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Criticize this very expensive rig
can't change bground in windows?
motherboard memory limits
a newb question
Need to contact Enermax
Dual Pentium 4 Boards
what does this little sign say ?
My Comp A Force To Be Reckon'ed With!!!!
Various problems - Win2k
Be warned: Gigabyte 1394 Dual channel board
Plz read, frustrating O/C prob. Possible limitation by driver or OS
Finally decided - Something i should know?
Anyone mod Bartons for SMP like you can XPs?
Best mouse?
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looking to build system
Cheap Dual Mobo for AMD XPs in MP
I'm afraid I goofed
setting resolution outside of drivers
Getting a Laptop, need help......
Good rig or not?
2100+ or Radeon 9500 Pro
what is the multiplier how does it work?
HTML/FrontPage/Server problem I cannot solve!
Criticize this rig !!
Newegg having problems?
Morrowind water...?
an odd question about capacitors
General Computer help please
which one?
System Locking-Up Online
few Qs
.MOV files...
running prime...
new mobo and ram
motherboard advice..
question on installation and removal of a game
overclocking the slowest p3 ever made
Visio 2000
Svc molex splitters
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Brown-outs!! Which power conditioner?
What causes the blue flashy screen?
Is this MP3 palyer OEM or retail???
bought athlon 1800 & mobo, looking for clock speed & core ratio
Sound Dampening
problems installing Kworld pci tv card
TRIVIAL tidbit about eye and monitors
MAC and AMD processor
Yamaha CD-RW
Can't Startup
Dvd program
Toshiba Magnia SG20 Multifunction Appliance Server
Awesome birthday present...
Is It Possible
Which mouse? Logitech MX300 vs. Microsoft Intellimouse 3
Moral Dilemma, Vendor Errors.
Micron selling DIMMs with used memory chips?
Opera 7: Deleting Cookies
will i notice a difference going from 450mhz to 1.3+ ?
harddrive benchmarks? and how to get it up
5.1 audio question?
arial photos
Logitech z-560's
LMAO!!! i found this and just couldt help but say somthing
Is it better for video encoding
Cold Boot Hang With POST Code 5538?
PS2 on a HDTV???
When do you upgrade?
What makes an OS SMP compatible?
Best Head phones
*moans* God, yes!
modding stuff
Bigmac.exe virus
is there any mobo?
Joystick problems
diffrence in the agp slots?
online gaming competition as a sport?
I must say HP is really on the ball.
Happy Easter (Eggs) !
core dump
3D mark scores 2003
What a nightmare!
promise ultra ata card mod
P6L40-A4E Main board Question
3D glasses, am I deluding myself?
Mobile Chips...Which is "Better"?
80mm to 60mm adaptor, bad or good?
Linux and dual CPUs ?
Why is my video encoding so SLOW!!??
Opinions Wanted
WTF!!... Higher clock lower bench scores (CPU)
Looking to upgrade
What AMD dual mobo use 24pins PSU??
16ms 17" LCD from Acer...
Help: How to extract digital images from a VHS tape?
Shutsdown, won't start!
can't OC with the additon of video card
Why doesn't somebody build a pc with a ups instead of a conventional PS?
Monitor from the dead...kind of
Laptop CPU Swap Toshiba Satellite...
Interesting mod idea.
video encoding
Crap that runs in back ground upon startup
Speaker help?
Monitor Noise
who builds PCs for extra $$$?
Weird power supply needed for archaic mobo?
Loud BEEEP when playing games!
athlon mp
O/C CPU Database down?
Bad Motherboard or CPU
intel vs. amd prices ??
whats wrong with my computer?
T68i phone as a remote for your PC??
something weird
Detecting computer problems
Wont shut down
Floppy disk error
Case screw sizes
Random Restarts
C++ Gurus I need help!!
Wireless mouse
Forums may be down Sunday (Easter)
Difference between ISO and EXE
Why the hell is BF1942 so slow on my rig??
anybody else have this prob?
Im running my computer almost at stock
Can I OC my Moniter?
Finding a diode for vid card?
Speedstep Laptop problem
shuttle xpc SN41G2
5.25" Silver Multi-Function Panel from SVC...
what do you use? LCD or CRT
Busted speakers?
Tablet PC's and pricing
Tablet PC's and pricing
Tyan s2460 FULLY utilizes 2600+
Tyan s2460 FULLY utilizes 2600+
Widescreen Monitor
iso downloads
Network Scanner recomendations?
Comp without video card ?
bloody popups - help please!
check pci bus speed
MSI K7D Master-L
thoughts on first pc im building
Which proc for divx encoding AMD or Intel
dual XP
My first Newbie question, I'm so happy :P
microsoft intellimous..
What to do with my old pc
need help with printer problem diagnostic
game server?
K7D - Potenial PSU failure?
Monitor Software
Would you buy a Athlon-64/Opteron?
power supply voltage readings
Heat waves hello
PrintServer Problem
Is my digitaldoc dying?
-Fixing a zip file-
New review site and forum
ebay software selling rules?
Hi. I'm Mark John Jefferies with People PC...
DLT3C AND DUT3C mixed on K7dmaster?
Image hosting
Holy S!@#
anyone with a waterblock on there northbridge?
general overclocking ?'s
What would you pay for my rig?
Dead CPU vs Dead Mobo - how to tell?
Toshiba Tecra 8000 Laptop
Getting monitor to get straight edges?
Best LCD for gaming?
questions and r&d for benchmark database( not ours)
Fate of America Online
Is anyone here a sony techician?
Failing computer parts
Booting OS from formatted hard drive? please help
Gd Sob!!!!!!!!!!
what does this error mean?
Orange Baybus
power consumption in watts
UPS Orientation
Freakin wierd
Upgrading K7D BIOS
Configuring monitor
suggestion for new pc:
New Rules Require New Monitor
MoDDing cases
How many hours...
One of the best tools you can download (free)
Overclockers.com IRC Channel!
Motherboard and Video card question
Building a new Computer Question.
Need a real fast answer.
Speaker question...
New computer technology??
Via C3 and VCM Sdram
Dialup Networking Question?
New system
More computer stupidity...
How much performance from pc3200?
math/keyboard question
New Rig
What is the most you'd spend on a computer?
Multis higher than 12.5 on MSI K7-D?
Leadtek Winfast "deluxe" Tv2000xp
SHould I upgrade
I can't believe it...
Dream Computer thread!
HDD adapter
Size Does matter update!!!!
power/price distributed computing box
My CDROM keeps disappearing
Are Gigabyte motherboards usally good?
Canon laser class 5000
Please Help w/MoBo Decision
HELP!! i think i blew up my comp!
Is the computer bad for your eyes?
constant restarts!!! help
Built a POS from various old parts today...
Post your desktop Thread...
K7D... what would you do?
XP won't load on new comp config
NEW mobo = better improvement?
Computer loosing its "power"
Can I Run Two 2.4GHz 533FSB Xeons (with HyperThreding) in Windows XP PRO?
freeware game
seek rate and hdd driver
How many times have you upgraded in the past few months?
I need some sound advice form the pros
good speck readout proggie
sound problem
Just in case your computer leaks radiation
weird computer tools?
Help Me Please!!
Maxtor Diamomd Plus 8 Hard drive Q
How this for a new rig and how can i improve it?
Power supply screws
Broken CD Rom
I need to build a video editing pc, what should I get?
A good idea for a new computer tool !!!
Clash of the Monitors
Will you be going 64Bit
Okay now trillian is p****ng me off !!!
Building a comp
11k on 3dmark2001 with a crucial 9700 pro... help!
USB Devices not being recognized correctly???
Hammer article
aaaah my drawing tablet doesn't work :mad: :mad:
MSI Pro266 TD Master
Money Is No Option, What To Buy.....
Realplayer locks my PC up
PC cd-rom misleading?
Anyone ever owned a Newton?
Crack the Encrypted File and Win a Ferrari 360
building a dual p3s---any advice before i begin?
Wanna give me some advice on my list?
Apple to buy Universal Music
Is this the real deal or BS?...LCD Qs
Wierd problems with my new rig :(
Front USB
Quote me a gameing rig worth for a max of 2000 or $3140
Can you use a G4 Mac Keyboard on a normal PC?
PC upgrade
New Virtual Race in SETI@Home
need a good ftp program.
Custom built pc's
Another LCD help question...
hardwar degrade
How Much Do You Charge?
2100 xp
a GREAT idea for a new button on the keyboard!!!
NF7 & Barton 2800+ WON'T BOOT
New Computer, Hanging after 2 - 5 minutes.
Good video capture/tuner card
Pertinent to those who like rebates..like me!
Asus CD-RW
it's easier to strip people of thier civil rights when they are scared
Oldy SMP system
You say tomato i say tamato you say potato i say...vodka, you say ausus i say????
Computer set up and prices...advice-all research done
avi/divx players
Quick Question
Wow...this is a trip....
LCD flat panel monitors and gaming
Laptop drive ?
keyboard mouse issues on a7m266-d
Soltek Claiming 1200Mhz FSB
flashing bios
Don't keep your PDA in your pocket while biking,,,
Firewire video capture and the AMD MPX chipset
good color printer?
pcb/circuit heat tolerance
Question on building a new computer
computer won't start
Bios Question
Saint Internet.
Motherboard new release dates?
Entry into the SMP world
need some OC'n advice..
Do you guys think this is a good deal?
How to boot from a zip drive?
Winmodem Prob
Motherboard installation question
motherboard installation
2100B sucks at fsb?
MP3 players. How can I organize them?
K7D Master doesn't like pc2700?
Guess who doesn't have to wait for that free AMD shirt
my box scared me to death!
constant restarts in XP
Need good comp. tech sites for reference
which to get KT400 or nforce 2?
640bit PCI Cards..in 32-bit Slots
how much electricity does one computer use in one month? and what is that ina bill,$
Reseting Problem
Virtual memory question?
Computer Won't Start
help to convince aunt not to go oem route
Burnin question and general overclocking
iwill 266u-RN board and PCI clock speeds?
Have a question about a weird thing somebody said...
Clip borken on cpu setting, desperate help needed!!
question about battery back-ups...
No Boot
Monitor cable adapters
cpu not installed
windows update Processor Update??
Do recent or Socket A fans work with Socket 7 CPUs?
IT ,Computing or Computer Studies courses?
Help needed to build ULTIMATE P4 System
DVD Rippers
Im confused
GF4 - MX or not
Problem with this website?
Building a super cheap system
just finished overclocking my VCR
Domain restrict w/ google to search overclockers.com
Other forums you visits?
Temps on MSI K7d
CounterStrike Question
whats the aux connector for?
Got myself a new system :)
solder all over the place
What is C1 Stepping?
TI-86 stuff
APC (UPS) Question.
visual representation of hard drive
really funny click here
Refresh rate problems after switching computers and operating systems
Fan connectors and XP/MP setting in MSI K7D bios
laptop locks up during boot
SiS 746 vs KT400
PS/2 ports not working, are they dead?
Tyan TigerMP with 1800+XP pssible??
Compaq mobo
problems with mpeg
burning in with prime95 for 100 hours
Its that time again- find a good laptop deal!
Need help with a PCI Input Controller
Webcam software
Ripping DVDs...
Dell Inspiron 5100
Linux laptops?
analog/digital help?
LG F900P or IIYAMA HM903DT???
Mobo Problem
Pc help !!!
Portable Sparc Solaris Server Notebook
Registered RAM performance hit
What web browser are you using??
Funny Microsoft story.
Music Generated Computer Animation ROCKS!
Dad's computer needs a swift kick in the ***
Is my monitor dead??
.swf to .gif??/
Cable modem
why do you use Supermicro?
kx7-333 1/6 divisor bios mod
Asus A7s333 Overclocking Advice
LAN in new jersey(somerset county)
k7s5a pro and a cyberdrv
-12 Volt problem
Laptop, best technology for best price...
Building a PC for a friend
How can you guyz afford it all?
signs of dead mobo?
Izzit safe to upgrade from 235W to 400W?
what softwares can use dual processing? and will there be more made now?
Can Microsoft HACK Me?!?!
Good laptops?
onboard sound good/bad?
Keyboard - Best Money Can buy
Need help Building a system!!!
Wires question
How far should I place speakers/subwoofer from monitor
Pest repellent's that play ultrasonic sounds affect comp?
sony trinitron 21" multiscanG350 too bright
Is Windows any good?
amd k6-2 400 MHz or pentium 233 MHz w/ 512k cache?
Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse....OMG!
Why can't I turn off my computer?
New Quintessential player update
RAM question
Quick Question.
Cordless scroll mouse for Linux
Neon IDE Cables
asus a7m266-d wont post
Liquid Sodder?
different steppings and dual
Would this light up my case?
data on cd-r dissapearing
AN interesting SPAM
7v mod without solder
1 week till compfest in toronto anyone going?
UK Members- tale a look at this...
can sum one tell me this
Palomino or TBred?
Any ideas?
I am back from the dead!!!!
ok need sum help
MS Google?
Need advice on what parts to buy for my new PC
need help
whats a good monitor..
what's the best way to sabatoge a comp
How do u cool your dualies?
Programs to test HD
tt smartfan 2 need help
What is this connector?
where can I find music videos on dvd?
ARGH Motherboard!
dually noo-b, need some advice...
3D Mark 2003
Distributed computing applications of all kinds
Where can I find these ???
Pittsburgh Pa Lan Party!!! Memorialan
Fan RPMs not showing in BIOS
Slow Sandra Start
OS compatability of CD-RW
big box of pc parts i got 4 FREE!
new chipsets coming?
KM Switch?
Annoying CD Playback Problem
need help with excel
Major Printer Prob!
Microsoft Releases Office 2003 Roadmap
I had the worst nightmare last night...
How's it Hanging?
basic question
How to paste screen shots in post?
how to use 1 monitor with 2 computers
Is a cordless trackball necessary?
MS Big Day
How many flops is my computer?
Fark.com was hacked!!
hard drive damaged.... possible fix?
I want the new VIA Chip!!!
where is that burn in guide?
Hercules XPS510
help please
Will VIA C3 processors work in SMP?
Need book recommendation for first-time website designer.
fuzzy logic
Can you convert Notebook Displays?
Continuing saga of problems
Mouse Pad War
Things that bug you about computers
overclocking 2gig xeon's. need some info