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this comp is screwed!
8X on a dualie mobo
My computer is dead. Need help with pinpointing the problem
removing internet exploror history for a user on a college network
120GB HDD: IBM/Hitachi or WD?
WMV crappyness
Celeron 1300 Mhz problems
Calling All Logitech Quickcam pro 4000 users
Opteron DP Duallie Board out?! (or soon to be)
Question About Digital Speakers
remote desktop kill performance???
good deal?
can anyone help me to get a video to work?
Has anyone else seen this ?
Barton XP to MP mod
Nother BIOS for K7D
This is SO odd??? i dont even know where to post this
Trying to get a job working for the School District
ABit VP6? Support Celerons?
Strange Apple pen
thinking about selling computer
BSOD from ndis.sys!?!
Tranferring hard drive to new pc
Random Shutdowns
god toms a moron.
Do yall know if this will work??? component case related...
internet dial up
What to Do with a 200mhz "working" pc..
That Got Dual guy just had a birthday!
Can you help me plz
unlocking multi with MP chip?
battle of the mise
Really need your help!!! Helping me pick my motherboard....
I need help on Voltage...
need to build a system...what's your opinion?
Newer H/W at older speeds...for now?
LCD 15" or 17" Plese help me choose!!
Sporadic hangs and other assorted trauma
Do you have a mic?
What do yall think of the Asus P4c 800?
Upgrade Recommendations
Will we ever see them?
cd roms won't be detected.
problem with mini disk player
Gaming problem, please help.
excess hardware!
HDD not recognised
Major computer problem? Please help!!!
Got my first heatware!
So my computer is on strike
Memory Dump etc problems!?
Cooling help please
damaged graphic card
a quick fun and easy question
New Worm in kazaa
Resetting CMOS fixed my problem...but it keeps coming back?? Why?
Good picture viewing software?
fsb mixup
110 115 volts
that Hax0r game...
What is it?
Most Stable AMD Duallie
Firewire Vs. Usb(2.0)
Laptop Problem
What is OSI created by ISO?
Question about Axim - Heres a stumper for everyone.
Mp3 CD's
Home Theater Mojo *56k User Warning*
Question about logitech z-680's
K7D-L Memory timings
WTH IS going on
Dual PSU
IRC Channel:
drugz and lan???
Purchase mistake to late ?
Keyboard and mouse???
CD digital audio cables
dvd drive problems
Lock Up audio and Video
Can someone help find a motherboard??
omfg look at these prices
Booting into windows98 but reading a NTFS drive?
32/64 bit
Friend's computer beeping at us. Help.
selling new system and getting something less expensive
mpeg to avi?
DVD burner
ontrack easyrecovery HELP!!!!
1.5gb of DDR ram??
How to match intel cpus
dx9 installation problem
Sure, dont listen to the computer nerd
My school's funny
802.11b on Handhelds
woohoo! finally got my AMD system running!
K7d Fubar!
Making a computer for my mom, is this good?
overclocking help!
Electroluminescent Keyboard
Best AMD Dual Motherboard
need help overclocking
Just got me a Speed demon system!
What are the best websites for downloading MP3's/Movies LEGALLY?
Fading Cathodes
Audio skip on Yamaha 2100S (16x10x40 SCSI CDRW)
I need your knowledge :D
I'm gonna keep asking this till you guys give me an answer
Which Dell Notebook
1 TerraByte Server - how should i do this?
voodoo5 for ti4600+cash
Whoa! Look what my dad found! [56k beware: loads of pics]
Logictech MX700 & Cordless Elite Duo
KT3V Problems
What is the sound on the K7D?
Audio Codecs?
What is a .dll file??
What do you use for an os?
NIC question
Gigabyte mainboard with dual PIII
Sco Nuix
IMG tags
fast help on upgrade cpu
whats a VRM?
Help on wiring G2446 lcd please
Need help on upgrade options
What's up with 16ms LCD ?
whats holding me back?
Homemade PSU help
dimmer switch cooling?????
Question about ps/2 keyboard
KVM Switches.. GAAAAK!!!!
sony mini disk???
K7D-Master Success!!! (So far...)
Bulid a robot out of your floppy drive.
Any solution to optical mouse issue?
pci ata/100 problem
did u see the news about microsoft
i have 2 hdd's
wtf? fx5900? gigabyte nforce2? anyone read chinese?
MP3 Player... Rio..
NewEgg and "return for same item only"
I just deleated my bro hd and I need A file from it.
Why hasnt this been done yet? who is the best @ overclockers.com
Best h/s for dualie use?
Single cpu in K7D Master-L?
Speaker Confusion!!
Antech true 550 posts lower voltage from a 1.2ghz tb to a 2500+ barton?!?!?
I have a good reason, right?
What should I get?
Mobile or not Mobile, that is the question
thoughts of sn41g2..
Which = this amd or this intel
e.Digital MP3 Digital Music Juke Box,
12" mini laptops ???
Styrofoam Female Computer???
'Athens' - MS defines the next Windows PC standard
Random Restarts
overclocking dual 2000+ MP's
Digital Camera
Does anyone have a Psion PDA?
New Computer Crashing Under Small Load.
Tyan s2460 Overclock-board volt mod
How do computer graphics benefit you ???
AI convo
Strange BSOD problem...
My $2,500 PC runs slow sometimes? I need help please.
Need some help troubleshooting
high temps....
I.T industry.. what now?
Urgent ! Please Help - Mobo Question
mem timings on k7d?
Need some info on new pc...
New Desk...
device problem hard drive
What the h*** is goining on ??
enough burning in ??
Help!!! Power outage or Spike FRIED my PC's?
need help on choosing soundcards
automated photo scanner?
Sigh--Introducing the MSN "iLoo"
Anyone taken the A+ Certification test lately?
DVD-R or DVD+R???
looking for
Upraded 2100 XP crashing
why won't it just go to the system tray?
Laptop doesn't work! Any ideas?
Just a couple of questions.
random reboots while gaming due to windows upgrade???
starwars and multithreading
round cables from SVC.....
mouse key stuck ??
OverClock P2
Hardware Search Engine
Buying first pair of headphones
classified questions
New iPod
Gateway Profile
RumbleFX's Website?
MSN iLoo, wtf
Unmountable Boot volume
Good News
Can you guys access the 3dgameman.com forum/s?
no luck
Upgrade Dilema
Internet Explorer fonts messed up?
upgrading vs buying new comp
Text messages/page programs.
**What Computers Are In Your Household?**
I need help from members of the online community
Grain of wheat?
HELP new system
USB mouse preventing overclocking
50 books
msi k7d Master+2400mp+overclockable?
I think i broke my computer
Need help with TYAN 1833D, can't get it to power up.
Dust and other annoying comp stuff......
Best buy for 50 bucks?
Need Help!! Urgent!!
,`, POssibly CPU Reseller Buisness - input please
AGP/PCI overclocking related?
differant vcore's!!??
pcmark2002 and comparisons
SwitchBox & 4 PC's (25 foot distance)
Won't restart.
is this cheap ?
IRC Chat
vrms problems and more
Rare random computer reboots
Pic of my main Rig
Why the heck wont Mp3 players ever get past usb 1.1
DVD burner?
New toys on the way
Anything dead - but dont know what!
Text Browsers
Installing a motherboard.
Can you flash a HP computer with an Asus MB, with Asus' bios?
What is THE current budget limited mb/cpu combo?
Help With IDE device detection??
monitor flickers when tv turns on
Is my mouse is dying? :(
"Site Wire Fault" light is pretty
>>>NEED help with a laptop ibm<<<
Who actually buys rounded cables
whats a good overclocking motherboard
Dual Monitors AND win2k Pro
Bunk Monitor? Say it ain't so!
vrms problem and more
What do all the abreviations stand for?
Intel's SC520-E case for the SE7505VB2
I prolly shouldnt laugh but LOL!!!
real noob question, how do i open html attatments
My system
Cheapest Server Comp
kt 400 boards
What is fold
Gateway BIOS
How do I get in the bios on an old HP?
hdd image without software
Wireless keyboard
Computers for college
How long does it take for newegg to RMA
Screensaver not working
Which Mobo ?
Fps bad... suggestions
So Sad
Laptop for college....
Apples Music Store?
It's official, i am never using UPS again.
Summer Upgrade Plans?
Prime95 & my modem
Stress Testing?
my computer is seriously jacked...dear god someone please have the answer
Xeon Overclocking motherboard
Overclocking Problems
my $0.02
Audigy owners rejoice !
Computer gods smiling upon me today....kinda
MP3 player file transfer question
if you had 200 dollars what would you buy?
Control Pannel
Satellite tv tuner
Some thoughts on the RIAA's actions
hey hey
what do u think
USB cable?
Cable Internet Lockups
Different chips
I'm getting very very impatient (and a bit worried)
Organizing multimedia files
audio resampling.
The 1st sign of the apocalypse!
Anyone in graphics design?? (i think this is in the right forum)
Don't EVER Use KaZaA Lite!
Power Supply for XP 1600
Need HELP!!!
Heat situation with dual AMD MP's?
im ready to put some AS3 on but don't know how
Lighting Strike
Connecting the L5's
win98 install gone screwy
monitor problemo
dropped connection
Die Ups
Rate this PC.
Picture Help
Anybody Remember This Funny Progie?
Performs "physicle memory dump" and restarts
Blowing bridges and SMP
Random stuff coming out
2 RAID cards on one motherboard
What line protection do you use?
2nd HDD
Cyrix M-II 233 MHz overclocking
I can't take it ANYMORE!!
Logitec z 680's
Quick newbie question
Another Computer Check Over/Grade
new printer will not print.
unknown weird PC problem - please help!
help me please... first time builder
Audigy 2 plat????
My buddys comp is hosed
whats a good keylogger?
upgrade is in hand... overclocking? no :(
Harddrive RMA fun
laptop reccomendations
Wiring assistance needed
Digital Cameras
orange led baybus
Advice on an AMD Dual server?
cooked floppy drive
USB Hub Power
!!i Have To Take An Online Test And Need Help!!
The BEST mouse on the market!
Computer Really Sluggish
What to choose?
I need the best shirt-pocket digital camera for under $200???
I joined the club
am i doing something wrong? (troubleshooting pc)
Funny thing with PRO266TD-LR + Tualatins
Where would I purchase a PC Speaker?
desperate hard decisions. need help!!!!
are macs worth the cost
I'm lost, What could be the problem?
Help with my new monitor.
in your opinion which palm is the best
Wat the hell? Magic? or wat...................?
I can see said the blind man, but only with one eye
CMOS battery -- where to buy one?
bad boot sector?
Post links to really easy to follow pc building guides please.
can someone help me build an ultra cheap computer?
"Locking out" computer?
"Wireless Optical Mouse Blue" & Linux?
P4 Celery 2.0 or not?
Newb Alert!!! I need your input on my 1st PC
What did my "friend" break guys....
what to get for 140$
need some suggestions
Buying new monitor, can't find reviews
AI Project Ideas
Are these good scores?
GPU Socket + Vram Dimm slots in mobo?
dang you samurize.com !!
whitch is the best XP 2100+ ?
Be very careful of downloading music and games
Compaq 7470 onbord Sound ???
Faulty something :s
Laptop Gaming...Your insight
how to make a .bat ?
how can I get my modem sound thru my speakers?
Question about my TV Tuner card
Hey! Tell me what you think.
I Really Need Your Most Honest Opinion Here! Intel/AMD..
cleaning LCD diplay
Any special drivers needed for a dually?
I need help to figure out if this work's
z560 qestion
NEC MultiSync 5FGe
copying harddrives....
Help me find this blower please!!!!!
How to tell between USB 2.0 and 1.x cables/bracket
PC shutting down, can't figure out why
kazaa lite not connecting
wont post
Cashiers turning me against Best Buy!
Intel or AMD???!!!!! amd fanboy trouble!
Trackball Explorer and a KVM Switch??
How do I clear my CMOS?
CD burning issues
ABIT KR7A-133R Multiplier Unlocking
Anyone Care to Give me some Schooling
Power consumption
You guys think this would work??? (Home made thermal epoxy)
RIAA vs. Whomever
compaq laptop waitin' 4 your help!
Could Steve Jobs be browsing the Forums?!?!?!?
Autocad Workstation
Multiple Bios Update links
Where to buy bright L.E.Ds in the UK
getting rid of Kazaa ?
Unable to get my ip address back to
Dual Pentium III Xeon server.
A paper i wrote about the internet...
Comp wont start.....great...
Well... Umm.. Neat.
Matrix Orbital MX212 USB???
WHY DOSENT O/C include MSN in the sign up form????????????
my *future* system
cas settings on MSI PRO266TD LR master board
More k7D master issues
Computer summer job for teen
ESD and Me
Clearing the CMOS
Who makes the BEST processor? Answer inside!
1700+ T-Breds and MSI K7D Master-L question.
i wish i could use an apple keyboard on my computer...
Help, Compaq Presario 5037 Died
Xeon voltages
Computer Problem
MAC using PC parts?
wireless keyboard
GE wireless mouse..
Netgear RT311 Router & CS Server
turbo settings
PC starts low
anti static bag...and my mobo
Did Intel threaten vendors at Opteron launch???
Best Upgrade for 150-200$?
newegg wishlist idiots
Santa, please bring me a 3D LCD...
BP6 system
building a server
?Novell Border Manager?
ACK this is crap!
Dell PSU with ATX mobo
DAMN! With this comp, who needs that Ionic Breeze thing?
switching back-and-front on speakers?
DV tapes
O MY LORD GUYS!!!! (celebration as well as thanx to the community)
System hangs when CD-ROMs are used
Runner -up prize
finally...i'm doin' the dual
Maplewood Computer Talk...
death is published :D
Newegg ship saturdays?
online auction documentation
Clustering Idea
Lightning damage?
Help! messed up stuff
XP bridges help {Old quetion i know}
Ultra Newb Question!
motherboard troubles
Power & Reset Switches...
Lindows Mobile PC
A walk down memory lane. Show us some older hardware and tell us how you used it.
How much Power do i need?
Do i need a new powersupply?
Three soundcards, one set of speakers
3dstudio max rendering
home automation
Need a power button for an Antec / Chieftec case
Im in the market for 350 new machines
Quick minor question
logitec corded elite keyboard....
Random Shut Down
computer freezes
tell me what you think
Alternative to DUMeter?
New Generation....desk less mouse...
Am I the only one ?
LOL...just thought of something about the millennium bug
So annoying...
new system...watcha think
Criticize this very expensive rig
can't change bground in windows?
motherboard memory limits
a newb question