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Shuttle buying
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PIII 600Mhz laptop for DivX playback? Whacha think?
Blah..FedEx claims delivery but no package to be found..what to do now?
Affordable Laptop For The Travelling Gamer...Does It Exist
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Help reformatting a brand new Dell laptop
Bad Assumption - How To Fix?
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Bought my new parts
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Rate this pc i am getting (10-highest, 1-lowest)
k7d & 2500+ barton xp's with l3 multi mod
$30 best buy - what to buy?
Putting a capacitor back on....
General Causes for Computer Restarting??
Damn intel chipset hold downs
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Upgrading Dilemma
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North Bridge?d
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What to upgrade to gain most performace?
Anyone else have Lexmark X125 printer in Win XP?
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Computer turning on by its self?
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Digital Camera? Help?
Overclocking friends computers
900 rig, is it good?
Tv Tuner NEED HElP!!
Exciting News!!
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Cheapest Bluetooth phone w/ GPRS for internet access
Need help, weird pink screen
Need Help.
8-processor PII
Basic 1st Time Computer Builder question
Overclocking a Pentium???
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Game Port Problem
custom power-on switches
Need to built a QUIET computer
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Killer Keyboard & Mouse
Installin dual SATA drives problems
P4c800-e dlx, 2.8 crashing like a mofo
K7D Master-L onboard USB problem
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got all parts for AMD dually - questions
How do I set up a FireWall?
Computer is running SLOWWWW!!!
Where do I go from here????
Koss Sb-40?
Fan controller and my power supply
Programmable software / media controller?
comp stores in Indianapolis
Best memory suggestions for my setup...
Cople of SMP questions...
CPU and RAM at different FSB
Next upgrade?
Not exactly a cyber deal but....
We need better mobo overclocking
ATX Power and the Mobo
Is this a good PC?
Computer Hiccups
Keyboard Drivers
K7D and 2500+ problems
FM Antenna
Just received my 2.8C and turned out to be a SLGWT instead of SL6Z5?
So... What did you get for Christmas? [OFFICAL 2003 BRAGGING THREAD]
need translation
weird problem while switching cases
Intel inside...my TV? Oh no.
Voltage causing 2.4ghz xeons to run at 2.38g?
Uninstalling motherboard drivers.
Woohoo! Comcast Just Double Speed!
create a parallel to IDE interface converter ?
Running a joystick through another port?
Well I think it was a good day
7.0 volts runing a 7.5 router
Temperature Probes
2.8C SL6WT - Any good?
What is the faster connection: USB 2.0, Ultra Wide SCSI, SCSI-2??
I need a GOOD FAST document imaging scanner.. pleae help!
If you had $1500-$2000
Are these voltages OK?
Super Computers
help quick please
Is there any piece of software for making Random MP3 audio CD's??
K7d Bios Versions
Bios Updates , Bios Updates
Did I just smoke my Barton?
is this any good. 2x amd 3000+
Please comment on this computer
Bets Keyboard And Mouse
Smart fones
Which pin mod for me?...Bartons and K7D
new system amd 64 3000 or amd 2500+
my new machine!!
unauthorized RFID Antenna and IBM
buying help
k7d only recognizes one cpu
Are PDA's worth it?
Building new comp, problems installing from cd?
How to get superglue off of Vid card memory chips?
building a gaming comp
Ripping DVD audio!
Stop, and go in games.
OC expectations
Tyan Tiger MPX Crashproblem
LAN parties in the midwest
Dual apple duron @ k7d
What you think about this Samsung 21.3" LCD Price?
Music match fix?
Seem like a hoax?
First Build - Please take a look
motherboard or cpu gone?
What upgrades?
Are my 0306 2500 locked?
Overclocking the XEON
Anyone in a giving mood? Need a host
Shopmbc computer 2,199?
Ipods... Where to buy in Toronto? Canada?
All about my case mods.
help locating old drivers.....
First Time Builder
MSI K7D how far is too far "FSB", before the AGP starts to go
cmc can I call you?
I haven't been this confused in awhile
Controller card?
mouse worth $70?
zBoard keyboard system
Can't Install a second Serial Port
USB 2.0 Cardbus Question
Kensington Elite wireless trackball mouse
power led blinking...
need new video editing computer
Input on my new computer parts selection for new build?
MSI K7D Master Manual
"L" computer company controversty
Dual Opterons, yup, I am going crazy again...
snake pc, um...literally
Quick Question
older compaq problms
add/remove programs is not responding
Athlon FX different thatn Opteron 1XX
I have a Delema
What's Wrong... not booting
Temp. sensors???
Upgrading Dell Dimension 8300 *NEW*!
digidoc 5 acting weird
Please don't think i'm stupid.....
Microsoft says you need 3.0 GHz to watch this video clip :)
Reduced Performance Than 1X?
Canadian Levies on MP3 Players?
Laptop PCMCIA question.
howto disable speedstep on P4-M ?
OH yeh baby!
playstation2 keyboard and mouse
Dimensions on this keyboard?
ITT Tech
Wierd Problem
Chipsets north bridges, i am in a muddle
hello i am new and am here cause i have problems
Need advise on the next upgrade.
Customer Returns on Graphics cards
Has Logitech addressed the hiss from the Z680's yet?
My good ol trusty 486SL laptop!
~New trojan virus spreading through AOL~~
Digital Animation Hardware
New Cordless Mouse.
How do I change touchpad sensativity?
Can a laptop have a 128 ATI Mb video card installed?
messed up cd-rom
Crazy Motherboard problems
online universities
Place Your Bets!!!!!
Webcam that you can pan/tilt/zoom remotely?
question on xeon
Need new system....maybe.
got 2 XP2500 Bartons....now what?
harddrive activity led...
iBook 64meg ram
weird noise coming from my tower when i scroll...
$75 computer from school good deal?
upgrade help????
new motherboard for HP?
YAY... I got a new computer !!
Boot floppy to run setup off a cd-r
30% tax exemtion?
Flat Out Best Operton Board
trying to backup my COD cds
prime95 or computer
386 Co-Processor?
Dial up modems
Copying CD to portable HDD
Using FX51 on Tyan Thunder K8W
Network+ or Server+
SMP Divx
Wow Coolest USB ever?
Where can I buy the Leadtek K8NW Board?
building a computer for the 1st time
Raid on K7DMasterL
N64 controller software needed badly
486SL's hard drive won't turn off
Mersenne Project Discovers Largest Known Prime Number
32 bit PCI to 64 bit PCI
MP3 player/ voice recorder
GPS for laptops?
What do you think about this PC for O/Cing?
desktop looks funny...
whose bartons are OC'd the highest?
CPU Temp Sensor
HP PSC 2210 All in one Problems
3 in 1 printer suggestions?
Bootable USB external HDD
Trouble installing WinXP Pro on SiS650/P4 laptop
Bad PSU or motherboard?
Building a computer...
Ack! Alarms going off!
GPS needed, but which one?
MSI K7D Master Drivers
My Sytem Build
Large HDD on an older laptop?
almost ready to order...
Who makes?
Mac V.s. Pc
Stereo to Mono in computer ??
Need to get a Laptop
Front USB port add-on
Another Post for me...
I know this has been asked a million times But how hard is it to upgrade a laptop?
Bored... playing with PS, wallpaper to share with you!
HTPC possibility?
a virus i cant get rid of!
usb or ps2 mouse?
Computer problem...please help me!
Best Wireless Keyboard with Builtin Pointer?
fav tech media?
reading registry from outside of windows
my internet font is too small!
Computer wont post
P3C-D Bios Hacking
Good deal on a laptop?
flex microATX
compaq prolinea bios ???
iPod Crashed and wont restart!
WTF did I do to break my computer?
anyone send repair to apple?
Did mod, only one CPU registers in 133 FSB
REPOST: MP3 Compressor
Sharp lcd on pc
NUTS!!! My monitor is goofed?!
Help with wish list...
ISO Smallest Dual board Dimensions
What would you do?
Help me choose a laptop plz! :)
My hardware List
Which P4 setup is the best?
The target this year is to SCAM the consumer
case and RAM help
Yeah I have A EMACHINES :read:
K7D voltages
Change the system Identification in the bios.
iam building a new pc and somthing has gone wrong
Best TV Tuner card to buy ?
Do you Prime?
ICH5 equivalent on xeon platform?
increase volume of a mp3
laptop USB bios reset?
help, ipod wont turn on
I just ordered the parts for my PC...check it out!
MSI K7D Master [Problems]
How often do you shut down your computer?
Cool DVD/Radio Drive
underpowered PSU? uhh
Locked XP => MP?
Xp2500 or xp2800 at x17
Ok guys do your thing... UPGRADE MY PC!!!
Central European E-Shops.
Need an upgrade computer. Not much $$ (Christmas Presents Maybe)
What can I get for $150 (motherboard,cpu and ram)
Odd display behavior
best work station ram
PDA's wireless range
laptop semi poll brand maker
what is better for me?
Help with AMD FX 51 system
What else can be done...
Usb flash memory?
Shuttle AN35 ultra problem..
Help a home boy out!!
looking for a web cam
Can FX's do SMP
What you gonna do when they come for you?
Too much power comsumption?
how do i print a list of files under a folder?
RCA lyra memory expansion Q.
New computers?
Boot trouble
Return Policy for Compusa?
Why does my computer turn by its self?
how deep is circuitry on mobo(situation inside)
oc prob..all black
ide cables?
some "General Harware" questions...
Can I find...?
just how much IS intel paying Dell and HP not to use Opteron....
Modem Questions
Which Fluke Multimeter should I buy?
barebone mini-pcs any good?
Quick LED Question
Whats that one thing called...?
Upgrade Time: Advice Needed
Turning a monitor/LCDProjector into a TV
After reading the locked barton thread..
Laptop Tips
5.1 sound?
k7d and heatsink question
Dell Poweredge 6100
What is the best way to backup a PC?
BIOS overclocking + Software FSB overclocking
My capictors roasted... need opinions
what to get fro x-mas?
Need Help MSI K7D Master Wont Start
k7d master L + bartons
Vidio card and MSI6120 board
HELP new build unstable
my new computer
Know of any good dual proc Intel overclocker boards?
K7D multipliers and FSB problems
Mobile XP in SMP - What chip is best?
What to upgrade with $500
KVM Switche and wireless keyboard/mouse
Lithium Ion Rechargeable AA Batteries
Killing Electronics
upgrades what next?
Dell Dimension 4600 series(add vid card?)
Can a failed PSU take a mobo with it?
SavRow - Can't build my own; Newbie question..
Unstable K7D
Burning WMV to DVD
Data - Electricity in wires...?
PROBLEM || Dual 2500+ Barton SMP won't boot SMP
Shuttle XPC Video Card Installation
prime95 keeps on failing!!
i'l take 1 of these and..
Computer keeps resetting
Cache vs No Cache
Advancement of Battery Technology
power issues? help
OT kinda- Movie commercial just played on my speakers WTF!?!
D.O.A. help!
Work at home on computer
Advice More Than Welcome
Master and Slave
Help with PnP settings!
$500 to spend
memory and cpu match
iTunes hacked
I nererfd a keryboaerd
New Here
Need hangman pieces to make a game? really need your help so please look in...
Hrm, I'm glad I don't have an iPod
Bios flash problem - need help
Wireless optical mouse behaving buggered up :/
Well, it looks like Lieberman is actually a real company..
Question about my stuff
New Laptop
A game server question...
I'm ordering the parts for my rig tomorrow, tell me what u think & make a suggestions
Computers are racist!
slowing down.....
can anyone help me?
comp. build, compatability questions
Beeping comp
Bad cpu or mobo
Christmas: a time of cheer, food, and indecision
short review of my Creative Zen Xtra 30gb
All my parts are finally here!
BIOS Keeps on getting corrupted
Wireless Keyboard/mouse Lag?
Help me O/C my new system!
Overclocking and BIOS rev.
Trouble w/ drivers?
bios pswd for a dell laptop
:( just kill my k7d
Frankenputer Lives
Help! I have hang at the post screen...
New computer from UPS
Mouse Pads
Buy now?
Lost RPM Monitoring with 7V draw
Monitor wont display
$6,463 for a 40gb harddrive?!
pc mark 04
$800 Budget What To Do
Bootable Pendrive
Asus P2L97-DS upgrade
Palm Tungsten E pda...
My SYstem crashes randomly
ack! my Alt key doesnt work O.o suggestions?
What to upgrade?
P3 - 266 What to use it for?
Building security server with PC and webcams - need advice
help with base conversions
Sony MZ-S1 MD player or any Sony MD player
short review of my Creative Zen Xtra 30gb
Problems with USB Keyboard/Mouse
new computer
Build a PC for my sister
Scary Prophecy
Mega bits mega bytes blah blah
video's page is up, please check it for me
Laptop rob?
changing keyboard latout
AMD or P4???
Need some help with my babies :)
wtf is a st3shark scsi controller?
what do you think?
Need some help with a laptop purchase
Did I get ripped off?
Feels like Christmas morning!!
need help building low priced barebone system for my old man
My calculations on the universe
Help!! something went wrong!!
Best cpu/hsf, mobo for $300.00 canadian
New Rig Setup w/ Pics
With the new locked bartons
Updated Systems Profiles
hdd reformat with recovery disk?
new to forum - 1st question about memory...
anyone here have a sony digital camcorder?
How Do You Remove A Prosseser
Reseting BIOS
Anyone know anything about PHP?
Many Dell PCs come shipped with HT OFF!!
"n00b" to SMP need tons of help
keyboards for "profesionals"
CD Explosion
Christmas Computer
Good Soldering Iron
DVD player messed up
I need a string to format my HDD
New Computer Help
Cant change IRQ settings
Best Printer
Taking Kill Spam Too Far
More Mac vs Pc
YAY! Upgrade soon
A completely f'ed up comp story
Computer Build Status... If anyone cares...
Optimizing my PC for gaming
My Early Xmas Gift - need some help
Problems adjusting Vcore on A7M266-D Rev1.04
Computer Mishaps
laptop in car for audio - buzzing sound??
Router Broke
I Scratched MY Motherboard!
Will I have enough power here??
Is there a free program to test your PC and all the hardware?
dvd backups
Best CDRW disks.
Salvageing powermac 5500's
About to get 2 2500+ bartons
Ever work at Best Buy?
Building new PC, seeking hardware advice!
'Cyber Sweep' Nets 125 Arrests
nvidia dual opteron
If you could pick: SATA or Dual Channel DDR?
hardware folly and fodder
T-1, 40X cdburner, and one CD. What do download?
Modifying the K7D Master L to work with more unbuffered ram
I'm pritty impressed with Frontpage 2003
Best I can OC on K7D-L?
Dell Laptop ?
What do do when your internet goes down...
Which laser printer should i get?