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DVD drive
Making a restore CD
Replace Motherboard = No Windows! ?
Im pretty sure Im going to go dualie!
Does anyone know of a way to EASILY trasport a computer to a friends?
Bad Sectors why how ..
Would Dual AMD's be woth it?
dual 3000+....
Suggestion please for notebook
Overclocking 2000+ XP
IwillMPX2 & AMD 2100's
Samsung or Viewsonic
Backing up data onto DVDs.
Degauss affecting my comp...???
Building laptop
Home Theatre
school project on overclocking
CD Changers and Windows 2000
Starting a new job!
Project: Super cheapo computer for dad
Building a new server...question on CPU
Anyone a Monitor Expert?... question..
Can temp sensor be wrong?
Help me , new to SMP and the forum :P
BEST US internet sites for buying SMP components?
Ti-82 Calc.....Games???
port scanner...
Do you need to plug in the +12v connector on mobos?
Encoding DVDs on SMP
Notebook advice
Prime95 vs Games
Need some help/advice
just shuts off . . .
SMP & 3D Mark 2001
I need help.
Got Another Question???
Hippy Burfdey Daniel~!!
Help! Built a dud?
Bios Rom Checks on boot up
Information overload, just have to ask some questions...
If you are waiting for an x86-64 cpu, forget about it
STOOPId QuesTion
dos question and more...
Pentitum 133 and what to do
Newbee ?? What is this heatsink and should I add a fan to it.
Laptop questions
Computer Related Career
Sick Sick Freaks! (Yatta again:)
Aargh, I can't wait for Friday night to get here.
How can I run an RCA video cable to 2 things w/o a loss in quality?
Is my Motherboard dead?
Dual OC'in 16's or 17's?
Should it be doing this ???
Need help - Overclocking a c64
what my case looks like
is it normal for for a 10c temp difference between cpus?
Anyone ever experienced this while upgrading? Psychologicaly not Technicaly.
Celeron 300a @ 450
LOL I'm retiring from Computers soon!
Choosing a SMP mobo these days
Saven a Overclock / EasyTune4
My 3dMark 2003 Score :(
screen saver problem
dual monitors not working in xp
USB help
Hard drive cache
Dual Monitors
is this common?
What do you guys think??
Water leak, I need your suggestion
Power from usb
mouse error
Random reboots
Need Help Recording TV to PC
Serial ATA RAID0???
playing AVIs
strange DVD problem
Unmountable Boot Volume
Memory bandwidth on PIII systems
Citrix Help
new device that looks like something straight from Star Trek
Requesting Help determining overall system speed and upgrading weakest link
Reccomend me the best virus checker.
prsario laptop 2700 series ram options??
My first O/C wooot!!!
My monitor's acting funky
capture webcam video?
NEC P225FB or Diamond Pro 2070SB
DBA Question
FSB Overclock Question
keyboard error
What kind of desk do you use?
How can I back up a 7gb dvd to another DVD?
Backup Advice Plz.
Why dual chips?
Asus A7M266D+2xMP 1200+ATX400 - burn, babies burn :(
GF4 Fan on Northbridge
I need a break.
Printer help
Hacking registry
Weird Problem I Need Help With...
Is this the way to go? New to Dual Cpus
Operating system for Overclocking
Best memory card reader/writer suggestions
How long have you been into computers?
Man i feel like a geek...
need some shopping advise
New Dell dual??
big problem [dunno which part]
Stepping back a few years...
What kind of psu does this take?
cd-rom install
what to do with bunch of 175 mb hdd's
ATEN usb box... ehhh... can I do this?
Best 2.1 speaker set?
Rounded Cables-Shielded Or Not?
Updating RocketRaid controller bios:PROBLEM
!!!!!!!quick Question!!!!!!!!
2 cdrw's
Benchmarking with Quake 3 Arena
Bring me up to speed on LAPTOPS, who's the pro?
Silly virus makers, ur a n00b!
Laptop trouble
Wired Magazine..
A+ certification
Infernal Nexus!
affordable system for tinkering.
blue screen problems apparently solved?
errr... clock crystal busted?
HD crashed and burned?
Kiss of Death ....
Old CD-rom NOT recognizing a 'Boot-CD'
Influx of "we're not like them" articles on review sites
Hardware is way ahead of software right now (pointless theory)
ordered my first dually!
Dude, You're getting arrested.
Pc Wont Post After Installing Rheobus
cheap homemade pc
random lock ups
little problem
Upgrading Mobo question
nOOb question - what is a divider?
Whats the best pre-built system maker?
F'ing Heatware.....
k7d and corsair xms
Replacing Atx Socket On Mobo
A+ Certification ????
What would you guys recommend as a budget Server?
Comments On This Computer
Will a raid card save my hard drive from corruption?
HELP! CdRom recognizing data cd's as music!
building a new computer need help
new vocation?
Just put together new pc...booted it up...
Which would you use
Hooking an LED to an electrical supply
South Jersey Lan Partay!
A7M266-D and pair of Spitfire Durons
converting vhs to .wmv or .rma?
Question of current market value??
feelling empty
Motherboard probs
server puter, what do you think?
favorite DOS trick
Im baffled
dell overclocking
Shift key went out
ide cable speed
S-video on DVD player to S-video on Home Theater amp?
Bandwith calculations
SMP Games
CTX anyone has?
Please help on my office box :)
Need Help being brought up to Speed Please.
Removing my floppy drive
New CPU Unlocking Method for MPX ?
I'm Starting a business (Arcade) w/ PC games linked! Need input!
Are all power cables created equal...?
What does it mean....
How much $$ do you think I can get out of this?
Hosed my Xeon...
Are you a nerd?
New Broswer Full Size?
BIOS Shows both chips temps, but...
Intellimouse light always on?
Monitor dead?
intel or amd for encoding?
File Server
quick ? on dual amd boards
can a program be wriiten to fully utilize smp?
Win XP Key Retrieval.
monitor problem
Soldering Fun (or how to un-explode a mobo)
Looking for a OC'ers mobo
Creative Jukebox Zen
3DMark2003 - The Real Deal
Problem with PCI Riser (right angle)
Logitech Z560 owners...
Is there such a thing? ??
Possible? Overclocking an old Toshiba laptop...
Yay! Surround vision here I come!!
Building a dulie, need some suggestions
MOBO chipset fan screws?
MP3 Players
Router help needed!
Need help with a ps/2 con on a asus board
Rear Window Defogger Repair Kit Q
Things are looking up for me
best bang for your buck, Intel or AMD, help me decide!
Building OCd system for friend
Overclocking with windows
Comp engineering
Good 18" Flat Panel Display?
Dual Opteron board layouts.....does anyone know?
Boot Problems...
wohoo!dling 3d2k3!!
adjusting monitor color
What to buy
2 Xeon P3 833 for $150, Good or bad?
PC Chips mobo overclocking
Microsoft is really a caring monopoly.
A Rock Star's opinion on file sharing... good read....
3d mark score
idiocy strikes again
Celly and the iwill motherboard
The scenario everyone dreads....
New to dualies...quick ???
AMD Releases Barton 3000+ Claims FASTER than PIV 3.06 GHz
Dual G4 PCI card anyone?
odd xp/boot problem
My email has been doing naughty things
Media Player Help
Is this enough?
Help with mouse
How to price rendering in 3d Studio Max
Samsung yepp™ MP3 Player with 128MB Memory...
Quick Proxy Question
dude, your getting...some pot?
what does a monitor color profile do?
Advice for 3Dstudio Max
How do i take off this NB heatsink?
Del "Dude" gets busted for pot.
USB and overclocking
Website: having a website's news updated to a personal website.
Another gem from Tom's
I think this is over my head.
dude, your getting the munchies
Random reboots?
restart problem
is www.paypal.com working??
Which 21 inch monitor? NEC FE1250 or IBM P260 DVI+SVGA (trinitron)
30gig transfer?!
resetting HP print cartridge
the state of the union...
This just in...
how are Toshiba's laptops?
Who wants to see Bonzi get rid of himself.
HP 9100 cd writer
Overclocking Contest: a good idea?
CanterWood = SMP P4 !!?
yay for me!
OC a USB wireless adapter
Is it my RAM???
Please HELP!!
Off Topic: HDTV Decoder
Post counting
Windows XP- odd display ghosting on screen
How much should i sell this rig for?
New PSU?
parts payment issues
APC UPS Recall. All APC users should check this immediately.
Shameless recruting
opinion on lcd's for around 600ish
Any good vendors accept Paypal?
Really old monitor
soundblaster extigy
CD-RW software help
Help installing Windows to new HDD....
Firewall recomendations
Kazaa thingy
Whats Bigger: MPEG or AVI?
Anyone had prob's getting newegg tracking info?
non-BIOS FSB Overclocking
Motherboard DEAD, Please Help
Cheap 17" LCD recommendation's
Building a laptop, is it possible?
Where are my cd and dvd drives gone!!!!!?
Need some help. End of my wits.
Hardware Problems Dont Belong Here!
thoughts on building vs. configurating new system
Need some help here. End of my wits.
computer wont boot up at all
Possible problem with video card?
Need help with keyboard configuration...
soundcard/speaker reccomendations
New Dually !
rebooting during game play
Steering Wheel woes on XP
chieftec psu
What am I doing wrong?
always exiting programs???
Help Please
Weird power connector
Little help please
Panasonic or Oki printer?
Wierd Keyboard Question
Opinions on how I should sell this for
House Call
L5 Bridge
What is my problem?
Ok an idea to Hareware developers
IBM Thinkpad 765L
What the best powerlies to get with a amd 2100
Gator, Spyware empire of evil!
Speaker Question
K7D Master BIOS update woes
dual monitor??
can't burn cd/dvd???
just a little boot Prob?
Getting parts for a friend; need help!
I am in tears right now.....
does anyone know anything about this...
If You Run Ad-aware Look Here!!!!!!!
Survey questions... help
What computer magazines do you read?
New Dually HELP!!!!
mb grounding
What the best computers tools kits
hey, what do u think of my setup here?
Must Overclock Intel Mobo!!!! Must Overclock Intel Mobo!!!! Must Overclock.....
Gigabyte GA-7VAXP Ultra & OCZ PC3700
windows desktop screenshot
If your motherboard went bad you might want to read this
Temperature Monitor
Abit motherboards
total n00b having problems
This Mouse is sweet
w00t! I scored a free $700 power conditioner!
The Ultimate Hardware
Need help buy parts for overclocking
help plz...
BIOS Password Reset
Will this work?
Multi P3 question
Dell Poweredge freezing at bios screen on reboot
Overclocking/modding a mouse
After bridging the L5 - Dual 2100+ XPs
buying.. what would you do?
Use TV instead of monitor?
.bin query
I want I want I want...
Changed Memory - Now my comp wont boot.
Hey Check these guy's out !!!
Has anyone used on of these things ???
Overclocking Questions
What the hell is a Runtime Error??
Apc 1000xlnet? Help!
Unsafe to use HDTV as monitor for computer?
Another Compaq problem. Cant figure out how to get into the bios on this thing.
3D Mark score
Feel free to do my homework for me, if you'd like
Best Home Office Setup
K7d onboard lan problems?
WTF is wrong with my computer (when I boot up).
I just thought of a great project for Spring Break
Mobo and vid card
Could i get this config. to 2.8 or 2.9?
missing or corrupt C:\windows\system32\config\SYSTEM
calibrating printer to screen
Help with monitor
[H]... IS AT IT AGAIN? Read on...
Will this work?
2600MP is out
Converting analog video
Motherboard Sleuth required
Tbred (A) (B) for SMP use.
Dell Axim PDA's
C++ classes at technical college
66MHz PCI slots
Is my Windows XP key legit?
Thoughts on next Xeon
question for overclockers.com
Can you use a Widescreen HDTV as a...
Lite-On 52x24x52x CDR-W
Video Camera Switcheroo
OEM and used
Help !!!
Refurb Shops?
How much have you spent modding your case
is it toast?!
final pc config - how is it?
Old overclocking
Help Build Intel Computer! Going to Paint O/C on it.
Info for K7D owners w/ Samsung Reg PC2700
CD-ROM and CD-RW drives
Does this seem right to you?
Counter Strike 1.6 Get released!!!
Does this mean we're getting more popular?
double right click?
Any suggestions for an AGP TV/VIDEO CAPTURE card?
multiplier, HOW? AHHHHH
Concerning the 100 post thing to get to classified areas
Front USB Ports On Case Question
386 Dx 40
Check newegg quick
system won't be turned off
IBM Optical Navigator -- disabling scrollwheel light?
Ahhh, Newb Help. Serious Help!!!
KVM Switch?
Scroll wheel on mouse makes sqeeking sounds.
Why is my standby button greyed out?
Clock runs slow.
advice needed for some questions...please..
something in my PC is dead. . . ..
Advisory Warnings
HP, IS it possible??
Cost to run - UK
anythign new with monitors?
Fav Snack to eat while gaming/computing
NOTHING in my computer now works, stupid f'in Q-tec!!!!!!!!!!!!! ADVICE NEEDED PLEASE
!~ My new system for $350. Advice needed!~!!
Help w/ KVM's
My New Dually
My mobo ticks (and system doesn't load)
If you own a laptop, post here
Quick PSU question for SMP...
Looks vs. Performance
which interface is faster for cd-roms?
Webcam and streaming video
Putting together first computer...in need of tips
First time OC, recommendations?
Internet Explorer
How do I watch TV on a laptop?
A Big Thanks.....
Looking for Black Natural Keyboard
Full Load Test.
MSI K7D Sound issues?
LogitechMX 700 for gaming ?
Trouble with new USB 2.0 card!
What a Computer SHOULD do!
Screen Freezes completely!severe problem
YAY! sort of............
Can a 2.0 Xeon be Overclocked?
Changing IRQ to a device?
beginner requires advice
Strange crashing when playing games
Compaq DeskPro 2000
Problem with DVD drive
Memory Questions...
Letters disappear/Get all jumbled up
Much Nicer...
Did my monitor just die?
Out of necessity...
After PC locking up, reboot and getting CMOS checksum error
AGH!! computer no-boot
DVD CDROM recommendations
AMD 3000+ 333fsb "Barton"
Stuck on "verifing DMI pool data"
Cool..... three mice
computer teacher is a moron, good stumper question?
Can this be saved?
i am a dumb---, but its working!
Is someone logging my ip or is the govt watching ?!
Little Dually Sys
about overclocking the screen refresh rate
Good System Or Not??
Where is my load screen?????
I can't beleive its only 250 canadian
People with knowledge of IBM workstations.
Let me know what you think :D
Which movie editor ?
Looking for Divx like codec
cutting down voltage to my fan
While looking for clock chips...
Now THIS IS A Monitor!!
Impossible to sell
Sound Blaster Audigy
raid ide
Kingstong HyperX modules
New version of Opera is released...
Have a problem with whole computer...
can change multi...
insanely unstable computer
l1 bridging