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Problems with MSI K7-D
quick question abou email
Good research question for u guys :)
HELP comp won't power up
Which Sys for D2OL?
Worth Selling?
No cmos beeps / no boot screen nothing
how to change start up image?
People with Ipods better check this out.......
What do you think about my PSU rails?
buttons on the mx500
Shutting down in games.
recommend me a video-editing box
Pink Super LANBoy?
Weird USB Keyboard/Mouse problems...
kool keyboard
i happen to stumble accrosed
networked coffee
MP 1.2 oc capabilities
TV Turns off!!!
The "Recommend me a .com name" thread
Iwill DP533 2.4 to 3.2 Overclock
Please scrutinize this system
power supply questions
Checking compatability before order
Hay Vantec, what's up in this console?
My Computer is Running Slowwwww
Weee! RF remote for MP3s
Next Logical Upgrade... NEED OPINIONS
Poll: What do you do w/ your old computer?
building electric cooler
computer reboots before logo.
50% CPU usage constantly...
comp cooling?
Blank BSOD during gameplay, is it graphix, psu or...
Which MP3 player?
Having problems with my trackball
what is "folding"?
K7D Master Advanced BIOS settings?
Windows XP Not Detecting CD Drives HELP !!!!
Anyone ever get this BSOD error?
need help with friends computer
PDA for girlfriend w/ MP3 playback
Opteron bus overhead?
cold sweat, not posting
Need a Site to unleash a Punishing array of e-mail spam.
WMI error?
Power outage made computer unbootable
building a comp what psu?
Holes in 16bit textures with my GF4?
Got a REALLY REALLY wierd problem with my A64 3000+
Is it possible to build laptops?
K7D something wrong
Dual Vs Single :D
wierd laptop problem
800$ Pc
Anyone ever had a BIOS VIRUS?
Research Paper
I love my dually !!!
Tell me why this wouldn't work.
hardware conflict?
Duron 1600mhz @ AthlonMP ?
OCing new system
Drive bay controllers
Help me fix my K7D-L!
Complete Wireless Freedom
USB keyboard not powering anymore...
General Problem
CD roms...disappearing?
New computer, comment on it
PLEASE HELP! activating partition and win98 setup!
Static or not? help a n00b
Frustrated... help!
Ftp And A Router
P5 USB Virtual Controller Gaming Glove
Don't do this to your vidcard
New gaming consule possibly
Major computer problems
man my hard drive is damaged.
A few questions about apache,mysql,php4
XP 2400s?
overclock asus mb?
New Shuttle XPC systems
Broken A Computer? Unable To Fix One?
Keyboard cleaning
Data recovery services?
Weird Problem while installing win2k
Dell problems
can K7D support Mobile XPs?
Can't identify sound problem!!!
New rig around $1000, what would you change?
No Red Ink
Saitech R4 Wheel , XP ?
flopy drive
Scored 1,000 points less on new system?
got parts!
Advice for a photo printer
How is this computer setup?
I need cheap stuff (cpu board ram)
CPU running at 100% load causing reboots
anyone use LCD TV for a monitor?
Entertainment center PC... do you?
Building an integrated computer
laptop longevity
Open laptop power supply?
Good tech help
are there any programs that...
Is This Laptop Good?
Everything you wanted to know
modem problem
Case badges?
HT and false advertising
A question about formatting
Please help a noob this new year :)
Issues, any help?!
Tom's Hardware
Recommend me a phone For Hard Hearing Person
How long do you wait?
Reboots on its own
Need help. Cant boot computer after bios update.
board temp or nb temp
KVM switch questions
A Quiet Keyboard
crazy idea
A good kvm switch...?
Tyan Thunder K7X with L5 modified Athlon XP processors?
needing help in decision making
Left Your Computer Alone?
Lite-on LDW-401S will not play DVD's HELP
building my first pc
My first overclock. Need a little help.
Computer Back Pack Carrying Case. Anyone tried one, pic inside
new system -any suggestions?
Buy now or wait?
K7D questions
What was your first computer?
3dmark problem hardware related?
Floppy drive problems...
New Microsoft Certification
GPU programming
More crap to my Sis's com...
pc wont turn on
My system and Half Life 2
Super S2DL3 questions
Final Layout of project..... I wanna say snowflake :D
pci cards going out after a while
New Rig for $1000 can I do better?
sony camera mem stick
Where can I get a motherboard with bad caps repaired?
Serious questions before buying
Unable to enter Bios
What happens when?
New Computer
Sterio PC hookup and music
can't hit 150Mhz FSB once everthing is in ...
which Joystick to buy ?
how much to charge for my setup
Building Everyday PC
New 2400+ setup. Voltage, Temp Q's..
My 3dmark scores?
Help with DVD+RW
I got a new Web Cam and I want to test it out.
fedex question
New Year Hard Drive Cleanup
Happy New Year To All!
DVD rom not recongized
Budget PC build for friend
7 in One card reader
Folding power for the buck Wintel, WinAMD or Linux plus cpu's of choice
A few minor computer problems...
Help-New system reboots when playing dvds
What to do??
How much juice?
The new rig
WinXP Installation on new HD not working with old Emachine
Upgrade MouseMan Optical dual sensor to MX500/700?
USB printer causes boot freeze
A Future Job in Computers? (or career)
Logitech MX300 to MX500/700 a worthy upgrade?
Floppy Dirve Recognition
All modern sockets will be dead this time next year not just A64 Socket
ATI wonder VE freezing
Will this work?
ferrari laptop
Cooler and Quieter
Please review my system specs.
Taken from The Enquirer: The IT industry is shifting away from Microsoft
If you had $1000 USD to spend on a system....
Wich PS I take??
Power consumption
Some Specific HTPC and Home Theater Questions...
Interesting Workaround to the whole RIAA Business...
Help! K7D fries durons, not XPs!
Is it still possible to unlock all 8 pipelines on Radeon 9500 np?
Does anyone use--"The Edge, Performance Programer" on thier car or truck?
pc shuts off after 5 seconds, why?
HELP, Korean to English in WIndows XP Laptop
Quad amd XP machines.
friend having trouble with floppy drive
New computer driving me insane.
I have the biggest junk pile of anyone here.
Home Theater and DVD+R
New computer or not?
Need guidance on first build?
Please double check my order before i drop $350 into my comp!
It's about time we set some ground rules here!
To mod or water cool?
Choice time.
need your approval
Comp. Building Sites?
messed up mouse
New system ideas.
Dually Advice.
Used Laptop for under $300 dollars?
Continuos beeping on startup
Mouse not being detected after vidcard install...
How much > my preformance with this upgrade?
Dually memory question and cpu question
Totally fried computer! Make your guess as to what caused it. With Pictures!
Am I nuts or did they send me the same stuff again
Are vaccums safe vs. dust?
have a request for someone
wtf is this (old cable with pics)
Locking up on boot... cpu / heat related?
Myst Uru Crashes on Dell 1.8Ghz
Vancouver B.C. Canada Lan Party
What's making my system so slow?
Do all tv tuner cards have terrible sound?
Project Thunderbird (overclocking a 1.0GHz T-Bird)
Attention Win2k not Quad proc safe
Help! my AUX 12v is burned, .....
cd roms not ready?
good headphones (earbud)
round cables
Taking apart a mouse
In search of 19in CRT for gaming
Help me spend my $100
Printer Compatibility Question
After 2 weeks of troubleshooting...my PC is now DEAD
early OC results with AMD dually and reversed fans ...
Bios Links
PC Help - Random Shutdowns
airplane tickets
I'm out of the loop, care to fill me in?
How to format hdd from dos in XPpro?
What else can I do?
what would cause this?
Check out my Friend Got!
UPS Bucking Voltage??
Tyan 2460 only recognizing 1 CPU
basic computer
WinXP Lockups Occasionally on Bootup
Video Camera?
i desperatly need an intellimouse 2.0!!!!
gamepad/joystick problem
I need some French or Italian themed music.
help pc went up in smoke
Gamepad Dillemma
Upgrade on A $200 budget
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww crap
what do these numbers mean?
What is the best keyboard?
Cap messed up K7D master
Nokia 6600 got few questions here folks
Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery / NOMAD Jukebox Zen Xtra
$750US -- is it worth it?
recommened cpu cooler and fan for dual 2600
very first overclock
Reviving a dead Gamecube... NEED HELP
Hoot, Since87, take a peek at this please
major problem
MSI K7D Master & Powersupply Problems
I'm in a pickle. (stoopid Vantec)
FINALLY I just bought a new vid card and mobo on newegg.
newegg ownange!!
Who has a quad?
Logitech Elite Duo Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
Fridge on same circute as computer
OEM vs Retail what do you think
Did I overload the Power Supply? Smoke, A fireball, a fired computer…?
Dual Opteron Board
What do you think about this system.
Best Dual Bang for buck?
Dual Xeons and gaming?
strange behavior with Firewire card
Need Help with Building PC
Built a new PC... worked great... for 4 hours.
TV Tuner
I just go this keyboard set.
Vantec Justy / Nexus Fan Controller causing shutdown and reboot
laptop goodies
speakers and headphones
what should i do with my $60
Upgrading my friend's old HP Pavilion
this CANT be the mouse everyone praises...
Zeus Pc?
Is PC World open????
Hmm...prove me wrong...please.
Ram based Ipod?
new computer build, freezes and reboots
a7n8x deluxe and mx duo
Pc <$700
comp hangs randomly...
USB connector
boomslang 2100
Cd drive saying every cd is a music cd??
what is a good gaming mouse
Shuttle buying
laptop coolers
newegg question
PIII 600Mhz laptop for DivX playback? Whacha think?
Blah..FedEx claims delivery but no package to be found..what to do now?
Affordable Laptop For The Travelling Gamer...Does It Exist
Setting up an iconset?
Omg Lol!
need help
bunch of little questions.
New computer woes..
VGA Adapters..
Help reformatting a brand new Dell laptop
Bad Assumption - How To Fix?
defaulted to underclocked speeds
EL keyboard mod
quick laptop video question
Help replacing bad capacitors
A7A266 post error
new AMD dually: K7D and dual T-bre burn-in questions ...
Bought my new parts
my box hates wcpuid
good pc?
Rate this pc i am getting (10-highest, 1-lowest)
k7d & 2500+ barton xp's with l3 multi mod
$30 best buy - what to buy?
Putting a capacitor back on....
General Causes for Computer Restarting??
Damn intel chipset hold downs
A question about building a computer
Upgrading Dilemma
Redundant PSU connections don't match...
North Bridge?d
I need a price check on this system.
What to upgrade to gain most performace?
Anyone else have Lexmark X125 printer in Win XP?
auto reboot
Computer turning on by its self?
xbox hd question
How do you create a bootable system floppy disk??
Digital Camera? Help?
Overclocking friends computers
900 rig, is it good?
Tv Tuner NEED HElP!!
Exciting News!!
temp issues
Cheapest Bluetooth phone w/ GPRS for internet access
Need help, weird pink screen
Need Help.
8-processor PII
Basic 1st Time Computer Builder question
Overclocking a Pentium???
what can I get for £800
Game Port Problem
custom power-on switches
Need to built a QUIET computer
Ipod question...
Killer Keyboard & Mouse
Installin dual SATA drives problems
P4c800-e dlx, 2.8 crashing like a mofo
K7D Master-L onboard USB problem
Need help OC'ing my new comp
got all parts for AMD dually - questions
How do I set up a FireWall?
Computer is running SLOWWWW!!!
Where do I go from here????
Koss Sb-40?
Fan controller and my power supply
Programmable software / media controller?
comp stores in Indianapolis
Best memory suggestions for my setup...
Cople of SMP questions...
CPU and RAM at different FSB
Next upgrade?
Not exactly a cyber deal but....
We need better mobo overclocking
ATX Power and the Mobo
Is this a good PC?
Computer Hiccups
Keyboard Drivers
K7D and 2500+ problems
FM Antenna
Just received my 2.8C and turned out to be a SLGWT instead of SL6Z5?
So... What did you get for Christmas? [OFFICAL 2003 BRAGGING THREAD]
need translation
weird problem while switching cases
Intel inside...my TV? Oh no.
Voltage causing 2.4ghz xeons to run at 2.38g?
Uninstalling motherboard drivers.
Woohoo! Comcast Just Double Speed!
create a parallel to IDE interface converter ?
Running a joystick through another port?
Well I think it was a good day
7.0 volts runing a 7.5 router
Temperature Probes
2.8C SL6WT - Any good?
What is the faster connection: USB 2.0, Ultra Wide SCSI, SCSI-2??
I need a GOOD FAST document imaging scanner.. pleae help!
If you had $1500-$2000
Are these voltages OK?
Super Computers
help quick please
Is there any piece of software for making Random MP3 audio CD's??
K7d Bios Versions
Bios Updates , Bios Updates
Did I just smoke my Barton?
is this any good. 2x amd 3000+
Please comment on this computer
Bets Keyboard And Mouse
Smart fones
Which pin mod for me?...Bartons and K7D
new system amd 64 3000 or amd 2500+
my new machine!!
unauthorized RFID Antenna and IBM
buying help
k7d only recognizes one cpu
Are PDA's worth it?
Building new comp, problems installing from cd?
How to get superglue off of Vid card memory chips?
building a gaming comp
Ripping DVD audio!
Stop, and go in games.
OC expectations
Tyan Tiger MPX Crashproblem
LAN parties in the midwest
Dual apple duron @ k7d
What you think about this Samsung 21.3" LCD Price?
Music match fix?
Seem like a hoax?
First Build - Please take a look
motherboard or cpu gone?
What upgrades?
Are my 0306 2500 locked?
Overclocking the XEON
Anyone in a giving mood? Need a host
Shopmbc computer 2,199?
Ipods... Where to buy in Toronto? Canada?
All about my case mods.
help locating old drivers.....
First Time Builder
MSI K7D how far is too far "FSB", before the AGP starts to go
cmc can I call you?
I haven't been this confused in awhile
Controller card?
mouse worth $70?
zBoard keyboard system
Can't Install a second Serial Port
USB 2.0 Cardbus Question
Kensington Elite wireless trackball mouse
power led blinking...
need new video editing computer
Input on my new computer parts selection for new build?
MSI K7D Master Manual
"L" computer company controversty
Dual Opterons, yup, I am going crazy again...
snake pc, um...literally
Quick Question
older compaq problms
add/remove programs is not responding
Athlon FX different thatn Opteron 1XX
I have a Delema
What's Wrong... not booting
Temp. sensors???
Upgrading Dell Dimension 8300 *NEW*!
digidoc 5 acting weird
Please don't think i'm stupid.....
Microsoft says you need 3.0 GHz to watch this video clip :)
Reduced Performance Than 1X?
Canadian Levies on MP3 Players?
Laptop PCMCIA question.
howto disable speedstep on P4-M ?
OH yeh baby!
playstation2 keyboard and mouse
Dimensions on this keyboard?
ITT Tech
Wierd Problem
Chipsets north bridges, i am in a muddle
hello i am new and am here cause i have problems
Need advise on the next upgrade.