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Did I just blow 126.50 bucks?
Need help with my cams smartmedia card
Building First Computer
stopped by a local computer shop today....wow.
Win XP Academic
I got error in prime95 in 1 mi
Having problems Please read..
where to get a laptop?
Question for anyone with a P3C-D.
dual intel xeon = 4 processor??
GreenTea p2p Supercomputing
What can I use to wipe out the old thermal paste on my CPU in order to apply new
Taking A+ Hardware exam today
Long drive ahead of me.......
The mx500 MYSTERY
Quad P-Pro server, looking for help
Looking for new monitor, any suggestions?
HomeBrewed photo editing station...
which memory for this mobo/cpu
How much do you think my computer would go for?
How much do you think my computer would go for?
Random shutdowns
Computer freezes after power "outage"
Laptop Wont Turn on
Lightning Strike, What Now??
SFF computers
Big Problem
overclocking my computer - newbie
DVD burning
New Mouse from Micorsoft!
MSI Neo2 865PE Won't Turn on with AGP card in
What CD burning software
Sony Vaio GRV616S
Is this a good deal for a 21" Monitor or what?
ink clog
Don't you just love it when your friend...
Dual thermaltake volcano 9's or OCZ Gladiator 3's
IRQ Question...
Career in Networking, heard its bad for now
Notebook recomendation?
Aopen AK79D 400 MAX
Maximum length of RCA Video cable?
p200 help , please
DIY Notebooks?
Surge Protectors, Extension?
Dual Opteron K8T800 Chipset Running 64-bit Linux
What is a good way to clean electronics?
Just got first dualie system need some help with..
First PC Built Help
problem with a p4c800 deluxe prometia system...need help
Anyone uses or heard of Nokia 445xPro Monitor?
QUICK- Good Upgrade? Help a brotha out!
Changing over to Dual Xeons, But which ones?
One Email
I hate PC problems please help
Remote that controls volume and track
need digital thermometer
Mounting Compunurse temperature probe
K7D master-L USB slow
it just shuts down
Cheyanne Mtn....wow
windows wont let me use my diskette drive :( plz help
how to tell BIOS version/date?
PSU for dual 2400's
Computer Desk?
College Computer
Step-by-Step: How to build a cheap and quiet AMD dually.
Portable MP3 playrer ??s
Duallies for a render farm/ high wattage
Wireless Keyboard/Mouse recommendations
What does OEM mean?
My AMD dullie rig plans.
Changed Multiplier; Killed Monitor??
aah... sigh of relief... i am back to full capacity on my ram :)
screen resolution
HP Computer help
safe to leave computer on?
overcolcking specs
Two quick questions...
monitor goin bad?
My hosting company was caught ripping the design from another site
Need some technical help
FSB BIOS options for Athlon MP boards
New to duallies... but I did read the stickies ;)
Hardware appraisal
About to build this machine..
this is the story of two XP 2500+s
Stupid Codegen!
Anyone have a broken PS2?
setup problems
Sharing IRQs
Need help to optimize my system
copyrighted CD will not play on my pc (NOT asking how to copy it!)
Howto Boot and install OS with "no keyboard"
the solution to spam! R.I.P. SPAM!
So how much money have you spent on your computer?
Formatting A Hard Drive Question
random shutdown when I turn on/off cathode
DRM compliant .WMA players
Just installed another stick of 512mb..
Sony vs Asus Laptop
Buying a Laptop without any Software at all???
extending USB/Firewire wires
DVD Ripping
Dual Xp 2700
XP 2400 or Barton 2500
i need a little help trouble shooting
Which DVD player to get???
question about ATA cable or IDE cable, i dun know what they are really :)
how to keep wires neat?
too many computers and brain cancer
Sony DRU-500A: Uncap 2x DVD ripping?
Nero 6 Recode introduces 'bug' that could wipe hard drive
Comprehensive List of Computer Mod Stores
Think Pad help please!
overclockers server...
Swivel Nnotebooks?
Paper Gets stuck, Ink inside Printer??
low profile pci brackets
Need a compact keyboard
burning copyrighted CD's
Overclocking book?
need help with setting up server/ip forwarding and stuff
are you a lycos tripod user? about to be one? click here
Mini PCI?
IRQ Conflicts
Cooler on a Iwill MPX2
Help a smurf
fsb shutdown?
How do you get these off ???
What is the SMBus for?
the cheapest way...
Best Toolbars!
RMA Question
Two BOIS Setting Questions
What NIC Card is better?
The evil that is THE AOL ICON
Quick overview
Let's see them desktops V.10000000.52!!!
Keep hackers and the RIAA out of your PC?? Coooooool!!
Disabling a Sound Card
Need help fixing my mini-stereo system
eMachines Notebooks?
o gurus of computer building I need your wisdom once again
Will this case work for the Iwill DP533
finally, my new psu and ram are here.....
Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper to make Shirts?
New system advice
dell inspiron 5100 owners
Photoshop...Intel or AMD
PCMCIA vs. CardBus
Anything Special When Fixing a Laptop?
Do CD Repair Kits work?
Copying is Theft - and other legal myths
problems with my computer
Home entertainement system projector ?
how to i get the pc started?
can I sue?
IBM Aptiva 2137-E24 Lockups
gamefaqs = n00b city, usa
Need Help Accessing Bios
Does this mouse come with a charger?
Got a dual Pentium Pro machine.....Need some help...
Parents file lawsuit over Star Wars video
Looking good
Where to buy ASUS M3000N Notebooks???
Video and game lockups
new computer help?
Off Topic: What tha crap is going on?!
System Intruded! Chassis Opened Before! --How to kill this thing?
Please recommend Best 56 K and V. 92 Modems!!!
supra modem problem
How do Multifunctio Front Panel LCDs work??
Mouse Wheel Beep?
Coolest Keyboards?
AMD build will Kingston HyperX RAM really help?
Dual P2s? if so what board is this?
[Newbie] Is it worth it?
Any software which emulates LPT->Com?
Who's failing - CPU or video?
Comments on a MiniDisc?
Dual CPU hanging some applications
Which small colour printer?
***Sapphire 9800 pro Giveaway***
Another Email Scam - Ebay account
something really weird
What is a Ratapadz???
Power Supply
Proc or Mem
How to change PCI Bus Frequency in Win XP
How big of a PS for a Oximoronic SMP p3 MB
Simple Dually
History Of Operating Systems?
Dually Mobo for Two Xeons
Mouse & Keyboard randomly uninstall/reinstall????
Laptop for the DJ in mind????
moloex on motherboard?
ALI-5 mobo + AMD K6-2 450 won't boot (+)
Mac arguement
LCD Software?
Computer Desk
Need advice on computer for friend
How to find out who some one is with there IP
reccomend a good kvm
Dunking Keyboard
Mini-Disk Player isnt working.
no monitor after restart
Let's Play: Where's my bottleneck!!!
New PC, better stats, works like crap?
Weird Prob
S-ata non overclockable?!
Sennheiser 212 or 477
Question about opening folders in Start...
amd to mp, (the new packaging)
ram question
Asus's New Xeon Board
need help with some cd, things...
Suggestions needed please
I finished my dually :)
Power Problems???
Ok probs. galore Now random shutdown
Gameport to USB converter.
Help, new PC stability problems
Hussain's Xboxes
Help needed adding 1394 to front of case
running mouse in ps/2 vs usb?
This is probably a stupid question, but what is heatware?
S-ATA and RAID 0
fans blew power by blowing together
help me find Best Wireless Mouse & Keyboard combo for games!!!
Programs closing to dekstop
Newbie needs help OC-ing Intel 845GBV Mobo
dead bios
Attention: Volcano 11s don't fit safely on K7D
we are already paying for filesharing. tax on CD-R's
Does anyone have a Dell 8100?
continuing beep code?
Power cords...>>?
Is this circuit possible??
Ide -> Scsi??
Need a recomendation for a Laptop
Please recommend a motherboard!!!
k7d not working
Need a good MOBO, IDEAS?
fastest bp6?
Urgent Help: HD / CMOS error??
IEEE 1394 Controller
Actualy Increasing CPU Speed
Shuttle XPC "Cubes"
WOW p4'S FOR $1 !!!!!!
Doom 3 and SMP/Xeon's
Am I supposed to plug in the s-video connector?
gaming mouse
Noob Question
kvm switch question
dvd-rom...reads DVDs, but not CD-Rs???
Trouble making boot cd with nero
is this a good monitor?
Ipod or Archos Multimedia Jukebox?
looking for a Sockeyt A (amd chip) socket
Just set up my new comp, got a couple problems
Interesting Problem
ISP's that cooperate with the RIAA?
SMP? standalone server? (BF1942)
How to clean a sticky keyboard?
I have an extra 486 lying around. What to do... what to do...
I have an extra 486 lying around. What to do... what to do...
Arrrrr damned water!
Changes!!! Please Read!
Ah feel the need fer speed
Laptop question
DVI,USB Switch
Buying a new computer....advice.
epox kp-6 ls & 2x300MHZ/512 cache PII's
warranty with intel on switch
Help: Unmountable boot volume
Smoothwall web server test
Just a question for you Mac philes
video editing software/hardware question
Inserted another 512 RAm WinXP wont start!
BIG problems with a chip eating system. Help!
Sound? What Sound?
And yet ANOTHER Nexus question!
Better overclocker: 2.4C or 2.8C???
Legal MP3's
CPU? RAM? Video card? Which should I ?
Need some Advice in building Computer
Temp wrong?
question on DVD-ROMs
Any way to get scratches out of a monitor?
What we have to put up with at work...
DUDE, I got another DELL
how to print on lan?!
Look what I found!
A+ Certified, are you?
About to order my new computer...
can you blow a Capacitor by shoting ito out?
2500 barton AXEA 0324 Bad overclock
What keeps you going?
What Would You Do, Part Two" -RIAA suing people
mobo's: MSI or Gigabyte?
Need Help, Hard Drive Not Detected!!
Ummm Oh my god!
How bout em' Matrix Orbitals?
A+ Certified? I have a little question for you
Prime95 and Memtest86 are stable but 3DMark isn't...
Need help with my CPU (temps)
Mobo Help
Wire mod for SMP?
Aol Instant Messenger IM windows minimizing
Built PC for the wife.....
Adding XP to Win ME machine
Anyone Buy from Ncix.com?
need some help
How to create an ISO?
Update on my Fatal Errors
How long til this guy fries his computer?
Help! Problem with computer rebooting and harddrives!
Video running upside down ???
Death to Netscape!
do you know a hardware shop which ships to israel ?
heatsink trimming
is it legal to download tv show of p2p?
pc upgrading
Can i play my consoles through my computer???
Help with networking my computer and PS2 without a hub/router.
Sound Blocking Headphones
Rate this PC and offer suggestions!
ASUS Dual Issue
Alright i need help finishing off my new rig.....
Does this sound like a dead motherboard to you?
What stepping?
New system with the 875P...
A n00b mquestion on dual cpu's
"My Documents" always opens on startup..
what do you think of this
newbie question
Gaming Rig Parts?
Computer desks/Office Desks
Allright.....quiet fans needed and more!
I am the luckiest guy alive as far as computers go.
Racing wheel
Possessed 1700?
swiffer dust clothes
EpoX dual socket A
question on refurb.
Frequent lock ups
Why is my new comptuer the last one in during gaming?
raid questions
duals or hyper threading
Top Quality Raid Card
][ Creative Audigy2 ][
Computer won't start!
P2 cpu
my comp
Best dual Intel board for OC'ing?
Still have game issues...take a look though
desktop Pentium 3 detected as a mobile Pentium 3?
How to get rid of MSN messenger 6.0 bottom Ads?
gf2 Problem .. V. strange.. (pics) ..
2.4C@266fsb w/5:4 vs XP1700+@11x225
So it begins...new computer problems
Lagging out on a click
is it safe to leave a laptop on 24/7 doing intense load???
The product of extreme boredom
Well, Heres What I Got, What you guys think?
Best place to buy a AMD Laptop
Cant detect me on a p2p network heres how.
Why wont this work?
Whats better? mem timings
Developer certifications, are they worth it?
Looking for a KVM
Help me out please!
SN41G2 ...dead??!!
OMG apple commercial
HP pavilion with a Falcon bios, need codes
PCI and RAM speed?
new computer errors..
Laptop Video Question
remote controll.....
$500 decent system
new video or mobo?
When an idiot owns a masterpiece of a computer...
cpu and fsb speed: bios and windows apps don't agree
Speakers/Reciever affecting Monitor/Computer?
Apple G5 Interview
Upgrade question...
Multimedia/Server Setup
Prime95 setting
"Dynamic" disk setting
Best virtual host companies out there.
Same voltage?
Golden Sockets is back...
Are laptops overclockable?
Whats are all possible ways to record my guitar on my computer?
Should I get more RAM?
Laptop transfer Question
Stoopid quick question
Anyone familiar with the ASUS P4P800-VM Motherboard?
P Pro Pentium II 333mHz Overdrive in SMP?
Which Type of ram for system
Water damaged
Guide to Certifications
Help please...
What is meant by "Taped out"?
Athlon MP question.
New Comp
doink.......NO!!!!!, just have to buy a new one!
I have 2 easy (For you guys) computer questions... Please help me out.
Is this too hot?
No Video?
making own isp
which monitor input to use?
Legalities of Backing up Software
Old stuff! K6-2 550mhz & PIII 550mhz
Matrix in Ascii?
Have you seen this computer desk/cockpit?
havinf a problem with my new 9500
computer problems make me sad, please help
Audio cables
Buying two wencams
How long did it take to save up for your Computer?
What is HP trying to pull?
electronic components
What MB,CPU,RAM&HD would you get for under $1500
ARRRGGGHHH stupid macs! need help quick!
8rda+ Networking Adaptor
laptop help
Power Supply Question
Case Vendors In UK?
Altec Lansing ACS45.2
Looking for some 4/3A NiMH batteries!!
Who has a PSX to USB adapter? I've got a prob
DVD quality on T.V while sufing the net
Wrong AC adapter for laptop
Wrong AC adapter for laptop
Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet !!!
Got Coke "IN" my Nexus Fan Controller
Anyway to recover deleted files? HELP!!!
Core Voltage, wtf?
Fried Hardware (god i hope not)
Ratz pad
5 minute BIOS load?
I'm looking for a picture I saw long ago
timed autostart programs
yellow moniter
TIFF Images
new mobo/vidcard/audio/256 ram
Stable Prime95
Microsoft Spy Hardware
Really, really old laptop
What Could I Get ?
will someone help me overclock my willy
Survey as a Job
How much in canadian do you think i could get for..
Want to upgrade need some help deciding..
Graphics Card/Overclock?
Cooler Master Heatsink
Thoughts on new system
Z-680's vs 550 Megaworks
What case would you recommend?
I R Folding =)
cant get old comp to boot with cd
Front Panel Connectors
Microsoft Outlook 2002
Fire Wire PCI Card
laptop o/c
Help - Spyware or something like it.
How to post a picture in my post! help!!!!
Are these volts safe?
need help with weird problem (printer + pci usb adapter)
Two bios setting questions
Make your system out of Aopen only, and it will be more stable, LOL.
Should I use PS/2 or USB mouse?
Modem Disconnect
CPU tech question.
Help me find what im looking for
future CPUs
3d design freeware
BEST COMPUTER EVER!!! for 900.00 :)
what do u think of the apple G5???
Need very high resolution image to test my new printer?
To HT or not to HT, that is the question?