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Free stock intel P4xeon HSF to anyone that needs it.
Find me a laptop, my overclocking minions!
DRAM Voltage?
How often do you upgrade?
ok this is probably really obvious....
twinmos 3200/3700 question
PC vs. Mac Rendering Race
Whats SPDIF?
Computer Upgrade - Few Simple questions :D
The future of overclockers? We are being phased out?
HELP-Constant Tone!!!
Need some help ..
Can you place a mobo on a 45* angle?
ide cables?
Floppy Drive
Big time moniter issues
Buying a camcorder... so many choices which one do i choose?
Building a new MP3 jukebox for my car - VIA or AMD?
Abit KR7A-133 or Epox 8k7a+
Dual Barton on MSI K7D master
Garbled Audio Coming Out of Rear Speakers
Does anyone know a good MP3 player site?
USB thumb drive data Encryption?
What's this computer's worth?
Anyone use handhelds?
Compaq System (?)
Need opinions on a new system...
aahh so many voltages!
Can computers educate instead of teachers and books?
Sonic Blue goes under.
My PS/2 Ports died?!?!
Stressing with Prime95
Must have software?
p4pe-l and usb 2
Another Reason to update Virus scanners
My turn! Which digicam for under $400?
Stupid Computer-related movies.. funny...
Winamp organization question????? HELP!!!
Sun "challenging" The MS Architecture
A+ Certification
Exploding CDROM eeeeek !!!
The Inteliscratch
How many...
Random Restarts
monito data cable
strange and annoying mouse problem
APC is best UPS?
Online website translation??
Replacing my Handspring Visor Neo lcd?
Any one in the maryland area?
is there a way to set affinity, and lock it?
Help with OCing my MSI KD7 master L?
Adrian Wong's (www.rojakpot.com) Bios Optimization Guide
Monitor dying???
Via 733 Samual Processor
umm.. did my monitor just die?
hard disk crash
MSI and Kingston HyperX
wierd rebooting problem
Scanner for dias
making a system for the boss need your help!
Mp Vs Xp?
Won't POST
digital photo editing guru's here!
Laptop battery woes
How to PROPERLY take care of your Laptop's Li-ion Batteries
British Columbia Canada, Coquitlam (Mainland of B.C.) LAN PARTY
A little help
Building New Box! - Help
SMP pics
Computer locks up when im away....
Good 5.1 speakers
Removing floppy drive corrupts windows?
Computer stores in the DC area
Ripping...what is it?
cool online flash game (like FF tactics)
Which is the best PDA on the market now?
whats your test bench look like?
My Multiplayer Space Shooter Game
Window button + E = NO Windows explorer?!?
cool game my buddy made
If You Run Ad-Aware, Look Here, Part 2
Need help with IT project-background needed
LAN Party is about to begin... Join Us Online!
Misc hardware questions
21"+ Monitor...
Server Settup problems
Help, possibly power supply problem?
Can computer boot without RAM?
general overclocking questions
~!@Help AGP volt? Computer locking during gaming?~!@
What do you rip at?
AAAAGH, locked out of my BIOS!!!!
NOR Gate Voltages
Guess what happened
Data Recovery Help Please!!!
Excellent reason to purchase that warranty!
If a file unrars correctly, could it still be corrupt?
LOL, really lame popup....
wmi encountered a problem
FREE Cupholders, Come Get Yours.
"Quantum Realities"
My Full System Specs
Hey everyone
Strangest Motherboard Problem EVER
Peter Peter Repeter......
Stupid question...
The Nigerian Scam
'Must have' freeware/shareware for broadband users.
System locking during os installation.
What should I do?
Laptop recommendation
computer low performance??
opening dvd-rom drive
no beeps - just nothingness! really need help
What was your first computer
Asus A7N8X or Epox 8RDA+???
Multiplier adjustment on MSI K7DMasterL not working.
need all-in-one printer help...
Building Help!?
Laptop question comparing 2, I really need feedback PLZ
best $120 spent on my PC
MSI K7D Master boot problem
I Am Going To Kill Something If I Dont Get This Crap To Work
Random Computer Crashes in UT2003
Power requirements for dual AMD 1600+s ??? and case suggestions.
Newb Help
building new computer
Tap & Die Sets
aaaaah computer won't boot
Computer Manufacturer Memorabilia
NCAA Tournament
!@#$ problems
Error in booting?
Help!!! Local Computer Guru(s) With Test Parts Needed
Chinese chips to run at 100ghz
Looking for BIOS Patcher utility
what kind of compact flash card?
Printer Refuses to print correctly in ms-dos
Bill Gates and Windows Jokes
I love my new computer :)
is this all compatible
Problem running games
HELP! anyway to wipe my HDD clean?
Internet Report
nforce or kt400
Construction commences.
Asus A7M266D and tbird bs
What is Office Productivity?
Mobile processor comparison question
~!@Please help... Major problem~!@.
What headset to get?
KVM switch on a network
Gf Quiz
Signs of a dieing Mobo
My Antec case came today but it's missing something
Cheap FTP host?
ok i got my tyan hooked up now
Friend wants comp...
need help choosing a digicam
Drive renaming
HDD Enclosure
Help with front mounted USB ports please
almost made a massive mistake! :eek:
Monitor Help
TI Calculator problems
Need some expert advice !
Why is my computer is crappy?!?! it runs like !#@$#@%#@
Should I upgrade my sound or not????
Need help with an electric circuit...
Imesh Spyware Free LOL
new form of spam
formatt c
are the thunder birds extinct?
How do I check if my USB is 2.0?
Opinions on the Newsun 3V CR2032 Lithium Battery
digi camera?
What is the software that displays your rig stats on your desktop?
east TN lan party
add user in XP
Shakey Monitor
Is mine worth overclocking? NEWBEE
How to put together my new system.
I declare summer!
I love to see this .....
Comment on my new system...
shuts down
heatware not working?
Has It Come To This?
What kind of horsepower?
Dual AMD spec'd around Matrox RT.X100
lan parties
MaximumPC March Edition
Logitech Dual Tracking or MS Intellipoint Explorer Optical v3
random restarts
need to Format hard-drive ??
MX300 mouse problems
bios upgrade
asus A7v333 onboard raid, decided to take a dump
120v auxillary fan=EM interference???
will 2 AX-7's fit K7D-L?
Dielectric tune-up grease
nice catalog
Ultimate gaming machine
Rig Not Working :(
Driver Help
cheapest place to find s230?
Trouble with TV card...
So you like benchmarks?
how do i make a boot disk on a: ???
I think something has gone wrong!!!
Really need help fast!
LOL...got booted out of PC world...LOL
LiteOn DVD / CD writer combo drive due out? Anyone confirm?
The Definitive General Hardware FAQ
AMD or Intel for Gaming
Utilizing the dual memory bandwidth of an nforce2
Water balloon bursted on laptop
overclocking and software
well here's an interesting story
quick AMD TBird question
need help finding cause of errors!!!
Overclocking Guide? Tips?
Craziest thing you have done for your computer!!?
Low budget rebuild stratagies:
Changing the multi on a TBred, not hardcoded!~!
Opinions on the NEC AccuSync AS75F 17" Monitor
1.6 bios for MSI K7D Board?!
What mouse do you use or is your favorite?
POST problem, plz help
Where to get gameport card?
usb pendrive issue
xtremesystems.org DNS
New mouse problem
New computer, no picture!!! Help needed!
A good gaming TV
Before I buy the system... constructive criticism needed
MP3 database
Prime95 Fail after 45 mins?
OMG winxp is too frilly.... i want my 98se back!
Opinions on SMP mobos
how much would this type of USB cable cost me ?
I need to find some stuff!
Fan control
Comments or Suggestions
If I were to use RAID....
Laughin' at Macs...again!
MS-6390 Battery?? Urgent!
Logitech® MX™500 Optical Mouse
one for the bookmark
SIS 659 mobos out yet?
Good KVM's
best optical mouse (not trackball)
Post your Sandra Arithmetic Scores!
What should i get for my comp next?
Random fatal system error on new comp
any of you want good speakers?
Hooking up IEE1394 in a Chieftec
Underclocked to 0 Mhz
They would do this for Friday of dead week.
Instructions or Speed ?
CatProof Keyboard
Possible virus ?
pretty interesting over clocks...........
LCD Monitor help....
Installing PHP on webserver, help.
how long to clear CMOS?
Opinions on components here please.
Help with digital camera concepts please
My new server
Need help
Cebit Photo Gallery & Slideshow
Which disk do I reformat
Please Explain "Real Internet"
online canadian computer stores
9500pro & K7D Master
OS For Laptop
Trying to locate a breakout box with sony memory stick input
fastest processor for a k7m
Will this work with my system?
What form factors are out there?
Direct x9
would it be possible to........
Help me pick an avatar lolz
p/// Celeron vs. 1700+ performance
Max Processor on a K7D Master
.mov files
computer shuts itself off
computer shuts off
p4 dual board
Socket 8 - 200Mhz Pentium Pro - 1996 Server
Newby Motherboard install Question
Interior Design Software?
Mouse Problems
signs you've got the computer bug (got it bad)
Size DOES matter! HAHAHAH
IP Addy
The Best of the Best DDR Memory
Fingerprint Scanners
How often do you format/install OS?
windows key & alt+tab...
Where northbridge
How to fix my keyboard?
Question on RMA'ing process.
im confuse! help
Please Take a look at my planned system
Ok guys I have one from left field "dual mice"
Reference Boards
avi videos players and dual monitors
where to buy custom pc?
video encodin
Help wih my ddr
This could prove interesting...
Help! My friend spilled beer on his laptop
Would someone mind creating an avatar for me?
mx700 not charging anymore
PCI slots?
Most Important Invention
2100 t-bred B or a Epox 8RDA+
any new technology?
Where can i get the following SMP products from?
HDD Help
has anyone ever tried Quiet solutions?
What Happend to "Xtreme Systems. Org"??
Need PRO GAMER advice
Laptop Accessories
Overclocking: I think there's something holding it back!
Whatcha got laying around thats ot being used "hardware"
AOL really is the devil!
problem with new system...
Please find me this picture
Best Overclocking SMP board?
wmp9 and wma suckage
computer programs
Question on shared video on laptops
Ready to order my new PC parts. Need a quick Yes or No decision
kinda neat thing ( pci)
Partition HDD help
Another Dead Mobo
online MCSE training: good or bad?
usb Question
Windows RG
Do I have to reformat?
I (almost) have a dually, but.....
External Laptop Battery
How Microprocessors Work!
A Round Of Applesause Please
Yay! Yay! And Yay!
Hey SickBoy!
Should I let khooker.exe access the network?
what comp related sites do u guys surf regularly?
MP3 Players and Headphones...
DVI cables?
So I got my computer built!!!
something loose?
Almost part of the SMP crowd...
how far can i upgrade?
I Cant Wait!!!!
SB LIVE 5.1! and Dual Processors
Building a pc right NOW!!!
333 Mhz FSB Dual Motherboard?
Home made gps for palm?
Posessed CD/DVD ROM Drive?
How to make a GIF movie?
Radpadz or fUNC mouse pads?
System Resources low?
cheap lcd
dual monitor setup works!
Need hardware recommendations
upgrading e-machines
What would you rather have?
Got Dual!!!!
Logitech z560 control pod
Ram Question!
Running Prime95
Need some feedback on comp upgrade...
dual P4 Xenon 2gig for 1,000. good price?
I need some help fixing my CD RW !!!
fsb not going past 200?
Electricity Bill
Good water cooling system???
Do you?
Good O/C mag
List of SMP-capable programs
System hang problem
alienware laptop
Good Multi-Function
Interview with the first overclocker
115.2 Kbps on dial up?
Comments on this
Need help with digital video editing... help me out guys.
Going on computers for an extended amt of time= bad memory?
Dual P3's 1.4 w/DDR I need a motherboard
one more thing
Anybody get a 16ms LCD?
is it possible to build your own xbox/ps2?
A7M266-D V1.3 did 2400 and 2600 work???
USB 2.0 w/ USB 1.1 ?
Freezing During Motherboard Screen
Trying to get my A+ Certification soon...
Game Developers Conference 2003
Hanging on 'Detecting IDE Drivers'
New (to me) PC
Super Newb Needs Help
random shutdowns and reboots
Cleaning Laptop LCD screen
Cant find it in BIOS!?Help!
Voltage/Fan speed spikes
Gateway P A Board P6 PCI 16 Slot System
How to test/turn-on mobo with out case?
Yet another dumb question.
Time Warner Tutorial
overclockers.com Project orca Team?
New Computer here as well
stupid question
POST stuff
Done it, heh Check me out ;)
Wireless internal components???????
Will u buy the next version of windows???
Modem problems - 56k working at .00056k
Computer stores in DC area
Mouse Keeps Freezing~
1 question how do u if a cpu is burned out so it dont got smp
*UPDATED* Overclockers.com Boot Screens for SETI and Folding teams now available!
Nvram Error
Which Klipsch Speakers are best bang for buck?
the 'build your own pc gods' smile down upon me this day
What a deal!!!! - i think :)
General Computer Problem
really expensive paper weight
keyboard choice. help
dual XP 2600+ L5 modded
hmm, my computer doesn't sound right
Having a Hard Time deciding on an upgrade
History of overclocking
arrghhh,choices choices!
Yet another new comp that wont post.
suggests on my proposed dual amd 2000+ mp
red headed step child
help with TX2 controller card...
Random reboots are still here......
2x512mb PC3200 CAS2 or Radeon 9500?
mpx and ram (especially MSI k7d)
Help the koolest kid evar
How does this sound for a set up?
upgrading mobo/cpu. suggestions?
System ordered (switched to Intel instead!) Thanks for all the advice!
thinking of upgrade my duallies
System upgrade
new 2700+ 8rda...keyboard dies after a few hours. Help
im thinking about opening up a computer shop...
My posts wont' change :(
how wil this mobo fit into case?
Which speakers are better? the Logitech Z-640 or Creative Labs Inspire 5.1 5200?
Not So Far To Go Now :) Happy Days ;)
ASUS DVD E608 problems
TBred MP's
please.. explain
Help Me Out! First Build Problems
Trouble with OC'ing K7T Turbo 2
What is THE BEST Dual AMD Board?
About to build a new pc. Looking for feedback on stuff
What I am considering Ordering... Please post comments. (LONG)
Wrist strap question continued....!
my university has recently been cracking down on mp3's and movies...
Hooking-up to my HDTV. Help please!
Help! I Need Somebody! Help!
Two Monitor set up?
Cant install my floppy drive!
Gaming LCD's
My computer's new best friend.
Dual Xeon's
HELP i think i just fried my comp!
Black ergonomic keyboard? WHERE?
Dual p3 550's