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which wire is positive?
Need help with flashcard, seriously
COMDEX 2003 Las Vegas
CD-ROm Problems
Budget Rig : What to get
help me trouble shoot this
New graphics card design idea
Alr 6x6
My Printer has trouble with the color Red...
barton... smp capable????
Very cool...
[Upgrade] What would you do with this rig?
Good dell?
Bridging the L5 and L1
Idiot trying to build a computer
I Want One!!
MP Unlocking New Tbred
The Deed...She is done.
USB 1.1 and 2.0 question
Airport x-Ray scanners?
Printer wasting ink... need help please
USB Flash drive problem
System Lock ups, any ideas?
A few ?s about building systems as a side job
IR Remote Control
Computer Jobs in the Future
Problem with system not posting..:(
Really need help...about to tear my hair out.
Anybody ever use FingerPrint readers for security?
Your suggestions on a compact outdoor webcam.
Problems with new sys! please help out
why is my comp so laggy?!
Iwill DH800...WOW 800FSB Dual Xeon
Toms cant even get pictures right...
AMD 64 Dual System
Any chance at ocing this rig?
this months shopping list?
smp or raid...
I'm back :) Need an update!
DVD boot (Linux install)
Overclocking SMP AthlonXP?
Need some ideas and opinions on a new system.
kernel_stack_inpage_error, with codes.
700.00 rig
FSB running too low
Advice wanted on choosing system
buying a rig please help
what could be the cause of the problem?
keyboard questions
Thinkpad mobo interchangable?
eCost.com auctions???
Its all done finally!
Logitech Elite Keyboard
building a new rig
Need little help please :-)
My Xmas rig...
Issue with TV Card... Sounds crossing?
This or that?
Hopefully upgrading soon
Which mb
I'm loving my new 2100s
Archos Multimedia Jukebox
x-mas list
what rail does my Asus A7M266-D derive vCore from?
Monitor power problem
Joystick - Anyone know for sure if the Saitek X36 is compatible?
Need a 5GB MP3 Player...
New applebread Duron's can't enable cache?
BIOS problems
woot I just got broadband up on my comp!
Is my router going bad?
overclock studies?
Source of Prime95 Rounding Errors?
is this a good offer on my pc
fastest complete box for the least money right now?
Do any of you own this DVD+R/RW drive?
any advice on a building a gaming computer?
Need help with boot problem
MPX2- wrong PS???...wont power up
is it worth $500???
New user, New system (WARNING 56K!)
Dual CPU Set Up Options / Questions..........
best dual xeon 604pin boards with overclocking?
Logo Design experts please!
Torn Between Two LCD's..
Cheap File server, p4/celeron advice?
Got my 2100s today
Please identify this ceramic capacitor for me
watercooling a dually
i need an honost opinion on this
Overclocking causing pops and clicks when playing MP3's?
Advis on New Comp
Buying my first computer. Need advice
Electronic people please.
Is there a way to send E-Mail bigger than 1 Mb?
Laptop floppy+cdrom don't work...
paid too much?
Favorite Keyboard?
Laptop Graphics?!?
How does one thread the wires of a CPU temp probe through the CPU's pins?
9800 Video Card...and other stuff
ASPI driver installation issue
Rounded Cable Problem: Single Device of Dual Device Cable
What do you think?
Totally new.. and likely totally naive
ugh, should I keep it or trash it??
what should i upgrate with $40 in my pocket?
Working on Carpet
How much did your computer cost to build?
Problems with newly built system
Abit v. Asus
Poll at newegg.com for best tech review..
Recomendations Wanted/needed
need some experinence for upgrade
Need a source for custom phone cables for modems
cd rom problem
how many kw/hr does my computer use?
I'm giving up these 1700s
Locked bartons and SMP
Intel and AMD stickers
question about windows xp cd keys?
where to buy dualy board???
Themal Adhesive Mix-Up
I want to build my own laptop
Printer issues
UPS... *shudder* need lots of help
GPS Location Finder
MUHAAA...just ordered my new comp
Dream Machine
12.5*+ really worth it?
GA-7DPXDW-P Problems
whats the difference with a xeon 603 pin, and 604 pin??
I need help choosing new components quick!
Web Hosting: URL to stuff outside of the PublicHTML folder?
Hyperthreading really worth it?
How to disable all power management feautures?
"Classic" Overclocking -- How has the landscape changed?
Computer shuts off on certain games :-( Please HElp
Your advice on: Good reliable Laptop around $500
westell dsl modem
Race leader force feedback
Help raid
Hollywood P4 laptops.
CMOS password
Laptop Battery Not Charging...
website opinions
Dual Opteron Overclocking
Which memory for a MPX2?
Rate this PC please
raid controller again
Delta electronics CD-Rom???!!
Computer acting weird at POST
Speaker system help
SIgh 2 months of computer problems
Is it possible?
going to the comp store 2marrow
Computer drawing too much power?
It won't boot/start... damn...
Ti4200 15average Fps
How does an Electronic Totalizer Work?
Firewire MSI K7D
Heatsrink tubing!
What do YOU think is the reason I can't go higher?
replacement fan holder for xaser III
Please help me out.
Incredibly slow bootup
Experience: Electrocuted
Sound Problem
bios update and slow shutdown
Funky man....funky
New Semi-conductor device resources?
Fabrication of Semiconductor Devices.
What service do you guy use for Webcam hosting?
Changing default install drive?
Speed strip for Bartons & K7D Master?
My upgrade results...
Low Budget Computer/Server
MB checksum error
Cd rom drive read problem
ibm thinkpad a30 harddrive question
Dual MP 2400+ & K7D running hot!!!
how to connect my game pad
Raid failure
kind of n00bis but what are cold cathodes
Budget computer system
Sites like newegg.com???
pron for SMP'ers
trouble ordering at excaliberpc.com
Wireless mouse?
Remove fan on the NB of K7D?
PC rebooting during games...
Mouse won't respond.
how can i enter the bios?
Get 5.1 sound from a 1.1 system
It's time to play guess what broke in my computer!
OverClocking and Ethics......
After all those years....
CPU Running high
HT P4 2.4c and dual boot question....
Computer restarts while I'm away.
Raid help
building my first pc...please help!!
Building a new PC
BAD Overclocking stories, LETS HEAR THEM!
Thinking about upgrading again >_>
College Questionnaire
looking for info on Windows/Microsoft
CCFL question
Drive letters...
got a new toy: fingerprint scanner!
SATA to molex shipping warning
quick ram question...about to purchase
Motherboard and CPU 4 cheap?
how much would this cost
unexpected computer shutdown... ?
What should i do with these?
Looking for a quad Opteron motherboard, how many are there?
some issues i'd like to resolve, need help...
How's this price for selling locally?
Would you buy this rig for $350?
touchpad on laptop sometimes doesn't respond
Talk about luck!
A+ Cert
USB keeps dying for no apparent reason.
cd/dvd rom faceplates?
Laptop Hardware
is there a way to light up ccfl's w/out psu
new rigs parts,most bought now but see anything i missed?
This is the end...
Blank screen, during boot-up. HELP
Keyboard for gaming?
My Computer Is Dead.........r.i.p
The computer How-To guide ever!!!
sleep mode...
connection leads from case switches
Decision 2003: DVD Burner vs. Barton 2500
Big Bang Theory - BS?
M$ vs. Google
IDE Ribbon Cable Question
All you smokers out there, LOOK AT THIS!
Dual C3s?
How do you guyz add those heatware links?
AGP 8x - a marketting gimick ?
Any overall computer rating program?
reg or non-reg memory?
ipod song format question
lost oc.com artical
2400mhz WOO HOO
MPX2- which power supply?
Where can I score a nice cheap multi meter?
XP's just not happening in SMP
What should my next upgrade be.
overheating symptoms, but not overheating
DX9.0 help......
Need help finding a manual
computers and earthquakes
Help Needed
floppy drive!
extreme mini-PC
The relation of pipeline depth and clock speed
Best Duallie AMD Board?
Boot problems
Gator has changed its name...
Bandwith overuse
napster is back? RIAA in Sheeps clothing???
Decisions decisions decisions...
shipping a computer??
Only get 144mhz on K7DMasterL
My new avatar......
stability issue: IRQ_not_less_than_equal_to
company name
Legalities concerning short clips from songs?
RAM ECC settings?
HELP, SODA on laptop keys!!
Advice on building this system..?
Sony Vaio problem!
Belkin SpeedPad n52 is out..
WTH is wrong with my computer.
COM port issues.. need help please...
Water cooling temps, @ xxxxMHz
Microsoft are turning off windows messanger!
good computer stores in Kansas City?
Does Ocing a chip with higher voltage really decrase life span
Ti4200 converted into Quadro4 700 XGL 3DMARK2001 results
Selling old parts
mighty dually in poor health
ATI 9100 & K7D Problem, Please Help
Sound deadening
are brownouts really bad for computers?
Head Unit
anyone here used 3d model programs
$85 2400+ mobile for SMP
rebooting at logon
Stuck for ideas.
laptop A, or laptop B?
Dual setup with 2100+ Thoroughbred B's. Cpl questions
New Build
ntldr missing - im dumb so help me
raid controller
computer slowing down?????
A little bit lost in search of help.
Whats missing on the net?
woo hoo free PC parts
inspiration 5000 express #
New rig for the little Mrs...
DVD burning and Processor Affinity
Top end games rig?
Can you change multi w/MP2800's
Building a New Computer
lite up natural keyboard?
good printer to get (which company/ies too?)
Mice: Dual Optical vs single
two systems, major diferences
bizarro install
MX700 not connecting
RAM Question...
Is this thing a scam or is it legit?
community service
A quick questions about laptop
Help with Western Digital Raid
Computer Magazine
Please fill out a little survey
Cable length
new system what should i get
Cordless Phones
athlon 2100+ underclocking
printer question
sigh, another scam email
Two bad rigs!
The crash with looping sound is back.
How to force single processor affinity in winXP?
12v on guitar amp
CD Burning/windows recognition problem...
How can i check that smp is working????
what do i need to up my system?!
Cheapest and decent performance procs for SMP
Front port bay decision
MP3 players
About Opteron
In the market for a new router
old laptop...
Advice on lazer printers?
Is my RIG Crap or What...?
New Dually Up and Running!
clear cmos on A7M266-D???
External Firewire Hardrive Question
rate my upcoming rig and make suggestions!
Stock system improvements?
'No POST' Help Needed
Doom III & Dual processors.
USB keyboard question
The Senate speaks: Down with Spam!
USB Keypad, recommendations?
Laptop and Market Research Survey
Compaq Armada M700 Notebook is this a good deal?
Receiving massive amounts of e-mail from "Microsoft Security"
OMG! ANOTHER big company took my design!
Pentium 4 3.0ghz w/HT Mobo Recommendation
cellular forum???
Hardware locks up
streaming radio...
Easy Computer Terms West Jet
Computer Random Re-boots and Freeze
Dual Monitors and Airplane games question(battlefield1942)
temps down... kinda
what kind of 3dmark2001 scores do dualie's get?
Someone tell me how much my computer worth?
I bought a old commodore,
Best PDA???
Thinking of getting a mini pc
900g Centrino Notebook
building system for friend!!
dell poweredge 4200 question
I am here to help
OC'ing stuck
Changing IRQ assignments?
Hummer case and Airplane case Modz
quick question. Newb to SMP
Mousepads (func and ratpadz)
buying full computer, wheres best deals??
La Grande Technology
Very odd problem
Ipod Format?
WMP error : ClassFactory cannot supply requested class ?
Keyboard and mouse wont respond
Would it be possible to OC a...
Arkaine's got dual (getting close anyway)
Just need 1 question answered.
k world tv tuner
I'm done with newegg refurbs....
zip drive
What to upgrade-Vid card or CPU
Best Setup for a Gaming/File server
I would post on the right forum but . . .
New system won't boot, monitor doesn't respond
A few diff questions about building a PC
Video card questions.
Logitech Elite Keyboards
Cheap PC for family member...
2.02 p4
Quantom Computers
Help with attaching fan to 5900 FX
What should I upgrade???
Need a favour
specs of a laptop
Use same IDE cable for hard drive & CDRW drive?
How long does it take you to build a system?
Unable to reformat ??
HELP! think my comp may have gotten shorted:/
build me an ultimate gaming machine!!
K7D Master - L LAN and IDE controller question
Harddrive stuck on ATA33!!!!!
Soltek's New QBIC SFF
Computer not turning on..
overclocking and gaming question
System Build... Need Suggestions
Hehe - Lego men build PCs!
No PCI Cards anymore
Shorting the motherboard.
Newer RAM/GPU Configurations???
I need a barebone mini pc...
VERY weird hardware-caused crashing, No clue what it is
nForce2 and ATi
Need quick advice on this system configuration...
Cordless elite duo music control
I searched, and found nothing. XBOX modders, please enter
What do I need to add infared
Isn't all PC2700 ram the same speed?
So I guess I can't watch DVDs on my PC...
Attention all MX700 users
What is going on??
only 1 cpu stable in dually??
Is there a law that says everything must go on sale AFTER I buy it??
My 1st OC semi-success
Just when I think I'm getting somewhere...
bachelor's vs. associates.
AT&T's Text To Speech Demo
another paypal scam....
Barton 166 to 133
Suggestions for Router?
Laptop Overclocking
What kind of battery back up do i need?
another pronounciation question......
Can you explain this...
One last try
Need good advices for AMD smp
trying to find an avatar
I have everything but the power supply, should I start building?
Cahintech 7KDD experiences, good or bad?
need clie sj30 driver cd
Major OC Problem
Dual problem
Stability issues
Business PC
Help finding a dual Motherboard for overclocking?
lshost.exe error at startup
Classic Tom's Hardware Foot in Mouth......
HOLY MOTHER! Now THAT'S a processor!
DMA keeps on changing to PIO!!!
LAN Parties in BC Canada
1 mouse&keyboard for 2 pc's
Opteron 240's
Dual Duron problems
Ever need a 300 foot VGA cable? make your own
Here it is the Tyan Thunder K8W
where is it?
A slight disagreement
Is This A Good System.....Hope To build New Rig.
TV Card causing HAM radio interferance!
I've got 200 to spend...
K7D multplyer question
Old frontpage article about building a server
Those Chinese take their XPC's EVERYWHERE! -look-
student sued over using the shift key
Newegg no longer carrying K7D Master
serial cable connection to GPS unit
ethernet cable between 2 houses
This may be of interest to you guys.......
Networking question
Looking for a good KVM Switch
Are you an Ubercloxx0r ???
Old Mustek 600 III EP
fan controller