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Gaming LCD's
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HELP i think i just fried my comp!
Black ergonomic keyboard? WHERE?
Dual p3 550's
Do I buy a faster one now or another one later?
Presario up grade?!!!
Building Cheap O/C-able System
Limiting Bandwidth
CHECK IT OUT my new command center
computer died....need help
Trying to repair a speaker cord.
Need some advice on new setup
which programs are considered a MUST?
Worth building a dual 1.26 p3?
SATA cables different?
IDE cable question
Faulty SiSandra Benchmarks?
Epox board? This new?
A Couple Questions
HELP! I think I messed something up!
PC to TV (TV as a monitor)
CD-RW firmware question.
OCing crashing HDD?
one of PS/2 keyboard pin stuck inside mobo PS/2, help!!!
Presario 425, tweakable?
lost recycle bin in XP
Static and a Wrist Strap?
Burn in - Believe in it or not? Poll
help me clear this up......
Planning on building my own system...
BSOD in win2k... could it be power supply?
Chips K7D compatible
working copy of Battlefield 1942 cd
overclocking and memory question
Ahhhhhh......My BIOS is Gone
Which OCing Software Program do You use?
i cant only hit 150 fsb with 11.5multi
Review my new setup please!
VGA vs. S-video vs. DVI
Need some, uh guidance and advice
Building Cheapest system possible
HEEELP! I have a big problemo!
Dual Bartons running fine
Monitor not coming out of stand-by,...
How can you get linux to SMP?
Problem about my mainboard!
What has happend? Why did I see this?
So what do YOU do when ....
Can you all recommend a good CRT Monitor?
intel commercial
Compaq Presario
Compact Player
ah! craptacular problem
freezing problem
P4S266-VX mobo BIOS crack/update?
I need buying advice =P
favorite webcomics
How is this idea?
Ya Now I am "IN"
Car Audio help
Question on CD-ROM, DVD, CD-RW drives...
Where should I buy an Iwill MPX2 from?
Fan Control Methods You Won't Believe!
18" Aoc Lm-800
Virus threat or hoax? plz help
Computer shutdowns
What problems occur from overvolting LEDs?
Anti-Glare Coat on Monitor
K62 Info
need help buying a comp
Powers Up - No POST
Need help with Computer Store name
could be the co-head of a internet cafe in 2-4 years
what causes VxD VMM errors?
MSI K7D master
Mobo and psu suggestions?
DDR question with Motherboards
Surge Protection
best motherboard for an XP2100+
o/c as your start page?
Broadband In puerto rico
Anyone w/ Samsung SyncMaster 700NF Monitor
Floppy connector on sound card?
why don't you have a trackball mouse?
AMD a good value?
How do i get of rid of false cd drive in my computer
Help with digital darkroom
can someone help me?
3DMark2000 Score was
static disharge
aluminum tape/alum looking tape
Gaming Card
my windows time always screws up
Help Find Adapter
Need help, is this a good idea?
Flash help!!!!
Where to find a ood geek t-shirt?
help me pick out a mobo
Raid onboard or pci?
Matching your scanner, printer and camera?
what type of mobo is this? its the KL97-XV (old mobo from Pentium2/Celeron era)
Asus A7N8X Deluxe nForce2 (Socket A) with TwinMos Ram
I dentify Motherboard COmponents?
New MotherBoard comes with what?
Cable CLarification
Mini-ITX PC for mom
Crap....i'm a tech support now, need help
Anyone know good links for surplus parts
For Sale or Trade Your Choice
Radeon 7500 All-in-wonder 'Capture' problems!
Scanner Issues?
dual 3000+ barton possible?
Feng Sheui in computers
p3 vs C3!
OK this is what I am looking for... Please advise
How would you diagnose
Network Traffic
Loose Screw...or dying drive?
Best CPU to go with KT3 Ultra Aru
Windows Update keeps tabs on all system software
Best site for software reviews?
1.8 Terabytes in a single case
What's wrong??
Need p/s2 to S-video cable converter
Can't access C drive outside of Windows?
isolate the problem
How to Gather Emails!!
New computer, any last minute comments?
140 zfsb freezes?
"Registered" DDR and K7D-Master L
Help Me Out Plz!
P4T-E USB Problem
LOL...i did it :P
Acer Travelmate 201T
new granite Bay system...comments?
is it worth it?
Are dual proccesors worth the limited 266 memory speeds?
How is this idea,
who here has the earliest UIN?
Dual Channel Question
Odd core voltage reading
When Tech Support people think on the same page
CRT Monitors- horizontal dot pitch vs. aperture grille pitch
Where To Begin?
Digital Camera shopping..
credible computer hardware sources?
cpu upgrade on Laptops
what do you guys think of this monitor?
Motherboard Monitor 5
Completely crazy Idea
Volcano 7+ (HELP!)
AMD XP->unlocked MP
Serious computer lag problem
Help problem with Visiontek Nvidia geforce2 Ti 64-ddr
Klipsch ProMedia GMX D-5.1 Speaker System
RCA Lyra RD1080 Digital Audio player
Burning in?
upgrading. Got a few question
help decide new config
serious problem with computer
Do you OC this?
shut up you stupid...
I am going to die Tuesday, March 24, 2076
This could affect alot of people....
Thoughts on this AMD system.
a new family member ( maybe)
Please Me Understand Core Types!
Proper setup!
Help me fix my head phones, PLEASE!
Computer reboots randomly
Stories of the Computer Illiterate
Help build comp for friend plz.
IDP Laptop
Building a computer
multiple agp
Why do computers give off high pitched noises?
chip advice for mobo
Chipset comparo
Logitech Cordless Optical Mouse dies every 3 weeks
Do you still use your ?
P4 (400 or 533) 2.4 for pc2100 ram?
i seem to be having stability issues
Hewlett Packard 4
any rheobus guides?
Refresh Rate
windows file protection....
my dog sleeps in my case
I'm losing my Computer-Building-from-scratch-virginity. Party anyone?
Chicago Area People Read if you want to
Help with new puter!
scary as hell..
Mobo/CPU/Ram help needed please
SetFSB for MSI K7D Master & Tyan TigerMP
Audio cable
problem with the multiplier..
Connecting Hard Drive to Motherboard
Msn been down for you guys too?
how are yall getting dual processors?
help me decide what project to do next
(VERY DEAD THREAD) ***O/C case badges are in!***
MORE K7D woes
video card help
Help! someone's trying to hack my computer
Help with freshly built comp....strange problem....
AMD 2200+ Reading 1500+
Sharing some research
How can I describe this stuff and make it consumer freindly?
Nationwide Wireless ISP????
need help with crappy compaq presario 5220
Breaking in z560's?
SN41G2- any amazing OCing feats?
Audio PC question
Laptop Suggestions???
Will a case with front USB support what the motherboard has?
Laptop Help
dos and pipes
Temp Prob question! DigiDoc5 temp probe conductive?
Can I adapt a Mac floppy drive to work in my PC?
NOOB OCer needs help building 1000$ PC
clean your surge protector.... (~200 K pics)
Washington State LAN: March 14-17
Change default Win Explorer folder?
Essential Computer Utilities
Should I Intel or AMD it? The age old question
Ed's On A Roll!
more OC lower benchmark?
A7N8X Deluxe Overclocking problems
After building your ultimate computer, would you retire ?
Why is it that a lot of small pc building stores cant stay in bus.?
breaking the news
!!!!?¿?¿?¿microsoft Caught Hacking?¿?¿?¿!!!!
IBM 20.1 LCD for $1400
screencap of my current fsb o/c....possible to go higher???
Building new system (Thinking of going Intel now)
Need Some Advice Whenever possible
Ready for SMP, check my list plz!
k7d and on-board sound problems?
Question: Did they ever make these boards?
Our Desktops
delima (Sp?)
New Comp Woln't Boot
Designing a circuit diagram
Torvalds hammers Itanium
Yes you can print that document, if Microsoft lets you !!
Am I nuts or is this a great site?
Building a laptop battery?
How do I read this Hard drive?
floppy failure (40) please help
Dual P2 233's Baby!
wow, great weather to o/c!!!
2 computers, 1 monitor....
K7d not seeing all sticks of ram
pc booster
100$ Athlon ddr system.
abit it7 3.06 ghz help
What You Count & What You Don't?
Son of a .... RealPlayer creators should be exiled to Antarctica.
Upping ram timings on k7d
End of the bios?
Question About MP's/Xeons
Nvidia dual Athlon motherboard
Computer blew up.
nforce 220 mobo VGA FAST enough for JKII?
Simple "computer building virgin" question-
nForce dually?
Building new system - Comments welcome!
Overclocking A dualie
need help for creating backup of entire system
The common antec case
Dunno where to post... can search either.
LinDows Notebook
pda going on aim? online?
Bioses Obsolete ??
KVM switch for use with dual monitors?
real cheap upgrades
i was watching a PC infomercial last night....
Noob Question! Volt Mods???
Having issues w/ Win98 after re-format
what to buy
Flash question
short scientific run for FAST machine
computer for a friend
Duron 900 or PIII 800E?
Any apps for diagnosing CPU/Mobo faults?
19" monitor
can you put a os on a pda
Powerdown ?
Sotec 3120x
help! Win XP sp1 doesnt recognise my Logitech Jstick
starting out with flash
AGP to PCI adapter? WTF?
PS3 100x faster then 2.5ghz P4?
Help Me build a budget PC for $400 or less
p4 or amd for dual ddr?
Temp Monitors
Anyone know where I can get a list of the commands for having accented letters etc?
cause of this problem?-need help
How good is cork for noise dampering ?
What do you people think of this?
Clear Wireless keyboard and mouse?
Clear Wireless Keyboard/Mouse?
Nice OC wit a CL3 ram?
Dual or Single? Intel or AMD?
RAID cards
Monitor Choice
help with a palm
p4 dual DDR or athlon XP dual ddr
Does anybody know whats wrong with my computer?
Need a little help
DVD drive
Making a restore CD
Replace Motherboard = No Windows! ?
Im pretty sure Im going to go dualie!
Does anyone know of a way to EASILY trasport a computer to a friends?
Bad Sectors why how ..
Would Dual AMD's be woth it?
dual 3000+....
Suggestion please for notebook
Overclocking 2000+ XP
IwillMPX2 & AMD 2100's
Samsung or Viewsonic
Backing up data onto DVDs.
Degauss affecting my comp...???
Building laptop
Home Theatre
school project on overclocking
CD Changers and Windows 2000
Starting a new job!
Project: Super cheapo computer for dad
Building a new server...question on CPU
Anyone a Monitor Expert?... question..
Can temp sensor be wrong?
Help me , new to SMP and the forum :P
BEST US internet sites for buying SMP components?
Ti-82 Calc.....Games???
port scanner...
Do you need to plug in the +12v connector on mobos?
Encoding DVDs on SMP
Notebook advice
Prime95 vs Games
Need some help/advice
just shuts off . . .
SMP & 3D Mark 2001
I need help.
Got Another Question???
Hippy Burfdey Daniel~!!
Help! Built a dud?
Bios Rom Checks on boot up
Information overload, just have to ask some questions...
If you are waiting for an x86-64 cpu, forget about it
STOOPId QuesTion
dos question and more...
Pentitum 133 and what to do
Newbee ?? What is this heatsink and should I add a fan to it.
Laptop questions
Computer Related Career
Sick Sick Freaks! (Yatta again:)
Aargh, I can't wait for Friday night to get here.
How can I run an RCA video cable to 2 things w/o a loss in quality?
Is my Motherboard dead?
Dual OC'in 16's or 17's?
Should it be doing this ???
Need help - Overclocking a c64
what my case looks like
is it normal for for a 10c temp difference between cpus?
Anyone ever experienced this while upgrading? Psychologicaly not Technicaly.
Celeron 300a @ 450
LOL I'm retiring from Computers soon!
Choosing a SMP mobo these days
Saven a Overclock / EasyTune4
My 3dMark 2003 Score :(
screen saver problem
dual monitors not working in xp
USB help
Hard drive cache
Dual Monitors
is this common?
What do you guys think??
Water leak, I need your suggestion
Power from usb
mouse error
Random reboots
Need Help Recording TV to PC
Serial ATA RAID0???
playing AVIs
strange DVD problem
Unmountable Boot Volume
Memory bandwidth on PIII systems
Citrix Help
new device that looks like something straight from Star Trek
Requesting Help determining overall system speed and upgrading weakest link
Reccomend me the best virus checker.
prsario laptop 2700 series ram options??
My first O/C wooot!!!
My monitor's acting funky
capture webcam video?
NEC P225FB or Diamond Pro 2070SB
DBA Question
FSB Overclock Question
keyboard error
What kind of desk do you use?
How can I back up a 7gb dvd to another DVD?
Backup Advice Plz.
Why dual chips?
Asus A7M266D+2xMP 1200+ATX400 - burn, babies burn :(
GF4 Fan on Northbridge
I need a break.
Printer help
Hacking registry
Weird Problem I Need Help With...
Is this the way to go? New to Dual Cpus
Operating system for Overclocking
Best memory card reader/writer suggestions
How long have you been into computers?
Man i feel like a geek...
need some shopping advise
New Dell dual??
big problem [dunno which part]
Stepping back a few years...
What kind of psu does this take?
cd-rom install
what to do with bunch of 175 mb hdd's
ATEN usb box... ehhh... can I do this?
Best 2.1 speaker set?
Rounded Cables-Shielded Or Not?
Updating RocketRaid controller bios:PROBLEM
!!!!!!!quick Question!!!!!!!!
2 cdrw's
Benchmarking with Quake 3 Arena
Bring me up to speed on LAPTOPS, who's the pro?
Silly virus makers, ur a n00b!
Laptop trouble
Wired Magazine..
A+ certification
Infernal Nexus!
affordable system for tinkering.
blue screen problems apparently solved?
errr... clock crystal busted?
HD crashed and burned?
Kiss of Death ....
Old CD-rom NOT recognizing a 'Boot-CD'
Influx of "we're not like them" articles on review sites
Hardware is way ahead of software right now (pointless theory)
ordered my first dually!
Dude, You're getting arrested.
Pc Wont Post After Installing Rheobus
cheap homemade pc
random lock ups
little problem
Upgrading Mobo question
nOOb question - what is a divider?
Whats the best pre-built system maker?
F'ing Heatware.....
k7d and corsair xms
Replacing Atx Socket On Mobo
A+ Certification ????
What would you guys recommend as a budget Server?
Comments On This Computer
Will a raid card save my hard drive from corruption?
HELP! CdRom recognizing data cd's as music!
building a new computer need help
new vocation?
Just put together new pc...booted it up...
Which would you use
Hooking an LED to an electrical supply
South Jersey Lan Partay!
A7M266-D and pair of Spitfire Durons
converting vhs to .wmv or .rma?
Question of current market value??
feelling empty
Motherboard probs
server puter, what do you think?
favorite DOS trick
Im baffled
dell overclocking
Shift key went out
ide cable speed
S-video on DVD player to S-video on Home Theater amp?