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Digital Camera's
finding a TINY firewire card
ati rage 128 pro tv out issues
My college rig
Would you like a Mountain Dew with that?
MX700 batteries?
NTLDR missing what duh????
I know alot of ya fellas fold...I was wondering what you all thought of google.comput
looking for 'cluster-type' solution
what is your dream PC?
Budget Speakers
Quick question about IE6
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Building 1st PC
suicidal printer
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Motherboard to case holder adhesive?
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I could some help.
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What the hell
K7d Master-l Shot!
Ultimate Price/Performance SMP system recommendation
well, it took me a week.......
How to make a boot floppy
Overclocking the Via Epia M10000 (Nehemiah)
Matsu****a DVD
Scoredsome hardware. Need some help with research
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Does this system look good?
CPU Temp..Too High?
Cheap dulie setup?
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Pioneer A05 DVD RW drive
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IT Certs for Non-IT Career
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Need PDA recommendations
My comp shuts down at 52-54 degrees?
Priter problems
HELP - long black screens in between loading apps
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I cant find my boot.ini file!!!!
How much do you think I could sell my geforce 3 ti 200 for?
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Non-electronically conductive water?
My Revolutionary PC of the Future Idea
Please stat me a computer!
13 micron chips
newbie bunch of OC ?'s
how much is my pc worth?
Serial ATA drives?
Lack of computer news and the "I'm not paying these people to be idle"witers at Tom's
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Easy Switch from Audio Cards?
Buying parts from a computer show... good or bad idea?
MSI has two dual Opteron boards, now
Will the PC floppy drive EVER die??????
k7d onboard audio drivers?
Boot Disk Question
Boot Disk Question
Where to buy my parts??
Good idea?
Cable Net!
Case modding contest
My Whole Comp is *&$^$#ed up
Free AMD stickers still around?
palm questions
Inspiron 1100 benchmarks?
Can't install games in XP!
what does sse mean?
WC3 on lan
Laser n00b needs help
Trasfering Hard drive to new comp...
why are so few usb devices daisy chainable
Intel Pentium 4 (800 FSB) Motherboard D875PBZLK
just inherited a Dell PowerEdge 6100/200 Server
Coming Soon--Hopefully
160 fsb on a pc133 platform. Back it off a bit?
how do you get quicktime with out internet
mobo stand offs ?
Computer Surveillance Cameras
The CD skips!
Silent File Server?
Poll: how many use the cpu database
more opinion on a new system
Anyone Work @ Frys Electronics?
Chieftec USB Ports
Oh No......
Will it fit? abit nf7-s with slk900 in antec slk3700
32bit Processors
Help Please
help. i need to know where a web site is hosted at.
why does a generic power supplly cost lest than say an antec?
Managed to overclock my T-Bred 2100+...
Please comment on this. My NewEGG purchase.
Non-CA vendors?
Dual Athlon64?
Oh dear...
AMD or P4?
A7V333and GF4TI4200 crash and reboot
Cant Install Windows XP please help
stuck keys...help
Cant Install Windows XP please help
Next Upgrade?
Building PC... (Need help)
Help Choose MB! SL-75FRN2-RL, AU13, or ??
Processor not running at proper speed: suggestions?
Comments wanted on new comp.....
System testing?
Computer Spontaniously Died??
Do any of the Dell laptops have USB 2.0?
AC Adapter Wavetek CLI-1450
Hows this 4 a PC??
What is my system worth?
Optical mouse keeps crashing!!?
OHHHHH newegg.com packing 5900ultras
Iexplore Error in MSHTML.DLL module with Win XP
ecs d6vaa
multiple terminals
What's the head count now?
Is there a reason why...
Looks like I am heading to the MAC
Hows this rig look?
What printer should I buy?
PCI Express
Speed Problems
Mobo / Cpu Problem
Dad just told me I am going to burn up my computer
Un-even grounds = problem?
scratches in monitor screen...fix?
OC'ing 2.4 vs. 2.6 P4 (800mhz) CPU's
Better upgrade ? Cannot Decide.
IOQD/Host Bus Settings in XP
need mATX MB with agp slot
NOOOOOO! No broadband for 10 days
Dual Channel Memory
Give me your advice on my upgrade picks for my PC
How do I wire up a headphone jack?
random reboots
Serious PSU problem....
Laptop CPU speed reading wrongly?
loss of sync during dvd/divx playback.. remote problem??
What CPU and why, OR Re: Majority of Overclockers go Intel, not AMD
Making your own notebook?
911 emergeny... tech support
Help Me Get My Friend To Start Overclocking Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
very werid problem(s)
Which ancient MoBo would you choose?
Voltage regulators?
Thank you!
My parents computer wont start..
Wow! Excellent Customer Service.
am i going crazy ??
Stress/Torture Testing
Is this a good deal?
i put together two AMD 2100xps (mp modded) onto an ASUS A7M266-d....and....
Majority of overclockers go Intel, not AMD
Theoretical OC'ing of the new P4C 800 mHz FSM chips. Which one is right for me?
anyone with an 8RDA+ willing to help me?
HELP with Slot 1 P3 mobo
Quakecon! Who's Going?
Raid 0 boot configuration
Question on shipping.
How much more can i Overclock?
What is the Vcc voltage?
hp pavilion 515x
Has anyone bought the 10'000 RPM Western Digital Raptor HD ?
Lookin for some opinions/facts
What's the consensus on the nforce2 IDE drivers?
what voids a warrenty?
Ipod, to buy or not, questions for owners
High FSB = Low wireless performance?
comp freezes sometimes
help with new computer
PC freezes when shutting down
Time 4 an oil change
When should I upgrade?
Timer question
Capacitor Question
Why is the motherboard so important?
Overclockers.com is famous!
Any way to do this?
Dying Monitor?
Protecting the motherboard
firmware vs bios whats the difference?
What are Serial ports used for?
Fancy Desktops....
Power Up/Down Problem, need help
Computer and subwoofer.
What Kind of transistor is this?
Which shall I keep, 2000+ or 2200+ ?
.vxd errors
where can i get bare bones laptop
Computer Randomly Freezes
on/off switch?
Virus - Email from Microsoft Internet Technical Assistance
Abit IC7-G & Aftermarket CPU coolers
P4 2.4C vs. 2.6C whats better ?
On and off problem
To image or not that's the ? : POLL
I think I have a problem...
New mobo/PSU: Need to format HD?
My new system.
The best pocket player - iPAD
Problems with new hardware.
Plantronics Audio 90 headset question.
Fried Cpu = Fried mobo?
Samsung Combo Drive
Can someone help me set this computer up??
Prime95 error
computer kepps shutting down for no reason
bios question
Opterons with and AGP motherboard!
L5 Bridge pin out?
Funniest (and saddest) thing I've seen in ages
upgrading dell
Hard Drive Covers...
TV Tunners
picture question?
service packs
Athlon Thunderbird Compatability
Weird behaviour from my new computer.
Any Benchmarks that favor Intel?
hard drive screws
Upgrade? or setup a file server
Repairing files
Intel Application Accelerator Driver
Please help! CD drive not ejecting with button!
Spam?? Ho do you get it?(I dont want it)
Help me find a good parametric EQ program please
Is there still a forum for hard drives?
Poll: If you had to buy a computer from a major reseller, who would it be?
Terminal server:2x Athlon MP 2200+ or P4 2.6/800HT
Need advice on IDE setup
Way to test if power supply is dead/works?
WD drive trouble
Problem with Laptop
Thanks for the Donations.
overclocking is still confusing
L.i.s. Lcd
Travel with computer
leaky capacitors
question about bios/keyboard
How serious is the "Serious Error" Message?
Silent keyboard?
Internet usage logging.
Wierd Mouse Problmes
4 ways - not so common?
component video (rca) to VGA
Anbody else catch Foxtrot yesterday?
ITX cube cases
Bluetooth Keyboard/mouse
Both Motherboards DEAD??
upgrading... when will it be worth my while?
Asus I/O plate
Spontaneous booting
Where and What software?
What to do with this old crap?
Motherboards suggestions?
A really simple question
RAM, not just a big goat right?
Laptop painting mod
Driver for SD-606E DVD?
Need help with a 486
USB 1.1 vs USB 2.0 Connectors
General question on upgrading to a 2.4c
I feel so stupid asking this
Pentium 2 Problem.......
Did my 1st socket A work today..
(revisited) K7D + T-bred xp2400+s
What sort of transformer is inside the Logitech Z560 speakers?
System for a client feedback wanted
0319 XP 1700s in SMP
Need P4 board with raid
Need To Resize Avatar To Meet Guidelines
Logitech keyboard mx700 "mouse jumping" problem
my new job!!
photoshop test for your computer...
Back plate!!! AAAAaaaahhhh!
WINFAST TV2000XP, cable box question
HURRY! Whats the MSDOS Browse command?
What do you think about Linux?
poll: If you had to BUY your comp from major reseller what brand?
Z-680's still hiss!
URGENT!! Please Please Help (Beeping)
Monitor and abrasive paste
Slightly less confused newbie
DVD read problem-PLEASE HELP
Digital Cable feed to computer
Need suggestions for new CDRW
Confused Newbie
FDISk questions.
Network +
Can anyone else realte to this?
Movin up to surround sound.
80mm x 50mm fans?
Anyone found ratpadz under $10?
USB Voltage?
Problems persist
Best way to solve this problem?
Why did my system clock(time) just start running way too fast?
Floppy disk(s) fail (40)
PCI Cards
Trouble with case cooling.
911 !!!!
Silver CD-RW
RAID controller for a K7D
How far can the pci/agp speeds go...
trouble installing mobo.
upgrade OS or have a RAID?
The "How Can I Make My Desktop Badass" Topic
smilies on all forums are going crazy
Use for old AT Power supply?
looking for some help building an o/clockable pc
Looking for a website...
Holy SMOKES this is a big card!
measuring the PCI bus data transfer rates..
multipliers and the ASUS A7M266-D?
A gen. hardware debate if anyones interested...
External DVD-ROM????
l337 translator
Best Overclocker?
Fresh OS install, need to know best install process
Everything spins again.
slow startup and stuff...
Best 3D screensaver
help with p1 upgrade to k6-2/300mhz
USB Radio
building my 1st system, any tips
building my 1st system, any help tips
Crash to desktop or restart!!!
SCSI or EIDE? Weigh Benefits & Shortfalls please
Prime95 question.
HeHe need some help. Building computer.
Need a cable
Printer Problem! Any Printer Experts out there.
Memory damaged?
what is the problem ?
Quick Question about raid0
this is fun
weird os/hd/ oem computer question
yet another msi k7d issue
soundstorm + z-680 = ?
Dual pentium rack server
Need help finding a USB 2.0 driver for a card I just got
accessing BIOS on compaq deskpro
Mother ****
Need Help Making Shuttle PC
What can possibly interfere with my monitor ?
need to buy an ide cable
win2k logs
PSU kill comp when loaded
Launchcast Sux!
hey im new, i have a problem... Epox 8RDA XP1800 T-Bred no post...
Woohoo! Just stepped into the Computer Race!
What is crashing me?
CD Drive wont reconize new disks
video switch for 3 source schematics
speedfan 4.01 questions
Maybe I should just get a DELLLLLLLLLL (RANT)
What do you write on the box to RMa something to newegg?
KT400A or Nforce2?
Computer System Suggestion.
what motherboard?
laptop touchpad
Dual AMD motherboard?
Dual Celeron Server
Laptop with a 12v battery
What memory should I use?
help finding a clear mouse
Upgrade Stuffs?
wireless keyboar inside case
Ever had one ?
UK classifieds...
Darn MSI!
Multi-Fuction Printing Devices
Magazibe Subscriptions
Sick Of Dvd Drive!
Cheap PCs are soooo easy to find
Another "What you think about this setup" thread...
Mp3 and other sound files slowing down while playing
A Good Monitor?
question about alienware pc's
eh, problem with newly built computer.
vdimm mod?
need help
my comp is toast?
Printer Trouble
Do you really need a floppy
My Stupidity
do ya think Im crazy?.....
couldnt capture joystick
Budget server.....Best bang for your $$$
No DVD in Windows but it shows up in BIOS?
Help Please
Uber guru's design: that means you!
Thinking about selling my rig
anybody using the ASUS A7M266-D?
Did you come here a senior?
MaximumPC Geektest
VIA C3 overclocking
my new puter pictures
Music Box
AV and Firewall Security thats not a resource hog
Now this is odd
hdd recovery software
What do you wanna see ?
Ed wants to know your summer plans
i875 board benchmarks
anybody ever overclock a Pocket PC?
my server keeps randomly restarting >
need new ide controller card
In Theory
Abit Error Code Info?
Help me decide sometin!
How long does the memtest86 run ?
Plextor hardware mpeg2/4 encoder
P1 166 or K6 200?
audio popping/static help!
backing up emails... help
NewB O/C er
Which temp reading prog is more relible ?
Bios Vcore shows 2.12V (in red)
Display Problems
New computer won't start - no activity at all.
Help, lost a site, "Hood's pages"
ok. now i'm mad
anyone here know about webcams? what is the best one under 40$?
laptop/audio Q
telling fan RPMs by sight!
Very low 3dmark2003 score :(
Home-made keyboard tray
What's wrong with my computer?
My latest disaster ....
wow... all the new seniors...
What the heck is this thing?
Need some help with my server...
Why didn't I think of this sooner
waterproof keyboards?
What are your feelings when you are about to power up
k7d core voltage mod
Hardcoding an XP1700+ and 2100+. Will it work in SMP?
what power supply are you using for your duallie?
my clock is funky
48+ hour game-o-thon
Plan Complete ... Expertise Needed!
HyperX and ABIT NF7-S
apple mac keyboard compatibility!?!!
Best Cpu/Mobo/Ram For Ocing??
-EMI Problems-
Seiko 4 line LCD wiring question.
Incessent Beeping
Please help with computer selection.
Tyan 2460 and OCing
Very interesting idea I came up with recently...
Trouble with new comp, troubleshooting help needed
how old of UT2k3 help please
general computer help needed please.
boot failure
i cant believe it booted!!!