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stability issue: IRQ_not_less_than_equal_to
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good computer stores in Kansas City?
Does Ocing a chip with higher voltage really decrase life span
Ti4200 converted into Quadro4 700 XGL 3DMARK2001 results
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mighty dually in poor health
ATI 9100 & K7D Problem, Please Help
Sound deadening
are brownouts really bad for computers?
Head Unit
anyone here used 3d model programs
$85 2400+ mobile for SMP
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laptop A, or laptop B?
Dual setup with 2100+ Thoroughbred B's. Cpl questions
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ntldr missing - im dumb so help me
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computer slowing down?????
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Whats missing on the net?
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inspiration 5000 express #
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Can you change multi w/MP2800's
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good printer to get (which company/ies too?)
Mice: Dual Optical vs single
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Is this thing a scam or is it legit?
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Help with Western Digital Raid
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Cable length
new system what should i get
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How to force single processor affinity in winXP?
12v on guitar amp
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MP3 players
About Opteron
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Advice on lazer printers?
Is my RIG Crap or What...?
New Dually Up and Running!
clear cmos on A7M266-D???
External Firewire Hardrive Question
rate my upcoming rig and make suggestions!
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'No POST' Help Needed
Doom III & Dual processors.
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The Senate speaks: Down with Spam!
USB Keypad, recommendations?
Laptop and Market Research Survey
Compaq Armada M700 Notebook is this a good deal?
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OMG! ANOTHER big company took my design!
Pentium 4 3.0ghz w/HT Mobo Recommendation
cellular forum???
Hardware locks up
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Easy Computer Terms West Jet
Computer Random Re-boots and Freeze
Dual Monitors and Airplane games question(battlefield1942)
temps down... kinda
what kind of 3dmark2001 scores do dualie's get?
Someone tell me how much my computer worth?
I bought a old commodore,
Best PDA???
Thinking of getting a mini pc
900g Centrino Notebook
building system for friend!!
dell poweredge 4200 question
I am here to help
OC'ing stuck
Changing IRQ assignments?
Hummer case and Airplane case Modz
quick question. Newb to SMP
Mousepads (func and ratpadz)
buying full computer, wheres best deals??
La Grande Technology
Very odd problem
Ipod Format?
WMP error : ClassFactory cannot supply requested class ?
Keyboard and mouse wont respond
Would it be possible to OC a...
Arkaine's got dual (getting close anyway)
Just need 1 question answered.
k world tv tuner
I'm done with newegg refurbs....
zip drive
What to upgrade-Vid card or CPU
Best Setup for a Gaming/File server
I would post on the right forum but . . .
New system won't boot, monitor doesn't respond
A few diff questions about building a PC
Video card questions.
Logitech Elite Keyboards
Cheap PC for family member...
2.02 p4
Quantom Computers
Help with attaching fan to 5900 FX
What should I upgrade???
Need a favour
specs of a laptop
Use same IDE cable for hard drive & CDRW drive?
How long does it take you to build a system?
Unable to reformat ??
HELP! think my comp may have gotten shorted:/
build me an ultimate gaming machine!!
K7D Master - L LAN and IDE controller question
Harddrive stuck on ATA33!!!!!
Soltek's New QBIC SFF
Computer not turning on..
overclocking and gaming question
System Build... Need Suggestions
Hehe - Lego men build PCs!
No PCI Cards anymore
Shorting the motherboard.
Newer RAM/GPU Configurations???
I need a barebone mini pc...
VERY weird hardware-caused crashing, No clue what it is
nForce2 and ATi
Need quick advice on this system configuration...
Cordless elite duo music control
I searched, and found nothing. XBOX modders, please enter
What do I need to add infared
Isn't all PC2700 ram the same speed?
So I guess I can't watch DVDs on my PC...
Attention all MX700 users
What is going on??
only 1 cpu stable in dually??
Is there a law that says everything must go on sale AFTER I buy it??
My 1st OC semi-success
Just when I think I'm getting somewhere...
bachelor's vs. associates.
AT&T's Text To Speech Demo
another paypal scam....
Barton 166 to 133
Suggestions for Router?
Laptop Overclocking
What kind of battery back up do i need?
another pronounciation question......
Can you explain this...
One last try
Need good advices for AMD smp
trying to find an avatar
I have everything but the power supply, should I start building?
Cahintech 7KDD experiences, good or bad?
need clie sj30 driver cd
Major OC Problem
Dual problem
Stability issues
Business PC
Help finding a dual Motherboard for overclocking?
lshost.exe error at startup
Classic Tom's Hardware Foot in Mouth......
HOLY MOTHER! Now THAT'S a processor!
DMA keeps on changing to PIO!!!
LAN Parties in BC Canada
1 mouse&keyboard for 2 pc's
Opteron 240's
Dual Duron problems
Ever need a 300 foot VGA cable? make your own
Here it is the Tyan Thunder K8W
where is it?
A slight disagreement
Is This A Good System.....Hope To build New Rig.
TV Card causing HAM radio interferance!
I've got 200 to spend...
K7D multplyer question
Old frontpage article about building a server
Those Chinese take their XPC's EVERYWHERE! -look-
student sued over using the shift key
Newegg no longer carrying K7D Master
serial cable connection to GPS unit
ethernet cable between 2 houses
This may be of interest to you guys.......
Networking question
Looking for a good KVM Switch
Are you an Ubercloxx0r ???
Old Mustek 600 III EP
fan controller
Help! Newbie w/ pc probs...1st build attempt.
New Machine
PC-DL or DPI533, Need your opinions please.
What causes The blue screen?
a socket 370 dual wiht agp!
Problems w/ mobo or PSU or both?
Dual AMD owners: Please post your PSU [Retired sticky]
What is your overclocking bottleneck?
netgear vs. linksys
Mobile Athlon 2400 (best SMP steppings)
usb 2.0?
iPod vs. other harddrive mp3 players...
SATA 66mhz cards
SMP with stock HSF?
A very n00bish question...
A MiniDisc drive
building a amd rig....
Good Online Cable Store?
My next dually
Need a cheap laptop
I'm completely stumped.
probably an obvious answer
I think I borked my USB data key.
K7D BIOS Flashing
is this good?
mobo led headers
Newegg survey Best Tech Review Site: Tom's Hardware
What's holding me back?
K7D Master L overclock
de-casing Compaq DeskPro?!
L5 mod for an XP2400
Annoying Hard Drive Boot Problem
Go dual P/// 1Ghz or go Athlon XP?
Is swapping DSL modems ok?
it won't start....
Cant get
need help to choose a printer!
PC Alert freezed K7D
Barton Overclocking
Need Some Virus Help
For all you music lovers!
Buying used items -> Warranty consequences?
usb,fire wire,mini b or help!
need help......
Dell 1U Flat Panel Monitor and 8 port KVM
Keyboard extension cable... does it exist?
Plan to build yet another dually with MSI K7D-Master
Canon G2 or G3 owner in Southern California
Ship to sweden?
I got carried away with old hard drives
Suggestions on an affordable college notebook
Spilt liquids
Anyone seen this site before? Funny articles, and yet still informative
which is my fsb speed?
Choppy Graphics Problem in Windowed mode
Raise VCore, 12V line drops? Instability Ensues...
Thinking of making a PC game/hardware review site.
Why do we still call it Front Side Bus?
Holy Moly! Static killed my watch!
arctic alumina
Weird startup problem
To sell, kt333 mobo and Xp2100....................
My chip survived !!!! My chip survived !!!
Advice/Changes on Setup? ~~>>
Help a college student out, please!
It's broke!! Everything's broke!!
I know i'm not the only one out there, but i am another option
Dual Xeon HT sys recommendation?
Interesting concept
Hardware ?'s...
USB interface ?
perception of beauty and computer generated beauty
K7D - XP 2400's crashing...
msi board and o/c
Anyone know how to use a multimeter? :P
Please help on buying laptop
Problems again with K7D Master L
Window registration
is dell poweredge good for home use?
balancing the performance
sound absorbers
K7D-L BIOS update Problems
CD-ROM problem?
56 Modem Crashing!!
Another unbreakable encryption
What to do?
need help fast!
External DVD-R drive?
Help! Computer flake out!
Installed WinXP and NF7. Performance PLUNGES!!
Dually CPU question
Game Development
Please Help Me!!
USB Printer trouble
Your godly computer
Need help with *possibly* video related problem
My Best Overclock Yet.
illuminated keyboard with arrow keys in normal postition?
What calculator?
Orange laptop?
Is there even such a thing as a good printer?
Slightly ammusing thing at work today.
on or off
voltage and cpu probs
Battery meter problem with laptop
Help with detecting a drive in BIOS
Smp System Along Asus A7m266-d
motherboard ideas
Good rec on CPU Waterblocks?
Rate this system
testing noise
ACN Multi Level Marketing SCAM
Intel sees gloomy future for US tech market
How much does it cost to setup a web address?
Is it really that good?
Applebred Durons
Advice on a new PSU.
Show it off here!!
Computer Carreer? Help!
Best Digital Camera for the money.
Ok. Ed has seriously gone crazy.
What to upgrade?
What would you do with an extra (slow) PC?
Crap... Hardware troubles.
Explain This Oddity!
PS2 keyboard/mouse cable lenght MAX ???
Windows clock
How do you pronounce pelteir?
Lapping a heatsink
K7D Master Probs with RocketRAID 133
question about dvd players
How do I ID the manufacturer of a card to find drivers
Hard drive filling up by itself?
9700pro and dual AMD work together?
irda header ==> com
Building a new server? How too?
i love...how do you say? cache
K7D Master Big Problems
Few Digital Doc Questions
Shorted motherboard?
Asus A7M266-D problem, need advice
Why Does My Computer Support Teacher Have to be Unintelligent?
Should I buy this $4000+ Dell setup for $2500?
dvd-rom cd rom question...
Crap, think I corrupted my bios
And you thought your computer was top-notch
Bluetooth MX Duo
Cleaning monitor with 409??
Why is overclocking so taboo?
Does anyone own a via m-1000
What do you think of this new set up?
LCD Questions
Dual Athlon 64 FX Possible?
PCI/CPU clock speeds, lockuptable
Napster is almost upon us.......
looking for a keyboard
Gonna need some help
Overclocking Athlon 2600, please help.
What to do?
heatsink and fan
2500+ Bartons dual?
price drop on hardware
A good PC under $2000?
Problem with USPS and NewEgg
K7D & 1800+ DLT3C's
How much to charge?
Any experiences with Iwill DVD266U-RN?
Earthstation 5
Want input in a project
Hello RIAA, please sue me
disable integrated graphics on a dell
well, now in the market
Big bang for the buck rig!
Boot Problems
First time build, need some help
Help with my HDD
Mods To Stock Cpq/hp Possible???
Will this work for overclocking?
Idea: Copy protection
finally dual DLT3Cs!!!
Great!!...now what should i do?
is this normal for k7d
Bad to use nicad charger to charge nimh ?
Logitech Mouseware Causes Irrevocable Damage to Win2k
I spilt MILK on my PC!!
CMOS/GPNV checksum error
random blackouts when idle
the refrigerator pc
Building computer for firs time!! ^_^
How to make the ugly arrow in the lower left of all my desktop icons go away?
my friends system
Inspiron 8200 problem
computer keeps rebooting
Dell Inspiron 5150?
Build me a cool computer
diagnose me please?!
looking for a laptop....
Booting Problem with new system
Does Virtual Crime need Real Justice?
Well if the mx440 isnt dead... What is?
How to measure peak wattage consumption
How do I raise PCI Latency on Aopen motherboard?
Quick Question on running single CPU on Tyan MP
Videocards - Insanity turned to enlightenment
The origin of FX
Need help jumper settings MSI6120
Voltage question
333 XP Bartons will work on which dual mobo?
computer emitting radiation question
How do I make eDonkey d/l faster?
Raffle! SCEPTRE LCD Monitor!
Upgrade time!
Need help with Microphone!!!
X-Dreamer II LED help
Please Help
i need to encrypt kazza and imesh
Easiest OC EVER
If I were filthy rich...
Pocket PC Overclocking
recommendations for ~$500 gaming system
X Box questions
Electronics Making Noise?
Wireless keyboard question
The amazing exploding windows XP!
Credit Card fraud
tiger direct selling 64bit Athlon system
What are some other good and reliable online stores like amazon.com?
AS3 epoxy and creamiuqe
Is bittorrent being tracked?
IR remote control problem
alternatives to alienware
Crap....Any way to fix my CD-RW???
PCMods.com Ripped their design?!
Blowing smoke through Case
Weird troubles
Suggestions on new System
which small form factor PC you guys recommend?
Let's build a gaming rig...
Best DVD Rom ?
CD Burn Speed Question
having a problem with a monitor
K7D Master and Registered Memory
Need help building a computer with the following specs..
Can someone help me out, windows 2k wont boot
Is it possible to run different speed procs?
Help please, How do I erase the auto-complete history in the IE address bar?
Network/IT certification
MSI k8t master2 ram
PayPal intrusion