaming build, about to place order
New Rig Advice
Making a big upgrade, but have some questions!
Installing Kiss Processor into computer
Advice on 1st PC build
First Media Server Build - Upgrades Assist
Help me choose my next upgrade
Low Noise Budget PC Build - Advice Requested
Looking at an Intel Build
First Build - Thoughts
New build....
When to upgrade?
Errors BEFORE OC - Prime95: Expected less than 0.5
AMD boards Marvel Controllers for SSDs
Gaming Rig
OC E7500 or 1155 G Processor
Switching from AMD to Intel
new fans in my rig
Advice on my first gaming rig?
I/O Device Error [2nd time]
Air Filter Material
Need help with a 300$ semi-finished build.
Core I5 2500k overclocking with Corsair H60
Is this compatable?
Build Advice: Asus Maximus V Gene Full ATX Alternative
Speakers not working
Gigabyte vs. Sapphire HD 7850 2 GB
My budget pc build ,is it worth it?
Asus P8Z77-V Premium Config issue?
question for other Canadians
Gaming PC Build Suggestions
Component Return Rates
Budget Gaming PC
First time pc builder
System freezes with blank screen
Building Gaming PC (recording, MC, Skyrim, etc)
Sound Issue HDMI
New gaming build...
Graphics glitch on laptop
My First Build
Building a Gaming/Work Machine?
Need a new mousepad
GoPro Hero 2 with 32gig SD card
First time builder
Which is fastest booting after Bios?
Cyborg R.A.T. 5 Problem
Need help on an a8n-sli problem
I plan building a gaming computer but i'm on a low budget. Recommendations?
PSU and car headunit issue
Q8400 Build
New Build w/ Questions about Best Options
Well... time to upgrade
Small water or someone spit.
Build it your way!
Rig o' The Month - August 2012 (Concluded)
Crashing games and bsods troubleshooting sos
Looking to build a Gaming Pc in September, how would this do
Gigabyte GA G41m Combo
Help with Intel Build!
[UPGRADING] Dell Inspiron 531
Price drops on 7000 series
Whats difference SATA6 vs. SATA3 cable?
Urgent Help: Splice USB device to two computers
Critique on desktop build with some laptop parts.
Upgrading the rig for Photoshop & Video Editing work
Whats wrong?
USB Audio Headset Adapter
New Rig!
$800 Build Help
Thoughts on this build?
Build for a friend SC2/Video Editing
Newly build pc doesn't show screen
What Are You Sitting On?
What Do You Use to Clean Your Devices
Sabertooth X79 or P9X79LE ?
First Build Strange problem
What can I upgrade my HP Pavillion Slimline S5210UK to?
Question about displays
Rebuilding computer
New build, a little advise needed
Geforce 670 w/Sandy question...
whats my pc worth
Wired vs wireless internet
First Build Review/Advice
Mechanical keyboard w/blank keys when no backlight, visible with backlight?
My PS/2 Isn't Working
What else should i get
Wireless (wi-fi) Internet Questions Routers/adaptors & home security equipment
Please Help
[Help Needed] CyberpowerPC won't boot after Crysis 2 Gaming Session
is all of this stuff compatible?
Help checking if system allows overclocking
CPU Bottlenecks GPU , how ?
New CPU, PSU, and GPU help.
New build wont boot, trouble shooting advice needed
mechanical keyboard adjustgments and cleanings (key puller)
core duo 2 3 ghz rate at 2.40ghz
DeathAdder 1800 DPI vs Respawn
New Build = No Power. Mobo? PSU? Other?
Tt water 2.0 fail leads to bad fails
Looking to build a near SILENT media player
Gaming PC
Gaming computer upgrade
Please help me fix my PC (AMD GPU, ASRock mobo) - monitor won't display image
Laptop SHuts down randomly
RoHS kills boards and people
Gaming keyboard/mouse ( blue)
What should I upgrade first?
Newly Built Gaming PC won't boot to BIOS
Gaming PC Upgrade
[HELP]Buying new gaming mouse. Need help!
Finally Received All My Parts!!
Shuttle XPC formfactor?
Anything wrong with this Desktop configuration for gaming?
When it's time to upgrade
Hello, forum. Building from the ground up.
I Have Decided to Go Mechanical... But Which One?
How much power would I draw?
RAM or GPU upgrade?
First Gaming Rig
Need feedback on upgrading of a Q9400 system
Advice on game server build
buy a gaming laptop or a gaming desktop and a cheap laptop?
SSD not seen on Lanparty NF4
CPU Grunt Verses Video Grunt?
Overclocking Failed! Please enter setup.
Computer build confirmation
First self-build
First build. Help needed.
Gaming performance when overclock i5 2500K
Bluetooth usb dongle problem
400 Budget Upgrade
First time building
Help a fella, b7 error code after continuous "brownouts"
Active adapter help
building 1st new rig in over 10 years.
Rig for a friend, price tag $700-900
Gaming Rig
ACER drivers
CPU ID Not recognizing GPU properly, I think?
Need help about a new amd mobo and CPU
Need Mouse mat
What to do with old PC?
Power Supply Voltage Readings
Need help from smart with computers people
asking for more first build advice
Thermal Paste
Lost power cord for Corsair PS
Silly things :)
First Build advice?
Can't control myself upgrades need to be done
Seeking input on my next build
Received two servers but unsure on what to do with them
Am I missing out on anything? (finalizing first build)
Upgrade old Core 2 Quad Q8200
Building a new computer - advice needed
Upgrading PC, suggestions wanted
Seeking motherboard w/heatpipes for i5-2550K & single GTX480 card
need help understanding oc
Computer Chair?
HTPC Suggestions?
Oh boy, something went wrong
First time build help! (shopping list included)
i7 3820 temps with h80
Certain Builds not going into sleep/hibernate state
Need feedback on first gaming build
NEW BUILT - not booting with RAM installed
need help troubleshooting a notebook
Video output stopped, yet the fan spins, and the computer boots into Windows
USB Wireless Networking Adapter issues Windows 7
Seasoned Builder, looking for some input.
Razer Naga issue
dedicated VGA power supply
Buying From Craigslist
Machine Check Exception - Possible DOA CPU
I Screwed UP!!
h 80 rear bracket
Doubts about a new computer
Considering buying this any thoughts??
Questions on upgrading my '08 era PC
HEat transfer issues..not what you think
graphics cards
First Build for my Brother.
Updating my kit
New build!
Insite On My Next Build
First time builder, gaming computer
Building my first computer
Fan connector
High end mATX build, does this make sense?
Need help for a Friend from Australia
New guy needs help!
Plan for my first build.
Advice on my first gaming rig?
Upgrade or New PC?
Need Ram and Hard drive suggestions
Looking for a USB Racing Wheel
Need help from smart with computers people
Novice Builder Please Help
cutting power from a pc
just finished my first build (PiC)
need help witch ddr3
CAD/3D design Workstation - Need ur Advice
help building a computer
Trouble at startup
Suggestions on $1000 gaming build
First build, appreciate any advice
How to make your fans silent by under-volting them
Help with a build?
Help me finish building a 4ch. Core 7i system
Need some motherboard suggestions/advice.
First Time Builder w/ Spec Sheet, Advice is Welcome
Trying to get sound to my surround sound
How big of a power supply do I need?
BSOD, Machine Check Processor Context Corrupt, THE WORKS!
New build advice
Server Hardware Requirements - Assistance Please
click on mouse right button on folder makes all opened folders to close.....
Another build evaluation/opinion thread
Have finalized first build. How does it look?
Need insite on build
Help, w/AVADirect Gaming Build for amateur, $2000ish budget... Pls see and criti
Looking for advice on what to upgrade next?
planning a horizontal mobo placement
Keyboard and Mouse
PC Not Powering on after running AMD Overdrive's Autotune
URGENT-Is all of this compatible
Compatibility check-- buying on July 1st, YAY!
Need Help On A New Build
Salvage Old Laptop
Just something to share
Mouse recommendation?
Razer copperhead need to know value of a ceramic resonator.
I'm new and need advise for a build
I-ROCKS vs. Qsenn vs. Cyborg -- Keyboards
Opinions/error checking on new build.
Finding the "perfect" gaming mouse.
need advice one new build
My Book Essential and black x duet adapters
Windows Question
New computer build ..Opinions please
7770 is fighting the Intel HD graphics for control
Dual TV Tuner with FM / 450mbps Wifi Card
New Build......Help
What's my potential bottleneck?
Media needs
Old PC won't play videos
Laptop shuts down when gaming
What was your first computer? And first experience with computers?
Mech Keyboard Search
Mechanical Keyboard Showdown
I hate ny printer!!!
no post after lock up
Best Bang for Buck
USB or PCI Wifi Adapter?
sub $900 3d modeling workstation/gaming/programming build help
One mans trash, is another mans gold
games are crashing
Adobe CS6 pc
salvagables + $300 budget
will this cable work?
what should i do for my upgrade
Whats next for this machine?
Tv Tuner Card
New platform to build, suggestions are welcome!
New build, need any input ;)
Appraisal of system?
Microphone Help :(
Upgrade RAM or get SSD
New Build
Did I kill my motherboard?
I would like to use my ps3 remote on my pc (wired)
New Rig...Help needed.
$500 budget build
Wireless Xbox 360 Controller for PC Racing games..?
Advice on if I should pull the trigger
Purchasing computer with these components. Wanted help from computer sexy people
help with pc
First build, advice appreciated!
Tips needed on cleaning Razer Naga
Overclock issue: Screen goes black
Check my HTPC Build
Need some advice. "New" Build.
Do these parts fit?
My First Real build. Looking for tips and ideas
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 550V
A bottlenecking question.
upgrading my CPU,GPU and HEAT SINK FAN
Asrock P55 Extreme + i3 530 cpu 2.93 ghz good deal?
What fps will i het on mass effect 3?
4-Arm Helping Hands Soldering Tool
Gaming machine that will last for at least a few years.
Old Build, New Tricks
Time to build a proper desktop!
Help if you can
Mad Catz Cyborg M.M.O.7 and Keyboard v7 Auto-Profiler
PSU killing GTX670 TOP or just bad luck?
An Introduction and a Build Log (3570K @ 4.9GHz)
Build Advice