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Need P4 board with raid
Need To Resize Avatar To Meet Guidelines
Logitech keyboard mx700 "mouse jumping" problem
my new job!!
photoshop test for your computer...
Back plate!!! AAAAaaaahhhh!
WINFAST TV2000XP, cable box question
HURRY! Whats the MSDOS Browse command?
What do you think about Linux?
poll: If you had to BUY your comp from major reseller what brand?
Z-680's still hiss!
URGENT!! Please Please Help (Beeping)
Monitor and abrasive paste
Slightly less confused newbie
DVD read problem-PLEASE HELP
Digital Cable feed to computer
Need suggestions for new CDRW
Confused Newbie
FDISk questions.
Network +
Can anyone else realte to this?
Movin up to surround sound.
80mm x 50mm fans?
Anyone found ratpadz under $10?
USB Voltage?
Problems persist
Best way to solve this problem?
Why did my system clock(time) just start running way too fast?
Floppy disk(s) fail (40)
PCI Cards
Trouble with case cooling.
911 !!!!
Silver CD-RW
RAID controller for a K7D
How far can the pci/agp speeds go...
trouble installing mobo.
upgrade OS or have a RAID?
The "How Can I Make My Desktop Badass" Topic
smilies on all forums are going crazy
Use for old AT Power supply?
looking for some help building an o/clockable pc
Looking for a website...
Holy SMOKES this is a big card!
measuring the PCI bus data transfer rates..
multipliers and the ASUS A7M266-D?
A gen. hardware debate if anyones interested...
External DVD-ROM????
l337 translator
Best Overclocker?
Fresh OS install, need to know best install process
Everything spins again.
slow startup and stuff...
Best 3D screensaver
help with p1 upgrade to k6-2/300mhz
USB Radio
building my 1st system, any tips
building my 1st system, any help tips
Crash to desktop or restart!!!
SCSI or EIDE? Weigh Benefits & Shortfalls please
Prime95 question.
HeHe need some help. Building computer.
Need a cable
Printer Problem! Any Printer Experts out there.
Memory damaged?
what is the problem ?
Quick Question about raid0
this is fun
weird os/hd/ oem computer question
yet another msi k7d issue
soundstorm + z-680 = ?
Dual pentium rack server
Need help finding a USB 2.0 driver for a card I just got
accessing BIOS on compaq deskpro
Mother ****
Need Help Making Shuttle PC
What can possibly interfere with my monitor ?
need to buy an ide cable
win2k logs
PSU kill comp when loaded
Launchcast Sux!
hey im new, i have a problem... Epox 8RDA XP1800 T-Bred no post...
Woohoo! Just stepped into the Computer Race!
What is crashing me?
CD Drive wont reconize new disks
video switch for 3 source schematics
speedfan 4.01 questions
Maybe I should just get a DELLLLLLLLLL (RANT)
What do you write on the box to RMa something to newegg?
KT400A or Nforce2?
Computer System Suggestion.
what motherboard?
laptop touchpad
Dual AMD motherboard?
Dual Celeron Server
Laptop with a 12v battery
What memory should I use?
help finding a clear mouse
Upgrade Stuffs?
wireless keyboar inside case
Ever had one ?
UK classifieds...
Darn MSI!
Multi-Fuction Printing Devices
Magazibe Subscriptions
Sick Of Dvd Drive!
Cheap PCs are soooo easy to find
Another "What you think about this setup" thread...
Mp3 and other sound files slowing down while playing
A Good Monitor?
question about alienware pc's
eh, problem with newly built computer.
vdimm mod?
need help
my comp is toast?
Printer Trouble
Do you really need a floppy
My Stupidity
do ya think Im crazy?.....
couldnt capture joystick
Budget server.....Best bang for your $$$
No DVD in Windows but it shows up in BIOS?
Help Please
Uber guru's design: that means you!
Thinking about selling my rig
anybody using the ASUS A7M266-D?
Did you come here a senior?
MaximumPC Geektest
VIA C3 overclocking
my new puter pictures
Music Box
AV and Firewall Security thats not a resource hog
Now this is odd
hdd recovery software
What do you wanna see ?
Ed wants to know your summer plans
i875 board benchmarks
anybody ever overclock a Pocket PC?
my server keeps randomly restarting >
need new ide controller card
In Theory
Abit Error Code Info?
Help me decide sometin!
How long does the memtest86 run ?
Plextor hardware mpeg2/4 encoder
P1 166 or K6 200?
audio popping/static help!
backing up emails... help
NewB O/C er
Which temp reading prog is more relible ?
Bios Vcore shows 2.12V (in red)
Display Problems
New computer won't start - no activity at all.
Help, lost a site, "Hood's pages"
ok. now i'm mad
anyone here know about webcams? what is the best one under 40$?
laptop/audio Q
telling fan RPMs by sight!
Very low 3dmark2003 score :(
Home-made keyboard tray
What's wrong with my computer?
My latest disaster ....
wow... all the new seniors...
What the heck is this thing?
Need some help with my server...
Why didn't I think of this sooner
waterproof keyboards?
What are your feelings when you are about to power up
k7d core voltage mod
Hardcoding an XP1700+ and 2100+. Will it work in SMP?
what power supply are you using for your duallie?
my clock is funky
48+ hour game-o-thon
Plan Complete ... Expertise Needed!
HyperX and ABIT NF7-S
apple mac keyboard compatibility!?!!
Best Cpu/Mobo/Ram For Ocing??
-EMI Problems-
Seiko 4 line LCD wiring question.
Incessent Beeping
Please help with computer selection.
Tyan 2460 and OCing
Very interesting idea I came up with recently...
Trouble with new comp, troubleshooting help needed
how old of UT2k3 help please
general computer help needed please.
boot failure
i cant believe it booted!!!
What Could be Wrong? Computer Slows down for no reason.
Sidewinder in XP
I wreckon it's time for some new media...
Dual P4 Xeons 3ghz
Can't Print Directly to Printer, HELP!
Lock ups, bsod, artifacts.
need help!
OC Stability
WOW ITS A MIRACLE!! my abit mobo manual!!
anyone have a albatron KM18G Pro?
Icrontic Is No More!
making web site what u recomend
What Game Console Would You Buy?
Dell Laptop Bios Password
Barton and MSIK7D
Is this possible?
For once a good article on gaming.
IDE Cables
Intel says there's no such thing as PAT
Great Deal!!!
MAC OS Users Please guide me..
Am I crazy? 800mhz enough?
Everything check out?
HDD problems
Finding the artist and other info after a CD was ripped.
Help me pick out some SMP parts.....
thinking of making 2 duallies
Keyboard port dead???
I need help setting up audio for tv-out!
Vancouver (british columbia) lanparty -june 14th
build your own ECG
Sanity check this setup please
Problems Overclocking - system hangs
New Moderator:
HP Pavilion XE743
need new speakers
flashing my bios
driver installation order on fresh install
Microsoft Takes a Hit!
copper stock
PCI devices
BIOS settings - P4 o/cing
On ECS mobo all 3 hatches on lower side of socket broke off!!!
Playstation 2 cluster complete OR xbox = owned
Please help me find a good KVM switch
MP2800 compability
Learning to overclock
Y.S. Tech TMD fan question
White Laptop Screen
What can I learn from a Pentium-120?
making sure
Just a thought.
Certification to repair computers
Tiger MP Problems (Help!!)
My Blue-Prints for a new system
Yikes! What's happening?
g4 case mod
better laptop HDDs... where to buy?
Solve your random restarts (pic)
What does the AGP Voltage do?
Mouse Of The Future!
Mem Bandwidth or CPU?
Onboard Car Computer
That 1 time of year I get to upgrade...
If you could ask Bill Gates any question?
I think i mighta crushed it :-/ think it will still run?
Someone wana explain these threads to me
ax-7 mod
Xbox evidence that Microsoft is no good?
Best Pop up STopper?
before or after flashing yoru bios do you clear the cmos?
annoying whine
What laptop should i get
I will pay for music downloads - but i want .wav's
I need advice from experts
Unstable System At Stock Speeds!
CHAINTECH 7KDD AMD Server any good?
new system, very slow OS loading and more
help installing motherboard in case.....
India reacts sharply to US IT outsourcing ban
internet explorer help
is it worth it?
HELP build me a Comp
which mouse?
GamePC has K8 chips and mobo in stock
printer problem
Intel L440GX+, 700E PIII overclocking?
Computer Configuration ;)
Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap
doesnt boot from cdrom
o/c with NF7
How to turn a .PDF article into a .DOC?
Help me Choose a Keyboard
help on brother's computer?
buttonless mouse - good or bad?
What's keeping me from OCing higher?
Question about mice, USB or PS/2 ?
Recomend me some nice earphones
who says a 486 dx is useless? Not me.
Just ordered this. What do you think?
sysprep stupidity
New Abit NF7 install problems
does the msi k7d have a 4 pin 12v connector on the board?
Dual Tualatin
System Verification
Wireless TV?
AMD vs Intel
Need help quick today, troublesome new computer...
Hey i got some questions abot my klipsch 4.1's
Abit kt7-Raid "daily power on timer"
Is this a good monitor?
question on dual monitors ...
AMD up to no good?
Help with a report PLEASE!!
The workings of Trinary
Is a Celeron a Pentium 4??
Video Card Shower
Cpu VS Gpu for gaming...
should i get a new power supply?
Won't boot when FSB set to 133
i can't wait
what's a good firewall program
$450 US - worth it for this system?
Need some store linkage
Opteron versus Itanium
Overclocked Dullie FSB issues.
Multies not working
Advice on upgrade
PC mag saying Opteron beats Xeon
Old WD Caviar 136AA cause of lock-ups on new system?
The acronyms from H-E double hockey sticks
Computer bites
lost printer
Comp Wont Hibernate
Suddenly unstable, crashes, general crappyness
How can they stand it?
Voltmodding the MSI KT4V-L
anyone try out that Geil "Golden Dragon" PC3500 yet?
Test Your Connection Speed
Power LED Switches
PC rebuild with built in problems
I just got my pc, now what.
port help!!!!!!!11
Need some help on hardware
Overclocking Help...
MVS and OS/400
Does this exist ??
12V to power MP3 player?
how much would you pay for this...
What To Do!?
Neat Windows trick
Bender's red rig up and running!
What are the fastest procs I can get for this
DVD drive loading cd slow?
ghost or any other program
drive to drive copy?
Is my pos monitor frying my Mobos/CPu ...Long
Ahh Hey anyone know Whats Wrong here?
Using Software to Play DVDs on CDRW Drive?
Problem - Not Able to Print from Internet Explorer
Best 3dmarks/dollar score
Barton is AMD, but is Barton a specific manufacturer?
Who has the fastest computer Overclocked?
Motherboard switch out
Building new system... recommendations?
I need the combined knowledge of the OC forums.
Prime95 Question
My computer turns itself off...
Rom Basic...
PC to Mac video converter
OMG I need this!
Easy one for you....
What is better, MAC or PC?
AVI video help
it industry
Can I splice into the computer speakers line w/ a stereo AUX cable?
Need to fill a 5 1/4 bay w/ something unique
user cp question
compressed gas duster
Bought mobo but looks dead :(
How US Colleges Rate in Cyber Liberties
Abit bp6. Does it worth it?
big fan bearings.
Hardware q's/travelling/which 2.4b proc?
defrag and drive space problems
just some questions...
Computer making wierd noise?
Well I finally got brave enough and did it
Another Critique My Build Thread
component frameworks
DSL or Cable....
Need opinions on Headphones/amp
NEC claims first with water-cooled PCs
QUICK! Lego Mac for sale in Great Britain!
HELP! Need to copy 50 billion floppies!
Spam Masquerades As Admin. Alert/Need Help
Dead CPU
Really need help!
RAID setup , which mobo connectors to use???
Getting sound card off the AGP irq
A+ or MCSE
fatal slushware error ???
Is the FSB dependent on the CPU at all?
Intel vs AMD (not quite what you think)
Chaintech dually board
Fortron 350 watt PSU and new memory, random reboots :(
Importance OSI
How do I update my firmware??
Screen caps in dos/other oses
No display
Speaker comparison
Computer won't POST
what is defraging and how does it work? etc
Physics, Waves
I need a game port Adapter.....
Computer is beeping and won't start up!!!!!
cant set page file any more
Suggestions: what to do with spare parts?
K7D Master + T-bred xp2400+
matrix window decal
should i take the parts instead.
Downloading CS maps
Installing a Thermal Probe on CPU
on public computers, how do they get it.......
Serial ATA COnverter and Raid
I need some critiques on this setup...
what board would you recommend?
new computer...
KVM switch
Buying new Proc and need to pick a MB
Computer Fair in Chicago Today?
Question about Newegg RMA
Won't shut down
L5 Mod and Colocation
Dual Athlon MP 2400+ Power supply recommendations
the sellign and trading forums?
Ugh help!
IRQs and many devices.
qvestion about Vapochill
question about bios menu and RAM
Unlocked Xeon's
My DVD Drive Isn't Being Detected...
Mac vs PC? Overall who is better?
I really need serious help with my new HD<<<
Just finished new system
Backround Pic on Word
Antec Performance Plus AMG.. fileserver?
Time to format
what do you use to clean/take off HSF
Favorite Mobo Company...
internet keeps opening windows minimized
New computer locking up. Gigabyte KT400 series.
Laptop + win98
Help me I cant boot???
Asus A7N266 mobo and Windows 98
Friend in need of help
Dell Motherboard
please read and reply
icons changing
asus AI series - any good?
damage due to overclocking?
URGENT: Downloading from usenet crashes friends computer??
Which DVD writer is good??
Old PC to new PC
Wow nifty for the laptop user
K7D ram issues?
when it rains it pours
3.5" Front Port Devices
TQ's back again, correct me if i'm wrong, but this has GOT to be my motherboard right
MS Bluetooth
AGP question
What did I break?
Need a Mobo for my C3...
!!!!!!!!! need quik reply! IE6 font
Mail Order PC Case
Laptop Problems
Computer DOA?
cpu reading default when beboot system!
S-video ?
New P4 or stay with the P3???? Help!!
Fans' positioning in the presence of holes
getting an Illegal operation when trying to install a cd.
I think Joe is starting to lose it.
VCC (2.5+V) Danger?
Printer DPI needed for a 3.1 MP camera?
What socket...?
remeber the compaq laptop? check this!
Building a new pc...help please.
Mobo Upgrade
Lian Li cases, front panel, and cd drives...
If Microsoft Designed the Matrix....
Building new PC... what/where to buy?
HighSpeed PC makes good on goof up
HDD size
Overclocking Problem
Spybot: Its Even Better than Ad-Aware!