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new system (part 2)
Have you ever oc-ed using an OS program successfully?
where do u get ur benchmarks??
Well...system is all picked out except for one thing...mobo...what do you think???
Overclocking questions
Looks Like Mac's bull**** works...
Black screen on start up
Flash Bios vs. norm Bios
Aptiva 2163 Bios prob
Juice on the laptop
How do u?
Dam Aptiva
pc turns off a few seconds after it turs on
Making an animated gif
Anyone using a computer without a case? Look in...
What wireless KB/mouse combo has the longest range?
Raid 0 raptors or r9800no pro?
Noise.. shhh...
online store
How to enter bios on an old server
What are VRM's?
K7D Master and Heatsinks
Dual Opteron Board with AGP 8x IN STOCK now....
Shopping for Sister
why I don't do tech support
restoring a palm
Microsoft Rumor
all of this compatable?
Should I take a risk? (Ocsystem.com)
The Beast
Need help upgrading.
Advanced USB MASS STORAGE help needed
Monitor dying?
Need help ungrading
what the heck?.... too many inputs?
Will my new comp run good?
Is this Kb combo good?
need help xferring a pic from document
Max Operation Temp
Missing pins
A+ Cert. Reccomendations?
AVI movies crash whatever app is playing them ?
What would cause games to close for no reason? (read)
Urgent help with USB needed!
Need troubleshooting help - shorting? bad PSU? or bad luck?
Problems with my computer--can anyone help?
Chipset Identify Software
which dremel to buy to cut case?
Putting system through its paces
What is a successful overclock?
What's with the 'Microsoft Hardware Purchase Requirement' on NewEgg?!?
Best compression method
Solder what type is best?
So I decided to get an upgraded account with theforumisdown.com
Weird v.92 modem problems
help me convert .wma to mp3
Drive problems
how do you usually ship when you RMA?
Questions regarding PC upgrade
This good for a friend's rig?
Memory oddity in winxp
any people living on the coast here?
RAID setup
A new twist to the FPS debate?
Does Thermaltake make good Power Supplies
Hard drive formatted under NTFS want to use Linux on it
set multi too high, comp won't boot!
PS/2 ~ USB Keyboard "mod"
Fan header question?
celly isnt cutting it anymore.......
Dell laptops?
Covering My Tracks: The Need For Secrecy
Magic Health Post Display
Small Problem
Frustrating Computer Problem
Whats your connection speed?
OEM BareBones refurb MB's.
I hate having people come out to work on my computer..
Network Boot(hd on local machine or remote?)
Trading in spare parts - need suggestions on new components
how long will Socket A or 478 last?
Check this out... pretty funny...
another compaq wont clock down
AOpen HT08 fulltower case
Your tray icons?
New Cordless Elite Duo user, found an issue..
Won't boot past 1.55v - crap PSU?
Anyone up for helpin' a newbie?
First day of IC7 - -
Time for an upgrade?
Who has a Viewsonic E90 here?
Supermicro X5DAE Dual Xeon
Free computer for me!!
Radeon 9700 Pro Acting Up
Want to OC my Dual athlon
What's the point of surge protectors?
Speakers with floorstands
CD Audio trouble.
Motorola Signal Booster.....
Winamp question
which v.92 modem should i get?
Tale from my local computer shop.....
Crazy Motherboard Failures Virus?
Whats better...XP2400 or XP2500 Bartons?
fav. pc mags, what are yours?
My monitor displays 1600 by 1200, but....
Palm Question
What to get for next upgrade?
Your computer plays music at startup? A sign of a bad CPU, fan or powersupply?
overclocking my axim
Brookdale chipset
MSI K7D L Motherboard
keyboard problem..
.mdf file extension? How do i extract?
For all of you pro's out there...
Should I get a new pc?
Is the AthlonMP a better platform than Dual Xeons?
IDE problems.
Intel or AMD ?
Saving web pages
my new rig.... thoughts?
Dont know where this belong but here goes
Low points in 3dmark03, whats up?
New rig.....thinkin of Iwill MPX2
Build Me A New Comp
What would be the better upgrade? new chipset or more RAM?
Video Computer
Dell Reusability
how about them xpc's!!.......
optical mouse question
any way to recover a file blocked by norton attached to an email?
would a 16mb TNT@ m64 work in an NF7-S?
Help on a PCMCIA Type 2 card
Cambridge Megaworks and nForce2 audio
i'm lost and confused
K7D Master L Problems
P4C800-E Deluxe Northbridge TEC question
I need your opinion on this...
Sick of slow Dial Up??
Microsoft Uses Linux?
Sony Warns of Risk of Shock from Some Vaio Laptops
Is there a cheapish dual/quad PII Xeon board?
CD-RW Doesn't Burn
RealOne player, without RealOne
Logitech Z-680s vs. cheap home theatre speakers
how to flash bios from cdrom?
K7D Master wont boot!
IC7/Chieftec - Power??
What kinda battery charger? (Name brand)
Do dell mobo batteries kill non-dell mobos as well?
I need help...
you cant flash with out a cpu in the board right?
Monitor wont come on now
SMP FSB question
Bender, or anyone that has a clue Dual XP 1700 question.
How Much Can I Sell My Whole Setup For?
First Dual System
What Should I Sell My Whole Entire Computer For???
Benchmark Your Cellphone
need a decent digicam
Is this worth the price?
check out my new yahoo messenger skin!!!
can you design me?
Artificial Intelligence
pcmcia to pci adapter?
building a new system
Help about case/heatsink moding tool
how much can i sell my comp for?
Top 10 reasons you know you're a technoweenie if...
Need Help Right Now
I need help identifying my Motherboard
Voltage pin mod on Asus A7M266-D....for 1.65v and 2.1ghz (14X150fsb)
where can i get a prebuilt computer such as aDell but not getting ripped off complete
Anybody have any money??
How To Dual-boot
New Monitor
Questions about upgrading a PIII (socket) HP Pavilion
Pricing Assistance
Whoa, O/C on sourceforge?
1 HardDrive, 2 Computers......
5Ghz barrier broken!
here is an odd one for you, Video Card cant post
Prime95 Team???
How to make your own heatsink guide?
The price of a Dot Com name
Post Your Benchmarks Here
What would YOU upgrade?
Spread Spectrum
my new rig
Help ME pick a laptop too!
can my PSU handle all of this?
how much can i sell this for
Dead psu causes short?
my comp makeover
Messenger Pop Ups!!!!!!!!!!!
Radeon 8500 - TV Wonder VE. My computer will not boot.. help!
Lite-On 48X cdr drive issues
Can't find where to connect PSU to mobo!! Help please.
New P4 system. Oppinions?
I'm gunna OC me a Mac!
Messed up hard drive
Underclocking Shootout 2003
Online-Shop that sends to Europe
Please i need help with my pc... no idea whats wrong
computer doesnt boot, just stays there... need help!
Problem with my CPU frequency
Do you have a "safe" computer A.K.A. backup?
build a better pc..............
can't overclock with more ram
MSI K7D-Master in Canada?
help me pick a laptop
That picture of the funny mushkin guy...
Any conflicts with these components?
New System Questions...
w00t! Junk computer turns out to be a sweet find!
External BIOS reset?
Unlocking Athlon XP
New Floppy Drive missing pins?
Prime95 not using 100% CPU?
Looking to build a download machine
GeForce 2 MX (64RAM)
Isn't RIAA prosecuting file UPLOADERS backwards?
L5 bridge at XP 2400+
what justifies an RMA?
This product any good?
problem w/ 2 HDD
My new Project
My new computer I plan to order
5.25in external bay converters
Mac fans need help with a G3
250/200 5:4 fsb OR 230/230 1:1 fsb.. what's faster?
PSX -> USB Guide?
"Cell Architecture" a way of the future?
Processor Identifier
Building a new computer.
mobo inquiry
More RAM or Faster RAM?
Is it worth it?
So I might setup a server for my moms work....
really weird problem
wireless keyboard help
pc vs mac
I simpley HAD to post this for everyone
Z 680
some people just dont get it...
i got my 2nd proc.....
How to Run Fdisk From a bootdisk?
Skips in gameplay?
Help me spend $200 please
What CDRW burner do you use (recomend)
Help with server configuration
iPAQ 3850 ---> CD HELP!
Who Wants some servers.
help! I think i my broke my office's pc!
Everything is set up Correct, Everything is Perfect,THEN WHY IS MY COMPUTER #$%^ed up
Possible to build an infrared reciever?
problem with viewing pics in i explrer
AGP Pro? vs regular AGP?
black bezels or paint?
load handiling with a dual athlon mp machine
What case badge do ya' have?
Comp probs
My mx500
PC Mark 2002 compare your scores !!
what's better Dual AMD at 150X13 or 144X14?
Floppy Drive Installation
Weird gfx problem. Any clues?
Memory Prices
Zip 100 Internal Drive
Cases for SMP
Kill Spam!
Doom III
Where To Download Fdisk
question about value
Formatting My Hdd
Build my own Cube or Buy one
if you had $400 for upgrading...
Weird polygon flashing on older games
A comp for my sis..
9800 Pro or 3.0C Ghz
Overclocking my system?
Happy Independance Day!
Primary Master/Slave IDE
bizarro axp system
Woohoo! New Comp booted!
Help in o/c P2.8C with MSI865P Neo M/B
FTP that can track and individual file download?
Power Supply On During Buidling Of A new Computer
Some advice please...
How powerful are your passwords?
WTF benchmark score...help..
WTF? Is it just me, or do a lot of people have building problems?
What is the difference between 2.4-3.0
IM Sorry!
I/O resources
I Just bought 1!!!
what hardware is used for a.....
It's a sad time indeed...
S-ATA is so cool.... but where's the s-ata cd/dvd drives?
change drive letter?
Dual Xeon Mobo/Case
Mobo recommendations....
P95f+ vs. 957MB
Shutdown issues
Where To Buy Thermal Paste?
Killed my backup rig.
? about dual 333fsb processors in 266 board
new partition w/ linux
Anyone hear about a DELL laptop screen shortage?
possible to reset mobo?
Goverment & open source
Will we live to see the end of spam
i/o shield or backplate....
New mobo won't it boot to drives?
Protection While Building My Computer
Please offer your advice
Fine-tuning new computer build.
XP 2600/333fsb on Asus A7V333 ?
My Computer, What Else Do I need?
Kt600 ?
HELP/advice required on new system...
Aopen CDRW
What do you think of this mp3 player?
whats going on
Learning the ins & outs of computers.
$250 Burning a Hole - I gots the itch!
need your help
Mishipped Quadro
Win2k Pro experts... help me install soundcard
raid0 or...?
need a good pair of headphones
ED is clueless
your_details.zip virus
Check Out My New System!
what should I do
Computer is dead... fans don't power up.
Video Editing Solution
Video Editing Solution
Can someone help me organize my mp3's!
¸,ø¤°`°¤ø,¸© Spoofing Big Brother With Spam
A hardware failure reported by your Central Processing Unit
Help With Cpu/Mb/Ram Replacement
the C:\Program Files\Common Files folder
Why lie? just tell everyone your website was hacked and credit card #'s were stolen
new system crash/hangs please help
Buying an AthlonMP Soon - Your opinions please
PSU Ground wires.
hardware companies
Tom's Hardware <sigh> of the day
Tricking the Clock Generator?
Guys, enough with the mac debate...ok
It didn't post :(
Ok server parts ordered
Hi all Im new here :).....need a few tips...
new rig
<sigh> where to start...
VIA C3 dual processor
This power cable connects to?
Cisco And Linksys
what are your sys specs?
$600-700 to build Brothers system. What would you get.
Cable missing, ack! Is this a problem?
How Long Will My New Comp Last Me??
SAfe Voltage?
Router Question!!!!!
I just saw a 4.0 ghz computer can u do that?
More money than brains? My system
comp sci and engineering degree
big mousepads
Some CD-rom help
New system in the making
Won't boot....Impossible!
Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy
Your songs, RIAA-proof.
Any changes to my new system?
Screensavers on dual monitors
How to enable PAT on Abit IS7 motherboard??
Does Abit IS7 have a thermal cable to put anyplace?
Should I buy this HP Printer???
what should i do?
IS There Anyhting Wrong With THis
XP 2400+ mod to MP problems !!
Excaliberpc.com/Newegg.com Shipments
Computer Pixies
Business practices related question...
PS/2 vs. USB
Dual XP1700s @ 2550 MHz... well almost
Comp. config (suggestions before i order)
Everything's going wrong.
DLL file editor?
What are some of the best PC magazines to subscribe to?
watch out! pentium 150 coming thru! hehe
Hey, how's SBC yahoo DSL's newsgroups?
System Files missing from overclocking?
Need help bad!
How Do You Benchmark Using Quake3
Small review of MSI® K8D Master-F (Opteron™ DP) board...
What's the BEST and NICEST cold cathode lights/kit?
Company who sleaves wires.
Problems with Enermax PSU
2 19" monitors
Question about UPS backup and grounding
dremel and glass
What are the BEST rounded cables to get?
Rounded Cables
Need help fast!!!!! (thumb drive)
Intel OR840 gives unknown beep code
PCI and AGP frequency
Does anybody have a asus P4P800 Deluxe motherboard?
3d glass's
I love my Mac so much I gave away a newer PC!
I think I got hacked.
OO cool somehwo my computer cant acces any files whatsoever...
Whats wrong with my system? USB?
http://www.cpudatabase.com/ - never works for me?
How confident are you?
dremel help please
Need good pointsd as to why a PC is better then a MAC?
Email Virus, can you catch if you don't open attachment?
MSI 694d-pro a/MS6321 and Tualatins....will they work?
IRQ problem?
Solar power question.
First system just finished, game problems.
NANO!..........................................Don't do that.
Best wireless keyboard/mouse set
bad breakers
MSI K7D & 2 Barton 2500 XPs, What do I do now?
These are my kinda people
Good inexpensive MB.
I broke a bit off my dvd drive....
Printer help!
Can I oc my XP 1600 Palominos?
Need help Building my computer...
Music - If you you buy a CD, does the artisit get paid?
How much would 2 256mb sticks of mushkin DDR 400 be worth?
a78nx mobo help
P9 Connection...
Dual P-Pro 200 Question
Logitech Trackman+
what the heck is WMI?
Usb 2.0 Front Ports
Has anyone received this email?
overclockers.com in the new Maximun PC!
random lockups :confused:
where to build my PC..
Need some general HELP...
Bios setting questions..
touchy mouse problem, very strange
New power supply?
I need an 802.11g wireless router & print server...
AT computer problem
getting new computer!....is it good?
Computer won't post, help!
Noob here with hosting
Really annoying Internet provider.
Get off your butt and donate!
7V. fan cable setting?
MSI K7D Master L user power supply query
I need an answering machine that will pick up after 6+ rings
Would it be worth upgrading?
will dead mobo destroy new chip? - read pls
Please Help With Video Problem
how do i converting.. .bin file
computer running slow, why?
Knoppix Help!
how is the MSI MS-6579
Oh goodie!!! want anything tested?
So...my cousin got some ancient PCs at a yard sale...
Quick gameport question
OLD HP computer how to get most bang for buck?
K7D and registered ram
Buck for Buck Cheapest overclock.
Problems loading into windows..
Battle of the Titans! ATI and Nvidia
<pulling hair out>...please help solve a weird problem
8rda+ Dimensions
Lite-On Faceplate???
This Is Really It, Im Buying My Computer In 5 Minutes, Review My Final Descions!
p4c800 deluxe major probs
is there an overclocking chatroom?