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I finished my dually :)
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Ok probs. galore Now random shutdown
Gameport to USB converter.
Help, new PC stability problems
Hussain's Xboxes
Help needed adding 1394 to front of case
running mouse in ps/2 vs usb?
This is probably a stupid question, but what is heatware?
S-ATA and RAID 0
fans blew power by blowing together
help me find Best Wireless Mouse & Keyboard combo for games!!!
Programs closing to dekstop
Newbie needs help OC-ing Intel 845GBV Mobo
dead bios
Attention: Volcano 11s don't fit safely on K7D
we are already paying for filesharing. tax on CD-R's
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continuing beep code?
Power cords...>>?
Is this circuit possible??
Ide -> Scsi??
Need a recomendation for a Laptop
Please recommend a motherboard!!!
k7d not working
Need a good MOBO, IDEAS?
fastest bp6?
Urgent Help: HD / CMOS error??
IEEE 1394 Controller
Actualy Increasing CPU Speed
Shuttle XPC "Cubes"
WOW p4'S FOR $1 !!!!!!
Doom 3 and SMP/Xeon's
Am I supposed to plug in the s-video connector?
gaming mouse
Noob Question
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dvd-rom...reads DVDs, but not CD-Rs???
Trouble making boot cd with nero
is this a good monitor?
Ipod or Archos Multimedia Jukebox?
looking for a Sockeyt A (amd chip) socket
Just set up my new comp, got a couple problems
Interesting Problem
ISP's that cooperate with the RIAA?
SMP? standalone server? (BF1942)
How to clean a sticky keyboard?
I have an extra 486 lying around. What to do... what to do...
I have an extra 486 lying around. What to do... what to do...
Arrrrr damned water!
Changes!!! Please Read!
Ah feel the need fer speed
Laptop question
DVI,USB Switch
Buying a new computer....advice.
epox kp-6 ls & 2x300MHZ/512 cache PII's
warranty with intel on switch
Help: Unmountable boot volume
Smoothwall web server test
Just a question for you Mac philes
video editing software/hardware question
Inserted another 512 RAm WinXP wont start!
BIG problems with a chip eating system. Help!
Sound? What Sound?
And yet ANOTHER Nexus question!
Better overclocker: 2.4C or 2.8C???
Legal MP3's
CPU? RAM? Video card? Which should I ?
Need some Advice in building Computer
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question on DVD-ROMs
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What we have to put up with at work...
DUDE, I got another DELL
how to print on lan?!
Look what I found!
A+ Certified, are you?
About to order my new computer...
can you blow a Capacitor by shoting ito out?
2500 barton AXEA 0324 Bad overclock
What keeps you going?
What Would You Do, Part Two" -RIAA suing people
mobo's: MSI or Gigabyte?
Need Help, Hard Drive Not Detected!!
Ummm Oh my god!
How bout em' Matrix Orbitals?
A+ Certified? I have a little question for you
Prime95 and Memtest86 are stable but 3DMark isn't...
Need help with my CPU (temps)
Mobo Help
Wire mod for SMP?
Aol Instant Messenger IM windows minimizing
Built PC for the wife.....
Adding XP to Win ME machine
Anyone Buy from Ncix.com?
need some help
How to create an ISO?
Update on my Fatal Errors
How long til this guy fries his computer?
Help! Problem with computer rebooting and harddrives!
Video running upside down ???
Death to Netscape!
do you know a hardware shop which ships to israel ?
heatsink trimming
is it legal to download tv show of p2p?
pc upgrading
Can i play my consoles through my computer???
Help with networking my computer and PS2 without a hub/router.
Sound Blocking Headphones
Rate this PC and offer suggestions!
ASUS Dual Issue
Alright i need help finishing off my new rig.....
Does this sound like a dead motherboard to you?
What stepping?
New system with the 875P...
A n00b mquestion on dual cpu's
"My Documents" always opens on startup..
what do you think of this
newbie question
Gaming Rig Parts?
Computer desks/Office Desks
Allright.....quiet fans needed and more!
I am the luckiest guy alive as far as computers go.
Racing wheel
Possessed 1700?
swiffer dust clothes
EpoX dual socket A
question on refurb.
Frequent lock ups
Why is my new comptuer the last one in during gaming?
raid questions
duals or hyper threading
Top Quality Raid Card
][ Creative Audigy2 ][
Computer won't start!
P2 cpu
my comp
Best dual Intel board for OC'ing?
Still have game issues...take a look though
desktop Pentium 3 detected as a mobile Pentium 3?
How to get rid of MSN messenger 6.0 bottom Ads?
gf2 Problem .. V. strange.. (pics) ..
2.4C@266fsb w/5:4 vs XP1700+@11x225
So it begins...new computer problems
Lagging out on a click
is it safe to leave a laptop on 24/7 doing intense load???
The product of extreme boredom
Well, Heres What I Got, What you guys think?
Best place to buy a AMD Laptop
Cant detect me on a p2p network heres how.
Why wont this work?
Whats better? mem timings
Developer certifications, are they worth it?
Looking for a KVM
Help me out please!
SN41G2 ...dead??!!
OMG apple commercial
HP pavilion with a Falcon bios, need codes
PCI and RAM speed?
new computer errors..
Laptop Video Question
remote controll.....
$500 decent system
new video or mobo?
When an idiot owns a masterpiece of a computer...
cpu and fsb speed: bios and windows apps don't agree
Speakers/Reciever affecting Monitor/Computer?
Apple G5 Interview
Upgrade question...
Multimedia/Server Setup
Prime95 setting
"Dynamic" disk setting
Best virtual host companies out there.
Same voltage?
Golden Sockets is back...
Are laptops overclockable?
Whats are all possible ways to record my guitar on my computer?
Should I get more RAM?
Laptop transfer Question
Stoopid quick question
Anyone familiar with the ASUS P4P800-VM Motherboard?
P Pro Pentium II 333mHz Overdrive in SMP?
Which Type of ram for system
Water damaged
Guide to Certifications
Help please...
What is meant by "Taped out"?
Athlon MP question.
New Comp
doink.......NO!!!!!, just have to buy a new one!
I have 2 easy (For you guys) computer questions... Please help me out.
Is this too hot?
No Video?
making own isp
which monitor input to use?
Legalities of Backing up Software
Old stuff! K6-2 550mhz & PIII 550mhz
Matrix in Ascii?
Have you seen this computer desk/cockpit?
havinf a problem with my new 9500
computer problems make me sad, please help
Audio cables
Buying two wencams
How long did it take to save up for your Computer?
What is HP trying to pull?
electronic components
What MB,CPU,RAM&HD would you get for under $1500
ARRRGGGHHH stupid macs! need help quick!
8rda+ Networking Adaptor
laptop help
Power Supply Question
Case Vendors In UK?
Altec Lansing ACS45.2
Looking for some 4/3A NiMH batteries!!
Who has a PSX to USB adapter? I've got a prob
DVD quality on T.V while sufing the net
Wrong AC adapter for laptop
Wrong AC adapter for laptop
Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet !!!
Got Coke "IN" my Nexus Fan Controller
Anyway to recover deleted files? HELP!!!
Core Voltage, wtf?
Fried Hardware (god i hope not)
Ratz pad
5 minute BIOS load?
I'm looking for a picture I saw long ago
timed autostart programs
yellow moniter
TIFF Images
new mobo/vidcard/audio/256 ram
Stable Prime95
Microsoft Spy Hardware
Really, really old laptop
What Could I Get ?
will someone help me overclock my willy
Survey as a Job
How much in canadian do you think i could get for..
Want to upgrade need some help deciding..
Graphics Card/Overclock?
Cooler Master Heatsink
Thoughts on new system
Z-680's vs 550 Megaworks
What case would you recommend?
I R Folding =)
cant get old comp to boot with cd
Front Panel Connectors
Microsoft Outlook 2002
Fire Wire PCI Card
laptop o/c
Help - Spyware or something like it.
How to post a picture in my post! help!!!!
Are these volts safe?
need help with weird problem (printer + pci usb adapter)
Two bios setting questions
Make your system out of Aopen only, and it will be more stable, LOL.
Should I use PS/2 or USB mouse?
Modem Disconnect
CPU tech question.
Help me find what im looking for
future CPUs
3d design freeware
BEST COMPUTER EVER!!! for 900.00 :)
what do u think of the apple G5???
Need very high resolution image to test my new printer?
To HT or not to HT, that is the question?
new system (part 2)
Have you ever oc-ed using an OS program successfully?
where do u get ur benchmarks??
Well...system is all picked out except for one thing...mobo...what do you think???
Overclocking questions
Looks Like Mac's bull**** works...
Black screen on start up
Flash Bios vs. norm Bios
Aptiva 2163 Bios prob
Juice on the laptop
How do u?
Dam Aptiva
pc turns off a few seconds after it turs on
Making an animated gif
Anyone using a computer without a case? Look in...
What wireless KB/mouse combo has the longest range?
Raid 0 raptors or r9800no pro?
Noise.. shhh...
online store
How to enter bios on an old server
What are VRM's?
K7D Master and Heatsinks
Dual Opteron Board with AGP 8x IN STOCK now....
Shopping for Sister
why I don't do tech support
restoring a palm
Microsoft Rumor
all of this compatable?
Should I take a risk? (Ocsystem.com)
The Beast
Need help upgrading.
Advanced USB MASS STORAGE help needed
Monitor dying?
Need help ungrading
what the heck?.... too many inputs?
Will my new comp run good?
Is this Kb combo good?
need help xferring a pic from document
Max Operation Temp
Missing pins
A+ Cert. Reccomendations?
AVI movies crash whatever app is playing them ?
What would cause games to close for no reason? (read)
Urgent help with USB needed!
Need troubleshooting help - shorting? bad PSU? or bad luck?
Problems with my computer--can anyone help?
Chipset Identify Software
which dremel to buy to cut case?
Putting system through its paces
What is a successful overclock?
What's with the 'Microsoft Hardware Purchase Requirement' on NewEgg?!?
Best compression method
Solder what type is best?
So I decided to get an upgraded account with theforumisdown.com
Weird v.92 modem problems
help me convert .wma to mp3
Drive problems
how do you usually ship when you RMA?
Questions regarding PC upgrade
This good for a friend's rig?
Memory oddity in winxp
any people living on the coast here?
RAID setup
A new twist to the FPS debate?
Does Thermaltake make good Power Supplies
Hard drive formatted under NTFS want to use Linux on it
set multi too high, comp won't boot!
PS/2 ~ USB Keyboard "mod"
Fan header question?
celly isnt cutting it anymore.......
Dell laptops?
Covering My Tracks: The Need For Secrecy
Magic Health Post Display
Small Problem
Frustrating Computer Problem
Whats your connection speed?
OEM BareBones refurb MB's.
I hate having people come out to work on my computer..
Network Boot(hd on local machine or remote?)
Trading in spare parts - need suggestions on new components
how long will Socket A or 478 last?
Check this out... pretty funny...
another compaq wont clock down
AOpen HT08 fulltower case
Your tray icons?
New Cordless Elite Duo user, found an issue..
Won't boot past 1.55v - crap PSU?
Anyone up for helpin' a newbie?
First day of IC7 - -
Time for an upgrade?
Who has a Viewsonic E90 here?
Supermicro X5DAE Dual Xeon
Free computer for me!!
Radeon 9700 Pro Acting Up
Want to OC my Dual athlon
What's the point of surge protectors?
Speakers with floorstands
CD Audio trouble.
Motorola Signal Booster.....
Winamp question
which v.92 modem should i get?
Tale from my local computer shop.....
Crazy Motherboard Failures Virus?
Whats better...XP2400 or XP2500 Bartons?
fav. pc mags, what are yours?
My monitor displays 1600 by 1200, but....
Palm Question
What to get for next upgrade?
Your computer plays music at startup? A sign of a bad CPU, fan or powersupply?
overclocking my axim
Brookdale chipset
MSI K7D L Motherboard
keyboard problem..
.mdf file extension? How do i extract?
For all of you pro's out there...
Should I get a new pc?
Is the AthlonMP a better platform than Dual Xeons?
IDE problems.
Intel or AMD ?
Saving web pages
my new rig.... thoughts?
Dont know where this belong but here goes
Low points in 3dmark03, whats up?
New rig.....thinkin of Iwill MPX2
Build Me A New Comp
What would be the better upgrade? new chipset or more RAM?
Video Computer
Dell Reusability
how about them xpc's!!.......
optical mouse question
any way to recover a file blocked by norton attached to an email?
would a 16mb TNT@ m64 work in an NF7-S?
Help on a PCMCIA Type 2 card
Cambridge Megaworks and nForce2 audio
i'm lost and confused
K7D Master L Problems
P4C800-E Deluxe Northbridge TEC question
I need your opinion on this...
Sick of slow Dial Up??
Microsoft Uses Linux?
Sony Warns of Risk of Shock from Some Vaio Laptops
Is there a cheapish dual/quad PII Xeon board?
CD-RW Doesn't Burn
RealOne player, without RealOne
Logitech Z-680s vs. cheap home theatre speakers
how to flash bios from cdrom?
K7D Master wont boot!
IC7/Chieftec - Power??
What kinda battery charger? (Name brand)
Do dell mobo batteries kill non-dell mobos as well?
I need help...
you cant flash with out a cpu in the board right?
Monitor wont come on now
SMP FSB question
Bender, or anyone that has a clue Dual XP 1700 question.
How Much Can I Sell My Whole Setup For?
First Dual System
What Should I Sell My Whole Entire Computer For???
Benchmark Your Cellphone
need a decent digicam
Is this worth the price?
check out my new yahoo messenger skin!!!
can you design me?
Artificial Intelligence
pcmcia to pci adapter?
building a new system
Help about case/heatsink moding tool
how much can i sell my comp for?
Top 10 reasons you know you're a technoweenie if...
Need Help Right Now
I need help identifying my Motherboard
Voltage pin mod on Asus A7M266-D....for 1.65v and 2.1ghz (14X150fsb)
where can i get a prebuilt computer such as aDell but not getting ripped off complete
Anybody have any money??
How To Dual-boot
New Monitor
Questions about upgrading a PIII (socket) HP Pavilion
Pricing Assistance
Whoa, O/C on sourceforge?
1 HardDrive, 2 Computers......
5Ghz barrier broken!
here is an odd one for you, Video Card cant post
Prime95 Team???
How to make your own heatsink guide?
The price of a Dot Com name
Post Your Benchmarks Here
What would YOU upgrade?
Spread Spectrum
my new rig
Help ME pick a laptop too!
can my PSU handle all of this?
how much can i sell this for
Dead psu causes short?
my comp makeover
Messenger Pop Ups!!!!!!!!!!!