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2100 xp
a GREAT idea for a new button on the keyboard!!!
NF7 & Barton 2800+ WON'T BOOT
New Computer, Hanging after 2 - 5 minutes.
Good video capture/tuner card
Pertinent to those who like rebates..like me!
Asus CD-RW
it's easier to strip people of thier civil rights when they are scared
Oldy SMP system
You say tomato i say tamato you say potato i say...vodka, you say ausus i say????
Computer set up and prices...advice-all research done
avi/divx players
Quick Question
Wow...this is a trip....
LCD flat panel monitors and gaming
Laptop drive ?
keyboard mouse issues on a7m266-d
Soltek Claiming 1200Mhz FSB
flashing bios
Don't keep your PDA in your pocket while biking,,,
Firewire video capture and the AMD MPX chipset
good color printer?
pcb/circuit heat tolerance
Question on building a new computer
computer won't start
Bios Question
Saint Internet.
Motherboard new release dates?
Entry into the SMP world
need some OC'n advice..
Do you guys think this is a good deal?
How to boot from a zip drive?
Winmodem Prob
Motherboard installation question
motherboard installation
2100B sucks at fsb?
MP3 players. How can I organize them?
K7D Master doesn't like pc2700?
Guess who doesn't have to wait for that free AMD shirt
my box scared me to death!
constant restarts in XP
Need good comp. tech sites for reference
which to get KT400 or nforce 2?
640bit PCI Cards..in 32-bit Slots
how much electricity does one computer use in one month? and what is that ina bill,$
Reseting Problem
Virtual memory question?
Computer Won't Start
help to convince aunt not to go oem route
Burnin question and general overclocking
iwill 266u-RN board and PCI clock speeds?
Have a question about a weird thing somebody said...
Clip borken on cpu setting, desperate help needed!!
question about battery back-ups...
No Boot
Monitor cable adapters
cpu not installed
windows update Processor Update??
Do recent or Socket A fans work with Socket 7 CPUs?
IT ,Computing or Computer Studies courses?
Help needed to build ULTIMATE P4 System
DVD Rippers
Im confused
GF4 - MX or not
Problem with this website?
Building a super cheap system
just finished overclocking my VCR
Domain restrict w/ google to search overclockers.com
Other forums you visits?
Temps on MSI K7d
CounterStrike Question
whats the aux connector for?
Got myself a new system :)
solder all over the place
What is C1 Stepping?
TI-86 stuff
APC (UPS) Question.
visual representation of hard drive
really funny click here
Refresh rate problems after switching computers and operating systems
Fan connectors and XP/MP setting in MSI K7D bios
laptop locks up during boot
SiS 746 vs KT400
PS/2 ports not working, are they dead?
Tyan TigerMP with 1800+XP pssible??
Compaq mobo
problems with mpeg
burning in with prime95 for 100 hours
Its that time again- find a good laptop deal!
Need help with a PCI Input Controller
Webcam software
Ripping DVDs...
Dell Inspiron 5100
Linux laptops?
analog/digital help?
LG F900P or IIYAMA HM903DT???
Mobo Problem
Pc help !!!
Portable Sparc Solaris Server Notebook
Registered RAM performance hit
What web browser are you using??
Funny Microsoft story.
Music Generated Computer Animation ROCKS!
Dad's computer needs a swift kick in the ***
Is my monitor dead??
.swf to .gif??/
Cable modem
why do you use Supermicro?
kx7-333 1/6 divisor bios mod
Asus A7s333 Overclocking Advice
LAN in new jersey(somerset county)
k7s5a pro and a cyberdrv
-12 Volt problem
Laptop, best technology for best price...
Building a PC for a friend
How can you guyz afford it all?
signs of dead mobo?
Izzit safe to upgrade from 235W to 400W?
what softwares can use dual processing? and will there be more made now?
Can Microsoft HACK Me?!?!
Good laptops?
onboard sound good/bad?
Keyboard - Best Money Can buy
Need help Building a system!!!
Wires question
How far should I place speakers/subwoofer from monitor
Pest repellent's that play ultrasonic sounds affect comp?
sony trinitron 21" multiscanG350 too bright
Is Windows any good?
amd k6-2 400 MHz or pentium 233 MHz w/ 512k cache?
Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse....OMG!
Why can't I turn off my computer?
New Quintessential player update
RAM question
Quick Question.
Cordless scroll mouse for Linux
Neon IDE Cables
asus a7m266-d wont post
Liquid Sodder?
different steppings and dual
Would this light up my case?
data on cd-r dissapearing
AN interesting SPAM
7v mod without solder
1 week till compfest in toronto anyone going?
UK Members- tale a look at this...
can sum one tell me this
Palomino or TBred?
Any ideas?
I am back from the dead!!!!
ok need sum help
MS Google?
Need advice on what parts to buy for my new PC
need help
whats a good monitor..
what's the best way to sabatoge a comp
How do u cool your dualies?
Programs to test HD
tt smartfan 2 need help
What is this connector?
where can I find music videos on dvd?
ARGH Motherboard!
dually noo-b, need some advice...
3D Mark 2003
Distributed computing applications of all kinds
Where can I find these ???
Pittsburgh Pa Lan Party!!! Memorialan
Fan RPMs not showing in BIOS
Slow Sandra Start
OS compatability of CD-RW
big box of pc parts i got 4 FREE!
new chipsets coming?
KM Switch?
Annoying CD Playback Problem
need help with excel
Major Printer Prob!
Microsoft Releases Office 2003 Roadmap
I had the worst nightmare last night...
How's it Hanging?
basic question
How to paste screen shots in post?
how to use 1 monitor with 2 computers
Is a cordless trackball necessary?
MS Big Day
How many flops is my computer?
Fark.com was hacked!!
hard drive damaged.... possible fix?
I want the new VIA Chip!!!
where is that burn in guide?
Hercules XPS510
help please
Will VIA C3 processors work in SMP?
Need book recommendation for first-time website designer.
fuzzy logic
Can you convert Notebook Displays?
Continuing saga of problems
Mouse Pad War
Things that bug you about computers
overclocking 2gig xeon's. need some info
via's hack (ing cough)
Server Hardware suggestions?
Modifying a Computer power backup with External batteries for extended run Time
ga-7dpxdw-p with 2400+ or 2500+(barton)?
Bios won't post even with cmos reset HELP PLEASE
whow, thats not bad
Opinions on Gateway 600X Laptop?
Attn: iPod owners... need help
modding the 64 bit pci on K7D Master
Sweet new Nvidia chip!
Help me choose
Shared 64 DDR video vs 32 DDR dedicated question
Will Amd be able to keep up?
Ifeel mouse problem.
How do you pronounce Siluro?
Detecting a printer that isnt (and never was) connected
Is it possible?
Run LINUX on your UN-modded X-BOX!
applying thermal paste ?
The printer that plays music
Question: Fuses - finding amps, volts
video editing
Dolby 5.1 mobo with 4.1 speakers
cooledit pro?
Circuit for LED's
how fast can you type
3dmark question
Anyone in the NJ area interested in a LAN?
what type of files are these?
Infrared port question
Sound Reduction?
refilable epson 980 ink
about burn-in runs
WOW, antec is great!!
its about that time again...
Processor Speed Measurement
Posting without windows?
can i use my laptop monitor
very cool site.
ShadowMask tube or aperture grille tube.
damaged motherboard
Need Help Spending my money
Does this computer sound ok???
Best Budget Printer?
Desk Jet 882c Printer XP Drivers
well, what do you think?
Moded BIOS and RAID Drivers for MSI Pro266TD Master-LR (MS-9105)
Killed Mo-Bo?
Going to be a good week
MATRIX ORBITAL - anyone got one ?
BEST Memory Timings on K7D?
MS-6339 "Power on Function" how to get this to work?
Desktop Thread v.12345
Monitor Still having ISSUES
Howz this sound
Razer Boomslang Vs Mx500/700
Winamp AVS on your desktop!
Prime95 password
READ! best news ever
new puter.. what do you think?
Help Me Build A Dead Quiet PC
network card and overclock
I finaly got a job, what to do whith 1st paycheck
Mysterious hangs
Off topic but All XP users need to know !!!
Is it safe to just poke around w/ a multimeter?
Big k7d 2400xp probs
Where can order a good controller for my pc? As in console games controller...
What is the best upgrade ?
Good Hardware info proggy
well this sucks
New Xeon CPUs
Real Virtuality
Computer advancement
Role of technology?
Is AI possible?
I need info!!! FPS vs how much can you distinguish?!
New Ques, Got My Lcd!
PC3200 with SL75DRV4
Barton comes SMP or you have to L5 mod?
MX500 win2k drivers?
Do you spend more time OCing or PC using?
New DVD Copy Protection?
crash help!
Question regarding Dell LCD's
bad performance after format
do you believe this?
K7D temp measurment
I'm broke.. what to upgrade with $150..
What is RMA
win2k + scanner = hell
Free web space
wats spdif used for
scroll mouse vs scroll bar
Another happy dual Barton customer :D
weird email, please advice
New rig not working
LOL back to dial up!
Why arent there any slot load CDRWs?
What Photo Printer Would You Buy?
Use a firewall, go to jail, and send Bill Gates too
New Boomslang Razor 2500 dpi to be made available.
The tale of the Palamino and the Thoroughbred (B)
New harddrive...now the system won't boot?
umm help please!!
C64 Video to VGA converter
Anyone know where I can download 3dmark2001 build 300?
what - did - i - do?
Emulating a floppy drive....
whats the Turbo button do ?
something to think about
Building New Rig...Comments/Suggestions?
I don't have a problem...
---------School Project---------
Shematic for PSU safety cutoff(when water pressure drops)
oem vs retail
PC Crashes
New LCD monitor advice plez?
pc in a field of macs
Athlon XP Motherboard with ISA?
Why Wait?
ThinkGeek T-Shirts
Why is nForce NB tilted?
ps/2 vs usb for mouse
Has anyone else experienced this?
If you had the money for Software....
I dont know do you?
what is the best surface for optical mice?
Do scanners hate mice?!
Why hasn't anyone come out with a mini CD-R mp3 player yet?
synchronized Clock sys. w/admin?
Online retailers vs EBAY. Buying computer components
Flashing bios from CDROM?
What combination should I buy? Mobo+DDR+AMD+GF card
Intel Application Accelerator
Does Universal Buslink suck? (52x24x52x CD-RW DRIVE)
check this out....
Cheap/good PSU
where to sell a pc?
help me im new at this
hardware troubleshooting guide
Digital Camera Advice. urgent!
mobo dead?
computing as art?
Is it worth it to........ (switch mobo /case)
Actual performance of Dual processor VS. Single Processor
help with motherboard
how do i make an exact image?
Ideas for my server
Build me a computer!!!
Good cpu & motherboard combo.
Anyone know what's up (down) with Xtreme today?
Need a free server which will host(urgent)
A good.. not to bad system (ya im asking agin)
Dual P3 550s in a P2B-DS
It has arrived!!! Now some questions
Hot jiggy!! Got in my new CPU's!~!
I need a CHEAP cdrw drive:D
OLDSCHOOL arari question
prime95 benchmarks
Lagy mouse in some games!
DVD burner ?...
Do i need to OC my pc?
Laptop with Video in?
Smallest video file type
For are the wiring gurus out there....
Not Sure Where This Goes ?
Anyone know where to find telfon tape(like mouseskates)?
More proof that anyone can get rich
low level format??
When to order from Newegg?
creating a website and reviews etc....
PS2 port refresh rate and fram buffer/ Windows XP priority setting
K7D memory voltage mod?
Free stock intel P4xeon HSF to anyone that needs it.
Find me a laptop, my overclocking minions!
DRAM Voltage?
How often do you upgrade?
ok this is probably really obvious....
twinmos 3200/3700 question
PC vs. Mac Rendering Race
Whats SPDIF?
Computer Upgrade - Few Simple questions :D
The future of overclockers? We are being phased out?
HELP-Constant Tone!!!
Need some help ..
Can you place a mobo on a 45* angle?
ide cables?
Floppy Drive
Big time moniter issues
Buying a camcorder... so many choices which one do i choose?
Building a new MP3 jukebox for my car - VIA or AMD?
Abit KR7A-133 or Epox 8k7a+
Dual Barton on MSI K7D master
Garbled Audio Coming Out of Rear Speakers
Does anyone know a good MP3 player site?
USB thumb drive data Encryption?
What's this computer's worth?
Anyone use handhelds?
Compaq System (?)
Need opinions on a new system...
aahh so many voltages!
Can computers educate instead of teachers and books?
Sonic Blue goes under.
My PS/2 Ports died?!?!
Stressing with Prime95
Must have software?
p4pe-l and usb 2
Another Reason to update Virus scanners
My turn! Which digicam for under $400?
Stupid Computer-related movies.. funny...
Winamp organization question????? HELP!!!
Sun "challenging" The MS Architecture
A+ Certification
Exploding CDROM eeeeek !!!
The Inteliscratch
How many...
Random Restarts
monito data cable
strange and annoying mouse problem
APC is best UPS?
Online website translation??
Replacing my Handspring Visor Neo lcd?
Any one in the maryland area?
is there a way to set affinity, and lock it?
Help with OCing my MSI KD7 master L?
Adrian Wong's (www.rojakpot.com) Bios Optimization Guide
Monitor dying???
Via 733 Samual Processor
umm.. did my monitor just die?
hard disk crash
MSI and Kingston HyperX
wierd rebooting problem
Scanner for dias
making a system for the boss need your help!
Mp Vs Xp?
Won't POST
digital photo editing guru's here!
Laptop battery woes
How to PROPERLY take care of your Laptop's Li-ion Batteries
British Columbia Canada, Coquitlam (Mainland of B.C.) LAN PARTY
A little help
Building New Box! - Help
SMP pics
Computer locks up when im away....
Good 5.1 speakers
Removing floppy drive corrupts windows?
Computer stores in the DC area
Ripping...what is it?
cool online flash game (like FF tactics)
Which is the best PDA on the market now?
whats your test bench look like?
My Multiplayer Space Shooter Game
Window button + E = NO Windows explorer?!?
cool game my buddy made
If You Run Ad-Aware, Look Here, Part 2
Need help with IT project-background needed
LAN Party is about to begin... Join Us Online!
Misc hardware questions
21"+ Monitor...
Server Settup problems
Help, possibly power supply problem?
Can computer boot without RAM?
general overclocking questions
~!@Help AGP volt? Computer locking during gaming?~!@
What do you rip at?
AAAAGH, locked out of my BIOS!!!!
NOR Gate Voltages
Guess what happened
Data Recovery Help Please!!!
Excellent reason to purchase that warranty!
If a file unrars correctly, could it still be corrupt?
LOL, really lame popup....
wmi encountered a problem
FREE Cupholders, Come Get Yours.
"Quantum Realities"